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Pennsylvania State Employees and Officials, 1895

Taken from the, Smull's Legislative Handbook, and Manual, Pennsylvania, 1895. The short biographies include information such as where and when they were born, and various educational, professional and personal information. The subjects of the biographies are senators and representatives, and officers of the state.
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Item # 10347

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Abrams, Elias
Ames, Charles Dudley
Anderson, David Miller
Andrews, W. A. T.
Andrews, W. H.
Baker, Jesse M.
Baldwin, Clark T.
Baldwin, Richard Jacobs
Bannon, Anthony F.
Beam, William H.
Becker, Ellwood
Beyerlein, Adolph
Biddle, J. S.
Bliss, Ward R.
Bolard, Jacob
Bolles, Courtlandt K.
Brewer, W. U.
Brown, John H.
Brown, Paul W.
Buckwalter, Joseph W.
Burrell, L. A.
Clarency, James
Cochran, J. henry
Cochrane, S. B.
Collins, Emerson
Comly, Franklin A.
Compton, John B.
Connell, Alexander Thomas
Conrade, David Howard
Cotton, Emmett Emerson
Coyle, John J.
Creasy, William Trenton
Critchfield, Norman Bruce
Crothers, Samuel
Crouse, Jacob
Cruise, John
Culbertson, William M.
Curtin, Harry R.
Curtis, William N.
Dambly, Benjamin Witman
De Velin, John B.
Delaney, J. C.
Dixon, George R.
Douthett, David B.
Dunlap, Henry Thomas
Duttera, Charles H.
Eaton, Edelbert U.
Eby, Milton
Edge, Thomas J.
Egle, William Henry
Ellis, George W.
Ennis, John A.
Farr, John R.
Fletcher, Charles Harry
Flinn, William
Focht, Benjamin K.
Follweiler, Warren T.
Fow, John H.
Fredericks, James W.
French, John Clavin
Fritz, Andrew Lucius
Fruit, James S.
Funk, Henry S.
Garvin, Thomas Henry
Gilkeson, Benjamin F.
Gilmore, John Akinson
Gobin, John P. S.
Goentner, John Beans
Gould, Edward Powell
Grady, John C.
Graham, James C.
Gransback, Henry
Green, Henry Dickinson
Griffiths, George
Grigsby, Henry W.
Griner, James R.
Grover, Frank J.
Hackenberg, William Hood
Haines, Harvey W.
Hammond, James B.
Hardenbergh, Edmund B.
Harrison, John T.
Harshaw, William J.
Harvey, J. Crawford
Hastings, Daniel Hartman
Hawkins, Charles A.
Heagy, John M.
Heidelbaugh, Milton
Heller, Henry D.
Hermann, Charles W.
Hershey, Washington L.
Herzog, Jacob B.
Hicks, George Washington Baker
Hollenbach, George C.
Hopwood, George
Hunter, Archibald B.
Hyde, W. H.
Jackson, Samuel M.
James, Henry F.
Jeffrey, William R.
Jennings, Bishop Worth
Kauffman, Christian C.
Kearns, John
Keefer, Luther R.
Keen, W. H. Clay
Kennedy, Arthur
Kephart, Herman Mortimore
Kerkeslager, M. W.
Kern, Alvin J.
Kerr, Charles M.
Keyser, William H.
Kidd, William M.
King, John William
Kinner, F. L.
Kipp, John A.
Kline, Clarence W.
Kratz, Henry W.
Kunkel, George
Lambert, James H.
Landis, John Herr
Latta, James W.
Lawrence, George Van Eman
Lemon, John A.
Littley, William
Long, William H.
Luden, Edward M.
Lyon, Walter
Lytle, P. M.
Mackrell, Archibald
Mansfield, Ira Franklin
Mapel, J. A.
Marshall, John Henry
Marshall, William T.
Martin, Algernon L.
Martin, Jacob H.
Martin, John M.
Mast, Frank
Mattox, John L.
Maurer, Jeremiah
McAllister, Theodore
McCarrell, Samuel J. M.
McClain, Frank B.
McCormick, Henry C.
McCreary, David B.
McDonald, William John
McFarlane, George L.
McGaughey, John
McQuown, Martin Luther
Meredith, William Boling
Merrick, Walter T.
Millard, Humphrey J.
Milleisen, Alfred W.
Miller, William Henry
Milliken, Thomas Oliver
Mitchell, Benjamin B.
Mitchell, James George
Moore, Daniel Foulke
Moore, Frank N.
Moore, James N.
Moore, Linus W.
Moyer, Henry G.
Muehlbronner, Charles A.
Mullin, Henry H.
Murphy, Samuel D.
Mylin, Amos H.
Newbury, Grant
Newman, Albert Scott
Nickell, William
Niles, Jerome B.
North, Herman H.
O'Malley, Charles P.
Orme, Seth
Osburn, Francis A.
Page, S. S.
Parcels, Walter H.
Pascoe, John H.
Patchin, John H.
Patterson, David Hunter
Patterson, James
Patterson, John K.
Patterson, S. D.
Peltz, Samuel
Penrose, Boies
Philips, Thomas J.
Pomeroy, Albert Nevin
Porter, Charles A.
Porter, W. Newton
Pritchard, James
Raven, Alfred H.
Raymond, James Ross
Reed, Franklin
Reeder, Frank
Reese, Daniel J.
Reeves, William
Reinoehl, John K.
Rhoads, George Wilson
Rhode, Cyrus J.
Rice, Hampton W.
Richey, Joseph T.
Riebel, John H.
Riter, Frank M.
Robb, James McBurney
Robinson, Thomas
Rowland, Lafayette
Rutledge, William H.
Rutter, Harry H.
Salinger, Richard
Salter, Samuel
Saunders, Oscar P.
Saylor, Henry D.
Scaife, Oliver Perry, Jr.
Schaeffer, Nathan C.
Schrink, Augustus Christian
Schwarz, Richard F.
Scott, John M.
Seanor, N.
Seyfert, A. G.
Shortt, Charles M.
Shuey, Daniel C.
Singer, David
Smiley, Alfred W.
Smith, George Handy
Smith, Robert
Smith, William C.
Smith, William Orlando
Snively, Edwin Sheilds
Snyder, William Preston
Spangler, Benjamin K.
Staples, Stogdell S.
Steel, Samuel Stotler
Stewart, James J.
Stewart, William F.
Stiles, Harry Gibbons
Stineman, Jacob C.
Stuck, Benjamin F.
Talbot, D. Smith
Thomas, C. Wesley
Tiffany, Humphrey Dallas
Tilbrook, Thomas
Underwood, Nelson F.
Upperman, John
Vare, George A.
Vaughn, James C.
Wallace, Samuel
Walton, Daniel S.
Walton, Henry F.
Wannemacher, Perry
Weaver, David E.
Weible, J. H.
Weiss, Webster Clay
Welliver, Lloyd Wagner
Wenk, Jacob E.
West, David
Weyand, Jacob
White, Samuel P.
Wilcox, Emmett H.
Williams, Thomas H.
Wilson, H. Latimer
Wilson, John S.
Wilson, Matthew M.
Womelsdorff, Philip Eugene
Woodring, William Henry
Woods, Joseph M.
Wyatt, Joseph
Young, James L.
Zehnder, William Thomas
Zulick, C. B.


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