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1899 Richmond, Rhode Island Tax Book


Richmond Tax Book and Town Treasurer's Report, 1899. Some listings are for poll tax only, but others include all property owned. The table shows the value of each piece of property and the tax owed. We will copy all entries for any surname you are researching.

Item # 10246

Price $4 per surname.

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A-J Surnames K-Y Surnames
Aldrich, Joseph S.
Aldrich, Mary A.
Aldrich, Mary L.
Aldrich, Thomas J.
Aldrich, William S.
Allen, Samuel W. K.
Allen, William R.
American Fish Co.
Andrew, Devillo E.
Anthony, Mary E.
Arnold, Alcey F.
Babcock, Benjamin F.
Babcock, Daniel L.
Bacon, Frederick
Baggs, John W. & Emma
Bagley, Joseph
Baker, James H.
Baker, William J.
Ballou, Frank
Bancroft, William H.
Barber, Albert C.
Barber, Archibald
Barber, C. Moses
Barber, Charles H.
Barber, Clark
Barber, Clark A. R.
Barber, Edward
Barber, Frank A.
Barber, Gardner S.
Barber, George F.
Barber, Gilbert H.
Barber, Hazard
Barber, Henry B.
Barber, Herbert L.
Barber, John T.
Barber, Manford C.
Barber, Orrin P.
Barber, Oscar E.
Barber, Solomon
Barber, Thomas H.
Barber, Weeden
Barber, Weltha
Barber, William H.
Bates, W. L.
Bennett, Delight
Beresford, Robert
Beresford, Stephen
Beresford, William
Beverly, George W.
Beverly, Silas M.
Bitgood, Edwin
Blanchard, Elizabeth
Bliven, William
Booth, Grant
Bouchee, Joseph
Brayman, George
Brayman, John R.
Brayton, Joseph P.
Briggs, John W.
Briggs, Thomas
Briggs, William E.
Bromley, James
Bromley, Richard
Brooks, Benedict & A. Anna
Brooks, Brown & George H.
Brooks, Charles E.
Brooks, Friend W.
Brooks, George R.
Brooks, Hannah
Brooks, Henry J.
Brooks, Joseph H.
Brooks, W. Scott
Browning, Esther
Browning, Gertie & Minnie
Burdick, Alva L.
Burdick, George F.
Burdick, George R.
Burdick, Harrison
Burdick, Horace F.
Burdick, John
Burlingame, Benjamin F.
Burlingame, Sterry
Bursch, Oscar
Cahoon, Daniel F.
Cahoon, Elisha P.
Cahoon, Henry A.
Capwell, Leander W.
Card, Fannie E.
Card, George E.
Card, George P.
Card, Reynolds L.
Carmichael, George
Carolina Mills Co.
Carpenter, William H.
Cato, Walter
Champlin, G.
Champlin, Mary S.
Cherry, George W.
Cherry, Joseph
Cherry, William
Church, Genie S.
Church, Nelson K.
Clarke, Adelbert R.
Clarke, Catherine P.
Clarke, Celia E.
Clarke, George H.
Clarke, George R.
Clarke, Halsey P.
Clarke, John R.
Clarke, Reynolds H.
Clarke, Sidney W.
Clarke, W. Fred
Clarke, Walter F.
Clarke, William H.
Cleveland, William E.
Collins, Charles
Collins, James W.
Collins, John W.
Collins, Mary N.
Collins, Nancy
Congdon, James D.
Conlon, James
Cook, Frderick
Cook, William E.
Corey, John A. & John L.
Corey, M. A.
Corey, N. B. L.
Cornell, Hiram A.
Cottrell, Charles J.
Crandall, Charles E.
Cronley, Thomas
Davis, Daniel
Davis, George F.
Dawley, Amos J.
Dawley, Amos J., Jr.
Dawley, Benjamin G.
Dawley, george L.
Dawley, Warren
Dean, Ned
Dobbrow, August A.
Dobbrow, Fred
Dobbs, Sarah
Donahue, Charles
Donahue, Daniel W.
Donovan, Jeremiah
Dougherty, John
Durfee, Elizabeth
Earnshaw, Oscar E.
Edwards, Frederick
Edwards, James C.
Edwards, S. Lizzie
Edwards, Stephen O.
Eldred, Charles J.
Eldred, Joshua C.
Eldredge, Elmer E.
Ellis, Isaac C.
England, Samuel L.
Ennis, Paul G.
Essex, George G.
Essex, George W.
Essex, John
Farrold, Edward
Fecto, Ernest
Fidler, Edward
Fisk, Susan J.
Flint, Charles H.
Flint, Robert C.
Foster, Jonathan G.
Foster, Joseph M.
Foster, Nathan K.
Foster, Nathan K., Jr.
Franklin, Phebe
Fry, John F.
Fuller, Charles A.
Gadrow, Henry
Gallant, Alexis A.
Gallant, John
Gallant, Joseph
Gardiner, Charles H.
Gardiner, George F.
Gardiner, Gershom P.
Gardner, Harrison J.
Gardner, Henry E.
Gardner, Julia A.
Gardner, Ruth M.
Gardner, William C.
Gill, Agnes
Gillmore, Thomas H.
Godfrey, Lafayette
Goodhue, George H.
Gould, Lydia S.
Greene, Charles J.
Greene, Fred
Greene, John H.
Greene, Lewis N.
Greene, Walstein J.
Greene, William C.
Greenhalge, John
Hacking, John
Hall, John H.
Hannon, Edward
Hayward, E. A.
Hazard, Bowdoin
Hazard, George D.
Hazard, George J.
Hazard, John N.
Hazard, Rowland
Hazard, Stephen B.
Heckel, John
Henson, Daniel
Hill, Andrew J.
Hill, Benjamin T.
Hilton, Albert J.
Hines, Thomas J.
Hoen, Charles
Hoen, Frederick
Holmes, Charles H.
Holmes, Milton C.
Hopkins, John
Hopkins, William L.
Howard, William H.
Hoxsie, Abbie A.
Hoxsie, Amy J.
Hoxsie, Charles A.
Hoxsie, Charles E.
Hoxsie, Daniel
Hoxsie, Fred D.
Hoxsie, George
Hoxsie, Jane
Hoxsie, Job
Hoxsie, John W.
Hoxsie, Joseph
Hoxsie, Mary A.
Hoxsie, Phebe A.
Hoxsie, Robert K,
Hoxsie, Rouse F.
Hoxsie, Samuel R.
Hoxsie, Thomas J.
Hoxsie, William C.
Hoyle, Albert
Hoyle, Johnson
Hoyle, Sarah
Jacques, Peleg
James, Abby F.
James, Amey D.
James, Charles H.
James, D. Anna
James, Edward K.
James, Ezekiel S.
James, George S.
James, George W.
James, Joseph
James, Sylvester
James, Varnum
James, William H.
James, William R.
Jarvis, Joseph
Jenks, Hiram M.
Johnson, William J.
Jordan, Ann
Jordan, Edmund
Jordan, John S.
Jordan, Joseph
Keating, Thomas P.
Kendall, Charles H.
Kenyon, Abial T.
Kenyon, Alfred W.
Kenyon, Alonzo D.
Kenyon, Amos L.
Kenyon, Asahel B.
Kenyon, bradford
Kenyon, Charles D.
Kenyon, Charles F.
Kenyon, Charles L.
Kenyon, Chauncey C.
Kenyon, Cyrus E.
Kenyon, Daniel C.
Kenyon, David C.
Kenyon, David L.
Kenyon, David P.
Kenyon, David R.
Kenyon, Edward B.
Kenyon, Giles P.
Kenyon, Harriet F.
Kenyon, Henry T.
Kenyon, Hoxsie
Kenyon, James A.
Kenyon, Jarvis
Kenyon, Joel M.
Kenyon, John F.
Kenyon, John H.
Kenyon, John J.
Kenyon, John L.
Kenyon, John S.
Kenyon, Julia B.
Kenyon, Lewis S.
Kenyon, Mary
Kenyon, Mary A.
Kenyon, Mary F.
Kenyon, Ray A.
Kenyon, Susan E.
Kenyon, Walter
Kingsley, Dyer
Kingsley, Henry B.
Kingsley, William H.
Knapp, Fred D.
Knight, Robert B.
Knowles, Ambrose H.
Knowles, Dorcas E.
Knowles, John S.
Knowles, William L.
Lanphear, Charles P.
Lanphear, George W.
Lanphear, Joseph E.
Lanphear, William C.
Larkham, David L.
Larkin, Charles B.
Larkin, David R.
Larkin, Edward
Larkin, Elmer
Larkin, Joseph S.
Larkin, Stephen O.
Le Valley, Joseph
Lewis, Elijah
Lewis, George W.
Lewis, Herbert E.
Lewis, James L.
Lewis, John H.
Lewis, Thomas M.
Lillibridge, Abby B.
Lillibridge, Chloe
Lillibridge, Edward H.
Lillibridge, John H.
Locke, Thomas T.
Lovell, Edward
Machectte, Adelor
Maid, Fred
Maid, Orrin A.
Mallinson, George
Marchant, Frank E.
Marsh, George A.
Marshall, Asa B.
Matteson, Benj. W.
Matteson, David F.
Matteson, John W.
Matteson, William B.
Maxon, Walter S.
Maxon, William W.
McCormac, Frederick C.
McGee, William
McInnes, Albert
McInnes, Oliver P.
Metcalf, Whiting
Michaud, Dennis
Miller, Lewis
Miller, Samuel
Milner, Frank
Miner, Angeline
Money, John W.
Moon, Byron E.
Moon, Byron F.
Moon, Charles W.
Moon, George
Moon, George W.
Moon, Isaac H.
Moon, John
Moore, Benjamin B.
Moore, Bradford B.
Moore, David
Moore, John G. & Amey Lewis
Moore, Nathan L. C.
Moore, Robert I.
Moore, William E.
Muncey, Ralph F.
Murray, Russell & Co.
Naylor, John
NY, New Haven & Hartford RR
Newton, Charles I.
Nichols & Langworthy
Nichols, Martin V. B.
Nichols, William J.
Northup, Adolphus E.
Northup, Alden H.
Northup, Benjamin
Nye, Byron D.
Nye, Caleb R.
Nye, Lewis E.
Nye, Thomas
Oppenheimer, George
Palmer, Alice A.
Palmer, Fred A.
Palmer, George G.
Palmer, Hannah
Palmer, Peter P.
Palmer, Rowland B.
Palmer, William A.
Palmer, William H.
Parker, Almon K.
Parker, William W.
Parks, Martin G.
Patterson, Arnold H.
Payne, Hiram T.
Peckham, Charles W.
Peckham, Hazard
Peckham, William
Perkins, Byron F.
Perry, George
Perry, John H.
Perry, Mary A.
Perry, Oliver G.
Perry, Oliver H.
Phillips, Agnes
Phillips, Alfred B.
Phillips, Ezekiel W.
Phillips, Horace G.
Phillips, Peter
Phillips, Reynolds C.
Phillips, Wendell
Phipps, George F.
Pilling, Joseph
Pillings, William
Potter, Albert S.
Potter, Benjamin S.
Potter, George W.
Potter, Henry T.
Pratt, Amasa
Prew, Sarah M.
Prosser, George W.
Prosser, Sarah E.
Rathbun, Charles N.
Rathbun, Jane
Rathbun, Rowland R.
Rathbun, Thomas R.
Rawitzer, Herman & Simon
Reed, Henry S.
Reed, James H.
Remington, Charles
Reynolds, Benjamin J. T.
Reynolds, Ernest W.
Reynolds, George B.
Reynolds, James C.
Reynolds, John T.
Reynolds, Mary A.
Reynolds, Samuel N.
Richardson, Thomas
Richmond, Alphonso
Richmond, Bert H.
Richmond, Edgar
Richmond, Lorenzo D.
Richmond, Robert B.
Richmond, Robert W.
Richmond, William P.
Riley, Richard
Robinson, James H.
Rooms, Charles
Rose, Kate
Rose, Napoleon
Rosen, Frank
Rouse, Herbert E.
Ryon, Daniel
Saunders, Abby A.
Saunders, Charles M.
Saunders, John W.
Saunders, Julia W.
Schardt, Joseph
Segar, L. C. K.
Segar, William F.
Senecal, Joseph N.
Shedd, J. Herbert
Sheehan, John
Sheehan, Peter
Sheldon, Benjamin B.
Sherman, Angie C.
Sherman, Benjamin W. & O. W.
Sherman, Clarence
Sherman, Frank E.
Sherman, Susan F.
Shippee, Albert G.
Shippee, H. W.
Sisson, John S.
Sisson, Uriah S.
Slocum, James F.
Smith, Andrew
Smith, E. H.
Smith, George F.
Smith, George H.
Smith, George N.
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith, William M.
Sprague, Henry C.
Stanton, Fred
Stanton, John C.
Stedman, Fred D.
Stedman, James S.
Stedman, William T.
Streeter, Herbert B.
Sullivan, Eleanor H.
Swan Granite Co.
Sweet, Charles
Sweet, Frank
Tanner, Abel
Tanner, Frances M.
Tanner, Mary A. G.
Tarbox, Ulysses G.
Tarbox, William W.
Taylor, Samuel
Taylor, Walter
Tefft, Allen A.
Tefft, Charles
Tefft, David C.
Tefft, Dawley, Jr.
Tefft, John T.
Tennant, William A.
Thayer, Benjamin S.
Thayer, Willis P.
Tillinghast, John
Tillinghast, Sarah A.
Tinkham, Ellison
Tucker, Ellery E.
Tucker, Frank C.
Tucker, Joshua C.
Tucker, Peleg D.
Tucker, Welcome C.
Tucker, William D.
Tyler, John V.
Underwood, Perry G.
Verry, George F.
Wade, Austin A.
Wakefield Inst. for Savings
Walton, Sanuel
Watson, George B.
Watson, William
Weatherhead, Betsey
Weaver, Albert M.
Weaver, Amey S.
Weaver, Charles H.
Weaver, Charles S.
Webster, Daniel
Webster, James C.
Wells, Henry E.
Wells, Stephen B.
Westcott, John C.
Westcott, Nathaniel A.
Westcott, William B.
Wheeler, Eugene D.
White, Charles W.
Whitford, Henry W.
Whitford, John L.
Wilbur, Charles P.
Wilbur, Charles W.
Wilbur, George E.
Wilbur, John B. F.
Wilcox, Byron D.
Wilcox, Charles H.
Wilcox, Guerdon H.
Wilcox, John H.
Wilcox, Othenial S.
Wilcox, Sarah
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, Everett
Wood River Branch Railroad
Wood, Alvin B.
Woodbury, Charles H.
Woodmansee, Albert C.
Woodmansee, George W.
Woodmansee, Henry F.
Woodmansee, Joseph C.
Woodmansee, Moses B.
Woodmansee, Sylvester
Worden, George S.
Worden, Thomas A.
Wright, Calvert A.
Wright, Charles
Wright, Charles O.
Wright, George H.
Wright, Hiram C.
Wright, Samuel
Young, Charles D.
Young, Charles W.
Young, Edward J.



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