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Who's Who In American Medicine 1925; N - S Surnames

There is a short biographical paragraph about each doctor. Most biographies include place & date of birth; parents name's (with mother's maiden name); spouse & children; area of medical specialty; education & employment history;  papers & books published; clubs & associations and finally, place of residence & office.

     Price: $6 for the first physician & $3 for each additional.

Item # 10436

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A-C Surnames     D-H Surnames     I-M Surnames     T-Z Surnames 

Naccarati, Sante
Nadeau, Oscar Eugene
Nadler, Alfred G.
Naffziger, Howard Christian
Nagel, Joseph Darwin
Nagle, William Thomas
Naismith, Archibald D.
Naismith, Archibald Gladstone
Nall, John Luther
Nalle, Brodie C.
Nammack, Charles Edward
Nammack, Charles H.
Nanagas, Juan C.
Nance, Willis O.
Nanney, William Noble
Narat, Joseph K.
Nardin, Waller H.
Nascher, Ignatz Leo
Nash, William Brehon
Nast, Alfred G.
Nathan, David
Naylor, Mary A.
Neagle, Harry Benjamin
Neal, Harry Beecher
Neal, John Herbert
Neal, Josephine Bicknell
Neal, Marcus Pinson
Neal, Robert Lafayette
Neatby, Andrew Mossforth
Neathery, E. J.
Neely, John Marshall
Neer, Charles Sumner
Neff, Eugene E.
Neff, Irwin Hoffman
Neff, James M.
Neff, John Henry
Neff, Joseph Seal
Neighbors, Clarence Anson
Neil, David Robertson
Neill, William, Jr.
Neitz, Eugene Phillips
Nelson, Abraham William
Nelson, Carl Ferdinand
Nelson, Ira D.
Nelson, Kent
Nelson, Nesmith Perry
Nelson, William Ernest
Nemec, Charles J.
Nervig, Isaac E.
Nesbit, Otis Burgess
Nesbit, William Edward
Nesbitt, Clarence C.
Nesbitt, Mary Jane McFall
Nessa, Nelius Julian
Nettleton, Francis Irving
Neuffer, Gottlob Augustus
Neuhoff, Fritz
Neuhaus, George E.
Neuman, Lester
Neumann, Arthur Joseph
Neumann, Theodore William
Neumarker, William Richard
Neustaedter, Marcus
Neuwelt, Louis
Neves, Carl Albert
Nevitt, Richard Barrington
Nevius, John Wilson
New, Gordon Balgarnie
Newberne, Robert E. Lee
Newberry, Frederick Henry
Newberry, Richard Emmett
Newburgh, Louis Harry
Newby, George Edgar
Newcomb, Cyrus Forsyth
Newcomb, Leo Alexander
Newcomb, Philip Butler
Newell, Edward Dunbar
Newell, Franklin Spelman
Newell, George Elmer
Newell, Leon Burns
Newhart, Horace
Newman, Henry Parker
Newman, Howard D
Newman, J. Cawood
Newman, Samuel
Newman, William Robert
Newmark, Philip
Newsom, Henry Grover
Newton, Edward Avery
Newton, Francis Chandler
Newton, Frank Loomis Sabin
Newton, Isaac James
Newton, Silvanus Blanchard
Newton, William Burton
Neymann, Clarence A.
Niblack, Earl Stimson
Nicely, William Emerson
Nicholls, Albert George
Nicholls, Walter Lee
Nichols, Charles Lemuel
Nichols, Cranz
Nichols, Fermadge King
Nichols, Franklin E.
Nichols, Henry J.
Nichols, Herbert N. T.
Nichols, John Benjamin
Nichols, John Herbert
Nichols, john Holyoke
Nichols, Stanley
Nichols, William
Nicholson, Frank Salter
Nicholson, Harry Manley
Nicholson, Hugh Gideon
Nicholson, Samuel T.
Nickerson, Levin H. A.
Nicklas, John Michael
Nickle, Millen Alexander
Nicola, Benn Eugene
Nicolson, William Perrin
Niederkorn, Joseph S.
Nielson, M. M.
Nifong, Frank Gosney
Niles, George McCallum
Niles, John Southworth
Niles, Walter Lindsay
Nims, Charles H.
Ninde, Frederick Ward
Nisbet, James Douglas
Nixon, Pat Ireland
Noble, Mary Riggs
Noble, Nelle S.
Noble, Robert Avery
Noble, Robert E.
Noble, Robert P.
Noble, Walter Armstrong
Noble, William Lincoln
Nobles, Eugene Rodman
Noblin, Joseph Alexander
Noehren, Alfred Henry
Noguchi, Hideyo
Nolan, Charles Thomas
Nolan, Joseph Wynne
Noland, Lloyd
Nolen, John Tazewell
Nolte, Lewis G.
Norbury, Frank Parsons
Norden, Henry A.
Norman, John W.
Norman, N. Philip
Normand, Louis Phillipe
Norris, Charles C.
Norris, George William
Norris, Henry
Norris, J. Edward
Norris, Jesse Lot
Norris, Lester Francis
Norris, Richard C.
Norris, Samuel Royall
Norsworthy, Oscar Laertius
North, Arthur
North, Emerson A.
North, Emmett Pipkin
Northridge, William Albert
Northrup, William Perry
Northwood, Alfred Ernest
Norton, Charles E.
Norton, Edwin Hathaway
Norton, Howard George
Norton, James Tertius
Norton, Walter Abell
Norton, Willey Higby
Norwood, Carl W.
Norwood, Merriman Lewis
Nourse, Robert Lee
Novak, Anna Frances
Novak, Edward
Novak, Emil
Novak, Frank J., Jr.
Novy, Frederick George
Nowlin, David
Noyes, George Boardman
Noyes, Guy L.
Noyes, Hilda Herrick
Noyes, Ira Hart
Noyes, Nathaniel Kingsbury
Noyes, Rufus King
Null, Marion M.
Nurse, Charles Theophilus C.
Nusz, Herbert Roberts
Nutt, John Joseph
Nuttall, John P.
Nuzum, Franklin R.
Nuzum, John W.
Nuzum, Thomas Walter
Nyberg, Milton O.
Nye, Orrin Sharpe
Nye, Robert Nason
Nylin, Josef B.

O'Bannon, William Baabee
O'Brien, John Daniel
O'Brien, Joseph Patrick
O'Brien, Stephen James
O'Brien, Steve A.
O'Brien, Thomas James
O'Callaghan, Robert Hay Lismore
O'Connell, Andrew Edward
O'Connor, Donald J.
O'Connor, Fleming James
O'Connor, Joseph William
O'Dell, Timothy T.
O'Ferrall, John Tolson
O'Ferrall, Robert M.
O'Hara, Francis James
O'Hara, Fred Summa
O'Hare, James Patrick
O'Harrow, Lydia Marion
O'Leary, Daniel Vincent
O'Leary, Paul Arthur
O'Malley, Auston
O'Malley, Mary
O'Meara, Michael J.
O'Neill, Arthur Aloysius
O'Neill, Bernard Joseph
O'Neill, William Harrison
O'Reilly, Edward B.
O'Roark, Granville B.
Oates, Theodore Kensell
Ober, Bert Frank
Oberembt, Bernard H.
Oberndorf, Clarence Paul
Obert, Harry Darwin
Oburn, Albert S.
Occhipinti, Simone
Ochsner, Benjamin
Ochsner, Edward H.
Ochkerblad, Nelse Frederick
Odell, Albert G.
Oden, Rudolph J. E.
Odiorne, Joseph Ernest
Oertel, Theodore Eugene
Officer, William Carson
Ogden, Chester R.
Ogden, Mahlon Dickerson
Ogilvie, Henry Houston
Ogilvy, Charles
Ogle, Ashley W.
Ohlman, Isaac Leob
Ohly, John Henry
Old, Edward H. H.
Olds, William Henry
Olds, William Justin
Olentine, Fred Blue
Oleson, Richard Bartlett
Olitsky, Peter K.
Olive, Percy Wingate
Oliver, Edward Allen
Oliver, Everard Lawrence
Oliver, John Chadwick
Oliver, John Rathbone
Oliver, Wade Wright
Oliver, William
Oliveros, Bartolo P.
Olmsted, Austin Orin
Olmsted, William Harwood
Olsen, Alfred Berthier
Olsen, Martin Ingeman
Olson, Frederick A. M.
Olson, Olof August
Olson, Wilhelm Carolius
Oman, Charles Malden
Onesti, Silvio Joseph
Ophuls, William
Opie, Eugene Lindsay
Oppenheimer, Bernard Sutro
Orbison, Thomas James
Ordway, Thomas
Ormsby, Elmer Harrison
Ormsby, Oliver Samuel
Orr, Hiram Winnett
Orr, Thomas Grover
Ortenberg, Samuel
Orton, Samuel Torry
Orton, Susanne
Osborn, George Robert
Osborn, Stanley Hart
Osborne, Caroline Amelia
Osborne, Oliver Thomas
Osborne, Richard Humfrey Graves
Osenbach, William
Osgood, Alfred Townsend
Osgood, Gilman
Osgood, Howard
Osgood, Robert Bayley
Osmond, John Dexter
Osterhout, Paul
Ostheimer, Alfred James
Ostheimer, Maurice
Ostrander, Herman
Ostrom, Louis
Oswalt, John R.
Otis, Edward Osgood
Otis, frank Jesse
Ottofy, Ladialaus Michael
Outland, John Henry
Overgaard, Anders P.
Overton, Frank
Owen, Arthur Kirk
Owen, Ethel D.
Owen, Robert Emmet
Owen, William Otway
Owens, James Franklin
Owens, Samuel Adams
Owens, William Thomas
Owensby, Newdigate Moreland
Owre, Oscar
Oxford, Jerry William

Pace, Jerome Grant
Pack, George Thomas
Pack, John Emiorn
Packard, Francis R.
Packard, Frederic Henry
Packard, George Byron
Packard, Horace
Packard, Lawrence Ralph
Packard, Loring B.
Padgett, Everett Ervin
Page, Clarence Winslow
Page, Emmett D.
Page, Harlan
Page, Henry
Page, Henry Felch
Page, John Henry
Paine, Harlan L.
Paine, Howard Simmons
Paine, Nathaniel Emmons
Paine, Ruffin Baker
Painter, Charles Fairbank
Painter, Franklin Uriah
Palfrey, Francis Henry
Pallett, William Henry
Pallette, Edward M. 
Palmer, Charles Edward
Palmer, Dudley White
Palmer, Erroll Paye
Palmer, Walter Walker
Palmer, William Neavitt
Pancoast, Henry K.
Panlilio, Pacifico Ruperto
Pannenborg, Arthur Herman
Papez, James W.
Pappenheimer, Alwin M.
Parham, Frederick William
Parish, Benjamin Dores
Parish, O. Frank
Parish, Rebecca
Parke, Joseph Nance
Parke, William E.
Parker, David Woodbury
Parker, Edward Frost
Parker, Francis LeJau
Parker, Jason Samuel
Parker, Owen William
Parker, Rupert M.
Parkes, Charles H.
Parkinson, Ferdinand Edmund
Parks, Charles L.
Parmelee, William Josiah
Parmenter, Earl Lenwood
Parnall, Christopher Gregg
Parrish, Robert C.
Parrott, Alfred Henry
Parsons, Frederick W.
Partree, Homer Tomlinson
Partridge, Edward Lasell
Partridge, Herbert Graves
Pascual, William Vincent
Patch, Frank Stewart
Pate, Julien Carey
Patee, Eliphalet Thierer
Paterson, Frank Herbert
Patrick, Alfred Thomas
Patrick, Hugh Talbot
Patterson, Christopher James
Patterson, Daniel C.
Patterson, Ellen James
Patterson, Harold Alexander
Patterson, James Allen
Patterson, Joseph McDowell
Patterson, Robert Urie
Patterson, Ross Vernet
Patterson, William Turner
Patton, Charles Lanphier
Patton, George Farrar
Patton, Jacob Allen
Patton, William George
Pattrell, Arthur Ellis
Patty, Louis Greenlee
Paul, George Philip
Paul, Harry Walker
Paul, Luther G.
Paul, Thomas Morrison
Paul, Voyle A.
Paul, Walter Everard
Paulin, Stanley
Paullin, Stanley
Paullin, James Edgar, Jr.
Payne, Marshall John
Payne, Robert Lee
Peabody, Harry Sherman
Peacock, Alexander Hamilton
Peak, John Hunter
Peake, Chester A.
Pearce, Louise
Pearce, Richard Mills
Pearce, Warren Frederick
Peare, Reeve C.
Pearlstein, Maurice B.
Pearse, Herman Elwyn
Pearse, Richard Armstrong
Pearse, Robin
Pease, Clifford A.
Pease, George Norman
Pease, Herbert Dodge
Pease, Marshall Carleton
Pease, W. M.
Peck, Charles Howard
Peck, George Bacheler
Peck, John Lyman
Peck, Joseph Charles
Peck, Louis K.
Peck, Luther
Peck, Roy Hamilton
Peck, Walter William
Pedersen, Victor Cox
Peed, George P.
Peffer, Ambrose
Peggs, Harry MacDonald
Peirce, Howard Wilbur
Peirce, Isaac
Peirce, Sidney James Shepard
Pellett, Walter John
Pellettieri, Guiseppe M.
Pelouze, Percy Starr
Pels, Isaac Rosenbaum
Pelton, Henry Hubbard
Pelton, Rollin M.
Pemberton, Frank Arthur
Pemberton, John de Jarnette
Pemberton, Ralph
Pemberton, Richard Kirtley
Pendexter, Sidney Eugene
Penhallow, Dunlap Pearce
Penney, Warren B.
Pennington, George E.
Pennington, James Elbert
Pennington, John Rawson
Penrose, Charles Bingham
Penrose, James Brinton
Pentlarge, Victor H.
Peoples, Stuart Zeno
Pepper, Oliver Hazard Perry
Pepper, William
Percy, William Wellesley
Perdue, William Robert
Perham, Roy Gates
Perkins, Charles Edwin
Perkins, Ernest Della
Perkins, Jay
Perkins, Ralph Alonzo
Perkins, Ralph Sherburne
Perkins, Roger Griswold
Perkins, Roy Carleton
Perkins, S. L.
Perla, David
Permar, Howard Henry
Perrault, Joseph Etienne
Perrier, Jose Luis
Perron, Albert E.
Perry, Edward Cornelius
Perry, Edward Randolph
Perry, Middleton Lee
Perry, Paul Colson
Perry, Ralph St. John
Pershing, Howell terry
Peter, Luther Crouse
Peterka, Edward
Peterkin, G. Sherman
Peterman, Harry Elmer
Peters, Andrew
Peters, Don Preston
Peters, Jesse Jerome
Peters, John Punnett
Peters, LeRoy S.
Peters, Lindsay
Peters, William Chute
Peters, William E.
Peters, William H.
Peters, William Harlan
Petersen, William F.
Petersky, Samuel
Peterson, Alfred Olaf
Peterson, Carl Richard
Peterson, Edward Wadsworth
Peterson, Frederick
Peterson, Frederick C.
Peterson, John Adna
Peterson, Reuben
Peterson, William A.
Petit, Henry Louis
petit, William Daugherty
Pettus, Cowley Stephen
Petty, Charles W.
Petty, Orlando H.
Pfaff, Orange Garrett
Pfahler, George E.
Pfeiffenberger, Mather
Pfeiffer, Albert
Pfeiffer, John A. Franklin
Pfeiffer, Oscar Joseph
Pfeiffer, William
Pfender, Charles Alexander
Pfingst, Adolph O.
Phaneuf, Louis E.
Phares, John W.
Phelan, George Warren
Phelan, Henry du Rest
Phelps, Alfred E.
Phelps, Alvah Gilbert
Phelps, Olney Draper
Phelps, Robert M.
Phenix, Georges Albert F.
Phifer, Charles Herbert
Phifer, Frank M.
Phifer, Fred Wood
Philbrick, Inez C.
Philips, Carlin
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Charles Eaton
Phillips, Charles Henry, Jr.
Phillips, Earle Wood
Phillips, Edgar Warden
Phillips, Hiram Alred
Phillips, John
Phillips, Nelson Chancellor
Phillips, Percy Todd
Phillips, Richard Jones
Phillips, Wendell Christopher
Phillips, William Fowke Ravenel
Phillips, William Gray
Phillips, William H.
Phillips, William W.
Philpot, Van Buren
Phipps, Cadis
Pick, Rudolph E.
Pickard, John E.
Pickard, Luther James
Pickard, Rawson Jos.
Pickel, John Wilkerson
Pierce, Appleton Howe
Pierce, Claude Connor
Pierce, Don
Pierce, Eugene Bennett
Pierce, Frank Benneville
Pierce, Helen Frances
Pierce, Lydia Baker
Pierce, Norval H.
Pierce, Thomas Lillie
Piersol, George Morris
Pierson, Clarence
Pierson, Philip Hale
Pierson, Robert Hamilton
Pierson, Samuel
Pietrowicz, Stephen Roman
Pilcher, James Taft
Pilcher, Lewis Stephen
Pilgrim, Charles W.
Pilkington, Albert
Pilling, George P., Jr.
Pillsbury, Charles Burdette
Pillsbury, Henry C.
Pilsbury, Lawrence Bell
Pinault, Louis George
Pineo, Willard Byther
Pingree, Harold Ashton
Pinkston, James C., Jr.
Pinkston, Omar Walker
Pinneo, Frank Wilcox
Pinson, Chris Henderson
Pinto, Alva Sherman
Piper, Ellsmer Landis
Piper, Fred Smith
Pipkin, Walter D.
Pirie, Alexander Howard
Pitkin, Edward Meyer
Pitt, Cullen
Pittenger, Fred A.
Pitts, Sellis Oscar
Pitzele, William A.
Piuze, Louis Joseph
Place, Merle Albert
Plamondon, Rene
Plass, Everett Dudley
Platt, Benjamin Merchant
Platt, Charles
Platter, Herbert Morris
Player, Lionel Paget
Plecker, Walter Ashby
Plumb, James Norris
Plumlee, Carus
Plummer, Henry B.
Plummer, Samuel Craig
Poate, Ernest Marsh
Poe, James G.
Pogue, Mary Eugenie
Poindexter, John G.
Pollak, Alfred William
Pollack, Berthold Steinbach
Pollard, William Howard
Pollitzer, Richard M.
Pollitzer, Sigmund
Pollock, Robert
Pomeroy, Lawrence A.
Pomeroy, Nelson Asa
Pomeroy, Ralph Hayward
Pond, Alanson Madison
Pontius, Charles R.
Pontius, Minerva Blair
Pool, Winston Carl
Poole, Laurence Earl
Poore, James Edwards
Pope, Jenkins M.
Porter, Charles Allen
Porter, Charles Terrell
Porter, Charles Virgin
Porter, Edwards Hyndshaw
Porter, Emery Moulton
Porter, Eugene Hoffman
Porter, Frederick Eugene
Porter, George Dana
Porter, John Lincoln
Porter, Lewis B.
Porter, Miles Fuller
Porter, Ralph Orlando
Porter, Robert Brastow
Porter, William Clare
Porter, William D.
Porterfield, Frank William
Portis, Milton M.
Portmann, Uraus V.
Posey, William Campbell
Post, Charles Dayton
Post, Lawrence T.
Post, Wilber E.
Post, Winfred Bryant
Ptsdamer, Joseph B.
Pottenger, Francis Marion
Potter, Carlton Frasier
Potter, Edgar Sayles
Potter, Ellen Culver
Potter, Evan Styles
Potter, Frederick Clyde
Potter, Harrison Corbet
Potter, Henry Bertram
Potter, Howard Wieland
Potter, Irving White
Potter, Peter
Potter, Roy Pilling
Potter, Winfred Leman
Potts, Chares Sower
Potts, George Walter
Potts, Herbert A.
Poucher, J. Wilson
Povitzky, Olga R.
Powell, Cuthbert
Powell, Eugene Vernon
Powell, James Madison
Powell, John H.
Powell, Joseph Perry
Powell, Lester Lovett
Powell, Llewellyn
Powell, Nettie Bainbridge
Powell, William C.
Power, William Thomas
Powers, Allan Raymond
Powers, George Herman
Powers, Hale
Powers, Herbert Clifton
Powers, Herbert William
Powers, Lunette I.
Powers, Luther Milton
Powers, Martin Thomas
Poynter, Charles W. McCorkle
Pratt, Aaron Paul
Pratt, David D.
Pratt, Edwin Hartley
Pratt, Fred John
Pratt, George Kenneth
Pratt, George Nathaniel
Pratt, George P.
Pratt, John Abraham
Pratt, John Edward
Pratt, Joseph Hersey
Pray, George Raymond
Preble, Robert Bruce
Preble, Wallace
Prentice, Alfred Carlyle
Prentiss, Elliott Coues
Prescott, Henry Dudley
Pressly, George William
Preston, Frenn Lesley
Preston, Robert Sheffey
Pretts, William Walter
Prevost, Jean Marc Elphege
Price, Eldridge C.
Price, George Hunter
Price, George M.
Price, Herbert Hall
Price, James Woods
Price, John Beadle
Price, John Williamson, Jr.
Price, Lawrence Taylor
Price, Norman W.
Price, Oscar Jay
Price, Sterling
Price, William Harrison
Pride, William Thomas
Priest, Frank Allen
Prime, Frederick
Primrose, Alexander
Prince, Howard L.
Prince, Lawrence Hort
Prince, Morton
Prince, Norman Call
Pritchard, Arthur Thomas
Pritchard, Donald Bannerman
Pritchard, Frank H.
Pritchard, John Albert
Pritchard, William Broaddus
Pritchett, Charles Bernard
Pritchett, Paul L.
Pritham, Fred John
Pritzker, Louis J.
Probasco, Edgar Burton
Probst, Charles Oliver
Proctor, Harper Lane
Proctor, Willis Herbert
Proetz, Arthur Walter
Prout, Jonathan Slater
Prowitt, Homer Persell
Prudden, Theophil Mitchell
Pruitt, Marion Columbus
Pryor, James Chambers
Pryor, Joseph William
Pugh, Winfield Scott
Puls, Arthur J.
Purdum, Ernest A.
Purdy, Harry L.
Purdy, J. Spencer
Purdy, Sylvanus
Purdy, William H.
Pusey, William Allen
Putman, Ola
Putnam, Edwin David
Putnam, Helen Cordelia
Putnam, James Wright
Putnam, Warren E.
Putney, George Ellis
Putts, Benjamin Swayne
Pyne, Robert Allan

Quackenbos, Harrie Maxwell
Quackenbos, John D.
Quackenboss, Alexander
Quain, Eric P.
Quennell, Willard Leslie
Quick, John Doward
Quigley, Daniel Thomas
Quigley, James Knight
Quigley, Timothy C.
Quinland, William Samuel
Quinn, Raymond James
Quintard, Edward
Quirk, Jerome Thurston
Quist, Henry W.

Rabe, Rudolph Frederick
Rabinoff, Sophie
Rabinowitz, Meyer Alfred
Rachford, Benjamin Knox
Rackemann, Francis Minot
Radasch, Henry Erdmann
Radcliffe, mcCluney
Rader, Joseph Edwin
Radin, Morris Jacob
Radley, Jay Hayden
Rae, Alexander
Rae, James W.
Raeder, Oscar J.
Raemdonck, Alphonse Joseph
Ragan, Thomas
Rainey, William Thomas
Rainforth, Seldon I.
Raiter, Franklin W. S.
Ralston, W. Wallace
Ramage, Chesney Macauley
Ramirez, Themistocles Julian
Ramsay, Robert Ewart
Ramsey, George A. Stuart
Ramsey, George Herbert
Ramsey, Russell T.
Ramsey, Walter Reeve
Rand, Carl Wheeler
Randall, Alexander
Randall, Burton Alexander
Randall, Edward Gove
Randall, George Merrill
Randall, Herbert E.
Randolph, Buckner Magill
Rankin, Clark Barker
Rankin, Fred Wharton
Rankin, William Donald
Rankin, William Henry
Ransohoff, Joseph Louis
Ransom, Eliza Taylor
Ransom, Riley Andrew
Ranson, Briscoe Baldwin, Jr.
Ranson, Stephen Walter
Ranz, William E.
Rape, Thomas Arthur
Raphael, Theophile
Rapoport, Boris
Rapp, Harry F.
Rapp, Henry Louis
Rardin, Joseph Spangler
Rash, Otway Watkins
Rathbun, Nathaniel Philip
Ratner, Bret
Raunick, John Martin Julius
Rauschenbach, Charles William
Ravenel, Mazyck Porcher
Ravogli, Augustus
Rawlings, Isaac Donaldson
Rawls, Julian Lamar
Rawson, Elwin G.
Ray, Archie E.
Ray, Victor, Sr.
Raymond, Charles Auguste
Raymond, Loring H.
Raymond, Walter Clemens
Raynor, George F.
Raynor, Melbourne
Raynor, Willis J.
Rea, Charles
Rea, Edwin Herman
Rea, Marion Hague
Read, Benjamin Jordan
Read, Boyd Richard
Read, Charles F.
Read, Clarence Arthur
Read, Harry K.
Read, Jay Marion
Reading, Arthur Henry
Reading, Rose Maud
Reading, William Boyd
Reams, Glenn Holway
Reaves, Jesse Ullman
Reaves, Robert Grisham
Reaves, William Perry
Reck, John Arthur
Reckord, Frank F. D.
Rector, Frank Leslie
Reddan, Martin W.
Reddick, George Hamilton
Reder, Francis Le Sirrelle
Redfield, Charles Ira
Redner, Leo Robert
Redway, Laurance D.
Reed, Alfred C.
Reed, Charles Alfred Lee
Reed, Charles B.
Reed, Edward Urbane
Reed, F. Grendon
Reed, Horace
Reed, Howard L.
Reed, James Washington
Reed, Robert Gill
Reed, Robert Jeffrey
Reed, Thomas E.
Reed, Walter Wilson
Reeder, James Dawson
Reel, Philip John
Rees, Maurice Holmes
Reese, Robert Grigg
Reese, Warren Snyder
Reeve, George Hall
Reeves, Emory West
Reeves, Harriet
Reeves, John Franklin
Reeves, Thaddeus Benjamin
Regester, Hyatt
Register, Frank Muschison
Rehberger, George Edward
Rehfuss, Martin Emil
Rehling, Martin
Reibstein, Nathan
Reichelderfer, Luther H.
Reid, Eva Charlotte
Reid, George Pinckney
Reid, John Manley
Reid, Kenneth Lowder
Reid, Mont Rogers
Reid, William Bradley
Reid, William Duncan
Reifenstein, Edward C.
Reilly, Thomas F.
Reim, Hugo
Reimann, Stanley Philip
Reineck, Carl
Reineking, Walter C.
Reiners, Charles Robert
Reinhard, Ferdinand O.
Reisler, Simon
Reist, Harold J.
Reitz, Charles Benjamin
Rembert, George William Francis
Remington, Lewis D.
Remington, Sheppard
Remmen, Nils E.
Remonding, Peter Charles
Remy, Charles Edward
Remy, George Oliver
Renaud, George Louis
Rendell, Herbert
Rendich, Richard A.
Renner, Dan S.
Renner, William Scott
Rentfro, Charles Curtis
Repass, Robert Eldon
Replogle, Josef Francois
Repplier, Sidney J.
Resseguie, Frederic J.
Rest, Oscar Walter
Reuter, John Alexander
Revell, Samuel T. B.
Rewalt, Robert Kendig
Reye, Henry A.
Reynolds, Charles Ransom
Reynolds, Frederick Pratt
Reynolds, Henry Gilbert
Reynolds, Herbert Lindley
Reznikoff, Paul
Rhame, Joseph Sumter
Rhamy, Bonnelle William
Rhein, John Henry Wallace
Rhein, Meyer L.
Rhinehart, Darmon Artelle
Rhoads, John Neely
Rhode, Henry Paul
Rhodes, Fred Lawmill
Rhodes, Goodrich Barbour
Rhodes, Robert Lewis
Rhorer, Herbert McKinley
Rhu, Auguste
Rice, Allen Galpin
Rice, Ephraim D.
Rice, Frederick Walter
Rice, James Francis
Rice, Ray Albert
Rice, Robert A.
Rice,  Rodolphus H.
Rich, Charles O'Neill
Rich, Edward A.
Rich, Edward Israel
Rich, Herbert Madison
Rich, Riley Gilbert
Richard, Charles
Richards, Benjamin F.
Richards, Charles Maynard
Richards, Ernest Thomson Fraser
Richards, Esther Loring
Richards, Florence Harvey
Richards, Francis Palmer
Richards, George Lyman
Richardson, Anna Gove
Richardson, Anna Mann
Richardson, Charles Hyatt
Richardson, Charles Hyatt, Jr.
Richardson, Charles W.
Richardson, David Herbert
Richardson, Edward Henderson
Richardson, Edward Peirson
Richardson, Everett Eugene
Richardson, Florence Amidon
Richardson, Frank Howard
Richardson, Frank Linden
Richardson, Garwood Colvin
Richardson, Harold Edward
Richardson, Henry Barber
Richardson, Ira Walter
Richardson, Joseph Warren
Richardson, Mark W.
Richardson, Orvill Jay
Richardson, Oscar
Richardson, Rodney Hall
Richardson, Russell
Richardson, Seborn Charles
Richardson, William Lambert
Richardson, William Waddle
Richey, DeWayne Greenwood
Richie, Elisha Roberts
Richmond, Florence Sharp Manion
Richmond, Henry Charles Tyler
Ricketts, Benjamin Merrill
Riddle, Roscoe Conklin
Rideout, William J.
Rider, William B.
Ridlon, John
Ridpath, Robert F.
Riely, Lea A.
Riemcke, Charles August
Rienhoff, William Francis, Jr.
Riesman, David
Rife, Charles A.
Rigby, Hallie Clark
Riggs, Austen Fox
Riggs, Charles Edward
Riggs, Charles Eugene
Riggs, Theodore Foster
Riker, George Albert
Riley, Francis Gerald
Riley, John Lee
Riley, Richard Mitchell
Riley, William Henry
Rimer, Edward Sherrard
Rinard, Charles C.
Rindlaub, Elizabeth Pond
Rindlaub, John H.
Rindlaub, Martin Phillip, Jr.
Ring, Joseph W.
Ringer, Adolph Irving
Ringer, Paul Henry
Ringueberg, Eugene N. S.
Rinker, Frederick Casper
Risser, Arthur Strohm
Ristine, Charles Elliott
Ritchey, Romney M.
Ritchie, Charles A.
Ritenour, Joseph Paul
Ritter, Frank
Ritter, Henry Hausman
Ritter, I. Sydney
Rivas, Damaso de
Rixey, Presley Marion
Rixford, Emmet
Roach, Frank Thomas
Robb, Hunter
Robbins, Frederick W.
Robbins, Gilbert Everett
Roberg, Oscar Theodore
Roberson, Charles
Robert, Daniel Rutgers
Roberts, Carl Glennis
Roberts, David Yandell
Roberts, Douglas James
Roberts, Edward N.
Roberts, George W.
Roberts, Harvey H.
Roberts, Herbert Alfred
Roberts, Melvin D.
Roberts, Oscar William
Roberts, Percy Willard
Roberts, Sam E.
Roberts, Stewart Ralph
Roberts, Thomas Sadler
Roberts, William Humes
Robertson, A. Rocke
Robertson, Eugene Herbert
Robertson, Frank Wade
Robertson, Franklin Herbert
Robertson, Harold Eugene
Robertson, Henry Lawrence
Robertson, James Farish, Jr.
Robertson, Jason Newell
Robertson, John Banks
Robertson, John Dill
Robertson, John William
Robertson, Tom Howard
Robey, William Henry
Robilliard, Charles Morton
Robin, Albert
Robins, Charles Russell
Robinson, Arthur L.
Robinson, Beverley
Robinson, Bradbury J.
Robinson, Carl Franklin
Robinson, Clifford Clarence
Robinson, Daisy Migeot Orleman
Robinson, Daniel Arthur
Robinson, Ernest F.
Robinson, Frank Crawford
Robinson, G. Wilse
Robinson, George Canby
Robinson, J. Fletcher
Robinson, Leigh Fowler
Robinson, Meyer R.
Robinson, Rush
Robinson, Russell Dean
Robinson, Will B.
Robinson, Wilton H.
Robitshek, Emil C.
Robnett, Ausey Hamilton
Rochester, Delancey
Rochford, Benjamin Knox
Rochow, Carl J. F.
Rockefeller, Henry Oscar
Rockwell, Alphonso D.
Rockwell, George Hunting
Rockwood, Elbert Williams
Roddy, John A.
Rodman, John Croom
Rodman, John Stewart
Rodrick, Albert Fowler
Roeder, Clyde Augustus
Roemer, Jacob Frederic
Roessler, Robert
Rogatz, Julian Lee
Rogers, Cassius Clay
Rogers, Daniel Lee
Rogers, Daniel Weston
Rogers, Edward Bancroft
Rogers, Edward J.
Rogers, Gaston Wilder
Rogers, James Robert
Rogers, John
Rogers, McLain
Rogers, Mark Homer
Rogers, Oscar H.
Rogers, Philip F.
Rogers, Robert Lee
Rogers, Thomas Avery
Rogers, Thomas Gordon
Rogers, William DeWitt
Rogoff, Julius M.
Rohdenburg, George Louis
Rohr, Leopold M.
Rollefson, Carl Jacob
Roller, Louis A.
Roman, Charles Victor
Rome, Russell Murray
Rommel, John Christopher
Rongy, Abraham Jacob
Ronnseville, Wilfred Ellsworth
Rooker, Albert M.
Rooney, Robert Fleming
Roop, William O.
Roope, Alfred Plummer
Roos, Edmund Carl
Roost, Frederick H.
Root, William Webster
Rosanoff, Aaron Joshua
Rose, Frances Eastman
Rose, Wallace Dickinson
Rosecrans, James Hankinson
Rosen, Isadore
Rosen, Neil Gabriel
Rosen, Robert
Rosenau, Milton Joseph
Rosenberger, Randle Crater
Rosenberry, Bertolet P.
Rosener, Jacob
Rosenfeld, Arthur Samuel
Rosenheim, Sylvan
Rosenkranz, Herbert A.
Rosenow, Edward Carl
Rosenthal, Lewis J.
Rosenthal, Max
Rosett, Joshua
Rosin, Clifton Mears
Ross, Clyde Fenton
Ross, Ellison Lloyd
Ross, George Floyd
Ross, James Wells
Ross, Louis Francisco
Ross, Lucretius Henry
Ross, Nathaniel
Ross, Renwick R.
Ross, Robert Oswald
Ross, Samuel P.
Rosser, Charles M.
Rossiter, Dudley Lounsbery
Roth, Albert Walton
Roth, Augustus Henry
Roth, George Byron
Roth, Henry
Roth, Jesse Henry
Roth, John Benjamin
Roth, Linda Gage
Roth, Paul
Rothnem, Thomas Peter
Rothrock, Addison May
Rothrock, J. L.
Rothschild, Harold J.
Rothwell, John Hughes
Rott, Otto M.
Rounds, Frederick Clarence
Rous, Francis Peyton
Roush, Dwight I.
Roussel, Albert Edward
Routh, Foster Miller
Rowan, Charles Joseph
Rowe, Bert Bessac
Rowe, Edward Winfield
Rowe, James William
Rowe, Melvin John
Rowe, Sidney A.
Rowell, Hubert Nathan
Rowell, Hugh Grant
Rowland, Edward Gould
Rowland, James M. H.
Rowland, John Franklin
Rowland, Vernon Cecil
Rowland, William P.
Rowley, Alfred M.
Rowley, Benjamin Beresford
Rowley, Charles Andrew
Rowley, John Carter
Rowntree, Joseph W.
Rowntree, Leonard George
Roy, Darlias
Roy, Joseph Napoleon
Roy, Leo O.
Royal, George
Royal, Malcolm A.
Royce, Clayton Elbert
Royce, William Sylvester
Royer, William A.
Royster, Hubert Ashley
Royster, Lawrence Thomas
Royston, Grandison Delaney
Rubendall, Clarence
Rubin, Herman H.
Rubinstein, Jacob Louis
Rubinstein, Jonas
Ruble, Roy H.
Rubnitz, Abraham S.
Ruby, Fred McKemy
Ruch, Flora Hubbard
Rucker, Joseph Anthony
Rucker, Marvin Pierce
Rucker, William Colby
Rudner, Henry Gordon
Rudnick, Charles J.
Rudolf, Robert Dawson
Ruediger, Ernest Henry
Ruediger, Gustav Ferdinand
Ruff, Frank R.
Ruff, Horace Ewing
Ruffner, Ernest Lewis
Ruggles, Arthur Hiler
Ruggles, Edwin Pakenham
Ruggles, E. Wood
Ruggles, Howard Edwin
Ruhrah, John
Runals, Arthur L.
Rundell, Annie Margaret Stevens
Runnels, Moses Thurston
Runnels, Orange Scott
Runnels, Scott Clark
Runo, Herman H.
Runyon, Bryce Freeman
Rupert, Richard Root
Rupp, Frederick A.
Rusby, Henry Hurd
Ruschhaupt, Louis F.
Rush, Calvin C.
Rush, J. O.
Rush, James Edwin
Rush, Jesse Hach
Rush, John Osgood
Rushford, Edward Allan
Rushmore, Edward
Rushmore, Jaques Cortelyou
Rushmore, John Dikeman
Russ, Witten Booth
Russell, Andrew Lyle
Russell, Blinn Whittemore
Russell, Chester
Russell, Clarence
Russell, Edwin Stanton
Russell, Frank Hamer
Russell, Frederick Fuller
Russell, Geroge Gardiner
Russell, Jesse Lee
Russell, John Abner
Russell, Lecky Harper
Russell, Presby B.
Russell, Rosannah
Russell, Thomas Hubbard
Russell, William Logie
Ruth, Charles Edward
Rutherford, Clarendon
Rutherford, Thomas Arthur
Rutledge, Edward
Rutledge, William Stowe
Ryan, Andrew H.
Ryan, Dorsey McNeelas
Ryan, Edith Frances
Ryan, Russell Colquhoun
Ryerson, Edwin Warner
Ryfkogel, Henry Anthon Lewis
Ryon, Walter G.

Saalfrank, Charles W.
Sabin, Florence Rena
Sabin, George Miller
Sachs, Bernard
Sachs, Ernest
Sackrider, George Peter
Sadler, Lena K.
Sadler, Will9am Samuel
Safford, Homer Erwin
Sagal, Zachary
Sailer, Joseph
St. George, Armin V.
St. John, E. Quintard
St. Lawrence, William
Sajous, Charles Euchariste De Medicis
Salade, Louis Audenried
Salant, William
Salatich, Peter Blaise
Saleeby, Najeeb Mitry
Saliba, Joseph Akle
Salisbury, Edward I.
Salisbury, Lucius Albert
Salmon, James Marvin
Salmon, Thomas William
Salter, Peter Harold
Salzman, Samuel R.
Sammis, George Frank
Sampson, David Gentner
Samuel, Meredith Ivor
Samuell, William Worthington
Samuels, Bernard
Samuels, William Lee
Sandblad, Andrew G.
Sanborn, Christopher Allen
Sanborn, Edwin Aaron
Sanborn, Manly Jay
Sanders, Audley Owenton
Sanders, Loren A.
Sanders, St. Elmo
Sanderson, Charles Richard
Sanderson, David Douglas
Sanderson, Hermon Harvey
Sanderson, Raymond
Sandler, Samuel
Sandresky, Paul H.
Sands, Abel J.
Sands, Irving Jesse
Sandy, William Charles, Jr.
Sanford, Alexander Chase
Sanford, Annie Hennigar
Sanford, Arthur Hawley
Sanford, Charles Henry
Sanford, Henry Lindsay
Sanford, Joseph Hoy
Sanford, Mary Blanch Waterman
Sanford, Willard Clark
Sante, LeRoy
Santee, Ellis Monroe
Santee, Harold E.
Santee, Harris Ellett
Santos, Pedro R.
Sappington, Clifford J. W.
Sappington, Ernest F.
Sappington, Purnell Fletcher
Sappington, Samuel W.
Sargent, Ara Nathaniel
Sartain, Paul Judd
Sartwell, Ransom H.
Sass, Franklin Edgar
Satterlee, George Reese
Sattler, Eric Ericson
Sauer, Paul Kurt
Sauer, William Emil
Sauer, William Walter
Saunders, Anny M. C. E. Petersen
Saunders, Charles J.
Saunders, Clark Edward
Saunders, Truman Laurance
Saunders, Wade Hampton
Sautter, Albert Carl
Savage, Giles Christopher
Savage, Linnaeus Samuel
Savage, Moses M.
Savidge, Eugene Coleman
Savoie, Arthur Marius
Savory, Philip Maxwell Hugh
Sawyer, Carl Dore
Sawyer, Carl W.
Sawyer, Charles Francis
Sawyer, Dwight M.
Sawyer, Edmund Houghton
Sawyer, Howard Pierce
Sawyer, James
Sawyer, John Pascal
Sawyer, Walter Hulme
Sawyer, Wilbur Augustus
Sawyer, William Alfred
Saxton, David E.
Sayers, Frank Eugene
Sayers, Royd Ray
Sayre, Charles Edward
Sayre, Reginald Hall
Scales, J. William
Scanlan, David Ward
Scanlan, Peter Lawrence
Scanland, John Milton
Scanlon, Franklin Taylor
Scannell, David D.
Scannell, John Matthew
Scatliff, Howard Kenneth
Scattergood, Joseph
Schaaf, Frederick H. K.
Schaare, William F.
Schachner, August
Schaefer, Solomon W.
Schaeffer, George Christian
Schaeffer, J. Parsons
Schaeffer, Ralph Chester
Schaeffer, Robert L.
Schaffer, David Nicholas
Schaffle, Karl
Schaible, Ernst Lennox
Schaie, Milton
Schalek, Alfred
Schall, John Hubley
Schaller, Walter Frank
Schallert, Paul Otto
Schamberg, Jay Frank
Schaper, Edward Andrew
Schapira, Samuel William
Schatz, Harry Abraham
Schauffler, William Gray
Schenck, Powhatan Stanley
Schenck, Samuel Bernard
Scheppegrell, William
Scherer, Carl Ahrendt
Schereschewsky, Joseph William
Scheuer, Martin Bernard
Schiller, Heliodor
Schilling, Nicholas
Schipfer, Lloyd A.
Schirck, Frederick Foster
Schirrman, Harry Arthur
Schisler, Edwin J.
Schlapp, Max Gustav
Schleiter, Howard G.
Schlichter, Charles Henry
Schlieker, Alexander G.
Schlomovitz, Benjamin H.
Schloss, Oscar Menderson
Schlueter, Robert Ernst
Schultz, Frederic William
Schmeisser, Harry Christian
Schmidt, Frederic Matthew
Schmidt, Harry Burke
Schmidt, Julius A.
Schmidt, Louis Ernst
Schmidt, Otto L.
Schmidter, William Charles
Schmitt, Samuel Christian
Schmitz, Henry
Schmitz, Walter Arthur
Schnabel, Truman Gross
Schneider, Adolph Benedict
Schneider, Albert
Schneider, Carl Oscar
Schneider, Edwin H.
Schneider, John F.
Schneller, John Schafer
Schnoor, Elmer Wellpott
Schoemaker, Daniel Martin
Schoenberg, Mark J.
Schoenheit, Edward William
Schoff, Charles H.
Schofield, Hugh Robert
Schofield, Roger W.
Scholten, William
Scholter, Edmund A. W.
Scholz, Roy Philip
Schonwald, Philipp
Schoonover, Frank Sackett, Jr.
Schorer, Edwin Henry
Schoyer, George Shiras
Schreiner, Bernard
Schrock, Robert D.
Schroeder, Henry H.
Schroeder, Leo Adelmo
Schroeder, Mary Gritzner
Schroeder, Ralph Louis
Schroeder, William, Jr.
Schroeder, William Edward
Schroeter, Oscar Victor
Schueller, Erwin Waldemar
Schulte, Herman von Wechlinger
Schulte, Walter G.
Schultz, Edwin William
Schultz, Oscar John Theodore
Schultz, Walter William
Schultz, William Clyde
Schultze, Otto H.
Schum, Frank L.
Schumacher, Forrest LeRoy
Schumann, Edward Armin
Schumm, Herman C.
Schurmeier, Frederick Conrad
Schurtz, Espy Kerl
Schwab, Sidney Isaac
Schwartz, Adolph I.
Schwartz, Charles Wadsworth
Schwartz, Charles William
Schwartz, Frederick Oscar
Schwartz, Hans Jorgen
Schwartz, Lorraine L.
Schwartz, Louis
Schwartz, Louis Herbert
Schwartze, Erich W.
Schwarz, Herman
Schweinitz, George Edmund de
Schweitzer, Ada Estelle
Schwenk, Peter N. K.
Schwerd, Frederick Magnus
Schwyzer, Arnold
Scott, Alfred James, Jr.
Scott, Charles R.
Scott, Edward Eugene
Scott, Ernest
Scott, Frederick Hughes
Scott, Garland Dix
Scott, Henry
Scott, John Rutherford
Scott, John W.
Scott, Nathaniel Harvey
Scott, Richard John Ernst
Scott, Roy Wesley
Scott, Stuart
Scott, Walter Francis
Scott, Walter Roger
Scruggs, George Washington
Scruggs, William Marvin
Scruton, William Alfred
Scudder, Charles Locke
Scudder, Frank Dyckman
Scull, William Bowen
Scully, Francis Joseph
Seaberg, Simon Peter
Seabrook, Alice M.
Seale, Ira Bolton
Sealy, Thomas Richard
Seaman, Benjamin White
Seaman, Gilbert Edmund
Seaman, Louis Livingston
Seamans, Roy Chappell
Searcy, Harvey B.
Searle, Donald R.
Sears, Frederic William
Sears, George Gray
Sears, Heber John
Sears, Henry Clark
Seay, Cornelius James
Seba, John Dietrich
Seba, William Ezra
Sebastian, Simon Powell
Secor, William Lee
Sedgwick, Otis White
Sedwick, William Alexander
Seebert, Joseph Eldred
Seeley, Ward F.
Seelig, Major G.
Seelman, John J.
Seely, Marcus Stuart
Seelye, Ralph Holland
Seelye, Walter Clarke
Seerley, Frank Newell
Seibert, Daniel Glenn
Seibert, Franklin Monroe
Seidel, Albert W.
Seidenfeld, Leon Gross
Seifert, Mathias Joseph
Seilkovitch, Solomon
Seiple, John Howard
Seippel, Clara Pauline
Seiter, John G.
Selby, Clarence Davey
Selby, Frederic Sumner
Sellenings, Albert Eugene
Selling, Laurence
Selman, William Arthur
Semmes, Raphael Eustace
Senear, Francis Eugene
Senger, William
Sengstak, Ernst P. E.
Senior, Harold Dickinson
Senn, William N.
Sernoffsky, Isaac
Servoss, George lee
Seth, Louis Hamilton
Settle, George
Setzler, John Bachman
Sevin, Omar R.
Sewall, Edward Cecil
Sewall, Henry
Seward, John Perry
Sexton, Lewis Albert
Seybold, George Arthur
Seybold, Nicholas Joseph
Seymour, Bina
Shackell, Leon Francis
Shacklett, Henry Blant
Shafer, H. O.
Shaff, Charles Whiting
Shaffer, Frederick B.
Shaffer, Newton Melman
Shaffer, Thomas L. A.
Shaffer, William Walter
Shaleen, Arthur W.
Shaley, Frederick Wm.
Shallenberger, William Farquhar
Shambaugh, George Elmer
Shands, Aurelius Rives
Shands, Harley Roseborough
Shank, Everett William
Shankland, James Wilbur
Shanklin, Eldridge Madison
Shannon, Leon William
Shannon, Thomas A.
Shapiro, Louis Lawrence
Shapleigh, John Blasdel
Sharp, Cyrus Koscuisko
Sharp, Eckley G.
Sharp, Edward Affleck
Sharp, Lemuel Johnson
Sharp, Robert G.
Sharp, William Barnard
Sharpe, Anne McFarland
Sharpe, Norvelle Wallace
Sharples, Casper W.
Sharrett, George oliver
Shastid, Thomas Hall
Shattinger, Charles
Shattuck, Frederick Chewer
Shattuck, George Cheever
Shattuck, George Lysander
Shattuck, Howard Francis
Shattuck, Martha Isabel Boger
Shaw, Adam Ernest
Shaw, Farnham H.
Shaw, Frederick William
Shaw, George Flanagan
Shaw, Henry Alden
Shaw, Henry Larnes Keith
Shaw, Henry Newton
Shaw, John Holbrook
Shaw, Joseph Hughes
Shaw, Richard E.
Shaw, Wallace Nelson
Shaw, William Fawcett
Shaw, William James
Shaw, Woodard
Shawan, Harold K.
Shawk, William Lincoln
Shawkey, Arthur Anderson
Shea, Augustus W.
Shea, Daniel E.
Shea, Robert Joseph
Shea, Robert Macfeely
Sheehan, Edward Bernard
Sheehan, Robert Francis
Sheek, James Anthony
Sheely, Charles Almon
Sheets, Fred Cleveland
Sheets, Vaughn L.
Shelby, Edmund Pendleton
Sheldon, Charles Stuart
Sheldon, Luther, Jr.
Sheldon, Walter Hodge
Sheldon, William Alexander
Shell, William Thomas
Shelland, John T.
Shelton, Charles William
Shelton, Edgar Poe
Shemeley, William Glovier, Jr.
Shepard, Charles J.
Shepard, Chester Orville
Shepard, John Leslie
Shepherd, Banks A.
Shepherd, Francis John
Shepherd, William Gordon
Sherard, Frank Ross
Sherard, Stuart Baskin
Sherbon, Florence Brown
Sherer, Henry Clifford
Sheridan, John J.
Sherk, Henry Howard
Sherman, A. Josephine
Sherman, C. L.
Sherman, DeWitt H.
Sherman, Elbert Stetson
Sherman, Emmogene Powell
Sherman, Francis Marion
Sherman, William O'Neill
Sherping, Olaf Th.
Sherrer, Frederick A.
Sherrick, Joseph Leslie
Sherrill, Alvan Woodward
Sherrill, George
Sherrill, J. Garland
Sherwell, Samuel
Sherwood, Walter Aikman
Shetton, Ben Marion
Shier, Robert Villeroi Beatty
Shike, William E.
Shillito, Nicholas G. L.
Shimer, George
Shinkle, Clyde Earl
Shipley, William Chapman
Shipman, Frank W.
Shiras, Howard Hoyt
Shirey, Charles Wesley
Shlenker, Milton A.
Shockley, Augustus Wroten
Shockley, M. A. W.
Shoemaker, Samuel A.
Shoemaker, William Toy
Shohl, Alfred T.
Short, Jacob Lindsey
Short, James J.
Short, John Theron
Short, Joseph Malcolm
Short, Zuber Nathaniel
Shortreed, George Darling
Shoudy, Loyal A.
Shrady, Arthur Melville
Shropshire, Walter
Shryman, Ferdinand
Shufeldt, Robert Wilson
Shumacker, Leopold
Shumway, Edward A.
Shupe, Thomas Pollock
Shurly, Bert Russell
Shurtleff, Eugene
Shy, Milton Porter
Sichler, Edward Hahn
Sickel, George Benson
Siddall, Roger Shore
Siegel, Alvin Erdreich
Siemens, Airoslaw
Siever, Charles Moses
Siewers, Sarah M.
Siffer, Jules J.
Sifton, Harry Austin
Sigel, Paul Ralph
Siggins, James B.
Sights, Henry Preston
Sigmond, Harvey Worth
Sikes, Gibson L.
Silbernagel, Charles Edward
Siler, Joseph F.
Sill, Grant Wood
Silverman, Joseph A.
Simmons, Edward Burnside
Simmons, George H.
Simmons, Hannah Coralynn
Simmons, Howard Jackson
Simmons, James Stevens
Simmons, John Douglas
Simmons, John Francis
Simmons, John Walter
Simmons, Ralph Rayburn
Simon, Benjamin Franklin
Simon, Charles E.
Simon, Saling
Simonds, Clarence Eugene
Simonds, James Persons
Simons, Irving
Simons, Thomas Grange
Simpson, Alverdi John
Simpson, Augustus
Simpson, Holland Breeding
Simpson, James Asa
Simpson, James Young
Simpson, john Nathan
Simpson, John Reid
Simpson, Sutherland
Simpson, Virgil E.
Simrell, Herbert Eugene
Sims, George Kirby
Sinclair, Archibald Neil
Sinclair, Charles G.
Sinclair, Duncan
Sinexon, Justus
Singer, Harold Douglas
Singleton, Albert O.
Singley, Charles Clarey
Singley, John DeVinne
Sippy, Asher F.
Sippy, Bertram Welton
Siris, Irwin Edward
Sirois, L. J. O.
Sisco, Patience S. Bourdeau
Sise, Lincoln Fleetford
Sisson, Warren Richards
Sistrunk, Walter E.
Skeel, Henry Robertson
Skeel, Roland Edward
Skiff, George Stephen
Skiles, James Hubert
Skillern, Penn-Gaskell, Jr.
Skillern, Ross Hall
Skillern, Samuel Ruff, Jr.
Skinner, Edward Holman
Skinner, George Alfred
Skinner, Harvey Ogden
Skinner, Henry
Skinner, Louis Cotten
Skirball, Louis Irving
Skoog, Andrew Leonard
Slabey, John Martin
Slack, Henry Richmond
Slade, Charles Blount
Sladen, Frank Joseph
Slagle, Charles Eyster
Slater, Benjamin James
Slater, Harvey Maurice
Slater, Sidney A.
Slaughter, Thomas Kimball
Slavik, Frank Edward
Slayden, William Walker
Slaymaker, Samuel Robert
Sleght, Bevier H. B.
Sleight, Raymond Duane
Slemons, Clyde C.
Slemons, Josiah Morris
Slifer, Henry Franklin
Sloan, Andrew
Sloan, Baylis Frank
Sloan, Edwin P.
Sloan, Henry L.
Sloan, Milton Granville
Sloan, Thomas George
Slocum, Morris A.
Slotkin, George E.
Sluder, Greenfield
Sluss, John William
Small, Charles Porter
Small, Harold E.
Small, Henry Beaumont
Small, James Craig
Smallhorst, David E.
Smart, Edward Nathan
Smedley, James E.
Smedley, Nathan Jay
Smethers, Archer LeRoy
Smiles, Clyde J.
Smiley, Alton L.
Smiley, Dean Franklin
Smiley, Harry Herr
Smink, Claud C.
Smith, A. Burton
Smith, A. Macrae
Smith, Alan DeForest
Smith, Albert
Smith, Alice Maude
Smith, Andrew C.
Smith, Angelo J.
Smith, Ansel B.
Smith, Archibald Delap
Smith, Arthur Andrew
Smith, Arthur C.
Smith, Arthur Lawrence
Smith, Benjamin Peter
Smith, Carl Lee
Smith, Carroll
Smith, Charles Bruce
Smith, Charles Carroll, Jr.
Smith, Charles D.
Smith, Charles Edgar
Smith, Charles Hendee
Smith, Charles Henry
Smith, Charles J.
Smith, Charles Slighter
Smith, Clarence Nickerson
Smith, Clarke S.
Smith, Daniel Jefferson, Jr.
Smith, David
Smith, David O.
Smith, Dean Stanley
Smith, Dean Tyler
Smith, Dorland
Smith, Dudley Crofford
Smith, E. Otis
Smith, Edward Archibald
Smith, Edward P.
Smith, Edward Wier
Smith, Edwin Rogers
Smith, Elsworth Striker
Smith, Erdix T.
Smith, Ernest Ellsworth
Smith, Ethan Henry
Smith, Ferris
Smith, Floyd Albert
Smith, Forster Hanson
Smith, Francis Henney
Smith, Frank Dale
Smith, Frank Herbert
Smith, Fred M.
Smith, Fred Willard
Smith, Frederick Cleveland
Smith, Frederick Kinsman
Smith, George Albert
Smith, George F.
Smith, George Gilbert
Smith, George H.
Smith, George Milton
Smith, George Tescker
Smith, Hardy Horace
Smith, Harley
Smith, Harmon
Smith, Harry A.
Smith, Harry C.
Smith, Harry Winfield
Smith, Henry Buel
Smith, Henry Clay
Smith, Henry Herbert
Smith, Henry Lee
Smith, Henry Mason
Smith, Henry Templeton
Smith, Herbert A.
Smith, Herbert Meloy
Smith, Hiram S.
Smith, James Madison
Smith, James Morrisset
Smith, James W.
Smith, John James
Smith, John William Rosser
Smith, Joseph A.
Smith, Joseph Franklin
Smith, Joseph Jacob
Smith, Lawrence Letton
Smith, Lemuel David
Smith, Leslie Dutcher
Smith, Louis Daniel
Smith, Lucius Henry
Smith, Lynn C.
Smith, Mark Barton
Smith, Marshall A.
Smith, Martha Jane
Smith, Martin DeForest
Smith, Morris Kellogg
Smith, Murdoch Campbell
Smith, Owen
Smith, Parke Gillespie
Smith, Paul Ruskin
Smith, Philip Stephenson
Smith, Ray Ernest
Smith, Richard Mason
Smith, Richard R.
Smith, Robert L.
Smith, Robert P.
Smith, Robert Walter
Smith, Samuel Calvin
Smith, Samuel Edwin
Smith, Seth MacCuen
Smith, Smithpeter N.
Smith, Stanley
Smith, Stanton Reinhart
Smith, Sydney Kinnear
Smith, Thaddeus D.
Smith, Theobald
Smith, Thomas Harley
Smith, Troy
Smith, Turner Burton
Smith, Victor Conway
Smith, W. Tilden
Smith, Wilbur C.
Smith, William Bowman
Smith, William Hammond Cross
Smith, William Morgan
Smith, William Solomon
Smith, William Wallis
Smith, Winford Henry

Smithies, Frank
Smithwick, Marsena P.
Smock, Irwin Bradfield
Smukler, Max E.
Smythe, Frank David
Smythe, Kelly
Snapp, Carl Foster
Snarr, George Grover
Sneed, Albert Micou
Sneed, Carl Miller
Sneed, William Lent
Snelgrove, Frederick James
Snell, Myron Webster
Snethen, Reyburn Moncure
Snively, Harry H.
Snively, J. Howard
Snodgrass, William Anderson
Snoke, John Waldo
Snow, Frank Whipple
Snow, Frederick Hibbard
Snow, Henry Curtis Butler
Snow, Lawrence Crosby
Snow, Leslie Woodruff
Snow, William Freeman
Snowden, Roy Ross
Snyder, Abram Elias
Snyder, Andrew Robert
Snyder, Edgar Bertram
Snyder, Craig R.
Snyder, George
Snyder, Henry D.
Sohmer, Alphonse E. John
Soiland, Albert
Solem, George Oliver
Solley, Fred Palmer
Solley, Frederick Westcott
Solley, John Beach, Jr.
Solomon, Charles Henry
Solomon, Edwin P.
Solomon, Harry Caesar
Solomon, Meyer
Solsness, Larz Porsenna
Somerville, William Glassell
Sommer, Henry Joseph
Sommer, Henry O.
Sondern, Frederic E.
Soper, Alexander C., Jr.
Soper, Arthur Elsworth
Sorrel, Frank William
Soresi, Angelo L.
Sormany, Albert M.
Sornberger, Samuel J.
Sosman, Merrill Clay
Souba, Frederic Joseph
South, Lillian H.
Southard, Jefferson D.
Souther, Charles Thadeus
Southgate, Louise
Southwick, George Rinaldo
Southworth, Charles Tracy
Southworth, Rufus
Southworth, Thomas Shepard
Sovak, Francis W.
Sowers, Alva Boyd
Sowles, Horace Kennedy
Spahr, Richard Rockefeller
Spain, Purvis Alexander
Spake, Laverne B.
Spalding, Alfred Baker
Spalding, Edith Rogers
Spalding, Fred Maurice
Spalding, Harry O.
Spalding, James Alfred
Spangler, Davis
Sparkman, William Buck
Sparks, Edward Pearson
Sparks, John Featherston
Sparks, John James
Sparrow, Cecil John
Spawn, Myron Goodrich
Spear, Louis M.
Spear, Walter May
Spearman, Frederick Scriver
Speechly, Harry Martindale
Speed, Kellogg
Speer, William H.
Speidel, Edward
Speidel, William Charles
Speik, Frederick A.
Speirs, George Omar
Spencer, Charles Edrone
Spencer, Charles Francis
Spencer, Hugh Raymond
Spencer, Hunter Boyd
Spencer, John Campbell
Spencer, Robert Dorwin
Spengler, John Arthur
Spickers, William
Spielman, George H.
Spiers, William Henry
Spiller, William Gibson
Spilman, Harold Augustus
Spilman, Smith Augustus
Spink, Mary Angela
Spiro, Harry
Spitzer, Edward L.
Spitzer, Henry
Spitzley, William Albert
Spivak, Charles David
Spooner, Lesley Hinckley
Sprague, Emory Russell
Sprague, Ezra Kimball
Sprague, George P.
Sprague, John Perley
Sprague, Seth Billington
Sprague, Wiley True
Spratling, Leckinski Ware
Sproat, Samuel McCoy
Sprowl, Frederic G.
Sprunt, Thomas Peck
Spurney, Albert F.
Spurney, Anton Benjamin
Sputh, Carl B.
Squibb, Edward Hamilton
Squier, John Bentley
Stadie, William Christopher
Stadtherr, Anthony Lewis
Stadtmuller, Ellen Smith
Stafford, Frank Williams
Stafford, George Mason Graham
Stafford, Owen Rogers
Stanbro, Frederick H.
Stander, Henricus Johannes
Standifer, Jack Guy
Standish, Myles
Stanford, James Butt
Stanley, Leo Leonidas
Stanley, Otis Orion
Stansfield, Oliver Holt
Stanton, David A.
Stanton, Frederic M.
Stanton, John Gilman
Stanton, Samuel Cecil
Stapler, Maury Munnerlyn
Staples, Henry Franklin
Stapleton, Robert Taylor
Stapleton, William J., Jr.
Starbuck, Amber Angelia
Stark, Charles Vernon
Stark, Ernest Hanie
Stark, Henry S.
Stark, Nathan Neuville
Stark, Sigmar
Starkey, Frank R.
Starr, Frederick N. Gisborne
Starr, M. Allen
Starr, Nathan
States, Gilbert Warren
Statler, William Kennett
Stauffer, Fred
Stauffer, Leslie John
Stauffer, Nathan P.
Stavely, Albert Livingston
Stayer, Andrew S.
Steagall, John R.
Stearns, Henry S.
Stearns, Waldron Allen
Stearns, William G.
Stearns, William Marion
Stebbins, Walter W.
Steckel, Harry Arthur
Stedman, Henry Rust
Stedman, Thomas Lathrop
Stedman, William G.
Steedly, Benjamin Broadus
Steele, Albert E.
Steele, Daniel Atkinson King
Steele, Fred Elton
Steele, Harry Merriman
Steele, James
Steele, Martin Luther
Steele, Pierre Abel
Steele, William Edward
Steer, Charles L.
Steeves, Laban Aaron
Stein, Arthur
Stein, Edgar J.
Stein, Emil James
Stein, Harold M.
Stein, Ignatius Louis
Stein, Irving F.
Stein, John Francis
Stein, Samuel
Steinach, William
Steinberg, Benjamin M.
Steinberg, Edward
Steindler, Arthur
Steiner, Isaac Franklin
Steiner, Oliver Silas
Steiner, Walter Ralph
Steinharter, Edgar C.
Steinke, Carl Rossow
Steinmetz, Harry Henderson
Stella, Antonio
Stengel, Alfred
Stephens, Charles Augustus
Stephens, Franklin M.
Stephens, George H.
Stephens, George Whitfield
Stephens, John James
Stephens, Richmond
Stephens, Walter Charles
Stephenson, Frank Butler
Stephenson, Frank T. F.
Stephenson, Franklin Bache
Stephenson, Henry Augustus
Stern, Charles Seymour
Stern, Maximilian
Stern, Neuton Samuel
Stern, Walter G.
Sterne, Albert Eugene
Stetson, Frederick Winslow
Stetson, Rufus Edwin
Stetten, DeWitt
Stevens, Arthur Galen
Stevens, Calvin G.
Stevens, Eugene W.
Stevens, Frank T.
Stevens, Frank William
Stevens, Harry Harrington
Stevens, Henry B.
Stevens, Horace Paine
Stevens, J. Thompson
Stevens, John Lewis
Stevens, Martin L.
Stevens, Mary Ella Thompson
Stevens, Ralph Edwin
Stevens, Rollin Howard
Stevens, William Emerson
Stevenson, Andrew Willis
Stevenson, Hugh, III
Stevenson, James McKinley
Stevenson, Lewis Dunbar
Stevenson, Walter Davis
Stewart, Donald Leonidas
Stewart, Edwin F.
Stewart, George Adolph
Stewart, George Brooks
Stewart, George Cameron
Stewart, Harry Eaton
Stewart, Harry John
Stewart, James L.
Stewart, John Conant
Stewart, John Dillon
Stewart, John H.
Stewart, Joseph Edgar
Stewart, Lever
Stewart, Oliver Eugene
Stewart, Robert Bigger
Stewart, Robert Cameron
Stewart, William Blair
Stewart, William Holmes
Stick, Henry Louis
Stickney, Charles B.
Stickney, George Lewis
Stickney, Orlando Greenleaf
Stiefel, Benjamin W.
Stierem, Edward
Stigman, Charles Warren
Stiles, Charles Midwood
Stiles, Charles Wardell
Stiles, George Whitfield, Jr.
Stillger, Walter Francis
Stillians, Arthur William
Stillman, Charles Kirtland
Stillman, Ralph Griffiths
Stillman, Stanley
Stilwell, Donald Lonson
Stimpson, William Gordon
Stimson, Arthur Marston
Stimson, John Woodbury
Stine, Dan Gish
Stirling, Alexander Williamson
Stirling, Samuel Robinson
Stirling, W. Calhoun
Stith, Robert M.
Stith, Samuel H.
Stitt, Edward Rhodes
Stitt, Howard Leigh
Stivelman, Barnet P.
Stobie, Robert Emmett
Stockard, Cecil
Stockard, Charles Rupert
Stocks, Arthur L.
Stockton, Charles G.
Stockwell, Charles Bliss
Stoddard, Thomas Albion
Stofer, John William
Stokes, Arthur Charles
Stokes, Charles Francis
Stokes, John Hinchman
Stokes, William Royal
Stone, Arthur K.
Stone, Charles E.
Stone, Charles Turner
Stone, Chester Tilton
Stone, Frank Ellsworth
Stone, George Henry
Stone, Isaac Scott
Stone, James Sawyer
Stone, John Nelson
Stone, Merlin Jones
Stone, Murray Chaffee
Stone, Ralph E.
Stone, Spencer Robert
Stone, Willard John
Stone, William Metcalfe
Stone, William Stephen
Stone, Willis Claude
Stoner, Alvah P.
Stoner, Willard Cyrus
Stoner, William Hoy
Stookey, Byron
Storch, Lewis Aloysius Eugene
Storer, John Hudson
Storey, Thomas Andrew
Storey, Vernon Harcourt
Storke, Albert French
Storrs, Henry Randolph
Story, John Clark
Stotts, Arthur Franklin
Stotter, Arthur Lesley
Stough, Daniel Freeman
Stout, Arthur Purdy
Stout, George Clymer
Stout, Joseph Duerson
Stout, Oliver
Stovall, Albert S. J.
Stovall, Rupert Hope
Stovall, William Davidson
Stowe, John Gurney
Stowell, F. Austin
Stowell, Frank Edgar
Stowell, William Leland
Stowers, Jesse Linus
Strachauer, Arthur C.
Straith, Claire L.
Stranberg, Walter Leonard
Strathern, Fred P.
Stratton, Francis McLeish
Stratton, Frederick Alexander
Stratton, Mary Reed
Straus, David C.
Straw, Amos Gale
Strawn, Estil Young
Strawn, Julia Clark
Strecker, Edward A.
Street, Harry Norwood
Street, Lionel A. B.
Street, Richard Hamilton
Streeter, Edward Clark
Streeter, George Linius
Streeter, Howard H.
Streight, Samuel J.
Streitel, Walter Philip
Stricker, Frederick D.
Stricklin, Mark Leonidas
Strock, Daniel
Strodl, George Thomas
Strohm, J. Guy
Strong, Arthur Churchill
Strong, Arthur E.
Strong, Charles Moore
Strong, David Charles
Strong, Richard Pearson
Strong, Robert Alexander
Strong, Samuel Meredith
Strong, Seth Lake
Strong, Thomas Jefferson
Strosinder, Charles Franklin
Stroud, Homer Anderson
Stroud, Reginald James
Stroud, William Daniel
Strouse, Solomon
Strout, Eugene S.
Strout, George Elmer
Stuart, Charles Albert
Stuart, Frederick William
Stuart, Garden Clarkson
Stuart, Harold Coe
Stubbs, Albert L.
Stuckey, Joseph Addison
Stueber, Frederick George
Stulik, Charles Klaus
Stultz, J. Forrest
Sturdivant, Burton Barrett
Sturges, Leigh Francis
Sturgis, John
Sturgiss, Alfred G.
Sturtevant, Charles Northmore
Sturtevant, Mills
Stuver, Emanuel
Stygall, James Henry
Sudler, Mervin Tubman
Sugg, Herbert R.
Suggett, Orril LeGrand
Suggs, Frank
Sukeris, Cosmas J.
Sullivan, Edward Coppinger
Sullivan, George Francis
Sullivan, Harry Stack
Sullivan, John Charles
Sullivan, Murt M.
Sullivan, Norman Ross
Sullivan, Raymond Peter
Sullivan, Robert Young
Sultxbach, Henry Miller
Summerlin, James Allison
Summers, Toson O.
Sumner, Charles Ralsey
Sumner, Cyril
Sumpter, William David
Sundwall, john
Surber, F. Raymond
Sutherland, Charles Goldie
Sutherland, George Fred
Sutherland, James Arthur
Sutter, Charles Clyde
Sutter, Charles Culley
Sutton, Alan Callender
Sutton, Don C.
Sutton, Irwin C.
Sutton, John Edward
Sutton, John Edward, Jr.
Sutton, John Wesley
Sutton, Mordecai Alva
Sutton, Richard Lightburn
Sutton, William Gordon
Swail, George Thomas
Swaim, Loring Tiffany
Swain, Henry Lawrence
Swalm, Charles J.
Swan, Charles Joseph
Swan, Eugene LaForrest
Swan, James Hayes
Swan, John Mumford
Swan, Mary Hannah
Swan, Will Howard
Swanay, Ottie Milburn
Swanberg, Harold
Swanson, Roy Edwin
Swartz, Ernest Osborne
Swearingen, Forrest C.
Sweat, John Aiken
Sweek, William O.
Sweeney, Alvin Randolph
Sweeney, Arthur
Sweeney, Frederick C.
Sweeney, John Steele
Sweeney, John Walter
Sweet, Charles A.
Sweet, Charles Clark
Sweet, Joshua Edwin
Sweet, Paul W.
Sweet, Robert Ballantine
Sweetser, Theodore H.
Sweetsir, Charles L.
Swenson, Carl G.
Swenson, Karl Johann
Swenson, Samuel A.
Swerdfeger, Elbert B.
Swetland, Benjamin S.
Swett, Paul Plummer
Swezy, Charles Edison
Swift, Arthur Wesley
Swift, Birge Carlton
Swift, Edward Pease
Swift, George Wilkins
Swift, Henry H.
Swift, Homer Fordyce
Swindells, Walton Creadick
Swindt, Joseph Keener
Switzer, Bernard W.
Sydenstricker, Virgil Preston Willis
Syfert, Alva Clyde
Sylvester, Charles Bradford
Sylvester, Florence M.
Sylvester, William H.
Sylvia, Charles Anthony
Syman, Louis L.
Symmers, Douglas
Symonds, Brandreth
Synnott, Martin J.
Szerlip, Leopold












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