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Cleveland, Ohio Biographies, 1927

When searching this database for Genealogy or Historical Research, remember to look under married and maiden names for the women.

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Taken from, Representative Clevelanders, edited by R. Y. McCray. There is a short biographical paragraph about each person, which includes information such as; place of birth, parents (usually with mother's maiden name), marriage & children information, education background, career accomplishments, clubs & activities, and much more.

     Price: $6 for the first surname & $3 for each additional.
Since this book is in alphabetical order and often includes members of the same family, the charge is per surname, rather than per person. When you order, we will copy all biographies for that surname (last name), the Title Page and the Forward from the book.

Item # 10580

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This page contains surnames beginning with letters L-Z

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Lake, Charles H.
Lake, William Seneca
Lamb, Judson Paul
Lamb, Torrance K.
Lamberton, Clark Diven
Lamberton, Helen Frances
Lambie, John Edward
Lambirth, Mary Elliott
Lambright, George Louis
Lamprecht, Emma Sterling Power
Lamprecht, George O.
Lancer, Leroy Charles
Lander, Jay Everett
Landon, Grace Aria Hubbard
Landon, Sidney Wellington
Landrum, Robert D.
Lane, Albert Alanson
Lang, Blanche Georgia Barnes
Lang, Charles Henry
Lang, Edwin C. W.
Lang, Reuel A.
Langell, Dudley Bowman
Langer, Fred J.
Langer, Mary E.
Lanken, Clarence C.
Larick, Florence Kent
Lathbury, Clarence
Lathe, John Hubbard
Lathe, Marion Joyce
Latimer, Anna E.
Laub, Herbert Jacob
Lauder, Edward
Lauer, Benjamin H.
Lawrence, A. Ray
Lawrence, Albert Lynn
Lawrence, Benjamin Harrison
Lawrence, Elizabeth S.
Lawrence, Gertrude McMyler
Lawrence, Jennie Gardner Porter
Lawrence, Keith
Lawrence, Margaret R.
Lawrence, Maude Louise
Lawrence, Paul Terry
Lawrence, Raymond E.
Lawson, Jennie Josephine
Lawton, Betty M.
Lazarus, Myron E.
Leary, Cornelius F.
Leas, Roscoe David
Leavenworth, Edwin John
Lebedoff, Bess Barr
Lebedoff, John Adolph
Lechner, Paul Peter
LeClaire, Eugene
Lederer, Herbert H.
Lee, Alma Walter
Lee, William Granville
Leeds, Arthur R.
Leeds, Clara H.
Leeper, Edward W.
Lees, Max
Lehman, Henrietta C.
Leitch, Robert Ingram
Lemon, William L.
Lemperly, Charles Mitchell
Lemperly, Eva Brainerd
Lenhart, Carl H.
Lenihan, Anna MArie Wamelink
Lenihan, Ernest P.
Lenz, Carl K.
Leonard, Walter magruder
Leonard, William Andrew
Leopold, William George, Mrs.
Leslie, Hugh J.
Leslie, Roy Frank
Leutner, Emily Payne
Leutner, Winfred George
Levin, Sidney
Levine, Benjamin
Levine, Hedwig Pelser
Lewis, Grace Brackett
Lewis, Grace Chatterton
Lewis, Joseph Morgan
Lewis, Norman Stanley
Lewis, Rober Hill
Lewis, Robert Ellsworth
Lewis, Sarah Louise
Lewis, Sherman Leland
Lewis, Walter Irving
Libby, John H.
Licht, David Bert
Lieberman, Milton
Linas, William Lyle
Lincoln, Alice Patterson
Lincoln, Donald
Lincoln, John C.
Lincoln, Margaret Rosemann
Lincoln, William R.
Lind, James L.
Lindemann, Eugene S.
Linden, John Edgar
Lindhorst, Richard Henry
Lindsay, Julia May Bryant
Lines, Charles Morse
Lines, Sarah Elizabeth
Ling, Benjamin Eugene
Lister, Walter S.
Little, Bascom
Little, Edward S.
Little, Joseph Clyde
Little, Louis
Little, Walter H.
Locher, Cyrus
Locher, Milton L.
Locke, Owen Alvin
Lockwood, Herbert Humphrey
Lockwood, Lawrence B.
Lodge, Edward Ballard
Loeb, Everett E.
Loeb, Joseph William
Loebe, Robert
Logan, Kathryn Lamb
Logan, Walter
Lohmiller, Calvin Arthur
Lohmiller, Elizabeth Turner Klinfelter
Long, William Frew
Longoria, Antonio
Looney, Olive Townsend
Looney, William S.
Loose, Helen J.
Lord, Edwin Nathan
Lord, Eleanor Roberts
Lormor, Henry Webb
Lothman, Daniel W.
Lotz, John Henry
Loughry, Edith Johnson
Loughry, James Arthur
Loventhal, Allison
Lowe, Gordon
Lowe, Harold B.
Lowe, John C.
Lower, Mabel Freeman
Lower, William Edgar
Lowry, Bernard Ford
Luckey, Bertha Musson
Luckiesh, Matthew
Ludlow, Arthur Clyde
Ludlow, Susan Bruce
Luetkemeyer, Edmund Henry
Luetkemeyer, Mathilde Junge
Luff, Frederic Ernest
Lupton, Dillworth
Luthi, Arthur Frederick
Lux, Richard Courtney
Lybarger, Donald Fisher
Lyle, Alice Franklin
Lynch, Charles Peter
Lynch, Julia A.
Lynch, Mary Virginia
Lyon, Newell
Lyons, Mary Alice

MacBain, Donald R.
MacBain, Mary A. Singer
MacCutcheon, Aleck Morton
MacDiarmid, Roy W.
MacDougall, Lewis
MacDowell, John Harold
MacDowell, Rollin Fay
MacEwen, William Earl
MacFarland, Charles Henry, Jr.
Mackenzie, Alexander C.
Macklin, Gordon Stanley
MacLaren, Albert Sergeant
MacLaren, Theodora Potter
Maclennan, Georgia Harkness York
MacLeod, John Holmes
MacMillen, William W.
Madden, Clarence LaRue
Magner, Charles T.
Mahon, James T.
Mahowald, George Henry
Mahrer, Herbert A.
Makepeace, Grace E.
Maley, Martha T.
Maline, John F.
Malone, Carolyn Quayle
Malson, Totten Smith
Mandelbaum, Moses J.
Manning, William Andrew
Mansfield, Howard Page
Mansfield, Valentine Morris
Manuel, John Sutphin
Manuel, Susan Andrews
Mapes, Zetta Alger
Marandeau, Roger Charles
Marble, Anna C.
Marble, Henry Dow
Marcosson, Dorothy Frew
Marcosson, Sol
Marcuson, Henry W.
Marks, Belle Hays
Marmorstein, Max
Marquardt, Arthur C.
Marquis, Karl McDonald
Marshall, George Gehring
Marshall, Grace Williams
Marshall, John D.
Marshall, Louise Gehring
Marshall, Louise McDaniel
Marshall, Lycurgus L.
Marshall, Marjorie Sillcocks
Marshall, Pauline
Marshall, Ralph Waldo
Marshall, Sabina
Marshall, Wentworth Goodson
Martell, Albert Dunavan
Martin, Bessie Bell
Martin, E. Elmo
Martin, Glenn L.
Martin, Harry Edwin
Martin, John T.
Martin, Marion White
Martin, Philip McAbee
Marting, Henry A.
Marting, Neil Turley
Marus, Lois Champ
Marus, Vincent Adelbert
Marx, Sylvester
Maschke, Maurice
Mason, Edwin Lewis
Mason, Gretchen L.
Mason, Harriet
Masztics, Katherine Hoyt
Mather, Philip Richard
Mather, Samuel
Mather, William Gwinn
Mathews, Edward Nash
Mathews, Ella Lawrence
Mathews, Frances Duggett
Mathews, Nell Dale
Mathews, Thomas Elisha
Mathews, William Orin
Mathias, Daniel E.
Matthias, Edward Louis
Matzen, Herman N.
Maurer, Charles E.
May, Albert C.
May, Clarence Ruedy
May, Daniel Todd
May, Percival G.
May, Raymond V.
Mazanec, John Stanley
McAfee, Sarah Edwards McLoud
McAfee, William Archibald
McAllister, Martha Weed
McAllister, William Harrison
McAninch, Orville M.
McBride, Lucia McCurdy
McBurney, Mary M.
McCaffery, Manus William
McCall, James Henderson
McCall, Rachel J. Kennedy
McCally, William Cole
McCarthy, Margaret E.
McCaslin, Thomas Andrew
McClure, Gertrude Elizabeth
McClure, William Oliver
McConell, Frederick Stevens
McConnell, Clark Tod
McCormick, Charles David
McCormick, Nelson W.
McCray, Randolph Y.
McCrea, Carrie Carpenter
McCrea, James Birney
McCreary, Robert Grosvenor
McCune, Eleanore Brown
McCune, Samuel L.
McDaniels, Homer
McDermott, Thomas Joseph
McDermott, William Jennings
McDonald, Thomas Fraser
McDonough, William R.
Mcfadden, James A.
McGaffin, Alexander
McGaffin, Anna DeYoe
McGay, Norman Percy
McGehee, Helen Nye
McGehee, W. H. O.
McGowan, Florence Rice
McGowan, Roland Thomson
McGrath, Harry A.
McGraw, Edward William
McGraw, Harrison B.
McGwinn, Katherine Freeman
McIlrath, Oliver Perry
McIntosh, Henry Payne
McIntosh, Henry Payne, Jr.
McIntosh, John Manfull
McIntosh, Mary M. Stewart
McIntyre, Seward B.
McKay, Robert Hunter
McKee, Arthur G.
McKee, John Smith
McKinney, John Elliott
McKinnie, Adele
McKinstry, Charles Thomas
McKinstry, Helen Winton
McKnight, Marion H.
McLane, James Williams
McLane, Millie Sykes
McLaughlin, Harold Newell
McLaughlin, James A.
McLaughlin, Mason B.
McLean, Percy Wood
McLeod, Leland Scott
McLoud, Barbara Pattison
McLoud, William Roeder
McManus, Mary Jackman
McManus, Thomas J.
McMaster, Carlos Lenox
McMichael, Stanley L.
McMullen, Donald Bartley
McMullen, Helen Latimer
McMyler, Howard Thomas
McNamara, Andrew J.
McNeice, Charles Rex
McNutt, Eloise Parrott
McNutt, Harry Filler
McQuigg, John R.
McSweeney, James Mullins
McVeigh, Jennie Stevenson
McWilliams, John Probasco
McWilliams, Suzannah Probasco
McWilliams, Thomas Samuel
Mead, William Jay
Meade, Dora Rucker
Meade, Emma S. Izzard
Meade, Frank B.
Meade, Parker Wright
Meaden, Douglas S.
Meals, Walter D.
Meck, David Channing
Meck, Gertrude Kirkpatrick
Medalie, Sam A.
Megaw, Mary Isabel
Megrah, Emerson
Mehling, Raymond Bernard
Meilink, John G.
Meink, Charles E.
Meldrum, Andrew Barclay
Mellon, DeForest
Melrose, Mary
Mendelson, Albert
Mental, Annie M.
Meriam, Albert Younglove
Meriam, Joseph Wintrop
Merkel, Arthur Ernest
Merkel, Louise H.
Merrick, Frederick Chapman
Merrick, Grace Gilman
Merrick, Sarah Adelaide
Merrick, Walter C.
Merrihew, Henry Merton
Merrill, Charles Boughton
Merrill, Mary E. Rath
Merritt, William Ford
Merryweather, George Edmund
Meskell, James A.
Mesker, Louis Henry
Metcalf, Clarence S.
Metcalf, Issac Stevens
Metcalf, Jessie Louise Halstead
Metcalf, Leslie I.
Metzenbaum, Myron
Meyer, Chalmers E.
Meyer, John Frederick
Meyer, Vernon H.
Middleton, Nathan A.
Mier, Sydney S.
Milburn, John Rudisill
Milder, Samuel
Miller, Alice Evelyn Rose
Miller, Belle Mahler
Miller, Casper James
Miller, David Beckwith
Miller, Dayton Clarence
Miller, Dorothy Moore
Miller, Edwin Evan
Miller, Granberry
Miller, J. Quinter
Miller, James H.
Miller, John L., Jr.
Miller, Louise Klein
Miller, Margaret Barney
Miller, Margaret Marie Hill
Miller, Marie E. Hooper
Miller, Martin Harold
Miller, Mary Duffy
Miller, Otto
Miller, Ransom Gurden, Jr.
Miller, Ray T.
Millere, Edmond S.
Milligan, Beatrice H.
Milligan, John R.
Milliken, William Mathewson
Millikin, Dudley L.
Millikin, Julia Severance
Mills, Francis Charlton, Jr.
Milner, George S.
Minco, Joseph R.
Minshall, William Edwin
Mitchel, William E.
Mitchell, Ben E.
Mitchell, G. Evans
Mitchell, George Redmond
Mitchell, Harry Wilbert
Mitchell, John Phillip
Mitchell, R. Verne
Mitchell, Ralph D.
Mix, Marie Josephine
Moatz, Elizabeth Ford
Moatz, Herbert Charles
Mock, Clark Leslie
Modisette, DeMott
Moeller, Margaret Strong Adams
Moeller, William A.
Molner, Malcolm E.
Monck, Albert Wesley
Moncol, Andrew John
Monks, Mabel Boyd
Monks, Thomas E.
Monroe, Ida Stewart
Monroe, William M.
Monson, Hugh J.
Montgomery, Louise
Mook, Delo Emerson
Moon, Cary Brownell
Moon, Dewitt Clinton
Moon, Helen Esther
Moonan, William John Phillips
Mooney, Michael Patrick
Moore, Cora Tilden
Moore, David Chalmers
Moore, Franklin C.
Moore, Genette
Moore, Harriet Cochrane
Moore, Harry S.
Moore, Jared Sparks
Moore, Jerald Powers
Moore, Jesse O., Mrs.
Moore, Katherine
Moore, Mildred I.
Moore, Minnie D.
Moore, Myrtle Powers
Moore, Paul Guthrie
Moore, Stanley B.
Moore, William L.
Moorehouse, George Wilton
Moorehouse, Herbert S.
Moorehouse, Martha Quigley
Moran, Francis T.
Moran, Jno. P.
Morgan, Beatrice Burton
Morgan, Edmund Nash, Mrs.
Morgan, Edna
Morgan, George Fred
Morgan, George W., II
Morgan, Mary White
Morgan, Russell Van Dyke
Morgan, Victor H.
Morison, Francis R.
Morrill, Gordon Niles
Morrill, Jeanette Cox
Morris, David V.
Morris, Davis Harrington
Morris, Dorothy Todd
Morris, Isadore R.
Morris, John E.
Morris, Karl K.
Morris, Warren L.
Morrison, Hunter
Morrison, Mary Thompson
Morse, Clyde L.
Morse, Harold Marston
Moses, Katharine Rebecca
Moss, Florence Makrs
Moss, Herman
Moss, Jerome W.
Moss, Z. A.
Motch, Stanley
Mouat, Thomas Gilbert
Mould, Florence Bushnell
Mould, Frederick Walter
Moulton, E. Phillips
Mountcastle, Montague Wm.
Mowry, Floyd Samuel
Moyer, John M.
Mueller, Carl H.
Mueller, Elsa Weideman
Mueller, Maude Kepler
Mueller, Omar Eugene
Mueller, Ralph Scott
Mullen, Claude F.
Mulligan, Thomas P.
Munhall, Edith
Munhall, Mabel Krebs
Munn, Ray E.
Munson, Chan
Murfey, Alfred Armstrong
Murfey, Charles L.
Murfey, Mary Corning
Murfey, Matilda Patterson
Murfey, Spencer Latham
Murphy, Edmund A.
Murphy, John P.
Murphy, Robert E.
Murphy, Thomas A.
Murphy, William J.
Murphy, William L.
Murray, Charles Bernard
Murray, Ellen Lincoln
Murray, Helen Parmalee
Murray, Jennie Castle
Murray, John E.
Mutch, Agnes M.
Myers, Charles Haven
Myers, Daniel W.
Myers, Emily Woods
Myers, Frances Blanche Arter
Myers, Garry Cleveland
Myers, George Austin
Myers, Harry Eugene
Myers, L. Olive
Myers, Louis Eugene
Myers, Walter C.

Nance, Ethelyn Taylor
Nance, Frederick H.
Narten, Carol Calhoun
Narten, Christian Carl
Narten, Fern Fishburn
Narten, Helene North
Narten, Henry Siller
Narten, Lyman F.
Narten, Perry F.
Nash, Archibald Cameron
Nash, Elizabeth Anne
Nash, Harry C.
Nash, Helen Millikin
Nash, Humphrey L.
Nash, Margaret A.
Nash, Nancy Van Gorder
Nash, Richard Preston
Nash, Thomas Hawkes
Nash, William Fowler
Nathan, Sophia Straus
Nau, Carl H.
Neal, Clarence J.
Neale, Elizabeth hubbell
Neale, Eugene Edwin
Neale, Eva Denison
Neale, Harold Hubbell
Nebel, Benjamine
Needs, Samuel H.
Neff, Elizabeth Hyer
Neff, Frank Howard
Neighbors, Henry Fletcher
Nelson, Harry S., Jr., Mrs.
Nelson, May Wadsworth
Nelson, Ralph James
Nesbit, Edwin
Nesbit, Frances Horton
Nesbitt, Kent A.
Neville, Claude John
Nevin, Joseph Campbell
New, Minnie Friedenberg
Newberry, Mary Louise
Newberry, Paige Eells
Newberry, William Belknap
Newcomb, Adrain G.
Newcomb, Charles Milton
Newcomb, Chester Gilbert
Newcomb, Helen Dorrance
Newcomb, Laura Weideman
Newcomb, Louise Ruggles
Newcomb, Walter Edwin
Newell, Harry Farwell
Newell, John Edmund
Newell, John, Jr.
Newell, Lucia Otis
Newell, Raymond R.
Newman, Alfred Louis
Newman, Leon E.
Newman, Rose M.
Newman, Thomas F.
Newton, Earl V.
Newton, Watson Philip
Nicholas, Elosia B. C.
Nicholson, Josephine Sook
Nicholson, Kate Luce
Nicola, Charles A.
Nicolaus, Emilie A.
Nixon, Esther F.
Noble, Edson John
Noble, Edward Elting
Nolan, Daniel J.
Norberg, Rudolph Carl
Norris, Clifford M.
North, Harold Diodate
North, Josephine Boyd
Norton, Agnes Hine
Norton, Charles Leonard
Norton, David Z.
Norton, Irene Bate
Norton, Laurence Harper
Norton, Mary H. Castle
Norton, Miner G.
Norton, Robert Castle
Nowak, Abraham
Nungesser, Harriette G.
Nutt, Elizabeth Hasbrouck
Nutt, Joseph R.

Oakes, Herbert King
Oatman, Harry Clark
O'Brien, Charles C.
O'Brien, John William
O'Connor, Charles William
O'Connor, Joseph Martin
O'Connor, Raymond Michael
O'Dea, Frank F.
Odell, Arthur
Odell, Edith Silverthorne
O'Donnell, Neil A.
Oetjen, William H.
Oettinger, Edgar
Ogilvy, Wallace Stratton
Oglebay, Kate
Oldenburg, Fred C.
Olds, Charles Hawley
Olivenbaum, Martha Whittier
Oliver, John Green
Oliver, Lockwood
Oliver, May Lockwood
Olmsted, Howard
Olsen, Einar Julius
Oman, John Jerome
O'Neill, Cordelia L.
Oppenheim, Lambert G.
O'Reilly, Thomas C., Rev.
Orlikowski, Bernard E.
Ormsby, Hiram Belden
Orr, Stanley L.
Osborn, Emily Lucretia Baldwin
Osborn, Ethelwyne Walton
Osborn, Fanny Louise Runyon
Osborn, Frank Chittenden, Mrs.
Osborn, Henry Chisholm
Osborn, Kenneth Howard
Osborn, Marion Tracy
Osborn, Mary E. King
Osborn, William Orville
Osmond, John Dexter
Osmun, John B.
Oster, Edwin Jurging
Otis, Arthur H.
Otis, Charles Augustus
Otis, Clara Chatfield
Otis, Mildred Vilas
Owen, Franklin Buchanan
Owens, John Ralph
Owens, Louise Benton

Page, N. Octavia
Paine, Cara Louise
Paine, Charles A.
Paine, Enoch Emery
Paine, Fayeta
Paine, Florence Whiting
Paine, Ruth Kendig
Paine, Seth Talbot
Paine, Tracy Hoyt
Painter, Kenyon Vickers
Palmateer, Peter
Palmer, Carl Adam
Palmer, Eva Brewer
Palmer, Harold B.
Palmer, Herbert David
Palmer, Lloyd B.
Palmer, R. L.
Palmer, William Pendleton
Pancoast, Eva Lovina
Pardee, Elsa U.
Pardee, James T.
Park, Fay Farmer Horner
Parke, Katherine Smead
Parke, Milton Jay
Parker, James Allan
Parker, John James, Jr.
Parker, Mary Eliza
Parkhurst, Edwin H.
Parkhurst, Margaret Bright
Parks, Sterling, Jr.
Parrett, Robert Allan
Parsons, Agnes Baldwin
Parsons, Ernest Pardy
Parsons, Frederick William
Parsons, Harry A., Mrs.
Parsons, Jessie M.
Parsons, Myrta Genette
Parsons, Percy Overwert
Paryzek, Frank J.
Paryzek, Harry Vincent
Pate, Robert G.
Paterson, Charles J.
Patterson, Amy Ann Shepard
Patterson, Joseph Kirkpatrick
Patterson, Marjorie Minor
Patterson, Paul
Pattison, Melvin
Payer, Harry Franklin
Payne, Margaret E. Hayward
Peacock, David W. K.
Peake, Edward Milton
Peake, Ella Elizabeth Kohler
Pearce, Clarice Junge
Pearce, Harold
Pearlman, Samuel W.
Pearson, Mary Keeling
Pechin, Mary Shelly
Peck, Eugene C.
Peck, Frank Andrew
Peck, Howard D.
Peck, Warner Arms
Peckham, Elizabeth Finch
Peckham, George Grant Guy
Pelton, Clyde Sidney
Pelton, Frank H.
Penfield, Louis Wakeman
Penland, Geddy F.
Pennell, Miller B.
Pennington, Gordon Riddle
Pennington, Heaton, Jr.
Pennington, Ida Riddle
Pennington, Lydia O.
Pennington, Ruth Duffle
Pennock, Robert Haines
Perdue, Robert Hartley
Perkins, Edna Brush
Perkins, Emma Maude
Perkins, Florence Clinton
Perkins, Jacob B.
Perkins, Ralph
Perkins, Roger Griswold
Perkins, Sallie W.
Perkins, Theodore T.
Perrin, Ada Butler
Perrin, Harold Wood
Perrin, William Newson
Perry, Drake Thorndyke
Person, Ralph A.
Peters, Harry Alfred
Petersilge, Theresa Louise
Peterson, Cornelia Cushing
Peterson, Vivan Albertus
Petot, Everett E.
Petrash, Louis
Pettibone, Anne Graham
Pfeil, Nicholas, Rev.
Phelan, Harold Vincent
Phelan, Helen Marie
Phelps, Anna W. Johnson
Phelps, Dorothy Hogen
Phelps, Elmore W.
Phelps, Frank E.
Phelps, john Henry
Phillips, Arthur Benjamin
Phillips, Carrington B.
Phillips, Dorothy Potter
Phillips, Edith Bourn
Phillips, Edwin Devoger
Phillips, George Howe
Phillips, John
Phillips, John Douglas Moore
Phillips, Mae Salter
Phillips, Reginald G. A.
Phillips, Victor Bourn
Phinney, Bernice M.
Phypers, Charles J.
Phypers, George William
Pickus, Abe
Pierce, Clifford E.
Pierce, LaVelle
Pierce, Robert Stirling
Piercy, Harry Doremus
Pitkin, William, Jr.
Pittis, Margaret Birney
Pitts, Marjorie Alexander
Placak, Joseph Charles
Platt, Warren C.
Platter, Josephine Fisher
Plent, John Richard
Pocock, Herman D.
Pomerene, Atlee
Pomeroy, Frances Macdonald
Pomeroy, Lawrence A.
Pomeroy, Norma B. Plaisted
Pomeroy, Orange Barker
Pond, Harry W.
Pope, Edward A.
Pope, F. Alton
Pope, Frances E. (Whipple)
Pope, Henry Francis
Pope, Jane Nancy
Pope, Sarah Rogers Collins
Pope, Walter S.
Porch, Elwin Roscoe
Porter, Clarence Herbert
Porter, Elizabeth
Porter, Herbert Wilber
Porter, John F.
Porter, Margaret Johnson
Porter, Sarah M.
Porterfield, Austin Roy
Portmann, Ina Fuller
Portmann, ursus Victor
Porus, Max Daniel
Posst, Thomas C.
Post, Dessie Mildred
Post, Emma Hartmann
Post, James R.
Post, May A.
Potter, Florence Loomis
Potter, Frederic P.
Potter, Horace E.
Potter, Lillian Belder
Potts, John Frederick
Powell, William Robert
Power, Earl Davison
Power, Effie Louise
Powers, Helen McLure
Powers, Katherine Gage
Powers, Lydia M.
Powers, Marsh Klock
Powers, Mayne Harley
Powers, Neely
Pratt, Harold Gleason
Pratt, Mabel Phillips
Pratt, Phyllis Parsons
Prendergast, James
Prentiss, Willard Corwin
Prescott, Allen Barnard
Prescott, Charles Holden
Prescott, Eda Sherwin
Prescott, Edelweiss Dyer
Prescott, Henry S.
Prescott, John Sherwin
Prescott, Margaret Purcell
Prescott, Orville Wilbur
Prescott, William howard
Preston, Ida Florence
Price, Elisabeth Kimball
Price, Florence Anthony
Price, Weston Andrew Valleau
Prince, Helen Christie
Prince, William Babcock
Prindle, Mary Helen
Pringle, avid Purdy
Pringle, Harriet Milligan
Printy, Fred C.
Printz, Alexander
Printz, Almira Steele
Prior, Leland Burke
Prior, Mary Louise
Probert, Grace Maud
Proehl, Arthur Carl
Prosser, James Charles
Prudhomme, Armand J.
Pryor, Walter J.
Purdon, William L.
Putnam, John Beaman

Quail, Frank Adgate
Quay, Ellen Sked
Quay, George H.
Quay, Katharine Brooks
Quay, Paul Quilliam
Quayle, John Harrison
Quigley, William James
Quintrell, Clayton A.

Rabb, Ben P.
Rackel, Matthew David
Rackle, Ernest E.
Radcliffe, George Corlett
Raddatz, William Joseph
Rader, Winifred
Raid, Carl
Ralls, George H.
Ramsdell, Earle
Randall, Glenden A.
Randel, Frank H.
Ranft, Joseph T.
Rankin, Florence West
Rankin, Walter E.
Rannells, Benjamin U.
Rannells, Blanche Chaffee
Ranney, Caroline Brewer
Ranney, Cornelius John
Ranney, Jessie Jaster
Ranney, Keith Irwin
Ranney, Lynn A.
Ranney, Percival Kent
Ransone, Albert Thomas
Rattle, Susie DeWitt
Rawson, Grace Price
Rawson, William Barron
Raymond, Henry Augustine
Raymond, Margaret Garretson
Rea, Marian Goddard
Rea, Paul Marshall
Reavis, John W.
Rebeck, Steven Augustus
Redhead, J. H.
Reed, Charles Henry
Reeder, Ida M.
Reese, George W.
Reese, Thomas M.
Reeve, George Hall
Reich, Emil
Reich, Gustav
Reichwein, Mary E.
Reid, Felice Marjorie Crowl
Reid, frank V.
Reid, James Sims
Reifsnider, Carl Joseph
Reinthal, Arthur
Reinthal, Sol
Reminger, Edwin Carl
Renner, R. Richard
Rex, Ralph K.
Reycraft, James Leonard
Reynolds, Nettie Glenn
Reynolds, William A.
Rhoades, Philo Bierce
Rhodes, Ellis B.
Rice, Franklyn Augustus
Rich, Charles Tucker
Rich, Grace Weddell
Rich, John A.
Richardson, Caroline King
Richardson, Clarence E.
Richardson, William Eaton
Rickert, Ernest
Rickey, Harry Norris
Rideout, Frank D.
Rider, Eugene
Riedel, Rhea Kipp
Riemenschneider, Selma Marting
Ries, Donna I.
Rife, Hattie Wyatt
Rigelhaupt, William
Ritzman, Lewis Allen
Roads, Conger G.
Robbins, Frances Ashton
Robbins, Frank Carle
Robbins, Leon Josiah
Robbins, Lizzie Clapp
Robbins, Paul H.
Robbins, Samuel Mose
Robbins, Thomas M.
Roberts, Edward Brown
Roberts, Edward Parkinson
Roberts, H. Melvin
Roberts, Harris W.
Roberts, Helen Foote
Roberts, Ida Mae
Roberts, Jessie Boardman
Roberts, Richard F.
Roberts, William Elmer
Robertson, Lee C.
Robertson, Thomas Aaron
Robeson, Lila Pauline
Robinette, Roy B.
Robinson, Alexander C., III
Robinson, Allen Jay
Robinson, Christian
Robinson, Clarence A.
Robinson, David
Robinson, Florence Bowler
Robinson, Frederick Earl
Robinson, Harry Charles
Robinson, Hilda Shepard
Robinson, Ida Odell
Robinson, Lillie Krider
Robinson, Marjory Woods
Robinson, W. Harvey
Robison, Walter L.
Roblin, William john
Rock, Clarence A.
Rockefeller, Alice Maud
Rockefeller, Helen Elizabeth
Rockefeller, John Davison
Rockwood, Clayton P.
Rodgers, Horace Philip
Roe, Elias P.
Roe, Hyncinthe Schweltzer
Roe, Thomas Bancroft
Roelle, Lawrence A.
Roesch, Reinhold
Rogers, Alice Roberts
Rogers, Arthur Carpenter
Rogers, Florence Stone
Rogers, George Edward
Rogers, George mcIntosh
Rogers, Hanry Warren
Rogers, Lauretta Plumer
Rogers, Scott Arthur
Rogers, Winifred Elizabeth
Rogoff, Julius
Rohrbaugh, Harry J.
Romig, Edward Franklin
Rood, Henry Albion
Root, Frederick Kendall
Rorimer, Edith Joseph
Rorimer, Jack morris
Rorimer, Louis
Roscoe, Percy Evan
Rose, Anna Koebel
Rose, Ernest William
Rose, Howard L.
Rose, Martin
Rose, William Ganson
Rose, William Hayes
Roseman, B. D.
Roseman, Charles Edward
Rosenberg, David Alan
Rosenberg, David Virgil
Rosenberger, Harry Clifford
Rosenfelder, Peter P.
Rosenfield, Hilda Einstein
Rosewater, Eugene D.
Ross, Erle Stentz
Ross, George S.
Ross, Harriet Sowers
Ross, J. Lucille Butler
Ross, William T.
Rossiter, Anna Oakley
Rothenberg, William
Rothwell, Bertram Seddon
Roudebush, George Milton
Round, Louis D.
Rowe, Floyd Arthur
Rowland, Amy Farley
Rowland, Vernon C.
Rowley, Charles Bacon
Rowley, Charles Reed
Royon, Joseph C.
Rubin, Monroe Frederick
Ruble, Joesph Shirk
Ruf, Irma Gaensslen
Ruf, Louis F., Jr.
Ruf, Margaret E.
Ruff, Louis F.
Ruh, Harold O.
Ruhl, James B.
Rusk, Stephen G.
Russell, Anson Henry, Jr.
Russell, Bert S.
Russell, Bessie Post
Russell, Claude Clancy
Russell, Eldon L.
Russell, Ella Caroline Davis
Russell, Ella Jane
Russell, Florence Ely
Russell, George Ford
Russell, Harriet Likins
Russell, James Likins
Russell, Joseph ordon
Russell, Olive Stewart
Russell, Thomas Hartwell
Rust, Blanche Evans
Rust, Clifton Irving
Rust, Irma Lisette Squire
Rust, John Franklin
Rutherford, George A.
Rutledge, Emmett Willard
Rutledge, John Skelley
Ryan, Charles Bertrand
Ryan, William F.

Saal, William
Sackett, Gertrude Hostetter
Sackett, James De long
Sadler, Russell K.
Saffold, James Webb
Saffold, Stark Selbert
Salmon, Sheridan B.
Salter, Herbert William
Saltzman, Jacob
Samman, Peter
Sample, Emmet Walter
Sampliner, Jerome M.
Sampliner, Joseph Henry
Sampson, Margaret (Morgan) Thomas
Sampson, William James, Jr.
Samsey, John William
Sanborn, Horace R.
Sanborn, Ralph William
Sanders, Annie Otis
Sanders, Fielder
Sanders, William Brownell
Sanderson, Julius C.
Sanderson, Mary V. E.
Sands, Elton J.
Sar-Louis, Alphonse George
Sarstedt, Gordon Arthur
Sauer, Herbert F.
Saunders, Arnold Converse, Jr.
Saunders, Ernest Dale
Saunders, Helen Lansing
Saunders, Mabel Bunce
Saunders, Walter Colson
Sawicki, Joseph francis
Sawyer, Alice Rives Landon
Sawyer, Caroline Fisher
Sawyer, Charles Baldwin
Sawyer, David Pascal
Sawyer, Jessamine A.
Sawyer, John Pascal
Sawyer, Leroy Pursel
Sawyer, Mabel Schryver
Sawyer, Mary C. Baldwin
Sawyer, Raymond T.
Saxe, Georgia Gordon Short Paxton
Sayle, Jessie Chichester
Sayle, Walter Daniel
Sazima, Arthur A.
Sazima, Henry Charles
Scafe, Lincoln Robert
Schaefer, Henry G.
Schafer, Carlotta Wolverton
Schafer, Gilbert Pierson
Schafer, James Atlee
Schaffner, Clara
Schallheim, Arthur H.
Schauffler, Mary C.
Schellentrager, Frederick Charles
Schinke, Marion Harrison Pratt
Schirmer, William
Schlesinger, William A.
Schlink, Albert G.
Schlink, Henry A.
Schmitz, Hugo Max
Schmitz, Queen Reynolds
Schmunk, Robert John
Schmunk, Walter George
Schneider, Adolph Benedict
Schneider, Albert E. R.
Schneider, Charles Sumner
Schneider, Georgia Leighton
Schneider, Ila Roberts
Schoren, William E.
Schorndorfer, Edward F.
Schorndorfer, Stephen C.
Schramm, Anna Roberts
Schrembs, Joseph
Schroeder, Albert F.
Schroeder, Gustave
Schroeder, Walter Carl
Schuele, Otto A.
Schuer, Henry E.
Schulke, Louis A.
Schulte, Carlese Lewis
Schulte, Edward Samuel
Schultz, Carlton
Schultz, John H.
Schultz, Malvern E.
Schultz, Roy Wilson
Schumacher, George H.
Schuster, Carl Edward
Schwartz, Sam
Schweikert, John Nichols
Scobell, Joseph H.
Scofield, Charles William
Scofield, Frank Rowe
Scofield, Harriet
Scofield, Sherman Wright
Scofield, William Marshal
Scotford, John Ryland
Scott, Faith Alice Fraser
Scott, Frank
Scott, Frank Augustus
Scott, John Thomson
Scott, M. Louise Carpenter
Scott, N. Stone
Scovil, Richard Malcolm
Scribner, George Weed
Scribner, George Weed, Jr.
Scribner, Margaret Keim
Scribner, Rosalie Turner
Scullen, William A.
Seagrave, Walter Howard
Seaman, Clarence
Seaman, Frances Anderson
Seaman, Walter C.
Searles, Ann Taylor
Searles, Sperry Lininger
Sears, Lester M.
Seaverns, Mary Foote
Secrest, Harry Obert
Seelbach, Charles
Seely, Emma Lester
Seely, Warner
Seibig, Arthur Henry
Sellers, Charles Wilbur
Sellers, Randolph Foster
Selman, David
Selover, DeForrrest Lee
Selover, Lola Hord
Selover, Salome Britton
Selzer, Charles Augustus
Selzer, Charles Lee
Sessions, Frank Lord
Settle, Elizabeth Corl
Seymour, Belden
Seymour, Sausan Fawcett
Shackleton, Clara Esther Williams
Shafer, James C. Forsythe
Shaffer, Harry E.
Shanklin, Mary G.
Shanklin, Stella E.
Shannon, Earle T.
Sharlitt, Michael
Sharritt, Walter DeRoy
Shaw, David Alexander
Shaw, Ethel Louise Ketchum
Shaw, George Wheeler
Shawhan, Romer
Sheets, Frank Snow
Sheets, James McCreedy
Sheffield, Henry E.
Sheldon, Helen Harsh Padgham
Sheldon, Maynard Relton
Shem, Carl A.
Shepard, Albert L.
Shepard, Bessie Hunt
Shepard, George Brooks
Shepard, Helen Hampson
Shepard, Mary A.
Shepherd, Bartlett Carlton
Shepherd, Howard Ion
Sheppard, Margaret Robinson
Sherman, Doris Bond
Sherman, Harris Gray
Sherman, Helen Marie Beavis
Sherman, Lois Snyder
Sherman, Perry Bacon
Sherman, Stanley B.
Sherman, Susan Burgess
Sherman, Thomas Coolidge
Sherrer, Edward Louis
Sherrill, Emma Armstroff
Sherwin, Belle
Sherwin, Frances McIntosh
Sherwin, Frances Wick
Sherwin, George N.
Sherwin, Helen Sprague
Sherwin, John
Sherwin, John, Jr.
Sherwin, Prudence
Sherwin, Raymond Dudley
Shiach, William Mackle
Shie, Marvin D.
Shiffer, Charles Ellwood
Shimansky, Karl
Shimansky, Otto K.
Shimmon, Claude Wilber
Shipplett, Susan Westcott Putnam
Shiran, Howard H.
Shirey, Oscar Merle
Shiverick, Asa
Shmock, Beatice Bailey
Shmock, Carlton Louis
Sholes, Alice Everett
Sholes, Justin G.
Shook, Floyd David
Short, Florence Thompson
Shotter, Arthur Herbert
Showalter, Aquilla C.
Shulters, Hoyt V.
Shulters, Mary ourtright
Shupe, Alice Jo Cannon
Shupe, Thomas P.
Shurmer, Edward Daniel
Shurmer, Ethelind Crawford
Sickels, Ellinor L.
Siddall, George Bennett
Siddall, Kingdon Thornton
Siddall, Minerva Stockton
Siddall, Minnie Beard
Siddall, William A.
Sidlo, Thomas L.
Sidney, Selig David
Siegel, Louis R.
Siegel, Mortimer L.
Sigler, Alice L.
Sigler, Louise M.
Silber, Isadore B.
Siller, John G.
Siller, John G., Jr.
Silva, Abbott B.
Silver, Abba Hillel
Silver, Ralph Sumner
Silver, Ruth F.
Simmons, Charles Delauzon
Simmons, Cornelia A.
Simmons, Freeman Willis
Simonds, Otis Franklin
Simpson, George Cheetham
Sims, Dorothy Austen
Sims, Harry DeMott
Singer, George A.
Singleton, Wilfred
Sinram, Frederick William
Sizer, Caroline Foster
Sizer, Theodore
Skeel, Annie Pauline Stockwell
Skeel, Lee. E.
Skiff, Katharine Nicholson
Skiff, Warner Mason
Sloan, Edward William
Sloan, Harry Gordon
Sloss, M. G.
Slutz, Earl Ransom
Small, Carlton Lombard
Small, Grace Hatch
Small, Helen A.
Small, James H., Jr.
Small, Philip Lindsley
Smart, James H.
Smead, Edwin Robbins
Smellie, William Richmond
Smigel, P. S.
Smiley, James Brady
Smith, Albert W.
Smith, Allard
Smith, Alton Harvey
Smith, Arthur Morgan
Smith, Carrie B.
Smith, Charles J.
Smith, Curtis Lee
Smith, Dorothy
Smith, Edith L.
Smith, Estelle Reed
Smith, Eugene
Smith, Evelyn Tousley
Smith, Faith Bushnell
Smith, Fannie Davies
Smith, Frances Baumhart
Smith, Fred Arthur
Smith, George Seeley
Smith, Grant Skiles
Smith, Harley G.
Smith, Helen Hoyt
Smith, Helen Sarah Prescott
Smith, Helen Stearns
Smith, Houston Poppleton
Smith, Jessie Haines
Smith, John Alvaro
Smith, Joseph Tate, Jr.
Smith, Kent Hale
Smith, Leslie G.
Smith, Lois Rucker
Smith, Louisa Johnson
Smith, Mary Hutchins
Smith, Mary Wilkinson
Smith, Mez Brett
Smith, Nellie Northrup
Smith, Nettie Grant
Smith, Nina Love
Smith, Orville
Smith, Pard H.
Smith, Sherwin Howells
Smith, Stiles Curtiss
Smith, Vincent Kinsman
Smith, Wilbur T.
Smith, William A.
Smith, Wilson George
Smith, Yorke Holiday
Smithhisler, Paul Arnold
Smyth, Harper Garcia
Smyth, Walter Borden
Smythe, Alfred Burns
Snell, Laura Stanley
Snell, Raymond Charles
Snider, Harriet Hughs
Snider, Monroe F.
Snow, Charles A.
Snyder, Alonzo Mitchell
Snyder, Elmer W.
Snyder, Russell P.
Sobul, Solomon Arthur
Sollmann, Torald Hermann
Somers, Arthur Langdon
Southard, Walter Peabody
Southern, Edward L.
Southwick, Archibald Alfred
Sowle, Lawrence K.
Spanowski, Joseph
Spaulding, David Chase
Speaker, Tris
Spear, Wesley John
Spease, Alice Kelly
Spence, John Martin
Spencer, Elizabeth V.
Spencer, F. Mark
Spencer, Hugh Jackson
Spencer, Lyman Monroe
Spengler, Edith Brett
Spengler, Ralph Allen
Spengler, Warren D.
Spenzer, Lorna Minerva
Sperling, I. I.
Spiegle, Winferd G.
Spieth, Isabella Kelley
Spieth, Lawrence Caleb
Spira, Henry
Spira, Philip
Spitalny, Maurice J.
Spitler, Harry L.
Spooner, George Washington
Sprague, Charles Hamilton
Sprague, Elizabeth Doan
Sprague, Harriet Ford
Sprague, Percy Carl
Spreng, Dwight S.
Spring, Herbert Arthur
Spring, Marguerite Tafel
Spring, Walter Lee
Sprosty, Clarence A.
Sprowl, John Oliver
Spuhler, Edwin Harrold
Spurney, Albert F.
Spurney, Paul M.
Squire, Andrew
Squire, Edna Searle
Squire, Feargus Bowden
Squire, Louisa Christina Braymer
Squire, Reginald Rockefeller
Stafford, Franland Fish
Stage, Charles Willard
Stage, Miriam K.
Stahl, Edward J.
Stahl, Howard A.
Stair, Alice Carew Heeley Caffee
Stair, Patty
Stamp, Charles E.
Stamp, Evelyn Quinby
Standish, Cecilia
Stanley, Charles B.
Stanley, Elizabeth Coleman
Stanley, George Albert
Stanley, Helena Meigs
Stanley, John Joseph
Stanley, Joseph
Stanley, Marion Bartlett
Stanley, Spencer Coleman
Stanley, Welles K.
Stanley-Brown, Katharine Shermerhorn
Stanley-Brown, Rudolph
Stansbury, Clement W.
Stanton, Jessie Haldane
Stanton, John Blair
Staples, Emily Millburn
Stapleton, Thomas H.
Stark, Lewis R.
Stearns, Arthur Adelbert
Stebbins, Ella Metcalf Young
Stebbins, Howard S.
Stebbins, Mary Wilkinson
Stecher, Henry Dean
Stecher, Henry Williams
Sted, Stephen A.
Stedman, Claude Wilmot
Steele, Melissa
Steere, Kenneth David
Steiner, Alexander
Steiner, Oscar H.
Steinhilber, Maurice E.
Steinkraus, Herman William
Steinwedell, W. E.
Stepp, Morris D.
Sterling, Alice Lee
Sterling, Sarah Elizabeth
Stern, Lionel M.
Stern, Walter G.
Sternicki, Ladislaus Joseph
Steuer, Leonard G.
Steuer, Wilbur Adrian
Stevens, Elizabeth Hyde
Stevens, Harry S.
Stevenson, William J.
Stickle, Ralph
Stifel, Louise
Stifel, Richard E.
Stillson, William Charles
Stilson, Ethel M.
Stilson, Florence Beck
Stilson, Raymond Hopkins
Stilwell, Herbert F.
Stitt, Grace Wilson
Stober, George W.
Stocker, Charles lincoln
Stockly, Galt
Stockly, Mary D.
Stohr, Celeste Beckwith
Stohr, Lyman Andrews
Stone, Charles Alexander
Stone, Charles W.
Stone, Elmer Ellsworth
Stone, Florence Josephine
Stone, Gertrude powers Selzer
Stone, Jeannette Follett
Stone, Lucy Gallup
Stone, Ruth Follett
Stone, Walter E.
Stoner, Willard C.
Story, Benjamin Sprague
Story, Clarence Thomas
Story, Jean Dale
Stover, Wilber Brenner
Stowe, Charles Browne
Stowe, Paul
Stowell, Gerald Paul
Strachan, Ronald Mitchell
Stranahan, Fred A.
Strang, Ella Hoffman
Strang, Max
Strasbourger, Miriam
Stratton, Clarence
Strawn, Carrie A.
Street, Jessie Whitall
Strimple, Louise Bowler
Strimple, Theodore Laurence
Strnad, George C.
Strock, Frank M.
Strom, Oscar A.
Strong, Charles Henry
Strong, Elizabeth Brownell
Strong, Emmet J.
Strong, Gladys Mosher
Strong, Harry Brightman
Strong, Herbert William
Strong, Keziah
Strong, Ruth Strong McMillian
Strong, Samuel Erwin
Stroup, Ethel Alden
Stuart, G. G.
Stucky, Albert George
Sturges, Kenneth
Styles, Bertrand Clifton
Suffens, Cleveland J.
Sullivan, Corliss Edmonds
Sullivan, John J.
Summers, Mabelle Underhill
Sumner, Allene Myra
Sutphen, Helen De Forest
Sutphen, Paul F.
Sutphin, Al
Sutton, Florence Tupper
Svetlik, Gustav A.
Swasey, Ambrose
Swink, Raymond Andrew
Sykora, Lada Ceclia

Taggart, Jay Paul
Taggart, Winifred Rutter
Taintor, Mary Lathrop
Talkes, George William
Talmage, Joseph B.
Talmage, Margaret C.
Taplin, Frances Smith
Tarr, Harry Minich
Tarr, Lida Foote
Tashjian, Armen H.
Tashjian, Flora B.
Taylor, Albert D.
Taylor, Alexander Sacket
Taylor, Barnett W.
Taylor, Clarence Minor
Taylor, Cora Hower
Taylor, Genevieve Brainerd
Taylor, Henry A.
Taylor, Katherine Kelley
Taylor, Sophia Strong
Taylor, Virgil Corydon, II
Taylor, William J.
Taylor, William R.
Teachout, David William
Teare, Florence Shattuck
Teemer, Effie Whitaker
Telling, William Edward
Temple, William Franklin
Templeman, John Dudley
Terr, Albert R.
Terrell, Hezekiah M.
Terry, Grace Downes
Teter, Charles Kinney
Teter, William Crooks
Tetlow, John J.
Tewksbury, Helen Strong
Tewksbury, Mary Johnson
Tewksbury, Roger
Tewksbury, Russell Baird
Thayer, Bertha Cook
Thayer, Cora Beatrice
Thayer, Howard Stephen
Thayer, Italia W.
Theobald, Edward, Mrs.
Theobald, William M.
Thomas, Harold Flint
Thomas, J. McManus
Thomas, James William, Jr.
Thomas, Joseph Turner
Thomas, Marcia B.
Thomas, Merthyn Arthur
Thomas, Robert J.
Thomas, Vincent, Mrs.
Thompson, Aileen Hodgkinson
Thompson, Archibald Robert
Thompson, Carmi
Thompson, Chester Arthur
Thompson, Edwin DeGroot
Thompson, Elizabeth Lacey
Thompson, Ethel B.
Thompson, Frederick Hurd
Thompson, Harry Ellis
Thompson, Isabel Hayner
Thompson, Joseph Hamilton
Thompson, Margaret Hayden
Thompson, Stouder
Thompson, Thomas Grier
Thompson, William Henry
Thorman, Harold Marx
Thresher, Millard Wilson
Thrift, Tim
Throckmorton, Archibald Hall
Throssell, Frederic W.
Throup, William Potts
Thrower, Ernest Liscom
Thrower, Norma Harrison
Thwing, Charles Franklin
Thwing, Mary Dunning
Tielke, Maxwell G.
Tierney, John Schell
Tiffany, John H.
Tilden, Ella E.
Tilden, Mary Moffett
Tillotson, Edwin Gray
Timberlake, Harold Paul
Titus, S. Alexander
Tlach, Victor F. J.
Todd, Thomas Wingate
Tolan, Frank J.
Toland, Charles W.
Tolles, Sheldon Hitchcock
Tolton, Edith Raye
Tompkins, Vance Vick
Torbensen, Viggo Valdemar
Torbet, Howard Lee
Torbet, Paul Hewitt
Torrance, Wilfred Alexander
Towell, Patrick J.
Tower, Elizabeth Williams
Tower, Olin Freeman
Towl, Olgn Crane
Townes, Clayton C.
Townsend, Jean Dean
Townsend, William J.
Towson, Gladys Greene
Towson, Morris Sherman
Tozier, Kathleen B. Seaman
Tozzer, Brent Achilles
Tozzer, Margaret Moore
Tracy, Edward Holman
Tracy, Florence Comey
Tracy, James Jared
Tracy, Jane Allyn Foote
Travis, Dempsy L.
Treadway, Francis Willcox
Treiber, Albert
Tremaine, Marguerite Gillen
Treuhaft, William C.
Trickett, George Harvey
Trinkner, Elisabeth Martin
Tripp, Burton Ashburton
Tripp, Raymond B.
Troll, Conrad William
Trotter, Henry Harris
Trout, John H. Lender
Trump, Frank Myers
Truthan, Edwin Julius
Truthan, Frances Jordan
Tuck, Charles Cecil
Tucker, Anna Moncure P.
Tucker, Bartow C.
Turner, Jay Lee
Turner, William Dowler
Turrill, Lillian Melissa Stark
Tuteur, Julius
Tuttle, Horrace Burt
Tuttle, Roy A.
Twelvetree, Herbert James
Twerell, Albert J.
Twohig, Mark M.
Tyler, Alice Campbell
Tyler, Edgar James
Tyler, Frances Fuller
Tyler, Fred Grant
Tyler, Ralph S.

Uhle, George E.
Ullman, Rufus Monroe
Ulmer, J. M.
Ulmer, William Lewis
Underwood,Nicholas Grafton
Unger, Sam
Uprichard, John
Upsill, Edgar Daye
Upson, Helen B.
Upson, Oliver W.
Urquhart, Don A.
Utter, Richard Isaac

Vadasz, Joseph V.
Vail, Delia White
Vail, Elizabeth Wickham
Vail, George Ira
Vail, Harry Lorenzo
Vail, Herman Lansing
Van Aken, William J.
Van Blarcom, Conant
Van Blarcom, Inez Saeger
Van Buren, Anne Deyo
Van Buren, Donald C.
Van Deusen, Francis Floyd
Van Doorn, John William
Van Gorder, Albert Hapgood
Van Horn, Frank Robertson
Van Horn, Myra
Van Horne, William G.
Van Sickle, William B.
Van Sweringen, Herbert Curtis
Van Uum, John H.
Van Valkenburg, Horace
Vanator, Clara Louise
Vance, William L.
Vanderwerf, Anna Louise hubbell
Vanderwerf, Howard Witzel
Vaughan, Alfred Chinnock
Vaughan, James L.
Vaughan, Marion
Venning, Edith Latimer
Venning, Frank James
Venning, Ralph J.
Verwohlt, Howard William
Vickery, Melville Willis
Vickery, Merritt Arthur
Vickery, Willis
Vieh, Walter F.
Vilas, Charles Wylie
Vilas, Lettie Baker
Vilas, Malcolm Burt
Vilas, Malcolm Gorham
Vilas, Martine McCulloch
Vinson, Katherine Kerr
Vinson, Robert Ernest
Virden, Euphemia Patterson
Virden, John Closey, Jr.
Vitkus, John T.
Vokoun, Frank Joseph
Von Au, Harriet Pearl
Vorhees, Ida W.
Vormelker, Rose L.
Vorpe, William Grant
Vorwerk, Anna E.
Vosseller, Edith Lyle
Vrooman, Clare Martin

Wade, George Garretson
Wade, Harry Knox
Wade, Jeptha homer
Wade, Katherine Morris
Wagar, Mars Edward
Wagley, Ernest Norman
Wagner, Alfred M.
Wagner, Edna Draper
Wagner, Francis W.
Wagner, William Carl
Waid, Addison Clark
Wales, Howard S.
Walker, Asahel A.
Walker, Clifford R.
Walker, Lyman R.
Walker, Mariette Chandler
Walker, Willard Foster
Wallace, Fred S.
Wallau, Herman L.
Walls, Ewart G.
Walsh, Henry Augustus
Walters, Claire
Walthour, Frederick Dale
Walton, Gertrude L. Hutchinson
Walton, John Whittlesey
Waltz, Claude Damon
Wand, Augustine Christopher
Wanzer, George Lewis
Wanzer, Gertrude Fuller
Ward, Chester Arthur
Ward, Edna
Ward, Joseph A.
Ward, Julia Butler
Ward, Timothy C.
Wardwell, Stanley Howard
Warne, Harold M.
Warner, Carl E.
Warner, E. Allen
Warner, Elizabeth Whitney
Warner, Franz C.
Warner, Katharine Mapes Hough
Warner, Pearl B. Brenner
Warner, Whitney
Warner, William Henry
Warner, Worcester Reed
Warwick, Emma Evans
Warwick, Nathan Egbert
Wason, Mabel Breckenridge
Wasser, George Nevin
Waterbury, Ralph H.
Waterworth, Elizabeth Carey
Waterworth, Joshua Boone
Waterworth, William
Watkins, Arthur C.
Watkins, Ralph M.
Watkins, William Bryant
Watson, John H., Jr.
Watson, John Randolph
Watson, Mary Klumph
Watson, Perley Melvin
Watson, Stanley H.
Watson, Wilbur J.
Watterson, Agnes G.
Watterson, Anna Gilkeson Hubbard
Watterson, John Sayle
Watterson, Moses A.
Watterson, William Ruggles
Waugh, Grace Fraser
Waugh, Justin Miner
Waugh, Mildred Ockert
Waycott, Ralph
Weager, T. A.
Wean, Albert U.
Weatherhead, Albert John, Jr.
Weaver, Robert Augustus
Weaver, Samuel Marshall
Webb, Abner Grant
Webb, Abner Grant
Webb, Constance Bell
Webb, Ella Sturtevant
Webb, George Taylor
Webb, James Archer
Webb, John William Sanderson
Webb, Lawrence Mervin
Webb, Lillian Stanlon
Webb, Mary Henry
Webb, Nettie A.
Webster, Estelle Amanda Cook
Webster, John Taylor
Webster, Samuel J.
Webster, William H.
Weeks, Arthur B.
Wehe, Otto Carl
Wehrle, William F.
Weideman, Henry W.
Weideman, Louise M.
Weidenkopf, Julius
Weidenkopf, Lillian Van Camp
Weidenkopf, Nicholas
Weigel, Mayme C.
Weil, Sidney L.
Weinberg, Adolph E.
Weir, William H.
Weisgerber, Edward Wilmore
Weiss, Adolph
Weiss, David
Weiss, Harry H.
Weiss, Louis Carl
Weitz, Sidney N.
Welch, Caroline B.
Welfare, Harry George
Weller, Ben D.
Welles, Kathryn Droege
Welles, Theodore Ladd, Jr.
Wellman, Evangeline Baith
Wellman, Frederick Siemens
Wellman, June Rodier
Wells, Bessie Sherman
Wells, Edward P.
Welman, Victor A.
Welty, Horace G.
Wembridge, Eleanor Rowland
Wembridge, Harry
Wenneman, Joseph H.
Wenner, Della Hollinger
Werner, Edward Frank
Wertheimer, Dan S.
Wertheimer, Howard Munro
West, Louis C.
West, Raymond S.
West, Samuel H.
Westenhaver, David C.
Westenhaver, Edward Paull
Westenhaver, John LeRoy
Westgate, Jessica Pulver
Westlake, Frank Hiram
Westropp, Lillian M.
Weygandt, Carl Victor
Wheaton, Ethel Jones
Wheeler, Arthur Loring
Wheeler, Charles J.
Wheeler, Elizabeth MacMillan
Wheeler, Rollin Clyde
Wheeler, Willard Wall
Whelan, Justin B.
Whissen, Clara Louise
Whitaker, May Cannon
White, Delia Holden
White, Earle E.
White, Edith Rankin
White, Flora Regal
White, Florence Gage
White, Frances Mather
White, Francis Samuel
White, Fred Rollin
White, George Frederic
White, Margaret Louise
White, Mary V. Saunders
White, Miriam Norton
White, Mortimer Carlisle
White, Percy Warner
White, Roland W.
White, Thomas Holden
White, Viola Helen
White, Walter Charles
White, William B.
White, William Wisner
Whitehair, Charles Wesley
Whitehead, Anthony Julius, II
Whitehead, William Creighton
Whitelaw, Mary Augusta
Whitelaw, Milton M.
Whiting, Fannie Eleanor
Whiting, Frederic Allen
Whiting, Olive Cook
Whitman, David Robert
Whitney, Frank Peck
Whitslar, Will Henry
Whitsler, Nellie M.
Whittaker, Louis Howard
Whittemore, Edith Knight
Whittemore, Ernest Wales
Whittier, Clement
Whitworth, Cora Payne
Whitworth, Kernan B.
Wick, Henry C.
Wick, Henry C., Jr.
Wick, Katherine Chandler
Wickham, Ben B.
Wickham, Gertrude Van Rensslaer
Wickham, Marguerite Asay
Wiebenson, Edward Ralph
Wiebenson, Howard Cook
Wiegand, Frederick B.
Wiese, A. D.
Wieser, John Francis
Wiggers, Carl John
Wilcox, Harry H.
Wilcox, Linda M.
Wilder, Alice Burt
Wilder, Theodore Stanley
Wiley, Frank Leslie
Wilkin, David Raiff
Wilkin, Wilbur Davis
Wilkinson, Samuel E.
Wilkison, Fred Foster
Wilkison, Gertrude Burrows
Wilkison, John E.
Willard, Alger R.
Williams, Arthur B., Jr.
Williams, Birkett L.
Williams, Caroline Harter
Williams, Edward Mason
Williams, Frank D.
Williams, Gertrude C.
Williams, Guy H.
Williams, Howard C.
Williams, Hubert LeFebvre
Williams, Joe
Williams, Lewis Blair
Williams, Whiting
Williamson, Arthur Putnam
Williamson, Edna Wood
Williamson, James DeLong
Williamson, Peter Louis
Williamson, Samuel A.
Willis, Malcolm C.
Willis, Theodore Alan
Wills, David Crawford
Wilmore, Josiah Glen
Wilson, Benjamin Lightbourne
Wilson, Catherine
Wilson, Dorothy Sutphen
Wilson, Ella Grant
Wilson, Frank H.
Wilson, Griswold
Wilson, Harriet Porter
Wilson, Helen Tallman
Wilson, Janet Knox
Wilson, John French
Wilson, John McClure
Wilson, Katharine North
Wilson, Louis Philip
Wilson, Margaret E.
Wilson, Myron Henry
Wilson, Myron Henry, Jr.
Wilson, Parker Fellows
Wilson, Paul Edward
Wilson, Ralph Barker
Wilson, Sidney S.
Wilson, Willard W.
Wilson, William Garrick
Wilwerding, Anthony M.
Winch, Louis Harvey
Winch, Ruth Edwards
Wing, George Clary
Wing, Marie Remington
Winter, Victor
Wintermute, Lewis Hubbell
Winters, Francis J.
Winters, Kathryn Greenleaf MacKenzie
Wise, Charles Clifton
Wise, Clayton Ray
Wise, Elizabeth Bigalow
Wiseman, Philip Smith
Withington, Harriette Bennett
Withington, Philip Herbert
Witter, Cecil Orville
Wittlinger, Oscar E.
Witzel, C. A.
Woldman, Edward Elbert
Wolf, Claribel Preston
Wolf, Eugene Everett
Wolf, James B.
Wolf, James C.
Wolf, Regina L.
Wolfenberg, Anna Dorathea M.
Wolfstein, James S.
Wolking, Charles Francis
Wolsey, Florence Wiener
Wolsey, Louis
Wood, Chester James
Wood, Frank Warren
Wood, Georgia Kimberley
Wood, Roy Dyer
Wood, Thomas
Woodburn, John W.
Woodford, Walter Reed
Woods, John Heaton
Woods, Olive Keller
Woodward, Helen Boethelt
Woodward, Howard Spencer
Woodworth, Betsey Carver Metlin
Woodworth, Frederick J.
Woodworth, John Bertrand
Worden, Arthur Morley
Worden, Minnie Melton
Works, John B.
Worman, Howard A.
Worthington, Edward Lobdell
Wright, Alfred John
Wright, Gertrude Sumner
Wright, Herbert Beach
Wright, Louis C.
Wright, Olive Joy
Wright, Samson Daniels
Wright, Walter F.
Wychgel, James nicolas
Wyckoff, Chauncey Witter
Wyllie, John Reid

Yasinow, Aaron B.
Yeaw, Leon G.
Yoder, Harvey Overholt
Yoder, Ivan Isaac
York, Barney Hamlin
Young, Agnes R. Brooks
Young, Annie L.
Young, Arthur F.
Young, Edward Crawford
Young, Elizabeth Shurmer
Young, George Benham
Young, John Lawson
Young, Marguerite Brown
Young, Robert Simonton
Young, Stanley
Young, Stephen M.
Young, Wallace C.
Yule, Alice Cobb
Yule, George Gordon
Yule, Lorne W.

Zackman, Allen Crum
Zackman, Pearl Moore
Zeliqzon, Maurice
Zens, Paul
Zerbie, Jerome Brainard
Ziegler, Samuel Horning
Ziemer, Laura Allen
Ziesing, Martha Darden
Ziesing, Richard
Ziesing, Richard, Jr.
Zimmerman, Burt
Zimmerman, Charles X.
Zimmerman, Paul Bashford
Zisette, Reginald Robert
Zlamal, Oldrich
Zorbaugh, Charles Louis
Zorbaugh, Frederick McClure
Zorbaugh, Harriet harvey
Zorbaugh, Harvey Warren
Zuck, Otto George
Zurlinden, Frank J.










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