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1895 Pennsylvania Railroad Company Employees


Taken from History of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company Volume 2, by William Bender Wilson, 1895.
Biographies are available for each person shown, with pictures of almost all of them. Typical biographies are from a few paragraphs to several pages long and cover personal and professional life.
We will copy the biographies for $6 each.

Item # 10425

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Abercrombie, Frank P.  
Allen, L. J.  
Allibone, Lawrence W.  
Anderson, James P.  
Anderson, John Alexander  
Ashmead, Frank M.  
Atterbury, Walter W.  
Baker, Joseph B., Jr.  
Ball, George M.  
Bannard, W. N.  
Barker, Louis H.  
Barksdale, Francis N.  
Barnes, William H.  
Bates, David Homer  
Bates, Edwin P.  
Beale, George B.  
Bechdolt, Charles J.  
Biddle, Alexander  
Bissell, Frederic Meade  
Blair, Samuel S.  
Bloomsburg, Robert  
Bowie, Oden In Memoriam
Boyd, George W.  
Bradley, H. E.  
Brooks, E. F.  
Brown, Theodore F.  
Brown, William H.  
Brown, Wilson  
Carpenter, Samuel  
Casanave, F. D.  
Cassatt, Alexander J.  
Chipley, Charles A.  
Cleave, Ernest J.  
Cobb, Gilbert H.  
Coffin, E. W.  
Comegys, Benjamin B.  
Coughlin, William G.  
Courlaender, B., Jr.  
Crawford, B. F.  
Crawford, Joseph  
Crawford, Joseph Ury  
Creighton, George W.  
Cullen, James  
Dayton, A. O.  
Denniston, John T.  
Dixon, George Dallas  
Downing, Robert W.  
Drayton, W. H., Jr.  
DuBarry, Joseph N. In Memoriam
Elkins, William L.  
Ely, Holmes D.  
Ely, Hugh B.  
Ely, Theodore Newel  
Erringer, J. R., Jr.  
Feldpauche, A.  
Felton, Samuel Morse In Memoriam
Fillman, H. J.  
Firth, Frank J.  
Firth, Thomas T. In Memoriam
Foster, William B., Jr. In Memoriam
Fox, Alexander M.  
Franciscus, George C. In Memoriam
Fraser, B. P.  
Fraser, William E.  
Gest, Alexander Purves  
Gillingham, Albert Jenks  
Green, John Pugh  
Greene, Joseph D.  
Greer, O. J.  
Griscom, Clement A.  
Gucker, Thomas  
Hale, Arthur  
Hallowell, Charles T.  
Harrar, E. S.  
Hayward, Henry Selby  
Hinkley, Isaac In Memoriam
Holliday, Robert L.  
Houston, Henry Howard In Memoriam
Howell, Franklin D.  
Hunter, P. Frank  
Hutchinson, Joseph B.  
Hutchinson, S. P.  
Jackson, F. Wolcott  
Johnston, John Kilgore  
Joyce, William H.  
Justice, Jefferson  
Kapp, Hosea W.  
Kenney, H. F.  
Keppel, Andrew  
Kingston, Charles E.  
Latta, Samuel Whitehill  
Latta, William J.  
Levan, John P.  
Lincoln, Henry P.  
Little, Amos R.  
Logan, James A.  
Lombaert, Herman J. In Memoriam
Long, Simon C.  
Lord, William W., Jr.  
Lovell, D. H.  
Mason, Harrison D.  
Massey, George V.  
McArthur, Charles P.  
McCaleb, William B.  
McCargo, David  
McClure, James R.  
McWade, F. J.  
Meade, Spencer  
Mendenhall, C. M.  
Merrick, Samuel Vaughan In Memoriam
Mitchell, Allen Gilmore  
Morris, Effingham B.  
Morrow, Robert T.  
Moss, A. W.  
Myers, W. Heyward  
Neilson, Lewis  
Neilson, Robert In Memoriam
Nelson, Edward Delavan  
Nelson, John W.  
Newhall, Daniel S.  
Nichol, James H.  
O'Brien, Richard  
O'Donnel, Richard L.  
Patterson, C. Stuart  
Patterson, Robert M.  
Patterson, William C. In Memoriam
Patton, William A.  
Pile, Rufus M.  
Pitcairn, Robert  
Porcher, Samuel  
Postlethwaite, Edward T.  
Preston, A. W.  
Preston, C. A.  
Prevost, Sutherland Mallet  
Price, Charles B.  
Prince, Parker B.  
Pugh, Charles Edmund  
Rea, Samuel  
Reed, Almet E.  
Reynolds, J. W.  
Reynolds, Withington  
Richards, Joseph T.  
Riebenack, Max  
Robb, Frank Firth  
Roberts, Garrett H.  
Roberts, George Brooke In Memoriam
Roberts, George M.  
Roberts, Thomas A.  
Roberts, W. Milnor In Memoriam
Robinson, Thomas R.  
Rose, William John  
Rumsey, Spencer B.  
Rupp, William F.  
Scott, John In Memoriam
Scott, Thomas A. In Memoriam
Searles, J. G.  
Sewell, William J.  
Seymour, Samuel L.  
Sheppard, Frank L.  
Shoemaker, John K.  
Shortridge, N. Parker  
Sims, John Clarke  
Smith, Edmund In Memoriam
Smith, George T.  
Smith, Robert W.  
Snowden, Robert P.  
Snyder, Antes  
Strattan, George Wooley  
Strouse, David In Memoriam
Studds, Colin  
Supplee, J.  
Thayer, J. B., Jr.  
Thomson, John Edgar In Memoriam
Thomson, McLeod W.  
Trump, Michael  
Wallis, John M.  
Walsh, D. C.  
Watt, David Milne  
Watt, Thomas E.  
Westfall, Ezra B.  
White, Stephen W.  
Wierman, Victor  
Wilkins, George C.  
Wilson, John C.  
Wilson, W. Hasell  
Wilson, Willaim B.  
Winchester, George In Memoriam
Wood, George  
Wood, James R.  
Young, Edward S.  









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