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1922 University of Akron Yearbook, TelBuch


Faculty: Price $2 per person We will send you a copy of their one-half page with photo and details on their education and teaching positions held.
Seniors: Price $6 per person Full page each with 2 photos, favorite quote, hobby, and 2 or 3 paragraphs about them. We will also copy the information for any clubs or teams they participated in.
Advertisers: Price $2 per ad We will send you a copy of their ad.
Engineering students: Price $4 per person

Freshmen, Sophomores & Juniors: Price $4 per person.

Small photos of class members, but no captions. We will send you the copies and maybe you can recognize the person you are researching. We will go through the Yearbook and copy the information for any clubs or teams they belonged to.

Item # 10283

To order click here


Faculty Seniors Advertisers Engineering Students Freshmen, Sophomores & Juniors
Anderson, Glen H.
Ayer, Fred E.
Bulger, Charles
Bulger, John
Chain, Faye
Crecraft, Earl W.
Cushman, Josephine A.
DeLeone, Francesco D.
Durst, Ross C.
Egbert, Hemas V.
Endres, Herbert A.
Findley, Lorena Bell
Friedlander, Mae
Gauss, Henry F.
Hardgrove, Arden E.
Henegan, Olive A.
Householder, Fred F.
Howe, Earle B.
Jones, John L.
Knight, Charles M.
Kolbe, Parke R.
MacKinnon, Annie L.
McCullough, Bruce W.
McDermott, Lawrence M.
McEbright, Carita
McJoynt, Thomas L.
Myrland, Imogene J.
Olin, Charles R.
Olin, Oscar E.
Olson, Roy C.
Plowman, Amon B.
Reed, Katherine M.
Rockwell, Joseph C.
Rogers, Ralph W.
Rogers, Virgil E.
Schmidt, Richard H.
Schweitzer, T. Robert
Sefton, Fred
Sharer, David Max
Simmons, Hezzleton E.
Spanton, Albert I.
Stimmel, Sarah E.
Stinson, Rita E.
Thompson, Elizabeth A.
Tuller, Albert P.
Tweedie, Mae
Walther, John T.
Weeks, Gladys P.
Whittaker, Ida J.
Yarter, Clinton G.
Berrodin, Henry C.
Bordner, Robert
Brockett, Warren I.
Bruner, Harold E.
Capron, Miriam R.
Carlin, James C.
Carmichael, Frances M.
Cheval, Marie L.
Close, Stanford D.
Deans, Alvah W., Jr.
Dieterich, Harold M.
Emmons, Clande V. D.
Fletcher, Robert F.
Foster, George W.
Fox, Rolland D.
Freedlander, Rosalind
Griffen, George E.
Gudikunst, Earl G.
Keck, Isa
Kendall, C. Victor
Knowlton, William
Kraus, Luise H.
Lancaster, Elmer M.
McIlwain, Mary A.
Musser, Charles H.
Osterhouse, Helen M.
Rich, Raymond
Rowley, William A.
Sawyer, Robert U.
Smith, M. Elaine
Snyder, Harold L.
Stevenson, Hazel M.
Sutton, Rodney C. R.
Thorp, Edgar M.
Timmis, Margaret
Wagner, Florence A.
Weber, George F.
Weeks, James A.
Wentz, Edward P.
Whalen, Louise J.
Willyard, Warner L.
Wilson, Harold M.
Abstract, Title-Guarantee
Acme Stores
Actual Business College
Akers & Harpham Co.
Akron Baking Co.
Akron Bottle Exch. & Supply
Akron Coal Co.
Akron Electric Supply Co.
Akron Engineering Co.
Akron Engraving Cvo.
Akron Grocery Co.
Akron News Co.
Akron Plumbing & Heating
Akron Rubber Mold Co.
Akron Times
Akron Towel Supply Co.
Akron Truss Co.
Akron Varnish Co.
Akron-Selle Co.
Akron-Virginia Coal Co.
American Scrap Iron Co.
Anderson Rubber Co.
Baker, McMillen Co.
Beacon Journal
Biggs Boiler Works Co.
Billow Undertaking Co.
Burger Iron Co.
Burger, J. A.
Burkhardt Co.
Burt Mfg. Co.
Byrider Brothers Co.
Camp, C. E., Dr.
Carle Electrical Const.
Carmichael Construction Co.
Chamberlain, E. W.
Citizens Coal Co.
Coca-Cola Bottling
Coleman, Wm.
Coleman's Cycle Co.
Collins Drug Co.
Colonial Salt Co.
Colonial Shoe Repair
Commercial Printing & Litho.
Crouse Clay Products
Crouse, Geo. W.
D. P. W. Company
Dauntless Plumbing Co.
Davidon, J. M., Coal Co.
Day Drug Co.
Diehm-Long Co.
Dodge's Furniture
Dorris, J. B.
Douglas, The Tailor
Electric Motor & Repair Co.
Electric Shop
Enterprise Manufacturing
Ertel, W. H.
Evans Motor Co.
Evans, T. Oscar
Factory Oil Co.
Falch & Falch
Federal Oil & Gas Co.
Federal System of Bakeries
Fitt, John H.
Flower Mantel Co.
Fogarty, Fred W.
Frank, W. J., Co.
Furnas Ice Cream Co.
Gangl Construction Co.
Goddard, C. A., Photo.
Goodrich, B. F., Co.
Goodyear Rubber Heels
Gridiron Restaurant Co.
Hamilton & Harper Cafeteria
Hamilton, James
Hammel Business University
Hardesty, Walter C.
Hardware & Supply Co.
Heepe Co.
Hood's, Jeweler & Optometrist
Hoover Suction Sweeper Co.
Hoover-Brooks Co.
Hutchings, W. H.
Imperial Electric Co.
Kaufman, D. W. Realty Co.
Kelly, Martin S., Co.
Kendig, M. M.
Klages Coal & Ice Co.
Knight, Maurice A.
Knowlton & Welch Co.
Koch, J., Company
Kolb, Fred L., Printing Co.
Kraus Plumbing & Heating
Krumroy Construction Co.
Kuhlke Machine Co.
Loomis, Jas. P., Coal
Lynch's Dancing Studio
Manufacturers Rubber Co.
Masino's Confectionery
McDonnell, H. S.
Mell, M. M., Co.
Meyer, Leo, Co.
Miller Rubber Co.
Miller United Shoes
Mooney Art Stone Co.
Mooney, Geo. S.
Moran, H. P., Company
Mulcahy, C. & J.
Municipal Univ. of Akron
Murdock, M. F. Company
Myers, I. S., Co.
National Blank Book & Supply
National Laundry & Cleaning
New Orpheum
Nobil's Shoes
N. Ohio Traction & Light
O'Neil, M., Company
Oriental Restaurant
Orpheum, New
Peck's Studio
Philadelphia Rubber Works
Phillips Co.
Polsky, A., Company
Portage Hotel
Powell, Clarence A.
Powell, Leland C.
Priority Mortgage & Invest.
Read-Benzol Co.
Republic Electric Co.
Riehl Catering Co.
Robinson Clay Products
Rohner, J. A. & G. A.
Royal Worcester
Schrafft's Chocolates
Schroy, L. D., Co.
Shaffer & Son Company
Shuter's Bootery
Sloan, J. L.
Sloan's Dining Room
South Akron Awning Co.
Strand Theatre
Strauss, J.
Summit Auto Co.
Summit Drug Co.
Sumner's Butter
Superior Transfer Co.
Swartz, J. V., Co.
Swinehart Tire & Rubber Co.
Telling's Ice Cream
Thomas-Eblen Co.
Union Lumber & Coal Co.
Wadsworth Core Machine Co.
Waldorf, The
Warranty Securities Disc.
Welker Bros.
White Motor Sales Co.
White Rock Dairy
Whitman & Barnes Mfg. Co.
Williams, Carlsten Co.
Wing, Louie
Wise Furnace Co.
Wood, A. O., Motor Co.
Wright, W. E. Company
Wy, Louis
Allaman, H. C.
Andrews, J. M.
Atwater, E. B.
Barnholth, M. C.
Bausher, L.
Benson, C. E.
Blackwell, A.
Bolanz, J. P.
Braucher, F.
Brooks, E.
Carlin, J. C.
Cole, L. M.
Converse, J. P.
Cooper, R. F.
Cowling, R. J.
Cox, R. G.
Cutler, J.
Dieterich, H.
Dietrich, C.
Evans, J. A.
Fletcher, L. E.
Fletcher, R. F.
Fostser, G. W.
Glasheen, F.
Glass, W. J.
Goodman, A.
Grimm, G. B.
Harrington, F. T.
Harris, T. K.
Heerlein, J. H. 
Hitchcock, J. M.
Hoelzer, J. T.
Hoffman, L.
Howe, F. D.
Hungerford, C.
Jackson, R. M.
Jacob, B. H.
Johnson, V. T.
Jordan, F. J.
Kalaher, A. J.
Keller, S.
Kinney, R.
Kittelberger. H. C.
Kreinberg, H. L.
Langer, M.
Lesh, L.
Lilliedale, M.
Loomis, R. C.
MacDonald, L.
Mantley, E.
Michelson, L.
Miller, C. W.
Miller, E. B.
Miner, C. L.
Moehr, L.
Moody, D. L.
Moore, F. R.
Munteanu, J.
Myers, H. B.
Nelcamp, L.
Olin, A. D.
Olsen, L.
Patterson, E.
Patterson, W. G.
Pickton, W. H.
Pike, K.
Plesofsky, J. M.
Price, E. E.
Prior, W. R.
Rauschenberg, F.
Remmy, F.
Reusher, G.
Robinson, J. E.
Ruch, R. W.
Ruch, R. W.
Russ, H. A.
Salber, E. J.
Schnurr, B. A.
Schumacher, A. W.
Seaston, J. A.
Singer, J.
Sir Louis, H. J.
Smith, H. F.
Smith, P.
Snider, E. B.
Snyder, R. F.
Spencer, T. A.
St. John, B. P.
Stell, F. E.
Straub, H. M.
Suloff, S. E.
Swanson, J. C.
Tame, S.
Teulings, R. E.
Thomas, R. A.
Thorpe, C.
Thrope, E. M.
Tiley, C.
Tritt, F. G.
Ulrich, A.
VanBrimmer, R. M.
Vanica, P. R.
Waggoner, C.
Wagner, C. P.
Wert, C.  D.
Whalen, G.Baldwin, J.
Wheeler, H. E.
Whiteman, H.
Williams, R. A.
Wilson, R. A.
Wise, W. R.
Yantis, H. V.
Abbott, Paul
Ackley, Ruth
Alden, Evelyn
Alexander, Inez
Allaman, Mary
Apel, Esther
Appleget, Norma
Armstrong, Walter
Averell, Anthony
Avery, Allen
Avery, Allen
Bachman, Anthony
Bakser, Mrs. E. H.
Barnes, Harold W.
Barnes, Sidnsey
Barth, Kling
Beer, Alice
Bennett, Luther
Betzler, Alma
Beyerle, Rhea
Bierly, Pauline
Bishop, Alfred E.
Blackburn, Alene
Bliley, Clarence J.
Bliss, Helen
Blower, William
Bohl, Ray
Bond, Jesse H.
Bonz, Doris
Bordner, Ada
Braley, Eloise
Brandt, Carson
Breiner, William
Brewster, Albert
Bridgewater, Boyd
Brocoman, Joseph
Brown, Charles
Brown, Martha
Brown, Ross
Brown, Ross
Buckio, Cloyd
Buntz, Nellie
Burr, Marian
Burt, Harriet
Busenberg, Earl
Cady, Henry
Carlson, Joel
Carmichael, Walter
Carney, Lynn
Carruthers, William
Carter, Kenneth
Caspari, Marie B.
Cauffield, Doris
Certain, Neil
Chamberlain, Gladys
Chambers, Arthur
Christensen, Chester
Clark, Norman
Cole, Betty
Colley, Charles H.
Cook, Theodore L.
Cook, Vernon
Cooper, Atlee
Cope, Harold
Copp, Louise
Corbett, William
Crawford, Cheryl
Crewes, Violet
Cunningham, Ernest
Darrah, Donald C.
Daum, Carl
Davidson, Ethel
Davies, John M.
Davis, Anna
Davis, Freda
Davis, Mrs. Paul
Dellenberger, Ruth
Denison, Mildred
Depue, John
Dewey, Robert
Dickerhoof, Ralph
Dietzold, Robert
Dilley, Gilbert
Dilley, Louise
Dix, Lawrence
Dowell, Frank
Duff, John
Dunford, Emerson
Eckert, Herman
Egbert, Viola
Ellis, Robert
Engwall, Ebba
Enright, Francis
Epsstein, Bessie
Evans, Wesley
Fidler, Tillise
Fornecker, Helen
Frampton, Eulalia
Frank, Charles
Froebe, John
Fuller, Mrs. Gartha
Ganyard, Gladys
Garrett, Margaret
Garver, Earl
Geis, Frederick
Goodman, Nettie
Goodwin, Spencer
Goodyear, George Jr.
Green, Alice
Greenberg, Leonard
Gross, Orra
Guckeyson, Harry
Haas, Walter
Hall, Robert
Hallinan, Dorothy
Hanson, Arthur
Hanson, Helen
Harper, Carl
Harper, Cornelia
Harper, Robert
Harpster, Mildred
Harrington, Vera
Harry, Glenard
Hartzell, Elmer
Hauenstein, Mildred
Hawk, Ada
Heckler, Howard
Heller, Dorothy
Heller, Glen
Hershinow, Harry
Hershinow, Relinda
Hess, Carl
Hess, Clarence
Hilbish, Russell
Hill, Florence
Hilliard, Harry
Hillman, Carolyn
Himes, Barbara
Hollingsworth, Esther
Hooper, Dorothy
Hooper, Grace
Horner, Fayett
Hoselzer, Edward
Houk, Paul
Hubbard, Ruth
Hunt, Schuyler
Huron, Genevieve
Hurwitz, Simon
Hustson, Anna
Hutchison, John
Hyde, Charles
Immler, Frederick
Innis, Fred
Iredell, Elizabeth
Irish, Everett
Jellison, Horace
Jemison, Andrew
Jenkins, Verlin
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Henry
Jones, Edna
Jones, Robert
Jordan, Adeline
Jordan, Virginia
Karcher, Harry
Kasch, Allen
Kauffman, Lenore
Kaufman, Ralph
Keating, Mary
Keating, Sara
Keck, Olive
Kessler, Norman
Kinna, Beulla
Klarhre, Edith
Kline, Dorothy
Klingensmith, Barclay
Kniffin, Hazen
Knoske, Mildred
Knowlton, Frank
Kolbe, Lydia
Koplin, Wade
Krager, Lenore
Kraus, Edward
Kregenow, Edwin
Kriegbaum, Millard
Labovitz, Abe
Lancaster, Raymond
Larlins, Thomas
Laudenslager, May
Laushell, Edward
Lawrence, Don
Ledbetter, William
Lee, Grace
Leffler, Carl
Leland, Maxine
Leonhard, Gladys
Levy, Charlotte
Lilliedale, Garnett
Lizawetzky, Bessie
Loftus, William
Lombardy, Leonard
Long, Lucille
Long, Mac Dennis
Long, Robert
Long, Walter
Lord, Margaret
Lower, Orpha
MacCracken, Allen
Machia, Elizabeth
Machia, Mrs. Elizabeth
Major, Floyd
Margulis, Harry
Markle, Geraldine
Marsh, Dorosthy
Marshall, George
Mason, Ruth
Masterson, Kathleen
Mathias, Harry
McChesney, Mark
McCormick, Edward
McKinnon, Wallace
Meeker, Lawrence
Melvin, Willard
Milford, Howard
Millare, James
Miller, De Mar
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Phillip
Miller, Raymond
Miller, Roland
Minnich, Harold
Moore, Caroline
Moore, J. Howard
Morgenstern, Adolph
Morris, Irvin
Myers, Parke
Myers, Thelma
Naugher, T. W.
Naugle, Jacob
Newsom, Phillip
Nice, Dora
Ohl, Bernice
Olmstead, Mary
Omansky, Ida
Palmer, Alice
Palmer, Elno
Palmer, George
Palmer, Ralph
Parker, Agnes
Penrpse, Lawrence
Petre, Winifred
Pfeifle, Bessie
Phahl, Hilda
Place, Pauline
Pontius, Mary
Porter, Nelson
Ports, Ruth
Puchot, Helen
Purdy, Nellie
Quick, Ralph
Raasch, Virgil
Raynow, Anna
Ream, George
Reid, Minor
Rhodenbaugh, Charles
Rice, Robert
Richmond, Mrs. Lute
Rimer, Robert
Ritchie, Ralph
Ritter, Harold
Robart, Wilbur
Robb, William
Robison, Howard
Roland, Reed
Romestant, Jean
Ross, Mary
Roth, Cordselia
Rothrock, Mary Jane
Rotruck, Anne
Rowlsey, John
Ruck, Alden
Sanders, Robert
Schachner, Harry
Schaffner, Rodger
Schartenberg, Leah
Schaufele, Lucille
Schell, Minnie
Schrank, Harry
Shaffer, Joshua C.
Shank, Dorothy
Short, Waldo
Shott, Winifred
Shreiner, Claude
Shuman, Mary
Smith, Edward, 
Smith, Evelyn
Smith, Gloria
Smith, Ralph
Sneddon, Alexander
Snyder, Catherine
Spencer, Addison
Spessard, Dwight
Stell, Raymond
Stevenson, Elizabeth
Stilwell, Byron
Stokich, Donald
Stover, Helen
Strottner, Leonard
Stump, Carl
Stump, Walter
Suloff, John
Swenson, Joseph
Swigel, Emelie
Swinehart, Grace
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Eleanor
Thesing, Anna
Thomas, Harold
Thompson, Carrie
Thornbury, Purla
Thumm, Louise
Tilton, Roscoe
Timmis, John
Tolan, Reid
Tomes, Leona 
Towne, Arno
Triplett, Dorothy
Urpman, Helena
Van Berg, Harry
Van Buskirk, Donovan
Van Hyning, Conrad
Vaughn, Hannah
Wagner, Anna
Waite, Evelyn
Waldkirch, Gladys
Waltz, Lois
Waltz, Ruth
Warren, Arthur
Washburn, Margaret
Waterman, Allyn
Weary, Parke
Weaver, Margaret
Weaver, Marian
Weitzel, Edward
Wentink, Paul
Werner, Paul
Whigam, Vivien
White, Frank
Williams, Edward
Williams, Harrison
Williams, Hollie
Williams, Joe
Williams, Mabel
Williams, Theodore
Willyard, Eldrid
Wilson, Rebecca
Wilt, SRoy
Winer, Sylvia
Wise, Crile
Wise, Elizabeth
Witherstay, Elsie
Wolfe, David
Woodell, Florence
Woozley, Florence
Wortman, John
Yonson, Amelia
Young, Hadyn
Zickafoose, Dana
Zindle, Clara
Zindle, Edna









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