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Vintage Gospel Record Albums


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Artist Name - Album Name

Anders, Eric - Eric Anders & Family
Appalachian Express - Express Tracks

Bagwell, Wendy - Bust Out Laffin'
Bagwell, Wendy & The Sunliters - I'm On My Way
Bagwell, Wendy & The Sunliters - We're Not Getting Older, Just Closer To Home
Balthrop, L. Kenneth - Sermons In Songs
Bearden Gospel Quartet, The - Lord Don't Move That Mountain
Bell Jubilee - The Bell Jubilee Sound
Bernard, Jerry W. - Singing Revival Favorites
Bernard, Jerry Wayne - For Once In My Life
Bernard, Jerry Wayne - Singing Revival Favorites, Vol. 3
Bill Gaither Trio, The - Jesus We Just Want To Thank You
Bill Gaither Trio, The - Pilgrim's Progress
Bill Mann & Kurt Kaiser - On A Sunday Evening
Blue Ridge Quartet - Echoes from the Forties
Bohi, Jim - I'll Fly Away
Bolt, Benjamin - Holy Prelude
Branham Family, The - Live
Brown, Mike & Donna - Every Day Now
Burger, Anthony - Plays the Greatest Hits of the Kingsmen

Caldwells, The - At Home With the Caldwells
Calvary Baptist Church, Morristown, TN - Christmas Symphony
Calvary Quartet, The - Lord Redeem Our nation
Calvary Trio - Listen Now as the Calvary Trio Sings…
Cameron Family & Roy Turner - Songs of the Holy Spirit
Canaan Singers, The - Studio Gospel
Canadians, The - In Concert Live
Capitalaires Quartet, The - With Warmth and Feeling
Capitalaires, The - It Had To Be Love
Carson Valley Gospel Singers, The - Light at the River
Carson-Newman College, Something Special, Fifth Edition - We May Never Pass This Way Again
Cathedral Quartet - Beyond The Sunset
Cathedral Quartet - Live… In Atlanta
Catron Family, The - Jubilee In Heaven
Celebrate Singers, Concordia College - Joy In The Morning
Central Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir, Oak Ridge, TN - God Is So Wonderful
Challengers, The - Reach Out
Chapelaires, The - All Together
Chapelaires, The - All Together
Chapelaires, The - Reflections of Love
Chris & The Kids - Sweet, Sweet Spirit
Christian Troupers, The - Our Best For The Master
Clawson, Cynthia - Hymn Singer
Clingan, Bob Carlos - In Memory of Mama
Clyde Perry Trio with Doug Evans - On The Sea Of Life
Coffman, Elizabeth Ann - How Can I Help But Sing
Coleman Looper & The Way Travelers - Rejoice
Comforters Quartet, The - What A Beautiful Day
Comforts, The - Introducing…
Cooley, Dolores - I'll Tell The World
Corinthians, The - Mark of Calvary
Cornerstone - You Forgive
Corum Trio, The - I'll See Jesus
Corum, Roy and Genesis - All Things To All Men
Countrymen, The - Today
Crusaders Quartet, The - The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference
Cumberland College Chorale - We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Davis Family, The - One More Day…
Daybreak - Limited Edition
Dayspring Trio, The - Dayspring
Deacons Quartet, The - To Near Home
Dean, Alan - Songs of Faith
DeLawder Family, The - A Taste of Family Love
Dixie Echoes, The - The Golden Hits of The Dixie Echoes
Dixie Melody Boys, The - Just As We Are
Dixie Melody Boys, The - Oh What A Feeling
Dixieland On The Road, The - Standing On The Solid Rock
Dollye Edmondson - Sings…I Will Follow Thee
Downs, Marion - Get On Board
Dunn, Gay - Why Do I Sing

Eastmen, The - Heart Land Gospel
Eastmen, The - This Is Gospel
Eberhardt, Bobbie - Songs Of The Savior
Eggebraaten, Dave & JoAnne - Someday
El Camino Church Choir - Anthems of Praise to the Lord
Eleventh Hour Singers - Smile, God Loves You
Eternal Sound, The -
Eubanks, Ken - Choice Cuts
Experience - Experience The Turning Point

Faith Music Missions - In His Name
Farrell & Farrell - Let The Whole World Know
Fetty, Joe - I Will Praise Thee
Finley, Claude & Tucker Baptist Mass Choir - Saved By His Power Divine
First Baptist Church Chapel Choir, Dallas, TX - We Sing Praise
First Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN Celebration Singers - O. Happy Day
First-Centenary UMC. Chattanooga, TN - Christmas Oratorio
Fontane, Tony - Precious Memories
Forerunners, The - Feeling At Home
Forerunners, The - Feeling At Home
Foundations, The - Don’t Weep For Me & Diesel Smoke
Foundations, The - It's A Good Day
Foundations, The - Whatever It Takes
Four Fold Gospel Quartet, The - God Made A Way
Franklin, Ernest - Live at the Meeting
Friendship Trio, The - Give Me Your Hand

Galileans, The - In Concert
Gandy Family Singers, The - Songs for Mom & Dad, With Love
Garlands, The - Mama & Papa Always Prayed
Gazaway Family, The - Talk About The good Times
Generation For Christ Singers, The - I Just Came To Praise The Lord
Generation Of Praise Youth Choir - Jesus Heal The People
Gethsemane Quartet - Come Morning
Gibbs Family Singers, The - God Is Alive…Forevermore
Gillions, The - Story of Love
Goffs, The - Lasting Sounds
Goins Family - Come to the Water
Golden Harvest Quartet - Rolling Along With The Golden Harvest Quartet
Golden Harvest Quartet, The - Sweeter Gets The Journey
Golden Harvest, The - Forever & Ever
Goolesby, Billy - My Jesus
Gosetts, The - Anointed Sounds of the Gossetts
Gospel Five, The - I Can Hear mamma Singing While Working in the Field
Gospel Tones, The - Both Sides Of The River
Gospel Tones, The - Introducing…
Gospel Tones, The - Lord Jesus Here I Am
Gospel Travellers, The - Home Is Where The Heart Is
Gospel Travellers, The - Nothing Can Hold Me Here
Gospelaires Quartet, The -
Grace College, Winona Lake, IN - Resounding Brass
Grant, Shirley - Sweetly and Simply
Green, Tierce - Something To Hold
Guidesmen, The - Listen

Hall, Connor and The Homeland Harmony Quartet - He Touched Me
Happy Goodmans, The - The Very Best of the Happy Goodmans Live
Happy Pilgrims, The - Singing For Christ
Happy travelers, The - Shoutin' Ground
Harrington, Bob - My Life Story
Harris, Jesse - God's M+C41arvellous Grace
Harris, Larnelle - I've Just Seen Jesus
Hart, John - Just The Best of Friends
Harvest Trio, The - Redemption Draweth Nigh
Harvey, Paul - Yesterday's Voices (Christian Leaders)
Haynes Brothers - I Don't Regret A Mile
Heaven Bound - Genuine
Heaven Bound - Graduation Day
Heaven Bound - In Concert
Heaven Bound - Introducing…
Heaven Bound - Just Giving Him Praise
Heaven Bound - Live
Heaven Bound - Revived
Heaven Bound - We Are Those Children
Heritage Singers  - Heritage Classics, Vol. 9
Hicks Quartet, The - When I Step Off
Highlawn Baptist Church -
Hiner, Robbie - It Wouldn't Be Enough
Hinsons - Hinsons on the Road
Hinsons - Lift the Roof Off
Hinsons, The - The Legacy Goes On
Hixson First Baptist Sanctuary Choir - Let's Talk About Jesus
Holland, Sonny - One Day At A Time
Homeland Harmony Quartet - Here's How It All Began
Homeland Harmony Quartet - I Must Tell Jesus
Homeland Harmony Quartet - More About Jesus
Howard, Bobby and The Family - To You With Love
Hoyt, William - Songs of Victory
Hullender Family, The - I've Been Born Again
Hutto, Jimmy - Lord, We Praise Thee
Hymnsmen, The - Good News Gospel Country
Hymnsmen, The - Gospel Country
Hymnsmen, The - I Met A Man With Scars In His Hands
Hymnsmen, The - It Won't be Long
Hymnsmen, The - Keep Looking Ahead
Hymnsmen, The - King Jesus
Hymnsmen, The - The Touch of His Hand
Hymnsmen, The - With A Wagon Load Of Gospel

Impacts, The - On The Move
Imperials, The - Introducing…
Imperials, The - Priority
Imperials, The - Sail On
Inspirations, The - A Night of Inspiration
Inspirations, The - Sing About Touring The City
International Mass Choir COGIC - I Can Do All Things

Jack Suttle and the Salvation Singers - Lord Don't Move That Mountain
Jacobs, Frank - Jesus Gives Me A Song
Jacobs, Frank - Sings Your Favorite Gospel Songs
Jacobs, Frank - Something Old, Something New
Jerry & The Singing Goffs - Say I Do
Jerry & The Singing Goffs - This Is Love
Jerry and The Goffs - I Am Blessed
Jim Hamill and Squire Parsons - The Old and The New
Jim Roberts and Nora Zimmer - Whispering Hope
Johnson, Chuck - He Keeps Me Singing
Jordan, Diane - It's A Good Life
Joymakers, The - We Are Climbing

Kelly, Bob & April - It took A Miracle
Kenny Parker Trio, The - A First From the Kenny Parker Trio
Kenny Parker Trio, The - Afterglow
Kenny Parker Trio, The - Reach Out…and Touch Him
Key Quartet, The - Living With Jesus
Kingsmen, The - 1686 Pounds of Gospel
Kingsmen, The - At The University of Alabama
Kingsmen, The - Better in Person
Kingsmen, The - Big & Live
Kingsmen, The - Chattanooga Live
Kingsmen, The - Chattanooga Live
Kingsmen, The - From out of the Past
Kingsmen, The - It Made News in Heaven
Kingsmen, The - Just As The Sun Went Down
Kingsmen, The - Just In Time
Kingsmen, The - Just Plain Singin'
Kingsmen, The - Live Naturally
Kingsmen, The - Ring the Bells of Freedom
Kingsmen, The - Stand Up At Opryland USA
Kingsmen, The - Suddenly There's A Valley
Kingsmen, The - The Upper Window
Kingsmen, The - Your Ride's On The Way
King'smen, The - Workshop of the Lord
Knoxville Catholic High School Chorus - Anthems…Sacred Harp…Spirituals
Knoxville College Concert Choir - Inauguration Special
Kobjelush, David - David
Koronko, Elmer & Kelly - New Life
Kreation, The - Reflections on Jesus

Lake Junaluska Singers - Teach The World to Sing
Lanny Wolfe Trio - Rejoicing…Live
Leavitt, Joan - A New Day Is Coming
Lefevres - Featuring Pierce LeFevre
Lefevres - Rainbow Of Love
Lewis Family, The - Alive'n Pickin'
Linder Family, The - Grace To Stand
Little Troy Lumpkin - Just A Rose Will Do
Lonie, Don - Don Lonie Talks Again
Lumpkins, Leon & The Original Gospel Clefs - Open The Book
Luptonaires, The - Praise The Lord

Martin Sisters, The and Glenn - I'm So Glad he Found Me
Martin Sisters, The and Glenn - Now Today I Walk With Jesus
McCracken, Jarrell - The Game Of Life
McCullough, Forrest - Final Flight
McDonald, Jimmie - I Believe In Miracles
McFarlane, Will - A Colony Of Heaven
Mears, Ray with The Clef Dwellers - God is so Good
Mighty Sons Of Glory - Stay on the Battlefield
Miller, Roosevelt - Golden Bells
Miller, Roosevelt & Arthur - Brotherly Love
Monck, Sharon & Jim - Walking Along Together
Morris Stancil Singers - Keep On Singing
Moser Brothers, The - Without Jesus
Mt. Olive Youth Choir, Rossville, GA - People To People
Mullen, De Verne - Let Us Sing
Mullinax Family, The - From Our Hearts
Murphy, Willie - Ye Must Be Born Again

Neeley Gospel Singers, The - Sing Sweet Song Of Salvation
New Gospel Ways, The - Introducing…
New Templeaires, The - Standing On The Solid Rock
New Tennesseans, The - I'm Going To Make It
Norman, Don - Jesus Be The Lord Of All
North Chattanooga Teen Choir - Let The Whole World Know
North Phoenix Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir -
Norwood, Orman and Betty - It's Great To Be A Christian

Oakley Family, The - Remind Me Dear Lord
Oakleys, The - Put Your Hand In The Hand
Oglesby, Mina - I Would See Jesus
Oglesby, Mina - The Virtuous Woman
Olson, Chuck - I Saw Him
Olson, Chuck - I Saw Him
Olson, Chuck - My Tribute
Orr Brothers with Mack and Betty - Introducing…
Outland, John - Jesus Is The Answer
Owens, Ron & Patricia - A Sermon In Song
Owens, Ron & Patricia - Alive Again
Owens, Ron & Patricia - Concert Favorites
Owens, Ron & Patricia - Each Step of the Way

Parsons, Lonnie - Jesus Is The Rock
Pat Terry Group, The -
Patillo, Leon - The Sky's The Limit
Peoples, Bobby - If I Had Three Days To See
Philippine Group, The - Lift Up Your Hands And Praise The Lord
Philippine Group, The with Clyde Shields - A Lovely Name
Platt, Ralph - The Bird Sing His Praise
Pledger, Ray A. - Evangelist Ray A. Pledger Sings
Powell, Don - Country Gospel Campmeeting Style
Praise Strings - Praise Strings

Rebelaires Quartet, The - Longing For Home
Redemptionaires, The - Oh What A Saviour
Reeves, Sam & Joint-Heirs -
Reformation, The - Leaving…
Representatives, The - It's Alright
Revelaires, The - The Joy of Knowing Jesus
Rhodes, Jimmy - Peace in the Valley
Roberts, Richard & Patti - Something Good is Going to Happen to You
Rock Castle Baptist Church Choir - Sings For God's Glory
Rose City Singers - There Is More To Life
Rose, Mary - Mary Rose
Rosedale Chorale, The - Holy Is The Lord
Rupert Family, The - A Cappella No Music Aloud

Samford Choir - The King Is Coming
Sammy Hall Singers - All Things Are New
Satellites, The - In Orbit With The Satellites
Schirmers, The - Lord, Bring Back the Springtime
Seaton, Jim - Going Home
Sego Brothers and Naomi - From The Soul
Segos, The & Naomi - A Living Legend
Senators, The with big Jim Hamill - Stand By Me
Sentinels, The - Precious Old Book
Sevier Heighs Baptist Church Choir - Why Do I Sing About Jesus?
Sims, Fay & The Scenic Land Quartet - Back Home
Singing Celestials, The - Ring the Wedding Bells for Me
Singing Cookes, The - God Delivers Again
Singing Cookes, The - He Rows Me Over The Tide
Singing Cookes, The - Live
Singing Goffs, The - Live Here Tonight
Singing Revelations, The - He Pilots My Ship
Singing Revelations, The - Revelations in Song
Smith, Father Tom - The Touch of Father Tom Smith
Smith, Lee with The Golden Harvest -
Sons Of Light - I Walk Free
Southern Echoes, The - Swing Wide The Gates
Southerners, The - Heart To Heart
Speers, The - The Speers Live
Statesmen - Hovie Lister and the Sensational Statesmen
Statesmen & Hovie Lister - I Believe In Jesus
Statesmen Quartet - Hits of the Decade
Statesmen Quartet - Hovie Lister Sings With The Famous Statesmen Quartet
Statesmen Quartet - The Sensational Statesmen Quartet with Hovie Lister
Statesmen Quartet & Hovie Lister - Something To Shout About
Statesmen Quartet & Hovie Lister - Songs of Faith
Statesmen Quartet & Hovie Lister - The Best of the Statesmen Quartet with Hovie Lister
Statesmen Quartet, The - The Statesmen Quartet Sings With Hovie Lister
Statesmen with Hovie Lister - Message in the Sky
Statesmen with Hovie Lister - Stop, Look and Listen for the Lord
Sumner, J. D. and The Stamps Quartet - Street Corner Preacher
Suttles, The - Being Faithful
Swaggert, Jimmy - Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Sermon
Swanee River Boys - Old Virginny

Taff, Russ - Medals
Taylor, Bill with the Helmsingers - When The Master Speaks
Teddy Huffam and the Gems - Live, Souled Out
Teddy Huffam and the Gems - That All May Be One
Textor, Bill - I Love You Jesus
Threet Family, The - The Sound of the Gospel in Song
Thurlow Spurr and The Spurrlows - The Original Splendour Production
Tonesmen, The - Color us Gospel
Tonesmen, The - Introducing the Tonesmen
Travelaires Quartet - Let's All Sing
Travelaires, The - The Old Time Way
Travis Quartet, The - The Lighthouse
Trinity Four, The - Sings the Gospel
Troccoli, Kathy - Stubborn Love
Truth Tabernacle, Chattanooga, TN - Bless That Wonderful name
Truth Tabernacle, Chattanooga, TN -

Van Impe, Jack - The Greatest Love Story, Sermon
Vaughn, Marshall - Songs of the Soul, Volume 3
Vaughn, Marshall - Songs of the Spirit
Victors Quartet, The - Happy And Free
Victory Sounds, The - Our First For him
Vinson, Reggie - There Is Only One Glory

Wade Family Singers, The - Tennessee Gospel
Wagner, Bill - Love Comin' Down
Wesley Theological Seminary Seminary Singers - Make A Joyful Sound
West Coast Bible College Choir -
Williams, Dewey & The Faith Quartet - Daddy Saw The Light
Willie Wynn & the Tennesseans - I Am A Seeker
Wonderful Word A Cappella Chorus - The Spacious Firmament
Woodland Baptist Church Youth Choir - God's Family
Woody Wright Singers, The -

Young Christian Voices, The - He's Coming Again












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