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Nevada Newspapers And Periodicals 1920


This table is taken from American Newspaper and Annual Directory, N. W. Ayer & Son, Philadelphia, PA 1920. The book shows much more information such as; population of towns (1910 census or estimated), location, railroads serving the town, types of industries, etc... For each publication it shows the day of the week published, or frequency, political leaning or type of publication, size of the publication, price of a subscription and usually the circulation. We have only reprinted a few of the items in the table below.

When you order we will send you the title page and 4 page introduction to the book, full page summary and state map, and the pages of newspaper listings.

Item # 10757NV         Price $6

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Town or City Pop-
Publication Editor Year
Austin 700 Reese River Reveille W. W. Ellis 1863
Battle Mountain 878 Scout Mrs. Alice Haworth 1913
Carson City 2,466 Appeal T. D. Van Devort 1865
    News H. P. Gifford & P. V. Felesina 1891
Divide City 1,000 Times E. F. Garside 1919
East Ely 500 White Pine News Samuel Patrick 1868
Elko 2,500 Free Press E. M. Steninger 1904
    Independent Keith & Hale 1874
Ely 2,055 Record W. A. Leonard 1905
Eureka 661 Sentinel Ed Skillman 1870
Fallon 741 Churchill County Eagle D. E. Williams 1906
    Churchill County Standard E. L. Bingham 1903
Fernley 20 Enterprise Joe Camp 1919
Gardnerville 300 Record-Courier B. Selkirk 1880
Goldfield 4,838 News and Tribune V. L. Ricketts 1904
    Tribune V. L. Ricketts 1905
Good Springs 600 Gazette Florence Doherty 1916
Hawthorne 400 Walker Lake Bulletin J. A. McCarthy 1883
Las Vegas 2,000 Age Charles Squires 1905
    Clark County Review Charles Corkhill 1909
Lovelock 1,000 Review-Miner Lovelock Publishing Co. 1908
Manhattan 400 Magnet William McClure 1917
Mina   Western Nevada Miner J. Holman Buck 1906
Pioche 800 Record A. A. Sherman 1870
Reno 13,579 Gazette D. E. W. Williamson 1876
    Nevada Federalist John W. Brooks 1916
    Nevada Home Builder W. T. McNeil 1916
    Nevada News Letter and Advertiser Boyd Moore 1913
    Nevada State Journal Clayton Campbell 1867
    U. of N. Sagebrush University of Nevada Students 1893
Rochester 1,000 Rochester-Packard Miner Joe Camp 1917
Sparks 2,500 Tribune P. H. Mulcahy 1909
Tonopah 3,900 Bonanza W. W. Booth 1906
    Miner P. C. Fister 1901
    Times F. F. Garside 1915
Virginia City 2,244 Chronicle L. N. Clark, Jr. 1872
    Monday Budget H. P. Remington 1917
Wells 650 Nevada State Herald P. S. Triplett 1897
Winnemucca 1,786 Humboldt Star Windle & Brackett 1906
    Silver State C. D. & W. R. Ayres 1869
Yerington 800 Mason Valley News Whorton & Cox 1910
    Times R. L. Waggoner 1874












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