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Santa Rosa, CA 1926 Advertisers in the High School Yearbook

Some of our pages are not fully designed yet. So, if you find a relative here or want a price for copies of any of these, send an e-mail to:

Item # 10306


Butler - Winans Drug Co.
Carithers, W. R. & Sons
Cleveland Bros. Grocers
Cockburn & Berger
Cornett, Ernest
Cover - Lewis Motor Co.
Erwin Bros. Grocers
Farmer, Eugene C.
Grohe, Fred
Hague, Roy O.
Hall's Candy Store
Healey Shoe Co.
Keegan Bros.
Ketterlin Bros.
Kistler & Sani
Kraft, E. C.
Kurlander, Irving S.
Lee Bros.' Van & Storage Co.
Mailer, J. C., Hardware Co.
Marlow's Music House
McKinney & Titus
McPhee, Wally
McWilliams, A. C.
Milo Harding Co.
Moodey, R. C. & Son
Nelson's Studio
Nielson, C. & A.
Pederson - Smith Furniture Co.
Penney, J. C., Co.
Pioneer Laundry
Rutherford's Drug Store
Santa Rosa Coffee Club
Santa Rosa Creamery
Santa Rosa Furniture Co.
Santa Rosa Printery
Sawyer, E. R.
Sherman, Clay & Co.
Thomas Jewelry Co.
White, E. U., Lumber Co.
Wildwood Dairy












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