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Indiana Health Reports, 1900


Doctors & Midwives tables: these list the doctors by name, Postoffice, Type of school attended, and Basis of license. The midwives are listed by town, with no other information. While there is no genealogy information, it may be nice to have a hard copy for your genealogy files. They are arranged by county, (Order by doctor's or midwife's name & we will send the correct county)
The cost is $2.00 per county. Item # 10258A
A-G Surnames     H-P Surnames     Q-Z Surnames     Midwives  

The following reprinted booklets give a glimpse of a time with outhouses, epidemics and a much tougher life than we face today.

Statistical Tables for the state. (All 4 tables included in the booklet.)
First Table , "Death from all causes by ages"  Causes included Typhoid Fever, Measles, Scarlet Fever, Whooping Cough and many, many, more.
Second Table, "Deaths...with rates per 100,000 Population". Typhoid fever (1,329 deaths) rate was 52.8 per thousand, while homicide (27 deaths) was 1 per 100,000.  In total there were 35,516 deaths with dozens of causes listed.
Third Table, "Deaths in Indiana, by County" Showing number of deaths, and number from "Important Causes".
Fourth Table, "Births, Number of Children born to each Mother, Ages of
parents, Still, Plurality and Illegitimate Births"
. Arranged by county.  For the state, 377 women had child #10, 260 had child #11 and 282 had child #12 or more. There were 95 fathers over age 60, and 53 mothers over age 50.
The cost for this 22 page booklet is $4.50. Item # 10258B
"Reports of County Health Officers".  22 counties submitted reports, and they vary in length. Some are only one paragraph, but some are several pages long. They cover topics such as, sanitation, epidemics, sewage systems and outhouses, county jail and poorhouse inspections, etc... They are a fascinating look at a time completely different from today. See the table below for details on counties listed.
The cost for this 52 page booklet is $6. Item # 10258C
"Reports of County Health Officers on Schoolhouses".  23 of the counties submitted reports, covering topics such as, the common drinking cups, outhouses (water closets, closets or privies), heating and ventilation, etc. See the table below for details on counties listed.
The cost for this 24 page booklet is $4.50. Item # 10258D


The price for all three booklets separately is $15.00. Order all 3 as Item # 10258E for $10.00.

The table below shows the details for the, "Reports of County Health Officers" Item # 10258C

County Health Officer Towns (mentioned separately) Health Officer (for the town)
Adams Costello, H. F.    
Bartholomew Arwine, J. S.    
Blackford Cronin, W. N.    
Clark Sheets, W. H.    
Dearborn Fagaly, A. T. Dillsboro Brown, E. L. A.
Dearborn   Cochran Marshall, C. C.
Dearborn   Aurora Henry, W. C.
Dearborn   West Harrison Willette, W. H. H.
Floyd Harris, R. W. Georgetown Harmon, T. J.
Floyd   Greenville Williams, W. R.
Fulton Gould, Chas. E. Rochester Crosby, W. S.
Gibson Critchfield, J. S.    
Grant Powell, A. E.    
Jackson Cummings, David J.    
Knox Beckes, Lyman M.    
Montgomery Barcus, Paul J. Crawfordsville Taylor, John N.
Ohio Stevenson    
Owen Cox, Nathaniel D.    
Randolph Bosworth, R. Union City Commons, Wm.
Randolph   Lynn Cox, C. R.
Randolph   Parker Rogers, A. G.
Randolph   Ridgeville Farquhar, A. H.
Randolph   Farmland Nixon, John
Randolph   Winchester Chenoweth, F. A.
Ripley Olmsted, R. T.    
Scott McClain, W. L.    
Vermillion   Newport Hall, M. L.
Vermillion   Clinton Washburn, A. A.
Vermillion   Cayuga Darroch, W. P.
Vermillion   Dana Loomis, E. C.
Vigo Talbott, John M.    
Warrick Wright, T.    
Wells Horne, Brose S.    
Whitley Schuman, O. V.    


The table below shows the details for the, "Reports of County Health Officers on Schoolhouses". Item # 10258D
Some of the quotes from the reports include, "I find our schoolhouse much too small to accommodate the numbers of pupils who attend," "...if politics could be eliminated...and competent persons carefully selected, it would work a much needed reformation for good." (Clark County) Many other quotes dealing with outhouses, smallpox, etc...

County Health Officer (for the county) Towns (mentioned separately) Health Officer (for the town)
Adams Costello, H. F.    
Benton Mavity, J. S.    
Blackford Cronin, W. N.    
Boone Fitch, A. P.    
Clark Sheets, W. H.    
Crawford Luckett, C. D.    
Dearborn Fagaly, A. T.    
Decatur Alexander, J. H. Greensburg Riley, E. T.
Floyd Harris, R. W.    
Fountain Rowland, George    
Gibson Burton, A. R.    
Howard Smith, R. H.    
Jay Ross, John G.    
Lawrence Hunter, F. S.    
Martin Long, E. E.    
Perry Hendershot, C. T. Cannelton Robinson, O. P.
Perry   Tell City Newman, Professor
Perry   Troy Whitmarsh, Hardin
Pike Basinger, T. W.    
Pulaski Thomas, J. J.    
Shelby Stewart, J. B.    
Tipton Dickey, A. S. Union City Commons, Wm.
Vanderburgh Pritchett, W. S. Armstrong, Center, Knight, German, Pigeon, Perry, Scott & Union Townships  
Vermillion Loomis, E. C.    
White Didlake, M. T. Big Creek, Burnettsville, Brookston, Cass, Jackson, Honey Creek, Liberty, Monon, Monticello, Prairie, Princeton, Reynolds, Round Grove, Union, West Point & Wolcott  










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