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Emory Alumni Living In 1926, G-N Surnames


Short, but informative biographies for each person shown. Typical entry includes; occupation, educational & personal information.
Taken from, Alumni History And Directory of Emory University edited by James A. Dombrowsky and published in 1926.

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Other Emory Alumni Living In 1926:   A-F Names       O-Z Names


G-J Surnames K-N Surnames
Name         			Class
Gabel, Leonard A.		1919t
Gable, Hulette Russell		1923
Gable, James L.			1883m
Gable, L. M.			1916m
Gable, Nonie Wilson		1893m
Gable, Nonie Worth		1923m
Gage, Francis Marion		1895m
Gailmard, Charles Raphael	1919m
Gailmard, Paul Louis		1924
Gaines, Claude Benjamin		1915m
Gaines, Florence Mallory	1917
Gaines, Herbert Foster		1922m
Gaines, James Tinsley Alex.	1890m
Gaines, John P.			1920t
Gaines, Thomas Newton		1912
Gaines, Thomas R.		1916m
Gaines, William Hamilton	1917m
Gaines, Wistar Smith		1899
Gainey, Jewel G.		1924m
Gallagher, Campbell Condy	1900m
Gallaher, H. W.			1910
Gambill, Henry Harrison		1895m
Gambill, John James		1895m
Gammage, James T.		1891m
Gann, Dewell, Sr.		1886m
Gardner, Albert Allen		1923
Gardner, Clarence Morrison	1922
Gardner, Ella Marie		1921G
Gardner, Emmett Emerson		1900
Gardner, Joseph Hoge		1925
Gardner, Otho W.		1901m
Gardner, R. Emerson		1923
Gardner, Robert Lee		1909m
Gardner, Samuel Johnson		1919
Gardner, Stella			1925G
Gardner, Thomas Christian	1897
Gardner, Thomas Jackson		1902
Gardner, William Arthur		1912m
Garland, Halsey Sims		1917
Garlington, Robert Bernard	1921m
Garmany, H. M.			1898
Garmany, W. P.			1911
Garner, Conrad Clifton		1921t
Garner, Howard Preston		1911
Garner, James Ryan		1900
Garner, Thomas Jefferson	1884m
Garner, Walter Raleigh		1925
Garrard, Jacob A.		1897m
Garrett, Alexander Stephens	1890m
Garrett, Davy Lewis		1910m
Garrett, John Abner		1906m
Garrett, John H.		1892m
Garrett, Luke G.		1902m
Garrett, Quillian Lemuel	1910
Garrett, Steve A.		1912
Garrett, William Virgil		1894m
Garrison, David Harrison	1915m
Garrison, Edward K.		1920t
Garrison, William H.		1909m
Garst, I. C. H.			1903m
Garwood, Glover B.		1896
Gary, Joseph Nicholas, Jr.	1922
Gary, Paul Turner		1923
Gaston,Joseph Harper		1923m
Gates, E. J.			1889
Gay, Brinton Bizzell		1913m
Gay, Coleman Pendleton		1897m
Gay, Stonewall Jackson		1888m
Geffen, Joseph		1922
Geffen, Louis		1923
Gerard, Ernest L.		1923L
Gerdine, Joseph L.		1923t
Gertman, William Madison		1907m
Gheesling, Goodwin		1912m
Gibbons, Geroge Rison		1900
Gibson, Carl Lamar		1907
Gibson, Cicero		1889m
Gibson, Cole Blease		1914m
Gibson, Count Dillon		1910
Gibson, Dan Lamon		1910
Gibson, Eugene Francis		1912m
Gibson, Isaac A.		1882
Gibson, Joel Albert		1890m
Gibson, Robert Berry		1915m
Gibson, Thomas Sandifer		1925
Gibson, William Aaron		1915m
Giddens, Charles C.		1907m
Gignilliat, Ravenel		1898
Gilbert, A. J.		1889m
Gilbert, C. C.		1899
Gilbert, Forrest J.		1923
Gilbert, Judson		1925
Gilbert, Robert Bacon		1906m
Gilbert, Robert Ernest		1914m
Gilbert, William Leake		1888m
Giles, William Howard		1918t
Gillespie, John Wesley		1889
Gillespie, Samuel Lawrence		1922
Gilliam, Edwin Ames		1923
Gilliam, Otis Dewey		1922
Gilliam, Otis L.		1916t
Gilliam, William Y.		1906m
Gilliland, Paul Crump		1925
Gilmer, Eugene Stanford		1909m
Gipson, Uly R.		1924
Girardeau, Charles Howard, Jr.		1919
Girardeau, James Lewis		1911
Girardeau, Rufus Marshall		1906
Glass, John Wiley		1900m
Glausier, Cecil Erwin		1925
Gleaton, John Stewart		1895
Gleaton, William Stephens		1900
Glenn, Capers Lamar		1915
Glenn, Henry Franklin		1900m
Glenn, Jane C.		1925G
Glenn, John Wesley		1919
Glenn, Platt Everett		1897
Glenn, Russell P.		1905m
Glennan, Frederick Latine		1906
Glisson, Fred L.		1913
Glover, Chester Arthur		1910m
Glover, Frank Scott, Jr.		1910m
Glover, George Boston		1883
Gnann, Frederick Burgman		1925
Godbee, Lewis B.		1887
Godbold, Percy Ellis		1902m
Godfrey, Francis Bartow		1898
Godinho, Carlos A.		1924
Godwin, Aaron		1912m
Godwin, Herbert		1889
Goforth, Roby Clemons		1917t
Going, Joseph Gary		1891m
Gold, G. M.		1892m
Golden, Jackson B.		1892m
Golden, Robert B.		1916m
Goldsmith, William Stokes		1921
Goldstein, Benjamin		1922m
Golsan, Willard R., Jr.		1923
Gonitzer, Herman M.		1924m
Good, Joseph M., Jr.		1925
Goode, Jesse Albert		1916m
Goodpasture, Walter C.		1918m
Goodrich, Henry Clark		1871
Goodrich, Thomas Henry		1889
Goodwyn, Henry J.		1902m
Goodwyn, Thomas Pope		1913m
Goodyear, Nolan Austin		1904
Googe, William Robert		1890m
Goolsby, Robert Cullen, Jr.		1919m
Gordon, Leonard		1925
Gordy, Luther Fred		1902
Goss, Nathaniel C.		1890m
Gossett, A. S.		1908
Grace, Walter Colquitt		1872
Grady, Harry Whitfield,		1897
Grady, William Robert		1911m
Grady, Zachary Taylor		1880m
Graham, Aristopham		1912m
Graham, James Lovett		1919
Graham, James Martin		1912m
Graham, Joe Sheffield		1925
Graham, Joseph Brown		1923
Granger, Frank G.		1912m
Grant, L. P.		1871
Grant, Merrill Benjamin		1924
Gratiot, W. M.		1901m
Graves, B. S.		1895m
Graves, Iverson Lea		1891
Graves, Jesse Raymond		1922m
Gray, Albert Thomas		1876
Gray, Charles Rush		1914m
Gray, E. A.		1873
Gray, Elmer William		1924
Gray, Herbert Hollis, Jr.		1922
Gray, Herbert Lee		1887
Gray, Jesse Olonza		1893m
Gray, Joseph Appleton		1917t
Gray, Lawrence Candler		1912
Gray, Lawrence Peter		1891
Gray, Lofton Freeze		1925m
Graydon, Edward Leonard, Jr.		1924
Green, A. J.		1916m
Green, Alfred Franklin		1914
Green, Everett Lee		1895m
Green, Fletcher Melvin		1921
Green, Harry Letcher		1920L
Green, James Allen		1908m
Green, Reynolds		1921t
Green, Samuel		1909
Green, Sloan		1923
Green, Thaddeus Hall		1914m
Green, Walter Redding		1922
Green, William Lee, Jr.		1923
Green, William Lee, Sr.		1887m
Greene, B. H., Jr.		1925G
Greene, Edgar Hull		1915m
Greene, James Benjamin		1879
Greene, Myles LaFayette		1920
Greene, Ralph J.		1914m
Greene, T. Gilmore		1919
Greenleaf, James S.		1898m
Greenway, William		1917t
Greenwood, Thomas Martin		1888m
Greer, Clarence Barnes		1911m
Greer, J. E. G.		1912m
Greer, John Marvin		1912
Greer, John Wesley		1894
Greer, William Worth		1883m
Gregory, Ivey William		1902
Gregory, J. M.		1893m
Gresham, John Bunyan		1917t
Gress, J. H.		1897
Grier, George Marvin		1919L
Grier, Rufus Lynn		1893m
Griffen, James Henry, Jr.		1892
Griffeth, James Wiley		1917
Griffey, Reuben Thomas		1921
Griffies, John Calhoun		1890m
Griffies, Joseph Arthur		1915
Griffin, Alfred Perry		1899
Griffin, Carlus Howard		1923
Griffin, Claude		1911m
Griffin, Edward Branham		1891
Griffin, Harold Walker		1921
Griffin, Harold Walker		1923m
Griffin, John D.		1904m
Griffin, L. C.		1905
Griffin, Norwood		1912
Griffin, Pierce E.		1901m
Griffin, Reese		1903
Griffin, Samuel Snow		1922L
Griffin, Thomas Means		1900
Griffin, Walter Branham		1886
Griffin, William Welcome		1882
Griggs, W. T.		1891m
Grimes, Dewey Herbert		1925m
Grimes, Edwin Jessop		1921
Grimes, John Philmon		1922
Grimes, William Aleck		1922
Griner, Charles Benjamin		1914
Griner, George Wesley		1886
Griner, George Wesley, Jr.		1916
Griner, J. B.		1885
Griner, John C.		1888
Griner, Ludlow L.		1902
Grogan, William Manley		1884
Groover, George T.		1908
Groover, Robert Norton		1916
Groover, Willet		1906
Groover, William Rowan		1892m
Grubbs, Louie F.		1905m
Grzebien, Thomas Walter		1915m
Guerra, J. Julio		1925
Guffin, Thomas Frederick		1912m
Guiffrida, F. J.		1910m
Guimaraes, Abilio Santos		1920m
Guinn, A. J.		1915m
Guinn, Jesse Mark		1916t
Gum, Walter C.		1921t
Gunby, Pierce Eugene		1925L
Gunn, Edgar		1913
Gunna, Raul		1916m
Gunnels, Charles W.		1909
Gunter, George Oxford		1908m
Gunter, John Harry		1919
Gunter, Roy Augustus		1910m
Gurley, Blake		1915
Gurley, J. B.		1893m
Gurr, William Henry		1897
Guthrie, Nim J.		1915m
Guyton, Moses Joseph		1902
Gwyn, Charles Redding		1897
Haas, Karl		1898m
Hack, Arthur George		1923L
Hack, G. B.		1910m
Hackworth, James Leslie		1923L
Hadas, Moses		1923
Hadaway, William Hugh		1916m
Haddock, John Newton		1904
Haddock, Samuel Cleveland		1908
Haden, Richard G.		1923
Hagan, Samuel L.		1919t
Haggard, Charles		1902m
Haggard, Robert Arthur		1912m
Hailey, William Howard		1920m
Hair, William Benjamin		1922m
Haisfield, Abram Raymond		1915m
Hale, Alton Lee		1923
Hale, Elbert Davidson		1903
Hale, Harrison		1899
Hale, William Thomas		1923
Haley, Joseph Boyd		1916
Haley, Walton Adair		1924
Hall, Charles Edward, Jr.		1925
Hall, J. M.		1895m
Hall, James Gustin		1895m
Hall, James Knox		1908m
Hall, John D.		1892m
Hall, John Ellsworth		1896
Hall, John Howard		1905m
Hall, Karl Herbert		1901m
Hall, Oliver Doyle		1906m
Hall, Ollie Edgar		1923t
Hall, Thomas H.		1903m
Hall, Thomas M.		1893m
Hall, W. J. 		1885M
Hall, William Alford		1883
Hall, William Presley		1886m
Hallman, Ernest George		1896
Hallman, Henderson		1892
Hallum, Maurice M.		1898m
Ham, Lamar Farnell		1906
Hambrick, H. P.		1916m
Hamby, Walter B.		1888m
Hamer, Lawrence D.		1923t
Hames, Fred		1915m
Hamilton,  Charles		1885m
Hamilton, George C.		1916m
Hamilton, R. E.		1916m
Hamilton, Wilbur Howell		1918
Hamlet, Earl G.		1922t
Hammack, Francis R.		1924
Hammett, Howard hilt		1916m
Hammond, George Prince		1910
Hammond, George Willis		1913m
Hampton, Oliver Edwin		1921m
Hamrick, Robert Hampton		1895m
Hamrick, Verner B.		1916t
Hancock, Herman David		1923
Hancock, William Scott		1913m
Hand, Francis Marion		1925m
Handley, Drew Reid		1910m
Hanie, Arthur Paton		1891m
Hankinson, Frank Erving, Jr.		1923
Hankinson, Robert Henry		1897
Hanna, Fouad hilmy		1920m
Hannah, Clyde Thompson		1903
Hannah, Louis		1911m
Hannah, P. E.		1885m
Hannah, William J.		1882m
Hanner, James Park		1923
Hansard, James Riley		1915m
Hansell, Granger		1923
Hansell, Haywood Shepherd		1899m
Hanson, James B.		1907
Hanson, William C.		1889m
Hanson, William Collins		1881m
Haralson, Charles Herndon		1914m
Harbin, Foster Pierce		1914m
Harbison, Ernest Jones		1917t
Hardage, William Thomas, Jr.		1925
Hardegree, H. C.		1916m
Hardeman, H. A.		1891m
Hardeman, Marvin Lee		1896
Hardeman, Ulla G.		1878
Hardeman, William Clarence		1924
Harden, Jesse Giles		1918t
Harden, Otho Napoleon		1894m
Harden, Robert DuRant		1911m
Hardie, Grover Cleveland		1911m
Hardin, Lewis Sage		1898m
Hardin, Walter Smith		1925
Hardman, Charles Terrell		1917m
Hare, Walter Benjamin		1905
Hargrove, Allen Seaborn		1906m
Hargrove, Julian Leo		1924m
Harlan, Bedford McB		1874
Harley, Paul Norwood, Jr.		1919
Harlow, Thomas Fred		1925
Harman, Paul Beeland		1911
Harman, Willard Luther		1890
Harmon, Nolan Bailey, Jr.		1919t
Harmon, Thomas Leonhardt		1920
Harned, Ben King		1922
Harned, John Wisdom, Jr.		1922
Harper,  Aubery		1898m
Harper, George Henry		1902m
Harper, George Tinsley		1910m
Harper, Harold Lamar		1925
Harper, Marvin Henry		1923
Harper, Thomas Fletcher		1905m
Harrell, Augustus O'Bacon		1918m
Harrell, C. B.		1898m
Harrell, Charles Brown, Jr.		1922
Harrell, D. B.		1900m
Harrell, George L.		1911m
Harrell, Love B.		1923
Harrell, Lovered Bryant		1903
Harrell, Luther Alonzo		1913
Harrell, Sam T.		1910
Harrington, Alfred F.		1892m
Harrington, Francis Young		1917m
Harris, Arthur Samuel		1888
Harris, Clayborne Anderson		1909m
Harris, Crampton Pierce		1918
Harris, Daniel B.		1897m
Harris, E. T.		1874
Harris, Edward Crampton		1907
Harris, Edward Malcolm		1923m
Harris, Ernest C.		1913m
Harris, Eugene A.		1898m
Harris, George Alexander		1903
Harris, H. F.		1889m
Harris, Henry Fletcher		1893
Harris, James Calvin		1909m
Harris, Jessy Marvin		1907m
Harris, John Duncan		1916
Harris, John Edward		1919m
Harris, Mathew L.		1901
Harris, Nathaniel Edwin		1913h
Harris, Robert A.		1902m
Harris, Robert Miller		1916
Harris, Rupert F.		1915
Harris, S. A.		1891
Harris, Stevens Thomas		1894m
Harris, William B.		1884
Harris, William F.		1900m
Harris, William Frederick		1924t
Harrison, Baya M.		1904
Harrison, Charles Henry		1917m
Harrison, Fred Augustus		1923
Harrison, James McConnell		1880m
Harrison, John Kirkland, Jr.		1919m
Harrison, John L.		1912m
Harrison, Lee Moncrief		1920
Harrison, Miller Thurman		1921m
Harrison, Warren A.		1914m
Hart, Herbert D.		1924t
Hart, Julian Deryl		1916
Hartley, James Mitchell		1915m
Hartsfield, Floyd Ellsworth		1923
Hartsock, Ernest Abner, Jr.		1925
Harvard, Hugh Stephen		1907
Harvard, Joe Clement		1925
Harvard, Samuel Carnes		1922
Harvard, Virgil Ousley		1897m
Harvard, W. V.		1892
Harvey, Charles Harry		1910m
Harvey, Claude W.		1910m
Harvey, Lemuel Gordon		1899
Harvey, Porter		1925
Harvey, Wallace Watson		1920m
Harvey, Willoughby Linwood		1912m
Harwell, Charles William		1921m
Harwell, David F.		1907m
Harwell, George Candler		1919
Haselton, Fredrick Russell		1918m
Haslam, Gilbert Earle		1924m
Haslam, Jacob Edwin, Jr.		1907m
Hatch, Ernest B.		1910m
Hatcher, Albert Spottswood		1925
Hatcher, T. Ayer		1924
Hatcher, Weldon Lucian		1904
Hatcher, William Jones		1909
Hatchett, T. J.		1891m
Hatfield, L. P.		1917
Hathcock, W. J.		1908
Hattaway, J. C., Jr.		1923
Havey, Henry Perrin		1916
Hawkins, Charles E.		1922t
Hawkins, David Bittle		1913m
Hawkins, Frank Marion		1888
Hawkins, J. Roy		1913m
Hawkins, Louis M.		1910m
Hawkins, Oscar M.		1916t
Hawkins, R. B.		1923
Hayes, Albert Howard		1917m
Hayes, Daniel Moore		1922
Hayes, Harry James		1895
Hayes, Marshall Augustus		1881m
Hayes, William J.		1885m
Haygood, Atticus Green, Jr.		1888
Haygood, Marvin Fletcher		1915m
Haygood, Paul		1907
Haygood, William Arthur		1869
Haynes, C. L.		1901
Haynes, Claude Meyers		1921
Hays, James Parks		1902
Hays, W. Jay		1916
Hays, Walter Colquitt		1908m
Hays, William Mortimer		1895
Haywood, William Merrison		1916t
Head, Douglas Lamar		1919m
Head, J. M.		1891m
Head, Marvin Monroe		1902m
Head, William Thomas		1911m
Hearn, Anthony		1920
Hearn, Francis Eugene		1894
Hearn, M. M.		1902m
Hearn, Sam Berta		1915
Hearn, Samuel Moses		1906
Hearn, Simon Amos		1893
Heartsill, Oliver Miller		1882m
Heath, Evans Virgil		1909
Heath, Justin Benjamin		1904
Hedgpeth, Joel Frank		1904
Heflin, James Hawkins		1895m
Heidt, Gulielmus Villard		1899
Heiman, Samuel Joseph		1922
Heinz, Henry Charles		1900
Heller, Walter Baxter		1910m
Hemingway, Jack D.		1915m
Hemphill, Robert Fowler		1902
Henderson, Charles Kennon, Jr.		1900
Henderson, Daniel tillet		1914m
Henderson, Edgar Long		1906
Henderson, Frank A.		1889
Henderson, Frank L.		1910
Henderson, Gettis A.		1886
Henderson, Glenn		1904
Henderson, Issac Parnell		1898
Henderson, Otto Lee		1909
Henderson, Robert Abner		1912
Henderson, Robert Clifford		1904
Henderson, Thomas Richard H.		1890
Henderson, William N.		1903
Hendley, J. Roscoe		1912m
Hendricks, J. F.		1883m
Hendrix, Eugene Russell		1878h
Hendrix, John Harrison		1902m
Hendrix, Marion Gordon		1902m
Hendrix, Samuel Isaiah		1906
Hendry, George Tracy		1906m
Hendry, John Littleberry		1886
Henley, Earl E.		1919t
Henley, James T.		1900m
Henley, James Walton		1923
Henry, Beverly Allen		1886m
Henry, Booford Henderson		1913m
Henry, Charles Robert		1911m
Henry, J. Parchman		1925
Henry, James Z.		1909m
Henry, Robert T.		1919t
Henry, Victor P.		1917t
Henslee, William Emmett		1906
Henton, Victor Lamar		1915m
Hentz, Hal Fitzgerald		1904
Herbert, J. Furman		1923t
Herbert, Walter Chesley (Mrs.)		1925G
Heriot, George W.		1895m
Herring, Albert E.		1911
Herring, Forest Counsel		1904m
Herring, Lee Franklin		1910
Herrington, Alexander James		1903
Herrington, John William		1891
Hervey, J. R.		1902m
Hewitt, Theo. Eugene		1902m
Hickey, Weyman Parks		1915
Hicks, Clyde Jerome		1920
Hicks, Guy Morgan		1920
Hicks, Oliver B.		1907m
Hicks, Romeo		1888m
Hicks, Thomas Jugarthy		1917m
Hickson, Marcus LaFayette		1915m
Hickson, Seabie W., Jr.		1914
Highsmith, E. D.		1906m
Hightower, James Daniel		1902
Hightower, William Franklin		1925
Hill, A. S.		1891m
Hill, Alexander Franklin		1891
Hill, Alexander Franklin		1909
Hill, Edward Young		1902
Hill, Frank Hylan		1924
Hill, Garland Withers		1902m
Hill, Hiram Warner		1880
Hill, Isaac William		1880
Hill, Jesse Mark		1902m
Hill, Julian Tharpe		1922
Hill, Pope Russell		1925t
Hill, Roy A.		1915m
Hill, Thomas Leslie		1924t
Hill, Thomas W.		1896
Hill, William Stanley		1892m
Hill, Yancey, Jr.		1920
Hillman, Edgar L.		1919t
Hilson, Lewis		1909m
Hilt, John L.		1889m
Hilton, Atys Perlette		1895
Hind, Alfred Thomas		1907
Hind, John Carswell, Jr.		1917m
Hinely, Reppard Morgan		1925
Hines, Edward Roberts		1896
Hines, James Kollock		1872
Hinton, Charles Crawford		1909
Hinton, Eugene Henry		1922
Hinton, James		1906
Hinton, John Willis		1892m
Hinton, Samuel Herbert		1916
Hinton, William Thomas		1894m
Hipp, J. E.		1922t
Hiscock, Ernest Marvin		1919L
Hitch, Calvin Milton		1892
Hitch, James Wood		1902
Hite, E. E.		1920t
Hobbs, Andrew Jarvis, Jr.		1920G
Hobbs, Jesse Harrison		1921t
Hobbs, Richard		1925
Hobby, Joseph Burton		1923
Hobgood, Lewis Martin		1892m
Hodge, Bachman Gladston		1921t
Hodge, E. K.		1909m
Hodge, Hugh Perry		1923m
Hodge, Paul Howard		1917
Hodges, Clayton Ralph		1925
Hodges, Eugene W.		1914m
Hodges, G. S.		1912m
Hodges, Hill		1922L
Hodges, Julian Van		1903
Hodges, L. B.		1913
Hodges, Willaim H.		1923t
Hodges, William Arthur		1913m
Hodges, William Asbury, Jr.		1916
Hodges,James Harvey		1916m
Hodgson, Philip Morton		1889m
Hodnett, James Allen		1888
Hodnett, Robert Franklin		1894
Hoffmann, Carl Donnelly		1922
Hogg, Jarrell N.		1879m
Hogue, William Love		1907m
Holbrook, Herman		1909
Holbrook, Orr Dewey		1924
Holbrook, William Henry		1898m
Holcombe, Thomas Lorenzo		1913m
Holden, Alex S.		1897m
Holden, Farish Clay		1923
Holder, John Methvin		1917m
Holland, Harvey Columbus		1920
Holland, Howard Grey		1923m
Holland, Orlando Wright		1897
Holland, Robert Norris		1918m
Holland, Spessard Lindsey		1912
Hollander, Louis		1905m
Hollar, Frank George		1901m
Holley, John F.		1922m
Holley, William Edward		1920
Holliday, Roderick Matthews		1905
Hollingsworth, Joseph L.		1888
Hollis, Alton Blois		1923
Hollis, Robert L.		1889m
Holloway, Clayton Walter		1892m
Holloway, Ellis Welcome		1911m
Holman, Eugene Hendrix		1924
Holman, Robert Mace		1925
Holmes, John Parham		1906
Holt, Floy Lewis		1918
Holt, Richmond Reid		1914m
Holton, Cornelius Fullmer, Jr.		1913m
Holton, Thomas Jefferson		1909m
Holtz, Louis		1915m
Holtzclaw, Cooper		1882m
Holtzlaw, William Ethyl		1889m
Hood, Robert L.		1891m
Hooker, J. N., Jr.		1917
Hooker, John Samuel		1923m
Hooker, Wilbur Amos		1924
Hooks, James Tarver		1924
Hooten, John M.		1885m
Hooten, Joseph Crowder		1893m
Hooten, William Arington		1895m
Hope, Hollis Frank		1913m
Hopkins, henry C.		1909
Hopkins, Isaac Stiles		1901
Hopkins, John Tyler		1923
Horine, Emmet Field		1905
Horn, Roy de Saussure		1924
Horn, Samuel Wilson		1916m
Horne, Hendley Foxworth		1915m
Hornsby, John Alfred		1911
Horton, Barney Elliott		1900m
Horton, John L.		1924t
Horton, Thomas Jefferson		1907
Horton, William Clarke		1891
Hosale, Cullom R.		1919
Hosch, William Henry		1899
Hosier, Henry Duke		1925
Hough, Alveron Sanford		1875
Houk, David Martin		1883m
Hounshell, Charles Gideon		1924h
Houser, Fred Holmes		1898
Houser, Frederick Marion		1925
Houser, Houston Parks		1900
Houston, William Henry		1908m
Houts, Roy Thomas		1918
Howard, Andrew Swofford		1889m
Howard, Ben Hill		1909m
Howard, H. L.		1881m
Howard, Isaac Bell		1909m
Howard, P. M. 		1910m
Howard, Paul W.		1917m
Howard, Ralph Owens		1884
Howell, Albert S.		1922
Howell, Alex Stephens		1915
Howell, Charles H.		1920
Howell, Edgar Barzillai		1893m
Howell, F. S.		1886
Howell, Henry A.		1901m
Howell, Hugh Hawkins		1911
Howell, James Harris		1924
Howell, James Russell		1924
Howell, John W.		1883m
Howell, Olin Bryan		1919m
Howell, Sam Albert		1923
Howell, Sam M.		1913m
Howell, William Crawford		1908m
Howell, Wm. H.		1882m
Hoyl, James B.		1900
Hoyle, John W., Jr.		1923t
Hoyt,William Russell		1879
Hubbard, Clement Evans		1916
Hubbard, Francis Marion		1888m
Hubert, Marion A.		1923m
Huckabee, Herbert		1921
Huckabee, Ralph, Jr.		1918
Huckabee, William Allen		1884
Hudgens, Robert Smith		1923
Hudson, Henry Herman		1915
Hudson, Irby Roland		1904
Hudson, Porter J.		1914m
Huey, Ben M., Jr.		1923m
Huey, John Wesley, Jr.		1923
Huggins, Evans Lewis		1912m
Hughes, Clarence W.		1916t
Hughes, Claude Murry		1895m
Hughes, Edward T.		1922
Hughes, Joseph M.		1902m
Hughes, Robert D.		1918m
Hughes, Robert Lee		1892m
Hughes, Virvil P.		1924
Hughes, William Donald		1925
Hughlett, William Smith		1922
Huguley, Columbus Shealy		1925
Hull, Eugene H.		1920m
Hulsey, Luther J.		1903
Hulsey, Mark		1919
Humber, Jesse Weathers		1915m
Humphery, Robert Henry		1919
Humphrey, Bethea Donovan		1925
Humphreys, A. S.		1892m
Humphreys, William Floyd		1918
Humphries, William Clayton		1888m
Hunnicutt, John Atkinson		1866m
Hunnicutt, Joseph Edgar		1882
Hunnicutt, Thomas Pendleton		1889
Hunnicutt, W. T.		1892
Hunt, Brunner Marion		1923t
Hunt, George		1896m
Hunt, George Metzer		1888m
Hunt, Jasper Stewart		1924
Hunt, Preston		1901m
Hunt, Van D.		1907
Hunt, William Wilderson		1895
Hunter, Conway		1916m
Hunter, John H.		1888m
Hunter, John Thomas		1886m
Hunter, Joseph Parks		1890m
Hunter, Robert Lee		1920m
Huntington, Robert Howard		1905m
Huntley, Michael Carter		1925G
Huntley, William Henry		1875
Hurst, J. C.		1925m
Hurt, Charles Davis, Jr.		1925
Hurt, John Southerland		1898
Hurt, John Wesley		1884m
Huson, Henry Thomas		1903
Huson, William J.		1917m
Huss, J. Frank		1894m
Hutcheson, Edward Bailey		1891m
Hutcheson, George Lewis		1923
Hutcheson, Henry Emmette		1905
Hutcheson, Thomas Carlton		1902
Hutchins, William J.		1910m
Hutchinson, Alva Roy		1921
Hutchinson, Arthur Sullivan		1897
Hutchinson, Chester Arthur		1912m
Hutchinson, G. W. (Mrs.)		1925G
Hutchinson, George Washington		1908
Hutchinson, Lee Roy		1914m
Hutchinson, Newbern B.		1908m
Huthcins, Jewell Thomas		1925m
Hyde, Humphrey Pasey		1912m
Hyer, Robert Stewart		1881
Infinger, Cary Marvin		1910
Ingram, H. R.		1895m
Ingram, James Drew		1902m
Ingram, John J.		1918
Inouye, James M.		1915
Irons, Richard A.		1924m
Irvin, Alexander		1900
Irvin, Isham Willard		1914m
Irvine, Willard Wadsworth		1913
Isbell, Gordon R.		1921
Isbell, Jesse E. D.		1901m
Isler, James Nathaniel		1897m
Isom, Charles Dandridge		1915
Isom, Charles E.		1924
Ison, Hartsford Lee		1891m
Ison, Josiah Allen		1887m
Ives, Albert Cronin		1902m
Ivey, Furney Camellus, Jr.		1916
Ivey, Hubert Turner		1920
Ivey, Lehman DePriest		1923
Ivey, Shelley		1904
Izgur, Leon		1913m
Jackson, Charles Arthur, Jr.		1923
Jackson, Charles Arthur, Sr.		1895
Jackson, Charles B		1886m
Jackson, Curtis Monroe		1902m
Jackson, David B.		1885m
Jackson, George Archie		1924L
Jackson, Harry Ural		1906
Jackson, Jesse Redmond		1925
Jackson, John Brady		1902m
Jackson, John C.		1925t
Jackson, Julius Roy		1921t
Jackson, Julius Victor		1902
Jackson, Orien Lee Patrick		1893m
Jackson, Robert Collins		1900
Jackson, Tatum Wofford		1909m
Jackson, Thomas Frederick		1914m
Jackson, Thomas Jonathan		1905m
Jackson, W. Lindsay		1908
Jackson, Warren T.		1924
Jackson, William Henry		1907
Jackson, William Roger		1911
Jackson, Zechariah Wiley		1922m
Jackson, Zimri Thurman		1911
Jacobs, Sidney Hughes		1910m
James, Thomas Thayer, Jr.		1925
James, Trigg		1925t
Janes, William Carver		1904
Jarman, Lewis Wilson		1899
Jarman, T. H.		1905m
Jarrell, A. B. 		1882
Jarrell, Charles Crawford		1894
Jarrell, William Williamson		1897
Jarrett, Alexander Ramsay		1880m
Jeffcoat, Joel Glover, Jr.		1921
Jeffcoat, Joel Glover, Sr.		1887
Jeffords, Thomas C.		1894m
Jeffries, Clymer Defoor		1902m
Jeffries, Thomas Henry		1877
Jenkins, Bennett Crawford		1906
Jenkins, Charles James		1895m
Jenkins, Charles Rush		1893
Jenkins, Frank Ellison		1902
Jenkins, Isaac Cheyney		1896
Jenkins, James DuPree		1921
Jenkins, John Lewis		1925
Jenkins, John Serjeant		1891
Jeter, Claude E.		1891m
Jeter, Marvin L.		1923
Jewett, George B.		1873
Johns, Barron		1916m
Johns, Charles H.		1923
Johns, Henry LeRoy		1921G
Johns, Stanley W.		1913m
Johnson, Albert Sidney		1913m
Johnson, Andrew Clay		1917t
Johnson, Ben Terrell		1912m
Johnson, Bolling Harvey		1909
Johnson, Charles Nelson		1925
Johnson, Clifton Drew		1921
Johnson, Edgar Allen		1910m
Johnson, Edgar Hutchinson		1891
Johnson, Edward W.		1911
Johnson, Eugene Lee		1899
Johnson, Fletcher Marcellus		1912
Johnson, Francis Augustus		1887
Johnson, Francis Holmes		1891
Johnson, Henry Santford		1901
Johnson, Herman Lawrence		1902
Johnson, Howard James		1896
Johnson, J. Malcolm, Jr.		1924
Johnson, J. Z.		1888
Johnson, James Clarence		1887m
Johnson, James F.		1892m
Johnson, James H.		1891m
Johnson, James Monroe		1899
Johnson, Jesse Taliaferro		1923
Johnson, John Hugh		1889
Johnson, Joseph Lawrence		1915m
Johnson, Leander Tigner		1923
Johnson, Levi D.		1897m
Johnson, Marcellus A. Jr.		1916m
Johnson, Menendez		1876
Johnson, Otis Hackett		1905m
Johnson, R. Ligon		1891
Johnson, Roscoe F.		1914m
Johnson, S. W.		1887m
Johnson, Salem Ardel		1896
Johnson, Seaborn Monroe		1893m
Johnson, Silas		1911
Johnson, Trimble		1918m
Johnson, Walter Talmage		1896
Johnson, Walton Alexander		1915m
Johnson, William Ephraim		1892m
Johnson, William Gray		1895
Johnson, William Hammond		1907
Johnson, William Parks		1912
Johnson, Wm. R. K.		1878m
Johnston, Albert S.		1925t
Johnston, Grady Kimball		1915
Johnston, Green Sharpe		1909
Johnston, Jack Harmon		1924
Johnston, John D.		1900m
Johnston, Josephus		1912m
Johnston, Josey Jackson		1895m
Johnston, Rabun Eugene		1923
Johnston, Thomas Jackson		1896
Johnston, William Robert		1886
Johnston, Zebulon Vance		1910m
Johnstone, J. B., Jr.		1913
Johnstone, James Bascom		1879
Joiner, Buford O'Neal		1912m
Joiner, H. W.		1895
Joiner, Hartwell		1925
Joiner, William Thomas		1891m
Jolley, James Swayne		1912m
Jolley, O. K.		1915
Jolly, Hilliard Jackson		1896
Jolly, J. H.		1918t
Jolly, John Henry		1892
Jones, Abram B.		1907m
Jones, Alva Clay		1902m
Jones, Ashton B.		1923t
Jones, Augustus Benjamin		1910m
Jones, Augustus Bennett, Jr.		1922
Jones, Carl Candler		1924L
Jones, Charles Octavius		1869
Jones, David Cluie		1908
Jones, Edwin B., Jr.		1924
Jones, Edwin Ezekial		1925
Jones, Emory Freeman		1893
Jones, Francis Gilchrist		1910m
Jones, Francis M.		1887m
Jones, Frank Curtis		1915m
Jones, H. C.		1923t
Jones, Hampton Stewart		1887
Jones, Harris Quillian		1920
Jones, Henry		1895m
Jones, Henry Hart		1911
Jones, Henry Olin		1901
Jones, Henry Thomas		1922m
Jones, Jabez		1898m
Jones, James Capers		1911m
Jones, James Derrick		1924
Jones, James Vickers		1922t
Jones, John James		1925
Jones, John Paul		1915m
Jones, John Sharpe		1919
Jones, John Sturges		1912
Jones, John William, Jr.		1925
Jones, John Willie		1888
Jones, Joseph Francis		1902m
Jones, Joseph Mabbett		1924
Jones, Joseph Olds		1901
Jones, Justin Lytle		1920t
Jones, Randolph Allen		1924
Jones, Robert		1892m
Jones, Robert tyler		1921
Jones, Samuel Robert		1919t
Jones, Thomas Fred		1913
Jones, Thomas Richard		1896
Jones, Thomas Watson		1916
Jones, Walter Colquitt, Jr.		1921m
Jones, Walter Philip		1901
Jones, Walter Robert		1881
Jones, William A. N.		1908m
Jones, William Henry, Jr.		1924
Jones, William Powell		1921
Jones, William Walter		1886
Jones, William Wardlaw		1925
Jordan, Alfred Reynolds		1899
Jordan, Andrew Jackson		1902
Jordan, Cesar		1916m
Jordan, Charles Alexander		1881m
Jordan, Charles W.		1907
Jordan, Frank J.		1913
Jordan, G. Ray		1920t
Jordan, James William		1908m
Jordan, John Rodolph		1902m
Jordan, John Sheffield		1925m
Jordan, Joseph Wiley		1891m
Jordan, Jule A.		1924
Jordan, Julian Heidt		1901
Jordan, Thomas Herman		1883
Jordan, William Bullard		1915m
Jordan, Willis Pope		1917m
Josel, Nathan Aaron		1925
Joyce, Madron Gershon		1924
Joyner, E. benjamin		1917t
Julian, George Washington		1887m
Justice, Gaston Marion		1907m
Name         			Class
Kahn, Samuel			1921
Kanoy, Donald Wooley		1921
Kaplan, S. Bernard		1923m
Kaufman, Jack			1924
Kay, Frank Alfred		1922m
Kay, James Benjamin		1919m
Kaylor, James William		1897m
Kaylor, Shellie Daniel		1915m
Kea, Thomas Byron		1915m
Kea, Victor Emmanuel		1918m
Kean, Albert Dozier		1897
Keen, O. Fulton			1913m
Kellam, Seth Monte		1893
Keller, Charles H.		1922
Kelley, Charles A.		1909m
Kelley, Edgar Stamps		1888
Kelley, John H.			1905m
Kelley, Oscar Lee		1890
Kelley, Sumter Martin		1923
Kelley, William Amos		1925m
Kelley, William Arlington	1918t
Kellogg, Charles Mulholland	1925
Kelly, Benjamin J. O.		1908m
Kelly, George Washington	1911m
Kelly, Harvey D.		1916
Kelly, John Alexander		1906
Kelly, Luther H.		1914m
Kemp, Arthur Pierce		1889m
Kemp, Julius Mayes		1925
Kemp, Malcolm Thomas		1914m
Kemp, Roy Cleon			1913m
Kemper, Clifton Geraldine	1923m
Kemper, Harvey Dorman		1909m
Kendall, Paul			1889m
Kendall, T. R.			1869m
Kendall, Thomas Rogers		1894
Kendrick, Embry Mays		1924
Kendrick, Joseph Marion		1921
Kendrick, Odis Gilben		1916m
Kenimer, E. H.			1897m
Kennedy, Herbert B.		1917m
Kennedy, Wiley Calvin		1894m
Kennedy, William Oscar		1894
Kennerly, W. J.			1924G
Kenney, John J. N.		1885
Kennington, John Newton		1903m
Kennon, Benning Moore		1889m
Kennon, Charles L.		1916m
Kenyon, Edgar Duskin		1910
Kenyon, Steve Paschal		1918m
Kerr, Bramwell C.		1918
Ketchum, Walter Harris		1920t
Ketron, Marvin B.		1909m
Key, Charles W.			1889
Key, Claud T.			1908m
Key, F. P.			1903m
Key, James L.			1888
Kilgo, John Carlisle		1918
Kilgo, Pierce			1919t
Kilgore, Earl Stanton		1922
Kilgore, George Lester		1924
Kilgore, John Wood		1921
Killian, Paul B.		1900m
Kilpatrick, James Donald	1922L
Kim, Chong Man			1923t
Kim, Youtaik		1915
Kimball, Tel Clarence		1913
Kimbrough, Edward E., Jr.		1912
Kimbrough, James Mobley, Jr.		1891
Kimbrough, William Clarke		1885
Kimura, Hoitsu Stephen		1923t
Kinard, Joseph O.		1905m
King, C. C.		1885m
King, Charles Chester		1900
King, Earl		1906
King, Edward Lewis		1916
King, Erasmus R.		1897
King, George E., Jr.		1907
King, George Lumpkin		1904
King, Hatlan Pierce		1922
King, James L.		1916m
King, John Thomas		1920m
King, Lawrence Albert		1897
King, loomis Periner		1919m
King, Madison Luther		1920
King, Marvin Keener		1925
King, Nathan		1885m
King, Oliver Doyle		1923
King, Patrick Cleburne		1907
King, R. L.		1884
King, Ruskin		1923
King, Thomas Bryon		1907
King, W. R.		1912m
King, William Peter		1893
Kinney, James Riley		1889m
Kirby, Charles Windom		1924
Kirby, Cooper Simpson		1909
Kirby, David		1923t
Kirby, Ellis G.		1914m
Kirby, Harold, Jr.		1922
Kirby, J. M.		1922m
Kirkland, Spencer Atkinson		1911m
Kiser, William C.		1889m
Kishi, Bun		1903
Kitchens, Howell Clyde		1914
Kitchens, John Aaron		1892m
Kitchens, Orren William		1915m
Kitts, Henry Lofton		1918m
Klausman, Marcus		1910m
Knauer, William Jerome		1922m
Kneece, Blodridge Edward		1917m
Knight , William T, Jr.		1917
Knight, Alva Allen		1923
Knight, Earl Dewitt		1914
Knight, Hollis Vaughn		1924
Knight, James Pelham		1914m
Knight, T. S.		1900
Knott, Clifford W.		1922L
Knox, James C.		1902
Knox, John		1924t
Kolb, Leonidas Caswell		1910
Kolb, William Paul		1920
Kondo, Yoshitada		1918t
Koo, Byron		1920m
Koyer, Arthur Sheppard		1885
Kronstadt, Emmanuel		1925L
Kupferman, Oscar E.		1902m
Lacewell, John		1886m
Lacey, Robert Edward		1922
Ladner, Alexander R.		1911m
Lagerson, Victor E.		1898m
Lake, Esley Taylor		1915m
Lake, William Fay		1913m
Lamar, Lucius		1892m
Lamb, Erford H.		1911m
Lamb, Osie Kyle		1923t
Lamb, Robert Bayard		1906m
Lambert, Herman J.		1913
Lambert, J. E.		1909m
Lambert, Jacob Fred		1909
Lambert, Thomas Olin		1912
Lambright, Edwin Dart		1894
Lamkin, Robert Walton		1904
Lancaster, Edgar Marvin		1921m
Lancaster, John Franklin		1883m
Lancaster, John Franklin		1919
Lancaster, W. J.		1911m
Lance, Jack		1913
Land, Fort Elmo		1901
Land, William nathaniel		1909
Landham, Jackson Wiley		1911m
Landrum, Elias McLeod		1890
Landrum, H. B.		1906
Lane, Albert Washington		1906m
Lane, Charles		1869
Lane, Fount Reginald		1917
Lane, H. B.		1895m
Lane, Isaac H.		1891m
Lane, Paul Faulkner		1915
Lane, Robert H.		1902
Lane, Whitten Sanford		1910
Lanford, Odell William		1924
Lanford, Thos. Leonard		1923L
Lanford, V. E.		1909
Lang, Nathaniel Hawthorne		1917m
Lang, Thomas G.		1882
Langley, Claude Cyril		1915m
Langley, John B.		1912m
Langley, William Alexious		1922
Langston, John Calloway		1878
Langston, Oscar D.		1920t
Lanier, L. J.		1909m
Lanier, Marion Sims		1902
LaPrade, William Henry, Jr.		1897
Laprade, William Henry, Sr.		1872
Lasseter, Dillard Brown		1913
Lasseter, Horace Shelly		1923
Lasseter, John R.		1895m
Lasseter, Wade H.		1901
Lasseter, William Hugh		1907
Lassiter, Vernon Clark		1925m
Lastinger, William W.		1889
Latimer, J. T.		1860m
Latimer, James Henry		1892m
Launius, Harry Boll		1906
Launius, Paul Nolan		1906
Lavender, John Robert		1925
Law, John L.		1922
Lawler, Lucius Edgar		1901m
Lawrence, Charles Edward		1914m
Lawrence, Claudius Owen		1917m
Lawson, Edwin Lawrence		1915m
Lawson, William Henry, Jr.		1925
Layton, Thomas Spencer		1891m
Lazenby, Earl Kilpatrick		1914m
League, William Pliney		1867m
Leake, Harrison Asbury Bartow		1883
Leake, Olin Wesley		1874
Leconte, James Augustus		1891
Ledbetter, Charles Martin		1886
Lee, Carlton Anderson		1914
Lee, Clifton Strickland		1907
Lee, Ernest Eugene		1896
Lee, George Arthur		1925
Lee, Ivy Ledbetter		1897
Lee, J. Gordon		1880
Lee, James Wideman, Jr.		1903
Lee, John Webb		1861m
Lee, Joseph William		1917
Lee, L. W.		1914
Lee, Lawrence Victor		1894m
Lee, Morton Harley		1887m
Lee, Paul		1925
Lee, Reuben Fain		1902
Lee, Robert E.		1896
Lee, Robert Edward		1893
Lee, Roswell Owen		1916m
Lee, Thomas Moses		1912
Lee, Thomas William		1887
Lee, Thomas Williams		1923t
Lee, William Butler		1893
Lee, William Ernest		1906m
LeGette, F. A. W.		1893
Leigh, Samuel Earnest		1870
Lemmond, Walter Homer, Jr.		1925
Leonard, William Parker		1900m
Lester, Cliff A.		1914
Lester, E. M.		1914
Lester, Ellison Cook		1890
Lester, J. A.		1894m
Lester, J. E.		1902m
Lester, James George		1918
Lester, John Rush		1914
Lester, Louis Marvin		1908
Lester, Paul Ellison		1923
Lester, Richard Paul, Jr.		1925m
Lester, Robert F.		1923
Lester, Samuel John		1914
Letson, Leona		1925G
Levi, Michael Herman		1898m
Levie, Elmer V.		1915
Lewis, Alvin Paxton		1904
Lewis, Carlisle Hinton		1902
Lewis, Edward Hugh		1924
Lewis, Forrest Lee		1892m
Lewis, James Bradley		1913
Lewis, James Douglas		1898
Lewis, John Harris		1894
Lewis, John Henry		1893m
Lewis, John Richard		1872
Lewis, Joseph Sidney		1894
Lewis, Perry M.		1915m
Lewis, Robert Henry		1874
Lewis, Thomas Albner		1910
Lewis, William G.		1884m
Lewis, William Hill		1905
Lichenstein, Albert E.		1923
Liddell, Thomas C.		1916m
Liebman, Charles Ritter		1923
Liebman, Jay		1910m
Lightner, Homer G.		1906m
Lim, Doo Wha		1917
Lin, James R.		1887
Linch, Albert Osborne		1925m
Lindley, F. P.		1912m
Lindley, hilliard		1891m
Lindorme, Arnold Henry		1903m
Lindsay, Hal		1919L
Lindsey, William O.		1921t
Link, James A.		1890m
Lipham, Charles Merrill		1904
Lipscomb, William Emory		1904m
Lisk, Percy F.		1906m
Little, Albert Johnson		1899
Little, John Franklin		1890
Little, Robert Cowles		1896
Little, W. J.		1894m
Little, Young Allen		1905m
Littlejohn, Wilmot Shipp		1919
Livingston, Joseph W.		1888
Llewellyn, Irving L.		1919t
Llipscomb, Harold Roberts		1916m
Lockett, Thomas Solomon		1893
Lockliear, Estler Carlyle		1925
Loden, George Luther		1914m
Loehr, George Robert, Jr.		1915
Loftis, Warren Thomas		1917
Logan, Arnold Rudolph		1899
Logan, J. Colquitt		1902m
Logan, Onessus Horner		1921t
Logan, Thomas Swindall		1924
Logan, Thomas Swindall		1925G
Loggins, Thomas Sewell		1923
Lokey, Hugh Montgomery		1900m
Long, David Thomas		1917m
Long, Dock		1882m
Long, Gilbert Fabian		1915m
Long, H. L. , Jr.		1899m
Long, James Walter		1923
Long, Thomas Jefferson, Jr.		1922L
Long, Willaim Velpar		1923m
Long, William Harvey		1925
Longino, Dick Randolph		1911m
Longino, Lovick Pierce		1905m
Longly, Frank Park		1890
Looper, Edward Anderson		1912m
Looser, William Caleb		1924L
Lotspeich, James Harle		1916t
Lott, Daniel		1904
Lott, Walter H.		1906m
Lott, Walter Matthews		1918m
Lott, Young C.		1912m
Lott, Zona Ernest		1925
Love, George R.		1922m
Love, Thos. D.		1883m
Love, William Joseph		1882m
Lovejoy, Andrew Simmons		1877
Lovejoy, Robert Hatton		1902
Lovelace, Edra Hill		1925
Lovelace, Edwin Marshall		1920
Lovell, Robert Plympton		1914
Lovett, Robert Osgood		1869
Lovett, Robert Watkins		1899
Lovett, Watkins Price		1884
Lovett, William Blakely		1900
Lovett, William Cuyler		1874
Lovvorn, Robert Cleveland		1912m
Lowance, Mason Ira		1924
Lowe, George Deane		1897
Lowe, James Thomas		1898
Lowe, John Thomas		1871
Lowe, Lewis David		1882
Lowe, Lewis Davis		1899
Lowe, Oglesby Ashley		1920
Lowe, William Gibson		1910m
Lowe, William Robert		1909m
Lowery, R. R.		1916m
Lowry, Tanner		1904m
Loyd, Robert Calvin		1890m
Lozier, Nathaniel Hooks		1914m
Lucius, R. S.		1904m
Luetzow, Herman Henry		1918t
Luke, David P.		1911m
Luke, George R.		1906m
Luke, Thomas Monroe		1909
Lumsden, Henry Thomas		1915
Lundy, Clyde E.		1923t
Lundy, Lonnie Lee		1911m
Lunn, Elisha Halliburton		1925
Luttrell, Frank Alex		1925
Lyday, Charles Emmet		1910m
Lyday, William Hall		1914m
Lyle, Robert Edward		1923
Lynch, Chandler S.		1914m
Lyon, G. C.		1906m
Lyon, Henry Paden		1912m
Lyons, John Leanard, Jr.		1924
Lytle, Francis Sydney, Jr.		1923
Mabbett, Henry Frink		1906
Mabbett, John Raysor		1921
MacDonell, Alexander Harrison		1878
MacDonell, George Nowlan		1893
MacDonell, George Nowlan		1922
MacDonell, Thomas Kennerly		1924
MacGregor, William Howard		1904
MacKay, Edward George		1910
Mackay, Roland Parks		1920
Madden, Arthur Allen		1891m
Maddox, Caleb Jones		1923
Maddox, Charles Frederick		1893m
Maddox, Dwayne D.		1920
Maddox, John H., Jr.		1917
Maddox, Robert Cooley		1916m
Maddox, Samuel Parrot		1880
Maddox, Theodore		1902m
Magath, Thomas Byrd		1913
Maines, John Edge		1905m
Maines, John Elwood		1922
Major, Everett Carlosle		1905m
Major, Roy		1919
Majure, Albert Lane		1916m
Mallet, Hugh		1911
Mallet, Joel Byars		1913
Mallette, C. J.		1900
Mallory, Herbert C.		1902m
Mallory, Roger A.		1884m
Mallory, W. A.		1895
Malone, Dumas 		1910
Malone, J. Eugene		1913
Malone, Kemp		1907
Malone, Miles Sturdivant		1918
Malone, Oswell Terry		1915m
Malone, Stephen Benjamin		1904m
Malone, William H.		1912m
Maloney, Robert Lee		1903m
Maloy, Henry S.		1895m
Mandle, Leroy		1925
Maner, Edwin N.		1917m
Maner, Ralph		1923
Maner, William A.		1901m
Manget, Fred Prosper		1906m
Manget, James DePass		1904m
Mangham, William McKenzie		1921
Mangum, James E.		1920
Manley, Emory V.		1923
Manley, John Radney		1912m
Manley, John Stevens		1925
Manly, Frank		1886
Mann, Benjamin Franklin		1899
Mann, Frank R.		1910m
Mann, James Louis		1893
Manning, A. Clarence		1902
Manuel, Chauncey L.		1918
Mapp, Henry Smith		1862
Marchman, Charles P.		1884
Marchman, Robert L., Jr.		1923
Markey, Moses R.		1914m
Marrs, Osee Alvia		1920t
Mars, Henry F.		1912m
Mars, Norman Charles		1924
Marsh, James Elmore		1925
Marsh, Joseph Stewart		1914m
Marshall, Ben Roe		1912
Marshall, John Wade, Jr.		1902
Marshall, Marion Monroe		1913
Marshall, Samuel Allen		1892
Marshall, Thomas Oliver		1909
Marshall, William Larkin		1906m
Marshburn, Clarence B.		1906m
Marshburn, Eustis Randolph		1914m
Martin, Ambrose W.		1893m
Martin, Charles Alfred		1902
Martin, Cotter Surrette		1905
Martin, Edward Berry		1906
Martin, Francis M.		1905m
Martin, Hermon Wilkes		1918
Martin, Hiram Warner		1902
Martin, James Jackson		1913m
Martin, John D.		1924
Martin, John W.		1904m
Martin, Josephus Gilmore		1877m
Martin, Lena		1925G
Martin, Louie Goodman		1915m
Martin, Samuel Wright		1911m
Martin, Troy Odell		1925
Martin, William Owen, Jr.		1923
Martinez, Ernesto		1920
Mashburn, Charles Marcellus		1912m
Mashburn, Frederick Jackson		1892m
Mashburn, Marcus		1915m
Mashburn, Paul		1914
Mason, Herman Edgar		1921m
Mason, Thomas C.		1881
Massengale, Alfred Erwin		1893
Massey, Edward G.		1925
Massey, Madison Stedman		1924
Massey, Wilbon F.		1910m
Massie, Hosea Milton		1917t
Mather, John		1892
Mathews, Albert Wootten		1879
Mathews, Alex MacDonell		1907
Mathews, George William, Jr.		1915
Mathews, Henry Avary		1873
Mathews, J. L.		1898m
Mathews, John Elie		1913
Mathews, Lee Berkeley		1914m
Mathews, Samuel Moore		1919
Mathews, W. W.		1915
Mathews, Wallace		1890m
Mathews, William Asbury		1900m
Mathews, William L.		1913m
Matsuda, A.		1925t
Matthews, C. W.		1903
Matthews, Charles Ruben		1905
Matthews, Efford Corbin		1925
Matthews, Joseph Ira		1911m
Matthews, Oscar Homer		1906m
Matthews, Warren Bond		1923
Mattox, Benjamin B.		1917m
Mauldin, Hugh Edgar		1922
Maxwell,  Martin Teasley		1885m
Maxwell, Curtis Andrew		1916
Maxwell, James Quillian		1925
Maxwell, Raymond Carl		1917t
May, Robert Drysdale		1917m
Mayfield, George R.		1900
Maynard, Benjamin H.		1899m
Maynard, John Harvey		1903
Mayo, Thomas Thrower		1920
Mays, Charles Parkhill		1923
Mays, Elizabeth		1923G
Mays, Robert E.		1913m
Mayson, James L.		1882
McAfee, Jesse Bowers		1912m
McAfee, Jesse Glenn		1888m
McAfee, William Fort		1900
McAllister, James Arren		1914m
McAnally, Alfred Loomis		1923
McArthur, Archie Lemuel		1914
McArthur, Douglas Stuart		1902
McArthur, Thomas Jackson		1894m
McBath, William Cecil		1924
McBeth, Charles Alexander		1895m
McBride, Clifford		1913
McBryde, Thomas Edwin		1902m
McBurnett, Charter Wardlaw		1895m
McCafferty, Emit Luther		1902m
McCain, Paul Presley		1911m
McCall, John T.		1904m
McCalla, James Ramsey		1906
McCallister, Archie		1916m
McCalman, Hardy Stanley		1904
McCamy, Thomas Stokely		1906
McCann, Richard Bennett		1911m
McCants, J. S.		1866m
McCay, Carl Gordon		1910m
McClatchey, Devereaux Fare, Jr.		1925
McClellan, E. A.		1902m
McClellan, J. F.		1913m
McClellan, Philip T.		1912m
McClung, Roy Houston		1921
McClure, Herbert Arant		1915m
McClure, Robert Edwin		1914m
McClure, W. Y.		1885m
McClure, Warren Candler		1899
McCollum, J. R.		1871
McConnell, Noel		1919
McCord, Harry Young, Jr.		1909
McCord, Jeff Davis		1916
McCord, John Dwight		1909
McCord, Mather Marvin		1902m
McCord, Ollie Hagan		1910m
McCord, Turner Ashby		1919
McCormack, Charles Bright		1890
McCotter, St. Elmo		1908m
McCoy, Frank Lee, Jr.		1913
McCoy, Homer Seal		1914m
McCoy, Walter R.		1910m
McCrary, Pierce R.		1890
McCrary, William R.		1884m
McCree, James Erskine		1888
McCrory, C. Chester		1910
McCrummen, Leon Rodric		1909m
McCulloh, Hugh		1923
McCulloh, Hugh, Sr.		1895m
McCullough, Francis		1893
McCullough, J. H.		1891m
McCurdy, Edward Calfax		1902m
McCurdy, Eugene Lee		1924m
McCurdy, Julius Augustus, Jr.		1923
McCurdy, William Franklyn		1884m
McCurdy, William Tarlton		1897m
McCurry, Tally L.		1903
McCurry, William harris		1925
McDaniel, T. D.		1887m
McDaniel, William J.		1856
McDaniels, S. P.		1916m
McDermid, Hady Calvin		1916m
McDonald, Edward Marion		1907m
McDonald, Harold Paul		1923
McDonald, Joseph George		1915
McDonald, R. H.		1913m
McDougall, James Calhoun		1911m
McDougall, Williams Lowndes		1919m
McDowell, Herbert Eliott		1893m
McDuffie, William N.		1916m
McEachern, James Ragan		1902m
Mceachin, John Charles		1895
McElroy, John Walter		1915m
McElroy, Stephn Lovic		1900m
McEniry, E. P.		1918m
McFadden, Albert David		1914m
McFadden, John Holman		1921
McFarland, C. Bartow		1892
McFarland, Wilbur Galloway		1923t
McFarlin, Joel Morris		1924
McGarity, Charles Embry		1922
McGarity, John Lescar		1900
McGarity, R. S.		1908
McGarity, Sanford R.		1906
McGarry, Maurice Sweetman		1923L
McGeary, William Clyde		1915m
Mcgee James Thomas		1885
McGee, James Patton		1916m
McGee, Roy William		1912m
McGehee, Henry M.		1916m
McGehee, John Harvard		1885
McGehee, William Neid		1903
McGhee, James Glover		1900
McGhee, Joseph Franklin		1903
McGhee, Ralph Morton		1908
McGillis, Thomas Henry		1886
McGowan, Robert P.		1916m
Mcgregor, Kenneth Holmes		1907
Mcguinn, William Harry		1923L
Mcintosh, Edward L.		1902m
McIntosh, Leland C.		1913m
Mcintosh, Marvin Crosby		1901
McIntosh, T. M.		1875m
McIntosh, William Mitchell		1886
McKellar, Harry R.		1901
McKellar, Idus Eugene		1901
McKemie, Augustus Keaton		1898
McKemie, Clarence Rogers		1920
McKenzie, Albert Clarence		1914m
McKenzie, Emory Norton		1922
McKenzie, Gordon Columbus		1906m
McKenzie, J. M.		1902m
McKibben, Charles Roy		1920
McKibben, James William Oscar		1918
Mckinney, Worth Erwin		1924L
McLain, Charles Fuller		1895m
McLarin, William Sanford		1882
McLarty, Marvin W.		1909m
McLaughlin, Lovick Augustus		1890
McLaury, Elbert		1925m
McLellan, Archibald Kenneth		1920
McLendon, Augustus		1922t
McLendon, Carson Guerry		1915
McLendon, Carson Haynes		1916
McLendon, Idus Rowe		1906
McLennan, E. P.		1905m
McLeod, Dan		1913m
McLeod, Norman Wightman		1905m
McLeod, Robert Francis		1914m
McLeod, Roderick Dhu		1889m
McLeod, Thomas		1892m
McMahan, Archibald Stewart		1920m
McManus, Edwin William		1917
McManus, H. F.		1913m
McManus, Walter Lee		1906m
McMichael, Robert Lee		1900m
McMichael, Robert Lee		1922
McMichael, Victor Hugh		1921m
McMillan, John Ezra		1912m
McMillan, John Monroe		1909m
McMillan, Samuel B.		1902m
McMullen, Aubrey		1911
McMullen, Birten Lee		1888
McMullen, Daniel Byrd		1904m
McNair, Idus Lafayette		1893
McNatt, James Paul		1917
McNatt, John Howard		1922
McNeel, Harry E.		1912
McNeer, Rembert Durbin		1918t
McNeil, John C.		1871m
Mcnulty, Jack Martin		1921
McPherson, M. P.		1916
McRae, Alex B.		1888m
McRae, Earl H.		1911m
Mcrae, John Colin		1896
McRae, John Collier		1918m
McTier, William Ether		1923
McVay, William E.		1881
McVoy, George Clinton		1895m
McWhorter, Charles Rutherford		1909
McWhorter, L. B.		1889m
McWhorter, Ray Myrtus		1925
McWhorter, William Breeze		1915m
McWilliams, Henry Walter		1879
Meacham, J. J.		1898
Meacham, John Frank		1922
Meadows, Alfred Arthur		1925
Means, Frank McClellan		1896
Means, George S.		1895m
Means, Hendree W.		1902
Means, Leon Norwood		1900
Means, Louie DeVott		1922
Means, William T.		1924
Medlin, Miles		1908m
Medlin, Willard Buford		1915m
Meeks, Jesse Littleton		1915m
Meeks, John Alexander		1871m
Meeks, William T.		1915m
Megahee, Percy Allen		1915
Melson, Davis Percival		1912
Melson, Marian M.		1924
Melton, Keller Fletcher		1919
Melton, Oliver Quimby		1912
Meredith, Albert Owen		1917m
Meriwether, F. W.		1908m
Merriam, Clarence S.		1910m
Merriam, George Caprom		1902m
Merrill, Robert Alston		1924
Merritt, Benjamin Owsley		1923t
Merritt, C. B.		1916
Merritt, J. H.		1895m
Merritt, Percy Florence		1896
Merriwether, W. W.		1915m
Merry, Arthur Holmes		1888
Mershon, James Austin		1900
Meshew, John Wilfred		1920
Metcalfe, William Richard		1925G
Methvin, Samuel Robert		1908m
Methvin, William Glover		1904
Metts, Daniel Lamar		1920
Mewborn, Fay Elra		1924
Mickler, John Edward		1889
Middlebrooks, Charles Levin		1916t
Middlebrooks, Chester O.		1907m
Middlebrooks, J. D.		1882m
Middlebrooks, Lawrence Edwin		1902
Middlebrooks, Marvin C.		1917
Miles, William Clinton		1908m
Milford, J. C.		1915m
Milford, Lee W.		1917m
Miller, E. Marvin		1904
Miller, George hugh		1925L
Miller, Grady Wilson		1923
Miller, Hal Curtis		1907
Miller, James Raymond		1902
Miller, John Goodrum		1905
Miller, John N.		1898m
Miller, John Thompson Harrison		1886
Miller, Lee Otis		1912
Miller, Martin Van		1893m
Miller, Norman Clarence		1893
Miller, Oscar Lee		1912m
Miller, Redden Lee		1910m
Miller, Robert C.		1923L
Miller, Robert Rush		1923L
Miller, Samuel H.		1914m
Miller, Thomas Glenn		1925
Miller, Walter Arthur		1905m
Millican, Charles Bowie		1922
Millican, Emory E.		1924
Mills, Branson William		1925
Mills, George Ellis		1915m
Mills, Reese		1919
Millsap, John Cleveland		1910m
Milner, Thomas Hamilton		1895
Milton, Charles Jeptha		1925
Milton, John Dean		1921
Mims, Franklin Cortez		1925m
Mims, Samuel mcPherson		1916t
Minchew, Benjamine Harvey		1909m
Miner, James Clarence		1924L
Mingledorff, Oziser George		1881
Minor, Henry W.		1912m
Minter, Richard Andrew		1920
Mitchell, Appling Dwight		1914
Mitchell, Dacid LeMay		1874m
Mitchell, George Milner		1906m
Mitchell, George Raymond		1923
Mitchell, Homer Lee		1919
Mitchell, James Boswell, Jr.		1923
Mitchell, James Northern, Jr.		1924
Mitchell, John Wesley		1914m
Mitchell, Stephen Richard		1889m
Mitchell, William Hamilton		1880
Mixon, Daniel Porter		1902m
Mixon, Fletcher B.		1891
Mixon, John Leslie		1921
Mize, Duley Johnson		1915
Mizell, George Campbell		1901m
Mizell, H. N.		1910
Mizell, Robert C.		1911
Mizell, William, Jr.		1910
Moate, Luther Bass		1899
Mobley, R. M.		1918
Moncrief, Adiel Edwin		1924
Moncrief, William Henry		1897m
Moncrief, William Mercer, Jr.		1925
Monfort, Felix Reid		1919
Monfort, John Merrell		1915
Monning, William F.		1908
Monroe, William Archibald		1883m
Montford, Henry L.		1914m
Montgomery, A. H.		1898m
Montgomery, Benjamin Marvin		1925
Montgomery, D. C.		1886m
Montgomery, LaFayette		1911
Montgomery, Oliver Ritchie		1924
Montgomery, Thomas Harber		1924
Montgomery, Webster Clay		1895m
Moody, Emory A.		1911m
Moon, Albert Foster		1882
Moon, Charles Morris		1909
Moon, Pleasant Leonidas		1987m
Moon, Pleasant Leonidas		1925
Mooney, Alfonso John		1898m
Moor, Fred Clifton		1898
Moore, Ansley Cunningham		1925
Moore, Archie Reese		1899
Moore, Arthur James		1914
Moore, Carrol Lucius		1917m
Moore, Daniel Lawrence		1894m
Moore, Daniel Milton		1913m
Moore, David Sanders		1880m
Moore, Emerson Louis		1925
Moore, G. P.		1888
Moore, Harris R.		1899m
Moore, Henry McIntosh		1915m
Moore, James Henry		1897m
Moore, John Harvey		1891
Moore, John Terrell		1916m
Moore, Johnson M.		1894m
Moore, Leland		1909
Moore, Lucius Terrell		1921
Moore, Lyman		1912
Moore, Richard Turner		1920
Moore, Robert		1884
Moore, Rufus Anthony		1916
Moore, Samuel L.		1887
Moore, Thomas Walter		1900
Moore, Virlyn Branham		1902
Moore, Walter Harvey		1919t
Moore, William Aaron		1892m
Morales, Louis F.		1911m
Moran, Owen F.		1888m
Moran, William Ralph		1924
Morehouse, Augustus Ward		1886
Moreland, R. H.		1923t
Moreland, Samuel Augustus		1879
Moret, Harry J.		1925
Morgan, Charles Crisp		1912
Morgan, Cole Edwards		1901
Morgan, David E.		1906m
Morgan, Eglon T.		1895m
Morgan, George Allen		1925
Morgan, George Allen, Sr.		1920h
Morgan, Hugh Wallace		1898
Morgan, James Orville		1916m
Morgan, Thomas Newton		1917
Morgan, V. V.		1902
Morgan, William A.		1897m
Morris,  Andrew Jackson		1887m
Morris, George Edward		1923
Morris, John D.		1914m
Morris, Robert Hugh		1898
Morrison, Charles William		1898
Morrison, D. Thomas		1920t
Morrison, Daniel F.		1891m
Morrison, Harry Kavanaugh		1897
Morrison, Harry Kell		1917m
Morrison, Henry Clay		1914
Morrison, J. Eggleston		1908m
Morrison, John Haygood		1915
Morrison, Theodore Virgil		1924L
Morrow, William Columbus		1909m
Morton, Isaac Powell		1900
Morton, Lloyd Ernest		1911m
Morton, Robert Frazer		1897
Morton, William Henry		1902
Mory, A. E.		1919L
Moseley, Alphonso Foster		1920
Moseley, Earl		1923
Moseley, Edwin F.		1922t
Moseley, Joseph Rufus		1925
Moseley, R. C.		1893m
Moseley, Ralph Ellington		1904
Mosley, Hugh Gallagher		1925m
Moss, J. Wyatt		1913
Moss, Thomas J.		1886m
Motz, Aubrey, Jr.		1925
Mount, Thomas Blanton		1918
Moye, C. G.		1913m
Moye, Otis B.		1900m
Moye, T. R. 		1899m
Muckenfuss, Ralph Stewart		1919
Mull, Joseph Harry		1916m
Mullinax, Perry Franklin		1923
Mullino, Frederick Martin		1892m
Mullins, Benjamin Franklin Kelso		1919
Mullins, Glenn		1915m
Mullins, Thomas Knox		1898m
Mullis, Arthur Lamar		1924
Munro, George P.		1887
Munro, Horace Nathaniel		1893
Munro, Paul Merritt		1910
Munroe, Albert Sydney		1894
Munroe, George William		1915
Munroe, Henry Curtis		1917
Munroe, Mark W.		1879
Munroe, Richard I.		1878
Munroe, Robert L.		1885
Murdock, Joseph L.		1893m
Murph, Frank Baldwin		1892
Murph, Howard Austin		1902
Murph, John Speight		1899
Murphey, Charles E.		1886m
Murphey, Moses C., Jr.		1907
Murphree, C. M.		1894
Murphy, Gibbons Westbrook		1923m
Murphy, M. M.		1898
Murphy, Marion Washington		1892m
Murphy, Oliver Alton		1923
Murphy, Oliver Goldsmith		1906
Murrah, Basom Wootten		1891
Murray, Alexander Grantland		1898
Murray, Alexander Stephens		1873
Murray, Allen Watts		1917
Murray, George Niles		1915
Murray, Henry Minor		1908
Murray, James Edgar		1893m
Murray, John Henderson		1919
Murray, S. A.		1885m
Muse, Augustus Wynn, Jr.		1913
Muse, Howard		1900
Muse, Lewellyn Hudson		1913m
Muse, Paul Mouzon		1912
Myers, Guy Arthur		1902
Myers, Wade Cooper		1910m
Myrick, Samuel Starr		1919t
Nagayama, L. S.		1923t
Nall, Christopher Columbus		1883
Nalls, Frank Russell, Jr.		1923
Nance, John F.		1923L
Napier, Leroy		1898m
Narramore, James Thomas		1918m
Nash, Leonidas Theodore Young		1887
Neal, Benjamin A.		1887
Neal, Benjamin Fortson		1912
Neal, G. E.		1908m
Neal, George Thomas C.		1881
Neal, John Hamilton		1873
Neal, Joseph Wellet		1889m
Neal, Lum Geoffrey		1916m
Neal, Marvin Llewellyn		1902
Neal, Maurice Varner		1924
Neal, Merley B.		1917m
Neal, Ralph Dewey		1923m
Neal, Richard Southard		1908
Neal, Robert Eugene		1873
Neal, Robert Lafayette		1886m
Neal, Thomas Albert		1903m
Neal, Thomas Clifford		1918m
Neal, Turner B.		1915
Neal, Wallace gladstone		1911
Nease, Corley Leander		1903
Nease, James Lovett		1925
Nease, L. Richard		1920
Neblett, William Robert, Jr.		1925
Neel, Malcolm Mooney		1922m
Neel, Ralph Heard, Jr.		1923
Neff, Lawrence W.		1923
Neill, Wilfred Trammell		1906
Nelms, William Lewis		1878
Nelson, Augustus McGuilvery		1895m
Nelson, George		1901
Nelson, John W.		1915
Nelson, John Wallace		1907
Nesbit, Francis Clifford		1912m
Neves, Carl Albert		1910m
Neville, Lester		1911m
New, S. S.		1908m
Newberry, Richard Emmett		1921m
Newcomb, James Henry		1912m
Newell, Charles Eugene		1912m
Newell, Samuel D.		1923t
Newman, John William Jesse		1893m
Newman, William A.		1915m
Newsom, Bruce D.		1913
Newsom, Eric Adkins		1914m
Newsom, N. J.		1908m
Newsom, William Norman		1925
Newton, Caven Lee		1905
Newton, John Lipscomb		1896
Newton, Ralph George		1924m
Newton, William Tyson		1891m
Ney, Julian Marshall		1922
Ney, Julian Marshall		1924m
Ney, Sidney Irving		1923
Nichols, Gordon Lewis		1913
Nicholson, Joe R.		1923
Nicholson, Waller Staples		1920t
Nisbet, F. P.		1894m
Nisbet, Thomas W.		1914m
Niunn, Joe Curtis		1924
Nix, William Jones		1900m
Nixon, Charles Alonzo		1911
Nixon, Raymond Blalock		1925
Nixon, Roy Wesley		1917
Nixon, T. J.		1878
Nixon, Vaughn		1900
Noble, George Henry		1881m
Nobles, Robert G.		1921m
Nobles, V. R.		1912m
Nobles, William D.		1907m
Nolan, Charles Thomas		1892m
Nolan, George Emmett		1891
Norman, D. R.		1883m
Norman, Frank Pattillo		1910m
Norman, Lewis G.		1910
Norris, J. T.		1894
Norris, John Pinkney		1891m
North, Roy Moses		1909
Northen, Charles Stephen		1891m
Northen, Thomas		1878m
Norton, Charles A.		1900
Norton, Charles thomas		1903
Norton, Clarence Clifford		1920G
Norton, Clarence Wayne		1900
Norton, Emmet Leon		1906m
Norton, Robert D.		1920
Norton, W. A.		1903m
Norton, W. Sam		1918t
Norton, William Forrest		1925
Norvell, Benjamin Mosby		1898
Nowling, James Cleveland		1914m
Noyes, Eugene Adams		1923
Nunnally, George Winship		1904
Nunnally, Harry Bell		1906m
Nutt, Joseph Jeptha		1914m
Nyun, Kyaw		1914m

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