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Cleveland, Ohio Biographies, 1927

When searching this database for Genealogy or Historical Research, remember to look under married and maiden names for the women.

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Taken from, Representative Clevelanders, edited by R. Y. McCray. There is a short biographical paragraph about each person, which includes information such as; place of birth, parents (usually with mother's maiden name), marriage & children information, education background, career accomplishments, clubs & activities, and much more.

     Price: $6 for the first surname & $3 for each additional.
Since this book is in alphabetical order and often includes members of the same family, the charge is per surname, rather than per person. When you order, we will copy all biographies for that surname (last name), the Title Page and the Forward from the book.

Item # 10580

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This page contains surnames beginning with letters A-K

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Abbey, Elizabeth Lamprecht
Abbey, Robert Parsons
Abbott, Anna Smith
Abbott, Asa Appleton
Abbott, Dorothy Wilbor
Abbott, Gardner
Abbott, Walter Hazelton
Abbott, William Jamieson
Abel, Charles L.
Abell, John B.
Acker, Fred N.
Ackerman, Morris
Ackerman, Robert B.
Adams, Almeda C.
Adams, Charles Edgar
Adams, Elizabeth C.
Adams, Ezra Stiles
Adams, Frances A.
Adams, Francis Drake
Adams, George Dana
Adams, Robert H.
Adams, Ruth Augusta
Adams, Theodore F.
Adams, Walter Howard
Addams, George S.
Adelberg, Irving Samuel
Adelstein, Charles S.
Aeberli, Fred
Aeberli, Minnie L.
Affelder, Harry F.
Agate, George Rowland
Agnew, Celotes J.
Agnew, William
Ahlman, Louis F.
Aikins, Amie Florence
Aikins, H. Austin
Akers, Jeanette Henn
Akers, Kenneth W.
Alber, Louis John
Albers, Clarence F.
Albl, Michael Albert
Albrecht, Joseph
Alburn, Cary R.
Alcott, Franklyn L.
Aldrich, Emmet W.
Aldrich, Mabelle Johns
Aldrich, Wickham Hurd
Alexander, Arthur Hadden
Alexander, Harold Graham
Alexander, Henry M.
Alexander, Rob Roy
Alexander, William Brownlie
Alexander, William D. B.
Alfred, Elizabeth J.
Allen, Albert Mark
Allen, Claude
Allen, Eunice Westfall
Allen, Florence Ellinwood
Allen, Kenneth Leland
Allen, Martha Hill
Allen, Rolland Craten
Allen, Sylvan Yenten
Allerton, Earle Wayne
Allerton, Ella C.
Allison, George A.
Allison, James Wallace
Allyne, Edmund E.
Alpers, William A.
Althans, Arthur J.
Altman, J. H.
Alvord, Katherine Brainard S.
Ammerman, Harold T.
Ammerman, Ralph L.
Ammon, Jay R.
Ammon, Lucy Pulver
Amster, Joseph
Amster, Lester E.
Anagnostache, George
Anderson, A. D.
Anderson, Edmund T.
Anderson, Hamilton A.
Anderson, John Edwin
Anderson, John Henry
Anderson, Martha
Andreas, Fred W.
Andrews, Fletcher Reed
Andrews, Georgia Louise
Andrews, Harriet Warmington
Andrews, Mabel Shields
Andrews, Marguerite Jeavons
Andrews, Matthew
Andrus, Julian Merritt
Anisfield, John
Annat, William Harper
Ansberg, John H.
Ansley, Francis M.
Ansley, Helen Green
Anson, Sam B.
Apgar, Ella M.
Arbuckle, Daisy Viola
Archbold, Charles L.
Arey, Martha A.
Armington, Clara Pritchard
Armour, Margaret Fuller
Armour, Myles Francis
Armstrong, John George
Arnold, Blake S.
Arnold, George J.
Arnos, W. T.
Arnstine, Benjamin Victor
Arnstine, Harry W.
Arter, Charles Kingsley
Arter, Charlotte L.
Arter, Frances B.
Arter, Frank A.
Arter, Susan Pritchard
Arthur, Alfred Franklin
Arthur, Charles B., Jr.
Arthur, Jessie Larkin
Ashbury, Alice Vaughn
Ashby, Florence White
Ashman, John Edmund
Ashmun, Bernice
Ashmun, Dorothy Oviatt
Ashmun, George Coates
Ashmun, Russell Ford
Assmus, Albert Louis
Atkin, Charles G.
Atwater, Almon L.
Atwater, Harmon G.
Augustus, Ellsworth H.
Austin, Jesse L.
Austin, Wilbert J.
Auxer, Fred P.
Avellone, Joseph C.
Avery, Frederick Burt
Avery, Henry Raymond
Avery, Jeanette Hall
Avery, Lester Tryon
Ayer, Frederick, Bowden
Ayers, Clifford L. S.
Ayres, Leonard Porter

Babcock, Mary E. Foote
Backus, Eliza J. Burton
Backus, Russell Gould
Bacon, Leon Brooks
Bacon, Marvin J.
Bade, Wiliam Henry
Baeder, Lydia C.
Baehr, Albert Meckes
Baehr, Fred E.
Baehr, Herman C.
Baehr, meta
Baer, Frank House
Baer, Milton A.
Bahnsen, Roland
Bahrenburg, Louis P. H.
Bail, Frank W.
Bailey, Albert Caesar
Bailey, Bertha Louise
Bailey, Clarence Wagar
Bailey, Edith Bevington
Bailey, George
Bailey, Harry
Bailey, Helen Moyle
Bailey, Henry Turner
Bailey, Herbert Perry
Bailey, Morrison Kyle
Bailey, Ralph Lawrence
bailey, Theodore Litchfield
Bailey, Waldo C.
Bain, Roy St. Clair
Bainbridge, Mary Harvey
Baker, Alton F.
Baker, Edward Max
Baker, Elbert Hall
Baker, Emily Shackelton
Baker, Eva Morris
Baker, Fannie E.
Baker, Gertrude Strong
Baker, I. Webster
Baker, Inez P.
Baker, Julian Shackleton
Baker, Newton Diehl
Baker, Wallace John
Baker, Walter Charles
Baker, William Henry
Baldwin, Arthur Douglas
Baldwin, Garner Terry
Baldwin, Reba Williams
Baldwin, S. Prentiss
Baldwin, Wilbur M.
Balkwill, Stephen
Ball, Flamen
Ball, Frederick Lincoln
Ballou, Clarence Maturin
Ballou, Mary Cosgrove
Bancroft, Pearl White
Bancroft, Ross Leon
Bankson, John Palmer
Barber, Arthur Wellesley
Barber, Carroll G.
Barber, Harriet May Wagar
Barber, Mildred Moon
Bardwell, Seth A.
Barker, Alice Martin
Barkwill, Ernest S.
Barnard, Ernest Sargent
Barnes, Amzi Milton
Barnes, Charles R.
Barnes, Harriette M.
Barnes, Juliette Block
Barney, Dorothy G.
Barney, William Raymond
Barnum, Richard C.
Barratt, Thomas Percy
Barren, Henry A.
Barrett, Charles Capron
Barrett, F. W.
Barron, Amos N.
Barry, Frank T.
Barry, Isabelle Lucille
Barry, William Gibbons
Barstow, Burrows
Barstow, Mildred Barger
Bartholomew, John W., Mrs.
Bartlett, C. O.
Bartlett, C. W.
Bartlett, Emma R.
Barton, Albert Preston
Bartos, Elizabeth
Bartosovsky, Bohnslav
Bassett, Edward S.
Bates, Albert Harlan
Bates, Elijah
Bates, Kathleen Jones
Bates, Stanlee Theodore
Bath, Cyril John
Batt, Tom
Batzer, George J.
Bauknet, William J.
Baxter, Edwin Childs
Bayless, William Niven
Beach, Clara Goodenough
Beahan, Bessie DeWitt
Beahan, Willard
Beale, John Daniel
Beall, Cyrus M.
Beardsley, Viola May
Bearsley, Joseph C.
Beattie, Anna Belle
Beatty, Henry McIntosh
Beaumont, Cora A. Merriam
Beavis, Julia luetkemeyer
Beck, Carroll Lindley
Beck, Claude Schnefer
Beckenbach, Homer R.
Becker, Edward M.
Becker, Elizabeth K.
Becker, Erwin G.
Becker, Henry A.
Beckwith, Ada B.
Beckwith, Ansel Earle
Beckwith, C. G.
Beckwith, Ethelwynn Rice
Beckwith, Frederick A.
Begg, Harold Kohli
Begg, Russell S.
Beidler, Theodore F.
Belcher, George W.
Belden, Lillian C.
Bell, Archie
Bell, Clara L.
Bell, Ermine E.
Bell, Harold K.
Bell, John T.
Bell, Judith S. Calkins C.
Bell, Margaret Mohler
Bell, Marion Dunham
Bell, Oscar C.
Bell, Richard P.
Bellamy, George A.
Bendell, Marguerite Ford
Benes, Frederick G.
Benes, Jean Austen
Benesch, Alfred A.
Benham, Charles E.
Benham, Dorothy Cooke
Benham, Elizabeth A.
Benham, George C.
Benjamin, David
Benjamin, Morris I.
Bennett, Curtis Burnam
Bennett, Robert S.
Bennett, Samuel C.
Bennett, William J.
Berger, Samuel S.
Bergin, Josephine C. Curtis
Bergin, Matthew A.
Berkeley, Edmund Breathed
Bernet, John J.
Bernon, Maurice
Bernstein, Gus M.
Berry, Charles Chade
Berry, Louise L.
Berry, Maxwell Rufus
Bethell, Louise Townsend
Betten, Francis de Sales
Betz, Alfred D.
Beyer, David
Bicknell, Charles N.
Bicknell, Lulu Johnston
Bicknell, Warren
Bidwell, Lucille Randall
Biele, Edward
Bierce, Geroge W.
Biggar, Anna Ely
Biggar, Edward C.
Biggar, Hamilton Fisk
Bill, Clarence P.
Bill, Dolly Lee
Bill, Fred R.
Billings, Dwight B.
Billman, Anita Boyce
Billman, George H.
Bingham, Gordon B.
Bingham, Robert Fry
Birge, Russell Hall
Bishop, Alvord L.
Bishop, Arthur C.
Bishop, Birdie King
Bishop, Charles H.
Bishop, Constance
Bishop, Edgar Datis
Bishop, Elroy V.
Bishop, George E.
Bishop, George Taylor
Bishop, Mary R. Martyn
Bishop, Ralph J.
Bishop, Robert Spitzer
Bishop, Walter J.
Bissell, Belle Pratt
Bissell, Howard Mayer
Bissell, Will DeVille
Bitterman, Alpharetta
Blachman, Harry A.
Black, Morris A.
Black, Peter F.
Black, William H.
Blackburn, George R.
Blackburn, John H.
Blackburn, Mabel Lashels
Blackmore, Mabel L.
Blahd, Moses E.
Blakeslee, Frank R.
Blakeslee, Orlando Tamblyn
Blakeslee, Wynola McManus
Blanchard, Ferdinand Quincy
Blanchard, Harry F.
Blandin, Clara E.
Blandin, Edwin Jay
Blank, Otto Julius
Blankenhorn, Marion A.
Blazy, Frank Wilford
Blazy, Mary Beardslee
Bliss, Harry A.
Bliss, Horace C.
Bliss, Philip E.
Bloomfield, Louis A.
Bloomquist, Earl W.
Blossom, Dudley S.
Blossom, Gertrude Ayers
Blossom, Pelham hooker
Bluhm, Solomon
Blyth, Lester Wilbert
Bockstahler, Louis A.
Body, Louis F.
Boer, Benjamin C.
Boethelt, Armin R.
Boffenmeyer, Roy E.
Boggis, Henry Parsons
Boggis, Margaret Criley
Boggis, Taylor H.
Boley, Ernest
Bolton, Charles C.
Bolton, Chester C.
Bolton, Irving Castle
Bolton, Newell Castle
Bommhardt, John A.
Bond, Frederick Chase
Bond, Grace M. Wilder
Bond, Seth M.
Bone, Estella J.
Bonesteel, Wilis E.
Bool, Samuel E.
Boone, Glen Alton
Boone, Laura Schlosser
Borgerhoff, Joseph L.
Borton, Fred S.
Bosworth, Newton Cassius
Bourke, John T.
Bourland, Benjamin P.
Bourland, Gertryde Thayer
Bourne, Henry Eldridge
Bourne, Henry Knowles
Bourne, Marion A.
Bourne, William W.
Bouse, Hugo F.
Bower, H. C.
Bowers, Charles A.
Bowers, Roy E.
Bowes, Joseph H.
Bowler, Fred W.
Bowler, George H.
Bowler, Helen Rockefeller
Bowler, Ida L.
Bowler, Nellie W.
Bowler, Walter S.
Bowman, Amy Mullins
Bowman, Edgar Stillman
Bowman, George H.
Boyd, Chester M.
Boyd, Frank H.
Boyd, Marion A.
Boyd, Robert M.
Boyd, William H.
Boykin, Benton Lamar
Boylan, Murtha J.
Boyle, Norman A.
Boylston, Herbert M.
Boynton, Henry Percy
Boynton, Napoleon H.
Braden, James
Bradford, Charles C.
Bradford, Mary Ada
Bradford, Mary Wallace
Bradley, Alice Deering
Bradley, Arthur Ilsley
Bradley, Charles L.
Bradley, Dan F.
Bradley, George F.
Bradley, Morris A.
Brady, Bernard Scullion
Brady, Bruce B.
Brady, Joseph G.
Brainard, Frances Herrick
Brainard, Henry Sprague
Brainerd, Bertha Snow
Brand, Carl W.
Brannan, Robert O.
Brannan, William F.
Braun, Edw. J.
Brayton, Alice Clarke
Brayton, David B.
Brayton, William B., Jr.
Breck, Theodore
Breed, Walter R.
Bregenzer, Mary Dedreux
Breininger, Jennie Wilson
Breitesstein, Joseph C.
Brelsford, Harley H.
Brelsford, Millard
Brenneman, L. Leslie
Brett, Ruth Connolly
Brett, William H., Jr.
Breves, Louis W.
Brewer, Abraham T.
Brewer, Wilbert S.
Brewer, William N., Mrs.
Briggs, Claude Porter
Briggs, Dwight Palmer
Briggs, Howard Linnell
Briggs, Jeannette Stivers
Briggs, Maurice
Briggs, Warren M.
Brintnall, Roy A.
Brittingham, Harold Hixon
Brittingham, Lucille Matthews
Britton, Charles Schuyler
Britton, Karl Beckwith
Broadbent, Birdsall Holly
Brockett, Bluford W.
Brockway, Clarence Mellen
Brockway, Louise Horton
Brodie, Warren J.
Bromley, Charles H.
Bronson, Adelbert Emmons
Brookhart, Anna R.
Brookhart, Don
Brookhart, Leslie S.
Brooks, Arthur DeWitt
Brooks, Charles S.
Brooks, Charles Twing
Brooks, Chester K.
Brooks, Daisy Worthington
Brooks, Ernest R.
Brooks, Henry M.
Brooks, James C.
Brooks, Katharine
Brooks, Katherine Gill
Brooks, Margaret A.
Brooks, Wilbur Hart
Brown, Abner E.
Brown, Alma Davis
Brown, Andrew H.
Brown, Burton A., Mrs.
Brown, Charles R. C.
Brown, Dale
Brown, Edward H.
Brown, Edward J.
Brown, Ernest B.
Brown, Ernest Benton
Brown, Fayette
Brown, Francis P., Jr.
Brown, George H.
Brown, Geraldine Walker
Brown, Harold Hays
Brown, Irene Stevens
Brown, James D.
Brown, Lois Hoffman
Brown, Mary L.
Brown, Ralph F.
Brown, Wayland W.
Brown, William Paul
Browne, Adah Wagar
Browne, Alice Billings
Browne, Katherine Teare
Browne, Ralph Goodrich
Browne, Theodore Crowinshield
Bruce, Leonard H.
Bruce, Zula L.
Bruch, Helen Osborne
Bruch, Karl
Bruch, Mildred
Bruml, Fred E.
Brundo, Ezra Selig
Bruner, Abram Breneman
Bruner, Lydia Clark
Bruner, William Evans
Brunner, Ella Ford
Brush, Charles F.
Brush, Dorothy Hamilton
Bryan, Ezra Keeler
Bryans, William L.
Bryant, Ernest Horton
Bubis, Jacob L.
Buchan, Mary Davis
Bucher, Walter M.
Buchman, Alexander M.
Buckingham, Peter
Buehler, George F.
Buerman, George J.
Bulkley, Henry G.
Bulkley, Katharine Pope
Bulkley, Robert J.
Bulow, Helen Valere
Bundy, Roy D.
Bunts, Frank Emory
Burchard, Jessie Kerr
Burchfield, Joseph H.
Burdick, Carleton Wheeler
Burdick, Eleanor Hoge
Burdick, Herbert W.
Burgess, Alice I.
Burgess, Howard H.
Burgess, Theodore H.
Burke, Thomas Aloysius
Burnham, Carol McLane
Burnham, Harland G.
Burnham. Fred Walker
Burns, Howard F.
Burrell, Edward P.
Burrell, Katherine Ward
Burrows, Charles W.
Burrows, Guy Simpson
Burrows, Harris Bradbury
Burt, Arthur Hartwell
Burton, Elisabeth A.
Burton, Harold Hitz
Burton, Jonathon Prescott
Burton, Martha W.
Burton, Theodore Elijah
Bush, Eugene Trowbridge
Bushnell, Edward
Bushnell, Sophia Ballard
Bushnell, Thomas Hubbard
Bustard, John Hilliard
Bustard, William Ross
Butchart, Franklin D.
Butler, Alice
Butler, Edward T.
Butler, Edward T., Jr.
Butler, Frank J.
Butler, James A.
Butterfield, Emmet E.
Butts, Clark L., Mrs.
Byerley, Jeannette P. Howland
Byers, William W.
Byrnes, Alice McHardy

Cadwallader, Bernard
Cadwallader, Minerva Lowman
Cadwallader, Starr
Caine, Laura E. Hower
Caine, William C.
Caldwell, Alma B.
Caldwell, Harold Van Yorx
Caley, Fred H.
Calhoun, Helen Smith
Calhoun, Tracy Jennings
Calkins, Ann Shurmer
Callacott, Charles M.
Calvert, Percy N.
Cammann, Lucy J.
Campbell, Caroline Roberts
Campbell, Edward A.
Campbell, Fannie Fuller
Campbell, Lon L.
Campbell, Thomas Montgomery
Canfield, Elsie Ford
Canfield, Hiram H.
Cannan, Effie
Canniff, Ella V. Oviatt
Cannon, Austin V.
Cannon, Rudolph A.
Cannon, Ruth Wavle
Capshaw, Willie Walling
Cardinal, George Ralph
Cardinal, Hazel Brockett
Carhartt, John Ernest
Carleton, Charles H.
Carlin, George T.
Carpenter, Alfred J.
Carpenter, Ellen W. B.
Carpenter, Frank B.
Carpenter, Frank Garfield
Carpenter, John Woods
Carpenter, Maribel Olds
Carpenter, Otto Williams
Carpenter, Robert F.
Carr, Charles B.
Carr, Frank B.
Carr, Horace
Carr, Jessie Robinson
Carran, Grace E.
Carrel, Moses Gray
Carroll, Frank C.
Carroll, William P.
Carter, Edwin F.
Carter, Katherine Taylor
Carter, Richard Otis
Carter, Sarah Sherman
Cartey, Charlotte C.
Cary, Sheldon
Case, Blanche A. Shunk
Case, Clyde Allison, Jr.
Case, Eckstein
Case, Vivien M.
Cashman, William T.
Caskey, Nelly Newton
Cass, Edith D. Eckert
Casto, Frank M.
Caswell, John H.
Cathcart, Wallace Hugh
Cerri, Comm. Nicola
Cerri, Josephine G. Rittman
Chadsey, Mildred
Chaloupka, Aloysius W.
Chamberlain, Charlotte B.
Chamberlain, John Aldrich
Chamberlain, William W.
Chamberlain, Wilson S.
Chamberlin, C. W.
Chamberlin, Fred Emerson
Chamberlin, Robert Burns
Champion, Pierre
Champion, William M.
Chandler, George N., Mrs.
Chapin, Frederick H.
Chapin, Helen LaRue
Chapin, N. Thayer
Chapin, Nathaniel D.
Chapman, Carlos Albert
Chapman, Ethel Eddy
Chapman, Frank E.
Chapman, Ralph E.
Chappelka, Arthur H.
Chard, Mary Hawkins
Charnley, Vernon
Charpentier, Edouard R. Harman
Charpentier, Mary Douglass
Charpie, Avery B., Jr.
Chase, Almira Foote Cowles
Chase, William W.
Cheney, James Loring
Cheney, Merle B.
Cheyney, Edward L.
Childs, Effie Edwards
Childs, Ira M.
Childs, Lyman W.
Chisholm, Adie Corning
Chisholm, Ann Laughray
Chisholm, George W.
Chisholm, Grace Chapman
Chisholm, Henry
Chisholm, Nellie Brainard
Chisholm, Stewart H.
Chopp, Charles C.
Christian, Anna M. Salzer
Christian, Archer Edwin
Christian, George Bridson
Christopher, David A.
Church, Austin H.
Claflin, Rebecca Henderson
Clapp, Robert Vernon
Clapp, Willard M.
Clark, Alfred G.
Clark, Arthur Henry
Clark, Ella Frances
Clark, Flora Kelsey
Clark, Frank H.
Clark, Fred G.
Clark, Hazel Urania Baker
Clark, Mills G.
Clark, Primus P. Culver
Clark, Robert Henry
Clark, Sheldon Pettibone
Clark, William Merritt
Clark, Willis W.
Clarke, Alberta E.
Clarke, Graham W.
Clarke, Jay N.
Clarke, John Hessin
Clarke, Norris Jay
Clarke, Urann
Clausing, Henry A.
Clawson, Earl U.
Cleaveland, Sherrill Atwood
Clegg, Lee Milton
Clemens, Alice Lepehne
Clemens, Charles E.
Clements, Arthur Latimer
Clements, Evelyn R. White
Clements, Karl A.
Clements, William Forrester
Clements, William Latimer
Cleminshaw, Beatrice D.
Cleminshaw, Russell H.
Clemmer, George Walter
Clemmer, Lucy Rowe
Cleveland, Anita M.
Climo, Arthur H.
Climo, George F., Jr.
Climo, Lucretia O.
Clough, Virginia L.
Coakley, John A.
Coakley, Marie Beckman
Coates, Albert B.
Coates, William R.
Cobb, Arthur
Cobb, Catherine S. Abbott
Cobb, Clare Johnson
Cobb, Frank M.
Cobb, Harold Bryant
Cobb, Percy Wells
Cobb, Richard H.
Cochran, Clyde E.
Cochran, John Buxton
Cochran, William A.
Cockrell, Emerson T.
Cody, Amelia Farnsworth
Cody, Henry Bissell
Cody, Jane Steinwedell
Cody, Louis F.
Coffee, Flora A.
Coffee, Warren H.
Coffeen, Martha Martin
Coffinberry, John  Beach
Cogan, James E.
Cohen, Max
Cohen, Milton B.
Cohen, William B.
Coit, Anna Dix North
Coit, Caroline E.
Coit, William Clark
Cole, Frederick Van Cleve
Cole, Leota Townsend
Coleman, Elizabeth Dunbar
Coleman, Thomas J.
Collens, Clarence Lyman
Collie, Willard A.
Collier, William E.
Collings, George E.
Collins, Byron Alonzo
Collins, Carolyn Wadsworth
Collins, Emma Barnes
Collins, Mary S.
Collins, Philip Hamilton
Collins, Trenton C.
Collister, Lawrence G.
Collister, Lloyd French
Collver, David Jay
Collver, Frances Harris
Colson, William Brewster
Colston, William Ainslie
Combs, Troy
Comerford, John J.
Comey, George P.
Comey, Robert Tearle
Common, Cordelia L.
Comstock, Frank Mason
Comstock, John Reed
Comstock, Louise N. Brown
Condit, Marlon Carr
Condit, Paul Brainard
Coney, Aims C.
Conkey, Albert Billings, Sr.
Conkey, Florance White
Connelly, Betty Clara
Connelly, John F.
Connelly, Laurence E.
Connelly, William C.
Connor, William L.
Conwell, John W.
Cook, Allan Behrends
Cook, Charles Ganson
Cook, Ernest S.
Cook, Florence M.
Cook, Francis J.
Cook, George A.
Cook, Otis Richmond
Cook, Walter Scott
Cooke, Edmund Vance
Cool, Helen Adams
Cool, Henry R.
Cooley, A. S.
Cooley, Katherine Lee
Coolidge, James H.
Coolidge, Joseph Lexington
Coolidge, Sollace Burroughs
Cooper, Charles I.
Cooper, Charles Proctor
Copeland, Charlotte
Copper, Munroe Walker
Corbusier, John W. Cresswell
Corday, B. F.
Coren, Morris G.
Corey, Grace
Coriell, Thomas Clay
Corlett, Amanda Leisy
Corlett, Selene
Corlett, Spencer Dudley
Corlett, William T.
Corning, Henry Wick
Corning, Mary H. Wick
Corning, Warren Holmes
Corrigan, Francis P.
Corrigan, James W.
Cory, J. Virgil
Cosgrave, Louis D.
Cottrell, George W.
Coughlin, Robert J.
Coughlin, Thomas
Coulton, Mildred Smith
Coursen, Ronald Chester
Courtney, Clarence W.
Coventry, Charles Curtiss
Covert, Amelia A.
Cowell, Mary Bainbridge
Cowing, Hattie J. Ammon
Cowles, Harriet Lee Eastman
Cowles, William Barnum
Cox, Ernest H.
Cox, Jacob Dolson
Cox, Jacob Dolson, Jr.
Cox, John H.
Cox, Mary R.
Cox, Melville J. M.
Cox, Samuel Houghton
Cozad, H. Irving
Crabbs, Harry W.
Craig, George Lochead
Crampton, Mary R.
Crampton, Paul S.
Crampton, Robert Jenks
Crass, Marice F.
Crawford, Deane Berry, Mrs.
Crawford, Flora Brown
Crawford, Porter J.
Crawford, Willard J., Jr.
Crawfors, Frederick Coolidge
Crecelius, Lawrence P.
Creech, Harris
Crego, George Stranahan
Crego, Henriette Edwards
Crego, Katherine Childs
Crile, George W.
Crile, Grace McBride
Crimm, Paul Dearth
Critchfield, Maurice Q.
Crobaugh, Frank Lincoln
Crobaugh, Samuel Chester
Crofut, Elizabeth B. Ballard, Gage
Cross, Cleaveland R.
Crotty, Agnes Jane
Crotty, Martin M.
Crouse, Fanny Clark
Crouse, Guy Victor
Crow, Howard M.
Crowell, Fannie Benham
Crowell, Grace Wenham
Crowell, Henry C.
Crowell, Mortimer Leggett
Crowell, Wilbur S.
Crowley, Chester F.
Crowley, Joesph Herron
Crum, Anna M. Phelps
Crumine, Henry Charles
Cudney, Charlotte V.
Cull, Frank X.
Cull, Louis D.
Cullitan, Frank T.
Cummer, Clyde L.
Cummer, Marienne North
Cummings, Marian Sill
Cunnea, Estella G. Smith
Curry, Anne Hirst
Curry, Walter Rolli
Curtin, James Hovey
Curtis, Ada D. Palmer
Curtiss, Constance Calkins
Curtiss, Edwin S.
Curtiss, Henry Stiles
Curtiss, Lee Clark
Curtiss, Lucia M. Stair
Curtiss, William Eglin
Cushing, Edward H.
Cushing, Florence Williams
Cushing, Melanie Harvey
Cushman, Eva Lewis
Cushman, Frederic H.
Cushman, Vera Clare
Custis, Douglas
Cutler, Carolena Sperry
Cutler, James Elbert
Cutter, Annie E.
Cutter, Estelle DeWitt

Dachman, Joseph Z.
Dager, William F.
Dalbey, Sherman C.
Daley, William A.
Dally, Ovid L.
Dalton, Byron
Daly, Clifford James
Danforth, Arthur Edwards
Danforth, Jane Hillyard
Dangler, Frank Barker
Daniels, Irving L.
Daniels, Lilla Wood
Daoust, Clara Bunts
Daoust, Edard Chellis
Darby, Burton Roy
Darling, Perry J.
Darnell, Douglas Leonard
Dautel, Gertrude Ferre Taylor
Davenport, Leroy Benjamin
Davenport, Marjorie Nicholas
Davern, Ula Purvis
Davey, Myra Eliza Christian
David, Herman Hartzell
David, Walter Woodbury
David, William Luther
Davidson, Edward
Davidson, Paul Franklin
Davies, Daniel R.
Davies, Sydney A.
Davis, Alfred Lester
Davis, Alton F.
Davis, Charles William
Davis, Charlotte Cotton
Davis, Chas U.
Davis, Harry Lyman
Davis, Howard Hubbell
Davis, John Richards
Davis, Katherine Weldenkopf
Davis, Kathleen Lawrence
Davis, Raymond L.
Davis, Rees Howell
Dawley, Arthur Addison
Dawson, Archibald Nail
Dawson, Jean Backus
Dawson, Robert H.
Day, Anna Louise
Day, William L.
de Dominicis, Mario Paolo
de Faucon, Arthuro Garay
De Kaiser, Jacob
De Puy, Irving Newton
DeAcres, Clyde H.
Dean, Dorothy S. Mudge
Decker, Harry
DeCumbe, J. William
Deering, James Sankey
Deering, Robert Waller
DeGollier, Adele Irene
Deibel, Harry Lewis
Deming, Barton R.
Deming, Helen Rice
DeMooy, Edward
Dempsey, John Bourne
Denison, Amos Alfred
Denison, Clinton Lemuel
Denison, George Wesley
Denison, Miriam Ellinwood
Denison, Robert Fuller
Dennis, Irma Dorn
Dennison, Marion Beckley
Denton, Hal P.
DePodesta, William Augustin
Dercum, Hermann
Dershimer, Frederick Wm.
deSauze, Emile Blais
Desberg, Frederick
Dettelback, Benjamin
Dettling, Fred
Deutsch, Raymond
DeVenne, John Clarence
Dewald, Louise
Dewey, Daniel
Dewey, Edith French
Dewey, Edward N.
Dewey, Kirk Martin
DeWitt, Carl J.
DeWitt, Clinton
Dexter, Richard
Dibrell, Warren W.
Dick, Alexander C.
Dickens-Lewis, William Frederick
Dickey, Alvin Oyer
Dickey, Helen Cutler
Dickey, Lincoln Griffith
Dickey, Samuel S.
Dickey, William H.
Dierdorff, Percy C.
Dietz, David Henry
Dilley, A. Vernon
Dillon, Andrew Duty
Dillon, James Kelly
Dingle, Edith Tureff
Dingle, Howard
Dinsmore, Robert A.
Dippel, Arthur Lawrence
Disbrow, Charles W.
Dissette, Edward W.
Dittmar, Carl
Doan, Carrie T. Bradley Pease
Doan, Margaret Pratt
Doan, T. Heberton, Jr.
Dodd, Edwin A.
Dodd, Jula Greene
Dodge, Clayton T. joseph
Dodge, Samuel Douglas
Doerfler, Samuel
Dolan, Charles A.
Dombey, Clara L.
Domino, Karl Albert
Domino, Mildred Calhoun
Domladovac, Michael G.
Donahey, James Harrison
Donahue, Eleanor White
Donaldson, Kenneth Hume
Donaldson, William Wilson
Doolittle, Ada Lois
Doran, Jennie Atkinson
Dorer, Victor K.
Dornbirer, James George
Doty, Edward W.
Douda, Frank E.
Dougherty, Donald Carr
Douglas, Herbert J.
Douglas, Orrin F.
Douglass, Charles Lee, Mrs.
Douglass, Walter L.
Dowd, Herbert H.
Dowden, Effie Nichols
Downie, William
Downing, Hugh Earl
Draper, Charles Thomas
Draper, Harriet Ensign Newton
Dreher, Clara O.
Dreher, Henry
Dresser, Ferdinand John C.
Dressler, Philip d'Hue
Droege, Emily Caroline
Droppers, Oliver G.
Drucker, Lewis
Drummond, John Hamilton
Drury, Elizabeth Hills
Drury, Herbert Remington
Dryfoos, Fannie Mayer
Dryfoos, Nathan I.
Drysdale, Fanny Benham
Drysdale, Harry H.
Duff, Jessie
Dunbar, Frank Herbert
Dunbar, Wallace G.
Duncan, Amelia M.
Duncan, Tracy H.
Duncan, Viola Deetrick
Duncan, William McKinley
Dunham, Elizabeth Reed
Dunklee, Charles A., Mrs.
Dunn, Donald Omar
Dunn, Helen Irwin Justis
Dunn, James, Jr.
Durell, George Britton
Durkin, John Francis
Dustin, Cecil Rome
Dustin, Edith Langdon
Dustin, Virgil Alton Ellsworth
Dutney, George V.
Dutton, Charles Frederick
Duty, Spencer Marcus
Dworken, Max M.
Dyar, Marie Kasten
Dye, Mary Little
Dye, Trafton M.
Dyer, Charles Dickey, Jr.
Dyer, Clara Carran
Dyer, Herrick Harrel
Dyke, Frank L.

Eames, Hayden
Early, Elizabeth Hurlbut
Eastman, Harry Lloyd
Eastman, Linda Anne
Eaton, Cyrus Stephen
Eaton, Joseph Oriel
Ebeling, George A.
Eddy, Carroll William
Edgerton, Ida M.
Edmiston, Horace Stewart
Edmondson, George Mountain
Edmondson, Wilhelmina Rejene
Edmondson, William J.
Edwards, Ellery P.
Edwards, John R., Jr.
Edwards, John R., Mrs.
Edwards, Ralphmore Wigmore
Eells, Adele Chisholm
Eells, Howard Parmelee, Jr.
Eells, Maud Stager
Egeler, Carl Edward
Ehrke, Charles W.
Eicher, Archibald mcClelland
Eickhoff, Theodore H.
Eide, Randolph
Einstein, Albert E.
Eisenman, William Hunt
Elden, John Aten
Eldredge, Albert Clayton
Elliott, Allen Edrick
Elliott, Ralph W.
Ellis, John W.
Ellsworth, Ralph H.
Elsner, Sidney E.
Ely, Mabel Collings
Ely, Samuel Prescott
Emerich, Ida Belle Day
Emerich, Nellie Day
Emerson, Florence Taylor
Emerson, Henry Ivory
Emerson, Hugh Mcknight
Emerson, Oliver Farrar
Emerson, Sam W.
Emery, Augusta Antoinette
Emmons, joseph V.
Emslie, Frank W.
Engel, Rudolph Carl
Ensten, Edwin Jack
Epstein, Nathan Joshua
Erhart, Joseph E.
Erlanger, Viola Janet
Erman, Lida
Ernst, Alwin Charles
Ernst, Theodore C.
Esch, Leon Marie
Eshleman, Charles Leas
Eshleman, Lillian Stites
Esry, George T.
Essey, Isaac R.
Estabrook, Austin
Estabrook, Ella M.
Estep, harvey Cole
Estes, Ryan Phelps
Esty, Louis John
Ettinger, Adrian
Ettinger, Alice J.
Evans, Armen G.
Evans, Clement L. V.
Evans, David E.
Evans, Mary Glidden
Evans, Peter Platter
Evans, Samuel William
Evans, Walker Allan
Evans, Walter Lewis
Everett, Flora Morris
Evers, William H.
Ewart, Howard Lee
Ewing, Frank H.
Ewing, Harrison W.
Ewing, Roscoe
Eyears, Martha Woodin

Fackler, John D.
Fairbairn, Frederick William
Falk, Morris
Fancher, Elvadore R.
Farley, Pauline Thurlow
Farnham, Eleanor
Farnsworth, Charles Dudley
Farnsworth, George Bourne
Farnsworth, Harry M.
Farnsworth, Ruth Sutphen
Farr, Fannie May
Farr, Herbert Jefferson
Farr, Louis Rothe
Farr, Margaret Buchanan
Feddery, Will J.
Feighan, John T.
Feil, Harold
Feiss, Carrie Lehman
Feiss, Edith Lehman
Feiss, Julius
Feiss, Paul L.
Feldman, Baruch A.
Felsman, Herman H.
Fend, Edward William
Fenn, Sereno P.
Fenner, Jesse A.
Ferguson, Clarice M.
Ferguson, Egbert R.
Ferguson, Harold Kingsley
Ferguson, Ray Alexander
Ferguson, William Stanley
Ferris, Frank Holliday
Ferry, William Howard
Fesler, Mayo
Fetterman, Joseph
Fiebach, Albert H.
Field, Benjamin F.
Fielding, Arthur S.
Fielding, John, Jr.
Findlay, Harry L.
Findley, Edwin Leigh
Findley, Emerson
Findley, Howard N.
Findley, Maud Kinsley
Findley, Quay H.
Finfrock, Clarence Millard
Finger, Ray Herman
Finkenstaedt, Edward Rudolph
Finkenstaedt, Lillian Birney
Finlay, Lance George
Finley, William F.
Firestone, Robert James
Fischbein, D. H.
Fischley, Alpheus Paul
Fish, Francis Stillman
Fishback, Frederick R.
Fisher, Charles Henry
Fisher, Ellwood H.
Fisher, Estelle Bradburn
Fisher, Everett G.
Fisher, J. Edgar
Fisher, Jerome Collett
Fisher, Manning Force
Fitch, William K.
Fitzgerald, John F. L.
Fitzgerald, William Sinton
Fitzpatrick, Mary F. C.
Flandermeyer, Rosa C.
Fleharty, John L.
Fleishman, Lillian
Fleming, Hazel C.
Fleming, Matthew John
Fleming, Thomas W.
Fleming, William J.
Flesheim,Sylvester W.
Fletcher, Lydia D.
Fletcher, Paul Milton
Fletcher, William Hugh
Fliedner, Helen Marie
Fliegner, Elsie Louise Miller
Flood, Earl Denison
Flory, Walter LeRoy
Flynt, George W.
Focke, Theodore Moses
Foley, Roland Ray
Folger, H. Clay
Folk, George B.
Folkman, Sanford B.
Follansbee, George Edward
Foote, Clayton H.
Foote, Earl Harrington
Foote, Edward A.
Foote, Willie Hunt
Force, Augusta Manning
Ford, Carl Boughton
Ford, Cyrus Clark
Ford, Ella White
Ford, Frances Mary Gardiner
Ford, Horatio
Ford, James A.
Ford, John Quincy Tandy
Ford, Rachel Martha Hoge
Ford, Simpson S.
Formanek, Joseph
Forrest, Mary Louise
Forsythe, Samuel Thomas
Fortune, Theresa Gertrude
Forward, Carlton R.
Foshay, Lee
Foss, Walter D.
Foss, William Alva
Foster, Arthur B.
Foster, James Hiram
Foster, Joseph, Jr.
Foster, Leonard Gurly
Foster, Rose Wachalac
Foster, William Howard
Foulkes, William Hiram
Fowler, Harold North
Fowler, Robert Earl
Fox, Arthur W.
Fox, Ernest C.
Fox, Harry K.
Frackelton, Constance Chandler
Frackelton, David Waddell
Frackelton, Fannie Pitcairn
Frackelton, Robert James
France, E. Miller
Frankel, David
Frankel, Philip
Franks, Champion Lee
Frantz, Edward Louis
Frary, Ihna Thayer
Frary, Mabel Guild
Fraser, Archibald R.
Frasier, Margaret Townsend
Frazee, Genevieve Estelle
Frazee, Henry, Jr., Mrs.
Frazine, Charles Custer
Freda, Weston Harry
Free, Joseph Laverne
Freed, Emerich B.
Freedman, Edward F.
Freeman, Flora Stevenson
Freeman, Marilla Waite
Freeman, Nat K.
Freiberger, I. F.
Frerichs, Arthur Henry
Fretter, Frank B.
Frick, William Henry
Friebolin, Carl D.
Friedman, Arthur
Friedman, Herman
Friedman, Joseph
Friedman, M. D.
Friend, Frank Carl
Fritsch, H. Samuel
Fritzsche, Alfred
Fryer, Winifred Michael
Fuller, Alice Crane
Fuller, Alice Ingersoll
Fuller, Alice Sykes
Fuller, Carl Williams
Fuller, Elizabeth Calder
Fuller, Henry Brainard
Fuller, Jay D.
Fuller, Joel Haven
Fuller, Lillian Beatty
Fuller, Marcellus B.
Fuller, Marjorie Whitslar
Fuller, Mary Hewitt
Fuller, Pauline Strimple
Fuller, Ralph Lathrop
Fuller, Ralzie J.
Fuller, Samuel Augustus
Fuller, Thalia Reese
Fullerton, Esmeralda Story
Fullerton, Harold O.
Fullerton, William Dixon
Furnas, I. Lester
Furrer, Arnold Frotcham
Furth, George W.

Gabriel, Harry Edward
Gaensslen, Frances Coppins
Gage, Aneita Redmond
Gage, Eleanor Miles
Gage, Nelson Edward
Gage, Robert B.
Gage, Sidney L.
Gahn, Harry C.
Gammel, John Anthony
Gammeter, Harry Christian
Gannett, Alice P.
Garber, Boris Doev
Gardiner, Lion
Gardner, Charlotte Augusta
Gardner, Constance Fraser
Gardner, George Henry
Gardner, Guy S.
Gardner, Kenneth Huntington
Gardner, Olive Packard
Garfield, Abram
Garfield, Edward Williams
Garfield, Helen Newell
Garfield, James Abram
Garfield, James Rudolph
Garfield, John Milan
Garfield, John Newell
Garfield, Sarah Williams
Garlock, Anna Jansen Cordon
Garretson, Alice Grigg
Garretson, George Ely
Garrett, E. W.
Garrett, Frank B.
Garry, Jessie Graham
Garry, Thomas H.
Garvin, Charles Herbert
Garvin, Ralph E.
Gascoigne, George B.
Gates, Frederic Hayes
Gates, Lawrence C.
Gattuso, Fr. Sante
Gaut, Vassar G.
Geary, John Donald
Geary, Lois Doty
Geckler, Ralph Charles
Gee, James McCreary
Gehr, Alpha Robbins
Gehr, Ray Stewart
Gehring, Albert
Geist, Herbert F.
Gentilly, J. V.
George, Claybourne
George, Frank E.
George, Thomas Hayes
Geraci, Frank P.
Gerhan, H. W.
Gerhauser, William Henry
Gerstenberger, Else B.
Gerstenberger, Henry John
Getz, Hester Adelia
Gibbons, William G.
Gibson, Frank Scott
Gibson, Hortense Elizabeth
Giddings, Helen Marshall
Giesey, Victor A.
Gilbert, Claude Arthur
Gilbert, Homer Ellsworth
Gilbert, Philip Louis
Gilchrist, Donald Charles
Gilchrist, Fay McCrea
Gilchrist, John Devin
Gilchrist, Joseph Alexander
Gilchrist, Mabel Hart
Gilchrist, Martina Doran
Gilkey, Eliza Huffman
Gilkey, Ellery Frederick
Gilkison, Conrad Coul
Gill, Dorothea Ambos
Gill, Kermode Frederic
Gill, Paul Stanley
Gillespie, Chester Karl
Gillis, Roderick Allan
Gillmore, Alan Herbert
Gilpin, Eloise VanDerveer
Gilpin, Henry Edmund, Jr.
Ginn, Frank Hadden
Glanz, Isadore H.
Glasier, Jessie Claire
Glass, George Frederick
Glass, Gertrude
Glauber, Isaac Charles
Gleason, Charles Billings
Gleason, Katharine Kent
Glover, Donald Mitchell
Glover, Leona Van Gorder
Gloyd, James R.
Goakes, Fred W.
Godfrey, Robert Duraine
Goetz, August C., Mrs.
Goff, Caroline Brewer
Goff, William Southworth
Goldberg, Frank Theodore
Goldenbogen, Ellen May
Goldman, Ben B.
Goldman, Solomon
Goldner, Jacob Henry
Goldsmith, Edith Joseph
Goldsmith, Isadore
Goldsmith, Walter A.
Goldsword, James
Golrick, Albert Raymond
Goltra, Annie Laura
Goltra, William Francis
Goodbread, Donna May
Goodhue, Laura Singletary
Goodman, Hannah B.
Goodman, Max P.
Goodman, William Z.
Goodwin, Mary C.
Gordon, Wallace M.
Gordon, William
Gorman, Harold Herancourt
Gorsline, Mildred W.
Goss, Edward Alfred
Goss, Harriet Brown
Goss, Helen Case
Goss, Leonard Knowles
Gottfried, Henry S.
Gottwald, Frederick Carl
Gottwald, Myra Scott
Gould, Allen Adams
Gould, Louise
Goulder, Charles
Goulder, Harvey Danforth
Gowen, Albert Younglove
Graham, Charles Adam
Graham, Elizabeth Dorrance
Graham, Grace B.
Graham, James Edward
Graham, John H.
Grandin, George Wilbert
Grandin, Mabel Burnham
Grant, Elsie Benton Hanchett
Grant, Richard Frank
Grassell, Emilie Smith
Grasselli, Helen Long
Grasselli, Thomas Saxton
Graves, Edna Wilson
Graves, Edward M.
Graves, William Cletus
Gray, A. Donald
Gray, Charles Bennitt
Gray, Katherine Buell Nye
Gray, Neal Gordon
Grdina, Mathias J.
Green, David Edwar
Green, Harold Hondly
Green, Helen Hewitt
Green, John D.
Green, Ruth Roemer
Green, Virginia Darlington
Green, William McKinnie
Green, William Reid
Greenberg, Ruby
Greene, Edward Belden
Greene, Helen Wade
Greene, Orion Buckingham
Greene, William B.
Greenfield, Emil
Greenlese, Lewis H.
Greenough, Emery Holden
Greenwald, William Charles
Greenwood, Ivan Anderson
Greenwood, Walter P.
Greer, Charlotta Cherryholmes
Gregg, Sadie Earle
Greif, William
Greiner, Fred J.
Grennan, Kenneth L.
Gresham, Donald K.
Gresham, Harry Ernest
Greve, George F.
Greve, Louis William
Gries, Frances Hays
Griesinger, E. Fred
Griffin, Burt Wylie
Griffin, Dora Diver
Griffith, Harry Means
Griffith, Harry Means, Jr.
Griffith, Lydia Wiese
Griggs, Anne Cullom
Griggs, Herman Martin
Griswold, Hope Erwin
Griswold, James Harlen
Griswold, Ray H.
Griswold, Wiliam Walter
Groch, R. A.
Gronemeyer, Laura B.
Groom, Fernando Hooker
Grossberg, Maurice Hirsch
Grossenbacher, Otto
Grossman, Carolyn Kahn
Grossman, Isador
Grossman, Louis J.
Grossman, Marc. J.
Grossman, Mary Belle
Grossman, Milton S.
Groth, Charles F.
Grothe, Oscar
Grove, William Howard, Jr.
Grow, Earl Frank
Gruener, Hippolyte
Gruener, May Cole
Grunauer, Bernhard P.
Grunauer, Bernice Hoffman
Grund, Florence Fuller
Grune, Henry Lang
Guenther, Leo P.
Guggenheim, Joseph
Gumm, Karl G.
Gundry, Frances Ruth Gilchrist
Gundry, John Murton
Gundry, Joseph Perry
Gunn, William King
Gurley, Eber Whitney
Guthery, B. J.
Guthery, E. G.
Guthrie, Mabel Sargent
Guyer, John Arthur
Gynn, George Samuel

Haas, Louis C.
Haas, Walter M.
Haber, Kenneth Mehard
Haberbasch, Christine
Hackett, Ford Hunter
Hackett, Marjorie Lamprecht
Hadden, John A.
Hagedorn, Arthur F.
Hagenbuch, George E.
Haggerty, Harry W.
Hahn, Harry Chamberlin
Haight, Lee Belle
Haldy, William O.
Hale, Edwin Victor
Hale, Herbert Carlton
Hale, J. G.
Hall, Edgar Simmons
Hall, Elizabeth Jean
Hall, George H.
Hall, George Quinn
Hall, Hiland Kennedy
Hall, Howard Lewis
Hall, John
Hall, Orlando
Hall, Phyllis Withington
Hall, Rollin Stewart
Halle, Carrie Moss
Halle, Salmon Portland
Hallisy, James E.
Hallock, Anne Lamson
Hamann, Carl Ferdinand
Hamann, Constance Kline
Hamill, Laurence
Hamilton, Joseph Newton
Hammond, Ardon P.
Handerson, Clarence Henry
Handerson, Dorothy Rose
Handerson, Henry E., Mrs.
Handerson, Philip C.
Handrick, Gertrude Foran
Handyside, George P.
Hanks, James Gail
Hanna, Carl H.
Hanna, Daniel Rhodes, Jr.
Hanna, Gertrude Jerome Leavitt
Hanna, Howard Melville
Hanna, Mark A.
Hanna, William S.
Hannum, Edwin Alan
Hansen, Ellis H.
Hansen, George Christian
Hansen, Rasmus
Hanson, David S.
Happy, Frank F.
Harbaugh, Charles R.
Harbaugh, Lucia Tucker
Hard, Dudley J.
Harding, Grace S.
Hardway, Louise Burridge
Hardy, Ethel Linden
Hare, Alden Buerkin
Harkness, Edith Hale
Harkness, William Hale
Harmon, Frank S.
Harmon, Gaius Elijah
Harper, Fred Lee
Harris, Charles
Harris, Edward Lansing
Harris, Eva Ellsworth Gould
Harris, George Barnes
Harris, Harriet Smith
Harris, Isaac C.
Harris, Jane White
Harris, Joseph Porter
Harris, Margaret Matthai
Harris, Margaret Parker
Harris, Milton Joseph
Harrison, Dorothy Fuller
Harrison, Frank
Harrison, Marvin Clinton
Harrison, Nannie Coleman
Harrison, Ward
Harsch, Henry B.
Harshaw, William Andrew
Harshaw, William Jacob
Hart, Constance C.
Hart, Jane Sophia Griswold
Hart, Laurence Wilgus
Hart, Warwick B.
Hartford, Helen Souther
Hartford, Newton K.
Hartley, Cornelia H.
Hartley, Robert Adair
Hartman, Joyce Ian
Hartman, May Rose
Hartshorn, George E.
Hartz, A. F.
Hartzell, Homer J.
Harvey, Allyn Fitch
Harvey, Horace Bethel
Harvey, Kate Hanna
Harvey, Mervin Clark
Harvey, Perry Williams
Hascall, George C.
Haserot, Francis Henry
Haserot, Jane Arthur
Hasse, Albert Charles
Hatch, Alvan S.
Hatch, Henry Reynolds
Hatch, Martha Hudson
Hatfield, Albert D.
Hatfield, Besse Wellman
Hatfield, Esther Stanley
Hatton, Augustus Raymond
Hauck, Harry Kinsey
Hauser, Carl
Hauserman, Earl Frederick
Hausman, Abraham I.
Havens, Munson
Hawgood, Belle Lolita
Hawkins, Alice M.
Hawkins, Howard H.
Hawkins, Margaret Howard
Hawley, A. H.
Hawley, Dudley A.
Haydn, Howell Merriman
Haydn, Mary Olmstead
Hayes, Bertine Tremaine
Hayes, Clarence Reaney
Hayes, Gertrude Saeger
Haynes, Rowland
Hays, Edna Feiss
Hays, Eugene K.
Hays, Willard J.
Hayslett, Maud I. W.
Hazel, Harry Rice
Heath, Charles E.
Hecker, Ralph
Hedrick, Paul Nevin
Heffernan, Vincent Michael
Heffner, Joseph Shaffer
Heiman, Jacob H.
Hellman, Max, Mrs.
Heman, Homer Dowe
Henahan, Joseph P.
Hendershot, Archibald Leslie
Henderson, Anna Cary
Henderson, Dudley Kahle
Henderson, Harry Howard
Henderson, John Moreland
Hengesbaugh, Joseph John
Henley, William J.
Henn, Mildred Hart
Henn, Ralph Frank
Henn, Redge Fayette
Henry, Arthur W.
Henry, Edward J.
Henry, Frederick A.
Herbert, Reginald Augustus
Herbert, Thomas John
Herbuck, Anna
Herke, Oliver Lewis
Herman, Hymie
Herr, Albert Hiram
Herrick, Agnes Blackwell
Herrick, Clay
Herrick, Francis  Hobart
Herrick, Frank Rufus
Herrick, Frederick C.
Herrick, Myron Timothy
Herrick, Parmely W.
Herron, James Hervey
Hertner, John H.
Heydemann, Lily Carthew
Hickman, Harry Hallam
Hickman, Marion Rogers
Hickok, Charles Nelson
Hickok, Katherine Danforth
Hickox, Wilson B.
Hicks, Nelson
Higbee, Edwin Converse
Higbee, Ella Perdue
Higbee, Jay Alvin
Higbee, Katharine Holden
Higbee, William Tryon
Higgins, Edward W.
Higgins, Gladys Durell
Higgins, Grover
Higgins, Harvey A.
Higgins, Martha Paine
Higley, Charles
Hikes, Mabelle Woodcock
Hildegarde, Sister (Alberti-Enno)
Hildie, Lundus A., Mrs.
Hill, Clifford Charles
Hill, Irma Helen
Hill, Lena Mae
Hill, Louis Emmons
Hill, Marie E. Chapoton
Hill, Nell H.
Hill, Walter Colt
Hillary, W. Hoxie
Hills, Frances Jane
Hills, Harold George
Hills, Harriette Smith
Hillyar, Andrew Dietz
Hillyar, Lucy Elizabeth
Himes, Mary Vincent
Hindley, John George
Hine, Charles P.
Hinig, Benjamin Calvin
Hinig, Grace Singletary
Hirschfield, Frank
Hirschman, Carl Alvin
Hirsh, Martha Beaumont
Hitchcock, Charles Wilcox
Hitchcock, Edith Meacham
Hitchcock, Grace Abell
Hitchcock, Helen M. Chapin
Hitchcock, Lawrence
Hitchcock, Mary Sterling
Hitchcock, Reuben
Hitchings, Frederic Wade
Hitchings, Ruth Hayden
Hobbs, Mary Everett Marshall
Hodell, Anna Keim
Hodell, Fred G.
Hodgson, George H.
Hoffman, Margaret Wilson
Hoffman, William H.
Hogan, Frank I.
Hogan, Malachi S.
Hoge, Anna L. Wallace
Hoge, James B.
Hogen, Frank Grant
Hogen, Mae Ladd
Hogsett, Thomas H.
Hohl, Erma Hopp
Hohl, Russell Lyon
Holan, Charles Aloysius
Holcomb, James Warren
Holliday, Wallace Trevor
Holmes, Erwin Lawrence
Holmes, Gladys Thompson
Holt, Anne Carroll
Holt, Benjamin Dyer
Holt, Gertrude Letitia Walton
Holt, john Washburn
Holt, Mary Ellen Washburn
Holtcamp, John H.
Homans, Albert H.
Hood, Harold G.
Hood, Mildred Reese
Hoover, Charles Stephen
Hoover, Helen Williams
Hoover, Simon Robert
Hopkins, Benjamin Franklin
Hopkins, David Harris
Hopkins, Evan Henry
Hopkins, Harold C.
Hopkins, William Rowland
Hoppinger, Jacob J.
Hopwood, Erle Clark
Hopwood, Ida Walter
Horn, Herbert Arthur
Horn, Oscar Jacob
Horner, Belle Benton
Horner, J. Richey
Horner, William Wattles
Hornickel, Dorothy Stearns
Hornickel, Frank Lute
Hornickel, Lute
Hornickel, Margaret Davis
Hornstein, Joseph
Horr, Alfred
Horton, Emma Sawtell
Hosford, Donald M.
Hosford, Grover C.
Hosford, Harry W.
Hosick, Mary A. Rowley
Hoskins, Lloyd Leggett
Hosterman John Scholl
Hostetler, Joseph C.
Hotchkiss, Rollin Neale
Houghton, Frank Billings
Houghton, Frederick H.
Hougland, Catherine Day
House, Francis Edwin, Jr.
House, Genevieve Billman
House, James Arthur
House, Mary Eleanor Bush
Houseman, Gordon Bills
Housum, Bird W.
Houze, Joseph O.
Howard, Alice Sturtevant
Howard, Henry
Howard, Irma Mai
Howe, Charles Sumner
Howell, Carl Eugene
Howell, Charles J.
Howell, Louise
Howell, Thomas Paull
Hower, Loise Smith
Howland, Paul
Hoyt, Cornelia Brown
Hoyt, G. Benjamin
Hoyt, Nellie Myers
Hribar, Vitus, Rev.
Hubbard, Sterling Beckwith
Hubbell, Benjamin S.
Hubbell, Bertha M.
Hubbell, Will Herman
Huber, Ray A.
Hudson, Marianna
Huebsch, Daniel Adolph
Huebschman, Bernat A.
Huebschman, Millard Livingston
Huffman, Lyman F.
Hughes, Adella Prentiss
Hughes, Ella Grace
Hughes, Harold Wesley
Hughes, Hazel Moorehouse
Hughes, Irvin Lawrence
Hughes, Lawrence DeKlyn
Hughes, Thomas
Hukill, Edmund L.
Hukill, Emory G.
Hukill, Jean Campbell
Hulett, Frank E.
Hulett, Ralph Martin
Hull, John Bartlett
Hull, Maurice C.
Humel, Adolph F.
Humiston, Harriet Millar
Humiston, W. H.
Hummel, Ivy Green
Hummel, Philip Theodore
Hummel, Theodore F.
Humphrey, Dudley Sherman
Humphrey, George magoffin
Humphrey, Pamela Stark
Humphreys, Carl L.
Humphreys, George morris
Hunger, William W.
Hunkin, Mabelle Hutchinson
Hunkin, Margaret Perry
Hunkin, Samuel Everett
Hunkin, William James
Hunt, Charles Wesley
Hunt, Chester W.
Hunt, William Henry
Hunter, Ralph B.
Hunting, James L.
Husband, Adolph O.
Huston, Arthur Jay
Huston, Clarence Paul
Hutchins, John Corydon
Hutchinson, Charles L.
Hutchinson, Jean Creech Smith
Hutchison, William J.
Hyde, Charles A.
Hyde, Hazard robinson
Hyde, Jean Donald McBain
Hyde, Wilbur H.
Hyre, Sarah E. Cadwallander

Ibershoff, Adolph Ernest
Ibershoff, Mary Storris
Iglauer, Jay
Ingalls, Albert Stimson
Ingalls, David Sinton
Ingalls, Dorothy Butts
Ingalls, Louise Harkness
Ingalls, N. William
Ingersoll, Charles Bishop
Ingersoll, Cornelia Howard
Ingersoll, Helen G.
Ingersoll, John Marvin
Ingersoll, Marie Meriam
Ingham, Roena Alice
Ingraham, George Hunt
Inman, Amie G.
Ireland, Elizabeth Ring
Irish, Charles F.
Irvin, Adalyn Roby
Irvine, Adrian
Izant, Grace Goulder
Izant, Robert James

Jackman, Arthur E.
Jackson, Elwell Ransom
Jackson, James F.
Jackson, John
Jackson, Ward Burnham
Jackson, William Harry
Jacobi, Stella M. Hayes
Jacoby, Carl A.
Jacoby, Hurlbut Smith
Jacoby, Mark W.
Jaffe, Joseph L.
Jamison, Robert Huddle
Janes, Lula May
Jaster, Cyrus O.
Jaynes, Elizabeth Canfield
Jeanneret, Jane King
Jeanneret, Leon Edward
Jeavons, Albert Newman
Jeffords, A. H. B.
Jeffries, Zay
Jenkins, Louisa Ellen
Jenne, S. Helen
Jennings, Gladys Walton
Jennings, Isaac Lamson
Jennings, John Gould
Jennings, Lillian Lamson
Jerome, Frank J.
Jessop, Francis Woodward
Jewitt, Homer Moore
Jewitt, John Rogers
Joelson, James Joel
John, Henry J.
Johns, S. Karl
Johnson, A. Robert
Johnson, Albert Sidney
Johnson, Arthur E.
Johnson, Bessie Compton
Johnson, David L.
Johnson, Fayette G.
Johnson, Frances Jane Rayner
Johnson, Frank Davenport
Johnson, George B.
Johnson, George Clark
Johnson, Helen Burgess
Johnson, Homer H.
Johnson, Levi Arthur
Johnson, Malcolm Blake
Johnson, Priscilla C. P.
Johnson, Stella Reid
Johnson, Thomas Lynn
Johnson, Victoria Azellina
Johnson, Virginia Rogers
Johnson, William Oscar
Johnston, James David
Jones, Albert Lester
Jones, Charles Roy
Jones, Dave R.
Jones, Earl Lansing
Jones, Ethel Smith
Jones, Franklin T.
Jones, Gertrude Haskins
Jones, Harold Charles
Jones, Harry Brinton
Jones, J. Horace
Jones, John C.
Jones, Judge Paul
Jones, Katherine Brooks
Jones, Lloyd Llewellyn
Jones, Milton D.
Jones, Nathaniel Moore
Jones, Norton Taylor
Jones, Paul David
Jones, Paul V.
Jones, Ralph Wickham
Jones, Thomas E.
Jones, Thomas Hoyt
Jordan, Edward Stanlaw
Joseph, Helen Haiman
Joseph, Herman Black
Joyce, Adrian D.
Joyce, Dwight Page
Judson, Gertrude Fuller

Kaase, Clarence Ernst
Kagy, Edmund L.
Kahn, Max
Kalish, Max
Kaltenbach, Robert W.
Kamerer, Edwin A.
Kammer, David
Kane, Arthur Garfield
Kane, William Aloysius
Kapp, John Homer
Kapp, John Homer, Mrs.
Karnosh, Louis J.
Karsner, Audrey Stanwood
Karsner, Howard Thomas
Kassulker, Paul G.
Kaufman, Louis J.
Kavanagh, Francis Bernard
Kearns, Michael F.
Keating, Walter F.
Keegan, Evelyn Humiston
Keegan, Kevin
Keeler, Helen Rhoda
Keeler, Horace Bushnell
Keeley, George Quaid
Kees, William Henry
Keim, Charles F.
Keim, Llewella Stickels
Keith, Alice Munhall
Keith, Carrie Wiggin
Keith, Laurence Bradstreet
Keith, Russell Morton
Keith, Twyla Mae Brookins
Keith, Walter L.
Keller, Dorothy Winchell
Keller, Frederick J.
Keller, Henry G.
Keller, Samuel
Kelley, Alfred Kendall
Kelley, Amelia
Kelley, John Jos.
Kelley, Raymond Bussell
Kelley, Samuel Walter
Kellogg, Frederick D.
Kellum, Irene W.
Kellum, Monford R.
Kelly, Fred Charters
Kelsey, Charlotte Searcer
Kelsey, Clara T.
Kelsey, Raymond T.
Kemp, George Henry
Kemp, Marie Cecele
Kendel, Charles Edward
Kendel, Fanny Robson
Kendrick, George Sherwood
Kennedy, Charles E.
Kennedy, Edwin Paul
Kennedy, Fred I.
Kennedy, Joseph William
Kennedy, Thomas Martin
Kennedy, Vern McLaughlin
Kennedy, William James
Kenninger, Winifred Doroth
Kent, Mary L. Pearson
Kenyon, Herman Clifford
Kern, Frank J.
Kerr, Horace Donald
Kerr, William George
Kerruish, Sheldon Quayle
Kerruish, William Sheldon
Ketchum, Adelaide S.
Ketchum, Brice
Ketchum, Mary Louise Morgan
Ketchum, Morgan Scott
Kewer, Henry A. E.
Keyerleber, William
Kieser, Alfred Frederick
Kieser, Anna C. Shotter
Kiggen, John Augustine, Jr.
Kilby, Herbert Nelson
Killian, Jos. E.
Kimmick, Charles Theodore
Kincaid, Emily E. Phillips
King, Avon Hall
King, Charles E.
King, Elizabeth White
King, Harry Wheelock
King, Herbert Doan
King, John S.
King, Katherine Jones
King, Lawrence Grimes
King, Louise Baldwin
King, Lyman Beers
King, Margery Gundry
King, Mary Edith Beers
King, Ralph, Mrs.
King, W. Griffin
King, Warren Phelps
King, Woods
Kingsbacher, Alvin
Kingsborough, Harry
Kinner, Flora M.
Kinney, Brewster Pelton
Kinney, George W.
Kinney, Jeanette
Kinney, Marion K. Sowden
Kinnison, Charles W.
Kintner, Deane S.
Kirk, Frank Martin
Kirkbride, Clyde T.
Kirkwood, Harriet May Powers
Kirkwood, Harriet Mix
Kirkwood, John Henry
Kirkwood, Marie
Kirkwood, Robert Durant
Kissane, Ruth Forry
Kistner, John Robert
Kitchell, Charles M.
Kitchell, Llewella Hall
Kitchen, Joseph H.
Kitchen, Mary Rippey Beck
Klatt, Frank W.
Klein, Adolph M.
Klein, Benjamin F.
Klein, George J.
Klein, Harry H.
Klein, Jennie
Klein, Joseph J.
Klein, Saul
Kleist, James Aloysius
Klie, Walter
Kline, Joseph Hpyte
Kline, Mary Blue
Klippel, George Charles William
Knapp, Harold Jennings
Knauff, Henry
Knight, T. Spencer
Knight, Thomas A.
Knirk, Carl F.
Knirk, Olive B.
Knowles, William Hazard
Knowlton, Fanny Snow
Kobrak, Herbert L.
Kobrock, John Peter
Koch, Royden S.
Koebler, William
Koeckert, Herbert Leroy
Koelliker, Ethel Bagnall
Koelliker, George Philip
Koenig, Max V.
Koones, W. Stiles
Kornhauser, Samuel J.
Kortheuer, Frances Bolton
Koslen, Manuel
Kothe, William Armstrong
Kowald, Francis X.
Kraft, Edwin Arthur
Kraft, Marie Simmelink
Kral, Joseph S.
Kramer, Samuel E.
Kranz, Alice Pierce
Kranz, William George
Kraus, Emil F.
Kraus, Howard George
Krause, Cecile Marle
Krause, Conrad Behrend
Krause, Lester L.
Krauss, Herman Daniel
Krauss, Salome McClurg
Kreisberg, Alexander Lazar
Krejci, Lad E.
Kremser, Cyril Franklin
Kresge, Stanley L.
Krewson, Sylvester E.
Kroehle, Paul Ernst
Kroehle, Vernon
Kromolicki, John Joseph
Krueger, Everette H.
Kulas, Elroy John
Kulas, Frank Edward
Kurtz, Harry Bertolette
Kurz, Wilbur Fisher
Kurzenberger, F. William
Kyle, William Harvey











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