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Who's Who In American Medicine 1925; I - M Surnames

There is a short biographical paragraph about each doctor. Most biographies include place & date of birth; parents name's (with mother's maiden name); spouse & children; area of medical specialty; education & employment history;  papers & books published; clubs & associations and finally, place of residence & office.

     Price: $6 for the first physician & $3 for each additional.

Item # 10436

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A-C Surnames     D-H Surnames     N-S Surnames     T-Z Surnames


Ibershoff, Adolph Ernest
Ide, Arthur W.
Iglauer, Samuel
Ikeda, Kane
Iknayan, Nicholas C.
Iland, Edward M.
Ill, Edgar Alexander
Illoway, Henry
Ilyus, Edmund B.
Inch, George Franklin
Infield, Thomas Herbert
Ingalls, Stanley S.
Ingersoll, John Marvin
Ingle, Henry Barr
Inglis, John
Inglis, William D.
Ingraham, A. Elizabeth
Ingraham, Clarence Bancroft
Ingram, John Long
Ingram, Thomas H.
Ireland, Merritte W.
Ireneus, Carl
Irland, Robert Douglass
Irons, John Calvin
Irvine, Harry Garfield
Irvine, William Herbert
Irwin, Emmett Lee
Irwin, Frank Newton
Irwin, James H.
Irwin, John Curtis
Irwin, John Linn
Isaacs, David
Isaacs, Harry E.
Isaacs, Raphael
Isaacson, Julius Emanuel
Iseman, Lawrence Lee
Isham, Mary Keyt
Isler, James Nathaniel
Israel, Bernard B.
Iversen, Michael
Ives, George
Ivey, Henry B.
Ivins, Richard L.
Ivy, Robert Henry

Jablons, Benjamin
Jablow, Harry B.
Jack, Cecil Mckee
Jack, Edwin Everett
Jack, Frederick L.
Jack, Gabriel J.
Jack, George N.
Jack, John Barnes
Jack, Melville Grant Du Vernet
Jack, William David
Jackson, Arnold Stevens
Jackson, Charles Warren
Jackson, Chevalier
Jackson, Clarence Martin
Jackson, Delbert Linscott
Jackson, Dennis Emerson
Jackson, Edward
Jackson, Elmer E.
Jackson, Frank H.
Jackson, Fred Kinney
Jackson, Frederick Ellsworth
Jackson, Gordon Henry
Jackson, Harry
Jackson, Henry Wirt
Jackson, Jabez North
Jackson, James Allen
Jackson, James Henry Halis
Jackson, Kenna
Jackson, Ralph Wentworth
Jackson, Reginald Henry
Jackson, Samuel Adams
Jackson, Thomas Grant
Jackson, Virgil B.
Jacobs, Charles Mayor
Jacobs, George Clinton
Jacobs, Henry Barton
Jacobs, Milton
Jacobs, S. Nicholas
Jacobs, Wilma H.
Jacobsen, Victor Clarence
Jacobsohn, William
Jacobson, Conrad
Jacobson, Edmund
Jacoby, Arnold Leon
Jacoby, Douglas P. A.
Jacoby, George W.
Jacoby, J. Ralph
Jaffe, Morris
Jaffin, Abraham Ezra
Jaffrey, William Reginald
Jakmauh, Paul J.
Jameison, Gerald R.
James, David Bushrod
James, Edwin Forrest
James, Frederick Charles
James, John Henry
James, Luther S.
James, Oliver Victor
James, Robert Bruce
James, Samuel Catlett
James, Walter B.
James, William Francis
James, William McCully
Jameson, Charles Harold
Jameson, James Walker
Jameson, Louis Blair
Jameson, Robert E.
Jamieson, John Stewart
Jamieson, Robert Cary
Jamison, John McFarland
Janes, Martin Lewis
Janney, Nelson W.
Janney, O. Edward
Janson, Christian William
Jantzen, Francis Thomas
Jaques, Arthur David
Jaquith, Walter Allen
Jarboe, Parran
Jarnagin, Milton Emmerson
Jarvis, Deforest Clinton
Jarvis, Henry Clar
Jarvis, Nathan S.
Jaster, Cyrus O.
Jaudon, Eugene Keene
Jayne, Walter Addison
Jean, George William
Jeans, Philip Charles
Jeck, Howard Sheffield
Jefferson, Herbert Perry
Jefferys, William Hamilton
Jeffrey, Charles Wikoff
Jeffrey, Stewart Lee
Jeffries, Ferdinand M.
Jelks, James Thomas
Jelks, John Lemuel
Jelliffe, Smith Ely
Jelly, Arthur Carlton
Jemison, Allen Bryce
Jenanyan, Samuel Sarkis
Jenkins, Charles L.
Jenkins, Cornelius Frame
Jenkins, Francis H.
Jenkins, I. Warner
Jenkins, John Short
Jenkins, Julius Luther
Jenkins, Stephen Rice
Jenkins, William Albert
Jenkinson, Edward Lealand
Jenness, Burt Franklin
Jennings, Alpheus Felch
Jennings, Charles G. R.
Jennings, Edward Allen
Jennings, Emmaus M.
Jennings, Francis Bates
Jennings, Walter Barry
Jensen , Clarence Christian
Jensen, Louis Christian
Jepson, William
Jervey, James Wilkinson
Jesperson, Sven
Jessup, George Pierson
Jessup, William H.
Jew, Henry Darby
Jewell, Thomas Myers
Jewett, Stephen Perham
Joachim, Henry
Joachim, Otto
Joannides, Minas
Jobling, James Wesley
John, Henry J.
Johns, Anne Viola Barrett
Johnson, Albert O.
Johnson, Anna Charlotte
Johnson, Arnold Hampton
Johnson, Arthur Clarke
Johnson, August E.
Johnson, Buford Jeannette
Johnson, Carrol Allen
Johnson, Charles E.
Johnson, Charles Kimball
Johnson, Clyde P.
Johnson, Coford
Johnson, , Cora May
Johnson, Czar C.
Johnson, David J.
Johnson, E. Kingsland
Johnson, Earle George
Johnson, Edward Horace
Johnson, Ellen Marie
Johnson, Francis Bonneau
Johnson, Franklin Paradise
Johnson, Fred
Johnson, Garrett van der Veer
Johnson, H. R.
Johnson, Harold V.
Johnson, Harry McCrindell
Johnson, Henry Curtis
Johnson, Hiram M.
Johnson, Homer H.
Johnson, James A.
Johnson, J. Barton, Jr.
Johnson, James Sidney
Johnson, James T.
Johnson, Jesse Brealand
Johnson, John W.
Johnson, Julius
Johnson, Loren Bascom Taber
Johnson, Lucius Warren
Johnson, Marcellus A., Jr.
Johnson, Morris Hale Claybourne
Johnson, Oliver M.
Johnson, Paul W.
Johnson, Ray Henry
Johnson, Robert Carson
Johnson, Robert Wilkinson
Johnson, Robert William
Johnson, Russell Hampden
Johnson, Sydney Evans
Johnson, T. Arthur
Johnson, Theodore F.
Johnson, Walter Buckley
Johnson, Walter Willis
Johnson, William Crawford
Johnson, William H.
Johnson, William Marwyn
Johnson, William Throckmorton
Johnston, Collins H.Douglas A.
Johnston, Eliza Lee
Johnston, Ernest
Johnston, George C.
Johnston, Hans Herbert
Johnston, Herbert Allan
Johnston, James Gilliam
Johnston, John Black
Johnston, Norman T.
Johnston, Walter
Johnston, Wayne A.
Johnston, William Ealing
Johnston, William Howard
Johnstone, Ernest Kinloch
Johnstone, Robert Muir
Joiner, William Edwin
Jolley, James Frank
Jolley, William Albert
Jonas, August Frederick
Jones, Arthur Leon
Jones, Bertrand Luscombe
Jones, Capers Capehart
Jones, Cecil Cain
Jones, Charles D.
Jones, Charles David
Jones, Charles Hampson
Jones, Claude Perry
Jones, Clement R.
Jones, D. W.
Jones, Edward S.
Jones, Emmett Lee
Jones, Evan J.
Jones, F. Burton
Jones, George Mitchell
Jones, George Wesley
Jones, Glenn Irving
Jones, Guy Russell
Jones, Guy Walter Stanley
Jones, Harold Wellington
Jones, Harriet B
Jones, Howard
Jones, Hugh Toland
Jones, John Bayley
Jones, John Glover
Jones, John McKinney
Jones, John T.
Jones, Lafon
Jones, Lewis Parry
Jones, Louise Taylor
Jones, Nathaniel Moore
Jones, Noble Wiley
Jones, R. Henderson
Jones, Richard W.
Jones, Robert Benjamin
Jones, Robert Francis
Jones, Robert Varnum
Jones, Samuel Fosdick
Jones, Stephen George
Jones, Thomas David
Jones, Walter Clinton
Jones, Walter Raymond
Jones, Welcome Turner
Jones, Wiley
Jones, William Alexander
Jones, William Harriman
Jones, William Russell
Jones, William Solomon
Jones, William T.
Jones, Z. Vance
Jopson, John Howard
Jordan, Arthur
Jordan, David Star
Jordan, Edwin Oakes
Jordan, German Alexander
Jordan, Michael M.
Jordan, Peter Andrew
Jordan, Sherman S.
Jordan, Thomas Murphy
Jordan, William Mudd
Joseph, Don Rosco
Josephi, Simeon Edward
Joslin, Elliott Proctor
Joslyn, Arthur E.
Joss, Chester Earle
Jouard, Farel
Joy, Henry Milnor
Joyce, Thomas M.
Joyes, Crittenden
Judd, Aspinwall
Judd, C. Hollister
Judd, Charles C. W.
Judd, Edward Starr
Judd, Etta M. Hadley
Judd, Harry Weston
Judd, Orange King
Judkins, Charles William
Judkins, Oscar Hunt
Juenemann, George F.
Julian, Isaac B.
Jump, Henry D.
Junghans, John H.
Junkermann, Charles Franklin
Junkin, Homer David
Justice, Robert Lee
Justice, Zoro Knox
Jutte, Max Ernest

Kaan, George Warton
Kaemmerling, Gerhard
Kahle, George Edgar
Kahlke, Charles Edwin
Kahn, Howard
Kahn, Isador William
Kahn, Lipman Miller
Kahn, M. Randolph
Kahn, Max
Kahn, Morris Hirsch
Kaiser, Albert David
Kalb, George Bigham
Kalbfleisch, Ernest L.
Kalinowski, Nicholas
Kalkus, Julius Wilbur
Kampschmidt, August William
Kanavel, Allen B.
Kandt, Hartwig
Kane, Elizabeth C.
Kane, Howard Francis
Kane, R. Emmet
Kannel, John William
Kantor, John Leonard
Kaplan, David
Kaplan, Maurice I.
Kaprielian, Haigazoon Kruger
Karasek, Matthew
Karcher, William Leonard
Karshner, Warner Melvin
Karsner, Howard Thomas
Kast, Ludwig
Kasten, William J.
Kaster, Thomas Joseph
Katsainos, George M.
Katterhenry, Edward Herman
Katzenbogen, Arthur Saul
Kauffman, Arnold B.
Kauffman, Emanuel
Kaufman, Albert
Kaufman, Albert Samuel
Kaufman, John Brooks
Kaufman, Louis Rene
Kaumheimer, Gustav Jacob
Kavanaugh, Charles Nicholas
Kay, Guy Leslie
Kaznjian, Varaztad H.
Kean, Jefferson Randolph
Keane, Albert Wellington
Keane, William Edward
Keaney, Felix P. Rouggly
Kearby, Delbert O.
Kearsley, Anna S. Brown
Keating, Frank Webster
Keefe, John William
Keefer, Nicholas F. Willman
Keegan, J. Jay
Keegan, Thomas D.
Keen, Littleton Oscar
Keen, William Williams
Keener, Albert C.
Keese, John Mumford
Kehoe, Henry Charles
Keiller, William
Keiper, George Frederick
Keiser, Forest Le Grand
Keister, Bittle Cornelius
Keister, William Shirey
Keith, David Yandell
Kell, Elmer Andrew
Kellam, Cecil Corydon
Keller, Bayard T.
Keller, Charles Reuben
Keller, Daniel Casteel
Keller, Henry
Keller, Peter Martin
Keller, William Roy
Keller, William Sebald
Kelley, Charles
Kelley, Eugene Robert
Kelley, Herbert Lester
Kelley, John Thomas, Jr.
Kelley, Peter C.
Kelley, Samuel Walter
Kellogg, Edward L.
Kellogg, Edwin Welles
Kellogg, Ernest Clinton
Kellogg, Llewellyn C.
Kellogg, Wilfred Harvey
Kelly, Christopher M.
Kelly, Frank A.
Kelly, Howard A.
Kelly, James Raymond
Kelly, Martin J.
Kelly, Ray A.
Kelly, Walter Frederic
Kelly, William Edward
Kelly, William Webber
Kemble, Adam
Kemmerer, Theodore Wilbert
Kemp, Minta Proctor
Kemper, Robert James
Kemper, William G.
Kempf, Edward J.
Kendall, Clarence Fairbanks
Kendell, Herbert Weaver
Kendig, Edwin Lawrence
Kendig, Walter Dennis
Kenerson, Vertner
Kennard, Karl Sellers
Kennedy, Berthold Stamps
Kennedy, Foster
Kennedy, J. J.
Kennedy, John P.
Kennedy, Robert Morris
Kennedy, Thomas C.
Kennedy, Verner
Kennedy, Walter Urban
Kennedy, William Thomson
Kennell, Lloyd Armour
Kenney, Chauncey S.
Kenney, Frank Lincoln
Kenney, Harriet Eliza
Kenney, John Wesley
Kenney, Joseph William
Kennicott, Guy William
Kennicott, Philip A.
Kennison, Samuel L.
Kennon, Beverly Randolph
Kennon, Charles E. Vere
Kennon, Clyde Edgar
Kent, Charles Morrill
Kent, James Manning
Kenton, Forest Reese
Kenyon, Elmer Lawton
Kepler, Charles Ober
Kerkow, Roy Robinson
Kerley, Charles Gilmore
Kerlin, Douglas Ledbetter
Kermott, Louis Henry
Kern, Charles B.
Kern, Maximillian
Kern, Maximillian J.
Kerns, Thomas C.
Kerr, Abram Tucker
Kerr, Archibald Angus
Kerr, Charles
Kerr, Edward
Kerr, Ellis Kerk
Kerr, Harry Hyland
Kerr, John Walter
Kerr, Legrand
Kerr, Thomas Alexander
Kerr, William John
Kerrigan, Joseph Ambrose
Kershaw, Marion MacMillan
Kersten, Armand George
Kersten, Ernest M.
Kesler, Byron Linzie
Kessel, Charles Royall
Kessel, Leo
Kesseler, Eugene George
Kestenbaum, Samuel H.
Ketchum, Wesley Harrington
Key, Ben Witt
Key, Elmore B.
Key, Foster Pierce
Key, John Albert
Keyes, A. Belcham
Keyes, Baldwin Longstreth
Keyes, Edward D.
Keyes, Edward Loughborough
Keyes, Marion Alvah
Keyes, Thomas Bassett
Keys, Ben B.
Keyting, Walter Scott
Khairallah, Amin Asad
Kibzey, Ambrose Theodosius
Kickham, Charles Joseph
Kickland, William Alfred
Kidd, George Edward
Kidd, James Gordon
Kidd, Robert Armstrong
Kidder, Clarence Eugene
Kieb, Raymond F. C.
Kiefer, Guy Lincoln
Kiefer, Hugo Albert
Kiefer, Walter E.
Kiehle, Frederick Andrews
Kilburn, Ira Nelson
Kileen, Mary Augusta
Kilgore, Eugene Sterling
Kilmer, Theron Wendell
Kilpatrick, George A.
Kilpatrick, Russell Brooks
Kimball, Archie Percival
Kimball, Arthur H.
Kimball, Cleaveland Cady
Kimball, James Calvin
Kimberlin, Joseph Wesley
Kime, Rufus R.
Kimerline, Charles Edward
Kimpton, Arthur Ronald
Kimsey, John Thomas
Kinard, Joseph O.
Kinard, Kerwin Weidman
Kincaid, George Edward
Kinch, Charles Augustus
Kindleberger, Charles Poor
Kindley, George Cyrus
Kindred, John Joseph
King, Brien Thaxton
King, Charles Lafayette
King, Clarence
King, David Francis
King, Earl H.
King, Edward
King, George Lincoln
King, Harold George
King, Henry Eugene
King, Howard Frost
King, James Joseph
King, James Moore
King, Jennings M.
King, Jennings M., Jr.
King, John Cheston
King, John T., Jr.
King, Jonas Earle
King, Max Canstuart
King, Ossian Homer
King, Samuel Thomas
King, Walter E.
King, Walter Wood
King, William Franklin
Kingman, Robert
Kingsbury, Benjamin Franklin
Kingsbury, Edward N.
Kingsbury, George C.
Kingsbury, Oscar J.
Kingsley, Aaron Floyd
Kingston, John J.
Kingston, Thomas S.
Kinnaird, James Brown
Kinnaird, Virgil Gibney
Kinnett, William Ennis
Kinney, Lyell Cary
Kinnicut, Roger
Kinsella, Ralph A.
Kinsley, William ivanhoe
Kirby, George H.
Kirby-Smith, Joseph Lee
Kirby-Smith, Reynold Marvin
Kirchner, Walter C. G.
Kirk, Charlie Wilson
Kirk, Chester Clyde
Kirk, William J. F.
Kirkendall, Ben Remick
Kirkendall, John S.
Kirkham, Harold D.
Kirkland, Archibald Stanley
Kirklin, Byrl Raymond
Kirkpatrick, Harry E.
Kirkpatrick, John Armour
Kirkwood, Robert Garnahan
Kirschbaum, Edward Harry
Kirtley, Howard Pendleton
Kiser, Edgar F.
Kiser, Jefferson D.
Kisner, J. C.
Kistler, Arthur S.
Kitchell, William Everett
Kitchin, Thurman D.
Kiteley, James Archibald
Kitenplon, Arthur N.
Kitteredge, Frank Everett
Kitteredge, Herman Eugene
Kittrell, Thomas Fleming
Klass, Oscar Charles
Klauder, Joseph Victor
Kleckner, Frank C.
Kleckner, Martin Seler
Klein, Henry L.
Klein, Kutcheu Threefoot
Klein, Simon Robert
Kleiner, Simon B.
Klenk, Sophie gottliege
Klima, William Winfred
Kline, George Milton
Klingmann, Theophil
Klint, Alfred John
Klippert, Charles Frederik
Kloepper, Henry Charles
Kloman, Erasmus H.
Klotz, Herman Gustav
Klotz, Oskar
Klotz, Walter C.
Klugh, Walter Gray
Klumpp, James Sybert
Klyce, James Romulus
Knabb, Frank Peter
Knapp, Alfred Averill
Knapp, Arnold Herman
Knapp, Harry Butler
Knapp, Mark S.
Knapp, Robert Phineas
Knebel, Walter Joseph
Knecht, Cyrus
Kneedler, William L.
Kneeshaw, Robert Stanley
Knerr, Ellsworth B.
Knickerbocker, Homer James
Knight, Charles Lewis
Knight, Charles S.
Knight, Frank Henry
Knight, Marcus W.
Knight, Ray Roberts
Knight, Stephen Herrick
Knighton, Joseph E.
Knipe, George Whitfield
Knipe, Jay C.
Knipe, William Hugh Wellington
Knoble, Carl Ross
Knolle, Otto J.
Knopf, Sigard Adolphus
Knott, George Charles
Knowlton, Charles C.
Knowlton, Frank Pattengill
Knox, Franklin T.
Knox, Harriet L.
Knox, James H. Mason, Jr.
Knox, Lelia Charlton
Koch, Edward William
Koch, Margaret
Koch, Robert F.
Koch, Victor J.
Koessler, Karl K.
Koger, Emmett Bascom
Kohn, Louis Winfield
Koike, Kyo
Kolb, Lawrence
Koller, Carl
Kollock, Charles W.
Kolmer, John Albert
Konikow, Moses J.
Kopetzky, Samuel Joseph
Koplik, Henry
Korn, Philip
Korn, Samuel Milton
Kory, Roscoe Conklin
Kosmak, George William
Kotzebue, August Meinhard
Kraft, Oscar H.
Kraker, David Aron
Kramer, Simon Pendleton
Krasnye, John Francis
Kratz, Edwin Augustus
Kraus, Walter Max
Krause, Allen Kramer
Krause, Louis A. M.
Krausharr, John O. F.
Krauss, James
Kremers, Edward Dunster
Kreshover, J. S.
Kress, Clarence Cameron
Kress, Daniel Hartman
Kress, George Henry
Kretschmer, Herman Louis
Krohn, John William
Krom, James
Krueger, Arthur H. R.
Krulish, Emil
Krumbhaar, Edward Bell
Krumwiede, Charles
Krupp, Weston
Kuh, Sydney
Kuhn, LeRoy Philip
Kunkelman, Donald Reed
Kunkle, Wesley F.
Kuntz, Albert
Kurzweil, Peritz M.
Kuyrkendall, louis Clifton
Kyes, Edwin Stuart
Kyle, Joseph Allen
Kysor, Leon M.
Kyte, Edwin G.

La Barre, John Pollard
Lackey, Sylvester J.
Lacy, George Fufus
Ladd, Joseph Howard
Ladd, Maynard
Ladin, Louis Julius
Laferriere, Elie A.
La Fetra, Linnaeus Edford
Lafferty, Elbert E.
Lafferty, Robert Hervey
Lages, William
La Grange, Royal Estabrook
Lahey, Frank Howard
Lain, Everett S.
Lain, Waldo Briggs
Laird, Arthur Turner
Lajoie, John Michael
Lake, George Burt
Lakeman, Mary Ropes
Lakin, Harry Allen
Lalame, Paul Emile
Lally, Louis M.
Lamar, Frederick C.
Lamar, Richard Vanderhorst
Lamb, Albert Richard
Lamb, Daniel Smith
Lamb, Ellis
Lamb, Frank Heady
Lamb, Frederick William
Lamb, Harold Henry
Lamb, Howard E.
Lamb, Isabel Haslup
Lamb, James Garfield
Lambert, Adrian Van Sinderen
Lambert, Alexander
Lambert, John Henry
Lambert, Samuel Ernest
Lambert, Samuel Waldron
Lamon, Goldson Test
LaMothe, Elizear
La Motte, William Oscar
LaMoure, Charles TenEyck
Lampe, Herman F.
Lamson, Paul Dudley
Lancaster, Lloyd Thomas
Lancaster, Jesse Samuel
Lancaster, Sherman Russell
Lancaster, Walter Brackett
Lander, Charles J.
Landis, Henry R. Murray
Landis, William C.
Landrum, Albert Brewer
Landrum, Jacob Hansford
Lane, Charles Edward
Lane, Clarence Guy
Lane, Edward Binney
Lane, George A., Jr.
Lane, George E.
Lane, Jennie Theodate
Lane, John Edward
Lane, John W.
Lane, Walter Appleton
Lanford, John Alexander
Lang, Corvus C.
Lang, George Herrmann
Lang, John Michael
Langdale, Charles Andrew
Langdon, H. Maxwell
Langdon, J. Frederick
Lange, Anthony Henry
Langnecker, Harry Leslie
Langrock, George Edwin
Langsdorf, Herbert S.
Langston, Wann
Langstroth, Lovell
Langworthy, Joseph Howard
Lanier, William Tomlinson
Laning, George M.
Laning, J. Halcombe
Lanius, John Andrew
Lankford, Burnley
Lansdale, Philemon Smith
Lanstrum, Oscar Monroe
Lanza, Anthony Joseph
Lapenta, Vincent Anthony
Lapham, Anna Ross
Lapierre, Arthur Paul
Laplace, Ernest
Larimore, Fred B.
Larkin, Albert Edwin
Larkin, Edmund F.
Larkin, John Charles
Larkin, Leo Paul
Larkin, O. Eugene
Laroque, George Paul
Larrabee, Charles William
Larrabee, Ralph Clinton
Larsen, Nils Paul
Larson, Winford Porter
Larsson, B. Hjalmar
La Rue, Frank John
LaRue, James Alexander
Lastrpes, William Robertson
Latcher, Buel
Latham, Charles Eugene
Latham, Daniel S.
Latham, Vida A.
Lathrop, Harold Wilkinson
Lathrop, Homer Riale
Lathrope, George Haines
Latimer, Caroline
Latimer, Robert G.
Latimer, William Cleaveland
Lattin, Frank Haak
Lau, Frederick Talmadge
Laubaugh, Ernest Ellsworth
Lauder, Edward
Laughinghouse, Charles O'Hagan
Laughlen, George Franklin
Laughlen, Vivien Marvin
Laughlin, Elmer O.
Laughlin, Joseph Wilson
Laughlin, Mary A.
Laughlin, Zach Monroe
Lauman, Ulysses Mercur
Launder, Lloyd Henry
Laurie, Thomas Forrest
Lautenschlager, Thurman Holmes
LaVake, Rae Thornton
Laval, William
Laverty, George L.
Lavinder, Claude Hervey
Lawhorn, Cecil Claire
Lawrence, Caroline Carle
Lawrence, Charles Henry
Lawrence, Charles Solomon
Lawrence, Florus Fremont
Lawrence, George Alfred
Lawrence, John Hancock
Lawrence, Joseph Sell
Lawrence, M. Elizabeth
Lawrence, Robert Means
Lawrence, Walter Sibley
Laws, George Malcolm
Lawson, A. F.
Lawson, George B.
Lawson, Huron Willis
Lawson, John D.
Lawson, John S.
Lawson, William Elisha
Lawwill, Stewart
Layman, Daniel W.
Layman, Jacob Walter
Layman, Mary Helen
Layton, Clifford Raymond
Layton, Edgar Nelson
Layton, Ray Wilford
Lazarus, Joseph Arthur
Lazarus, William W.
Lea, joseph Addison
Leach, Wilmon Whilldin
Leachman, ream S.
Leader, George Howard
Leak, Roy L.
Leake, James Payton
Leake, Norman A.
Leake, Richard Maury
Leale, Medwin
Lear, Maxwell
Leary, Montgomery Elihu
Leary, Thomas James
Leary, Timothy
Leathers, Enoch
Leathers, Waller S.
Leavitt, C. Franklin
Leavitt, Frederic H.
Leavitt, Peirce Henry
Leavitt, Sheldon
Lebenstein, Joseph
Le Boutillier, Theodore
LeCates, Charles Asbury
Lechtrecker, Mary H. Robinson
LeClere, Mary L.
LeComte, Ralph Michael
Ledbetter, Samuel Laban, Jr.
Lederer, Max
Lederman, Moses David
Leduc, Joseph Romeo
Lee, Burton James
Lee, Dee C.
Lee, Edward Wallace
Lee, Elmer
Lee, Francis Asbury
Lee, Harry J.
Lee, Henry Thomas
Lee, James
Lee, John Mallory
Lee, Roger Irving
Lee, Stephen Guard
Lee, William George
Lee, William P.
Leech, Frank
Leech, James William
Leech, W. Stuart
Leeming, John
Leeson, Fred W.
Leete, Herbert Nelson
Lefever, Clarence Homer
LeFever, Errett
LeFevre, Edwin
LeFevre, Sherwood
Legg, Arthur Thornton
Legge, John Edwin
Legge, Robert Thos.
Lehlbach, Charles F.
Leherman, Philip Raphael
Leidy, Joseph
Leigh, Southgate
Leighton, Adam Phillips
Leininger, John W.
Leir, Charles N.
Leist, Joseph Wright
Leitch, Douglas Burrows
Leland, Forrest LeRoy
Leland, Harold Leander
Leland, Roscoe G.
Lemann, Isaac Ivan
Lemere, Henry Bassett
Lemmer, George N.
Lemoine, Albert N.
Lenart, Frank
Lenhart, Charles G.
Lenker, Robert W.
Lennox, William Gordon
Lenont, Charles B.
Leonard, Alexander Thomas
Leonard, Alexander Thomas, Jr.
Leonard, Charles Henry
Leonard, George Ferree
Leonard, James D.
Leonard, John David
Leonard, Ralph Davis
Leonard, Thomas Hugh
Leonard, Veader
Leonard, William Edwin
Leonhardt, John Sinclair
Leopold, Eugene Joseph
Leopold, Jerome S.
Leopold, Samuel
Leo-Wolf, Carl George
Leroy, Louis
Lerrigo, Charles H.
Leslie, Frank Elliott
L'Esperance, Oscar Raoul Talon
Lespinasse, Victor Darwin
Lessel, John F.
Lester, Frederick William
Lester, Harry Sumner
Lester, John Angelo
Lester, Willis David
Leunnon, Charles James
LeVake, Rae Thornton
Levene, Phoebus Aaron
Levengood, H. Wilson
Levey, Sidney Philip
Levi, I. Valentine
Levi, Irwin Palmer
Levin, Hyman L.
Levin, Israel H.
Levin, Oscar L.
Levin, Simes
Levine, Samuel Albert
Levinson, Abraham
Levinson, Bernard
Levinthal, Daniel Harold
Levisohn, Edmund David
Levison, Charles Gabriel
Levison, Louis A.
Levy, Daniel Frederick
Levy, Ernest C.
Levy, Gilbert Joseph
Levy, I. Harris
Levy, Louis
Levy, Samuel K.
Levy, Saul Mortimer
Levyn, Lester
Lewald, James
Lewi, Maurice J.
Lewin, Samuel Aaron
Lewis, A. Parker
Lewis, Archibald Cary
Lewis, Bransford
Lewis, Dean DeWitt
Lewis, Dwight M.
Lewis, Ernest Sidney
Lewis, Frank Waring, Jr.
Lewis, Fred D.
Lewis, Frederick A.
Lewis, Frederic Thomas
Lewis, George Alden
Lewis, G. Griffin
Lewis, Harry Edwin
Lewis, Harry Samuel
Lewis, Henry Foster
Lewis, James Davis
Lewis, Nolan Don Carpentier
Lewis, Paul A.
Lewis, Richard Henry
Lewis, Robert
Lewis, Robert Morton
Lewis, Sigma Van
Lewis, Warren Harmon
Lewis, Welcome Babcock
Lewis, William Howard
Lewis, William Latane
Lewisohn, Richard
Lewison, Maurice
Leynes, Ricardo
Libby, Edward Norton
Liber, Benzion
Lichty, John A.
Lick, Maxwell John
Lieb, Charles Christian
Lieb, Clarence William
Liebling, Phillip
Lifschutz, Jacob
Light, Frank
Light, S. Rudolph
Likes, Lanning Elbridge
Lilienthal, Howard
Lillie, H. I.
Lilly, Isaac Sherman
Lincoln, George Chandler
Lind, John Edward
Linde, Joseph Irving
Lindem, Martin Carl
Linder, William
Lindner, Henry John
Lindquist, Carl August
Lindsay, Merrill Kirk
Lindsay, William
Lindsay, William K.
Lindsay, William Sharp
Lineham, Donald M.
Linenthal, Harry
Lines, Ezra Austin
Lines, Mary Louise
Linhardt, Oscar V. Norbert
Link, Goethe
Linn, Harry Preston
Linn, Jay George
Linn, Willis
Linnell, Bird McPherson
Linson, John Henry
Linthicum, George Milton
Lintz, William
Linville, Thomas
Lipkind, Max Abraham
Lippincott, A. Haines
Lippincott, Lansing Y.
Lippincott, Walter Crispin
Lippitt, S. Herman
Lippman, Gustave
Lippman, I. William
Lippold, William Edward
Lipsey, Richard Mason
Lischkoff, Mozart A.
Lissack, Edmund Henry Max
Lisser, Hans
Litchfield, Lawrence
Lithgow, William D.
Little, Arthur Dillard
Little, Charles Frederick
Little, Daniel Erastus
Little, George F.
Little, John Mason
Little, Seelye William
Little, T. Alvin
Little, Thomas Coe
Little, William Lawson
Littlefield, George C.
Littlejohn, Frank Starr
Litzenberg, Jennings Crawford
Livengood, Horace Rutherford
Livermore, George Robertson
Livingston, Clarence bertram
Livingston, Edward M.
Livingston, Smart Pope
Llewellyn, Charles Elroy
Lloyd, Bolivar Jones
Lloyd, Hiram John
Lloyd, John J.
Lloyd, Samuel
Lobdell, Effie Leola
Lobenstine, Ralph Waldo
Lockard, Lorenzo B.
Locke, Eva M.
Lockett, Basil Lee
Lockwood, Ambrose Lorne
Lockwood, Charles Daniel
Lockwood, Ralph F. Perkins
Loder, Halsey Beach
Lodge, Edward S.
Loe, Adolph O.
Loeb, Hanau Wolf
Loeb, Leo
Loeb, Ludwig M.
Loevenhart, Arthur Solomon
Logan, James Clarke
Logan, James Elmore
Logan, Leslie
Logan, Ray Erau
LoGrasso, Horace
Logue, Lyle J.
Loizeaux, Charles Jean
Lommen, Christian P.
Lommen, Clarence E.
Long, Alfred George
Long, Charles
Long, Edwin Varner
Long, Eli H.
Long, Francis A.
Long, Harlan W.
Long, L. S.
Long, LeRoy
Long, Marie Millikin
Long, Samuel Calvin
Long, Thomas J.
Long, William Hamilton
Long, Wilson P.
Longabaugh, Rudolph Ignatius
Longacre, Otto Earle
Longcope, Warfield Theobald
Look, Halleck Hart
Loomis, Earl Alfred
Loomis, Edgar Webb
Loop, Ross George
Looper, Edward Anderson
Looper, Samuel Arthur
Loos, Henry hoffman
Loper, Asbury Nelson
Lopez, Eufemio N. Bocanegra
Lord, Frederic Pomeroy
Lord, Frederick Taylor
Lord, John Prentiss
Lorenz, William Frederick
Lorenze, Edward Julius
Lorenzo, Frank Alexander
Losey, Ray Robinson
Lott, Henry Stokes
Lotz, Oscar
Loucks, Roland E.
Loudon, Edward Whitmer
Loudon, Julian Derwent
Love, Elizabeth Ford
Love, Robert Sidney
Loveland, Bradford Churchill
Loveland, Horace Hall
Loving, James M.
Loving, Robert Courtenay
Low, Harold Townsend
Low, Harry Chamberlain
Low, Triumph Crawford
Lowe, Eugene C.
Lowe, Thomas
Lowell, W. Holbrook
Lowenburg, Harry
Lower, William Edgar
Lowndes, Charles H. Tilghman
Lownes, John B.
Lowrance, Herschel S.
Lowrey, Lawson Gentry
Lowrie, Samuel Alfred
Lowry, Charles O.
Lowry, Orlando F.
Lowry, Paul Hubbard
Lowsley, Oswald Swinney
Loyd, R. C.
Lubman, Max
Lubrecht, Charles A.
Lucas, Julian Dyer
Lucas, William Palmer
Luce, Thomas Warren
Lucent, Santos Bell
Lucke, Baldwin
Luckett, George Sparr
Luckey, John Eddy
Luckhardt, Arno Benedict
Luckie, James Buckner
Luckie, Lorenzo Foster
Lucus, T. D'Arcy
Ludington, Nelson A.
Ludlum, WalterDenton
Ludwig, Edward Charles
Luehr, Edward
Lukens, Charles
Lukens, Robert McDowell
Lull, Claude Charles
Lum, William Tappan
Luman, Clark McEwen
Lumsden, Leslie Leon
Lund, Charles Carroll
Lund, Herluf Gyde
Lundholm, Joseph B.
Lung, Bruce Dewitt
Lunsford, Guy George
Lunz, Gerald Joseph
Lurie, Max Bernard
Lussky, Herbert O.
Luten, Drew
Luttinger, Paul
Lutton, George Wright
Lutz, J. Raymond
Lyell, Robert Oliver
Lyerly, James Gilbert
Lyle, Benjamin Franklin
Lyle, James McCampbell
Lyman, Charles Baldwin
Lyman, David Russell
Lyman, John Cushman
Lyman, Rufus Ashley
Lynch, Kenneth M.
Lynch, Kevin David
Lynch, Richard Vance
Lyne, George Leslie
Lyng, John A.
Lynn, Frank S.
Lynwalter, Don Gordon
Lyon, B. B. Vincent
Lyon, Elias Potter
Lyon, George R. Douglas
Lyon, John Richard
Lyon, Marcus Ward, Jr.
Lyons, George Canfield
Lyons, Horace Raymond
Lyons, Ira A. E.
Lyons, Randolph
Lyster, Theodore Charles
Lyster, William John LeHunte
Lyter, Jones Curtis
Lytle, Albert Townley
Lytle, Claude C.

MacCabe, Richard Stephen
MacCallum, George Alexander
macCallum, William George
MacCarthy, George Stanistreet
MacCarthy, William Carpenter
MacConnell, John Wilson
MacCorison, Carl Copeland
MacCornack, Eugene Andrew
MacDiarmid, Stuart B.
MacDonald, Alexander Edward
MacDonald, Carlos Frederick
MacDonald, John A.
MacDonald, William Campbell
MacGowan, Granville
MacGregor, Delivan Alexander
MacGuire, Constantine Joseph, Jr.
MacIver, George Albert
MacKay, Jean Charles
MacKenzie, Luther B.
MacLachlan, Daniel A.
MacLane, Cleveland C.
MacLaren, Murray
MacLeod, James Alexander
MacLeod, Mary Elizabeth
MacLeod, Norman Murray
MacMillan, Wade
MacMillan, William J.
MacNeal, Ward J.
MacNider, William de B.
MacRae, John D.
McAfee, Jesse Glenn
McAlister, John B.
McAllister, John Craig
McAlpin, Kenneth Rose
McAlpine, Archibald Duncan
McArthur, Lewis Linn
McArthur, William Taylor
McAuliffe, Denis Alois
McAuliffe, George B.
McBarron, John D.
McBratney, Emmett William
McBrayer, Louis Burgin
McBrayer, Reuben Andy
McBride, Earl Duwain
McBride, Joseph S.
McBride, Robert Bartholow
McBride, William Otis
McBurney, Charles H.
McCall, James H.
McCall, William Reed
McCallum, Francis Marion
McCampbell, Eugene Franklin
McCann, Daniel Bradford
McCann, Gertrude Guild Fisher
McCann, William Sharp
McCannel, Alexander J.
McCarthy, Charles A.
McCarthy, Daniel J.
McCarthy, Daniel Joseph
McCarthy, Mary B. Callaghan
McCarthy, Merrick Fifield
McCarthy, Harry Downman
McCarver, James William
McCaskey, George Washington
McCauley, Charles E.
McCuliff, Guy Thomas
McCaw, Walter Drew
McCay, Robert Burns
McChord, Robert Caldwell
McClain, Harry C.
McClanahan, Harry Monroe
McClaran, James Walsh
McClary, Samuel, III
McClean, Earl Dorward
McClellan, Robert Price, Jr.
McClellan, W. R.
McClelland, Carl C.
McClenathan, L. F.
McClintic, Clifton F.
McClintock, John Calhoun
McClintock, John Thomas
McCloud, John Jay
McCluer, Barton Bates
McClure, Charles Richard
McClure, Charles Walter
McClure, Herbert A.
McClure, Marshall Ewing
McClure, Roy Donaldson
McClure, William Bradbury
McClurkin, Joseph Cameron
McKluskey, Richard John
McClymonds, Horace Smith
McCollum, S. Josephine
McConachie, Alexander Douglas
McConaughy, Robert
McConihay, Clarence W.
McConkey, Frank V.
McConkey, William Arthur
McConnell, John Alexander
McConnell, John Bradford
McConnell, Robert Ernest
McConnell, Samuel Morrison
McConnell, William John
McConville, Cornelia Adeline
McCook, John Butler
McCord, Carey Pratt
McCord, Clinton Preston
McCord, Mather Marvin
McCordock, Howard Anderson
McCormack, Arthur Thomas
McCormick, Alexander Stearns
McCormick, G. Carville
McCormick, Thomas Edward
McCormick, T. G.
McCoy, Clayton L.
McCoy, Clem D.
McCoy, George Price
McCoy, George Walter
McCoy, James Norman
McCoy, William Bruce
McCrary, James W.
McCrary, Leroy Porter
McCready, E. Bosworth
McCready, Norman S.
McCreery, Albert Hill
McCreery, Forbes R.
McCreight, William Sharp
McCrudden, Francis Henry
McCue, Peter F.
McCuen, Brooks Walton
McCuistion, William Walter
McCullagh, Samuel
McCulloch, Carleton Buel
McCulloch, Champe Carter, Jr.
McCurdy, Stewart LeRoy
McCurry, William Edgar
McDaniel, Adolphus Alfred
McDaniel, Frederick Leonard
McDaniel, Roy Cowles
McDaniel, Samuel P.
McDavid, Jesse T.
McDavitt, Bertha s.
McDavitt, Thomas S.
McDermid, Claude Edward
McDermott, John Joseph
McDevitt, Charles Joseph
McDill, John Eldon
McDill, John Rich
McDonald, Archibald Leete
McDonald, Dennis J.
McDonald, Henry Michael
McDonald, William
McDonnell, W. Neil
McDonnell, Elizabeth J.
McDonnell, Patrick Joseph
McDougall, James Calhoun
McDowell, Charles
McDowell, George Washington
McDowell, Nathan Davis
McDowell, Norris Stanley
McDowell, Ralph Walker
McDuffie, Toliver Moore
McEachem, Isaac Whitney T.
McElroy, james Bassett
McElroy, Thomas
McEvoy, Frank E.
McFaddin, George Howard
McFarland, Albert Rankin
McFarland, Joseph
McFee, William D.
McGaffin, Charles Gibson
McGarty, Matthew Aloysius
McGee, Harry S.
McGehee, Henry M.
McGehee, John Lucius
McGettigan, Charles D.
McGibbon, Donald
McGibbon, Peter
McGibbon, Salton
McGill, Caroline
McGillivray, Donald E.
McGinnis, Clive Sidney
McGlannan, Alexius
McGlone, Bartgis
McGonigle, Murray B.
McGrath, Bernard Francis
McGrath, Joseph Percy
McGregor, Frank Harrison
McGregor, George Wilbur
McGregor, Harry J.
McGregor, Robert
McGriff, DeWitt Talmage
McGroarty, John J.
McGuigan, Hugh Alister
McGuire, Edgar Robinson
McGuire, Francis W.
McGuire, Hugh
McGuire, Michael Francis
McGuire, Robert John
McGuire, Stuart
McHaffie, Charles Henry
McHenry, Junius Hardin
McHenry, Ray Ralph
McIntire, Ida Noyes
McIntosh, Edward Francis
McIntosh, Wilfred Alonzo
McIntyre, Henry Blodgett
McIntyre, Howard Dixon
McIver, Robert Boyd
McJunkin, Frank Adam
McKay, Hamilton Witherspoon
McKay, Harvey S.
McKay, Roland Lee
McKay, Wilfred Wallace
McKean, George E.
McKean, Richard Moore
McKee, Carlisle Emerson
McKeehan, Lyman Prentice
McKendree, Charles A.
McKenna, John Bernard
McKenna, William Francis
McKennan, Thomas M.
McKenzie, John Marvin
McKenzie, Robert Tait
McKesson, Elmer I.
McKibben, William Watson
McKillip, Burlin George
McKim, Laurie Hamilton
McKinlay, Charles Miles
McKinlay, Chauncey Angus
McKinley, Alexander D.
McKinley, Earl Baldwin
McKinley, John Charnley
McKinney, Jefferson G.
McKinney, Thomas Dempsey
McKinnie, Lewis Hugh
McKinnon, Hector Alonzo
McKitrick, Austin Smith
McKittrick, Charles Leroy
McLain, John Hillman
McLaughlin, Hugh T.
McLaughlin, James Henry
McLaughlin, Patrick A.
McLaughlin, Perry William
McLean, George
McLean, Hugh L.
McLean, John
McLean, William Harvey
McLemore, Tipton
McLeod, John Knox
McLeod, Robert Francis
McLester, James Somerville
McLoughlin, George N.
McLurg, Robert Alvin
McMackin, John Blair
McMahan, Adah
McMahon, Alphonse
McMahon, Bernard Cornelius
McMahon, Charles Gilbert
McMahon, Denis Edward
McMahon, Francis B.
McMechan, F. H.
McMillan, Fraley F.
McMillan, Walter Ree
McMullen, Edwin Clare
McMurray, James W.
McMurtry, Milton Scott
McNairy, Charles Banks
McNall, James Morgan
McNally, William Duncan
McNally, William Joseph
McNamara, Frank P.
McNamara, Sylvester James
McNary, Oliver Clarkson
McNaught, Francis Hector
McNaught, Harvard Y.
McNaughton, James Harvey
McNay, Albert Lee
McNealy, Raymond William
McNeer, Thomas Theodore
McNees, Jerome Crawford
McNeil, Harry D.
McNeil, Irving
McNeill, Samuel J.
McNevin, Charles Francis
McParlan, Thomas Francis
McPartland, Patrick Farrell
McPeek, Clayton
McPhail, Donald Thomas
McPhedran, Alexander
McPheeters, Herman O.
McPheeters, J. D. L.
McPherson, Ross
McQuesten, Charles Augustin
McReynold, Gwyn Street
McReynolds, John Oliver
McSwain, John Horace
McSweeney, Patrick Eugene
McVey, William E.
McWhirt, Willis Elton
McWhorter, Golder Lewis
McWhorter, William Breese
McWilliams, Charles Allen
McWilliams, Clarence A.
McWilliams, Jacob Marvin
Maas, William C.
Macartney, Charles Belton
Macdonald, Clarence Porter
Macdonald, Harry George
Macdonald, Ronald Hugh
Macfarlane, Menzies John
Mack, Charles Samuel
Mack, Clifford W.
Mackay, Albert Edward
Mackay, Edward Hart
Mackechnie, Hugh Neil
Mackenzie, John Noland
Mackenzie, Wilbur W.
Maclay, Otis Hardy
Maclean, Donald
Macnab, Daniel Stewart
Macneill, Norman Merle
Macomber, Edmund K.
Macphail, Donald Thomas
Macphail, Major Sir Andrew
Macquillan, John Webb
Macrae, Donald, Jr.
Maddox, Robert Daniel
Maddox, William Hedrick
Maechtle, Everett Woods
Maercklein, Charles J.
Maes, Urban
Magan, Percy Tilson
Macgath, Thomas Byrd
Magee, Chester Lea
Magee, Hosea Frank
Maggard, Delano I.
Maghy, Charles
Magie, William Henry
Magill, William Seagrove
Maginnis, Francis N.
Magney, Fredolph H.
Magnuson, Paul Budd
Mahaffey, Howard Albert
Mahone, Paul James
Mahoney, George William
Mahoney, Vernon Litsinger
Mahony, Fergus O.
Maiden, Sydner Dale
Maier, Otto
Mailhouse, Max
Main, Daniel Carr
Major, Everett Carlisle
Major, Hermon S.
Major, Ralph Hermon
Majors, Monroe Alpheus
Mallon, Edward A.
Mallory, Frank Burr
Mallory, William J.
Malone, Ferdinand Maddin
Malone, Julian Yerkes
Malone, Willaim Battle
Maloney, William J.
Mambert, John Wellington
Mammen, Ernest
Mandel, Arthur Randolph
Maness, John A.
Manges, Morris
Mangum, William Robert
Mankin, Gilbert Haven
Manley, Herbert D.
Manly, Clarence Julius
Mann, Arthur Teall
Mann, Robert Howell Taylor
Manning, Isaac Hall
Manning, John Brown
Manning, William Nathan
Manson, Frank Melville
Manson, Richard Hawes
Mansuy, John Louis
Manton, Walter Porter
Mantor, Harry L.
Mantz, Francis A.
Mantz-Kani, M. Alace
Manwaring, Wilfred Hamilton
Manzer, Tilden T.
Marbury, William Berry
March, Irwin beede
Marchbanks, Stanton S.
Marcovici, Eugene Ernest
Marcuse, Otto
Marcy, Charles Howard
Mariani, Nicola
Mariette, Ernest Sidney
Marine, David
Mark, Arthur E.
Mark, Louis
Markel, James Clyde
Markens, Edward W.
Markham, Convas Lane
Marks, Henry Kingdon
Marlatt, Charles Reid
Marlow, Frank William
Marner, Gideon Penrod
Marquis, George Paull
Marr, Harrington
Marriott, W. McKim
Marsh, Albert
Marsh, Albert
Marsh, Arthur Drought
Marsh, Arthur White
Marsh, Charles Richard
Marsh, Edward Frank
Marsh, James P.
Marsh, Philip E.
Marsh, Van Newhall
Marshall, Collins
Marshall, Eli Kennerly. Jr.
Marshall, Mark
Marshall, Robert James
Marshall, Victor F.
Marshall, William J.
Marter, Linnaeus Esher
Martin, Clarence
Martin, Collier Ford
Martin, Dwight C.
Martin, Edward Gillet
Martin, Elizabeth Leiper
Martin, Felix Summerfield
Martin, Frank Leslie
Martin, Franklin H.
Martin, George Forrest
Martin, James Madison
Martin, Joseph Thomas
Martin, Lewis Ernest
Martin, Melvin Cecil
Martin, Moir Saunders
Martin, Seth Heustis
Martin, Walter Frederick
Martin, Walton
Martin, William
Martindale, Edward Lowry
Martindale, Elihu Arthur
Martz, Christian
Marvel, William Justin
Marvin, David
Marvin, Hubert Burns
Mason, Cleon C.
Mason, Edward Charles
Mason, James Tate
Mason, Nathaniel R.
Mason, Verne Rheem
Mason, Victor Alwyn
Massaglia, Aldo C.
Massenburg, George Yellott
Massey, George Betton
Masson, James Carruthers
Mastin, Edward Vernon
Mastin, James Granville
Mastin, William McDowell
Matas, Rudolph
Mateer, Horace Nelson
Mathe, Charles Pierre
Mathers, Alvin T.
Mathes, Roy Wentworth
Mathews, Ellis Elsworth
Mathews, Frank S.
Mathews, Robert F.
Matson, Ray William
Matta Quinones, Enrique
Matthews, Andrew Aldridge
Matthews, Edgar Stanley
Matthews, Frederick John
Matthews, Harvey Burleson
Matthews, Justus
Matthews, Oscar Homer
Matthews, William Johnson
Mattison, James Acker
Maturi, Vincenzo E.
Maury, John Metcalfe
Maus, Mervine L.
Maxey, Edward Ernest
Maxfield, George Henry
Maximow, Alexander A.
Maxson, Edwin Samuel
Maxson, Sands Carr
Maxwell, Charles Thomas
Maxwell, Hugh Smith
Maxwell, james Rea
Maxwell, John Boal
May, Charles H.
May, Charles Henry
May, George Elisha
May, James V.
Mayberry, Frank E.
Mayer, Edward Everett
Mayer, Leo
Mayes, Orpheus
Mayhew, David Porter
Mayland, Martin L.
Maynard, Ernest B.
Maynard, Robert Leland
Maynard, Thomas Hill
Mayne, Earl Hugh
Mayo, Charles H.
Mayo, Robert W. Bainbridge
Mayo, William James
Mayoral, Antonio
Meacham, Hubert F.
Mead, Kate Campbell Hurd
Meade, Stephen Johnson D.
Meader, Charles Nash
Meader, Fred Marlin
Meadows, Feland L.
Meagher, John F. W.
Meagher, William C.
Meaker, Samuel Raynor
Meakins, Jonathan Campbell
Meanes, Lenna Leota
Means, Hugh Jackson
Means, James Howard
Meara, Frank Sherman
Mebane, David Cummins
Medalia, David Bernard
Medalia, Leon Samuel
Meder, Florence
Medley, Samuel C. B.
Meeker, Sidney
Meengs, Jacob Earl
Meigs, Benjamin Lyle
Meikle, Thomas David
Meinecke, Emilio Pepe Michael
Meisenheimer, Charles Augustus
Meisenhelder, Edmund Webster
Meister, William Bertram
Meixner, Fred Norris Frankfort
Mella, Hugo
Mellinger, William J.
Mellon, Ralph Robertson
Mellott, Samuel W.
Mellus, Edward
Meloy, William Waddell
Meltzer, Maurice
Melville, Edmond John
Melvin, George Givan
Melvin, John Leonard
Melvin, John Tracy
Memminger, Allard
Mendel, James Harold
Mendillo, Anthony Joseph
Mendenhall, Arthur M.
Mendin Sabat, Jose J.
Menefee, Andrew Jackson
Menge, Frederick
Mengis, Chris L.
Menninger, Charles F.
Menninger, Karl A.
Menzies, Alexander Morrison
Menzies, Percival Keith
Mercer, Alfred Clifford
Mercer, Waller Nelson
Mercer, Clarence Mavel
Meredith, Arnold Louis
Meredith, Hubert M.
Meredith, William
Merriam, Franklin Henry
Merrick, John N.
Merrigan, Thomas Davis
Merrill, Cyrus Strong
Merrill, George Adams
Merrill, Horace G.
Merrill, William Howe
Merrill, William Truman
Merriman, M. Heminway
Merritt, Walter McDonald
Merscher, Washington
Mershon, Oliver Francis
Meserve, Edwin Alonzo
Messenbaugh, Joseph F.
Messinger, Harry C.
Metcalf, Henry Martyn
Metcalf, John Eugene
Metcalf, Walter Bradford
Metcalf, William Francis
Metcalfe, Brice Fields
Metcalfe, Raymond Franklin
Metz, Peter Frederick
Metzenbaum, Myron
Meusel, Harry H.
Meyer, Adolf
Meyer, Alfred
Meyer, Alphonse H.
Meyer, Arthur William
Meyer, Edward john
Meyer, John S.
Meyer, Joseph
Meyer, Leo B.
Meyer, Leon L.
Meyer, Willy
Meyerding, Henry William
Meyerovitz, Max
Meyers, Alfred Edward
Meyers, I. Leon
Meyers, Judson Melvin
Meyersburg, Henry
Meynen, George Kissam
Michael, Joseph Clement
Michel, Henry Middleton
Michener, Robinson E.
Middleton, George W.
Middleton, Walter Chalmers
Middleton, William John
Miel, George Washington
Mignault, Louis Daniel
Mikels, Frank M.
Mikesell, Arthur L.
Milam, Young M.
Mildenberg, Victor
Miles, George William
Miles, Walter H.
Miley, Isaiah
Miley, Michael Ritter
Millar, Reginald C. M.
Millard, Samuel Thomas
Miller, Ansel Irwin
Miller, Arthur Lewis
Miller, Austin V.
Miller, Burton Roy
Miller, Byron E.
Miller, Charles Howard
Miller, Charles Jefferson
Miller, Clifton Meredith
Miller, Clifford
Miller, Clinton James
Miller, Cooper Otto
Miller, Dan Tucker
Miller, Don L.
Miller, Edgar Calvin LeRoy
Miller, Edward Taylor
Miller, Edwin B.
Miller, Elmer M.
Miller, Ernest P.
Miller, Frank Ebenezer
Miller, Frederick Munger
Miller, George Andrew
Miller, George Edmund
Miller, George William
Miller, Gideon Brown
Miller, Harold Applegate
Miller, Harry
Miller, Harry W.
Miller, Harry Westren
Miller, Hilliard E.
Miller, James Alexander
Miller, James Wheeler
Miller, John
Miller, John David
Miller, Joseph Leggett
Miller, Lester Colwell
Miller, Louis A.
Miller, Lucas Allen
Miller, Otey
Miller, Robert Finney
Miller, Reuben Boyd
Miller, Rufus E.
Miller, Sydney R.
Miller, Thomas Alfred
Miller, Thomas J.
Miller, Walter McNab
Millet, Charles Sumner
Millet, Wilfrid A.
Millette, John W.
Milliken, Charles Warren
Milliken, John S.
Milliken, Seth Minot
Millikin, Mark
Millington, William Arthur
Mills, Charles Karsner
Mills, Frederick Hubbell
Mills, Henry William
Mills, John Tillman
Mills, Walter Sands
Mills, William Hough
Mills, William Merrill
Milne, Lindsay S.
Miloslavich, Edward Lucas
Milot, Wilfrid Francois
Milroy, William Forsyth
Miner, Albert Lawrence
Miner, Frederick Bingham
Miner, Leroy M. Simpson
Miner, Lucien Luttrell
Miner, Walter N.
Minner, Louis Augustus
Minor, Charles Launcelot
Minor, James Lancelot
Minot, George Richards
Misenet, Walter Leroy
Missildine, John Gurley
Mitchell, Abram Whittemore
Mitchell, Alfred, Jr.
Mitchell, Carl A.
Mitchell, Charles D.
Mitchell, Clifford
Mitchell, David LeMay
Mitchell, Edmund Henry
Mitchell, Edwin Waterman
Mitchell, Frederick W.
Mitchell, George W.
Mitchell, Harry Walter
Mitchell, James Farnandis
Mitchell, James H.
Mitchell, Karen I. Peterson
Mitchell, Oliver Wendell Holmes
Mitchell, Roy Ernest
Mitchell, Wendell
Mitchell, William Frank
Mitchell, William Harvey
Mitchell, William James
Mitchell, Winthrop D.
Mittendorf, William Keith
Mitterling, Stephen
Mix, Charles Louis
Mixsell, Harold Ruckman
Mixter, Charles G.
Mixter, William Jason
Moak, Harris
Mock, Harry E.
Modica, Anthony N.
Moeller, Henry Nicholas
Moersch, Frederick Paull
Moersch, Herman John
Moffat, Albert Groves
Moffat, Barclay Wellington
Moffat, Henry
Moffett, James E.
Moffett, Rudolph Duryea
Moffett, William Thomas
Moffitt, Herbert C.
Mogenhan, John A.
Mohler, Duke Goodman
Mohler, Henry K.
Moise, Allyn B.
Moleen, George Arnold
Molitor, Nicholas
Mollenhauer, Richard
Moloney, Frank J.
Molt, William Franklin
Molyneau, Silas D.
Moncrief, William H.
Monroe, Otho Lee
Monroe, William Archibald
Montague, Edwin Asbury
Montague, Joseph Franklin
Montague, Seth Jones
Monteith, Joseph Dunsmore
Montgomery, Charles Edwin
Montgomery, Douglass William
Montgomery, Edmund B.
Montgomery, Edward Emmett
Montgomery, John Joseph
Montgomery, Joseph Russell
Moody, Charles W.
Moody, Earle Farley
Moody, Ellsworth Eurit
Moody, Robert Orton
Moon, Louis Edwin
Mooney, Belle S.
Mooney, James Potter
Moor, Frederick Clifton
Moore, Arthur S.
Moore, Alexander Wylie
Moore, Beveridge Harshaw
Moore, Cleland G.
Moore, Chester B.
Moore, Daniel Milton
Moore, David H.
Moore, Edward Kemp
Moore, Francis
Moore, Francis William
Moore, Fred
Moore, Fredrika
Moore, George Andrew
Moore, Howard
Moore, James Ross
Moore, John Harvey
Moore, John Walker
Moore, Joseph Leslie
Moore, K. Carl
Moore, Leroy S.
Moore, Oren
Moore, Thomas Verner
Moore, Vergil Owen
Moore, William Alexander
Moore, William A.
Moore, William Lee
Moore, William Oliver
Moorehead, Frederick B.
Moorhead, Andrew Samuel
Moorhead, John Joseph
Moorhead, Louis D.
Moorhead, Stirling Walker
Moorman, Albert John
Moorman, John Hope
Moots, Charles W.
Morales, Juan S.
Morales, Munos Manuel
Moran, Elizabeth Ford
Moran, John Francis
Mordoff, Gordon Edgar
Morehouse, Guel George
Morf, Paul Frederick
Morgan, Arthur Caradoc
Morgan, Clint H.
Morgan, Eugene Hilliard
Morgan, Fred B.
Morgan, George L.
Morgan, James Albert
Morgan, John Francis
Morgan, John Richard
Morgan, Norman Daniel
Morgan, Thomas Henry
Morgan, William Gerry
Morgans, Lillian
Moriarta, Douglas Calhoun
Morin, Romeo J.
Morison, Charles Campbell
Morrell, Michael Pinckney
Morrill, Frank Armington
Morrill, Ralph M.
Morris, Carlton D.
Morris, Edward J.
Morris, Elliston Joseph
Morris, Harold Lewis
Morris, Jacob E. K.
Morris, John Norfolk
Morris, Julian Hyman
Morris, Raymond B.
Morris, Robert Lyman
Morris, Robert Tuttle
Morris, Samuel John
Morris, Seth Mabry
Morrison, Caldwell
Morrison, Charles C.
Morrison, Charles Carr, Jr.
Morrison, Joseph S.
Morrison, Robert J.
Morrison, Scott D.
Morrow, Albert S.
Morrow, Benjamin Beamer
Morrow, Benjamin Francis
Morrow, Earl Joseph
Morrow, Horace Cary
Morrow, J. Robert
Morrow, Joseph E.
Morrow, Milton
Morrow, Wiley C.
Morse, Arthur
Morse, Charles Frederick
Morse, Edward Clarke
Morse, Frank Waldron
Morse, John Lovett
Morse, Mary Elizabeth
Morse, Samuel
Morse, Willard Henry
Mortensen, Martin Alvin
Mortimer, William Golden
Morton, Arthur O.
Morton, Daniel
Morton, Frank R.
Morton, Henry H.
Morton, Howard McIlvain
Morton, Rosalie Slaughter
Moschcowitz, Alexis Victor
Mosenthal, Herman Otto
Moser, James Madison
Moser, Oran A.
Moser, Reuben Allyn
Moser, William
Moser, William A.
Moses, Frederick William
Moses, Henry Monroe
Mosher, Clelia Duel
Mosher, Eliza Maria
Mosher, Harris P.
Moskop, Peter G.
Moss, George Hays
Moss, John T.
Moss, William Finley
Moss, William Lorenzo
Motley, James Coleman
Motter, Thomas Ira
Mottram, Lloyd Daniel
Moulden, William Raymond
Moulton, Herbert
Moulton, W. Bean
Moulton, Willis Bryant
Mount, Louis Burgh
Mount, Walter Barclay
Mountain, Edward John
Moursund, Walter H.
Mouton, Marc Monroe
Movius, Arthur James
Mowell, John Wilson
Mowry, Albert Earl
Mowry, William Atwood
Moyer, Ray Paul
Moyer, Torrence Salvin
Mudd, Harvey Gilmer
Mudd, Stuart
Mudge, M. F.
Muehlig, George Florian
Mueller, Albert Nicholas
Mueller, Edward W.
Muhlenberg, Hiester H.
Muhlberg, William
Muir, Leonard
Mulford, Henry Jones
Mulherin, William Anthony
Mulholland, Henry Bearden
Mulil, Anita Mary
Mull, William P.
Mullan, Eugene H.
Mullen, Eugene W.
Mullen, Thomas Robert
Muller, George P.
Muller, Julius Augustus
Mulligan, Louis Huston
Mullikin, Louis Campbell
Mullin, James Heurner
Mullin, John Henry
Mullin, William Valentine
Mullong, C. R.
Mullowney, John J.
Mumford, Eugene Bishop
Muncaster, Steuart Brown
Muncie, Elizabeth Hamilton
Mundell, Joseph Joshua
Mundhenk, Herbert Conner
Mundy, Carl S.
Mundy, William Nelson
Munger, Arbor D.
Munger, Claude Worrell
Munger, Curtis Boyd
Munro, John M.
Munro, Walter Lee
Munroe, Henry Stokes
Munroe, Hugh Edwin
Munroe, John P.
Muns, Walden Evermont
Munson, Edward Lyman
Munson, Frederick Ten Eycke
Munson, James Decker
Murdoch, James Morehead
Murphey, Pat
Murphy, Deas
Murphy, Douglas Power
Murphy, Edward Aloysius
Murphy, Frank G.
Murphy, Franklin E.
Murphy, Fred Towsley
Murphy, Ignatius Joseph
Murphy, James Bumgardner
Murphy, Jennie C.
Murphy, John Harry
Murphy, R. Brent
Murphy, Ralph Dollahan
Murphy, Thomas B.
Murphy, Walter E.
Murphy, William Samuel
Murray, Edward James
Murray, James Alexander
Murray, james Edgar
Murray, John Gardner, Jr.
Murray, John Holmes
Musante, Attilio Stephen
Muse, Bernard Purcell
Musgrave, darius Earl
Musgrave, William Everett
Musser, John Herr
Mussey, Robert Daniel
Musson, William Robinson
Mustard, John Howard
Muth, John Christian
Myerle, David
Myers, Alonzo Harrison
Myers, Benjamin F.
Myers, Benjamin Lee
Myers, Burton Dorr
Myers, David A.
Myers, Dean Wentworth
Myers, Eugene Lee
Myers, Glenn Edwin
Myers, Harold B.
Myers, Henry Dey
Myers, Jay Arthur
Myers, John Quincy
Myers, Mae Lichtenwalner
Myers, Milfert Weaver
Myers, Samuel W.
Myers, Sylvan
Myers, Talleyrand Desaix
Myers, Victor Caryl
Myers, Wade Cooper
Myers, Wilbur Thomas
Myerson, Abraham
Mylks, Gordon Wright
Mynatt, Arthur Josephus
Mytinger, George S.












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