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1929 Who's Who In Wichita, Kansas


Who's Who in Wichita, 1929. Published by Robert M. Baldwin Corporation.
Short biographies which usually include; information on parents, (often including birth & death places and dates), information on spouse and children, educational and vocational information, and some include interesting anecdotes. A great source for genealogy information. About one third of the people are shown in photographs.

Item # 10443

Price $6 for the first person, $3 for each additional.

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A-D Surnames E-J Surnames K-P Surnames Q-Z Surnames
Aaron, Madeleine G.
Abbey, Frank L., Jr.
Abel, Joseph M.
Abel, Vernon F.
Adams, Alvah
Adams, Charles G.
Adams, Eva (von der Trave)
Adams, George L.
Adams, J. O.
Adams, James H.
Adams, John W.
Adams, Louis S.
Adams, Mark H.
Adams, Mary Pearl
Addis, Asper C.
Aikman, Conrad A.
Aikman, Conrad A., Jr.
Ainsworth, David
Ainsworth, William L.
Aitchison, Robert T.
Akers, James E.
Albright, Harrison W.
Alexander, Addison Gladden
Alexander, J. Everett
Alexander, Robert Y.
Alexander, Roy Vergil
Alexander, Thomas C.
Alexander, Thomas F.
Aley, Fred D.
Allen, Charles M.
Allen, Dee
Allen, H. Wilson
Allen, Henry J.
Allen, Herman J.
Allen, Thomas H.
Allison, Ambrose D.
Allison, Emily B. F.
Allpress, Thomas H.
Almond, Roger P.
Altick, Ernest E.
Alyea, Benjamin R.
Ambrose, Richard D.
Ames, Luther L.
Amick, Hugh W.
Amidon, Alice Noyes
Amsden, Eliza Throckmorton
Amsden, Floyd A.
Anawalt, Benjamin B.
Anderson, Al
Anderson, Alexander B.
Anderson, Bess Ann
Anderson, Clinton C.
Anderson, Emil T.
Anderson, Esther H.
Anderson, George G.
Anderson, Harrison Ray
Anderson, Minnie T.
Anderson, Rex E.
Anderson, Samuel M.
Anderson, William
Andrews, Charles M.
Angle, Roy E.
Angulo, Joseph E.
Anthony, Frederich J.
Anthony, Gussie C.
Anthony, Henry
Appleby, Lance E.
Arbogast, Blanche G.
Archer, Frank W.
Armagost, Lee W.
Armantrout, Orris F.
Armstrong, Charles H.
Arnholz, Robert
Arnold, Morris L.
Artman, Byron E.
Ashford, George M.
Ashford, Rose E.
Attwater, Henry C.
Atwater, Althea Heitsmith
Atwater, Pierce
Aukland, Leslie C.
Austin, Frank W.
Aylward, Joseph A.
Ayres, Hiram Douthitt
Ayres, William Adrian
Ayres, William Augustus
Babb, Byron E.
Bach, Roland R.
Bachman, George F.
Bailey, George H.
Bailey, Henry E.
Bailey, Lillian V.
Bailey, Lynn C.
Baker, Henry D.
Bakkum, Florence Stahl
Bakkum, Glenn A.
Baldwin, Abraham
Baldwin, Onias B.
Ball, Glen E.
Ballard, Lloyd
Barley, Mattie S.
Barnes, Andrew C.
Barnes, Maurice P.
Barnes, Roy C.
Barnes, Samuel
Barnhisel, Adeline Royer
Barnhisel, Clara
Barnhisel, Ray L.
Barns, Harry Marion
Barr, Frank E.
Barr, Ulysses F.
Barrett, Theron Vinton
Barrett, William C.
Barron, Clif
Basham, David W.
Bashaw, Robert E.
Basinger, John A.
Bass, Clara S. Fowler
Basse, Charles
Basse, Malinda W.
Bassett, George R.
Battin, William R.
Bauerle, Louis W.
Baugh, Walter S.
Bauman, Carl O.
Beach, Alice L.
Beach, George H.
Beachy, Cyrus M.
Beacom, Thomas H., Jr.
Beam, Walt
Beard, Ezra E.
Beard, Martha Howell
Beard, Merl Eldon
Beatie, Paul M.
Beattie, Oscar O.
Beech, Walter H.
Beeson, William M.
Beets, Laura Luzetta
Beezley, Elmer C.
Bell, Alven H.
Bell, Fred L.
Bell, Joseph M.
Bell, Orville A.
Bence, Arthur E.
Benjamin, Roy L.
Bennett, Charles M.
Bennett, George R.
Bennett, Merle K.
Bennett, Ward H.
Bentley, McKinley
Bergier, Frank F.
Bergstresser, Reuben
Bernstorf, Philip H.
Berry, David E.
Berry, Jasper, C.
Berry, William E.
Bertolette, John D.
Bessington, John M.
Bevis, Earl J.
Beyer, Edward F.
Bick, George W.
Biggerstaff, Ray C.
Billinger, Max W.
Billinger, Orval E.
Billings, Andie L.
Bird, Richard E.
Bishop, Leslie C.
Bishop, Marvin E.
Bissantz, George F.
Bitting, Alfred W.
Bitting, Charles W.
Blachly, Louis D.
Black, Hal M.
Black, Richard E.
Blake, Earl A.
Blake, Harold L.
Blake, Ralph B.
Blake, Walter A.
Bleckley, Elmer E.
Blodgett, Charles C.
Blood, John W.
Blume, George A.
Bogart, Emmett E.
Boggs, Elba O.
Boggs, Nelle Lang
Boggs, Robert Lang
Boli, Louis Gwinner
Bond, Sherman G.
Bone, Leland E.
Bone, Louis A.
Bontz, Antoine Nickel
Bontz, Antoine Nickel, Jr.
Bonwell, William A.
Boone, Daniel H.
Boop, Fred S.
Booth, Archie N.
Booth, Gifford M.
Booth, Robert E., Jr.
Boston, Graham, Stormont
Boston, Paul Wullenwaber
Bosworth, Arthur H.
Boucher, Cecil F.
Bourman, Lillian Maretah
Boutros, Charles E.
Bowers, Beulah E. Sprague
Bowersox, William I.
Bowlin, Robert C.
Bowman, Lang F.
Boyer, John E.
Bradford, George H.
Bradford, John B.
Bradshaw, Henry A.
Braitsch, Benjamin
Braitsch, John A.
Braitsch, Joseph
Braly, Hugh F.
Branch, Clifford E.
Branch, Hazel E.
Branch, Vernon H.
Branch, Wallace Turpin
Brandeberry, James I.
Brann, Edward C.
Branson, Benjamin F.
Brant, Walter J.
Brasted, Arthur R.
Brasted, Blanche M.
Brasted, Harry E.
Breese, Victor Leo
Brennan, Simeon Carnot
Brettman, Emil H.
Brewer, Kathleen L.
Brice, Edward W.
Brines, Rolland J.
Britton, C. A.
Broadway, Prentice C.
Brockway, Kate Weed
Brockway, Paul L.
Brokaw, Florence
Brokaw, Ralph
Brooks, Charles H.
Brooks, Earl L.
Brooks, Herman O.
Brooks, Laverne W.
Brooks, Leonard P.
Brooks, Willard
Brosius, Clarence L.
Brosius, Frank Clingan
Brotton, Lyle Arista
Brown, Carl B.
Brown, George Alfred
Brown, George Austin
Brown, George McKibbin
Brown, John C.
Brown, John Forest
Brown, Josephus J., Jr.
Brown, Martha A. Crandall
Brown, Oliver Hayden
Brown, Paul
Brown, Ransom Hunt
Brown, Silas Scholl
Brown, Virgil Dowd
Brown, Warren E.
Brownell, Morton E.
Brownson, Fred O.
Bruce, George H.
Brugh, John H.
Bruner, William Darrah
Bryant, Dale M.
Bryant, John B.
Buck, Asher W.
Buck, James W.
Buck, Walter P.
Buckley, Mert Travous
Buckley, Roy B.
Buckner, William T.
Bullock, Charles L.
Bunnell, Samuel E.
Burch, Allen B.
Burden, Cecil W.
Burdge, Walter R.
Burditt, Arthur N.
Burgerhoff, Gilbert
Burke, Ralph
Burkhardt, Edwin M.
Burns, Fred F.
Burns, John H.
Burns, Ross E.
Burriss, John M.
Burtscher, Albert W.
Busch, Frank Xavier
Buschow, Adolph A.
Buser, Henry J.
Butler, Arthur T.
Butts, J. Arch
Buys, Ivan
Caley, Ralph Ermen
Calkins, Howard M.
Calkins, Leslie W.
Calkins, Lloyd A.
Callahan, Bernard J.
Callahan, William E.
Callahan, William P.
Camien, John R.
Campbell, Caldwell C.
Campbell, Carl J.
Campbell, Edward Lavada
Campbell, Edward Milton
Campbell, Harry
Campbell, James G.
Campbell, John A.
Campbell, Mary Wever
Campbell, Melville C.
Campbell, Robert B.
Campbell, Roy
Campbell, William A.
Campbell, William P.
Carey, Joseph G.
Carlson, Avis D.
Carlson, Harry G.
Carlton, Charles M.
Carlton, Franklin Spiral
Carmichael, James R.
Carnahan, Ruth Elva
Carnefix, Edna D.
Carr, Carrie M. Harris
Carr, Walter C.
Carroll, Catherine V.
Carroll, John E.
Carson, Charles L.
Carson, Frank Lee
Carson, Paul Congleton
Carter, Archie M.
Carter, Earl D.
Carter, William H.
Carttar, Eugene A.
Case, Howard E.
Cassidy, George W.
Cassidy, Henry K.
Casstevens, May
Cast, Herman H.
Castholm, Pete
Castor, Harry C.
Caswell, Carl C.
Catlin, Arthur D.
Cauthorn, Ralph M.
Chamberlain, Glen
Chambers, James H.
Champion, Ina White
Chandler, Charles Q.
Chapin, Dwight, Jr.
Chapman, Scott P.
Chapman, Ted A.
Chappell, Virginia May
Chapple, Jay N.
Charles, Ellis Hamline
Charles, Merlin Y.
Charles, Ulysses G.
Chasteen, Clyde E.
Chatburn, George R., Jr.
Cheney, James W.
Chilson, Arthur B.
Chilson, Edna Anna
Chipps, James E.
Chism, John S.
Christian, Robert V.
Churchward, Bayard T.
Claiborne, E. C.
Clapp, Marc C.
Clapp, Robert D.
Clark, Addison Roswell
Clark, Byron Jacob
Clark, Cecil A.
Clark, Clarence Everet
Clark, Clement F.
Clark, Georgia Irene
Clark, Homer J.
Clark, John Donavan
Clark, Leigh Wyatt
Clark, Loretta Horn
Clark, Plez Stanley
Clark, Seymour
Clark, Walter Lawrence
Clarkson, Matthew A.
Cleveland, Austin C.
Clevenger, Raymond C.
Clifton, Bert H.
Cline, William F.
Clogston, Lewis E.
Cloninger, Leonidas S.
Cloninger, Mary M. R.
Cloud, Henry R.
Clough, Flora Colby
Cloutier, Oscar H.
Clutter, Edward
Clutter, May Hill
Coates, Lyal P.
Coburn, Leonard W.
Cochran, Chesley Irl
Cochran, William F.
Coffey, Lance I.
Coffman, John F., Jr.
Colcord, Ray
Coldren, Bert L.
Coldren, Effie May
Cole, Edwin L.
Coleman, Dean S.
Coleman, John S.
Coleman, William C.
Colin, Galen C.
Colvin, Ora Clifton
Colwell, Dallas E.
Comer, Bert
Comley, Charles A.
Comley, Henry
Comley, William H.
Comstock, George E.
Conley, James A.
Conrow, Henry S.
Constant, Ollie May
Cook, John E.
Cook, Lester J.
Cookson, Ellis W.
Coombs, Albertus J.
Cooper, Claude E.
Cooper, Dewey H.
Cooper, Frederick N.
Cooper, George G.
Cooper, Lloyd F.
Cooper, Samuel W., Jr.
Copeland, Euphemia
Corcoran, George W.
Corle, E. Lawrence
Cornell, Lee H.
Corp, Arlie M.
Corrigan, George F.
Cortelyou, T. T.
Cory, J. Matt
Cottingham, Frank
Cottman, Harry D.
Cottrill, Granderson M.
Coulson, Eldon Jay
Courtney, Leo Leander
Cowan, Austin M.
Cowan, Edwina Abbott
Cowles, George E.
Cox, Clarence E.
Cox, Kenneth K.
Cox, Leroy
Cox, Reuben A.
Cox, Wilfred
Craig, James W.
Crawford, Lester M.
Critser, William D.
Crittenden, John J.
Crittendon, Alden L.
Cronkite, John T.
Crose, Jean Joy
Crosswhite, William T.
Crouse, G.
Crow, Frank L.
Crow, Hollie Ernest
Crum, Charles F.
Crum, James H.
Crum, Ralph Brinckerhoff
Crum, William I.
Crummer, Hazel B. Jackson
Crummer, Roy E.
Crumplar, Edwyn E.
Cubbon, George T.
Cubbon, Ray H.
Culbertson, Charles R.
Culp, Leona May
Culp, William Hebern
Culver, Glen W.
Cummins, James W.
Cundiff, Morris H.
Curtis, Howard C.
Cushenbery, Walter L.
Dabler, Mabel G.
Dabler, Ulysses G.
Dalrymple, Charles
Damon, Henry B.
Danforth, Charles S.
Daniels, Carl E.
Daniels, Herman P.
Daniels, Leroy E.
Daniels, Wilbur W.
Dannar, Lewis E.
Darling, Howard Upson
Darling, Howard W.
Daugherty, Jennie Rose
David, Arthur P.
Davidson, Arch U.
Davidson, Harry T.
Davidson, James O.
Davidson, May L. T.
Davidson, Reta Rockser
Davis, Carl H.
Davis, Courtney B.
Davis, Glenn C.
Davis, James
Davis, Louie C.
Davis, Walter S.
Davis, William M.
Davison, Edmund L.
Day, George W.
De La Mater, Irving N.
De Long, Raymond L.
De Witt, Leslie
Deam, Frank M.
Decker, Reed Smooth
Dedrick, Harry T.
Dedrick, William M.
Deeble, Harold H.
Deering, Rufus E.
Deffner, Louis H.
Dekker, Nicholas
Denman, Dick H.
Dennis, Dorothy Mae
Dennis, Gene
Denton, Sarah
Depew, Claude Ira
Derby, Archibald L.
Detrich, Jacob L.
Detweiler, Willard S.
Devlin, Francis E.
DeVore, Floyd Lee
Dey, Robert F.
Dice, Jeremiah Wineman
Dice, Marsden Hall
Dice, Robert F.
Dickerson, Jeff D.
Dickinson, Oliver A.
Diehl, Clifford Kriebel
Diers, Francis H.
Diestelhorst, Herman L.
Dietrich, LeRoy E.
Dillon, Harry A.
Dillon, Seth E.
Ditson, Albert
Dittrich, Raymond J.
Dobbs, Mary E.
Dockum, Harry A.
Dodson, Effe E.
Dodson, Glenn Roy
Doherty, William T.
Dold, Fred W.
Donnell, Oliver G.
Dorsett, Melvin C.
Dorsey, Jacob
Dotson, Harry F.
Dotts, James A.
Dotzour, Grover C.
Doughman, Llewellyn L.
Downie, Ernest R.
Downing, Jacquetta Mae
Downing, John H.
Downing, Sallie M.
Doze, John Burtis
Doze, Wallace W.
Du Bois, John W.
Dudley, Otis Osea
Duggan, Arthur P.
Dulaney, William R.
Dumont, Raymond H.
Duncan, Cordus H.
Dungan, Hildred J.
Dunlap, Isaac A.
Dunn, Frank L.
Dunn, Gladys O.
Dunn, Harry S.
Dunn, Horace J.
Dunn, Joseph M.
Dunne, Darcy E.
Dunne, Glenn M.
Dyer, Paul L.
Dyer, Will M.
Earp, George W.
Eastman, Orlando J.
Easton, William J.
Eaton, Dudley W.
Eaton, James
Eberhardt, Erwin H.
Ebnother, Charles W.
Ebright, Alpha Mills
Ebright, Frances Fritzlen
Eckstein, Helen Matthew
Edgerton, Erastus S.
Edgerton, Sol M.
Edler, Francis W.
Edler, Gertrude Kaergel
Edwards, Henrietta L.
Edwards, Roy W.
Eikenberry, O. G.
Eilerts, Walter J.
Eisenbach, Frank T.
Eisenhour, Floyd M.
Elcock, Thomas E.
Elder, Roy S.
Elliott, Margarita C. B.
Elliott, Roy W.
Ellis, Charles C.
Ellis, Henry I.
Elwyn, Seward C.
Embry, Charles P.
Emery, Orman C.
Emmitt, Thomas Otto
England, J. C.
Engle, Jesse R.
Englehart, Charles A.
Engstrom, John H.
Enoch, Elmer E.
Enoch, Mary Von
Epperson, Claude W.
Epperson, George J.
Erickson, Henrietta C.
Errickson, Albert J.
Estes, Jessie
Etzenhouser, Alfred L.
Eubank, Kent
Evans, Earle W.
Evans, Ferd E.
Evans, James W.
Evans, John L.
Ewing, Andrew J.
Fabrique, Andrew H.
Fahs, Francina Ann
Fair, James D.
Fallot, Joseph F.
Faris, Martha E.
Farley, James F.
Farmer, Harry
Farnsworth, Gertrude Wood
Farquharson, Chester L.
Farquharson, Gertrude M.
Farrell, William M.
Faucher, Oliver J.
Fauley, Gerald Hobart
Fay, James G.
Fegtly, Arthur W.
Feist, Leo T.
Feldner, Walter L.
Fenske, Herman A.
Fergus, Ewing B.
Ferguson, Elmer A.
Ferriter, James C.
Ferriter, John
Fetherston, John S.
Findlay, Earl R.
Findlay, Roy W.
Finley, David R.
Finley, James M.
Fischer, Otto I.
Fisher, Carl
Fisher, Dean L.
Fisher, Fred E.
Fisher, Herbert A.
Fisher, Oran J.
Fisk, Howard W.
Fitch, Thomas Geyer
Fithian, Erkuries B.
Fitzwilliam, Clarence M.
Fleeson, Howard Tebbe
Fletcher, Worth A.
Flinn, John P.
Flotto, William F.
Foght, Harold Waldstein
Foley, Raymond F.
Folley, Noraine L. Homan
Folley, Walter C.
Foltz, Lloyd C.
Forbes, Kirtley C.
Ford, Edwin R.
Foreman, Anna May
Foreman, Chester Alvie
Forney, Elza Lee
Forrester, George A.
Fortney, Lester K.
Foulke, Everard L.
Foulston, Pauline Donez
Foulston, Robert Clare
Foulston, Sidney L.
Fox, Elmer E.
Fox, Harry I.
Fox, Homer S.
Fox, John L.
Frank, George A.
Frank, Ruth A.
Frantz, Frank
Frederick, Harold
Free, John N.
French, William E.
Fretzs, Glen B.
Friis, Peter Sorensen
Frisby, Marcia J.
Frost, Earl J.
Fruhauf, Herman
Fuller, Joseph A.
Fulton, Cora Culver
Fulton, E. L.
Fulton, Louis R.
Fulton, Sue Webb
Funk, Claude O.
Furgason, William H.
Gabbert, Lewis Cass
Gallagher, Clifford J.
Galland, Elizabeth Innes
Gardiner, James Booker
Gardiner, Phillip D.
Gardner, Alfred E.
Gardner, George
Gardner, Lorena
Garlough, John L.
Garlough, Katherine Adams
Garrett, George W.
Garrett, Howard Lee
Garrett, Thomas R.
Garrison, Monroe E.
Garst, Robert N.
Gatrell, Wilda B.
Gaume, Harry W.
Gearhart, Alonzo P.
Gebhardt, Guy T.
Gebhardt, Maude Markham
Gee, Harry Freer
George, Alexander C.
Gerety, John H.
Gerhardt, J. William
Gibney, Don V.
Gibson, John W.
Gidley, Jesse Hiram
Gilbert, Leo W.
Gilder, Arthur M.
Gilkeson, Hunter Boyd
Gill, Alpha Deal
Gill, Arthur W.
Gill, Hugh W.
Gill, Isaac W.
Gillenwater, Elmer M.
Gillespie, James W.
Gillett, Loren A.
Gillett, Ruth Alma
Gillis, Willis Bruce
Gilmer, Paul McCullough
Ginns, Harry L.
Ginzel, Carl L.
Girvin, Garrett A.
Gittrich, Albert, Jr.
Glasco, Fred Hill
Glasco, Willard M.
Glass, Ethelyn M. Bordeaux
Glass, William R.
Gleason, John L.
Glenn, Albert C.
Glenn, Edward M.
Glenn, Theo Mosher
Glenn, William M.
Gnagy, John H.
Goble, Viola Jane
Goldberg, Jack
Goldsmith, Isaac
Golton, Glenn D.
Golton, Harold W.
Golton, Mayme Alyette
Gooch, Charles E.
Good, Paul H.
Goodin, Clara H.
Goodin, Earl R.
Goodin, Theresa R.
Goodin, William O.
Goodwin, Joseph Smiley
Gordon, F. Donald
Gossard, Hampton D.
Gossard, Louise Shirk
Gossett, Thomas M.
Gott, Henry Vivion
Gottschalk, George R.
Gottschalk, Max H.
Gouldner, Rene M.
Gow, Peter F.
Gracey, Frank M.
Graham, Carl
Graham, Essie M.
Granner, Charles W.
Grant, Chapman
Graves, George R.
Gray, Donald S.
Gray, Otis E.
Greene, Charles J.
Gregory, Joseph Van Clief
Gridley, Bernard E.
Grier, James R.
Griffith, Bruce
Griffith, Joseph I.
Griffith, Marie Tayer
Griffith, Thomas B.
Griffith, Vonnie May Rector
Gsell, Jacob F.
Gumm, Ray W.
Gunnell, Mary Palmer
Guthrie, Claude S.
Guy, Kenneth E.
Hackney, Felecia Hemans
Hadley, Lena Anora
Hadley, William S.
Hagan, Martin
Hager, Arno Henry
Hagny, Harry J.
Hagny, R. Given
Hair, David S.
Hall, Edith B.
Hall, Frank D.
Hall, Millard W.
Hall, William M.
Hallmark, Gus
Hambric, Cora A.
Hamilton, George H.
Hamilton, Jesse O.
Hammers, Fred Ketcham
Hammond, Daniel L.
Hammond, Jared H.
Hammond, Lawrence F.
Hammond, Ray
Hammond, Roscoe Byard
Hammond, Ruth E.
Hanchett, Frances Luella
Handy, Jesse W.
Haner, Norman E.
Hanna, Weldon
Hansen, Porter D.
Hanson, Grace M.
Hanson, Nele W.
Hanson, Peter N.
Harbison, Chester C.
Harbison, E. Louise Ranney
Harden, Homer T.
Hardwick, Henry E.
Harley, Tom
Harms, Wilmer Bettus
Harold, John R.
Harp, Ralph C.
Harper, Jesse C.
Harper, Melville H. Campbell
Harrah, Orie P.
Harrar, Archie K.
Harrell, Mac
Harriman, William
Harris, Arthur L.
Harris, Fred K.
Harris, Kos.
Harris, Vermilion
Harrison, William
Harryman, Frank Smith
Hart, Edward Lucian, Jr.
Hart, Harry W.
Hartman, Lois M. Burns
Hartman, Willis L.
Harvey, Rola Basim
Hashbarger, Amy E.
Hasty, George E.
Hasty, Lewis A.
Hasty, Robert R.
Hatfield, Harold B.
Hatfield, Harry O.
Hatfield, James B.
Hatfield, Paul L.
Hatton, Charles H.
Hatton, Fode Stanley
Haun, William G.
Hauser, Christian
Haven, Vera Faye
Hawes, Samuel R.
Hawkins, Edwin Presley
Haworth, Edgar S.
Haworth, Roland Clair
Hay, G. C. (Jack)
Hay, John Curtis
Hayes, Pearl Schell
Haymaker, Jesse N.
Hays, Oscar Clifton
Hays, William W.
Hazelton, Lucien F.
Hazelton, William H.
Hazzard, Perry M.
Healy, George F.
Healy, John P.
Heasty, Isaac R.
Heckard, Bessie Blanton
Heckard, Lester A.
Heckman, Daniel G.
Hegler, Benjamin F.
Heinig, George O.
Hekuis, Lambertus
Hellar, Fred T.
Hellar, Martin W.
Hellums, Walter L.
Hellwig, Christian A.
Helsel, Oris W.
Helzberg, Gilbert A.
Hemphill, Cameron J.
Henderson, Curtis L.
Hendrix, Berniece Moore
Hennigh, Lewis W.
Henrichs, Virgal W.
Henrion, Paul
Henry, Victor G.
Henshaw, C. Theron
Henson, Alva Joe
Herbert, Parcus Cory
Hernandez, Josue J.
Herrman, George W.
Hershberger, Arthur W.
Hershberger, Howard C.
Hershberger, Robert S.
Hershberger, Robert S., Jr.
Hibarger, Oscar C.
Hibbard, James S.
Hicklin, Oliver P.
Hickman, Logan D.
Hiebsch, Vincent F.
Hildebrand, Amos T.
Hildwein, Herbert L.
Hill, Arthur H.
Hill, Herman A.
Hill, Herman W.
Hill, Oscar L.
Hill, Richard L.
Hill, Sam H.
Hill, Wilbur H. (Pete)
Hillbrand, Earl K.
Hiltner, Martin E.
Hines, Carl R.
Hinkel, Allen W.
Hinkle, Fred
Hinkle, George W.
Hinkle, Helen M.
Hinman, Ralph S.
Hinman, Strong
Hinshaw, Charles Theron
Hinton, Evelyn Alberta
Hinton, Mary Jo (Gnagy)
Hissem, Ralph W.
Hite, Frank L.
Hoare, Arthur J.
Hobbs, James T.
Hobbs, Lee J.
Hobbs, Lewis Bruce
Hobson, Alma Monroe
Hobson, Eunice Ann
Hockaday, Woody
Hodnett, Allen G.
Hoff, Lowell R.
Hoffman, Herman J.
Hoffman, Howard A.
Hoffman, Jacob Z.
Holland, Pauline Lelah
Holliday, Rose E.
Hollingsworth, Hosea S.
Holloway, Clara Nell
Holmes, Charles B.
Holmes, Edward F.
Holmes, H. Claude
Holmes, John A.
Holt, Thomas T.
Hook, Enos E.
Hopper, Ellis Glen
Horn, Fred
Horn, Harry W.
Horner, Harry Rohrer
Horner, Julia
Hornkohl, Fred, Jr.
Horton, John R.
Hosmer, Dan B.
Hotvedt, Clarence A.
Houghton, Edward Waldo
House, hugh Innes
Houston, Joseph D.
Howard, Harry Durrell
Howard, John H.
Howard, Robert Osgood
Howes, Hazel Deane
Howse, Alfred E.
Howse, William Massy G.
Hoyt, Merrill W.
Hubanks, Bertha E.
Hubbell, Curtice
Hudson, Charles B.
Hudson, Clyde M.
Huenergardt, George J.
Huey, Frank G.
Huffman, Herbert Lee
Hull, Ben F.
Hull, Grace Hatton
Hunt, Absolom F.
Hunt, Clifford V.
Hunt, Cyrus E.
Hunt, Harry Wilford
Hunt, Raymon H.
Hunter, John F.
Hupp, Perry Absalom
Hurd, Roger S.
Hurley, John E.
Hurt, Robert
Husch, William J.
Hutchison, Owen Ghormley
Hutto, Ella B. Pyke
Hutto, Tom M.
Hyde, Albert A.
Hyde, Arthur S.
Hyde, George A.
Hyde, Ida E.
Ingalls, William H., Jr.
Ingham, Eli L.
Ingraham, Clarence E.
Ingram, M. J.
Innes, Walter Pease
Innes, Walter, Jr.
Irving, Floyd
Irwin, Brown C.
Irwin, Charles M.
Irwin, Florence Steel
Irwin, Francis A.
Irwin, Walter S.
Ise, Frank H.
Isely, Bliss
Isely, Harold N.
Isham, Aral Lamb
Israel, Robert E.
Israel, Willard Jay
Ives, Chester L.
Jackman, Charles M.
Jackman, David S.
Jackman, Raymond C.
Jackson, Irl B.
Jackson, William E.
Jacob, Edith Cecile
Jacques, Arthur Erastus
Jager, Thor
Jameson, Jess U.
Jameson, Thomas W.
Jaycox, Thomas H.
Jeffery, George A.
Jeffries, Lowell B.
Jennings, Cecil Escher
Jewett, Florence Pollock
Jewett, Gid Henry
Jochems, William D.
John, John Herman
Johns, Arla Strope
Johns, Thomas Rush
Johnson, A. Howard
Johnson, Charles Nelson
Johnson, Eugene Raymond
Johnson, Everett Wallace
Johnson, Harold Theodore
Johnson, Harry Walter
Johnson, Jacob
Johnson, John Higbee
Johnson, John Sterling
Johnson, Lester Elmer
Johnson, Lucy Frances
Johnson, Thomas Charles
Johnson, William
Johnson, William Converse
Johnston, Emmett V.
Johnston, John Robert
Johnston, Robert H.
Johnston, Russell Hastings
Jones, Anderson F.
Jones, Arch Doerr
Jones, Earl W.
Jones, Edward R.
Jones, Elmer Thomas
Jones, Francis Erie
Jones, Helen Frances
Jones, John Milton
Jones, Oliver William
Jones, Philip A.
Jones, Richard Harold
Jones, Robert Emery
Jones, Schuyler, Jr.
Jones, Wallace K.
Jones, Walter Morgan
Jones, Wilbur H.
Jones, Will K.
Jones, William R.
Judkins, William S.
Jump, F. Russell
Junod, Louis


Kabler, Jesse D.
Kaelson, Paul A.
Kahrs, Charles H.
Kahrs, William A.
Kanehl, Raymond E.
Kantz, Ralph C.
Keach, Otis A.
Keach, Wyckoff M.
Keith, William E.
Kelchner, Jennie C.
Keller, Clarence A.
Keller, Milton W.
Kelley, Arthur F.
Kelley, Carl Waitsel
Kelley, Lawrence C.
Kellogg, Fred H.
Kellogg, Verne H.
Kelly, Arthur J.
Kelly, Edward M.
Kelly, John C.
Keltner, A. Lea
Kennedy, Craig
Kenny, William D.
Kenworthy, Milton
Kernan, Joseph F.
Kernan, Samuel B.
Kersting, Kathleen
Kersting, Opal Herrin
Kessler, Charles N.
Kessler, Herbert W.
Ketzler, Harold E.
Ketzler, Louise
Key, Kenneth B.
Kieffer, John P.
Kiefner, Fay L. McAleer
Kiefner, Samuel B.
Kilgore, Selden H., Jr.
Kimmel, Lester F.
King, George E.
King, James Cooper
King, Lloyd C.
King, Rose Brittian
Kinkead, Samuel M.
Kinney, Hazel E.
Kinsella, John A.
Kinzie, Ray W.
Kirby, George Wightman
Kirk, Albert B.
Kirk, Joseph L.
Kirkpatrick, Edwin Loren
Kirkwood, John M.
Kiser, Walter H.
Klaus, Will C.
Klement, Frank J.
Kline, Gerald
Kline, Pauline
Klinefelter, John F.
Knapp, Albert A.
Knight, Charles Lindfield
Knight, Nathaniel Passmore
Kniseley, Samuel C.
Knoblauch, John F.
Knoblauch, Vera
Knorr, Charles H.
Knorr, George W.
Knouse, Charles A.
Koch, Fred Chase
Koehler, John P.
Kohr, Harold B.
Kolosic, Charles W.
Kolthoff, Earl J. W.
Kooken, Olive
Koontz, Ozola Ruth
Kracaw, Raymond A.
Kraft, Harold L.
Kramer, M. Levin
Krause, Bernadine
Krebs, Theodore L.
Kubik, Frederick B.
Kurt, Charles R.
LaCroix, Rodolphe
LaGrant, John H.
Laird, William J.
Lampl, Hallie C.
Lampl, Henry
Land, Denver Dewitt
Lander, John E.
Landers, William E.
Landis, Lester W.
Lane, Abram T.
Langenwalter, Jacob H.
Larkin, Allan R.
Lassen, Henry
Lassen, William
Lauber, Albert
Laudermilk, Harold R.
Lauzet, Simon Emile
Law, Gladys Opal
Law, John
Lawhorn, James Asa
Lawrence, Charles S.
Lawrence, Harry Allyn
Lawrence, Robert E.
Layton, Roy Jess
Le Boeuf, Louis N.
Leahy, David
Leapley, Arthur R.
Lee, James H.
Lee, Marvin
Lee, Merrit Read
Lester, Hugh D.
Leu, Frederick
Leu, Winfield Schley
Levand, John R.
Levand, Louis
Levand, Max M.
Lewin, Jacob F.
Lewis, Ancel O.
Lewis, Charles R.
Lewis, Fred B.
Lewis, George Waseman
Lewis, Henry M.
Lewis, J. Arch
Lewis, Nelson C.
Lewis, William H.
Lewis, William Lee
L'Heureux, Pearl
Lichty, Garland H.
Lieurance, Edna Alice
Lieurance, Thurlow Weed
Lightner, Paul A.
Lilleston, Washington F.
Lind, Oscar E.
Lindberg, Dorothy F. Finley
Lindberg, Theodore
Lindsley, Herbert Kitchel
Lipper, Mary R.
Little, Fred W.
Little, George J.
Little, George R.
Little, William C.
Loevenguth, Oscar P.
Logsdon, William T.
Long, Chester I.
Long, Sidney D.
Long, Sylvester A.
Long, William Cockins
Longenecker, J. Van S.
Loomis, Western Cass
Lopshire, Harold Alva
Love, Walter L.
Loveless, Earle H.
Low, Harry L.
Lowe, Richard
Lowen, Frances Elizabeth
Lowry, George M.
Lundgren, Arthur J.
Luther, Frank M.
Luzadder, Ray D.
Lyle, Weston Orrine
Lynn, Arthur Dare
Lyon, Albert Welby
MacDonald, Alfred
Mackey, Robert J.
Madalene, Jean
Madden, John
Madden, John, Jr.
Madson, Frank P.
Magill, Robert W.
Magnuson, Axel Waldemar
Mahaney, Charles E.
Mahin, Charles A.
Major, Maurice E.
Mallonee, Goldie Dorothy
Mallonee, Pauline
Malone, Harold H.
Malone, Marion Aloysius
Malosh, Alfred Leo
Maltbie, Clemma Gertrude
Maltbie, John
Mammel, Clayton O.
Mann, Jay J.
Maple, William S.
Marble, Ralph N.
Markham, James B.
Markham, John
Marquess, George L.
Marsh, Virgil P.
Marshall, Deering J.
Marshall, Hal E.
Marshall, William Elwood
Marten, Eldor A.
Marteney, Ralph E.
Martin, Frederick W.
Martin, George Welfare
Martin, J. C.
Martin, James G.
Martin, Thomas W.
Marts, Hazlitt B.
Masemore, Frank N.
Massey, John
Masterson, Leo M.
Mathers, John E.
Mathewson, Walter E.
Mathewson, William A.
Matson, Clifton A.
Matson, Myrtle B.
Matson, Oscar E.
Matson, Walter
Matteson, George W.
Maule, George S.
Maun, Ernest G.
Maurer, Willis R.
Mauss, George C.
Maxwell, Olive Dodds
Mayall, James R.
Mayberry, Fred A.
Mayberry, Harold J.
Mayberry, Lawrence W.
Mayer, Hans E.
Mayhew, Thomas A.
McAlister, Charles C.
McArthur, Constance R.
McAuley, Ralph T.
McBride, James G.
McCall, Jacob T.
McCandless, Orville Calnon
McCarty, John L.
McCausland, Loyal Bertice
McCausland, Ross
McCluggage, Thomas V.
McCoin, William H.
McComb, Fred J.
McComb, Walter  J.
McCorkle, Charles Almon
McCormick, Ross C.
McCready, Charles Edwin
McCready, Wilbert Souder
McCubbin, Irvin K.
McCullough, Edwin Bruce
McDaniel, Alva L.
McDonald, Clinton C.
McDonald, H. I.
McDow, William M.
McEwen, Fred J.
McFall, Glenn W.
McGaha, Arthur De
McGaugh, Barlow A.
McGaugh, Myrth
McGee, Kyle B.
McGehe, Howard Ripply
McGill, George
McIntyre, John
McKay, Robert D.
McKay, Wallace
McKenzie, Leo L.
McKeown, Charles D.
McKibbin, Harold B.
McKinlay, Lincoln
McKinley, Lloyd
McKinney, William A.
McLean, Benjamin F.
McLean, John
McLellan, Joseph R.
McMillan, James O.
McMordie, Mabel
McMullen, Laura
McMullen, Louise Holland
McNeill, Leon Aloysius
McQuown, Albert N.
McQuown, William I.
McReynolds, Albert R.
McVay, Wayne L.
McVey, Carlyne English
McVicar, Archibald R.
McVicar, Archie E.
McVicar, Ella Rhoades
McVicar, Robert A.
McVickers, Cleophus Woodford
McWhirt, Horace L.
Mears, Robert B.
Mechem, Kirke Field
Meilert, Charles A.
Meller, Wells Waite
Mellor, Herbert L.
Melrose, Torrance C.
Mendenhall, Lucy Osgood
Mendenhall, William O.
Messerve, Edgar B.
Metz, D. Otis
Metz, Joseph W.
Meyer, Henry E.
Meyer, Sherman A.
Michener, H.
Middaugh, Vernon R.
Middlekauff, Ralph H.
Middleton, Charles E.
Middleton, Duff Eugene
Mikesell, Patricia Rand
Mikesell, William H.
Milbank, George E.
Millar, Benjamin H.
Millard, Nelle May
Miller, Almon Gene
Miller, Arthur M.
Miller, Elizabeth Catherine
Miller, Frances McIntyre
Miller, Howard Strange
Miller, Leon Russell
Miller, Leslie
Miller, Loren Bertrand
Miller, Raymond DeWitt
Millhaubt, Clarence J.
Millhaubt, John F.
Millison, Ralph
Millison, Wilbert B.
Mills, Alice E.
Mills, Charles D.
Mills, Harry Lee
Minard, Herbert H.
Minick, Louis W.
Minter, Nora R.
Missildine, John Gurley
Moberly, William H.
Moeckel, George H.
Moffitt, Glenn G.
Mohrbacher, G. E., Sr.
Montgomery, Clinton H.
Montgomery, George Meldrum
Montgomery, Grace Irene
Mooney, Earl R.
Mooney, Walter H.
Moore, Albert Webster
Moore, Archie E.
Moore, E. Bruce
Moore, Eric Cyril
Moore, Henry Ray
Moore, Homer Eugene
Moore, Jesse Lee
Moore, John H.
Moore, William Harvey
Moore, William Maguinness
Moreland, Claude Herbert
Morgan, Harry Thomas
Moriarty, Eugene C.
Morris, Harry E.
Morris, Lester L.
Morris, Walter
Morrison, George B.
Morton, Henry Barridge
Mosbacher, Frank
Mosbacher, Karl J.
Mourning, Chester W.
Mourning, Sidney
Mueller, Alfred G.
Mueller, Charles P.
Mueller, Harrie S.
Mueller, Vernette A.
Mullen, Don L.
Munsell, Philip D.
Murchie, William
Murdock, Marcellus M.
Murdock, Victor
Murphy, Connie Nathaniel
Murphy, Joseph M.
Murray, Leo V.
Musick, H. Plummer
Muth, John J.
Myers, Arthur E.
Myers, Claude R.
Myers, John A.
Naftzger, Levi S.
Naftzger, Maurice C.
Nanninga, Lucas Marcas
Napier, Cass Lee
Nash, Florian N.
Nash, James B.
Nath, Carl A.
Neal, Lester E.
Nease, Stephen G.
Neely, John C.
Neff, Frank Amandus
Neil, Claude E.
Nelson, Elmer
Nelson, Orie R.
NeSmith, Robert L.
Nevins, Mason C.
Newbern, Reymond Bruce
Newberry, Harry F.
Newby, Edgar Absalom
Newell, George E.
Newkirk, Frederick R.
Newman, John C.
Newman, Susie Balllinger
Nice, Nelson W.
Nichols, Alma M.
Nida, Albert M.
Nighswonger, Frank
Noble, Arthur T.
Noble, Max Alden
Noble, Samuel S.
Nodurfth, Elmer J.
Noftzger, Thomas Azro
Nolen, Sloan Hobson
Noll, Charles A.
Nolley, George T.
Nolley, Mattie Lee
Nordyke, Mamie Helm
Norfleet, Crystal Elizabeth
Norton, Howard G.
Norton, James G.
Nossaman, Ober Drexel
Novak, John E.
Nuttle, John T.
O'Bryant, Arch M.
O'Bryant, Gladys Griffith
Oburn, Hugh Natal
Odell, Herbert Gupton
O'Donnell, John E.
Ohrvall, Charles F. J.
O'Keefe, Alma Revelle
Oldham, Ida Hess
Oliver, Frank W.
Oliver, Harry
Olsen, Henry H.
Olson, Allen A.
Onstott, James A.
Orebaugh, Frances May
Ortmeyer, Harry A.
Osborne, Harvey C.
Osborne, Joseph Erle
Osgood, Willard Palmer
Ostertag, Frank S.
O'Sullivan, Timothy J.
Outland, Herschel C.
Overend, Harrison G.
Overholt, Elmer C.
Owens, Minnie Ferguson
Oxley, Dwight K.
Paddock, Charles B.
Padfield, Robert E.
Padgett, Dean D.
Palmer, Edward Mahlon
Papes, Carl H.
Park, Frank W.
Park, William R.
Parkerson, Louis R.
Parkinson, David T.
Parks, Wendell B.
Parrott, Albert H.
Parrott, Charles O.
Parsons, Flora May
Patrick, Estelle C.
Patten, Howard W.
Patterson, John B.
Patterson, William J.
Patton, Harry H.
Payne, Archie Lee
Payne, Charles
Payne, Elizabeth J.
Payne, Reginald V.
Payne, Roy
Pearce, Cecil V.
Peck, Charles DeRossa
Pence, Harold H.
Pendleton, Iris Wilson
Pepperell, William E.
Peppers, Donald Ferre
Perreault, Bryan K.
Peterson, Samuel P.
Petroff, Alexander N.
Petrone, Vito Geraldo
Pettijohn, Carl
Phares, Willard A.
Phillips, James Britton
Phillips, Willis B.
Phillpotts, Harold B. O.
Pickens, Edgar A.
Pickens, Leon SinClair
Pierpont, Grover
Pinkston, Rhea Wallace
Pitts, William R.
Plant, Harry V.
Plummer, Roy F.
Poenisch, Charles B.
Polen, Clarence R.
Pollock, Howard D.
Poorman, William True
Popkess, Raymond A.
Porter, Glenn W.
Porter, Joseph H.
Porter, Lloyd Alvah
Porter, Martin Everdell
Porter, Raybon W.
Postlethwaite, Charles W.
Potts, Ralph B.
Poundstone, J. Arthur
Powell, Lon H.
Powell, Ovil Armstrong
Power, Lewis T.
Powers, George Bristow
Powers, Irma Ruth
Prather, Lytle K.
Pratt, Frederick N.
Prebensen, Gary E.
Prestidge, Joseph S.
Preston, John A.
Price, Cecil Ulric
Price, Jesse Otterbein
Price, Will Gordon
Priddle, Charles V.
Priest, Frank Talburt
Propps, Thomas B.
Prosser, Francis W.
Pugh, Clifford H.
Pugh, William M.
Purdy, Willis H.
Purves, George K.
Pyle, Ebin W.


Quigley, Hubert J.
Quigley, Ruth M. Conlin
Quinius, Herman M.
Quinn, Willard
Quinslisk, Floyd D.
Race, Walter A.
Rainey, Edward C.
Rainey, Norris L.
Ralstin, Henry W.
Ralston, Albert E.
Ramsay, Louis A.
Randall, Emil A.
Randle, George S.
Randle, Klon
Rankin, Christopher V. R.
Rankin, Osa F.
Ranson, Dorothy May
Ranson, Samuel H.
Rasmussen, Ira L.
Rau, Clarence E.
Ray, Alton C.
Raymond, Rollin A.
Read, Jesse Cox
Reagan, Charles A.
Reed, Bernice Lelah
Reed, Fred H.
Reed, John
Reed, Truman, G.
Reeves, Harold E.
Reilly, Regina Reiling
Reinhart, James A.
Reiz, Charles L.
Reser, Raymond M.
Rex, Leda M. Ferrell
Rice, George E.
Rice, Oliver S.
Richardson, Albert Morse
Richmond, Clark Sherwin
Ridenour, Dora
Ridenour, Kenneth C.
Ridenour, Samuel A.
Ridings, Harry E.
Ridnour, Glen S.
Riggs, J. Chester
Riley, Harley B.
Riley, Louis M.
Riley, Roy Marland
Rinehart, Norton L.
Rinehart, William Galeard
Ripley, Le Roy Orman
Ritchie, Hale T.
Roberts, Arthur V.
Roberts, Hugh N.
Roberts, Louis S.
Roberts, Oliver R.
Robertson, Edward G.
Robertson, Frank Mather
Robertson, Fred H.
Robinson, Harley Rex
Robison, Arthur Bert
Robison, Charles Omar
Robison, William Ellet
Rochester, Arthur N.
Rodda, Evan James
Rogers, Emma C.
Rogers, Frank D.
Rogers, Victor J.
Rogers, William H.
Rombold, Charles R.
Romine, Neva L.
Root, Ernest C.
Rorabaugh, A. O.
Rose, Frank S.
Rosenberg, Louis
Rosenberger, August H.
Rosenberger, Lorin F.
Rosenthal, Henry
Ross, Charles E.
Ross, Claude F.
Ross, Clyde Ely
Ross, Earl Blan
Ross, Finlay
Ross, Frances Fleming
Ross, Minton Darling
Rossdeutscher, Charles W.
Rounds, Ralph M.
Rouse, Wallace T.
Roush, Loren E.
Rowan, Joseph Edgar
Rutledge, Cecil L.
Rutledge, Richard Boyden
Ryan, Charles G.
Rymph, Lewis Merle
Sahm, Arthur C.
Saint John, Elbert D.
Salser, George A.
Salter, Park Ennis
Sampson, Cecil Loy
Sampson, Floyd Luman
Samson, Edward D.
Sander, Damian
Sanders, J. Clyde
Sanders, Julius Oscar
Sankey, Wilbur W.
Sargent, J. Wirth
Sargent, Thornton W.
Sauder, Daniel E.
Saunders, Wayman A.
Saur, August J.
Savage, Elizabeth Paige
Sawallesh, George H.
Saxton, George Adolphus
Schabinger, Paul C.
Schaefer, Julius E.
Schantz, Guy T.
Scheer, George W.
Schell, Albert L.
Schell, William F.
Schiltz, Frances Helen
Schmidt, Lorentz
Schmitt, Ralph R.
Schoenborn, Adam J.
Schoenborn, Milton H.
Schollenberger, George High
Schroeder, William Alvin
Schul, Philip R.
Schultz, P. Daniel
Schumacher, Charles W.
Schwartz, Walter H.
Schwartz, William A.
Schweiter, Henry, Jr.
Schwertner, Augustus John
Scott, Mabel Dean
Scrogin, Everett
Seaman, Gertrude McCormack
Sears, John G., Jr.
Sefton, Elva Abele
Sefton, Harry Abele
Selover, George B.
Selover, James E.
Selover, Loretta
Sevin, Norbert C.
Seward, C. A.
Seydell, Ernest M.
Seymour, Leland S.
Shank, Ernest F.
Shanklin, John F.
Sharpe, Clyde E.
Shaul, Keith K.
Shaver, Claude N.
Shaw, Russell M.
Shaw, Zura Charles
Shearer, Martin P.
Shearman, J. C.
Sheets, Orland E.
Sheffield, Guy E.
Sheldon, Carl D.
Shell, Katie L. Hattox
Shelley, Stella May
Sherwood, Marlin S.
Shewalter, George M.
Shirk, Oscar S.
Shoemaker, George O.
Short, Mac Van Fleet
Short, Theodore
Shrock, Samuel
Shuker, George H.
Shuker, William H.
Shuman, Fred R.
Shuman, Mildred Evelyn
Sibbitt, Ben J.
Sidles, Russell F.
Siedhoff, Elmer W.
Siedhoff, George H.
Siefkin, George
Simpson, Emila Faye
Simpson, Jerry H.
Simpson, Pliny
Simpson, Stella I.
Skaer, Walter F.
Sladen, Harry S.
Slattery, John J.
Smalley, Berenice M.
Smiley, Edna Cochran
Smith, Alton H.
Smith, Alva Edison
Smith, Charles Arthur
Smith, Daniel C.
Smith, Dorothy Champion
Smith, Harold Brooks
Smith, Herbert
Smith, Herman Milton
Smith, Howard Douglas
Smith, Lloyd Burr
Smith, Nora Lucinda
Smith, Ruth Wilson
Smith, Vincent A.
Smith, William Henry
Smoll, A. Ellwood
Smyser, Clyde Norton
Smyth, Charles F.
Smyth, Charles H.
Snavely, Fred Loomis
Snook, William R.
Snyder, Velma Bidwell
Soderberg, Andrew W.
Soderstrom, Frank E.
Solecki, John H.
Solomon, Lewis B.
Soper, Ray Jordan
Souders, Clyde E.
Souders, Otto R.
Sourbeer, Roy
Sowers, Clarence R.
Sowers, Helen Gould Wilbur
Spangenberger, Edward
Sparks, Reed C.
Spaulding, Benjamin F.
Speer, Clyde W.
Spencer, Lawrence L.
Spines, Jack H.
Spradling, George C.
Sprague, Anne E.
Spray, George A.
Springer, Charles Allison
Spurrier, Stanley
Stalker, Joseph H.
Stanley, Blanche Imboden
Stanley, Claudius C.
Stanley, Edmund
Stanley, Emma
Stanley, Frederic B.
Stanley, Harriet E.
Stanley, Harry W.
Stanley, Jetta Campbell
Stanley, W. Eugene
Stanton, Irvin J.
Startzman, Opal M.
Stauffer, Ezra E.
Stearman, Glenn A.
Stearman, Lloyd C.
Stearns, G. A.
Stearns, Irwin H.
Stearns, Max Ardell
Steenrod, Leroy O.
Steinbuchel, Herbert M.
Stephens, John W.
Sternberg, William Olin
Sternbock, Julian
Stevens, Clifford B.
Stevens, Ellis G.
Stevens, Jacob Williston
Stevens, Oliver Merne
Stevenson, James E.
Stewart, Charles Dugald
Stewart, James H.
Stewart, James H., Jr.
Stewart, Orla K.
Stinson, John E.
Stippich, Katharine Miles
Stippich, Walter A.
Stites, Alice R.
Stites, George W.
Stone, Tyler G.
Strachan, Norman F.
Strain, John R.
Strange, Charles E., Jr.
Straub, Charles E.
Strauss, Phil Hahn
Streed, Hazel May
Streed, William Ivan
Streeter, Roy A.
Stretch, Ray
Strong, Hiram W.
Sullivan, Alden N.
Sullivan, Edward W.
Sullivan, Robert D. Rorison
Sutter, Loe Albright
Sutter, Owen E.
Sutton, Robert M.
Swanson, Elmer C.
Swartz, Samuel E.
Swinney, Lemuel C.
Symns, Gilbert W.
Symons, Thomas A.
Synnamon, William O.
Taggart, Gladys
Taggart, Joseph A.
Tangeman, Eric G.
Tate, J. Edmund
Taussig, John O.
Taylor, Elsie
Teall, Rupert
Team, Eric C.
Teed, Harry O.
Temple, George R.
Temple, Robert Bruce
Terrill, Edwin H.
Testerman, Francis M.
Thomas, Arlington Rue
Thomas, Ethel M.
Thomas, Glen H.
Thomas, John W.
Thomas, Thomas M.
Thompson, Ewal Holger
Thompson, Harry A.
Thompson, Harry C.
Thornton, Charles Lavier
Throckmorton, Oak L.
Thurman, John P.
Tilden, John L.
Tilford, J. Floyd
Tinder, Ray H.
Tippin, Ernest E.
Titus, Wilford E.
Todd, Arnold C.
Tooker, Jesse G.
Tornow, Henry W.
Torrington, William J.
Travis, Albert
Trout, Earl R.
Troxel, Oliver L.
Truex, Guy M.
Tucker, Frances Doner
Tucker, Gilbert G.
Turcott, Edward F.
Turk, Roscoe Fenton
Turner, George Lee
Turner, Harley Ray
Turner, John H.
Turner, Richard W.
Turpen, George E.
Tuttle, Clyde E.
Tyler, C. Ray
Underhill, Harold Wertz
Unger, James F.
Updegraff, Alpha D.
Van Arsdale, J. H.
Van Arsdale, Leon B.
Van Arsdale, Maude Graves
Van Arsdale, May Jones
Van Auken, Howard M.
Van Camp, Ellis W.
Van Dusen, Teal G.
Van Fossan, Loy H.
Van Fossen, Oliver B.
Van Gieson, Ito Adelbert
Van Meter, Philip L.
Van Ness, Harry
Van Ness, Margaret
Van Nort, Wilbur F.
van Wormer, Dorothy Scott
van Wormer, Willard J., Jr.
Vandenberg, William H.
Vandeveer, Ione Conner
Vandiver, Clara
Vandiver, William G.
Vann, Bertha May
Vaughn, J. A.
Vaughn, Roscoe
Vickers, John Landum
Vincent, Walter A.
Voight, Samuel Siegfried
Voils, Willard H.
Volker, Frank J.
Vollmer, Clarence Eldert
Waddington, Charles V.
Wainner, Ralph R.
Walden, Charles H.
Walkden, Herbert Halden
Walker, David V.
Walker, Frank J.
Walker, O. V.
Walker, Sarah E. Johnston
Wall, Jesse Devore
Wall, Paul Jean
Wallace, Herbert Chase
Wallenstein, Henry, Jr.
Wallingford, Samuel P.
Waltmire, Ernest E.
Warner, George L.
Warren, Clarence Lee
Warren, Lloyd P.
Washbon, Anne Lee
Washburn, Berthena
Washington, William B., Jr.
Wasser, Ernest
Wasson, Roy H.
Watkins, Everett A.
Watkins, Hazel A.
Watson, J. Allan
Watson, Lige E.
Way, Charles L.
Wear, Henry C.
Weaver, Esca Fulton
Weaver, James M.
Weaver, T. Walker
Webb, Carl E.
Webb, James Amasa H.
Webb, Joseph E.
Weber, Louis R.
Weed, John Almon
Weeks, Charles R.
Weigand, Edward J.
Weigand, William A.
Weiss, Otto
Welch, Ella A.
Wellman, Paul I.
Wellman, Robert C.
Wells, Bert C.
Wells, Hugh E.
Weltmer, Peter O.
Werts, Oran R.
Wertz, William J.
West, Guy Mortimer
West, Nelle Spiller
West, Ray A.
Westfall, Franklyn S.
Wetmore, Z.
Wheeler, Eugene L.
Wheeler, Howard V.
White, Harvel E.
White, Paul H.
Whited, Ruth Amy Kramer
Whitney, Benjamin Church
Whitson, Clyde F.
Whittaker, Adaline Harding
Whittaker, Clive C.
Wilcox, Lucinda Marie
Wilcox, Molly Warren
Wiley, Harland F.
Wilkie, Grace
Wilkinson, Lester
Wilkinson, Virgil M.
Williams, Archibald F.
Williams, Connor O.
Williams, Dewey Lee
Williams, Isaac N.
Williams, Leon O.
Williams, Ruby Monroe
Willis, Charles E.
Willis, John W.
Wilner, George D.
Wilson, Charles A.
Wilson, James Wynne
Wilson, Orlando W.
Wilson, Quintos W.
Wilson, Thomas Coombs
Winsor, Carl I.
Winsor, Ruth Mary
Winter, Laura Inch
Winthrop, Charles E. R.
Wintle, Edyth Grace
Wintle, Walter G.
Withers, Robert R.
Wofsy, Samuel A.
Wohlgemuth, Edward A.
Wolf, Ernest F.
Wolf, J. Arthur
Wolff, Marguerite Hendershot
Wonder, James R.
Wood, Delbert D.
Wood, John D.
Wood, John W.
Woodard, Earl Morris
Woodford, Arthur Pratt
Woodman, Hannah Rea
Woodward, Isaac Smutz
Woodwell, Vera Stone
Wooten, Charles Spurgeon
Worden, Anna Martin
Worden, Ira L.
Wortman, Oscar W.
Wright, Helen S.
Wright, Hugh E.
Wright, Marzo Carlus
Wright, Monroe
Wuertz, Oscar K.
Wynn, Erwin Lee
Wynne, Harold F.
Yankey, Charles G.
Yankey, Paul C.
Yenser, Irwin W.
Yetter, Ethyl May
Yetter, Harvey R.
Yingling, Jed Berdell
Youle, Preston B.
Young, Richard Black
Young, Stewart M.
Zimmermann, Edwin J.





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