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Utah Newspapers And Periodicals 1920


This table is taken from American Newspaper and Annual Directory, N. W. Ayer & Son, Philadelphia, PA 1920. The book shows much more information such as; population of towns (1910 census or estimated), location, railroads serving the town, types of industries, etc... For each publication it shows the day of the week published, or frequency, political leaning or type of publication, size of the publication, price of a subscription and usually the circulation. We have only reprinted a few of the items in the table below.

When you order we will send you the title page and 4 page introduction to the book, full page summary and state map, and the 5 pages of newspaper listings.

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Town or City-Population Publication Editor Year
American Fork-3,500 Citizen 1903
Tribune W. E. Ellsworth 1919
Beaver-1,899 Beaver County Press Karl Carlton 1904
Bicknel-300 Wayne County Booster Wayne Co. High Students 1917
Bingham Canyon-8,000 Press-Bulletin C. D. McNeeley 1891
Bountiful-1,677 Davis County Clipper John Stahle 1891
Brigham-3,685 Box Elder Co. Farm Bureau News Robert Stewart 1917
Box Elder Journal Will Holmes 1909
Box Elder News Victor Madsen 1895
Castle Dale-693 Emery County Progress David Williams 1900
Cedar City-2,000 Iron County Record Charles Wilkinson 1893
Coalville-976 Times C. H. Ruble 1894
Delta-900 Millard County Chronicle Frank Beckwith 1910
Duchesne-600 Record Markus & Markus 1908
Ephriam-2,296 Enterprise Nephi Christensen 1891
Eureka-4,500 Reporter C. E. Huish 1894
Ferron-650 Castle Valley Press Castle Valley Pub. 1919
Fillmore-1,600 Millard County Progress Joseph Smith 1894
Garfield-2,000 Magna-Garfield Messenger J. S. Barlow 1916
Garland-1,000 Globe J. A. Wixom 1906
Gold Hill-400 Standard L. G. Schwalenberg 1916
Grantsville-1,154 News Robert Halladay 1917
Green River-628 Dispatch Helen Spalding 1907
Gunnison-1,100 Gunnison Valley News H. W. Cherry 1899
Heber-2,031 Wasatch Wave Charles Broadbent 1889
Helper-1,000 Times I. A. Lee 1911
Hyrum-1,833 South Cache Carrier J. A. Wahlen 1909
Kaysville-1,000 Reflex W. P. Epperson 1904
Lehi-2,964 Sun A. F. Gaisford, Jr. 1914
Utah Farmer James Kirkham 1904
Logan-7.522 Journal A. Gordon 1879
Republican Herschel Bullen 1902
Student Life Utah Agri. College Students 1901
Magna-2,000 Courier Edwin Tompkins 1919
Mammoth-1,700 Record I. E. Diehl 1896
Manti-2,423 Messenger S. Peter Petersen 1883
Midvale-838 Messenger J. A. Boolase 1914
Times J. S.Barlow 1909
Milford-1,700 Beaver County News Karl Carlton 1908
Moab-1,000 Times-Independent Loren Taylor 1896
Monticello-600 San Juan Record H. E. Blake 1915
Morgan-756 Morgan County Star C. H. Ruble 1912
Mt. Pleasant-3,000 Call C. N. Lund 1906
Pyramid Burke McArthur 1890
Murray-4,057 American Eagle J. S. Barlow 1896
Myton-700 Free Press C. B. Cook 1915
Nephi-2,759 Times-News Dennis Wood 1916
Ogden-31,000 Examiner J. W. Eldredge, Jr. 1902
Standard A. L. Glassman 1870
Western Labor World Ogden Trades & Labor Assembly 1919
Panguitch-1,500 Progress F. E. Eldredge 1897
Park City-3,439 Park Record S. L. Raddon 1880
Parowan-1,500 Times Alex. H. Rollo 1915
Payson-2,397 Paysonian Lawrence Jorgenson 1888
Pleasant Grove-2,400 Observer W. E. Ellsworth 1919
Review L. W. Gaisford 1903
Price-2,000 News-Advocate H. W. Cooper 1895
Sun R. W. Corckett 1915
Provo-10,091 Herald Ira Masters 1885
Post H. C. Hicks 1909
White and Blue Brigham Young Univ. Students 1900
Randolph--533 Rich County News Chris. Christensen 1896
Richfield-2,559 Reaper J. L. Ewing 1887
Roosevelt-1,100 Standard Arnold Reef 1914
St. George-2,100 Washington County News John Wallis 1908
Salina-1,082 Sun J. L. Ewing 1918
Salt Lake City Beobachter (German) Herman Grether 1890
100,530 Bikuben (Norw. Dan.) John Hansen 1876
Character Builder John T. Miller 1887
Chronicle Univ. of Utah Students 1892
Citizen Frank Gallagher 1902
Deseret News John Cannon 1850
Evzonos (Greek) George Photos 1915
Salt Lake City Gazzetta Italiana (Italian) G. Milano 1912
Gold and Blue Latter Day Saints' Univ. 1900
Good Roads Automobilist Robert Skelton 1911
Herald G. B. Heal 1870
Intermountain Catholic Frank Greene 1899
Intermountain Odd Fellow Alex Moore 1918
Juvenile Instructor Heber Grant 1866
Light (Greek) Dr. P. Kassinikos 1911
Salt Lake City Mining Review Will Higgins 1899
National Wool Grower S. W. McClure 1911
New West Magazine New West Pub. 1910
Relief Society Magazine Mrs. Susa Young Gates 1914
Retail Merchant John Harper 1905
Rocky Mountain Times (Jap.) Shiro Iida 1907
Sugar Beet Journal Frank Wilson 1917
Telegram Salt Lake Telegram Pub. Co. 1902
Salt Lake City Tribune Salt Lake Tribune Pub. Co. 1868
Universal Free Mason M. M. B. Thomson & Robert Spence 1908
University Pen Univ. of Utah Students 1909
Utah Educational Review Univ. of Utah 1907
Utah Labor News Henry Sweet 1916
Utah Nippo (Japanese Daily News) (Japanese) U. Terasawa ?
Salt Lake City Utah Odd Fellow P. A. Simpkin 1890
Utah Posten (Swedish) Utah Posten Pub. Co. 1900
Western Poultryman Harlow Grow 1914
Young Woman's Journal Mary Connelly 1889
Sandy-1,037 Star J. S. Barlow 1911
Smithfield-1,865 Sentinel John Harry 1907
Spanish Fork-3,464 Press Elisha Warner 1902
Springville-3,508 Independent D. C. Johnson 1891
Tooele-2,758 Bulletin L. E. Kramer 1915
Transcript James Dunn 1895
Tremonton-700 Bear River Valley Leader Alva McGuire 1914
Vernal-1,000 Express James Wallis 1892
West Jordan (See Midvale)











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