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Stage Celebrities of 1894

The Marie Burroughs Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. To quote from the book, "A collection of photographs of the leaders of dramatic and lyric art. Here will be found the familiar faces of those who are recognized as the most popular representatives of the histrionic art in our day and age."

There is a short biography for each star (with more professional information than genealogy information) and a 4" x 5.5" photo. Whether you are a relative or a fan, this is a great item to add to your collection.

Stage names are listed first, any other names mentioned in the biography are listed in parentheses.

Item # 10508 Price: $6 for the first person; $4 for each for additional person.

To order click here.

We also have a selection of Celebrity Biographies from the same general time period.


Abbott, Emma (Mrs. Eugene Wetherell)
Adams, Maude
Akerstrom, Ullie (Ulrica)
Albani, Emma
Allen, Viola
Alvary, Max
Ancona, Mario
Anderson, Mary (Mrs. Navarro)
Archer, Belle
Arditi, Luigi
Armstrong, Sydney
Arnoldson, Sigrid
Arthur, Julia
Arthur, Paul
Bandmann, Daniel E.
Barnabee, Henry C.
Barrett, Lawrence
Barrett, Wilson
Barrymore, Georgie Drew
Barrymore, Maurice (Herbert Blythe)
Bauermeister, Matilda
Bell, Digby
Bell, Laura Joyce (Maskell)
Bellew, Kyrle
Bennett, Johnstone
Bernhardt, Sarah
Bertram, Helen (lulu May Burt)
Blair, Eugenie
Bond, Frederick
Booth, Agnes
Booth, Edwin
Boucicault, Dion
Bowers, D. P., Mrs. (Crocker)
Brignoli, Sig.
Burroughs, Marie
Byron, Kate (Crehan)
Byron, Oliver
Calve, Emma
Cameron, Beatrice
Campanini, Italo
Candidus, William
Cary, Annie Louise
Castleton, Kate
Cayvan, Georgia
Cheatham, Kitty
Claxton, Kate (Cone)
Clemmons, Katherine
Cleveland, Bessie
Coe, Isabelle
Coghlan, Charles F.
Coghlan, Rose
Collier, Lizzie Hudson
Collins, Lottie
Corinne (Kimball)
Couldock, Charles Walter
Cowles, Eugene
Crane, William H.
Crosman, Henrietta
Crox, Elvia
Cutting, Minnie Seligman
Damrosch, Walter
Daniels, Frank
D'Arville, Camille
Dauvray, Helen
Davenport, Fanny
Davis, Jessie Bartlett
de Belleville, Frederick
De Lucia, Fernando
De Reszke, Edouard
De Reszke, Jean
Del Puente, Guiseppe
Diard, M'lle Fatmah
Dickson, Charles S.
Dixey, Henry E.
Dotti, Louise (Doty)
Downing, Robert L.
Drew, John
Drew, John, Mrs. (Louisa Lane)
Duse, Eleonora
Eames, Emma (Mrs. Julian Story)
Eastlake, Mary
Ellsler, Effie
Emmet, Joseph Kline
Emmett, Katie
Evans, Alice
Evans, Lizzie
Evesson, Isabelle
Fawcett, Owen
Fischer, Emil
Florence, W. J., Mrs.
Florence, William J.
Fohstrom, Alma
Foli, Signor (Allen James Foley)
Fox, Della
Fuller, Loie
Fuller, Molly
Fursch - Madi, Mme.
Galassi, Antonio
Gale, Minna K.
Gerster - Gardini, Etelka
Gilbert, George Henry, Mrs.
Glaser, Lulu
Glover, Amelia
Golden, Grace
Golden, Richard
Goodwin, Nat C.
Guercia, Olimpia
Hading, Jane
Hall, Josephine
Hall, Pauline
Hallen, Fred
Hampton, Mary
Harned, Virginia
Harrigan, Edward
Harrison, Louis
Harrison, Maud
Hart, Joseph
Hastreiter, Helene
Hauk, Minnie
Haworth, Joseph
Henley, E. J.
Hilliard, Robert Cochran
Holland, E. M.
Holland, Joseph
Holland, Mildred
Hopper, De Wolf
Hopper, Edna Wallace
Hoyt, Flora Walsh
Huntington, Agnes
Irving, Henry
Irving, Isabelle
Irwin, May
James, Louis
Janaushek, Fanny
Jansen, Marie
Jarbeau, Vernona
Jefferson, Joseph
Juch, Emma
Karl, Tom
Keene, Thomas W.
Kelcey, Herbert
Kellogg, Clara Louise
Kendal, Margaret (Madge Robertson)
Kendal, William Hunter (Grimston)
Kidder, Kathryn
Lackaye, Wilton
Lacy, Harry
Langtry, Mrs.
Lassalle, Jean
Lehmann, Lilli (Mrs. Paul Kalisch)
Lely, Durward
LeMoyne, William J.
Lewis, Annie
Lewis, James
Lewis, Jeffreys
Lewis, Lillian
Lipman, Clara
Litta, Marie (Marie von Ellsner)
Lloyd, Edward
Lotta (Charlotte Crabtree)
MacDonald, William H.
MacDowell, Melbourne
Madden, Minnie
Manola, Marion
Mansfield, Richard
Mantell, Robert Bruce
Marlowe, Julia
Martinot, Sadie
Mason, John
Massen, Louis F.
Materna, Amalie
Mather, Margaret
Mayo, Frank
McCullough, John Edward
McHenry, Nellie
Melba, Nellie
Mitchell, Maggie
Modjeska, Helena
Morris, Clara
Morris, Felix James
Morris, William
Morrison, Lewis
Morton, Teckla
Mulle, Ida
Murphy, Joseph
Myers, Annie
Neilson, Adelaide
Nevada, Emma
Nicolini, Ernesto (Ernest Nicholas)
Nikita, Mlle. (Miss. Nicholson)
Nilsson, Christine
Nobles, Dollie
Nobles, Milton
Nordica, Lillian (Lillian Norton)
Novara, Franco
O'Keefe, Anna
O'Neill, James
Palliser, Esther
Palmer, Minnie
Pappenheim, Eugenie
Patti, Adelina Maria Clorinda
Paulding, Frederick
Perugini, Sig. (John Chatterton)
Phillips, E. W., Mrs.
Pixley, Annie
Plancon, Pol.
Plympton, Eben
Polk, Joseph B.
Potter, James Brown, Mrs. (Cora Urquhart)
Powers, James T.
Prescott, Marie
Prince, Adelaide
Ravelli, Luigi
Ravogli, Guilia
Raymond, John T. (John O'Brien)
Reed, Roland
Rehan, Ada
Remmertz, Franz
Rhea, M'lle Hortense
Rignold, George
Robinson, Frederic
Robson, May Waldron
Robson, Stuart
Rolla, Kate
Rosa, Patti
Roze, Marie
Russell, Annie
Russell, Lillian (Helen Louisa Leonard)
Russell, Sol. Smith
Salvini, Alexander
Salvini, Tommaso
Scalchi, Sofia
Scanlan, W. J.
Seabrooke, Thomas Q.
Sembrich, Marcella
Shannon, Effie
Skinner, Otis
Sothern, Edward H.
Stoddart, James H.
Stuart, Jane
Summerville, Amelia (Mrs. Frederick Runnells)
Sutherland, Annie
Tanner, Cora
Tempest, Marie
Templeton, Fay
Terriss, William
Terry, Ellen
Thomas, Theodore
Thompson, Denman
Thompson, Lydia
Thursby, Emma
Trebelli, Mme.
Turner, Carrie
Tyler, Odette (Elizabeth Lee Kirkland)
Urquhart, Isabelle
Valleria, Alwina (Schwening)
Van Zandt, Marie
Vickers, Mattie
Vignas, Francesco
Vokes, Rosina
Wainwright, Marie
Walsh, Blanche
Warde, Frederick
Warren, William
Wheatcroft, Nelson
Whiteside, Walker
Whitney, Myron W.
Willard, Edward S.
Williams, Gus.
Wilson, Francis
Winston, Jeannie (Jeannette Webster Bruce)
Wyndham, Charles
Yeamans, Jennie


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