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The Kaw 1910, the Yearbook of Washburn College, Topeka, KS

The following names are taken from The Kaw 1910, the yearbook of Washburn College, Topeka, KS.

We will copy the students info, including any clubs or groups they belonged to and also general pages from the yearbook... to give you a feel for how things were when they attended school. This will total about 20 pages. There are individual pictures for for all students listed. The seniors have a short paragraph about them, the juniors have a few lines.. There are group photos of the college teams and the clubs.

For the faculty or ads we will copy the page where they are listed, or the 20 or so background pages referred to above. Only a few of the faculty members have a photo. 

Item # 10279A

Price: $8 per Student

Item # 10279B

Price: $2 per Faculty or Ad ($6 if you want the 20 or so background pages)

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Students Faculty & Staff Ads
Abbott, Harry Otis
Adams, Helen
Alt, Marian Abigail
Armold, Hazel
Armstrong, Laura
Bale, George Winfred
Banta, Arthur
Beard, Billy
Belot, Amy Celestine
Belot, Monti Louis
Benjamin, Vera
Bennett, Richard
Benton, Gerald
Boggs, Frank Clinton
Borah, John
Bowman, Benjamin F.
Brewer, Grace
Brown, Porter D.
Calvert, Alma
Campbell, Milton Lyle
Carnes, Anthony
Cary, Samuel
Chalmers, Beulah Belle
Chandler, Herbert
Chapin, Huldah
Chapman, Elsie
Chapman, Ethel Allyne
Childress, Nellie Irene
Chipman, Bernice
Codding, Lynn
Coe, John
Comstock, H.
Conkling, Yetta Alberta
Cooper, Anna
Cornick, Gertrude
Crane, Berten Emery
Davidson, Karl
Davison, Chester
Dawson, Albert Marcellus
Dawson, Roscoe
Doane, Ray Gue
Drake, Emory Alonzo
Estley, Helen Sewall
Fair, Helen Faye
Ferguson, William David
Filson, Lester
Fink, David
Fitzpatrick, Irene Fern
Foster, John Lester
George, Roy
Gleed, Mary
Goss, Harry L.
Grandon, Ruth
Grant, Ethel
Greenough, Lula
Guild, Mildred Elizabeth
Guild, Stacy Rufus
Hall, Edna
Hall, Matie
Harrington, Anna Nellie
Hartwell, Eva
Hayes, Kathleen Valerie
Heald, Gordon E.
Heath, Isadel Read
Heinselman, Robert E.
Holman, Calvin Emerson
Hotchkiss, Hal
Howard, Bessie
Howard, Hattie
Huggins, Mabel Irene
Hunter, W. O.
Ingham, Ted
Irish, Lurene
Jamison, Herbert
Johnson, Lee
Jones, Jessie Irma
Jones, Minnie Elizabeth
Jones, W. A.
Kanode, Edith May
Keller, Erwin
Kendall, Ina
Kendall, Lida
Kerr, Rosella Mathews
Kilbourne, Katherine
Kingsley, Ethel
Kingsley, Hiram
Klein, Cora Bell
Koontz, Grace
Laidig, Frank
Landau, W. E.
Larimer, Osborne
Lee, Jessie
Lowe, Olis
Mayer, B. H.
McCampbell, John T.
McComas, M. D.
McDonald, Orville Austin
McFarland, Helen
McGaw, Marian
McLatchey, Nina
Millice, Glen S.
Mills, Marguerite
Mitchell, David M.
Moneypenny, Orah Virginia
Mooney, Ed
Mooney, Leo
Morrow, Helen
Mosely, Orie
Mote, D. D.
Munford, Lydia Lauretta
Myers, Tennyson
Naylor, Grace
Naylor, Ruth
Neiswanger, Don
Nipps, John
Parker, C. T.
Payne, Charles Wade
Peers, Esther Lillian
Pratt, Hermione Rebecca
Preston, Otis Richard
Radcliff, Claude
Reazin, David
Reed, Hazel Everett
Roberson, Florence
Schnacke, Dean
Schnacke, Mary Ruth
Shaffer, C. E.
Shattuck, W. H.
Sheldon, Francis Baldwin
Shoop, Earl
Smick, C. W.
Smiley, William Arthur
Smith, V. Sheldon
Spencer, William Alexander
Tasker, Eleanor
Titus, Ernest Albert
Trull, Emery C.
Ulrich, Frederick
Upshaw, Ada Rochelle
Van Lear, Hermione
Veale, Tinkum
Walker, Edna
Warner, Bob
Watts, Jean
Wellcome, Margaret
Whitcomb, Philip Wright
White, Florence
Wierenga, Henry G.
Wingblade, Henry C.
Wood, Elsie P.
Wright, Neale
Wycoff, C. B.
Adams, Harriet E.
Alkire, Herbert L.
Arthur, William Reed
Bass, Clare Reynolds
Beasley, J. N.
Benson, Alfred W.
Biddle, T. C.
Bowen, Wm. F.
Bowerman, Mary Winifred
Brookens, Edwin L.
Cardiff, Ira D.
Clark, Robert Fry
Clark, Wesley Plummer
Conner, H. M.
Crabb, T. A.
Dains, Frank Burnett
Dana, Alston William
Dassler, Carl
Davis, O. P.
Dawson, A. M.
Dawson, John Shaw
Dean, Jessie
Edmondson, Charles Howard
Ernest, Elvenor A.
Ernest, F. J. Mahon
Estey, Stephen S.
Finch, Charles A.
Fisher, Judson C.
Fisk, Daniel Moses
Freeman, T. D.
Gelwix, Edmund
Glenn, Leona
Greenfield, Sarah E.
Greenwood, Lewis Henry
Greer, Wilber John
Guerne, Arnold
Hamilton, Clad
Hammel, Seth A.
Harshbarger, William Asbury
Haughey, Leo E.
Hayes, Francis L.
Hensley, C. M.
Hogeboom, Helen
Hunt, John Levi
Hyde, Arthur May
Johnson, S. A.
Johnston, William A.
Kaster, J. P.
Kiene, Otto
Kirkpatrick, John Erwin
Kulp, William Adolph
Lane, Frank Hardy
Leavitt, Charlotte Mendall
Lee, Frank Theodosius
Lindsay, William S.
Lindsey, Katherine W.
Longdon, Gertrude
Magee, Robert Sorren
Mason, Henry F.
McCabe, Arthur J.
McClintock, John C.
McEachron, Duncan Lendrum
McGuire, Clarence A.
McVey, Richard E.
McVey, William E.
Menninger, Chas.
Millard, S. T.
Millice, Agnes Fisk
Minney, John E.
Mitchell, Matthew R.
Monroe, Lee
Munn, Lewis H.
Nye, Jessie
O'Brien, James P.
Osborn, Edward Delahay
Page, H. W.
Peers, Theodore W.
Phipps, Helen
Porter, M. C.
Ralston, William Chalmers
Reynolds, L.
Righter, W. H.
Rosen, John Albert
Sams, L. U.
Sanders, Frank Knight
Scandrett, Benjamin Wright
Schoch, William F.
Sheldon, Charles M.
Simon, Ernest Raymond
Sloan, Alfred C.
Slonecker, J. G.
Sloo, M. G.
Smith, Clark A.
Souther, Sigrid Lunde, Mrs.
Stewart, Robert B.
Stewart, Samuel G.
Stone, Robert
Storrs, Willis D.
Switzer, John Fisher
Todd, Theodore Walter
Tower, John B.
Warner, H. A.
Warriner, William L.
Wheeler, Wilson Curtis
Whitcomb, George H.
Whitehouse, Horace
Willard, Mary Adeline
Wilm, Emil Carl
Wilm, Grace Gridley
Wilson, David D.
Woods, Harry Irwin
Woods, Hila Beth


Antiseptic Barber Shop
Auerbach & Guettel Clothing
Bank Of Topeka
Bennor, Fred N.
Berkson Bros.
Bomgardner, H. W.
Bromich, Joseph
Brunt, J. M.
Cady & Olmstead Jewelry Co.
Café Trapp
Calihan & Brown
Capper Engraving Co.
Central Cycle and Supply Co.
Central National Bank
Central YMCA
City Hand Laundry
College Hill Hardware
College Hill Milk Depot
Colson, A. F.
Colville, J. P.
Connell, J. M.
Continental Creamery Co.
Cox Sons & Vining
Cremerie Restaurant
Crosby Bros. Co.
Crosby, Warren M., Co.
Daugherty, F. W.
Dougherty's Business College
Emery, Bird, Thayer Co.
Enterprise Cleaning Co.
Ernest, F. J., Dr.
Felix & Sons
Francis, Helen I.
Fraser Bros.
Fullerton Bros.
Green, Wm. & Son Gro. Co.
Greenwood, Lewis H.
Guild, E. B., Music Co.
Hall Lithographing Co.
Hall Stationery Co.
Hatcher Bros.
Hayden, James B.
Hayes, James
Hensley, C. M., Dr.
Holman's Floral Art Room
Hotel Throop
Howard, H. B., Elec. & Ath.
Hypes, C. B.
Jaccard Jewelry Co.
Jordan, E. P.
Joslin's Pharmacy
Kaill, H. G.
Kiehl Laundry
Kirpatrick, A. B.
Lang, H. C.
Leonard, J. H.
Lindamood, E. J.
Lindsay, W. S., Dr.
Lord's, Mrs.
Madison, Fred
Matthews Shoe Store
Matthews, R. & C. H.
McCarter, W. A.
McClintock, J. C., Dr.
McSpadden Groceries
McVey, William, E., Dr.
Menninger, C. F., Dr.
Merchants National Bank
Mid-Continent Mills
Mills Dry Good Co.
Mission Tea Room
Mutual Laundry Co.
National Cement Stone Co.
Neiswanger, Wilson
Nygren Bros.
Nygren, John W.
Nygren, Sam P.
Olmstead, Cady & Jewelry Co.
Page, Thos.
Penwell, L. M.
Porter, M. C., Dr.
Powell, L. M., Dr.
Rasar, A. C.
Robinson, Marshall & Co.
Roehr, W. F., Music Co.
Santa Fe Railroad
Schmidt, G.
Scott, C. L.
Shellabarger & Son
Simpson, D. B.
Squires, Frank C.
Steves, F. M. & Son Printers
Stewart, H. K.
Stewart, S. G., Dr.
Sullivan, Jas. D.
Thomas, J., Lumber Co.
Tiegreen, H. B.
Topeka Pure Milk Co.
Topeka State Bank
Topeka Steam Boiler Works
Trapp, Annie M.
Trapp-Stevic Co.
Union Pacific Railroad
Vogel, A. W., Cleaning
Warner & Potter
Wehe Pictures
Welton, F. M.
Western Printing Co.
Whitcomb & Hamilton
Wiley, Julia A.
Wilson & Neiswanger
Wolff, Chas., Packing Co.
Zercher, M. L.







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