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Vintage Postcards

Most of these postcards are from one family member to another, and give a priceless look at daily life long ago.


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Recipient Place Yr Sender Notes Item #
Armstrong, Adna ? 1914 "Gramma Armstrong" Thanksgiving postcard. 10086
Babb, E. E. Chuckey, TN 1909 S. H. Babb Mentions Sammey and   Minnie. Mailed from Chuckey, TN 10502
Backer, Henry Indianapolis, IN 1910 Fred Backer "Dear Cousin, I hope you get many presents…Merry Christmas…" 10402
Boerstler, Geo. Summan, IN 1911 Mother …I congradulate you to your birthday…" 10402
Boerstler, George Summan, IN   Uncle Gus & Aunt Lon Birthday Postcard 10402
Boerstler, Louise K. Walnut Hills, ??   Mother "…I congradulate you to your birthday…..but 22 years ago…" 10402
Boring, Mrs. Greensburg, IN 1911 Ida "Dear Mother"; "…I am at Cousin Jennies, ….come home with Velma…. 10402
Brown, W. A., Mrs. Billows Falls, VT 1926   Mailed from the Grand Canyon telling about riding the mules into the canyon. Signed, "Love", but no signature, so it was probably from a family member. 10017
Card, Lewis Mayville, NY   Maude & Ralph Christmas Postcard, "Dear Cousins. Just a word to let you know we are still among the living…" 10402
Cogelow, C. Willard San Diego, CA 1913 Florence Birthday Postcard"Dear Brother" 10402
Cook, Bill Dungeness, WA   Grandma & Grandpa Cook Christmas Postcard 10402
Cook, Fred Se???, WA 1937 Bill "Dad & Mom, just a line…." 10402
Covert, Hattie Trout Run, PA 1918 Lizzie & Hattie "Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Your neices…" 10498
Cox, J. E. Greenville, OH 1910 Ellis, ? Birth announcement Postcard for Hope Ellis, a baby girl. 10402
Davis, Al, Mrs. Oil Center, CA   PaPA "I know you will be glad to hear from…" 10402
Davis, Julia Oil Center, CA 1910 Harry? "Dear Sister, Wishing you a Happy Birthday…" 10402
Dearborn, N. D. Medford, Mass 1916 Lenor? "Will not be in Medford this month as Walter has work...." 10502
Dirk, Jean Dungeness, WA 1910 Margaret O'Brien Christmas Postcard"Dear Cousin" mailed from Los Angeles, CA 10402
Doherty, Paul D., Rev. Albany, NY 1941 "Paul and Sis" He was a student at Holy Cross Seminary, also lists an address in No. Easton, MA 10080
Elliott, Alice Buffalo, NY 1908 Mame "Dear Sister" 10403
Elton, Gladys Poland, OH 1907 "Aunt Sadie" Mailed from Laotto, IN. 10085
Fish, Alice Buffalo, NY 1915 Bessie L. "A Happy New Year to yourself and "Pete"…" 10403
Fox, D. C., Mrs. Pomona, CA 1909 John "Dear Mother…Just got letter from Piggy…." 10403
Green, Richard, Mrs. Danville, IN 1924 John Earle Addressed to, "Dear Sister", mailed from Indianapolis, IN. 10079
Harrington, Ruth Farmington, NH? 1905 Bootie "Dear Baby, It's awful lonesome down here without you, you better come home soon…" Mailed from Rochester, NH 10403
Hathaway, Marion Bennington, VT 1910? "Mother" Thanksgiving Card, "Hope to see you all soon" 10498
Healey, Gladys Fairmont, MN 1909 Aunt Abbie "..I sent a package...the tie was George's & I thought you would like to keep it..." 10502
Hostak, Frank, Mrs. Maribel, WS 1914 Helen Maly "Dear Aunt," general notes and, "…I have a hen with 15 little white chickens…" mailed from Beaverton, OR. 10485
Hunter, Lillian R. Wyncote, PA 1905 W. Hunter "On our way to ???" in different writing, "I went too in 1955 "We tread where our fore-fathers trod" Margaret Hunter" Mailed from Quebec in 1905. 10502
Jeffrirs?, Grant Pilger, NB 1911 Jeffrirs?, M. A. "Dear Nephew…Pa and I have bad colds. He was 74 the last day of Oct. and I am 71…", Mailed from Eldorado Springs, MO 10402
Johnson, Ruth Schenectady, NY 1915 Grandpa Clark Birthday Postcard 10498
Jones, R. E., Mr. & Mrs. Chattanooga, TN 1931 "Father & family" Christmas postcard, mailed from Chattanooga. 10051
Kent, Adelia Kingsville, OH 1913 Nell "Dear Mother...Aunt Ella goes home Thursday...." 10502
Kent, Clara Kingsville, OH 1925 Addie "Dear Cousin" mailed from Denver, Co 10502
Lains, G. H. St. Paul, MN 1915 Charlotte Mailed from the Grand Canyon, "Dear Mama & Papa". 10081
Larkin, Lawrence San Francisco, CA 1910 Mother "Many happy returns of the day…" 10403
Lect, Christie L. Graten, TX 1912 McFaddue? Humorous Postcard 10041
McGuire, C. W., Jr. Toledo, OH 1920 "Dad" Postcard from the Grand Canyon. 10082
Neff, James F. Denver, CO 1907 "Daddy" "Will be in Denver sometime Wednesday, Daddy" 10498
Neill, J. M. Carrollton, GA 1908   "…we are going to liven things up a bit Saturday night…" 10402
Olsen, Arthur St. Joseph, MO 1916 Elizabeth Gerber Christmas postcard from, "Your Aunt". 10145
Olson, Fred Sinclairsville, NY 1914 John P. Olson "Dear Brother…." 10402
Olson, Fred Sinclairsville, NY 1910 Elva "Dear Cousin…" 10402
Omlor, Elizabeth Lewistown, PA   Hoffman, Matt Birthday Postcard, "From your son inlaw…" 10402
Pack, Billy Salem, OH 1914 Aunt May Birthday Postcard 10084
Patter, Mary Isett, PA? 1909   "From your cousin ???" 10515
Phillips, Louise L. North East, PA 1930   Mailed from Gallup, NM, "Dear Mother…Love E." 10089
Pilling, H. W. NY 1922 "Sister Sade" Birthday postcard. 10485
Price, Elbert East Randolph, NY 1907? Tillie "Dear Papa, I will be home Friday…." 10515
Reilly, Walter Willimantic, CT 1911 Aunt Kitty Easter Postcard 10402
Reynolds, Ward South Russell, NY 1910   Easter Postcard, addressed to, "Dear Brother", from "Your Sister". Postmarked Cranberry Lake, NY. 10146
Riva, Willard Beverly, MA 1910   "Smile and Stopurkicken" 10402
Robertson, Stanley Vanetten?, NY 1910 Lon? "Dear brother and sister" Mailed from Kansas 10403
Robinson, Gorman Mechanicsville, Iowa 1917 Grandma Robinson "Easter Greetings" 10502
Robinson, L. M. Sheridan, NY 1914   Christmas Postcard, "Dear Grandma" 10402
Roe, Geo. H. Whitewater, WI 190? Marguerite "Dear Papa, From your dear little girl.." Mailed from Hebron, NB 10402
Runyon, Lola Tacoma, WA     Birthday Postcard 10403
Schultz, Oscar, Mr. & Mrs. Shobygan, WI 1913   10th Anniversary Postcard 10402
Sharpe, Stella Marion, OH 1911 Aunt N?? "….got home all right - did your Ma go away. Hope the baby is well…." 10403
Shields, Claude ?, Mrs. Keystone, IN 1908 "Loving Sister ?" Note about taking a trip. 10597
Simpson, J., Mrs. Brooklyn, NY 1917 Margaret Easter postcard to, "Dear Sister", postmarked Brookly, NY. 10147
Smith, Elmer, Mrs. Phoenix, AZ 1922 Chloe Easter Postcard to, "Dear Cousin…How are you and Walter", from Paulding, Ohio. 10148
Stalhood, W. P. Bliss, NY 1910 M. E. S. "Dear Bro., I hope this card will find you getting better every day…." 10498
Taylor, G. W., Mrs. Ft. Worth, TX 1943 Jim Addressed to, "Dear Aunt Ida and Uncle Jim". 10018
Taylor, Laura Belmont, TX 1911   Birthday postcard from, "Your friend L. M. F.". 10038
Taylor, W. A., Mr. Belmont, TX 1907   Easter Postcard. 10039
Tolar, W. A., Mrs. Rochester, MN 1915 Cynthica? Christmas postcard addressed to, "Dear Sister", postmarked in Waterloo, Iowa. 10144
Warner, Eugene Oakland, CA 1916 Ella Ludlow Thanksgiving postcard from a friend in Alameda, CA 10403
Watson, Sarah Madison, IL 190?   Romantic Postcard, but no senders name 10402
Wertz, L. K. Duohamoille?, NY 1924   Eater postcard, "Dear children….Mother" 10040
Whitlock, W. F., Mrs. Norwalk, CT 1913 "Sister Jean" Birthday postcard 10485
Wigginton, J. B., Mrs. Long Ridge, KY   Dawson "Dear Aunt…hope you will have many more happy birthdays…" 10402
Wilber, Edwin R. Stillwater, NY 1912   Birth Announcement for Harriet Alley, born July 18, 1912. "Dear Cousins, You will see by this card that my son Will Bragg has a little daughter…what sad news…of Cousin Kitt's death…" 10402
Williams, George W., Mrs. Glouster, OH 191? George "Dear Wife…will be home Saturday…" 10402
Windsor, Bert, Mrs. Greenfield, IN 1909 Jerome "Dear Aunt Lillie, …we are all well…" 10597
Wirick, Walter Logansport, IN 1911 Clara ..."I had some teeth extracted...Give my love to Mother" 10502
Wright, Dora Nashua, NH   Marguerite "Dear Aunt Dora…" 10402











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