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The Bugle, 1928, the yearbook of Virginia Polytechnic Institute

The following names are taken from The Bugle, the 1928 yearbook of Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

The seniors have a full page each, with a nice biography and a picture of their mother.

The juniors, underclass, faculty, coaches and sponsors all have a small portrait.

The ads are an interesting look at Virginia 75 years ago.

We will send you copies for any person or business you are interested in.

Item # 10343A

Price: $5 per Senior

Item # 10343B

Price: $2 each for the others

Click here to order.


Aaron, Thomas R.		Faculty
Aiken, C. D.			Junior
Airheart - Kirk Clothing Co.	Ad
Aldridge, A. L.			Junior
Alexander, Donald McGaughay	Senior
Alexander, Virginia		Sponsor
Alleghany Slag Products Co.	Ad
Allen, C. G.			Junior
Allen, Elizabeth Cassels	Sponsor
American Beauty Mattress Co.	Ad
Amole, R. L.			Underclass
Anderson, James Norborne, Jr.	Senior
Anderson, R. G.			Junior
Anderson, S. C.			Junior
Andes, G. M.			Junior
Andrews, S. C.			Junior
Angle, C. M.			Junior
Ayers, Abner Frye		Senior
Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co.	Ad
Baines, Lawrence Elbert		Senior
Baird, Floretta			Sponsor
Baird, Jack McNees		Senior
Baker, J. H.			Underclass
Balderson, Lancelot		Senior
Baldock, C. M.			Junior
Bandy, Alice Bahldeen		Sponsor
Bandy, B. Y., Mrs.		Sponsor
Bandy, Ballard Yates, Jr.	Senior
Barker, J. H., Jr.		Junior
Barnes, Willie Mae		Sponsor
Bass, R. E.			Junior
Batten, Frances Woods		Sponsor
Beadles, F. H.			Junior
Beamon, Alida			Sponsor
Beamon, William Simpson, Jr.	Senior
Beasley, Martha Goodwyn		Sponsor
Beckham, Benjamin Moore, Jr.	Senior
Bedwell, Bays Franklin		Senior
Belch, Ada			Sponsor
Bell, J. P., Co.		Ad
Bell, R. P.			Junior
Bennett, H. E.			Junior
Bennett, R. L.			Junior
Benthall, Rufus Payne		Senior
Bernthal, Arthur Frederick	Senior
Besley, H. E.			Junior
Beverley, William Nash		Senior
Bibb, J. B.			Junior
Bibb, J. S.			Junior
Biscoe, John Samuel		Senior
Black - Logan Co.		Ad
Black, Alexander		Ad
Blair, Charles Joseph, Jr.	Senior
Bluefield Produce Co.		Ad
Bluefield Supply Co.		Ad
Bolling, Ben H.			Ad
Bowden, Daniel Joseph		Senior
Bowen, Alfred Dale, Jr.		Senior
Bowman, Gordon Derwood		Senior
Bozarth, Cedric Millard		Senior
Brame, William Kearney		Senior
Branch, J. O.			Junior
Brigham, Charles Wood		Senior
Brinkley, H. L.			Junior
Brown Brothers			Ad
Brown, D. H.			Underclass
Brown, J. M.			Junior
Brown, Lewis Alexander		Senior
Brown, Walter Currie		Senior
Brownley, John William		Senior
Bruffey, Walter Lewis		Senior
Brumback, Fred Irving		Senior
Bucher, Oliver Boone		Faculty
Buckland, G. R.			Junior
Bureau Of Engraving, Inc.	Ad
Burner, John Rexford		Senior
Burruss, Julian A.		Faculty
Burton, Walter Adelbert		Senior
Bush & Hancock, Inc.		Ad
Buxton, G. E.			Junior
Byrd, Wm., Hotel		Ad
Cadwallader, Martha Elton	Sponsor
Caldwell - Sites Co.		Ad
Calhoun, Frederick Earl		Senior
Calhoun. Lewis Kirkwood		Senior
Callahan, Maurice LeBosquet	Senior
Camper, Edwin Bertrand		Senior
Card, Harold Patterson		Senior
Cardillo, Peter Ernest		Senior
Carmack, J. S.			Junior
Carneal & Johnson		Ad
Carper, A. T.			Junior
Carr, H. M.			Junior
Carrier, Katherine		Sponsor
Carter, R. H.			Junior
Cassidy, Edwin Carlin		Senior
Cather, C. I.			Junior
Center Drug Co.			Ad
Central Boarding House		Ad
Chapin, Willis M.		Faculty
Charlottesville Woolen Mills	Ad
Choate, Reu Rector		Senior
Chrisman, W. G., Jr.		Junior
Chrisman, W. P.			Junior
Clanahan, Dennie Leon		Senior
Clanahan, Goldynne		Sponsor
Clay, Roy Gresham		Senior
Clover Creamery Co.		Ad
Cobb, K. D., Jr.		Junior
Coffman, A. J.			Junior
Cogbill, Maclin Boisseau, Jr.	Senior
Cohen, R. M.			Junior
Coleman, Henry Eaton		Senior
Collings, F. C.			Junior
Collins, A. G.			Junior
Collins, Hubert Motley		Senior
Collins, John Maynard		Senior
Comer, Charles Bishop		Senior
Comess, S.			Junior
Cone, Richard Morton		Senior
Cook, Mrs. Cafeteria		Ad
Cooke, Aubrey Leland		Senior
Corstaphney, C. M.		Junior
Couch, Robert Worth		Senior
Cowell, Richard Baker		Senior
Cox, Gilbert Lee		Senior
Crabill, W. R.			Junior
Craft, U. F.			Junior
Craig, Staff Sergeant		Faculty
Creasy's Bus Line		Ad
Crittenden, T. F.		Junior
Crockett, G. W.			Junior
Crutchfield's			Ad
Crystal Spring Laundry Co.	Ad
Cunningham, Jane		Sponsor
Damewood, W. W.			Junior
Danner, W. N., Jr.		Junior
Darden, Edwin Adams, Jr.	Senior
Darrah, C. C.			Junior
Dashiell, Virginius George, Jr.	Senior
Daughtry, Hinton Nelson		Senior
Davidsons			Ad
Davis, George Maslin		Senior
Day, Samuel Thompson, Jr.	Senior
DeHart, P. H.			Junior
Delozier, E. F.			Junior
Denny, Harry Ellis		Senior
DeShong, M. F.			Junior
Disney, Jas. T.			Ad
Dowling, Roger Hamilton		Senior
Downing, Maurice Edwin		Senior
Doyle, Rhederick Elwood		Senior
Drewry, R. L.			Junior
Dudley, J. F.			Junior
Duncan, Madison McClintic	Senior
Dungan, William Edwards, Jr.	Senior
Dunklee, Virginia		Sponsor
Dunton, H. L.			Junior
Dutrow, Pauline			Sponsor
Duy, Charles Gookins, Jr.	Senior
Duy, Virginia			Sponsor
Dyer, B. F.			Junior
Easley, H., II			Junior
Eatwell Restaurant		Ad
Economy Lumber Co.		Ad
Edwards, J. G.			Junior
Elcan, W. C.			Junior
Elliott, Chas. H. Co.		Ad
Elliott, Woodward Hugh		Senior
Ellis, C.			Junior
Elmore, Mildred Field		Sponsor
Emory, W. C.			Junior
Esleeck, K. A.			Coach
Evans, F. B.			Junior
Fallon, Florist			Ad
Fansler, Bender Ingersoll	Senior
Farmer, R. A.			Junior
Farmers & Merchants Bank	Ad
Feltner, Charles Edward		Senior
Ferebee, G. P.			Junior
Ferguson, J. D.			Junior
Field, Virginia			Sponsor
Fleck, H. S. Cigar Co.		Ad
Flynn, J. W.			Junior
Frank, C. W.			Junior
Frank, N. Lee			Coach
Freeman, Sara Ellen		Sponsor
Freudenthal, L. & Son		Ad
Frost, Edward Lee, Jr.		Senior
Fuller, W. A.			Junior
Fulwiler, H. C.			Junior
Fussell, Marion Berkeley	Senior
Gardener, E. L.			Junior
Gay, William Samuel		Senior
General Shelby Hotel		Ad
Gilkeson, W. E.			Ad
Gill, Thomas Arnold		Senior
Gills, Joseph Allen		Senior
Gimbert, Claude Reader		Senior
Glass, Dorothy			Sponsor
Glenn-Minnich Clothing Co.	Ad
Goodloe, J. H.			Junior
Goodman, C. L., Jr.		Junior
Goodwin, Alfred Snead		Senior
Goodwin, Marguerite		Sponsor
Gordon, Effie Mae		Sponsor
Gordon, Wesley N.		Senior
Graham, H. C.			Senior
Grant, Leonidas Simpson, Jr.	Senior
Gravatt, R. O.			Junior
Graves, L. R.			Junior
Green, Eldridge Arnold		Faculty
Green's Hotel			Ad
Griffith, Nan			Sponsor
Grigg, R. W.			Junior
Grizzard, Alton Lee		Senior
Grosclose Filling Station	Ad
Gudheim, Carrie			Sponsor
Gustafson, A. F.		Coach
Guy, T. T.			Junior
Haberer, Sergeant		Faculty
Haile, William Buckner		Senior
Hall, G. R.			Junior
Hamaker, Ralph M.		Senior
Hamilton, Doris			Sponsor
Hammit, Harry Cruze		Senior
Hammock, Lawrence Atkins	Senior
Handy, Mabel			Sponsor
Hardesty, J. O.			Junior
Harnsberger, Vivian		Sponsor
Harrell, L. M., Jr.		Junior
Harrington, William Forrest	Senior
Harris, C. B.			Junior
Harris, C. R.			Junior
Harris, Edward Mordecai		Senior
Harris, O. K., Jr.		Junior
Harris-Woodson Co.		Ad
Harvey, R. C.			Junior
Harwood, T. F.			Junior
Hasty, J. B.			Junior
Hayes, James Washington		Senior
Hayes, Linus Price		Senior
Hege, Nina			Sponsor
Henderson-Ames Co.		Ad
Henebry & Son			Ad
Herring, G. C.			Coach
Herring, Hortense		Sponsor
Hildebrand, Hyde		Sponsor
Hill, James Hardin		Senior
Hines, F. W.			Junior
Hines, Y. C.			Junior
Hockett, W. E.			Ad
Hodges, Claude A.		Senior
Hodges, Raymond Clyde		Senior
Hoge, S.			Junior
Hoggard, W. J.			Junior
Hoilman, Lloyd Randolph		Senior
Holberton, Robert Maynard	Senior
Holland, B. D., Jr.		Junior
Holland, C. L.			Junior
Hooper, Francis Charles		Senior
Hooper, Mary Ann		Sponsor
Hosier, Robert B.		Senior
Hotchkiss, P. S.		Junior
Hotel Petersburg		Ad
Hotel Roanoke			Ad
Hudgins, William Coles		Senior
Humphlett, James Howell		Senior
Hundley, E. G.			Junior
Hunter, C. S., Jr.		Junior
Hurtt, Elizabeth		Sponsor
Hurtt, Joseph Thomas		Senior
Hutchinson, Adele		Sponsor
Hutchinson, Edward Whisner, Jr.	Senior
Ilgenfritz, Joseph John		Senior
Ingles, Betty			Sponsor
Isbell, Elizabeth C.		Sponsor
Jackson, P. M.			Junior
Jacobs, J. R., Jr.		Junior
Jacobson, Julius		Senior
Jamison Stores Co.		Ad
Jenkins, Harry			Senior
Jett, G. W., Jr.		Junior
Johns, L. E.			Junior
Johnson, C. J.			Junior
Johnson, Edna M.		Sponsor
Johnson, James Adger Smyth	Senior
Johnson, William Martin		Senior
Johnston, R. E.			Junior
Jones, Alfred Owens		Senior
Jones, C. M.			Junior
Jones, J. B.			Coach
Jones, John Claggett		Senior
Jones, Robert Samuel		Senior
Jones, William Hearne		Senior
Jordan, B. E.			Junior
Kagey, I. B., Jr.		Junior
Katrina's Waffle Shop		Ad
Kaufmann, "Hank"		Coach
Keck, Frank Ebel		Senior
Keister, Charles Millican	Senior
Kelly & Green			Ad
Kelly, R. P.			Junior
Kelsey, William Murray		Senior
Kemp, Isabelle			Sponsor
Kerfoot, H. D.			Junior
Kidd, William Christopher	Senior
Killian, J. R.			Junior
Kircher, J. C.			Coach
Kleansall Cleaning & Dye Works	Ad
Knott, Margaret			Sponsor
Koontz, Lawrence Larkin		Senior
Kucera, J. H.			Junior
Lacy, Howell Edison		Senior
Lane Cedar Chests		Ad
Larus & Bro. Co.		Ad
Lasley, J. O.			Junior
Lawrence, Thomas Andrew		Senior
Lawson, Harry Leland, Jr.	Senior
Lawson, J. R.			Junior
Leadbeater, T. R.		Junior
Lee, Anne Candies		Ad
Leighton, Wilfred Orville	Senior
Lemon, Frank Hutson		Senior
Lester, J. P., Jeweler		Ad
Lewis, C. C.			Junior
Ligon, Leslie Newton, Jr.	Senior
Ligon, Margaret			Sponsor
Ligon, W. D.			Junior
Lincoln, R. A.			Junior
Lindsey, J. R., Jr.		Junior
Lineback, Harry McKnight	Senior
Lockwood, G. L.			Junior
Logan, P. W.			Junior
Lotz, Hilda			Sponsor
Lund, Herman Franklin		Senior
Lunsford, Charles & Sons	Ad
Luster & Black, Inc.		Ad
Lynchburg Garage		Ad
Lynn, M. W.			Junior
Lyric, The			Ad
MacNicholl, W. S.		Junior
Macon, Robert C.		Faculty
Mahaney, A. R.			Junior
Mahood, Frank Canter		Senior
Mahood, Margaret		Sponsor
Marchant, R.			Junior
Marchant, William Duffy		Senior
Massey, Carlton Coleman		Senior
Massey, James Stuart		Senior
Mast, Gilbert Carlton		Senior
Mathew Bros., Inc.		Ad
Mathieson Alkali Works		Ad
Matthews, William Amos		Senior
Mattox, C. M.			Junior
Mauer, H. C.			Junior
Mayhew, C. P., Jr.		Junior
McArthur, J. B.			Junior
McDaniel, Margurite		Sponsor
McGavock, A. M.			Junior
McGregor, R. F.			Junior
McKinney, J. A., Jr.		Junior
McNeil, Mary			Sponsor
McNeil, Samuel Webster		Senior
Miles, Clarence P.		Faculty
Miller, Leona			Sponsor
Miller, Lucy Harrison		Sponsor
Miller, Phillip Louis		Senior
Miller, Sidney Carroll		Senior
Miller, Wilbur C.		Senior
Minor, A.			Junior
Mitchell, J. C.			Junior
Molloy, David J., Co.		Ad
Montgomery Furniture Co.	Ad
Moomaw, Benjamin Franklin, Jr.	Senior
Moore, Bud			Coach
Moore, H. E.			Junior
Moore, Sergeant			Faculty
Morel, William Meredith		Senior
Morgan, E. L.			Junior
Morton, Jeremiah Strauther	Senior
Moss, Joseph Stafford		Senior
Mundy Cigar Co.			Ad
Murden, C. S.			Junior
Murphy's Hotel			Ad
Murray, L. P.			Junior
Mustoe, K.			Junior
Nard, A. R.			Junior
National Bank of Blacksburg	Ad
Nave, Horace Greeley		Senior
Nelson Hardware Co.		Ad
Nelson, Elizabeth		Sponsor
Nesbit's Orchestra		Ad
Nicholls, William George	Senior
Nichols, William R.		Faculty
Noble, H. P., Jr.		Junior
Noell, E. P.			Junior
Noell, Terry Edmunds		Senior
Nuckols, M. F.			Junior
Nutter, L. B.			Junior
O'Brien, Staff Sergeant		Faculty
O'Donnell, Hugh William		Senior
Ogle, Lady Ruth			Sponsor
Old Brick House			Ad
Old, S. W.			Junior
Osborn, Irene			Sponsor
Overton, J. W.			Underclass
Overton, J. W., Mrs.		Sponsor
Owen, Robert James		Senior
Owens, M. A.			Underclass
Page, Henry Clay		Senior
Painter, Margaret L.		Sponsor
Pamplin, John William		Senior
Parsons, Oscar Lloyd		Senior
Patterson, John Draper		Senior
Pattie, W. W.			Junior
Paul, James Albin		Senior
Paul, Lyman			Senior
Payne, R. H.			Junior
Peake, F. W.			Junior
Pearman, Marshall Nuckols	Senior
Pearman, T. B. & Co.		Ad
Pelter, Fred Paul, Jr.		Senior
Penn, L.			Junior
Penn, M. P.			Junior
Perkins, Wheeler Ross		Senior
Pettigrew, Elizabeth		Sponsor
Petty, Doris			Sponsor
Petty, Douglas Cooper		Senior
Petty, Nora			Sponsor
Petty, Thelma			Sponsor
Peyton, James Fray		Senior
Pflueger, A. S.			Ad
Phillips, Nelson Samuel		Senior
Phillips, William Wallace	Senior
Pierce, Richard Vernon		Senior
Pitts, Elizabeth		Sponsor
Pitts, Francis Dandridge	Senior
Plank & Whitsett		Ad
Pleasant, Virginia		Sponsor
Pollard, George Dandridge	Senior
Porter, John Crump		Senior
Powers, W. J.			Junior
Pratt, S. S.			Junior
Price, Florence			Sponsor
Price, Melvin Alexander		Senior
Price, N. O.			Junior
Price, P. H.			Junior
Price, P. L.			Ad
Price, Park Livingston, Jr.	Senior
Propst - Childress Shoe Co.	Ad
Pugh, N. W., Co.		Ad
Pulliam, W. G.			Junior
Pullman Luncheonette		Ad
Rader, R. F.			Junior
Ramey, J. M.			Junior
Rand, R. L.			Underclass
Ratcliffe, Robert Gray, Jr.	Senior
Rawls, P. E.			Junior
Redd, H. B.			Coach
Redd, J. H.			Junior
Reed, Frances			Sponsor
Reid, Robert Charles		Senior
Reilly, J. P.			Junior
Repass, William Deskin		Senior
Reynolds, H. B. & Son		Ad
Rice, J. H.			Junior
Rich, F. K. & Co.		Ad
Richards, Claude Eldon		Senior
Richards, Mason Fitzhugh	Senior
Richmond Hotel			Ad
Riddick, Albert Franklin	Senior
Rives, John Duke		Senior
Roane, J. P.			Junior
Roanoke Book & Stationery Co.	Ad
Roanoke City Mills		Ad
Roanoke Cycle Co.		Ad
Robertson, J.			Junior
Robertson, Lucius Peebles	Senior
Rochie, E. C.			Junior
Rollings, Clarice		Sponsor
Rothgeb, J. L.			Junior
Rothgeb, Mark Eugene		Senior
Rowland, William C.		Ad
Royall, Sara S.			Sponsor
Ruiz, R. T.			Junior
Rust, C. E.			Junior
Ryland, D. B. & Co.		Ad
Sadler, Alms			Sponsor
Sadler, Aubrey Edward		Senior
Salem Steam Laundry		Ad
Sanders, J. E.			Junior
Scales, J. W.			Junior
Scheinman, Nathaniel		Senior
Scott, John Lester		Faculty
Scott, W. T.			Underclass
Scrogham, Hugh McNeil		Senior
Seabolt, O. V.			Junior
Sebald, Joseph Francis		Senior
Seidman, Herman			Senior
Settle, Hugh Gordon		Senior
Shafer Furniture Co.		Ad
Shafer, Wilson Edward		Senior
Shanklin, J. P.			Junior
Sheets, H. D.			Junior
Shelhorse, Bodenheimer Lee	Senior
Shelhorse, G. P.		Junior
Shell, O. E.			Underclass
Shelor, C. K.			Junior
Shemwell, Gertrude		Sponsor
Shenandoah Caverns		Ad
Simmons, W. M.			Junior
Simon, Julius, Inc.		Ad
Skinner, William French		Senior
Slusser, M. F., Jr.		Junior
Smallridge, J. H.		Junior
Smaltz, F. W.			Junior
Smith, A. L.			Junior
Smith, Harry Foster		Senior
Smith, Pauline			Sponsor
Smith, Percy Moseley, Jr.	Senior
Smith, R. G., Jr.		Junior
Snadecki, Clarence William	Senior
Snead, R. P.			Junior
Soble, Allen			Senior
Souder, J. C.			Junior
Spangler, Robert Hugh		Senior
Spence, R. G.			Junior
Spillman, G. C.			Junior
Spitler, Elna			Sponsor
Spragins, J. H.			Junior
Star Barber Shop		Ad
Stark, Mary Garnett		Sponsor
Steele, W. T., Jr.		Underclass
Stephan, H. R.			Junior
Stewart, H. E.			Junior
Stombock, Electa V.		Sponsor
Styne, E. M.			Junior
Sullivan, W. P.			Junior
Sumpton, Henry Cordell		Senior
Swank, John Howard		Senior
Sykes, W. H., Jr.		Junior
Tanner, Albert N.		Faculty
Taylor, Thomas Tate, Jr.	Senior
Terrill, J. B., Jr.		Junior
Thomas, Fay M.			Ad
Thomas, H. S., Jr.		Junior
Thomas, R. M.			Junior
Thomas, Robert Herman, Jr.	Senior
Thompson - Hagan Co.		Ad
Thompson, Hazel			Sponsor
Thompson, J. H., Jr.		Junior
Thornton, James Bankhead	Senior
Thrasher, Ella			Sponsor
Toman, E. H.			Junior
Tomko, C. M.			Junior
Townsend, Richard Wallace	Senior
Treakle, Harman Cox		Senior
Trenor, Fred Russell		Senior
Tucker, A. G.			Coach
Tucker, Arthur Gilliam, Jr.	Senior
Tucker, Grover Guy		Senior
Tulock, J. L., Jr.		Junior
Turner, K. A., Jr.		Junior
Turner, R. B., Jr.		Junior
Twitty, Joseph J.		Faculty
Vaden, B. P., Mrs.		Sponsor
Vaden, W. P.			Underclass
Vandenberg, Henry Peter Carl	Senior
Vandenburg, Richard Horton	Senior
Vanlew, J., Jr.			Junior
Vernon, Frances			Sponsor
Via, J. A.			Junior
Virginia Photo Finishing Co.	Ad
Virginia Rest. & Tea Room	Ad
Virginian Hotel			Ad
Von Erichsen, Rudolph		Senior
Vorhees, Marjorie		Sponsor
Waddill, Virginia		Sponsor
Waddill, Walton			Senior
Wade, Hugh Patterson		Senior
Waesche, H. H.			Junior
Walker, A. J.			Junior
Wall, Harry Adams		Senior
Wall, R. A.			Junior
Ware, John Milton		Senior
Warren & Carroll's		Ad
Watkins, Audley Lorraine	Senior
Watson, J. F.			Junior
Watson, Virginia		Sponsor
Watts, P. L.			Junior
Wax, H. B.			Junior
Wayt, H. H., Jr.		Junior
Weaver, Frank Curtis		Senior
Webber, Jean			Sponsor
Weiss, Alex Joseph		Senior
Weld, Stafford Lewis		Senior
Whitaker, Welford		Senior
White House			Ad
White Studio Photographers	Ad
White, W. J.			Junior
Whitehead, Ryland Allen		Senior
Wiley, Edgar C.			Ad
Williams, Edwin Anderson	Senior
Williams, Frances		Sponsor
Williams, John E.		Faculty
Williams, Sergeant		Faculty
Williams, William E.		Senior
Wilson, Curtis Lee		Senior
Wilson, E. J. F.		Ad
Wilson, R. C.			Junior
Wingfield, W. M.		Junior
Wise, F.			Junior
Wood, Irene			Sponsor
Woods, Edgar Colin Cooper	Senior
Woolwine, John Hoge, Jr.	Senior
Wright, E. A. Co.		Ad
Yates, R. T., Jr.		Junior
Young, A. F. & R. E.		Ad
Young, Beatrice			Sponsor
Zaun, W. J.			Junior









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