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Who's Who In American Medicine 1925; T - Z Surnames

There is a short biographical paragraph about each doctor. Most biographies include place & date of birth; parents name's (with mother's maiden name); spouse & children; area of medical specialty; education & employment history;  papers & books published; clubs & associations and finally, place of residence & office.

     Price: $6 for the first physician & $3 for each additional.

Item # 10436

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A-C Surnames     D-H Surnames     I-M Surnames     N-S Surnames 

Tabor, George Reed
Taddiken, Paul G.
Tadlock, Baxter Whitman
Tadlock, Harvey Lee
Taggart, David
Tainter, Frank J.
Talbot, Charles Albert
Talbot, Fritz Bradley
Talbot, John Edward
Talbott, Hudson
Talbott, John Allan
Talboy, William R.
Talieferro, Edward Carrington Stanard
Talley, Daniel Dee, Jr.
Talley, Dyer Findlay
Talley, James E.
Tallman, John Harold
Tally, Bailey Thomas
Talmey, Bernard S.
Tamisiea, John Alexander
Tangeman, Horace F.
Tankersley, James William
Tannenbaum, David
Tannenbaum, Samuel A.
Tanner, Herbert Battles
Tanquary, James Hiram
Taphorn, Gerhard
Tappan, Benjamin
Tarkington, Grayson Emery
Tarlton, Theophilus Toulmin
Tarpley, Joseph Russell
Tasker, Arthur Newman
Tassell, William H.
Tate, Louis Neill
Tate, Magnus Alfred
Tatum, William Briggs
Tauber, Elmore B.
Taussig, Albert Ernst
Taylor, Alfred S.
Taylor, Basil M.
Taylor, Charles B.
Taylor, Edward F.
Taylor, Edward Wyllys
Taylor, Erwin Hartwell
Taylor, Eugene A.
Taylor, F. W. Howard
Taylor, Fenton
Taylor, Fielding L.
Taylor, Frederick Leon
Taylor, Frederick Raymond
Taylor, Frederick Whitaker
Taylor, George Carr
Taylor, George Oscar
Taylor, Harriet Sarah
Taylor, Harry Allen
Taylor, Howard Canning
Taylor, J. Gurney
Taylor, Jackson
Taylor, James F.
Taylor, James Hendry
Taylor, James Henry
Taylor, James Norman
Taylor, John Duncan
Taylor, John Harrison
Taylor, John Madison
Taylor, John Martin
Taylor, John Mortimer
Taylor, Joseph E.
Taylor, Joseph Taliaferro
Taylor, Joseph W.
Taylor, Judson Ludwell
Taylor, Lewis H.
Taylor, Lewis Harvie
Taylor, Robert Fletcher
Taylor, Robert Tunstall
Taylor, Rood
Taylor, Roscoe Durr
Taylor, Thomas Marshall
Taylor, Walter Sherwood
Taylor, William Albert
Taylor, William Amory
Taylor, William Henry
Teal, Frederick F.
Tearnan, Clyde Hadrian
Teasley, Benager Columbus
Tedesche, Leon Greenfield
Telfair, John Hamilton
Templeton, Charles Perry
Templin, Oscar E.
Tenczar, Francis J.
Tenley, Oscar Samuel
Tennant, Albert Alonzo
Tennant, Chauncey Eugene
Tenner, Arthur S.
Tenney, Benjamin
Terhune, William Barclay
Terrell, Alexander W.
Terrell, Emmett H.
Terrell, Truman Conner
Terrill, George Morton
Terrill, James J.
Terry, Benjamin Taylor
Terry, Jarvis Russell
Terry, Marshall Orlando
Terry, Robert James
Terry, Roy A.
Terry, Wallace Irving
Teschner, Jacob
Teter, Charles Kinney
Tetreau, Thomas
Tetrev, Henry
Tewksbury, William Davis
Thacher, Henry Clarke
Thalhimer, William
Thames, John
Tharaldsen, Thorfinn
Tharinger, Edward Louis
Thayer, Addison Sanford
Thayer, Eugene
Thayer, Frederick Charles
Thayer, James William
Thayer, Walter Nelson, Jr.
Thayer, William Sydney
Thearle, William Henry
Thelberg, Elizabeth Burr
Theobald, Samuel
Theobald, Walter H.
Thibodaux, Paul Theophile
Thill, Dominic P.
Thom, Douglas Armour
Thomas, Albert Cox
Thomas, Alfred W.
Thomas, Benjamin A.
Thomas, Charles D.
Thomas, Charles Henry
Thomas, Charles Meade
Thomas, Charles Preston
Thomas, Clarence P.
Thomas, Earle Hartley
Thomas, Elmer Ellsworth
Thomas, George D.
Thomas, George Henry
Thomas, Gilbert J.
Thomas, Hayward Glazier
Thomas, Henry Bascom
Thomas, Henry M.
Thomas, Herbert A.
Thomas, Homer M.
Thomas, Jacob Earl
Thomas, James Stanley
Thomas, John B.
Thomas, John Daniel
Thomas, John James
Thomas, John Jenks
Thomas, Logan Lightfoot
Thomas, Marion Russell
Thomas, Martha V.
Thomas, Rolla L.
Thomas, Thomas Turner
Thomas, Walter Stevens
Thomas, Wesley M.
Thomas, William Alexander
Thomas, William Dulany
Thomas, William Kilpack Smith
Thomas, William Sturgis
Thomason, George
Thomason, Henry Eagle
Thomasson, Arthur R.
Thombs, Samuel Brackett
Thomes, John Blanchard
Thometz, Harry M.
Thompson, Alexander Contee
Thompson, Alexander Frank
Thompson, Alfred Percival
Thompson, Charles William
Thompson, Elmer Harmon
Thompson, Frederick Henry
Thompson, Frederick Hill
Thompson, George Donald
Thompson, George F.
Thompson, George H.
Thompson, Gordon C.
Thompson, Harold Alvin
Thompson, Henry Merrill
Thompson, Henry Percival Parr
Thompson, Herbert
Thompson, Howard E.
Thompson, Howard King
Thompson, Irwin Levi
Thompson, James Edwin
Thompson, Lawrence Dorland
Thompson, Loyd
Thompson, Milton K.
Thompson, Oscar Parmenio
Thompson, Philips Pickering
Thompson, Pius Lee
Thompson, Ralph Leroy
Thompson, S. Raymond
Thompson, Wellington A.
Thompson, William
Thompson, W. Gilman
Thompson, William Moore, II
Thoms, Herbert
Thomsen-von Colditz, Grambow
Thomson, Alec Nicol
Thomson, Archibald Wilson
Thomson, Bertha Virginia
Thomson, Edgar Steiner
Thomson, Ralph Methven
Thomson, Robert Bolton Carnac
Thomson, Wilbur Fisk
Thorek, Max
Thorington, James
Thornburgh, Albert Henry
Thorndike, Townsend William
Thorne, Frederic Hamilton
Thorne, Isaac Walton
Thorne, John Mairs
Thorne, William Miller
Thorner, Moses
Thorning, William Burton
Thornley, Roy Anson
Thornton, David Henry
Thornton, Edward Quin
Thornton, Francis Eugene
Thornton, Mary Louise Bickings
Thornton, Robert Hamilton
Thornton, Robert Stirton
Thrane, Marcus
Thrash, Elmore Callaway
Thrasher, Allen Benton
Thrasher, Allen Wade
Threlkeld, George W.
Thro, William Crooks
Throckmorton, George King
Throckmorton, Jeanette Franc
Throckmorton, Robert Fred
Thrush, M. Clayton
Thurber, Samuel Wood
Thurber, William Grant
Thuringer, Joseph Mario
Thurman, Francis Lee
Tibbals, Frank Burr
Tibbetts, Mark Hopkins
Tibbins, Perry McDowell
Tibbits, Flora V. Woodward
Tice, Frederick
Tickle, Solomon Winchester
Tieken, Theodore
Tierney, John Leo
Tierney, John Schell
Tiffin, Charles Calvin
Tileston, Wilder
Tilghman, Stanley James
Tilles, Randall Solon
Tillmann, William Joseph
Tillotson, Loyal Hart
Tilney, Frederick
Tilton, Benjamin Trowbridge
Timberlake, Gideon
Timberman, Andrew
Timme, Walter
Timmons, Eugene Rison
Tindall, Floyd George
Tinder, John William
Tingley, Louisa Paine
Tingley, Witter Kinney
Tinker, Martin
Tinkham, Henry Crain
Tinney, Grace Greenwood
Titus, Edward Coddington
Titus, Elijah White
Titus, Norman Edwin
Toal, Helene Gertrude L.
Toan, John W.
Tobey, George Loring, Jr.
Tobie, Walter Eaton
Todd, Frank Lester
Todd, Harry Coulter
Todd, James Campbell
Todd, Martillus Hollis
Todd, Thomas Wingate
Toler, Thomas Maxwell
Tolman, Julia
Tombaugh, Frank M.
Tomlinson, Edward
Tomlinson, Richard Frank
Tompkins, James McCaw
Tompkins, Lucian Montague
Toms, Samuel W. Spencer
Toner, Thomas Joseph
Tonkin, Albert B.
Tooker, Charles W.
Tooker, Harold Clifton
Toombs, Percy Walthall
Toomey, Thomas Noxon
Torbett, John Walter
Torian, Oscar Noll
Tormey, Thomas William
Torrison, George A.
Touchstone, Robert B.
Tousey, Sinclair
Tousignant, J. A.
Tovey, David William
Tower, John B.
Towle, George Henry
Towle, Harvey Parker
Towne, Edward Bancroft
Towne, Solon Rodney
Townsend, Charles Wendell
Townsend, Egbert Merridy
Townsend, Owen Stuart
Townsend, Palmer
Townsend, Terry Monroe
Townsend, Theodore Irving
Townsend, William Warren
Townshend, Raynham
Trace, Isadore Michall
Tracy, Elizabeth Roberts Cahoon
Tracy, Kenneth Blake
Tracy, Martha
Tracy, Roger Sherman
Trager, Herman
Traphagen, Clarence A.
Trask, John William
Travell, J. Willard
Traver, Perry C.
Traganza, Fred
Treacy, Alfred J. M.
Treadway, Walter Lewis
Trekell, Emery
Treleaven, George Willard
Treon, Frederick
Trevathan, Leander Earnesa
Trevett, Ira P.
Trible, John Metcalf
Trigg, Joseph Milton
Trimble, Harry Evans
Trimble, William B.
Tripp, George Alston
Tripp, Ira A.
Tripp, Ralph Newton
Trivette, William Amos
Trostler, Isador Simon
Trout, Hugh Henry
Trowbridge, Charles H.
Trowbridge, Dwight Howe
Trowbridge, Edward Henry
Trowbridge, William Marshall
Truby, Albert E.
True, John Arthur
Truehart, Powhatan P.
Trufant, Lester Hall
Truitt, Crawford Sylronaus
Truitt, Ralph Chess Purnell
Trump, Frank A.
Truslow, Walter
Tuason, Manual N.
Tubb, Benjamin C.
Tubbs, George R.
Tucker, Beverley
Tucker, Beverley Randolph
Tucker, Clarence Milton
Tucker, David Andrew, Jr.
Tucker, Ernest Faumine
Tucker, Genevieve
Tucker, George Evans
Tucker, George Everett
Tucker, James Cyrus
Tucker, Milton Mallory
Tuckerman, Frederick
Tuiley, Mary Louise
Tukey, Frank Martin
Tuley, Henry Enos
Tulisalo, Oscar Wilhelm
Tunis, Joseph Price
Tunnicliff, Ruth
Tuohy, Edward Leo
Turck, Fenton B.
Turley, Louis A.
Turlington, Marcellus M.
Turnbull, James W.
Turnbull, William C. Robert
Turnbull, William Gray
Turner, Arthur Robert
Turner, Benjamin F.
Turner, Benjamin Whems
Turner, Edward L. Dwight
Turner, Franklin Powell
Turner, Henry Hubert
Turner, John
Turner, John Calvin
Turner, john Shade
Turner, Leonard Arthur
Turner, Maurice Worcester
Turner, Oliver W.
Turner, Paul Akers
Turner, Philip Layton
Turner, Victor Roland
Turner, William Kidwell
Turney, Alton Judson
Tuthill, Alexander Mackenzie
Tuttle, Arnold Dwight
Tuttle, Asaph Marsh
Tuttle, Ella M.
Tuttle, George M.
Tuttle, George Thomas
Tuttle, Reuben Gray
Tweedie, George Evans
Twinch, Sidney A.
Twining, Granville Howard
Twitchell, Emmus George
Tydeman, Emily Fanny
Tyler, Albert Franklin
Tyndale, William Robert
Tyree, James Israel
Tyrrell, William David
Tyson, Cornelius John
Tyson, Henry Hawkins
Tytler, James Edwin
Tyzzer, Ernest Edward

Ubaldo, Aristeo R.
Ulbrich, Henry L., Jr.
Ullman, Julius
Ullmann, Henry Johnson
Ulmer, David R.
Uloth, Milton J.
Ulrich, George A.
Ulrich, Helmuth
Underhill, Charles Sargent
Underhill, Elizabeth Colden
Underwood, Edward Ellsworth
Unger, Isador Mack
Unger, Walter S.
Updegraff, Alpha Daniel
Updegraff, Howard Leighton
Upham, Helen F.
Upham, John Howell Janeway
Upshaw, Harry Thomas
Upshur, Francis Whittle
Upshur, John Nottingham
Upson, George Dwight
Upton, Waldo Jesse
Uran, Benjamin Franklin
Urdang, Jacob
Uren, Claude Thomas
Uribe-Troncoso, Manuel
Uridil, Joseph E.
Urner, Martin U.
Urstad, Oscar Herman
Usher, Charles
Utley, Edward Roswell
Utley, Frederick Brown
Utley, Jay Hathaway
Utley, Ralph Emerson
Utts, Charles William
Utzinger, Otto Emil

Vail, Derrick Tilton, Sr.
Vail, Harris Holmes
Vail, William Penn
Vale, Clair Fremont
Valentine, Walter Henry
Valentine, William Augustus
Valin, Honore Dieudonne
Valk, Arthur De Talma
Van Allen, Harvey W.
Van Allen, Lew Knapp
Van Alstine, Guy Sherman
Vanatta, Frank C.
VanAtta, John Robert
Van Baun, William Weed
van Beuren, Frederick Theodore, Jr.
Van Buren, Harvey
Van Buren, James Harvey
Van Buren, Thomas
Vance, Benjamin Morgan
Vance, Charles A.
Van Cleve, Archie Clifford
Van de Erve, John
Vandergrift, George Wonson
Van De Mark, John Lewis
Vanden, George William
Vanderhoof, Douglas
Vanderhoof, Thomas J.
VanDerslice, James Warren
Van Der Veer, Albert
Van Der Veer, Edgar A.
Van Der Veer, James Newell
Van Derwerker, Earl Edward
Van Deursen, George Livesay
Vandeventer, Vivian H.
Van Duyn, Edward Seguin
Van Duyer, John
Van Eman, Fred Taylor
Van Etten, Nathan Bristol
Van Harlingen, Arthur
Van Hoosen, Bertha
VanHorn, Charles B.
Van Horn, James Byron
Van Kleeck, Euen
Van Lengen, F. W.
Van Meter, Seymour D.
Vann, Herbert Moffett
Van Norman, Karl Halifax
Van Nuys, Walter Crowe
Van Poole, Charlmers Melanchthon
Van Poole, Gideon McDonald
Van Rensselaer, Howard
Van Rhee, George
Vansant, Eugene Larue
Van Sickle, Frederick L.
Van Valzah, Robert
Van Wagenen, Cornelius Doremus
Van Zwaluwenburg, Cornelius
Vardy, phillip L.
Varney, Henry Rockwell
Varney, james Delmer
Vaughn, Edgar H.
Varzhabedian, Mihran Avrdis
Vaughan, Edward Mitchell
Vaughan, George Tully
Vaughan, Harold Stearns
Vaughan, Herbert G.
Vaughan, Herbert Hope
Vaughan, John G.
Vaughan, John Russell
Vaughan, John Walker
Vaughan, Roger Throop
Vaughan, Sheets
Vaughan, Warren Taylor
Veal, Marvin Speed
Veasey, Clarence Archibald
Vedder, Edward Bright
Vedder, Harry A.
Veeder, Borden Smith
Veldhuis, John G.
Venable, Charles Scott
Venable, John Manning
Verbrycke, J. Russell, Jr.
Vercellini, Giuseppe M.
Verdi, William Francis
Verhoeff, Frederick Herman
Vermilya, Owen C.
Vermilye, Herbert Noble
Verner, John C.
Verrinder, Robert Ford
Vest, Walter Edward
Vestal, Paul William
Vickery, Herman Frank
Vietor, Agnes C.
Viets, Henry R., Jr.
Villarama, Antonio
Villegas, Anastacia
Vincent, Beth
Vineberg, Hiram Nahum
Vinje, Syver
Vinson, Porter Paisley
Vinsonhaler, Francis
Vinton, Cadwallader C.
Vinton, Maria Nutshell
Vinup, Frederick Henry
Virgin, Frederic Oakman
Vis, Willaim R.
Vischer, Carl Victor
Vitou, Henry Edmund
Voegelin, Adolph Emil
Vogel, George Louis
Vogel, Karl
Voigt, Arno C.
Voislawsky, Antonie Phineas
Voldeng, Mathew Nelson
Volini, Italo F.
Voltz, Albert L.
von Bonnewitz, Orlando R.
Vonnahme, Conrad Benedict
von Poswik, Gisela
von Sholly, Anna I.
von Wedekind, Luther L.
von Wedel, Curt
Voorhees, Bert G.
Voorhees, Charles DeWitt
Voorhees, Florence E.
Voorhees, Irving Wilson
Voorhees, James D.
Voorhis, Anna Harvey
Voorsanger, William C.
Vosburg, Walter Hall
Vosburgh, Stephen Earle
Voss, Frederick J.

Wachowiak, Marion
Wachsmann, Siegfried
Wackeroder, Henry
Waddell, Charles Walter
Waddell, James Alexander
Waddle, Martin Van Buren
Wade, Benjamin Newton
Wade, Frank Swan
Wade, Herbert Windsor
Wade, John Percy
Wade, Lyman Trevitt
Wadey, Bert Jos.
Wadhams, Robert P.
Wadsworth, Augustus Baldwin
Wadsworth, Richard Goodwin
Wadsworth, William S.
Wafer, Raymond Farnham
Waffensmith, Jacob W.
Wagenhals, Franklin C.
Wagers, Arthur J.
Waggener, Hewitt A.
Waggoner, William Clarkson
Wagner, Adam Franklin
Wagner, Charles Gray
Wagner, Charles John
Wagner, Edward R.
Wagner, Henry E.
Wagner, Rudolf
Wagner, Thomas H.
Wahl, Harry Roswell
Wahrer, Carl William
Wainscott, Oscar Clinton
Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhew
Waite, Herbert Harold
Waite, Willis Willard
Wakefield, Homer
Wakeman, Bertis Rupert
Walcott, Henry Pickering
Wald, Orlando E.
Wald, Rudolf H.
Walden, Andrew A.
Waldo, Elmer Eugene
Waldo, Proctor C.
Walefield, Ralph Waldo
Wales, Henry Charles
Walfstein, David I.
Walker, Abbott R.
Walker, Ada F. Harris
Walker, Alva D.
Walker, Arthur Bruce
Walker, Benjamin Franklin
Walker, Charles C.
Walker, Charles Edward
Walker, David Harold
Walker, Everett
Walker, Frank Banghart
Walker, Frank Columbia
Walker, Franklin V.
Walker, George
Walker, Hardin
Walker, Irving James
Walker, Isaac Chandler
Walker, James
Walker, John Baldwin
Walker, Leonidas C.
Walker, M. Rollin
Walker, Orville Jackson
Walker, Roger Venning
Walker, Smith Layton
Walker, Thomas Willoughby
Walker, Wallis Dunlap
Walker, Wilder Judd
Walker, William Hastings
Wall, Enoch David
Wall, Gregory A.
Wall, James Thomas
Wall, William Jocelyn
Wallace, Charles H.
Wallace, Charles R.
Wallace, Charlton
Wallace, Christopher Keiser
Wallace, Ellen A.
Wallace, Franklin Emmett
Wallace, George Barclay
Wallace, Hilen K.
Wallace, J. Clifford
Wallace, James Buchanan
Wallace, Louis Osgood Sanborn
Wallace, Raymond
Wallace, William
Wallace, William C.
Waller, Carl Vernon
Walley, Willis
Wallin, Charles Curtis
Walls, Charles Bruce
Walsh, Ferdinand Claiborne
Walsh, James Joseph
Walsh, Jeremiah H.
Walsh, John E.
Walsh, Joseph
Walson, Charles Moore
Walsworth, James Edwin
Walter, Frederic Jerome
Walters, Paul Radcliffe
Walters, Waltman
Walther, Henry Wellman Emile
Walter, Charles Edgar
Walton, Henry James
Wannamaker, Edward Jones
Wanstrom, Ruth Cecilia
Waples, Frank Alsworth
Warbasse, James P.
Warburton, James
Ward, Benjamin Briggs
Ward, George Gray
Ward, George Otis
Ward, Grant Eben
Ward, James William
Ward, John LaBruce
Ward, Parker M.
Ward, Ralph Francis
Ward, Wilbur
Ward, William Douglas
Ward, William Wesley
Wardell, William Herbert
Warder, William S.
Ware, Martin W.
Warfield, Louis Marshall
Warlow, Margaret A.
Warnell, John Braxton
Warner, Estella Ford
Warner, Frank
Warner, Carden F.
Warner, Terry Warren
Warr, Otis S.
Warren, Andrew Jackson
Warren, Benjamin S.
Warren, Charles Bowen
Warren, Clark LeRoy
Warren, Jesse P.
Warren, John Collins
Warren, Luther Fiske
Warren, Mortimer
Warren, Robert Alexander
Warren, Robert Lee
Warren, Stanley Perkins
Warren, William Richard
Warren, William Western
Warriner, William L.
Warthin, Aldred Scott
Washburn, Albert T.
Washburn, Arthur Mansfield
Washburn, Benjamin Earl
Washburn, Frank Hall
Washburn, Frederic Augustus
Washburn, George Hamlin
Washburn, George Ulysses
Washburn, Philip Carter
Washburn, Robert G.
Washburn, William H.
Washington, Walker
Wasson, Ulysses S.
Waterbury, D. Elliot
Waterhouse, Roscoe Morgan
Waterman, Alonzo Higbee
Waterman, James Sears
Waterman, Julius Louis
Waterman, Vance William
Waters, Charles A.
Waters, May Gibson
Waters, Oren J.
Waters, Pattison Albert
Wathen, John R.
Watkeys, Frederick William
Watkins, Anderson
Watkins, Charles Franklin
Watkins, Edwin Dial
Watkins, George Evan
Watkins, Harvey M.
Watkins, John Gibson
Watkins, John Taylor
Watkins, Raymond Edward
Watkins, Royal Phillips
Watkins, William Warner
Watson, Cassius Hinds
Watson, Ernest Milton
Watson, Frank L.
Watson, George Marshall
Watson, Geraldine Eggleston
Watson, Herman
Watson, John T.
Watson, Leigh Festus
Watson, Thomas Churchill
Watson, William Robertson
Watson, William S.
Watson, William V.
Watt, Charles Hansell
Watt, James Crawford
Watt, William Godfrey
Watters, Egbert Alonzo
Watters, Fowler Alfred
Watters, William Henry
Watterson, Walter Hobert
Watts, Harry A.
Watts, John Jennings
Watts, Stephen Hurt
Waugh, Justin Miner
Waugh, Oliver Sayles
Way, Clarence Wilton
Way, George Franklin
Way, Joseph Howell
Weadon, W. Lee
Wearn, Joseph Treloar
Weatherly, Ossie Alexander
Weathersbee, Ashley Barrington
Weatherson, John
Weaver, Arthur J.
Weaver, Ben Perley
Weaver, Charles David
Weaver, Harry Sands
Weaver, John A.
Weaver, Maurice Stevenson
Weaver, Olin Heard
Weaver, Wilber Adam
Webb, Charles Wheeler, Jr.
Webb, Edgar C.
Webb, Gerald Bertram
Webb, James Amasa Hampton
Webb, Joel Audubon
Webb, John B.
Webb, Leslie Richard
Webb, Robert Gladstone
Webb, Roscoe Clayton
Webb, Samuel. Jr.
Webb, Ulys Robert
Webb, Walter Duvall
Weber, Carl Joseph
Weber, Francis C.
Webster, Albert Martin
Webster, Blakely Royce
Webster, David Henry
Webster, George C.
Webster, George Washington
Webster, John Clarence
Webster, John Knox
Webster, Leslie Tillotson
Webster, Ralph Waldo
Webster, Robert Edward
Webster, Rome Maynard
Webster, Samuel C.
Webster, Samuel J.
Webster, William
Wechsler, Israel S.
Weed, Lewis Hill
Weed, Walter Alva
Weeks, Alanson
Weeks, David Fairchild
Weeks, Edmund A.
Weeks, John Elmer
Weeks, Leonard Case
Weeks, William James
Weems, David Larkin
Weems, Marcus Aurelius
Weidenthal, Nathan
Weidler, Walter Baer
Weidman, Frederick DeForest
Weigel, Bernard John
Weigel, Elmer Peter
Weih, Elmer Paul
Weil, Arthur L.
Weil, Jerome J.
Weiler, George Leo
Weinberg, Max H.
Weinberg, Milton
Weinberger, Aaron Vida
Weinberger, William
Weir, Andrew Fraser
Weir, george Sutton
Weir, Robert Fulton
Weir, William Hawksley
Weis, Clifford Robert
Weis, Edmund W.
Weis, Joseph D.
Weiskotten, Herman Gates
Weiss, Dorothy Wilkes
Weiss, Edward Aloysius
Weiss, Frank Henry
Weiss, Henry George
Weiss, Hiram B.
Weiss, Richard S.
Weiss, William
Weisse, Faneuil Suydam
Weisser, Edward A.
Weisinger, William T.
Weisskopf, Max A.
Welborn, James York
Welch, Francis J.
Welch, Frank J.
Welch, J. Stonley
Welch, Russell R.
Welch, Samuel W.
Welch, Stephen Albro
Welch, William Henry
Welch, William R.
Welker, William H.
Wellemeyer, William Antone
Weller, Joseph Newton
Weller, Ralph E.
Wellington, Gertrude Gail
Welliver, Rupert Kimmel
Wellman, Graham Ormond
Wellman, Joseph E.
Wells, Charles Edward
Wells, David Washburn
Wells, Donald Breckenridge
Wells, Ernest Alden
Wells, George S.
Wells, Harry Gideon
Wells, Robert Bruce
Wells, Walter Augustine
Wells, Walter William
Welsh, Lilian
Welsh, William L.
Welty, Cullen Francis
Welz, Walter E.
Wencke, Carl G.
Wender, Max
Wenger, Aaron Verne
Wenning, William Henry
Wenstrand, David E. W.
Wentworth, Caroline Y.
Wentworth, Edward Tubbs
Wentworth, John Alexander
Wentworth, Mark H.
Wentz, Herbert Bertram
Werlein, Presley Ewing
Werner, Nels Lawrence
Wernham, James Ingersoll
Wershow, Max
Wertenbaker, William
Werth, Duncan Scott
Wertman, Alvin Andrew
Wescoat, Absalom Steelman
Wescoat, William Henry
Wescott, Cassiuc Douglas
Wesley, George Allan
Wessel, Perry H.
Wesselhoeft, Conrad
Wessels, Walter
Wesson, Miley B.
West, Archa Kelley
West, Charles Ignatius
West, Charles William
West, Clifton F.
West, Dandridge Payne
West, George Leon
West, Jabez William
West, John Charles
West, Newton
West, Olin
West, William Johnson
Westbrook, Richard West
Westbrook, Robert Johnson
Westby, Nels
Westgate, Clarence H.
Westhafer, Edison Kerl
Westlake, Alfred John
Westmoreland, Willis Foreman
Weston, Adelaide Ellsworth
Weston, Clifford Grete
Weston, Paul Garfield
Weston, Rene Edward Amos
Westover, Raymond Paschal
Wetherby, Victor Leasure
Wetherell, Bryant D.
Wetherell, Frederick Stephen
Wetherill, Horace Greeley
Wetherill, Richard Benbridge
Wetherley, Samuel Davis
Wetzel, George Lewis
Wetzel, Nevin Millet
Weum, Thurston William
Weyer, Stephen Morris
Weymouth, Frank D.
Weysse, Arthur Wisswald
Whalen, Edward Joseph
Whaley, Arthur M.
Whamond, Frederick Gordon
Wharton, Henry Redwood
Wharton, James F.
Wheat, James Edgar
Wheatland, Marcus Fitzherbert
Wheatley, Tenney Hall
Wheatly, William E.
Wheeldon, Thomas
Wheeler, Alfred Augustus
Wheeler, Benjamin Blaine
Wheeler, Byron A.
Wheeler, Carl Lewis
Wheeler, Ernest Cattron
Wheeler, George Whiting
Wheeler, Herbert Edward
Wheeler, Homer Henderson
Wheeler, John Brooks
Wheeler, Lucia C.
Wheeler, William Martin
Wheelock, Ames Solon
Wheet, Frederick E.
Whelan, Justin B.
Whelpley, Henry Milton
Wherry, Elmer George
Wherry, William Buchanan
Whigham, William E.
Whipple, Allen O.
Whipple, George Hoyt
Whipple, Robert L.
Whitacre, Thomas O.
Whitaker, Ben Tallman
Whitaker, Grafton Duvall
Whitaker, Harper Elliott
Whitaker, Harry Stewart
Whitaker, Hervey Williams
Whitcraft, James Harvey
White, Albion Campbell
White, Alfred Winfield
White, Benjamin Lewis
White, Charles J.
White, Edward E.
White, Edward William
White, Ellen Pawling Corson
White, Elmer T.
White, Ernest Harl
White, Floyd Marion
White, George Howard
White, George Reeves
White, George Starr
White, George W.
White, Henry Theophilius
White, James Alexander
White, John Blake
White, Joseph Augustus
White, Joseph Hill
White, Joshua Warren
White, Leon Edward
White, Mark Johnston
White, Park Jerauld, Jr.
White, Sarah Parker
White, Solon Marx
White, William Alanson
White, William A. Keen
White, William Charles
Whitehead, Robert Camden
Whitehouse, Henry Howard
Whiteis, William Robert
Whitelaw, Thomas Henderson
Whiteside, George S.
Whitesides, William Carl
Whitfield, Amelia Atkins
Whitfield, Walter Eugene
Whitford, Elwin Pasco
Whitford, Warren
Whitham, Lloyd B.
Whiting, Albert Draper
Whitley, William Richard
Whitman, Armitage
Whitman, Frank S., II
Whitman, Luther Oaks
Whitman, Royal
Whitmarsh, Henry Allen
Whitmore, David Paul
Whitmore, Eugene Rudolph
Whitmore, John Thomas
Whitmore, William Vincent
Whitnall, Samuel Ernest
Whitney, Charles Melville
Whitney, Edward Luther
Whitney, Herbert Baker
Whittaker, Alfred Heacock
Whittaker, Arthur Ellwood
Whittemore, E. Reed
Whittemore, W. Laurence
Whittemore, William Stewart
Whitten, Benjamin Otis
Whittle, Henry Lyman
Whittles, Lee Jay
Wholey, Cornelius Collins
Whyte, William Foote
Whytock, Harry Wichart
Wible, Elmer E.
Wicher, Melvin V.
Wickham, Thomas William
Widman, Bernard Pierre
Wiedman, Harry Francis
Wiener, Joseph
Wiener, Meyer
Wiesner, E. E.
Wiest, Newton
Wiggers, Carl John
Wiggers, Henry Hamilton
Wiggin, Twing Brooks
Wiggins, Edward L.
Wiggins, Jonathan
Wiggins, Milton Cayce
Wiggins, Susan Wilson
Wiggs, Leslie Byron
Wight, William Gurden
Wightman, Orrin S.
Wiginton, William J.
Wigton, Harrison A.
Wilbur, Frederick Petheram
Wilbur, George Browning
Wilbur, Nelson
Wilbur, Ray Lyman
Wilcox, Collin Henley
Wilcox, DeWitt Gilbert
Wilcox, Earl Edward
Wilcox, Henry Williams
Wilcox, Herbert Budington
Wilcox, Reynold Webb
Wilcox, Roswell Storrs
Wilder, Richard E.
Wilder, Russell Morse
Wilder, William Hamlin
Wilder, Winford Oliver
Wildman, Otis
Wildner, Francis S.
Wile, Ira S.
Wile, Udo Julius
Wiley, Alvin Ray
Wiley, Charles Zenas
Wiley, Harcourt Irvine
Wiley, Harold Williams
Wiley, Harvey W.
Wiley, Otis Monroe
Wiley, William H.
Wilhelmi, Otto
Wilhelmj, Charles Frederick W.
Wilhoit, John Williams
Wilkins, George Clarence
Wilkins, John Crawford
Wilkins, Samuel Henry
Wilkinson, Albert Gallatin
Wilkinson, George Henry
Wilkinson, George Richard
Wilkinson, Henry Fielding
Wilkinson, Hugh
Wilkinson, John Raymond
Wilkinson, Maurice H.
Wilkinson, Richard Powers
Wilkinson, Robert Johnson
Wilkinson, William Willing
Wilks, Francis Marion
Willard, Edgar Harold
Willard, Frederick Bush
Willard, Harry Gaylord
Willcox, Jesse Womble
Willey, Gordon F.
Williams, Alden Humphrey
Williams, Allie Walter
Williams, Annie Wells
Williams, Arthur Edward
Williams, Bartow Wayne
Williams, Benjamin F.
Williams, Calvin Edwin
Williams, Charles Crosby
Williams, Charles Mallory
Williams, Clarence Mason
Williams, Daniel Hale
Williams, Dudley
Williams, Edward Huntington
Williams, Edwin Cutler
Williams, Edwin Gordon Culbertson
Williams, Ennion Gifford
Williams, Francis
Williams, Francis Henry
Williams, Francis Marion
Williams, Frank A.
Williams, Frank Fay
Williams, Frankwood Earl
Williams, Geoffrey
Williams, George Clinton Fairchild
Williams, Guy H.
Williams, H. St. John
Williams, Harold
Williams, Harry Bion
Williams, Harry George
Williams, Henry Smith
Williams, Henry T.
Williams, Herbert F.
Williams, Herbert Upham
Williams, Hiram Griffith
Williams, Hison Faulkner
Williams, Huntington
Williams, Jesse Feiring
Williams, John G.
Williams, John Marshall
Williams, John Mason
Williams, John Piper
Williams, John Ralston
Williams, John Thomas
Williams, John Whitridge
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Joshua Sloan
Williams, Linsly Rudd
Williams, Owen Hassell
Williams, Paul Swift
Williams, R. Reche
Williams, Ralph
Williams, Ralph Chester
Williams, Robert Parvin
Williams, Samuel Smart
Williams, Sidney Colton
Williams, Thomas J.
Williams, Tom A.
Williams, Tom V.
Williams, William Robert
Williams, William Whitridge
Williams, Wright C.
Williamson, Charles Spencer
Williamson, Drue Baldwin
Williamson, Ellen A. Willis
Williamson, George H.
Williamson, George McCullough
Williamson, James Freeman
Williamson, John C.
Williamson, Thomas Valentine
Willier, Albert Francis
Willis, Arthur Jackson
Willis, Benjamin C.
Willis, Daniel Oscar
Willis, James Medford
Willis, Julius Dreher
Willis, Park Weed
Willius, Frederick Arthur
Willoughby, Earle Carlisle
Willson, Hugh Spaulding
Willson, William H.
Wilmer, William Holland
Wilmeth, Frank Lincoln
Wilsey, Orville Jay
Wilson, Allen Bishop
Wilson, Arthur Lee
Wilson, Carl Groves
Wilson, Charles Edgar
Wilson, Charles Stuart
Wilson, Cleveland Roy
Wilson, Constant Perkins, Jr.
Wilson, Dunning B.
Wilson, Edward Olinger
Wilson, Frank Minium
Wilson, Frank Norman
Wilson, George Wade
Wilson, Gordon
Wilson, Harry Christ
Wilson, Hugh Martin
Wilson, Ida M.
Wilson, James Cornelius
Wilson, James Edgar
Wilson, James Frederick
Wilson, James Sprigg
Wilson, Jesse D.
Wilson, John C.
Wilson, John Edwin
Wilson, John Gordon
Wilson, John Luther
Wilson, John Samuel
Wilson, Louis Blanchard
Wilson, M. Bryed
Wilson, Marion Childress
Wilson, Martha Sylvia McQuitty
Wilson, Mille E.
Wilson, Norton Luther
Wilson, Paul White
Wilson, Philip Duncan
Wilson, Rabum Thomas
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Robert Bruce
Wilson, Robert Justice
Wilson, Sampson James
Wilson, Samuel Forman
Wilson, Samuel M.
Wilson, Sidney Johnston
Wilson, Stuart
Wilson, Walter John
Wilson, Warren
Wilson, William Charles
Wilson, William H.
Wilson, William Henry
Wilson, William Preston, Jr.
Wilt, Frank Tozer
Wiltse, James Wesley
Wiltsie, James Wesley
Winans, Frederick Newton
Winans, Henry Morgan
Winbigler, Bryce Rex
Windsor, William Sanford
Winemiller, Lee H.
Winfrey, William Constantine
Wing, Elihu Smith
Wingo, Tazwell Brown
Winick, Samuel
Winne, Charles Knicbacker, Jr.
Winnett, Maude Hall
Winningham, William H.
Winslow, Charles Edward Amory
Winslow, Fitz R.
Winslow, Floyd S.
Winslow, George Frederick
Winslow, H. C.
Winslow, John Randolph
Winslow, Kenelm
Winslow, Nathan
Winslow, Randolph
Winslow, Rollin Curtis
Winter, Francis Anderson
Winter, Henry Lyle
Winter, William Stanton, Jr.
Winterbotham, Jonathan Harvey
Winternitz, Milton Charles
Winters, Walter Payne
Wintsch, Carl Herman
Wipperman, Paul W.
Wise, Burr Thaddeus
Wise, Fred
Wise, John Magee
Wise, Oliver Cady
Wise, Philip Leonard
Wise, Ralph Cherryholmes
Wise, Walter Dent
Wiseman, Joseph Rosenfeld
Wishard, John G.
Wishard, William Niles
Wisniewski, Francis F.
Wiswall, Edward Holmes
Wiswall, Robert Davis
Witcher, Edward Kitchell
Witherbee, William Daniels
Withers, Gabriel Harold
Withers, Sanford M.
Witherspoon, Thomas Casey
Withington, Paul Richmond
Withrow, John Murphy

Witte, Dexter Hathaway
Witte, Max Ernest, Sr.
Witter, Cecil Orville
Wittich, Frederick William
Wittwer, Edward C.
Wivell, Raymond Francis
Wobus, Reinhard E.
Wodehouse, Robert Elmer
Woessner, Nicholas E.
Woglom, William Henry
Wohl, Michael G.
Wohlrabe, Arthur A.
Wolbach, Simeon Burt
Wolbarst, Abraham Leo
Woldert, Albert
Woley, Harry Percival
Wolf, George David
Wolf, Heinrich Franz
Wolf, Isidor J.
Wolf, John Gibbon
Wolf, Max
Wolf, William
Wolfe, Clinton Sylvester
Wolfe, Edward I.
Wolfe, Humphrey D.
Wolfe, James Meek
Wolfe, James Thruston
Wolfe, Katharine H. K.
Wolfe, Mary Moore
Wolfe, Samuel
Wolfer, John A.
Wolff, Eldridge Eakin
Wolff, Henry Albert
Wolff, Irving Joseph
Wolff, Maurice Berwin
Wolff, Raymond Alvin
Wolffe, Joseph B.
Wolfner, Henry Lincoln
Wolfort, Benjamin Edgar
Wolfsohn, Julian Mast
Wolman, Samuel
Woltereck, Gustav H.
Woltman, Henry W.
Wolverton, Ben Franklin
Wood, Alfred C.
Wood, Amos DeRussia
Wood, Arthur Wellesley
Wood, Benjamin Ezra
Wood, Buford Thomas
Wood, Casey Albert
Wood, Edward Howard
Wood, Edward Jenner
Wood, Francis Carter
Wood, Frank Leighton
Wood, Frank Montgomery
Wood, George W.
Wood, Harold Bacon
Wood, Hubert
Wood, James Craven
Wood, James Edwin, Jr.
Wood, John Walter
Wood, Nathaniel Knight
Wood, Norman Perkins
Wood, Robert Lee
Wood, Robert Lowell
Wood, William Charles
Wood, William Franklin
Wood, William Walter
Woodall, Charles Wesley
Woodall, Oscar L.
Woodard, Herbert B.
Woodard, Mathew Foster
Woodburn, William
Woodburne, Arthur Wellesley
Woodbury, Frank T.
Woodbury, Frank Thomas
Woodbury, Frank Valentine
Woodbury, George Walter
Woodhead, Frederic John
Woodland, Edward Elias
Woodman, James Brown
Woodman, Robert Carlile
Woodruff, Frederick Eno
Woodruff, John V.
Woodruff, Rolland C.
Woodruff, Stanley Rogers
Woodruff, Thomas Adams
Woods, Ernest A.
Woods, George G.
Woods, Hiram
Woods, Jarvis Belcher
Woods, Prince Tannatt
Woods, Ralph Hueston
Woodson, Charles Ransom
Woodson, George Chambers
Woodson, James Madison
Woodson, Thomas Dupuy
Woodville, John Breckinridge
Woodward, Cicero Smith
Woodward, Clayton E.
Woodward, Floyd Owen
Woodward, James Savage
Woodward, Lewis Klair
Woodward, Samuel Andrew
Woodward, Samuel Bayard
Woodworth, Percy Churchill
Woody, McIver
Woody, William Woodford
Woodyard, Stephen Walter
Woodyatt, Rollin Turner
Wooldridge, James Clements
Wooley, Herbert Codey
Woolf, Wilford
Wooll, Gerald Kelley
Woolley, Paul Gerhardt
Woolridge, John Hayes
Woolsey, Frederick Elijah
Woolsey, George
Woolston, John Wesley
Woolverton, Edgar Frank
Wooten, Joe Sil
Wootton, Herbert Wright
Wootton, William Turner
Worcester, Alfred
Worden, Charles Beatty
Worden, George Kent
Work, Hubert
Work, James Anderson, Jr.
Work, Philip
Workman, Clarence Manly
Workman, Harper M.
Workman, Warner Gleason
Worley, James Francis
Wormington, Frank L.
Worthen, Thacher Washburn
Worthey, William Richard
Worthing, Harry Jennings
Worthington, Charles Edward
Worthington, Richard Addison
Wose, Alfred M.
Wovschin, William A.
Wray, William Edgar
Wright, Ada V. Antrim
Wright, Adam Henry
Wright, Alexander F.
Wright, Arthur Mullin
Wright, Charles Darcy
Wright, Charles F.
Wright, Charles Sias
Wright, Clinton C.
Wright, Fletcher Johnston
Wright, Frederick L.
Wright, Harold Walgrove
Wright, Harper
Wright, Henry Pulteney
Wright, Henry Stanley
Wright, Joel Fitz
Wright, Joseph Lee
Wright, Katharine Hays Law
Wright, Leo Sheldon
Wright, Lonnie LaFayette
Wright, Louis Tompkins
Wright, Ray B.
Wright, Rodney A.
Wright, Sherman E.
Wright, Thew
Wright, Walter Walker
Wright, Whittier Howard
Wright, William Albert
Wronker, Simon Lewis
Wurdemann, Harry Vanderbilt
Wyatt, Charles Arthur
Wyatt, Wortham
Wyckoff, George Lewis
Wyckoff, John Henry
Wyckoff, Sarah D.
Wycoff, Ray Sheppard
Wyeth, George Austin
Wylie, Arthur Rufus Trego
Wylie, H. Boyd
Wylie, LeRoy Allen
Wyman, Benjamin F.
Wyman, Edmond Lewis
Wyman, Edwin Theodore
Wynkoop, Daniel Woodbury
Wynkoop, Edward Judson
Wynn, Harvey R.
Wynn, Joseph Jackson
Wynne, Herbert M. N.

Xelowski, Thaddeus Z.

Yale, Alford Elihu Wooster
Yankey, John Wesley
Yarbrough, Young Harris
Yarian, Norman C.
Yarrow, Harry Crecy
Yates, John Lawrence
Yates, Joseph Ernest
Yates, Walter W.
Yawger, Nathaniel S.
Yeager, R. L.
Yeaman, Malcolm Hodge
Yeomans, Frank Clark
Yergason, Robert Moseley
Yerger, Charles Francis
Yocom, Albert Lee, Jr.
Yoder, Ivan isaac
Yoder, Jacob A.
Yohe, Alfred Franklin
Yont, Katherine Eliza Geiger
York, Margaret M.
Yost, Walter Burt
Youmans, Fredrick Williams
Young, Anne
Young, Augustus A.
Young, Carl O.
Young, Charles Dean
Young, Charles Henry
Young, Claude V.
Young, E. Weldon
Young, Edward L., Jr.
Young, Evangeline Wilson
Young, Frank Booth
Young, Frank LeRoy
Young, George Bright, II
Young, Glyndon Angus
Young, Henry Byrd
Young, Henry McClure
Young, Hugh H.
Young, James M.
Young, James Rogers
Young, John Wray
Young, Simon Jonathan
Young, Wade Hampton
Young, Warren Hastings
Young, William Glenn
Young, William Mannen
Younie, Arthur E.
Yount, Joseph Sterling
Youtz, Hiram La Mount
Yung, Julius Rudolph

Zabriskie, Edwin Garvin
Zahorsky, John
Zaiser, Harry E.
Zapffe, Frederick Carl
Zaratt, Jacinto
Zaum, Jacob J.
Zbinden, Theodore
Zeckwer, Isolde T.
Zeigler, Bernice A.
Zeisler, Erwin P.
Zeit, Robert Aenishaensly
Zell, Augustus M.
Zeller, George A.
Zellers, Moses Theodore
Zemer, Ralph Harold
Zenner, Philip
Zentmayer, William
Zerga Di Zerga, Louis Augustus
Zerfing, Charles E.
Zeuch, Lucius H.
Ziegler, Charles Edward
Ziegler, John Brownlow
Ziegler, Samuel Lewis
Zielonka, Samuel
Zillmer, Helen Jane
Zimmerer, Edmund George
Zimmerman, Harry Bernard
Zingher, Abraham
Zinkhan, Arthur Morris
Zinninger, George F.
Zinsser, Hans
Zintsmaster, Logan B.
Zuckerman, Louis Herman
Zuercher, Aelo Richard
Zulick, J. Donald










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