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New Photo Collection


These are new photos we have acquired during October, 2002. There are Tintypes, Cabinet Cards and snapshots. A few samples are shown and the database is below the samples.


If you find a relative here, want to get the price of a photo, or just want more information on any of these, send an e-mail to:





Name of Person In Picture Type of Photo & Photographer's name Location of Studio Handwritten on back and notes Item #
Bacon, Roy Tintype   "Roy Bacon, Age 18" 10633
Baker, Eliza Gee Small Cabinet Card   "Eliza Gee Baker, 1861" 10633
Boorman, Bernice Small Cabinet Card by Godfrey & Co. Rochester, NY Baby photo, "Bernice Boorman, 1874" 10633
Bradley, Edith Small Cabinet Card by Phelps New Haven, CT "Edith Bradley, New Haven, Conn., 1888 10633
Cook, Bell Webster Cabinet card by Rose Elite Studio Chariton, Iowa Photo of 3 ladies, "My great aunt Bell Webster Cook" 10631
Decker, Mary & Harry Cabinet Card by E. A. Dillhoff Brooklyn "Mary Decker, nee: Davis, with son, Harry V. Decker" 10633
Hall, Marsh Cabinet Card by Moore Dickson, TN Photo of man & wife with 2 small children. "Marsh Hall & family" 10633
Kell, Carolyn Cabinet Card by Russell Atlanta Photo of a grown woman, "Carolyn Kell, 1900, My baby's pictures!" 10633
Kellogg, Amie Bacon Small Cabinet Card by Unison & son Tiffin, OH "Amie Bacon Kellogg, taken Fall of 1864" 10633
Ledin, Sally Ann Snapshot from the 1950's?   "Sally Ann and me / Marguirite-great aunt of Sally Ann Ledin / Susan's daughter died of milk leg in 1963-year my first son, Glenn was born / DWR 11/84" 10634
Ledin, Susan & Jack Snapshot from the 1950's?    "Susan and Jack Ledin both still living as of 11/1984  DWR 11/84" 10634
Niles, Lewis Cabinet Card by W. D. Ballard Griffin, GA Photo of two young men. "Lyndon Patterson, Lewis Niles" 10633
Patterson, C. D. Cabinet Card by Mitchell Griffin, GA "C. D. Patterson" 10633
Patterson, Lyndon Cabinet Card by W. D. Ballard Griffin, GA Photo of two young men. "Lyndon Patterson, Lewis Niles" 10633
Pepper, Emily Small Cabinet Card by J. Martin London, England "Emily Pepper, London, Eng., 1861" 10633
Pickens, Mattie Irene Small Cabinet Card by Plummer Wheeling Photo of a young girl. "Mattie Irene Pickens" 10633
Raymond, Marbury Cabinet Card   "Aunt Susie & Marbury Raymond" 10634
Rives, Lester Small Cabinet Card by J. W. Baker S. F. (San Francisco?) "Lester Rives 10633
Seaborn, Bobbie Gene Snapshot   Baby picture. "Bobbie Gene Seaborn / H E Jordan, Millsville, Fla" 10634
Simpuvas, Chas.W. Cabinet Card   "Chas W. Simpuvas" 10633
Slocum, Chas. Tintype by L. L. Kenuon   "Chas. Slocum" 10633
Stillman, Eva Small Cabinet Card by J. Barhydt & S. Gregg Rochester, NY "Eva Stillman, 3 yrs old" 10633
Webster Snapshot   "Grandfater & Grandmother Webster" 10631
Webster Mounted Photo   "Grandfather D. K. Webster; Grandmother Ruth Hatcher Webster; Mother Yeomans; Aunt Lutie, Mothers sister; Aunt Winifred Hand, distant cousin" 10631
Webster, Aletta Snapshot   Photo of a girl playing a piano. "Alletta Webster, Uncle Bob's oldest daughter" 10631
Webster, Blanche & Robert A.     Photos of 2 children mounted on board. "Blanche Webster & Robert A. Webster from a tin type copied by T. Y. for Lydia Y., 5/1//03" 10631
Webster, D. K. & Ruth Hatcher     Photo of an older couple. "D. K. Webster and Ruth Hatcher Webster, 1920, My grandfather & grandmother Webster / L. Y. Doyle" 10631
Webster, David Brigham Small Cabinet Card   "David Brigham Webster / 13 months old / Uncle Bob's son" 10631
Webster, Robert Small Cabinet Card   "Robert Webster, Mother Y's brother" 10631
Webster, Robert     Reproduced photo of a child. "Robert Webster, 2 1/2 years, Brother of Grandmother Yeomans" 10631
Yeomans, Blanche Webster     Photo of a lady and a young girl. "Blanche Webster Yeomans, Dorothy Grace Doyle, Dec. 1926" 10631









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