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Emory Alumni Living In 1926, O-Z Surnames


Short, but informative biographies for each person shown. Typical entry includes; occupation, educational & personal information.
Taken from, Alumni History And Directory of Emory University edited by James A. Dombrowsky and published in 1926.

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Other Emory Alumni Living In 1926:   A-F Names     G-N Names 


O-S  Surnames T-Z Surnames
Name         			Class
Oastler, Thomas William		1922
Oates, J. Kennedy		1916m
O'Cain, William Marvin		1900m
Odell, Thomas Allen		1894m
Odom, Alexander Hugh		1899
Odom, John D.			1916m
Odom, M. Milton			1913m
Odom, Patrick Henry		1896
Odum, Henry			1903
Odum, Howard Washington		1904
Ogden, D. H.			1895m
Oglesby, Julian Berry		1893
O'Hara, Andrew M.		1915m
O'Kelly, B. J.			1894m
Olds, A. D.			1887m
Olds, Bomar A.			1921m
Oliff, Henry H.			1909m
Olive, Robert Lee		1902
Oliver, Alfred Shelton, Jr.	1900
Oliver, Jesse M.		1910m
Oliver, Plennie Carson		1920t
Oliver, Richard Lovett		1887
Oliver, Thomas Wesley		1905
Oliver, William Douglas		1912m
Olliff, Stephen Chester		1902
Olmstead, Cecil Jay		1913
Olmstead, George Tracy		1913m
O'Mara, Braxton Bragg		1924m
O'Neal, David L.		1907
O'Neal, John William		1925
O'neal, Paul Arthur		1923
O'Neal, Rance			1901m
O'Neil, James William		1922t
O'Neil, Richard Thomas		1915m
O'Quinn, Leon Hardie		1923m
Oritz, Sady de fretas		1920
Ormond, William Frank		1900
Orovitz, Max			1925L
Orr, Charles Howard		1908
Orr, Cladius Vincent		1909m
Orr, Edwin Reed, Jr.		1924
Orr, Jake Cobb			1912m
Orr, Louis McDonald, Jr.	1922
Orr, Samuel Pressley		1858
Orr, Wilbur Adolphus		1913
Orr, William Lucius		1904m
Orton, Allen E.			1908m
Osborne, Ernest L.		1910
Osborne, Hubert Edgar		1903
Osborne, Virgil Waite		1916m
O'Sheal, Ralph Waldo		1923
Oslin, Alfred Lofton		1895
Oslin, Alfred Lofton, Jr.	1923
O'Steen, Alton Tilden		1924
Otwell, James A.		1906m
Outler, John Morgan, Jr.	1914
Overby, Edward Persons		1883m
Overholt, Edwin Emerson		1887
Overstreet, Edward Jennings	1924m
Overstreet, George Clenon	1917m
Overstreet, Murray Wharton	1925
Overstreet, Robert Toombs	1922
Owen, John Grant		1883
Owen, Runy Fitzhugh		1913
Owens, Bennett Graham		1921
Owens, James Finley		1923
Owens, John Benjamin		1892m
Owens, Lloyd Leon		1923
Owens, William			1897m
Owens, William Harris		1909m
Owings, George Walton		1900m
Owings, Thomas Lon		1924m
Owsley, Winfred Scott		1924m
Pace, James Haralson		1897
Pace, Joseph Saville		1906
Padgett, Louie Love		1921
Pafford, Harvey Etheridge	1910
Pafford, John Knox		1920
Pafford, William Edison		1917
Page, Landrum J.		1916m
Page, Rinaldo B.		1913
Page, Walter C.		1910m
Paik, Nam Suk		1920
Paine, Charles Herman		1911m
Paine, I. S.		1883
Paine, James G.		1882
Paine, Robert Lee		1886
Painter, Wallace Watson		1897m
Palmer, Bennett William		1925
Palmer, Bowden Habersham		1894
Palmer, Frank Sidney		1899
Palmer, Horace		1912m
Palmer, James Price, Jr.		1924
Palmer, Jesse C.		1914
Palmer, Orville Sewell		1924G
Palmer, Sydney Wardlaw		1916
Palmore, Peyton Lee		1924t
Palmour, W. A.		1886m
Paniello, Santiago		1916m
Pankey, J. H.		1902m
Parham, LeRoy Glenn		1909
Parham, Virgil Swanson		1913
Park,  Frank		1891m
Park, Andrew Kolb		1877
Park, Charles L.		1923m
Park, Howard Pope		1899
Park, Howard Rodalph		1925
Park, James B.		1874
Park, Madison Atticus		1905
Park, Manasseh Benjamin		1923
Park, William Hector		1880
Parker, George M.		1894m
Parker, Jack DuPree		1924
Parker, Joseph Clarence		1909
Parker, Joseph Egleston		1904
Parker, Joseph Wayne		1925
Parker, Robert Shumate		1905
Parker, Wilbur N.		1925t
Parker, William H.		1894m
Parker, William Mathews		1888
Parks, Henry Grady		1889
Parks, James Guyton		1901
Parks, Marvin McTyeire		1892
Parks, Marvin McTyeire, Jr.		1922
Parks, Warren Bowers		1904
Parr, Holly Hix		1906m
Parramore, Robert Roland		1919
Parris, Walter Dougherty		1924
Parsons, James A.		1909m
Parsons, John Alden		1919
Parsons, William Chunn		1924m
Partin, John Lee		1921
Partridge, Andrew Denham		1921
Partridge, Paul W.		1910
Partridge, Thomas Croom		1923
Paschal, John		1898m
Pasco, Fred Locke		1893
Passmore, Lytton LeRoy		1918
Pate, Julien Carey		1912m
Pate, William E.		1893m
Patrick, J. Z.		1900m
Patrick, John W.		1918m
Patterson, Ed. L.		1908m
Patterson, George W.		1902m
Patterson, Job Caldwell		1913m
Patterson, Lucius K.		1917m
Patterson, R. B.		1899m
Patterson, Stonewall Jackson		1925
Patterson, Vivian Pierce		1921
Pattillo, Charles E.		1918
Pattillo, Charles Edward		1910m
Pattillo, Frank Allen		1914
Pattillo, George Lane		1887
Pattillo, Howard		1889
Pattillo, James Raleigh		1900
Pattillo, John Thomas		1888
Pattillo, John Thomas		1891m
Pattillo, Lovick Thomas		1904m
Pattillo, Marshall Knight		1902
Pattillo, Robert Simpson		1884
Patton, Lewis S.		1923m
Paty, Harold Earle		1925m
Paty, Robert Morris		1923m
Paty, Rqymond Ross		1921
Paul, Lee M.		1918
Paul, Winston H.		1923
Paulk, Clarence Marion		1923
Payne, D.		1911m
Payne, Howard Boozer		1905
Payne, James William		1914m
Payne, Lamar Strickland		1902
Peabody, Elbert Prentice		1923
Peacock, C. H.		1916
Peacock, C. L.		1916m
Peacock, James Neely		1901
Pearce, Claude Clifford		1907m
Pearce, George Hill		1923t
Pearce, Haywood Jefferson		1891
Pearce, Haywood Jefferson		1913
Pearce, J. T.		1894
Pearce, John Matthews		1921
Pearce, Mike Hodge		1914m
Pearce, Thomas Jefferson		1914
Pearson, Homer Colquitt		1923
Pearson, Homer Lee		1896
Pearson, Homer Lee, Jr.		1921m
Pearson, Isaiah Tillman		1908
Pearson, James Madison		1886
Pearson, John H.		1923t
Pearson, Rufus Judson		1905
Pearson, Walter MacDonnell		1918
Peavy, Henry Jackson, Jr.		1911
Peavy, William Austin		1905
Peebles, Lawrence Henry		1879m
Peek, Charles Wilburn		1889m
Peek, Comer L.		1874
Peek, David Erastus		1918m
Peek, Joseph Spencer		1881
Peeler, Orrin Lee		1921
Peeples, Russell Alexander		1910
Peerman, E. L.		1924G
Pegues, David K., Jr.		1916t
Pegues. James C.		1923m
Pemberton, Hollis Osmond		1923L
Pembeton, Bryan Sewell		1920
Pena, Sergio Silvio		1925m
Pendergrass, N. W.		1916
Pendergrass, O. N.		1893m
Pendergrass, Philip Trout		1908
Pendergrass, Robert Conner		1922
Pendergrast, John Edwin		1876
Pendleton, Albert Sidney		1911
Penick, Clay Westervelt		1914
Penick, Edgar Cohen, Jr.		1923
Peniston, Joseph Bowdoin		1915m
Peniston, Paul Eugene		1889m
Peniston, Paul Jean		1913m
Penland, John E.		1918m
Penland, Thomas		1881m
Penn, Broadus Wibber		1913m
Pennington, Byron Yarbrough		1925m
Pennington, David Elmore		1912
Pennington, George Anthony, Jr.		1919
Pennington, James Elbert		1901m
Pennington, James Hinton		1921
Pennington, Love Elree		1915m
Pennington, Madison F.		1909m
Pennington, William Courtney		1909
Pentecost, Frank Thomas		1880
Pentecost, Larry Egbert		1925
Pentecost, Mark P.		1913m
Penton, John Randolph		1914m
Pepper, James Carl		1915m
Perkins, Albert R.		1925t
Perkinson, William Howard		1899m
Perry, Alexander Stephens		1901
Perry, Charles Glenn		1923
Perry, Henry H.		1870
Perry, Thomas A.		1907
Perry, William Joel		1900m
Perryman, Emmett Key		1913
Perryman, J. Marvin		1920t
Person, W. E.		1901m
Persons, Carl P.		1916m
Persons, Robert T.		1892
Peters, Edgar		1911m
Peters, James Soloman		1908
Peterson, William Malcolm		1925
Petrie, Garner McReynolds		1923
Petrie, William Paul		1922
Petteway, Lewis Wesley		1925
Pettigrew, George Calvin		1913m
Pettit, James Kenneth		1914m
Pettit, John Thomas		1910m
Petty, Louis Lamar		1925
Petway, Thomas F.		1909m
Pharr, Emory Charles		1920
Pharr, Leroy		1901
Pharr, Lucius P.		1897m
Pharr, M. A. 		1882
Pharr, O. J.		1916m
Pharr, Ralph Holliday		1923L
Phifer, Joseph Augustus		1899
Philips, Frank Monroe		1923
Philips, H. B.		1880
Phillips, Alphaeus Maynard		1925
Phillips, C. R.		1908
Phillips, Frank A.		1901
Phillips, Herbert Staton		1897
Phillips, Hugh Kingsley		1913m
Phillips, Irma Rachel		1925
Phillips, Walter O.		1920t
Phillips, William Parks		1915m
Philpot, Leonard Kyle		1875m
Pickard, Viris Lorein		1922
Pickard, William Marshall		1919t
Pickett, Clarence Ernest		1894m
Pickett, William Henry 		1911m
Pickett, William Henry, Jr.		1905
Pickren, Thomas Exum		1925
Pierce, Alfred Mann		1895
Pierce, E. J.		1909m
Pierce, Lewis E.		1914
Pierce, Lovick		1860
Pierce, Lovick Wilson		1923
Pierce, Thomas Murrah		1891
Pierce, Wilds Lovick		1886
Pike, Ethel		1923G
Pilcher, Lee Roy		1918t
Pilcher, Walter G.		1919t
Pilcher, William Thomas		1920
Pim, Benjamin Franklin		1916t
Pinkston, J. W.		1884m
Pinkston, Julian Stephens		1924
Pinson, Albert Howell		1902
Pinson, John R., Jr.		1915
Pinson, Thomas Jennings		1923
Piper, Barnie Lee		1916m
Pipkin, Luther Nathaniel		1919
Pirkle, Carl Ivan		1925m
Pirkle, D. I.		1913
Pirkle, David A., Jr.		1922L
Pirkle, Ruth Janet		1925G
Pirkle, W. W.		1897m
Pirkle, William Homer		1912m
Pitchford, J. H.		1880
Pitchford, John Dalton		1922m
Pitman, James Fling		1913m
Pitner, J. R.		1884
Pitner, Matthew Franklin		1880
Pitt, Gladstone		1922L
Pittard, Grady Candler		1912
Pittard, Harry Franklin		1900
Pittman, Carl Shepard		1913m
Pittman, Claude Cleveland		1912
Pittman, Henry Wooten, Jr.		1924
Pittman, James Lee, Jr.		1922
Pitts, J. T.		1895m
Pitts, Robert Newton		1890m
Pitts, Umpstead Samuel		1922t
Pixton, Marvin Francis		1915
Pixton, William Greer		1924
Platt, James		1885
Platt, James N.		1923G
Plumer, George Rochefoucald		1893m
Plummer, Herbert Crouch		1924
Poage, James Malcolm		1906
Poer, Blake Moreland		1898
Poer, Charlie Alton		1901
Poer, David Henry		1920
Poer, John McLaurin		1895
Poer, Norman Colquitt		1902
Poer, Oley Swanson		1924
Polk, Norman K.		1923t
Pollard, Robert Van Buren, Jr.		1925
Pollock, W. A. J.		1894m
Ponder, John Oliver		1875
Ponder, Paul Holloway		1917
Pool, Everage Terrell		1914m
Poole, Clarence Lee		1886m
Poole, Eva Llewellen		1925
Poole, Ruben Hayne		1893m
Pope, Ernest Clark		1919m
Pope, Henry David		1920
Pope, James Ellis		1918
Pope, James Soule		1922
Pope, William Merritt		1914
Porch, Leon Douglas		1925
Porter, Carter Clayton		1925t
Porter, Clifford Craven		1925
Porter, Davis S.		1910m
Porter, Harvey Coleman		1925
Porter, Otto		1923t
Porter, William Asa		1915
Posey, James Fletcher		1917m
Post, William Glenn		1891
Pottle, Edward Roland		1915
Pottle, Joseph E., Jr.		1919L
Poucher, Allen A.		1914m
Pound, James Alwin		1923
Pound,Edwin Aldine		1892
Pounds, J. E.		1911m
Powell, Charles Glenn		1914
Powell, Daniel Augustus		1907m
Powell, Edward Fenn		1912
Powell, Eldridge Boyd		1925
Powell, Gamaliel Wyatte Holmes		1925
Powell, J. M.		1861m
Powell, John Ernest		1915m
Powell, John Franklin		1886m
Powell, Lawrence Vernon		1919
Powell, Louis Augustus		1921
Powell, Lutie Nimmons		1924
Powell, Raymond Webb		1919
Powell, Toon W.		1872
Powell, Vernon Edwin		1921
Powell, W. M.		1883m
Powell, William Aden		1900m
Powell, William H.		1913m
Power, R. J.		1901m
Powers, Ambrose Wyvis, Jr.		1913
Prater, William Howard		1887
Preas, Bruce Bushong		1920m
Preas, Paul Peebles		1923
Prescott, Jesse Plez		1890m
Pressly, John Ebenezer		1908m
Pressly, William Lowry		1912m
Price, Albert Croswell		1910
Price, Cleveland J.		1913m
Price, Earl Sanders		1916m
Price, James Addison		1912m
Price, Roy		1925t
Price, William Pinkney		1874
Prickett, Madison Parks		1925
Prince, Alvin Lafayette		1911m
Pritchett, D. W.		1913m
Proger, Samuel Herschel		1925
Pruitt, Elihu Posey		1905m
Pruitt, George Calhoun		1911m
Pruitt, Marion Columbus		1911m
Pryor, C. S.		1909
Pryor, G. S.		1900
Pryor, Rosser Wilson		1913
Puckett, Robert C.		1923L
Puett, William Wesley		1906m
Pugh, Thomas Ennis		1914m
Pullen, A. W.		1900
Pulliam, Thomas M.		1912m
Purcell, Clare		1908
Purdy, C. L.		1890m
Purks, James Harris		1896
Purks, James Harris, Jr.		1923
Purks, John Edwin		1886
Purks, Paul Edwin		1920
Purnell, Robert Lee		1903m
Purse, Marshall Ashby		1890m
Pursley, Richard Thomas		1925
Pyles, George Wendell		1919t
Quarterman, Peter Clark		1909m
Quillan, Bascom Osborne		1905m
Quillan, W. H.		1907m
Quillian, Andrew Fletcher		1906
Quillian, Asbury William		1915
Quillian, Charles Fletcher		1903
Quillian, Claude Bernard		1906
Quillian, Clifford Gordan		1902
Quillian, Fetcher		1884
Quillian, Fletcher Arnold		1923
Quillian, Garnett Wiley		1904
Quillian, Guyton Raphael		1913
Quillian, Henry Milton		1913
Quillian, Hubert Travis		1911
Quillian, John Wiley		1883m
Quillian, John William		1906
Quillian, Joseph Asbury		1884
Quillian, Marvin Clarke		1895
Quillian, O. L.		1900
Quillian, Paul Whitfield		1914
Quillian, Ralph Randolph		1925
Quillian, Walter Albert		1924
Quillian, Warren Wilson		1922
Quillian, Willard Earl		1897
Quillian, William Fletcher		1901
Quin, Hugh Wallace		1902
Quin, Robert Smith		1910
Quinney, Gray		1901
Ragan, Willis Eugene, Jr.		1904
Ragland, T. Tinsley		1900
Ragsdale, J. B.		1918
Rahn, Preston Augustus		1921
Rainey, B. Tuckor		1913m
Rainey, Charles Oliver		1910m
Rainey, Granville Newton		1916
Rainey, Milton Saddler		1922
Ralls, Arthur Williams		1902m
Rambo, Charlie		1915
Rambo, Drury de Graffenreid		1912
Rambo, Samuel L.		1911
Rambo, Stafford		1883
Rampley, Brandon Henry		1916
Ramsay, Clinton Hall		1902m
Ramsay, Granville Storey		1923m
Ramsey, Coe David		1897
Ramsey, Ralph Lloyd		1923
Ramsey, Wallace W.		1919L
Randall, George B.		1910m
Randall, James A.		1901m
Randolph, William Tandy		1915m
Rankin, Joel Little		1923
Rankin, T. J.		1895
Rankin, William R.		1901m
Raoul, Eleonore		1920L
Rape, Benjamin Turner, Jr.		1921
Rape, Edwin Harold		1922
Rasmussen, John F.		1925t
Rast, John Marvin		1918
Ratcliffe, Herbert L.		1925
Ratledge, Arthur P.		1915t
Ratliffe, Joseph Wilson		1918m
Rawiszer, Hubert		1914m
Rawlings, Fred Bangs		1910
Rawlings, William F.		1873
Rawlins, R. D.		1913m
Rawls, James McNair		1901
Rawls, William B		1922m
Ray, Clarence Brewton		1918
Ray, Neill Angus, Jr.		1923
Ray, Olin		1916t
Ray, Smith W.		1914m
Ray, Thomas Quincy		1895m
Rayburn, Carl B.		1923t
Read, Charles Day		1903
Read, Henry Osgood		1916
Reagan, Edward Lyon		1909
Reagan, Frank		1899
Reamy, George S.		1922t
Reaves, Benjamin Franklin		1894m
Reavis, William Farrell		1911m
Rece, Ellis Heber		1925G
Redd, Homer L.		1913m
Redding, Charles Leonidas		1901
Redding, Clifford McNiel		1925
Redding, Henry S.		1896
Redding, J. H.		1870
Redding, W. B. 		1887
Redfearn, James Augustus		1911m
Redman, Harry		1924
Redus, Edward B.		1919t
Redwine, Word		1895m
Reed, Carson R.		1906m
Reed, Clinton		1915m
Reed, George Houston		1902
Rees, Albert William		1903
Rees, Clifford		1896
Rees, James Stinson		1914
Reese, D. S.		1906m
Reeve, James H.		1912
Reeve, John Randolph		1887m
Reeve, Thomas Ellis		1909
Reeves, Euchlin Dalcho, Jr.		1923L
Reeves, F. M.		1888m
Reeves, James Leak		1923
Reeves, Joseph A.		1903m
Reeves, Lucius Milam		1925
Register, D. W.		1914m
Rehberg, Albert W.		1922
Reich, Leo		1895m
Reid, Charles Washington		1882m
Reid, John Foster		1892m
Reid, Kenneth Lowder		1896m
Reid, Willaim Hazzie		1909m
Reid, William James		1886
Reitzel, Claude Everett		1902m
Renfroe, John Linton		1900
Rentz, Lawton S.		1915m
Rentz, William Carl		1915m
Reviere, Arthur C.		1923t
Reynolds, Herbert Lindley		1909m
Reynolds, John Chandler		1891
Reynolds, Julius M.		1913m
Reynolds, Luther Speed		1917t
Reynolds, Richard john		1925L
Reynolds, W. H.		1883m
Rheney, Frank Branch		1910
Rhodes, Charles Richard		1908
Rhodes, Robert Lewis		1906
Rice, Henry R.		1923
Rice, John B. McFerrin		1918t
Rice, John David		1900m
Rich, W. E.		1918m
Richard, Harris Hardaway		1925
Richards, H. Mercer		1909m
Richards, Richard Q		1917m
Richards, William Roy		1913m
Richardson, A. S.		1914
Richardson, Augustus Cullen		1912
Richardson, Charles Hyatt, Jr.		1904
Richardson, Everard Dugas		1901m
Richardson, James M.		1893
Richardson, Jefferson Lafayette		1922
Richardson, John Robert		1922
Richardson, John Walter		1913
Richardson, L. L.		1894m
Richardson, Leaver		1915
Richardson, M. J.		1910
Richardson, Marion Sims		1905m
Richardson, N. T.		1891m
Richardson, Royce L.		1914m
Richardson, William S.		1922L
Richter, Arthur Hugo		1920
Ricketson, G. M.		1894m
Ricks, Henry C.		1916m
Riden, Claude F.		1887m
Riden, V. B.		1918m
Ridgeway, Charles Henry		1925
Ridley, F. M.		1906m
Ridley, George Benjamin		1897
Ridley, Harry William		1921m
Ridley, Robert Berrien, Jr.		1902m
Riley, Julian G.		1922m
Riley, William Madison		1900m
Ripley, Edward Conner		1892m
Ritch, Colquitt Otis		1920
Ritchie, Andrew Jackson		1895
Rivers, Frank Proctor		1914
Rivers, Louise		1924G
Rivers, Thomas Milton		1909
Rivers, Walter A.		1894m
Rivers,Lovick Winfield		1874
Riviere, Paul		1921
Roach, G. S.		1881
Roach, George Samuel		1911
Robbins, Jesse Elbert		1886m
Robbins, William Jesse		1912m
Robert, Nannie L.		1924G
Roberts, Charles E.		1905
Roberts, Charles L.		1895
Roberts, Ernest L.		1888
Roberts, Forrest Adair		1917
Roberts, Gilbert M.		1913m
Roberts, Harry M.		1888
Roberts, J. F.		1906
Roberts, James H.		1912
Roberts, James William		1909
Roberts, John Young		1909
Roberts, Oscar William		1906m
Roberts, Raymond Reid		1922m
Roberts, Shaler S.		1914m
Roberts, Stewart R.		1900m
Roberts, Thomas Luther		1903
Roberts, Thomas Roscoe		1919m
Roberts, Warren		1902
Roberts, William Reden		1906m
Robertson, Arthur Grey		1908
Robertson, Aubie		1902
Robeson, Carl Norwood		1918
Robeson, Edward Jesse		1884
Robeson, Garland Fergusion		1913
Robeson, Linton Burnett		1886
Robins, John Barnett		1923
Robins, John Thomas		1895
Robinson, Edgar Lee		1920
Robinson, Gilbert Carmichael		1912
Robinson, Guy		1920
Robinson, J. C.		1909
Robinson, James Wilson		1915
Robinson, John Davis		1889m
Robinson, Lewis Franklin		1901m
Robinson, Luke, Jr.		1921
Robinson, Luke, Sr.		1893m
Robinson, Othor Lowe		1920
Robinson, Walter Clarence		1881m
Rochelle, Wylie Lambuth		1922
Rockmore, Marshall L.		1890
Rockwell, John Turner		1912
Rogers, Amory Audrey		1919m
Rogers, Clair Landis		1912
Rogers, David Hugh		1922
Rogers, E. Ray		1898
Rogers, E. S.		1868m
Rogers, Edgar Earl		1914m
Rogers, Edwin Augustus		1901
Rogers, Emmett Butler		1913
Rogers, Emory A.		1907
Rogers, Ernest		1920
Rogers, Floy Sterling		1897m
Rogers, Frank McKemie		1920
Rogers, Frank Willingham		1913m
Rogers, Holbert Asburry		1909m
Rogers, Howard Fairly		1921
Rogers, James Virgil		1919
Rogers, John Mitchell		1900m
Rogers, L. T.		1916t
Rogers, McLain		1902m
Rogers, Robert  Lee		1903m
Rogers, Robert Lee		1919m
Rogers, T. E.		1891m
Rogers, Thomas Cater		1914
Rogers, Thomas Edward		1910m
Rogers, Thomas Edwin		1916
Rogers, William Capers		1920t
Rogers, William DeMill		1894m
Rogers, William H.		1901m
Rogers, William Rokenbaugh, Jr.		1892
Rogers, William Travis		1917m
Rogers,Simeon William		1884
Roles, C. L.		1916m
Root, Charles L.		1909m
Rorie, James briggs		1907
Rorie, Paul Quain		1917t
Rorie, Thomas Oliver		1882
Ros, Arturo R.		1913m
Rose, Charles Albert		1923
Rose, John R.		1896m
Rose, Max Harry		1924
Rosenbloom, Benjamin		1911m
Ross, Benett Battle		1918h
Ross, H. B.		1895m
Ross, Raymond T.		1920t
Rosser, George Elijah		1901
Rosser, Harry, E.		1902m
Rosser, John Elijah		1902
Rosser, Luther Zeigler		1909
Rosser, Warren A.		1880
Rossiter, William P.		1924G
Rouglin, Louis Clarence		1901m
Rougon, Francis F.		1911m
Rouse, Louis Calvin		1902m
Rowan, Walter William		1915m
Rowe, Alvah Leo		1924m
Rowe, Harry Sam		1922m
Rowe, William Joseph, Jr.		1917t
Rowland, Albert Sidney		1891
Rowlett, William More, Jr.		1909m
Rowsey, Frank		1925
Rozar, A. R.		1911m
Rozzelle, C. Excell		1917t
Rubin, Samuel Nathan		1915m
Rucks, Berry Talmadge		1919m
Rudolph, James Amzi		1903
Rudolph, John Boyd		1894
Rudolph, K. L.		1915t
Rudy, Arva Vernon		1924t
Ruff, Robert Hamrick		1915t
Rumbel, Douglas		1904
Rumble, Bert		1916
Rumble, Lester		1915
Rumble, Theo., Jr.		1907
Rumble, Urban		1913
Rumble, Woodbridge		1910
Rumbley, Hector M.		1915m
Rumph, D. C.		1891m
Rumph, Eugene Postello		1895m
Rumph, John Mitchiner		1893m
Rumph, Lewis Benning		1894
Rush, Flecter Gray		1902
Rush, John Alfred		1924L
Rushin, Charles Edward		1914m
Rushin, Herbert		1906m
Rushing, Kimmie K.		1922t
Russell, Edward A.		1906m
Russell, Roland Doyle		1916m
Rustin, James Miller		1895
Rustin, John Wallace		1921
Rutland, R. Eugene		1920t
Rutland, Silas Clifford		1923m
Rutland, Thomas Luther		1909
Rutland, Willis Wade		1889m
Ryals, William M.		1887m
Saffold, Walter H.		1919
Sage, Dan Yale		1910m
Sage, Herbert Alexander		1900
Saggus, John Gordon		1912m
Saliba, Joseph A.		1908m
Salley, Samuel Marion		1925
Samford, Charles McDaniel		1898
Sammons, Vernon		1923G
Sample, James Linzy		1912m
Sams, Ferrol Aubrey, Sr.		1924L
Sams, Henry Lee		1907m
Samuels, S. Maimon		1899m
Sanchez, Butler Hall		1914m
Sanchez, Simon E.		1901m
Sandeford, Ralph Herman		1911
Sanders, Atticus Samuel		1921m
Sanders, Eugene H.		1918
Sanders, Freeman Hubert		1915m
Sanders, Wiley Britton		1919
Sanders, William Alexander		1922
Sanders, William Bryan		1885m
Sandford, Francke Warren		1925
Sandifer, Vollie L.		1915m
Sandiford, Horace		1909
Sandiford, Larmour Burns		1905
Sandiford, Perry Lathrop		1910
Sandlin, John Henry		1906
Sapp, E. Franklin		1911m
Sappington, Thos. J.		1910
Sarrette, James Naylor		1914
Sasnett, Edward Canning		1901
Sasser, Wilbur Winn.		1917
Satlof, Lee Meyer		1922
Sauls, Henry Cliff		1913m
Saunders, Albert Francis		1919m
Saunders, Charlie Holt		1890
Saunders, Dudley Rosser		1905
Saunders, Watkins A.		1911
Saussy, Fred T.		1894
Savage, James E.		1919t
Savage, James Henry		1915m
Sawyer, William Swoll		1923
Saxon, J. Harold		1914
Saye, William Earle		1917m
Scales, James Berry		1912
Scales, S. F.		1910m
Scanland, William Henry, Jr.		1905
Scarlett, William Pratt		1925m
Schachter, Harry Alton		1919m
Schisler, John Q.		1916t
Schley, Francis Brooking		1924m
Schnauss, F. W.		1906m
Schnauss, William Riley		1916m
Schnell, John Hoyle		1925
Schwam, Walter Nathan		1923
Schwartz, Abraham Bernard		1911m
Score, John Newton Russell		1916t
Scott, Adiel Roscoe		1902m
Scott, Andrew Eugene		1904
Scott, Benajah A., Jr.		1922
Scott, Edmond Franklin		1913
Scott, Henry Bell		1925
Scott, Homer Talmage		1912m
Scott, Isaac Judson		1922
Scott, Joseph Walter		1912m
Scott, Thomas Goodwin		1897
Scott, W.		1910m
Scott, William Marvin		1920L
Scoville, Virgil Powers		1898
Scrivner, Perry Dewey		1923G
Scruggs, Samuel A., Jr.		1914m
Scurry, Carroll J.		1916m
Seals, Thomas Davenport		1906
Sealy, O. F.		1916
Sealy, Wyatt Harris		1921
Seamon, Henry Ansley		1925
Searcy, Emory William		1923
Searcy, William Everard H., Jr.		1892
Seawright, Herschel V.		1900
Seay, John Autrey		1925
Seckinger, Francis David		1892
Seegers, Sidney Alexander		1917t
Segrest, G. O.		1924m
Selby, Gerald		1911m
Self, John Isaac		1913m
Self, Y. Marvin		1921t
Sellars, William David		1902m
Sellers, John A.		1917m
Sells, Jacob E.		1916m
Selman, Guy Stokely		1908m
Selman, Thomas Benton		1890m
Selman, William Arthur		1902m
Serex, Adrien M.		1924t
Sessions, Walter Wesley		1911m
Sessoms, John Gordon		1894
Sessoms, John Gordon, Jr.		1925
Settle, David Paschael		1916
Settle, Ezra Smith		1913
Sewell, Dillard Bearden		1908
Sewell, J. P.		1907
Sewell, James A.		1893m
Sewell, Lee Barron		1921
Sexton, W. G.		1887m
Shackleford, T. H.		1922G
Shackleford, Thomas Heflin		1915
Shacklett, Henry Lamar		1925
Shafer, Joseph J.		1897m
Shamblin, J. L.		1923m
Shamos, Abraham		1924
Shands, James Stafford		1908
Shankle, Arthur Grogan		1895
Shankle, Olin Estes		1904m
Shanks, Edgar D.		1913m
Shapard, Joseph Baugh		1925
Sharp, Clarence McKenney		1925
Sharp, Harold Sewell		1920
Sharp, John S.		1912
Sharp, Joseph A.		1892
Sharp, Joseph Worth		1919
Sharp, Oliver Ledbetter		1920
Sharp, Ramsey Colquitt		1894
Sharp, Winfield K., Jr.		1913m
Sharpe, George B.		1893m
Sharpton, Benjamin Tillman		1917m
Shaver, Henry McCord		1913
Shaw, Cecil Curry		1923
Shaw, Clarence Hadden		1919t
Shaw, Edward Nisbet		1924m
Shaw, Horace Thompson		1887
Shaw, James Tennant		1925
Shaw, Judson Bonner		1917
Shaw, Lowndes Walton		1915m
Shaw, William Arnold		1862
Shaw, William James		1895m
Shearouse, Fred LaRoche		1924
Shearouse, H. G.		1918
Shearouse, John William		1921m
Shearouse, Joseph Baynard		1913
Sheats, Thomas George		1881m
Sheldon, William Alexander		1892m
Sheldon, William Garnett		1922
Shelfer, William		1923L
Shell, William Thomas		1895m
Shellnutt, William C.		1903m
Shelton, Charles Bascom		1902
Shelton, Floyd Bunyan		1920t
Shelton, George Lang		1911
Shelton, Louis P.		1911
Shelton, William Arthur		1914h
Shen, J. S.		1925t
Shen, John Wesley		1919t
Shepard, Charles Elias		1917
Shepard, Charles Leighton		1903
Shepard, John L.		1908m
Shepard, Thomas Jay		1895
Shepard, W. A.		1905
Shepard, William Marshall		1892m
Shepherd, Sam J., Jr.		1919
Shepherd, Samuel T.		1902m
Sheppard, Charles Webb		1891m
Sheppard, James Harry		1922
Sheppard, Walter Raleigh		1924L
Sherard, William Augustus		1924
Sherertz, Dwight Lamar		1919t
Sherman, Benjamin F.		1925
Sherman, Joseph Sydney		1892
Sherman, Lucile		1923G
Sherman, William Erastes		1916m
Sherouse, George Washington		1910m
Shetter, Andrew G.		1917m
Shields , Henry Bascom		1882m
Shields, Harold Franklin		1908m
Shields, John Augustus		1893
Shields, Walter Glenn		1919
Shingler, John Monroe, Jr.		1922
Shipp, George Wilmot		1887m
Shipp, Henry H.		1902m
Shippey, Stuart Hunter		1923m
Shirah, Henry Colvin		1924
Short, William Bascom		1885
Shotts, Thomas D.		1915m
Shruptrine, W. O.		1899
Shuler, Homer L. F.		1923t
Shuptrine, Herman C.		1897
Sibbett, William A.		1910m
Sibbett, William Frederick		1888m
Silver, Abraham Gene		1924
Silver, Louis		1925
Simmons, Benjamin K.		1907m
Simmons, David Ramsay		1924
Simmons, J. I.		1909m
Simmons, Jack R.		1924L
Simmons, James Walton		1907
Simmons, Malcolm Moore		1900
Simmons, Terrell E.		1883
Simmons, William E.		1858
Simms, Benjamin F.		1925
Simms, James Phillip		1882
Simms, James Reagan, Jr.		1923
Simpson, Addison Wingfield		1898m
Simpson, Henry Thomas		1905m
Simpson, Hugh Lewis		1924
Simpson, John James, Jr.		1923
Simpson, Oliver Oglethorpe		1882m
Sims, Jack Henderson		1882m
Sims, John Henry, Jr.		1922
Sims, Marshall Redding		1913m
Sims, W. C.		1898m
Sineath, Robert Milton		1924
Singleton, Gray		1912
Singleton, John G.		1923L
Singleton, Joseph James		1878
Sinkoe, Samuel J.		1913m
Sirmons, John Chester		1912
Skeen, Augusta		1924G
Skipper, Clarence Toombs		1913m
Skipworth, James L.		1896m
Slack, Henry Richmond		1891m
Slade, Joseph William		1920
Slappey, John G.		1875m
Slappey, Walter Gordon		1900
Slaton, William Martin		1873
Slaughter, Thomas Adrian		1924G
Slaughter, Thomas K.		1899m
Sloan, Elihu Frank		1916m
Sloan, Hugh Johnston		1904
Sloan, William David		1912m
Sloan, Wyman P.		1918m
Slocumb, Clyde Buchanan		1912m
Small, Arthur P.		1900
Smathers, Ray Kenneth		1922L
Smirh, George Frederick		1921
Smith, A. H.		1913m
Smith, Alfred C.		1912m
Smith, Alfred Goodrich		1899
Smith, Alwyn Means		1886
Smith, Andrew Louis		1925
Smith, Arthur Riddick		1910
Smith, Austin L.		1905m
Smith, B. Decatur		1889m
Smith, Barnes G.		1911
Smith, Baxter Fenelon		1894
Smith, Benjamin H.		1925G
Smith, Burdette		1910m
Smith, Buttrell Taylor		1906m
Smith, C. Herbert		1902
Smith, Cecil Howard		1883
Smith, Charles Slighter		1914m
Smith, Charles W.		1923
Smith, Clarence Lloyd		1895
Smith, Claude A.		1898m
Smith, Claude Crayton		1895
Smith, Clifford Lewis		1886
Smith, Dwight L.		1909
Smith, E. B.		1899
Smith, Earl McLean		1907
Smith, Edmund Carlyle		1921
Smith, Edward		1907
Smith, Edward Clyde		1922
Smith, Edward Cooper		1907m
Smith, Edward Earl		1923
Smith, Emmett Marion		1871m
Smith, Euler Beaufort		1879
Smith, George Frederick		1925
Smith, George Washington, Jr.		1909m
Smith, Guy Trimble		1902
Smith, Henry A.		1923m
Smith, Henry Marshall		1877m
Smith, Henry T.		1919
Smith, Herschel Aticus		1914m
Smith, Horace Stratton		1899
Smith, Howard Kingman		1917
Smith, Howard Morgan		1895m
Smith, Hubert Mann		1884
Smith, Ira Ellis Casper W., Jr.		1905m
Smith, J. O.		1916
Smith, James Allen		1924
Smith, James Archer		1914m
Smith, James Horace		1877m
Smith, James Lee		1910m
Smith, James M.		1898m
Smith, James M.		1911m
Smith, James Robert		1892m
Smith, James T.		1908m
Smith, Jefferson G.		1899m
Smith, John Alexander		1899
Smith, John Dixon		1912
Smith, John R.		1909m
Smith, Joseph A.		1925G
Smith, Joseph Hill		1925L
Smith, Julius Lundie		1888
Smith, Lee Edward		1916m
Smith, Leon Perdue		1892
Smith, Leon Perdue, Jr.		1919
Smith, Lewis Monroe		1925m
Smith, Linton		1902m
Smith, Louis Gilman		1897
Smith, Loyd Carleton		1874
Smith, Loyd V.		1910
Smith, Lucius Neal		1925
Smith, Luther Andrew		1904
Smith, Luther R.		1912
Smith, M. Egbert		1914
Smith, Malcom McNeil		1923
Smith, Manly Coke		1913m
Smith, Marion Lofton		1921t
Smith, Marvin Farris		1913m
Smith, Marvin Henry		1910m
Smith, Marvin L.		1920t
Smith, Marvin Riddick		1902
Smith, Marvin Wesley		1908
Smith, Oliver A.		1923m
Smith, Oscar Bramlitt		1894
Smith, Otis Stanford		1899
Smith, Palmer Julian		1900
Smith, Parrish Stewart		1904m
Smith, Paul B.		1909
Smith, Perry Hill		1899
Smith, Ralph Edward		1891m
Smith, Ralph Nelville		1896
Smith, Rembert Gillman		1897
Smith, Robert Bigham		1917
Smith, S. H.		1899m
Smith, Singleton Starr		1892m
Smith, Sumner J.		1886m
Smith, Sydney Kittrell		1904
Smith, Taylor Buttrell		1923
Smith, Thomas Cook		1917
Smith, Thomas Harding		1911m
Smith, Thomas Hudson		1924
Smith, Van		1885m
Smith, Weelam I. M.		1886m
Smith, William Carlos		1908
Smith, William Carter		1924
Smith, William Eldridge		1918
Smith, William Franklin		1880
Smith, William Virginius		1912
Smith, Wright Belt		1888
Snavely, Guy Everett		1925h
Snelling, James Palmer		1913
Snelling, Murdock Murphy		1922
Snelling, Richard Jackson		1920
Snellings, Roy Nolan		1909
Snider, George Sellars		1925
Snider, J. T.		1896m
Snoddy, James S.		1924m
Snoddy, Thomas E.		1925m
Snow, Henry Oscar		1900m
Snow, James Harry		1922
Snow, Livingston		1908
Snow, Russell Easterling		1910
Snow, William Wymer		1913
Snyder, George Francis		1909
Snyder, Herbert Drew		1916m
Socoloff, Ely		1924
Soloman, Stephen Malone		1872
Solomon, Steve M., Jr.		1908
Sowell, Homer Clayton		1914
Spangler, George Ellis		1923m
Sparkman, Lamar B.		1904
Sparkman, Stephen M., Jr.		1907
Sparks, George Marvin		1907
Sparks, H. O.		1902m
Sparks, James Frederick		1924t
Spearman, Frank Griger		1915
Spearman, Guy Fleming		1910m
Spearman, Matthew Whitfield		1911m
Spearman, Rufus Edmund		1905
Spears, Francis		1918
Spears, Thomas Alphonsus		1921
Spears, William Thomas		1884m
Speck, John Rhodes		1884
Speer, Clarence Elliott		1904
Speer, James T.		1901
Speer, Joseph Richard		1898
Speer, Stark Perry		1906
Speer, William Alexander		1887
Speer, Zedekiah		1896
Speight, Jess Cicero		1886
Spence, Claude Sullivan		1922
Spencer, Claude Joptha		1917
Spencer, David VanBuren		1913
Spencer, Jacob John		1915m
Spencer, Matthew Lyle		1903
Spiers, William Henry		1914m
Spinks, James Munro		1879m
Spinks, R. N.		1893m
Spiva, David Jere		1885
Spivey, John Carlton		1910
Spooner, D. S.		1909m
Sporman, MacCrellans P.		1913m
Spragins, Hal S.		1923
Sprayberry, Alonzo Melvin		1904
Sprayberry, Maury A.		1920
Spurlin, Paul Merrill		1925
Stabins, Samuel Jay		1925m
Stafford, Benjamin Alvis		1879
Stallings, Henry Arnold		1911
Stallings, Homer Sylvanus		1902m
Stallings, Otto P.		1890
Stallings, William Jesse		1904
Stallworth, C. J.		1912m
Stallworth, James Parker		1907m
Stallworth,William Allen		1924m
Stamey, Enoch Lafayette		1895m
Stampa, Samuel		1916m
Stamper, Jesse R.		1916m
Stancil, Walter Washington		1919
Standefer, Rufus E.		1915m
Standifer, Edgar Thomas		1923G
Stanford, Johnston Harrison		1913
Stanford, L. L.		1910
Stanford, W. H.		1913
Stanley, Henry Breazeale		1894m
Stanton, Elbert Miller		1920t
Staples, Thomas Starling		1904
Stapleton, Hiram		1904m
Starnes, Charles Fulton		1919t
Starnes, Denny Clark		1925
Starnes, W. A.		1897m
Starr, Donald P.		1913
Starr, Linton Kelly		1910
Starr, Trammell		1908
Staton, Albert H.		1923t
Statum, Job Nelson		1888m
Steele, Leslie Jasper		1893
Steele, William Henry		1900m
Stegall, Paul A.		1915m
Steinberg, Benjamin		1920
Steinberg, Benjamin		1922m
Stem, Bertha L.		1924G
Stephens, A. R.		1888m
Stephens, Alexander Hamilton		1899
Stephens, Edward Alexander		1893
Stephens, Henry McHaig		1924
Stephens, Robert Bruce		1925
Stephens, Robert Grier		1905m
Stephens, Selden Harbour		1923m
Stephenson, Robert Mille		1908m
Stephenson, Roy Williamson		1909
Stephenson, W. C. 		1918
Stevens, George Webb		1884
Stevens, Harris		1894
Stevens, Orbie Hampton		1919
Stevens, R. C.		1892m
Stevens, Wiliam Sydney		1886
Stevenson, Clyde Allison		1907m
Stevenson, Joel J.		1923t
Stewart, Arthur Pierce		1916
Stewart, Arthur Thomas		1914
Stewart, Glenn W.		1923t
Stewart, Henry Boardman		1879m
Stewart, Jack B.		1886
Stewart, James Edwin		1920
Stewart, James Henry		1892
Stewart, John Chesley		1910m
Stewart, Joseph Fleming		1888
Stewart, Joseph Spencer		1883
Stewart, Joseph Terrell		1923
Stewart, Paul Roger		1916
Stewart, Thomas Hill, Jr.		1914m
Stewart, W. K.		1907m
Stidham, James Simeon		1881m
Stiles, Samuel Vernon		1910
Stilwell, H. G.		1914
Stipe, Carl Evans		1923
Stipe, Henry Everett		1919t
Stipe, John Gordon		1907
Stipe, John Wesley		1899
Stirling, William Calhann		1883m
Stockard, Cecil		1908m
Stokes, Clarence Jordan		1923
Stokes, Marion Boyd		1923G
Stokes, Richard Leonard		1924
Stokes, Robert Nichols		1915
Stokes, Thomas Henry		1912m
Stokes, Wesley Lane		1922
Stone Harry R.		1916
Stone, Albert Asa		1919
Stone, Alonzo C.		1888
Stone, Bonnell Harold		1908
Stone, Camp B.		1914m
Stone, Elbert B.		1919t
Stone, Frank Irwin		1924
Stone, Geo. Washington Whitfield		1875
Stone, George Howard		1911
Stone, Henry Harlan		1880
Stone, R. E.		1891m
Stone, William Lowry		1913
Stone, William Stewart		1919t
Story, John J.		1905
Story, Warren L.		1888m
Stough, M. S.		1899m
Stovall, Carl Theodore, Jr.		1908
Stovall, Charles Theodore		1879m
Stovall, Henry C.		1908m
Stovall, J. Burt		1895
Stovall, J. C.		1894m
Stovall, James Edwin		1925
Stovall, Rupert Hope		1901
Stow, Micollius Norman		1893m
Stowe, William Edgar		1925
Stradley, John G.		1923t
Straiton, John Alvis		1887
Strange, O. A.		1912
Strange, William Ayers		1924
Street, Graham		1899m
Stribling, G. B.		1906m
Strickland, Allan Julian, Jr.		1923
Strickland, Charles Edward		1922
Strickland, Dean Atkinson		1919
Strickland, Edgar Eugene		1904m
Strickland, Ellyne Elizabeth		1924L
Strickland, H. C.		1890m
Strickland, James O.		1901m
Strickland, Leland S.		1917m
Strickland, Robert, Jr.		1914
Strickland, William A.		1907m
Strickland, William R.		1908
Strickler, Cyrus Warren		1897m
Stringer, James B.		1921t
Stringer, Myron Scott		1921
Stroud, Dean		1924
Stroud, J. H.		1887m
Strozier, A. W.		1892
Strozier, Edmond Walton		1914
Strozier, Edmond Wilbur		1892
Strozier, Harry Stone		1905
Strozier, Henry Milton		1887
Strozier, Walker Smith		1913
Strozier, William Alfred		1919
Stubbs, Alpheus Cook		1923
Stubbs, William Benjamin		1919
Sturdivant, Harwell Presley, Jr.		1923
Styles, Oscar Rance		1915m
Suarez, Raymond, Jr.		1925
Sudderth, John P.		1891m
Suggs, C. E.		1912m
Sullivan, Camillus Caruthers		1922
Sullivan, Clyde Franklin		1925
Sullivan, James Morgan		1886m
Sullivan, Thomas Marvin		1908
Summer, David Bardin		1924
Summerlin, J. Lee		1916m
Summers, George Edwin		1924t
Summers, Moody Chamberlain		1915
Summers, Welborne Lucius		1921G
Sumner, Gordon Sikes		1906m
Sumner, Robert Glenn		1917
Suttles, W. O.		1910
Sutton, E. Boyd		1914
Sutton, Frederick M.		1901m
Sutton, James Carlton		1917
Sutton, Willis A.		1903
Swabey, John B.		1895m
Swann, Coy Alvin		1923
Swann, Joseph Charles		1890m
Swann, William Joseph		1924m
Swann, William Kirk		1911m
Swearingen, George Crawford		1888
Sweet, Frank Dumont		1916m
Swiain, Fred A.		1895
Swift, Edwin C.		1924m
Swift, James Young		1893
Swift, William Augustin		1892
Swilling, Marvin		1907
Swindell, Samuel A.		1919t
Swygert, Efird C.		1883
Sydenstricker, Vivian Alexander		1921
Name         			Class
Tabor, Frank Herbert		1925
Tabor, Fred Cox			1907
Tabor, J. F.			1876
Tabor, Patrick P.		1921t
Talbot, Henry Pierce		1923
Talbot, Hugh Inman		1919
Taliaferro, V. H.		1892m
Talley, Clarence Lee		1923
Talley, Robert Edward		1895m
Tankersley, James S.		1884m
Tanner, Archie Colquitt		1910
Tanner, John Perry		1917
Tanner, William Francis		1910m
Tanner, William H.		1903m
Tanner, William T.		1888
Tarbutton, Benjamine James	1905
Tarpley, Robert Curtis		1918
Tarpley, Zachary Clifford	1918
Tarver, Henry Andrew		1884
Tarver, Thomas H.		1923
Tate, Henry Lanford		1920t
Tate, James E.			1917t
Tate, John Victor		1907m
Tate, Lucius Eugene		1899
Tatom, Fletcher Lothair		1895m
Tatum, Lewis A.			1923
Tatum, Luther Strayhand		1923
Tatum, P. A.			1905m
Tatum, William Briggs		1916m
Tatum, William Jefferson	1897m
Taylor, Boyd E.			1923
Taylor, C. M.			1886
Taylor, E. H.			1894
Taylor, George M.		1905m
Taylor, J. E.			1919
Taylor, James C.		1924G
Taylor, James Oliver Jelks	1912
Taylor, James R.		1898m
Taylor, James W.		1874m
Taylor, James W.		1911
Taylor, John C.			1916m
Taylor, John Lester		1909m
Taylor, John Moore		1925
Taylor, John W.			1875m
Taylor, Joseph Jaques		1900
Taylor, Marshall		1903m
Taylor, Matthew Whitmae		1874
Taylor, Quintard		1914m
Taylor, Richard Porter		1896
Taylor, Roy George		1920
Taylor, Thomas Walter		1915m
Taylor, William B.		1917h
Taylor, William Broxton		1897m
Taylor, William Granville, 	1904
Taylor, William Hodnet		1881
Teague, John Lawson		1884
Teasley, Clyde E.		1912
Teasley, George I,		1880
Teasley, John Robert		1919
Temples, Andrew			1893m
Templeton, Robert Allan		1891
Tennille, Frank St. Clair	1900
Terrell, J. H.			1901m
Terrell, John Hudson, Jr.	1910m
Terrell, William Pleasant	1914m
Terry, Andrew Ezell		1924
Terry, Hal Mabry		1902m
Terry, John Franklin		1920L
Terry, William Rufus		1890m
Thames, James G.		1910m
Thames, Rufus			1906m
Tharpe, T. E.			1891
Therrel, Frank Buchanan		1924
Thigpen, Gains Richard		1893m
Thomas,  Wesley C.		1914m
Thomas, Audree Madison		1925
Thomas, Benjamin Franklin	1917m
Thomas, Charles Clopton		1892
Thomas, David Yancey		1894
Thomas, Edward Gaudry		1898
Thomas, Edward Gray		1877
Thomas, George Neal		1916
Thomas, Jack		1924
Thomas, John Frank		1916
Thomas, John G,		1912m
Thomas, Joseph Anderson		1884
Thomas, Joseph M.		1893m
Thomas, Lavens Mathewson		1922t
Thomas, Napoleon Roscoe		1913m
Thomas, Ralph Methvin		1894
Thomas, Wales Wimberly		1905
Thomas, Walter Pendleton		1886
Thomas, Walter Samuel		1920t
Thomas, William Clark		1911
Thomas, William Evan		1924t
Thomas, William Holcombe		1887
Thomas, William Pendleton		1886
Thomas, William R.		1909m
Thomason, J. W.		1913m
Thomason, Karl		1919
Thomason, Warner Lee		1921m
Thomasson, William Edward		1911m
Thompson, Alfred Linley		1921
Thompson, Arthur Hays		1896
Thompson, Charles Amos		1925
Thompson, Ernest		1924
Thompson, Eugene F.		1915m
Thompson, George Donald		1911m
Thompson, George E.		1901m
Thompson, Henry W.		1880
Thompson, Homer 		1916
Thompson, John Barkwell, Jr.		1924
Thompson, Otis Richard		1914
Thompson, William Calhoun		1910m
Thompson, William Ernest		1895
Thomson, Albert Danner		1898
Thomson, John Danner		1899
Thomson, Logan Danner		1904
Thomson, Robert Corley		1898
Thomson, Thomas Harris		1895
Thomson, Wade Hampton		1925
Thomson, William Danner		1895
Thornhill, William Thomas		1912m
Thornton, Edward E.		1922L
Thornton, Henry E.		1894M
Thornton, L. E.		1901m
Thoroughman, James Chanslor		1924
Thrailkill, J. S.		1923t
Thrash, James Andrews		1914m
Thrasher, Barton Edmonds, Jr.		1903
Thrasher, Paul Edmond		1923
Threatte, Traver B.		1924m
Threlkel, George Washington		1900
Thrower, Marvin Lawrence		1896
Thurmond, W. D.		1879h
Thurston, John Allen		1914m
Tickell, Alfred H.		1891m
Tidmore, Thomas Lee		1924m
Tigner, Edward Andrews		1890
Tigner, F. C.		1883
Tilley, James Peck, Jr.		1908
Tilley, John Shipley		1898
Tillis, Wylie Lee		1915m
Tillman, Carl Gustave		1912
Tillman, George Clarence		1914m
Tilly, Alvin Augustus		1888
Tilly, Eben Fletcher		1924
Tilly, Jasper Alfred		1913
Timberlake, Lewis R.		1914m
Timmons, Benson E. L.		1906
Timmons, George Vaughan		1913
Timmons, Herbert Fletcher		1902
Timmons, Lamar Hill		1916
Timmons, Robert Hill		1902
Tindall, William Watts		1900
Tindel, Horace		1914m
Tinley, David Palma		1923
Tinsley, Mary Hortense		1924
Tinsley, Mary Hortense		1925G
Tinsley, Nisbet		1898
Tippins, Henry L.		1913m
Tippins, William Clyde		1925
Tipton, Walter Charles		1908m
Tisinger, Emmet Lavender		1920m
Titshaw, Homer Scott		1920m
Todd, Lucius Newton		1912
Todd, R. W.		1912m
Toepel, Theodore		1899m
Tolleson, Henry Madison		1924
Tomlinson, J. Pitt		1898m
Tomlinson, John Pitts, Jr.		1922
Toole, Gordon		1924
Toole, Samuel Westcott		1920
Tootle, G. W.		1895m
Torbett, John Walter		1895m
Torbett, Oscar Lee Ashby		1909m
Touchton, George L.		1909m
Touchton, Walton C.		1914m
Townsend, Charles V.		1924m
Townsend, Jackson Norton		1909
Towson, Lambuth Reilly		1915
Trammell, B. H.		1888
Trammell, Charles Monroe		1907
Trammell, Ervin Godfrey		1925
Trammell, Lee		1915
Trammell, O. B.		1910
Trammell, Walter Blount		1919
Travis, John Livingston		1887
Travis, Robert Jesse		1897
Travis, William Darracott		1890
Trawick, Howard Clinton		1925
Trawick, William Hawkins		1899
Treadaway, Thomas L.		1890m
Trenholm, J. B.		1900
Trent, Powhaton Glover		1888m
Trentham, J. C.		1881m
Trentham, James W.		1913m
Treusch, Herbert Louis		1923
Trevena, William Arthur		1911m
Tribble, James Mercer		1914m
Tribble, N. O.		1915m
Trigg, Daniel C., Jr.		1912m
Trimble, Clifton Franklin		1905
Trimble, George Calhoun		1888m
Trimble, Josephus Clements		1906
Trimble, Richard B.		1911
Trimble, Robert Wilbur		1886
Trimble, William Hugh		1923
Tripp, William Austin		1894m
Troutman, Baldwin Littleton		1905
Truett, J. M.		1919t
Tuck, Claude		1898
Tuck, Seab Arnold		1920m
Tucker, Charles L.		1892m
Tucker, Luther Paul		1902
Tufts, Frank H.		1924
Tuggle, Grover Cleveland		1910m
Tulloh, Arnold E.		1923t
Turk, John P.		1904m
Turk, Lucas Newton, Jr., (Mrs)		1925G
Turk, W. P.		1892m
Turnbull, Theodore Tiffany		1902
Turner, George Pierce		1877
Turner, J. M.		1859
Turner, Jefferson Davis		1881
Turner, Joe Liddell		1924
Turner, John Duncan		1902
Turner, John Pattillo		1923
Turner, John R.		1912m
Turner, John William		1910
Turner, Leon Edward		1923
Turner, Melville		1921
Turner, S. L.		1911m
Turner, Simeon Morton		1900
Turner, Thomas Foster		1884
Turner, William Joseph		1893m
Turner, William Taylor		1921
Turrentine, George Edward		1916t
Twiggs, W. M.		1915
Tye, Clarence Oscar		1897m
Tye, James Pearce		1923
Tyler, Robert Z.		1922t
Tyre, Chambers M.		1911m
Tyre, J. L.		1910m
Tyson, John F.		1889
Tyson, W. W.		1889m
Tyson, William Ainsworth	1913
Umberger, John C.		1916t
Underwood, Ewing Dixon		1920L
Underwood, F. L. 		1910m
Underwood, Julius Marcellus		1883m
Underwood, Thomas G.		1885m
Upchurch, Wilborn Arthur		1902m
UpChurch, Wilborn Earle		1925
Upshaw, Charles Bill		1917m
Upshaw, Harry Lee		1915m
Ussery, Gordon Clopton		1919m
Ussery, Robert Guyton		1919
Ussery, Thomas Sydney		1915m
Van Bergan, Charles		1897m
Van Brunt, Horace Dickey		1912
Van Buren, Ebert		1923
Van DeVanter, Edward		1882m
Van Dyke, A. H.		1894m
Van Horne, David Spence		1897
Van Valkenburg, J. E.		1915
Van Zandt, Lewis Wayne		1909m
Vanlandingham, Robert Roscoe		1913
Vann, James Thompson		1921
Vansant, James Patrick		1915m
Varn, George Holland		1924t
Vaughan, Harry James		1916m
Vaughn, Charles J.		1893m
Vaughn, Hershel Johnson		1902
Vaughn, William Bogle		1891m
Vaughn, William Glower		1912
Veatch, G. W.		1916
Veatch, Jesse William		1913
Velasco, Pablo		1923
Venable, Gus Foute		1900
Venters, Walter Hay		1907
Verdel, Clarence Melancthon		1870
Verdier, Richard Augustus		1908m
Vermilya, Webb Hopt		1924L
Vermilye, John Hoagland		1914m
Verner, Carl Hugh		1912m
Verner, John David, Jr.		1915m
Via, Bernard S.		1924t
Vickers, C. T.		1913m
Vickers, Shelton Oliver		1896
Vickers, William Leonard		1920m
Vineyard, Abram Evans		1891m
Vineyard, Thomas Leonard		1908m
Vinson, Curtis D.		1922m
Vinson, Frank		1924
Vinson, George Allen		1881m
Vinson, J. C.		1906m
Vinson, John William		1904
Vinson, Samuel Luther		1895m
Vinson, Willie Joseph		1911m
Vinton, Luther Mansfield		1921m
Vogt, Ferdinand August		1919m
Voorhees, Edward Kinsey, Jr.	1925
Waddell, James Benjamin, Jr.		1920
Wade, Albert B.		1909
Wade, Guy R.		1915
Wade, Howard Madison		1898
Wade, Hugh Wesley		1912m
Wade, Miles Lovett		1905
Wade, Warren Benjamin		1925G
Wainwright, Joseph		1923t
Waits, Charles Edward		1915m
Waits, Elmer Lee		1922
Walker, Arthur Cochran		1915m
Walker, Charles Hillery		1909m
Walker, David Stewart		1915t
Walker, Edward Valentine		1916
Walker, Edward Yancey, Jr.		1920
Walker, Frederick Moore		1908
Walker, George Dawson		1905m
Walker, George Leonard, Jr.		1923
Walker, George T.		1877m
Walker, Glenn R.		1924
Walker, J. B.		1916m
Walker, J. H.		1872
Walker, John Hicks		1925
Walker, John L.		1879m
Walker, John R.		1924G
Walker, John Richard		1925
Walker, L. W.		1904
Walker, Morris Joel		1918
Walker, Thomas Tipton		1924
Walker, Wallace Haynes		1921
Walker, Walter B.		1890
Walker, William Henry		1910m
Walker, Williams Powell		1881m
Walkup, William Childress		1923
Wall, Allen B.		1907
Wall, Charles Lupo		1911
Wall, J. Edgar		1893
Wall, James		1891m
Wall, John Cox		1907m
Wallace, George Lamar		1924
Wallace, John		1911m
Waller, Joseph Johnson		1892m
Waller, Thomas Frank		1918
Walley, Willis		1902m
Wallis, George William		1886m
Wallis, Howard Gilbert		1908m
Wallis, James Reuben		1903m
Walston, Charles Rowe		1924
Walter, William R.		1923
Walters, James Harry		1912m
Walters, Sim Douglas		1921
Walthour, Charles H.		1922L
Waltom, James A.		1884
Walton, Fletcher		1909h
Walton, O. P.		1893
Walton, P. W.		1899
Walton, Simpson Barker		1913
Wansley, Watkins Beverly		1907
Ward, Benjamin Harvey Hill		1908m
Ward, Charles Pelham		1894m
Ward, Charles Sims		1909
Ward, Emmet		1916m
Ward, James A.		1891m
Ward, John Brewton		1913
Ward, John Franklin		1907m
Ward, John W.		1898m
Ward, Jubal Benjamin		1912m
Ward, Leonard C.		1899m
Ward, Massey Jernigan		1925
Ward, Melgie		1906m
Ward, Thomas Henry		1905
Wardlaw, Albert Goodall		1879
Wardlaw, J. P. 		1874
Wardlaw, James Powell		1922
Wardlaw, Joseph Coachman		1895
Wardlaw, W. C. 		1900
Ware, C. B.		1918t
Ware, Cornelius Edward		1912m
Ware, Lawton Henry		1916
Ware, Leonidas A.		1893
Warlick, T. J.		1893
Warnell, John  Braxton		1900m
Warnell, Willis Braxton		1925
Warner, Archie Julian		1924
Warner, Byron Hilbun		1922
Warnock, R. T.		1921m
Warnock, Samuel Delbridge		1893m
Warren, James Edward		1888
Warren, Lott, Jr.		1911
Warren, Robert Franklin		1911m
Warren, William Chester		1890m
Warren, William Chester, Jr.		1920
Warren, William Henderson		1910
Warson, Karl Elwood		1908
Warwick, James Paul		1917
Warwick, Jesse		1920t
Wase, Robert Hugh		1925t
Wassom, Samuel Edwar, Jr.		1925
Waters, Charles Wesley		1914m
Waters, George L.		1923t
Waters, Harris M.		1923t
Waters, William Carter, Jr.		1922
Watkins, Adolphus Parker		1905
Watkins, Alfred A.		1923t
Watkins, Andrew Rufus		1892m
Watkins, Howell Lee		1916
Watkins, John Dixie		1886
Watkins, Norman Franklin		1925
Watkins, Tom Owen		1925
Watkins, William Baker		1890m
Watkins, William Peterson, Jr.		1922
Watkins, William Turner		1916
Watson, Bailey Gordon		1923
Watson, Joseph William		1906m
Watson, Marion Noble		1925
Watson, Wade Hampton		1907
Watts, H. E.		1902m
Watts, William Bruce		1905
Watwood, James A.		1925m
Way, Leland Francis		1916m
Way, Samuel Yulee		1889
Weathers, Jesse Seaborn		1904
Weaver, Charles Anderson		1900
Weaver, Elton Cowart		1924
Weaver, Olin Heard		1894m
Weaver, R. N.		1901m
Weaver, William Morgan		1917
Webb, F. G.		1891
Webb, Frederick Leon		1914m
Webb, James Franklin		1869m
Webb, James R.		1911
Webb, Jeff Newton		1915m
Webb, John W.		1922L
Webb, Marcus L.		1909m
Webb, Morris Payne		1919
Webb, Reul Ray		1919L
Webb, Roy Lee		1924
Weber, William Wilson		1915
Weddington, James L.		1898m
Weddington, James Lester, Jr.		1920
Weekes, John Wesley		1924
Weekes, Polemon Leon, Jr.		1925
Weeks, L. R.		1908m
Weems, George E.		1904m
Weems, Howard Vincent		1917
Weems, Nathaniel Marion		1924m
Weil, A. Sigmund		1925L
Weinkle, Barney O.		1917m
Weinkle, Isaac		1925
Welch, Carl B.		1906m
Welch, J. M. 		1892m
Welch, L. L.		1921m
Welden, Andrew Carl		1910
Welden, John Burrell		1906m
Weldon, J. M.		1913m
Wellborn, Carlton Juan		1917m
Wells, George Raymond		1892m
Wells, Grady B.		1912m
Wells, James Riley		1897m
Wells, Samuel Percival		1904m
Wells, Walter Frank		1911m
Wendel, William Bean		1923
Wesley, Charles Warren		1923t
Wesley, Ottis H.		1910
Wesley, Robert McClung		1894
West, Carroll Mulkey		1916m
West, Casper Quinton		1891m
West, Henry Haynes		1914
West, Hugh		1923m
West, John Pierce		1918t
West, Lyman F.		1923
West, Paul Douglass		1924
Westbrook, William Joseph		1888m
Westmoreland, George W.		1916
Westmoreland, Willis F.		1885m
Westmoreland, Willis Foreman		1915m
Weston, W. M.		1906
Whaley, William Eldrid		1915
Wharton, Joseph Burleson		1900m
Wheat, Joseph Hosphmer		1919m
Wheeler, Alton Everett		1899m
Wheeler, Nicholas A.		1907m
Wheeler, Wesley Taylor		1911
Wheelis, David M.		1887m
Whelchel, Alvin John		1905m
Whelchel, Cleveland Davis		1913m
Whelchel, Guy O.		1912m
Whelchel, J. B.		1916m
Whiddon, Lester Lee		1916m
Whipple, Allen Pugh, Jr.		1921
Whipple, Robert LaFayette		1896m
Whipple, Wendell Knight		1925
Whitaker, A. S.		1870m
Whitaker, Lorenzo Robert		1922
White A. W.		1913m
White, Anthony		1894m
White, Atticus Watson		1909
White, B. L.		1912m
White, Charles Hardeman		1921
White, Frank Raymond		1912
White, George M.		1906m
White, Goodrich Cook		1908
White, H. W.		1895
White, Herbert Eugene		1923m
White, James Stephenson		1923
White, John C.		1889m
White, John Elmer		1923t
White, John W.		1891m
White, Oliver Thomas		1902m
White, Paul F.		1906
White, Pierce Green		1925
White, R. Pierce		1884m
White, Ralph Eugene		1916
White, Sibley Lanier		1919
White, Stephens Wesley		1920t
White, W. E.		1912m
White, William C.		1905m
White, William Charles		1902
White, William M.		1903m
White, William Moore		1899m
White, William Paul		1925
White, William W.		1924m
Whitehead, Carlton		1924
Whitehead, Henry		1898
Whitehead, Mabel		1923G
Whitehead, Robert Lindsey		1907
Whitehead, William Edward		1906
Whiteside, Ross Underwood		1918m
Whitfield, Carl A.		1915m
Whiting, Elbert Marvin		1915
Whiting, Julian Duning		1914
Whitley, George M.		1891m
Whitley, Loyd LaQueene		1915m
Whitley, Thomas Rice		1876m
Whitten, B. O. 		1913m
Whitten, Benjamine Leland		1909m
Whittenberg, William Franklin		1895m
Whittington, Benjamin Eugene		1894
Whittle, Ray Walker		1925
Whittlesey, James Thweatt		1915
Whitworth, James M.		1922m
Wicker, Samuel Wesley		1920
Wickers, Roy C.		1913
Wiggins, Claudius G.		1917m
Wiggins, Lee Wilbert		1908m
Wiggins, Lemuel L.		1893
Wiggins, Marshall Tigner		1925
Wiggins, Robert Lemuel		1903
Wiggins, Sam B.		1918t
Wiggins, Sterling Pitts		1894
Wight, Alvin Butler		1920
Wight, Edward Allen		1920
Wight, George Alden		1923
Wight, James Slater		1911
Wight, John Byron, Jr.		1924
Wight, Robert P.		1913
Wight, Thomas Burton		1923
Wight, Ward		1910
Wight, William Samuel		1922
Wilbanks, George Pierce		1883m
Wilcox, Bryant Emory		1912
Wilcox, J. Mark		1910
Wilcox, Jefferson		1883m
Wilcox, Thomas Riley		1925
Wilder, C. D.		1917m
Wilder, F. Badger		1888
Wilford, J. Noble		1923t
Wilford, Sewell B.		1923t
Wilhoit, Loyd A.		1919L
Wilkerson, Morgan Jefferson		1919
Wilkerson, William, Jr.		1925
Wilkes, Dutch		1924
Wilkin, Willie Joe		1919
Wilkins, Charles A.		1902m
Wilkins, John Grant		1898m
Wilkins, Ransom L.		1923
Wilkinson, E. W.		1910
Wilkinson, Eben J.		1883
Wilkinson, Henry Alfred		1894
Wilkinson, Joseph Edgar		1925
Wilkinson, Robert Ridley		1909
Wilkinson, William Lee		1914m
Willard, J. Josiah		1901
Willard, Samuel L.		1893
Willcox, C. H.		1901m
Willcox, G. Sam		1902
Williams, Alie Walter		1895
Williams, Alonza Judson		1906m
Williams, Beauregard		1892m
Williams, Benjamin franklin		1910m
Williams, Bion		1894
Williams, Bloomer Clifford		1893
Williams, Charles Dixon, Jr.		1918m
Williams, Charles F.		1923t
Williams, Charles H.		1922t
Williams, Charles Haddon		1917
Williams, Charles Olin		1906m
Williams, Charles Redding		1891
Williams, Charles W.		1913m
Williams, Cranston		1915
Williams, Daniel B.		1907m
Williams, Earl Saylor		1923
Williams, Ebenezer Truesdel		1880
Williams, Edwin Gantt		1924
Williams, Edwin Lacy		1904m
Williams, Emmett Allen		1894
Williams, Frank		1905
Williams, Garland Harmon		1916
Williams, George Aubery		1922
Williams, George Edwin		1918t
Williams, Hal Taylor		1924
Williams, Hardeman S.		1925
Williams, Harry J.		1915m
Williams, Hiram Griffith		1902m
Williams, Horace Cole		1923L
Williams, J. Asakiah		1886
Williams, J. Carlton		1902m
Williams, James Franklin		1888m
Williams, James P.		1909
Williams, John Franklin		1897m
Williams, John H.		1922G
Williams, John William		1877m
Williams, Kerby Smith		1894m
Williams, Leadford Azariah		1894m
Williams, Loren		1925
Williams, Loron Earl		1913m
Williams, Lucius Emmett		1918t
Williams, Luther D. B.		1919t
Williams, Marvin 		1894
Williams, Norman grady		1917m
Williams, Paul Lesley		1925
Williams, Ptolimus J.		1889
Williams, Ralph		1924
Williams, Ralph Lee		1912m
Williams, Ray		1924L
Williams, Retis J.		1883m
Williams, Sam Robison, Jr.		1915
Williams, Thomas Conrad		1923
Williams, Victor Starr		1908
Williams, W. H. 		1883
Williams, Warren Hafed		1889
Williams, William Augustus		1916m
Williams, William brown		1899
Williams, William Charles, Jr.		1911m
Williams, William O.		1923L
Williamson, A. R.		1917
Williamson, George Thomas		1893m
Williamson, Jay Gould		1916m
Williamson, Marion		1925
Williamson, Samuel		1896
Williford, Benjamin C.		1914
Willingham, Bartow Stephen		1883
Willingham, Julian James		1906
Willingham, Thomas Irvin		1922
Willis, Clarence Hill		1906m
Willis, Jesse Neal		1922
Willis, Tom Vann		1923
Willson, James Henry		1922
Willson, P., Jr.		1901m
Wilson, B. C.		1899m
Wilson, Brichouse		1917m
Wilson, Cecil H.		1913m
Wilson, Charles D.		1925
Wilson, Edgar Cummings		1909
Wilson, Edward C.		1921t
Wilson, Elkin Calhoun		1922
Wilson, Elton Travis		1925
Wilson, Frank Adams, Jr.		1914
Wilson, Frank Townsend		1909
Wilson, Fraser Law		1923
Wilson, Herman M.		1925
Wilson, James G.		1900
Wilson, James H.		1916
Wilson, Lloyd Elbert		1903m
Wilson, Louis Pinkney		1906
Wilson, N. H.		1890
Wilson, Oscar Stephen		1920
Wilson, Richard Blanton		1920
Wilson, Robert E.		1906m
Wilson, Russell F.		1914m
Wilson, Thomas Alwyn		1910
Wilson, Thomas W.		1915m
Wilson, William Carleton		1923t
Wimberly, Robert William		1917m
Wimpey, Warren		1895
Winchester, Millard Everingham		1917m
Windham, Lewis Anthony		1916m
Windham, Samuel H.		1901m
Windham, Thomas K.		1925L
Winn, Courtland S., Jr.		1919L
Winn, Courtland Simmons, Sr.		1884
Winn, Dean Flewellyn		1910m
Winship, George		1904
Winship, Joseph		1909
Wisdom, Wiley Burge		1909
Wise, Edward Monroe		1923
Wise, William Tell		1889m
Wisenbaker, Peyton Harry, Sr.		1907
Wisenbarker, James L.		1916
Witham, William Stuart, Jr.		1911
Withers, William Banks		1924
Witt, Marvin S.		1914m
Witt, Thomas Walter		1915m
Wofford, William Earl		1913m
Wolfe, Samuel Arthur		1917m
Woltz, John Louis		1897m
Wood, Arthur Wellesby		1910m
Wood, Dallas Howe		1899
Wood, Hagan Emmett		1920
Wood, Hubert C.		1897
Wood, James William		1897m
Wood, Jay Gould		1915m
Wood, Jess Morgan		1900
Wood, Kenneth		1913m
Wood, Landrum Walker		1914m
Wood, Ralph Willett		1920
Wood, Winston C.		1881m
Woodall, Franklin Madison		1925m
Woodall, Seab Webster, Jr.		1920
Woodard, E. D.		1919m
Woodruff, John Monroe		1907
Woodruff, Leroy Oliver		1911
Woodruff, R. W.		1912
Woodruff, W. L.		1912m
Woodruff, William Alfred		1907
Woods, George Newton		1915m
Woods, J. E.		1894m
Woodward, Charles Floyd		1921
Woodward, Comer McDonald		1900
Woodward, Hugh Allison		1901
Woodward, Joseph Edward		1909
Woolbright, Lawrence Lee		1915
Wooldridge, James Clements		1898
Wooley, Vassar		1882
Woolley, Andrew Price		1905
Woolley, James Albert		1906
Wooten, James Roach		1900
Wooten, Julian Davis		1923
Wooten, William Council		1902
Wootten, Alexander Abbott		1909
Wootten, Harold LeS		1904
Wootten, Thomas Palmer		1913
Workman, Claude Henry		1914m
Workman, Mims Thornburgh		1918G
Worley, Elbert Dayton		1915
Worley, S.		1882m
Worrill, William Holt		1902
Worsham, Charles S.		1877
Wright, Arthur B.		1918t
Wright, Boykin		1871
Wright, Columbus B.		1898m
Wright, Earnest L.		1889m
Wright, Edwin Fortson		1901
Wright, Ernest M.		1893m
Wright, George Osgood		1914
Wright, Harper		1913m
Wright, Joel Ellis		1916m
Wright, John Byron		1881
Wright, Joseph Allen		1875
Wright, Lucius F.		1910m
Wright, Lucius Ralph		1904
Wright, Orpheus Evans		1924m
Wright, Robert E		1897
Wright, Robert Elmore		1913m
Wright, Robert Franklin		1871
Wright, William Lovick		1891
Wright, William Mathews		1911
Wright, William Woodruff		1923
Wroten, J. D.		1917t
Wyatt, Edward Franklin		1897m
Wynn, Albert		1905
Wynn, Clay Fleming		1918
Wynn, Read Williams		1908
Wynn, S. W.		1913
Wynn, T. M.		1913
Wynn, William Thomas		1900
Wynne, Morgan Dozier		1923
Wynne, Morgan Theodore		1921
Yancey, Hamilton, Jr.		1902
Yanigawara, Masayoshi		1923t
Yankey, Worth Edwin		1906m
Yarbrough, George Wesley, Jr.		1893
Yarbrough, John F.		1892m
Yarbrough, Oliver hiram		1903
Yarbrough, Thomas Wayland		1890
Yarbrough, Wilbur Fisk		1887m
Yarbrough, Y. H.		1905m
Yates, David H.		1894m
Yates, Jefferson D.		1895m
Yates, S. Curtis		1918t
Yeandle, W. H., Jr.		1898
Yearwood, Frank R.		1913m
Yearwood, S. S.		1883m
Yoes, Chester Erastus		1922
York, Charles A.		1924t
York, D. Alonzo		1892m
York, Dessie Attahill, Jr.		1918m
York, Jesse Hardman		1925m
Yost, Frank A.		1925
Young, Leonard LaFayette		1925
Young, Luther T.		1917m
Youngblood, Daniel J. R.		1904m
Yowell, Joseph William		1923
Ytaylor, James Mercer		1917
Yum, Kwang Sup		1922t
Yun, T. H.		1893
Zellars, William C.		1911
Zertuche, D. R.		1898m
Zetrouer, Edward Faust		1898
Zoeller, Harold George		1925

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