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Indiana Registered Midwives, 1900


We do not have any genealogy information on the people listed on this page, but we do have some interesting reprints concerning the health conditions in Indiana in 1900. We can also send you a hard copy of the listings below so that you will have it for your genealogy files.

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Bruengger, Margaretha Seymour, IN
Cook, Mary E. Ireland, IN
Eifert, Eva Jasper, IN
Evans, Melissa Newtonville, IN
Flanigan, Mary C. Central, IN
Flowers, Cath'ne A. Hamlet, IN
Gabel, Margaret Huntingburg, IN
Gibson, Rebecca Washington, IN
Gutgsell, Antoinetta Jasper, IN
Gutgsell, Thersia Jasper, IN
Kretz, A. M. Ferdinand, IN
Kuper, Elizabeth Jasper, IN
Lasley, Rhoda Cedar Wood, IN
Minor, Mary Ellsworth, IN
Moore, Lucinda Freetown, IN
Mordhoff, Theresia Celestine, IN
Schearer, Julia Huntington, IN
Schuman, Margaret St. Henry, IN
Thomann, Angela Shelbyville, IN
Wallace, Jane Dale, IN
Weninger, Agnes J. Toto, IN
Whipperman, Wilhelmina Seymour, IN
Williams, A. Laconia, IN


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