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General Information On The Grand Canyon Of Arizona


Grand Canyon Resources here at
Grand Canyon Lodging Grand Canyon Camping
Grand Canyon Vacation Rates Grand Canyon Bed & Breakfast
Grand Canyon General Information Grand Canyon Quotations
Grand Canyon Webcam  


Grand Canyon Rafting, Hiking Or Just Visiting

There are literally thousands of excellent pictures of the Grand Canyon & millions of words have been written. The links below will take open in a new window and take you to websites to help you understand & enjoy the Grand Canyon.

Official Grand Canyon National Park website.

Grand Canyon Association is a private, non-profit organization that operates bookstores in Grand Canyon National Park and provides financial and program support to the park service at Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon Historical Society

Grand Canyon Trust

Grand Canyon News



A few resources to help you enjoy a hike at the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Hikers And Backpackers Association

 Grand Canyon Field Institute

 Grand Canyon Hiker

Hit The Trail

Grand Canyon Treks

Please be prepared before attempting a hike in the canyon. In 1921 the Grand Canyon National Park booklet said, "It is a sad mistake for persons not in the soundest physical training to attempt it on foot, for the apparent distance as seen from the rim is misleading, and the climb back is most arduous at that elevation...Nearly every day one or more trampers, overconfident of their endurance, find the way up too arduous and have to be assisted by guides and mules sent down for them from the rim." Very little has changed since 1921.



A few phone numbers for rafting guides and trips through the Grand Canyon.

Arizona Raft Adventures     1-800-786-7238

Arizona River Runners     1-800-477-7238

Canyon Explorations & Canyon Expeditions     1-800-654-0723

Canyoneers     1-800-525-0924

Colorado River & Trail Expeditions     1-800-253-7328

Diamond River Adventures     1-800-343-3121

Grand Canyon Dories     1-800-877-3679

Grand Canyon Expeditions Co.     1-800-544-2691

Hatch River Expeditions     1-800-433-8966

High Desert Adventures     1-800-673-1733

Moki Mac River Expeditions     1-800-284-7280

O. A. R. S.     1-800-346-6277

Outdoors Unlimited     1-800-637-7238

Tour West     1-800-453-9107

Western River Expeditions     1-800-453-7450

Wilderness River Adventures     1-800-992-8022












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