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Arizona (AZ) Place Names On 1898 Map



Have you ever found a place name listed in an old document and wondered where it was located? Now, we can help. The 208 place names below are found on the 1898 Arizona map by The Matthews-Northrup Co., The map coordinates indicate where the towns are listed. (Some of the towns shown on the map were not in the map index, so we went square by square and listed all of the towns). Copies of the map are available.

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Adonde A7
Agua Caliente B6
Alexandra C5
Allantown F4
Alpine F6
American Flag E7
Angell D4
Anita C4
Antelope Valley C5
Araby A7
Arivaca D8
Armer E6
Ash Fork C4
Aubrey C4
Aultman D5
Aztec D5
Aztec (yes, there are 2) B7
Bellemont D4
Benson E8
Bibo F5
Big Bug C5
Bisbee F8
Bonita F7
Bosque C7
Bowie F7
Bumble Bee C5
Cabeza Pricto B7
Cachise F7
Calabasas D8
Camp Verde D5
Canon Diablo D4
Carrizo F5
Casa Grande D7
Castle Dome Ld'g A7
Cave Dwellings F3
Cedar Springs F7
Centennial B6
Chalender D4
Cherry C5
Chloride A4
Cienega D5
Clarksvale D5
Clearwater C5
Clifton F6
Clip A6
Cojeta C7
Concho F5
Congress C5
Congress Jct. C5
Copper Mines F6
Copperopolis D7
Cornville D5
Coronado F7
Cosnino D4
Cottonwood C5
Crookton C4
Dennison E4
Dos Cabezos F7
Douglas F8
Dragoon F7
Drake A5
Dudleyville E7
Duncan F7
Dunlap E7
Edith C6
Ehrenberg A6
Estrella C7
Fairbank E8
Fairview C4
Flagstaff D4
Florence D6
Franconia A5
Ft. Apache F6
Ft. Grant F7
Ft. Huachuca E8
Ft. Thomas F6
Ft. Whipple C5
Fulton D5
Garland C4
Geronimo E6
Gila Bend C7
Gila City A7
Globe E6
Grand Canyon (Bright Angel St.) C4
Greaterville E8
Hackberry B4
Hardy E5
Harrisburg B6
Hillside B5
Holbrook E5
Houck F4
Howard D4
Huachuca E8
Hualapai B4
Jerome C5
Juniper C5
Keams Canon E4
Kelvin E6
Kingman A4
Kyrene D6
Lees Ferry D3
Lehi D6
Mammoth E7
Maricopa C6
Mayer C5
McDowell D6
Mellen A5
Mesa D6
Mescal E8
Mesquit C7
Mineral Park A4
Mohave City A4
Mohawk Summit B7
Montezuma C6
Morenci F6
Naco E8
Naco Jc. E8
Navajo F4
Nogales E8
Nortons A6
Nutrioso F5
Ochoa F8
Olive E8
Oraiba E4
Orizaba D7
Oro Blanco D8
Painted Rock C7
Pantano E8
Papago E7
Parker A5
Payson D5
Peach Spr. B4
Pearce F8
Peoria C6
Perigua C7
Phoenix C6
Picacho D7
Pima F7
Pinedale E5
Pineveta C4
Pineveta D5
Powell A5
Prescott C5
Quijotoa D7
Railroad Pass F7
Red Rock D7
Redington E7
Rillito D7
Rucker F8
Rye D5
Sacaton D6
Safford F7
Salero E8
San Carlo E6
San Simon F7
Sanders F4
Santa Rosa D7
Sapori D8
Seligman C4
Sentinel B7
Sheldon F7
Show Low E5
Signal City B5
Simmons C5
Skull Valley C5
Snow Flake E5
Solomonsville F7
Springerville F5
St. David E8
St. Johns F5
St. Joseph E5
Stanton C5
Stanwix B7
Stockton A4
Strawberry D5
Sullivan C4
Sunset E4
Supai C4
Sweet Water D7
Tacna A7
Taylor E5
Tecolote D8
Tempe D6
Texas Hill B7
Thousand Wells E3
Tinachas A7
Tip Top C5
Toltec D7
Tombstone F8
Truxton B4
Tuba D3
Tucson E7
Vekol D7
Vulture C6
Walker C5
Walnut Grove C5
Washington E8
Wickenburg C6
Wilgus F8
Willcox F7
Williams D4
Wilmot E7
Winslow E5
Wolpi E4
Woodruff E5
Yampai B4
Yucca A5
Yuma A7












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