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Who's Who In South Dakota, 1913


Taken from Who's Who in South Dakota by O. W. Coursey. These were originally articles published in South Dakota newspapers, most written by Mr. Coursey. Most are written in a humorous manner and are several pages long. In the introduction he says, "These playful; sketches were first written for mere pastime while I was sitting around depots waiting for delayed trains..." Most also include a photo of the person. When you order, we will send you a copy of the biography and photo.

Item # 10291

Price $5 per person.

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Abel, E. L.
Beadle, W. H. H.
Beaumont, Adelbert E. & Mrs.
Bowen, Wheeler S.
Branson, O. L.
Burke, C. H.
Burns, Thomas C.
Camfield, L. E.
Conklin, S. J.
Cook, Fayette L.
Cook, Willis C.
Crawford, Coe I.
Day, C. M.
Downey, C. W.
Elliott, Judge
Elrod, Samuel H.
French, Clavin H.
Gamble, Robert J.
Gault, F. B., Dr.
Gleason, R. S.
Grace, George H.
Halladay, J. F.
Herreid, Charles N.
Johnson, Willis E.
Kerfoot, Samuel F.
Kittredge, A. B.
Lawrence, C. G.
Lee, Myrtle R. (Sofia Stephali)
Lincoln, Isaac
Lugg, C. H.
Mair, W. M.
Martin, Eben W.
Nash, George W.
Pay, Asher F.
Peirce, E. T.
Perisho, Ellwood Chappell
Richards, Richard O.
Robinson, Doane
Shepherd, A. C., Dr.
Silsby, Geo. A.
Spangler, Timon J.
Stephali, Sofia (Myrtle R. Lee)
Taylor, John W.
Tinan, Clate
Vessey, Robert S.
Wagner, E. E.
Walker, F. E., Dr.
Warren, Henry Kimball
Weir, Samuel
Wenzlaff, G. G.
Woods, Dick











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