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About This Genealogy Website

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The idea for this site actually started in 1976 when I purchased a Family Bible (1869 edition). Madison Hill had listed family births from 1838 to1879, and some deaths are also recorded. It always seemed a shame that there was no effective way to find her descendents and return this to them.

Twenty-five years later, I decided to teach myself how to build a website, and this is the result. Two years ago I started a small database another website. We had about 18,000 people indexed from a variety of books and vintage photographs and documents. We were able to connect several dozen people with information about their past, or send them items which had belonged to their ancestors. After a few months we decided to get serious about the project, and now have over 100,000 people indexed in this database, and add more weekly.

Why we charge for information.

I believe that it is important to share genealogical information, and I do share information on my lines with others who are researching common ancestors. But, we have spent several thousand dollars and almost two thousand hours on the items indexed in this database.

Following are a few reasons why we charge:

  • We are maintaining a free access database, so if your ancestors are not listed, you spend nothing. Some of the databases we list have useful information you can use, even if you send us no money.

  • Many of the books we have indexed are rare and would cost from $50 to over $100 if you purchased them.

  • Much of this information would be difficult  to find; for example some of the books we have indexed are 300 to 400 pages long and are not in alphabetical order. So even if you found the book in your local library, you could spend several hours just checking to see if your ancestors are listed.

  • Even if you go to your local library (which your tax dollars are supporting) and find information you will be charged 10 cents per copy, or more, at the self-service copier. When we copy from a book for you we include the title page, any lists of abbreviations used and any introductions or other information we think is interesting or valuable. From some of our books, a one paragraph biography, will become copies of 7 or 8 pages when we send it to you.








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