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Valley Head, AL Advertisers in the 1927  Yearbook

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Item # 10309


These businesses have an ad in the Valley Head High 1927 Yearbook.
Bank of Valley Head
Baxter, L. M.
Beeson Brothers
Beeson, J. J.
Bigley, M. Myrtle
Brock, G. J.
Brown Printing Co.
Bule's Barber Shop
Busy Bee Café
Crow, Paul & Beatrice
Davenport, W. O. & P. N.
Davidson, E. O.
DeKalb County Herald
DeKalb Republican
Ellis, J. W.
Farley's W. B., Studio
Farmers & Merchants Bank
Fort Payne Dry Cleaning
Fort Payne Hardware
Fort Payne Journal
Fort Payne Utilities Co.
Gilbreath, L. O.
Hammond & Tatum
Hammond, C. B.
Hammond, Mead
Hammons' Garage
Happy Mercantile Co.
High, F. V.
Holleman, T. W.
Jacoway & Hamilton
Jordan Motor Co.
Judson College
Kellet Motor Co.
Kuykendall's Barber Shop
Lively Place
Long, J. R.
Maxwell, Jones & Co.
McKown, Abbie
Mentone Springs Hotel
Nichols, J. C., Furniture Co.
Opera House Theatre
Reynolds, J. H.
Sanitary Café
Sizemore, C. L.
Sloane's, Carl Place
Suit & Son
Tate, B. W.
Tatum, E.
Tatum, E. A.
Tindle & Killian
Valley Head Drug Co.
Valley Head Hardware & Furniture
Valley Head Laundry
Valley Head Lumber Co.
Valley Head Mercantile
White, J. M. Lumber
Wilson & Co.
Wilson, H. B.
Woman,s College of Alabama









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