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Arizona Newspapers And Periodicals 1920


This table is taken from American Newspaper and Annual Directory, N. W. Ayer & Son, Philadelphia, PA 1920. The book shows much more information such as; population of towns (1910 census or estimated), location, railroads serving the town, types of industries, etc... For each publication it shows the day of the week published, or frequency, political leaning or type of publication, size of the publication, price of a subscription and usually the circulation. We have only reprinted a few of the items in the table below.

When you order we will send you the title page and 4 page introduction to the book, full page summary and state map, and the 4 pages of newspaper listings.

Item # 10757AZ         Price $6

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We also have an Arizona map index from 1898.

Town or City-Population Publication Editor Year
Ajo-2,000 Copper News Renwick White 1916
Benson-1,039 Signal C. L. Rucker 1898
Bisbee-9,019 Ore J. T. Hoy 1914
  Review B. P. Guild 1896
Bowie-450 Enterprise J. H. Jaque 1913
Casa Grande-1,100 Bulletin Ted Healy 1913
  Casa Grande Valley Dispatch Charles Brooks 1912
Chandler-1,000 Arizonan Samuel Meyer 1912
Clifton-4,874 Copper Era W. B. Kelly 1899
  Mining Journal David Bronson 1913
  Trabaja (Spanish)   1918
Courtland-1,000 Arizonan C. S. & C. P. Giragi 1909
Douglas-13,000 Dispatch Dispatch Pub. Co. 1902
  International Geo. Kelly 1903
Duncan-800 News Joseph Cohn 1914
Flagstaff-3,500 Coconino Sun F. S. Breen 1882
  Northern Arizona Leader Craig Pottinger 1916
Florence-1,500 Arizona-Blade Tribune A. C. Wrenn 1892
Gadsden-300 Clarion Frank Newton 1915
Glendale-1,500 News H. C. Reed 1912
Globe-7,083 Arizona Record Charles Edward Hogue 1913
Holbrook-5,000 News Mrs. G. M. Braxton 1909
  Tribune Mark Bryan 1918
Jerome-5,000 News H. J. Minhinnick 1895
  Verde Copper News H. J. Minhinnick 1917
Kingman-2,000 Mohave County Miner and our Mineral Wealth W. G. Damon 1882
Mesa-4,000 Tribune H. D. Ross, Jr. 1901
Miami-9,000 Internacional (Spanish) J. Ceniceros 1918
  Silver Belt Walter Scott 1878
Nogales-3,514 Border Vidette E. D. Miller 1892
  Herald R. L. Oneill 1914
  Oasis Allen Bird 1893
  Patria Libre (Spanish) Francisco Pegueros & Rafael Ibarra 1917
Oatman-1,200 Mining News Frank Strong 1914
Patagonia-700 Santa Cruz Patagonian H. T. Wilson 1912
Peoria-300 Enterprise Tom Shultz 1917
Phoenix-25,000 Arizona C. S. Scott 1910
  Arizona Gazette C. H. Akers & H. R. Tritle 1880
  Arizona Labor Journal S. H. Freeman 1913
  Arizona Mining Journal Robert Watkins 1917
  Arizona Republican J. W. Spear 1890
  Arizona Teacher and Home Journal Miss C. Louise Boehringer 1914
  Dunbar's Weekly J. O. Dunbar 1914
  Justicia (Spanish) Pedro De La Lama & Teodoro Olea 1916
Phoenix Messinger A. S. Mills 1900
  Native American U. S. Indian Training School Students 1889
  Pathfinder Richard Hiatt 1919
  Southwestern Stockman-Farmer H. A. Davis 1884
Pima-500 Gila Valley Farmer Perry Burke 1916
Prescott-5,092 Courier E. A. Rogers 1881
  Journal-Miner J. W. Milnes 1864
Safford-929 Graham Guardian John Weber 1895
St. Johns-1,500 Herald John Waite 1885
  Observer C. F. Montross 1910
San Simon-600 San Simon Valley News J. H. Jaque 1911
Snowflake-700 Herald R. C. Smith 1913
Somerton-1,200 Review Review Pub. Co. 1919
  Star Joseph Gorman 1917
Superior-1,500 Sun H. H. Hiener 1915
Tempe-1,473 News Curt Miller 1886
Tombstone-2,000 Epitaph   1878
  Prospector C. L. Giragi 1887
Tucson-15,604 Arizona Cattleman Frank King 1917
  Arizona Star Lawrence Clark 1879
  Arizona Wildcat Univ. of Arizona Students 1902
  Citizen Allan Jaynes 1870
  Plant World Forrest Shreve 1897
  Post Grady Gammage & Thos. Marshall 1901
  Tucsonense (Spanish) F. S. Moreno 1915
Wickenburg-570 Arizona State Miner Watson & Bowsher 1898
Willcox-750 Arizona Range News C. O. Anderson 1894
Williams-1,267 News F. E. Wells 1892
Winslow-2,381 Mail G. C. Bazell 1893
  Northern Arizona Leader Craig Pottinger 1916
Yuma-4,000 Examiner W. Harold Shorey 1896
  Independiente (Spanish) A. G. Lerma 1916
  Sun J. H. Westover 1896











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