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Winners Of United States Medal Of Honor
Civil War


Taken from Medal Of Honor 1863-1968 , published by the U. S. Government Printing Office.
Most citations list; Name, Rank & Organization, Entered Service At...,Where Born, Date Medal Issued, Accredited To (which State), and the official Citation.

We will copy the citation for the person you order and
to help you understand the background of The Medal Of Honor we will also copy:
 Title Page, Preface and Historical Background of The Medal Of Honor (this totals about 22 pages)

Price: $5 for the first person, $2 for each additional

Item # 10676

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We haven't had time to index the rest of the book yet, but if you want copies for an unlisted winner of The Medal Of Honor, e-mail me at the address above and we will see if they are listed in the book.
We also have the stories of many of the winners reprinted from the book, Deeds Of Valor listed on our site. Click here to see the listing.

Adams, James F.
Adams, John G. B.
Aheam, Michael
Alber, Frederick
Albert, Christian
Allen, Abner P.
Allen, James
Allen, Nathaniel M.
Ames, Adelbert
Ammerman, Robert W.
Anderson, Aaron
Anderson, Bruce
Anderson, Charles W.
Anderson, Everett W.
Anderson, Frederick C.
Anderson, Marion T.
Anderson, Peter
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Thomas
Angling, John
Apple, Andrew O.
Appleton, William H.
Archer, James W.
Archer, Lester
Archinal, William
Armstrong, Clinton L.
Arnold, Abraham K.
Arthur, Matthew
Asten, Charles
Atkinson, Thomas
Avery, James
Avery, William B.
Ayers, David
Ayers, John G. K.
Babcock, William J.
Bacon, Elijah W.
Baird, Absalom
Baker, Henry
Baldwin, Charles
Baldwin, Frank D.
Ballen, Frederick
Banks, George L.
Barber, James A.
Barker, Nathaniel C.
Barnes, William H.
Barnum, William H.
Barnum, James
Barrell, Charles L.
Barrick, Jesse
Barringer, William H.
Barry, Augustus
Barter, Gurdon H.
Barton, Thomas
Bass, David
Batchelder, Richard N.
Bates, Delavan
Bates, Norman F.
Baybutt, Philip
Bazaar, Philip
Beattie, Alexander M.
Beaty, Powhatan
Beaufort, Jean J.
Beaumont, Eugene B.
Bebb, Edward J.
Beckwith, Wallace A.
Beddows, Richard
Beebe, William S.
Beech, John P.
Begley, Terrence
Belcher, Thomas
Bell, George
Bell, James B.
Benedict, George G.
Benjamin, John F.
Benjamin, Samuel N.
Bennett, Orren
Bennett, Orson W.
Bensinger, William
Benyaurd, William H. H.
Betham, Asa
Betts, Charles M.
Beyer, Hillary
Bibber, Charles J.
Bickford, Henry H.
Bickford, John F.
Bickford, Matthew
Bieger, Charles
Binder, Richard
Bingham, Henry H.
Birdsall, Horatio L.
Bishop, Francis A.
Black, John C.
Black, William P.
Blackmar, Wilmon W.
Blackwood, William R. D.
Blageen, William
Blair, Robert M.
Blake, Robert
Blasdel, Thomas A.
Blickensderfer, Milton
Bliss, George N.
Bliss, Zenas R.
Blodgett, Welis H.
Blucher, Charles
Blunt, John W.
Boehm, Peter M.
Bois, Frank
Bond, William
Bonebrake, Henry G.
Bonnaffon, Sylvester, Jr.
Boody, Robert
Boon, Hugh P.
Boquet, Nicholas
Boss, Orlando
Bourke, John G.
Bourne, Thomas
Boury, Richard
Boutwell, John W.
Bowen, Chester B.
Bowen, Emmer
Bowman, Edward R.
Box, Thomas J.
Boynton, Henry V.
Bradley, Amos
Bradley, Charles
Bradley, Thomas W.
Brady, James
Brandle, Joseph E.
Brannigan, Felix
Brant, William
Bras, Edgar A.
Brazell, John
Breen, John
Brennan, Christopher
Brest, Lewis F.
Brewer, William J.
Breyer, Charles
Briggs, Elijah A.
Bringle, Andrew
Brinn, Andrew
Bronner, August F.
Bronson, James H.
Brosnan, John
Brouse, Charles W.
Brown, Charles
Brown, Edward, Jr.
Brown, Henri Le Fevre
Brown, James
Brown, Jeremiah Z.
Brown, John
Brown, John H.
Brown, John H.
Brown, Morris, Jr.
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert B.
Brown, Uriah
Brown, William H.
Brown, Wilson
Brown, Wilson
Brownell, Francis E.
Brownell, William P.
Bruner, Louis J.
Brush, George W.
Bruton, Christopher C.
Brutsche, Henry
Bryant, Andrew S.
Buchanan, George A.
Buck, F. Clarence
Buck, James
Buckingham, David E.
Buckles, Abram J.
Buckley, Denis
Buckley, John C.
Bucklyn, John K.
Buffington, John E.
Buffum, Robert
Buhrum, Henry G.
Bumgarner, William
Burbank, James H.
Burger, Joseph
Burk, Michael
Burk, Thomas
Burke, Daniel W.
Burke, Thomas
Burns, James M.
Burns, john M.
Burritt, William W.
Burton, Albert
Butterfield, Daniel
Butterfield, Frank G.
Butts, George
Byrnes, James
Cadwallader, Abel G.
Cadwell, Luman L.
Caldwell, Daniel
Calkin, Ivers S.
Callahan, John H.
Camp, Carlton N.
Campbell, James A.
Campbell, William
Campbell, William
Capehart, Charles E.
Capehart, Henry
Capron, Horace, Jr.
Carey, Hugh
Carey, James L.
Carlisle, Casper
Carman, Warren
Carmin, Isaac H.
Carney, William H.
Carr, Eugene A.
Carr, Franklin
Carr, William M.
Carson, William J.
Cart, Jacob
Carter, John J.
Carter, Joseph F.
Caruana, Orlando E.
Casey, David
Casey, Henry
Cassidy, Michael
Catlin, Isaac S.
Cayer, Ovila
Chamberlain, Joshua L.
Chamberlain, Orville T.
Chambers, Joseph B.
Chandler, James B.
Chandler, Stephen E.
Chapin, Alaric B.
Chapman, John
Chaput, Louis G.
Chase, John F.
Child, Benjamin H.
Chisman, William W.
Christiancy, James I.
Churchill, Samuel J.
Cilley, Clinton A.
Clancy, James T.
Clapp, Albert A.
Clark, Charles A.
Clark, Harrison
Clark, James G.
Clark, John W.
Clark, William A.
Clarke, Dayton P.
Clausen, Charles H.
Clay, Cecil
Cleveland, Charles F.
Clifford, Robert T.
Clopp, John E.
Clute, George W.
Coates, Jefferson
Cockley, David L.
Coey, James
Coffey, Robert
Cohn, Abraham
Colbert, Patrick
Colby, Carlos
Cole, Gabriel
Collins, Harrison
Collins, Thomas D.
Collis, Charles H. T.
Colwell, Oliver
Compson, Hartwell B.
Conaway, John W.
Conboy, Martin
Congdon, James
Conlan, Dennis
Connell, Trustrim
Conner, Richard
Connor, Thomas
Connor, William C.
Connors, James
Cook, John
Cook, John H.
Cooke, Walter H.
Cooper, John
Copp, Charles D.
Corcoran, John
Corcoran, Thomas E.
Corliss, George W.
Corliss, Stephen P.
Corson, Joseph K.
Cosgriff, Richard H.
Cosgrove, Thomas
Cotton, Peter
Coughlin, John
Cox, Robert M.
Coyne, John N.
Cranston, William W.
Crawford, Alexander
Creed, John
Cripps, Thomas
Crocker, Henry H.
Crocker, Ulric L.
Croft, James E.
Cronin, Cornelius
Crosier, William H. H.
Cross, James E.
Crowley, Michael
Cullen, Thomas
Cummings, Amos J.
Cumpston, James M.
Cunningham, Francis M.
Cunningham, James S.
Curran, Richard
Curtis, John C.
Curtis, Josiah M.
Curtis, N. Martin
Custer, Thomas W.
Cutcheon, Byron M.
Cutts, James M.
Darrough, John S.
Davidsizer, John A.
Davidson, Andrew
Davis, Charles C.
Davis, Freeman
Davis, George E.
Davis, Harry
Davis, John
Davis, John
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Martin K.
Davis, Samuel W.
Davis, Thomas
Day, Charles
Day, David F.
Deakin, Charles
Deane, John M.
De Castro, Joseph H.
De Cesnola, Louis P.
De Lancey, Patrick
Deland, Frederick N.
Delaney, John C.
De Lavie, Hiram H.
Demming, Lorenzo
Dempster, John
Denig, J. Henry
Dennis, Richard
Densmore, William
De Puy, Charles H.
De Witt, Richard W.
Dickie, David
Diggins, Bartholomew
Dilger, Hubert
Dillon, Michael A.
Ditzenback, John
Dockum, Warren C.
Dodd, Robert F.
Dodds, Edward E.
Dolloff, Charles W.
Donaldson, John
Donnelly, John
Donoghue, Timothy
Doody, Patrick
Doolen, William
Dore, George H.
Dorley, August
Dorman, John
Dorsey, Daniel
Dorsey, Decatur
Dougall, Allan H.
Dougherty, Michael
Dougherty, Patrick
Dow, George P.
Dow, Henry
Downey, William
Downs, Henry W.
Drake, James M.
Drury, James
Duffey, John
Duncan, Adam
Duncan, James K. L.
Dunlavy, James
Dunn, William
Dunne, James
Dunphy, Richard D.
Du Pont, Henry A.
Durham, James R.
Durham, John S.
Eckes, John N.
Eddy, Samuel E.
Edgerton, Nathan H.
Edwards, David
Edwards, John
Elliott, Alexander
Elliott, Russell C.
Ellis, Horace
Ellis, William
Ellsworth, Thomas F.
Elson, James M.
Embler, Andrew H.
Enderlin, Richard
Engle, James E.
English, Edmund
English, Thomas
Ennis, Charles D.
Erickson, John P.
Estes, Lewellyn G.
Evans, Coron D.
Evans, Ira H.
Evans, James R.
Evans, Thomas
Everson, Adelbert
Ewing, John C.
Falconer, John A.
Fall, Charles S.
Fallon, Thomas T.
Falls, Benjamin F.
Fanning, Nicholas
Farley, William
Farnsworth, Herbert E.
Farquhar, John M.
Farrell, Edward
Fasnacht, Charles H.
Fassett, John B.
Fernald, Albert E.
Ferrell, John H.
Ferrier, Daniel T.
Ferris, Eugene W.
Fesq, Frank
Finkenbiner, Henry S.
Fisher, John H.
Fisher, Joseph
Fitzpatrick, Thomas
Flanagan, Augustin
Flannigan, James
Fleetwood, Christian A.
Flood, Thomas
Flynn, Christopher
Flynn, James E.
Follett, Joseph L.
Force, Manning F.
Ford, George W.
Forman, Alexander A.
Fout, Frederick W.
Fox, Henry
Fox, Henry M.
Fox, Nicholas
Fox, William R.
Foy, Charles H.
Franks, William J.
Frantz, Joseph
Fraser, William W.
Freeman, Archibald
Freeman, Henry B.
Freeman, Martin
Freeman, William H.
French, Samuel S.
Frey, Franz
Frick, Jacob G.
Frisbee, John B.
Frizzell, Henry F.
Fry, Isaac N.
Fuger, Frederick
Funk, West
Furman, Chester S.
Furness, Frank
Gage, Richard J.
Galloway, George N.
Galloway, John
Gardner, Charles N.
Gardner, Robert J.
Gardner, William
Gardiner, James
Garrett, William
Garrison, James R.
Garvin, William
Gasson, Richard
Gaunt, John C.
Gause, Isaac
Gaylord, Levi B.
George, Daniel G.
Gere, Thomas P.
Geschwind, Nicholas
Gibbs, Wesley
Gifford, Benjamin
Gifford, David L.
Gile, Frank S.
Gillespie, George L.
Gilligan, Edward L.
Gilmore, John C.
Ginley, Patrick
Gion, Joseph
Godley, Leonidas M.
Goettel, Philip
Goheen, Charles A.
Goldsberry, Andrew E.
Goodall, Francis H.
Goodman, William E.
Goodrich, Edwin
Gould, Charles G.
Gould, Newton T.
Gouraud, George E.
Grace, Peter
Graham, Robert
Graham, Thomas N.
Grant, Gabriel
Grant, Lewis A.
Graul, William
Gray, John
Gray, Robert A.
Grebe, M. R. William
Green, George
Greenawalt, Abraham
Greene, John
Greene, Oliver D.
Gregg, Joseph O.
Greig, Theodore W.
Gresser, Ignatz
Gribben, James H.
Griffiths, John
Grimshaw, Samuel
Grindlay, James G.
Griswold, Luke M.
Grueb, George
Guerin, Fitz W.
Guinn, Thomas
Gwynne, Nathaniel
Hack, John
Hack, Lester G.
Hadley, Cornelius M.
Hadley, Osgood T.
Haffee, Edmund
Hagerty, Asel
Haight, john H.
Haight, Sidney
Haley, James
Hall, Francis B.
Hall, Newton H.
Hall, H. Seymour
Hallock, Nathan M.
Halstead, William
Ham, Mark G.
Hamilton, Hugh
Hamilton, Richard
Hamilton, Thomas W.
Hammel, Henry A.
Hand, Alexander
Haney, Milton L.
Hanford, Edward R.
Hanks, Joseph
Hanna, Marcus A.
Hanna, Milton
Hanscom, Moses C.
Hapeman, Douglas
Harbourne, John H.
Harcourt, Thomas
Hardenbergh, Henry M.
Harding, Thomas
Haring, Abram P.
Harley, Bernard
Harmon, Amzi D.
Harrington, Daniel
Harrington, Ephraim W.
Harris, George W.
Hrris, James H.
Harris, John
Harris, Moses
Harris, Sampson
Harris, George H.
Hart, John W.
Hart, William E.
Hartanft, John F.
Harvey, Harry
Haskell, Frank W.
Haskell, Marcus M.
Hastings, Smith H.
Hatch, John P.
Hathaway, Edward W.
Havron, John H.
Hawkins, Charles
Hawkins, Gardner C.
Hawkins, Martin J.
Hawkins, Thomas
Hawthorn, Harris S.
Hayden, Joseph B.
Hayes, John
Hayes, Thomas
Haynes, Asbury F.
Hays, John H.
Healey, George W.
Hedges, Joseph
Heermance, William L.
Heller, Henry
Helms, David H.
Henry, Guy V.
Henry, James
Henry, William W.
Herington, Pitt B.
Herron, Francis J.
Hesseltine, Francis S.
Hibson, Joseph C.
Hickey, Dennis W.
Hickok, Nathan E.
Hickman, John
Higby, Charles
Higgins, Thomas J.
Highland, Patrick
Hill, Edward
Hill, Henry
Hill, James
Hill, James
Hilliker, Benjamin F.
Hills, William G.
Hilton, Alfred B.
Hincks, William B.
Hinnegan, William
Hodges, Addison J.
Hoffman, Henry
Hoffman, Thomas W.
Hogan, Franklin
Hogarty, William P.
Holcomb, Daniel I.
Holehouse, James
Holland, Lemuel F.
Holland, Milton M.
Hollat, George
Holmes, Lovilo N.
Holmes, William T.
Holton, Charles M.
Holton, Edward A.
Homan, Conrad
Hooker, George W.
Hooper, William B.
Hopkins, Charles F.
Horan, Thomas
Horne, Samuel B.
Horsfall, William H.
Horton, James
Horton, Lewis A.
Hottenstine, Solomon J.
Hough, Ira
Houghton, Charles H.
Houghton, Edward J.
Houghton, George L.
Houlton, William
Howard, Henderson C.
Howard, Hiram R.
Howard, James
Howard, Martin
Howard, Oliver O.
Howard, Peter
Howard, Squire E.
Howe, Orion P.
Howe, William H.
Hubbell, William S.
Hudson, Aaron R.
Hudson, Michael
Hughey, John
Hughes, Oliver
Huidekoper, Henry S.
Hunt, Lewis T.
Hunter, Charles A.
Hunterson, John C.
Huskey, Michael
Hyatt, Theodore
Hyde, Thomas W.
Hyland, John
Hymer, Samuel
Ilgenfritz, Charles H.
Immell, Lorenzo D.
Ingalls, Lewis J.
Inscho, Leonidas H.
Irlam, Joseph
Irsch, Francis
Irving, John
Irving, Thomas
Irwin, Nicholas
Irwin, Patrick
Jackson, Frederick R.
Jacobson, Eugene P.
James, Isaac
James, John H.
James, Miles
Jamieson, Walter
Jardine, James
Jellison, Benjamin H.
Jenkins, Thomas
Jennings, James T.
Jewett, Erastus W.
John, William
Johndro, Franklin
Johns, Elisha
Johns, Henry T.
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Follett
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, John
Johnson, Joseph E.
Johnson, Ruel M.
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Wallace W.
Johnson, William P.
Johnston, David
Johnston, Willie
Jones, Andrew
Jones, David
Jones, John
Jones, John E.
Jones, Thomas
Jones, William
Jones, William
Jordan, Absalom
Jordan, Robert
Jordan, Thomas
Josselyn, Simeon T.
Judge, Francis W.
Kaiser, John
Kaltenbach, Luther
Kane, John
Kane, Thomas
Kappesser, Peter
Karpeles, Leopold
Kauss, August
Keele, Joseph
Keen, Joseph S.
Keene, Joseph
Kelley, Andrew J.
Kelley, George V.
Kelley, John
Kelley, Leverett M.
Kelly, Alexander
Kelly, Daniel
Kelly, Thomas
Kemp, Joesph
Kendall, William W.
Kendrick, Thomas
Kenna, Barnett
Kennedy, John
Kenyon, Charles
Kenyon, John S.
Kenyon, Samuel P.
Keough, John
Kephart, James
Kerr, Thomas R.
Kiggins, John
Kimball, Joseph
Kindig, John M.
King, Horatio C.
King, Robert H.
King, Rufus, Jr.
Kinnaird, Samuel W.
Kinsey, John
Kirby, Dennis T.
Kirk, Jonathan C.
Kline, Harry
Kloth, Charles H.
Knight, Charles H.
Knight, William
Knowles, Abiather J.
Knox, Edward M.
Koogle, Jacob
Kountz, John
Kramer, Theodore L.
Kretsinger, George
Kuder, Andrew
Kuder, Jeremiah
Labill, Joseph S.
Ladd, George
Laffey, Bartlett
Laing, William
Lakin, Daniel
Landis, James P.
Lane, Morgan D.
Lanfare, Aaron S.
Langbein, J. C. Julius
Lann, John S.
Larimer, Smith
Larrabee, James W.
Laverty, John
Lawson, Gaines
Lawson, John
Lawton, Henry W.
Lear, Nicholas
Lee, James H.
Leland, George W.
Leon, Pierre
Leonard, Edwin
Leonard, William E.
Leslie, Frank
Levy, Benjamin
Lewis, DeWitt Clinton
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, Samuel E.
Libaire, Adolphie
Lilley, John
Little, Henry F. W.
Littlefield, George H.
Livingston, Josiah O.
Lloyd, Benjamin
Lloyd, John W.
Locke, Lewis
Logan, Hugh
Lonergan, John
Longshore, William H.
Lonsway, Joseph
Lord, William
Lorish, Andrew J.
Love, George M.
Lovering, George M.
Lower, Cyrus B.
Lower, Robert A.
Lloyd, George
Lucas, George W.
Luce, Moses A.
Ludgate, William
Ludwig, Carl
Lunt, Alphonso M.
Lutes, Franklin W.
Luther, James H.
Luty, Gotlieb
Lyman, Joel H.
Lyon, Frederick A.
Lyons, Thomas
MacArthur, Arthur, Jr.
Machon, James
Mack, Alexander
Mack, John
Mackie, John F.
Madden, Michael
Madden, William
Madison, James
Magee, William
Mahoney, Jeremiah
Mandy, Harry J.
Mangam, Richard C.
Manning, Joseph S.
Marland, William
Marquette, Charles
Marsh, Albert
Marsh, Charles H.
Marsh, George
Martin, Edward S.
Martin, George
Martin, James
Martin, Sylvester H.
Martin, William
Martin, William
Mason, Elihu H.
Mathews, William H.
Matthews, John C.
Matthews, Milton
Mattingly, Henry B.
Mattocks, Charles P.
Maxham, Lowell M.
May, William
Mayberry, John B.
Mayes, William B.
Maynard, George H.
McAdams, Peter
McAlwee, Benjamin F.
McAnally, Charles
McCammon, William W.
McCarren, Bernard
McCauslin, Joseph
McCleary, Charles H.
McClelland, James M.
McClelland, Matthew
McConnell, Samuel
McCormick, Michael
McCornack, Andrew
McCullock, Adam
McDonald, George E.
McDonald, John
McDonald, John Wade
McElhinny, Samuel O.
McEnroe, Patrick H.
McFall, Daniel
McFarland, John
McGinn, Edward
McGonagle, Wilson
McGonnigle, Andrew J.
McGough, Owen
McGowan, John
McGraw, Thomas
McGuire, Patrick
McHale, Alexander U.
McHugh, Martin
McIntosh, James
McKay, Charles W.
McKee, George
McKeen, Nineveh S.
McKeever, Michael
McKnight, William
McKnown, Nathaniel A.
McLeod, James
McMahon, Martin T.
McMillen, Francis M.
McVean, John P.
McWhorter, Walter F.
McWilliams, George W.
Meach, George E.
Meagher, Thomas
Mears, George W.
Melville, Charles
Menter, John W.
Merriam, Henry C.
Merrifield, James K.
Merrill, Augustus
Merrill, George
Merritt, John G.
Meyer, Henry C.
Mifflin, James
Miles, Nelson A.
Miller, Andrew
Miller, Henry A.
Miller, Jacob C.
Miller, Frank
Miller, James
Miller, James P.
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, William E.
Milliken, Daniel
Mills, Charles
Mills, Frank W.
Mindil, George W.
Mitchell, Alexander H.
Mitchell, Theodore
Moffitt, John H.
Molbone, Archibald
Molloy, Hugh
Monaghan, Patrick
Montgomery, Robert
Moore, Charles
Moore, Charles
Moore, Daniel B.
Moore, George
Moore, George G.
Moore, Wilbur F.
Moore, William
Moey, Delano
Morford, Jerome
Morgan, James H.
Morgan, Lewis
Morgan, Richard H.
Morrill, Walter G.
Morris, William
Morrison, Francis
Morrison, John G.
Morse, Benjamin
Morse, Charles E.
Morton, Charles W.
Mostoller, John W.
Mulholland, St. Clair A.
Mullen, Patrick
Mundell, Walter L.
Munsell, Harvey M.
Murphy, Charles J.
Murphy, Daniel
Murphy, Dennis J. F.
Murphy, John P.
Murphy, Michael C.
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Robinson B.
Murphy, Thomas
Murphy, Thomas C.
Murphy, Thomas J.
Myers, George S.
Myers, William H.
Nash, Henry
Naylor, David
Neahr, Zachariah C.
Neil, John
Neville, Edwin M.
Newland, William
Newman, Marcellus J.
Newman, William H.
Nibbe, John H.
Nichols, Henry C.
Nichols, William
Niven, Robert
Noble, John
Nolan, John J.
noll, Conrad
North, Jasper N.
Norton, Elliott M.
Norton, John R.
Norton, Llewellyn P.
Noyes, William W.
Nugent, Christopher
Nutting, Lee
O'Beirne, James R.
O'Brien, Henry D.
O'Brien, Oliver
O'Brien, Peter
O'Connell, Thomas
O'Connor, Albert
O'Connor, Timothy
O'Dea, John
O'Donnell, Menomen
O'Donoghue, Timothy
Oliver, Charles
Oliver, Paul A.
O'Neill, Stephen
Opel, John N.
Orbansky, David
Orr, Charles A.
Orr, Robert L.
Ortega, John
Orth, Jacob G.
Osborne, William H.
Oss, Albert
Overturf, Jacob H.
Oviatt, Miles M.
Packard, Loron F.
Palmer, George
Palmer, John G.
Palmer, William J.
Parker, Thomas
Parker, William
Parks, George
Parks, James W.
Parks, Jeremiah
Parrott, Jacob
Parsons, Joel
Patterson, John H.
Patterson, John T.
Paul, William H.
Pay, Byron E.
Payne, Irvin C.
Payne, Thomas H. L.
Pearsall, Platt
Pearson, Alfred L.
Pease, Joachim
Peck, Cassius
Peck, Oscar E.
Peck, Theodore S.
Peirsol, James K.
Pelham, William
Pennypacker, Galusha
Pentzer, Patrick H.
Perry, Thomas
Pesch, Joseph
Peters, Henry C.
Peterson, Alfred
Petty, Philip
Phelps, Charles E.
Phillips, Josiah
Phinney, William
Phisterer, Frederick
Pickle, Alonzo H.
Pike, Edward M.
Pingree, Samuel E.
Pinkham, Charles H.
Pinn, Robert
Pipes, James
Pitman, George J.
Pittinger, William
Plant, Henry E.
Platt, George C.
Plimley, William
Plowman, George H.
Plunkett, Thomas
Pond, George F.
Pond, James B.
Poole, William B.
Porter, Ambrose
Porter, Horace
Porter, John R.
Porter, William
Post, Philip Sidney
Postles, James Parke
Potter, George W.
Potter, Norman F.
Powell, William H.
Power, Albert
Powers, Wesley J.
Prance, George
Prentice, Joseph R.
Preston, John
Preston, Noble D.
Price, Edward
Province, George
Purcell, Hiram W.
Purman, James J.
Putnam, Edgar P.
Putnam, Winthrop D.
Pyne, George
Quay, Matthew S.
Quinlan, James
Rafferty, Peter
Rand, Charles F.
Rannahan, John
Ranney, George E.
Ranney, Myron H.
Ransbottom, Alfred
Ratcliff, Edward
Raub, Jacob F.
Raymond, William H.
Read, Charles
Read, Charles A.
Read, George E.
Read, Morton A.
Rebmann, George F.
Reddick, William H.
Reed, Axel H.
Reed, Charles W.
Reed, George W.
Reed, William
Reeder, Charles A.
Regan, Jeremiah
Reid, Robert
Reigle, Daniel P.
Reisinger, J. Monroe
Renninger, Louis
Reynolds, George
Rhodes, Julius D.
Rhodes, Sylvester D.
Rice, Charles
Rice, Edmund
Rich, Carlos H.
Richards, Louis
Richardson, William R.
Richey, William E.
Richmond, James
Ricksecker, John H.
Riddell, Rudolph
Riley, Thomas
Ringold, Edward
Ripley, William Y. W.
Roantree, James S.
Robbins, Augustus J.
Roberts, James
Roberts, Otis O.
Robertson, Robert S.
Robertson, Samuel
Robie, George F.
Robinson, Alexander
Robinson, Charles
Robinson, Elbridge
Robinson, James H.
Robinson, John
Robinson, John C.
Robinson, Thomas
Rock, Frederick
Rockefeller, Charles M.
Rodenbough, Theophilus
Rohm, Ferdinand F.
Rood, Oliver P.
Roosevelt, George W.
Ross, Marion A.
Rossbach, Valentine
Rought, Stephen
Rounds, Lewis A.
Rountry, John
Roush, J. Levi
Rowand, Archibald, Jr.
Rowe, Henry W.
Rundle, Charles W.
Rush, John
Russell, Charles L.
Russell, Milton
Rutherford, John T.
Rutter, James M.
Ryan, Peter J.
Sacriste, Louis J.
Sagelhurst, John C.
Sancrainte, Charles F.
Sands, William
Sanford, Jacob
Sargent, Jackson
Sartwell, Henry
Saunders, James
Savacool, Edwin F.
Savage, Auzella
Saxton, Rufus
Scanlan, Patrick
Scheibner, Martin E.
Schenck, Benjamin W.
Schiller, John
Schlachter, Philipp
Schmal, George W.
Schmauch, Andrew
Schmidt, Conrad
Schmidt, William
Schneider, George
Schnell, Christian
Schofield, John M.
Schoonmaker, James M.
Schorn, Charles
Schubert, Martin
Schutt, George
Schwan, Theodore
Schwenk, Martin
Scofield, David H.
Scott, Alexander
Scott, John M.
Scott, John Wallace
Scott, Julian A.
Seaman, Elisha B.
Seanor, James
Sears, Cyrus
Seaver, Thomas O.
Seitzinger, James M.
Sellers, Alfred J.
Seston, Charles H.
Seward, Griffin
Seward, Richard
Sewell, William J.
Shafter, William R.
Shahan, Emisire
Shaler, Alexander
Shambaugh, Charles
Shanes, John
Shapland, John
Sharp, Hendrick
Shea, Joseph H.
Shellenberger, John S.
Shepard, Irwin
Shepard, Louis C.
Shepherd, William
Sheridan, James
Sherman, Marshall
Shiel, John
Shields, Bernard
Shilling, John
Shipley, Robert F.
Shipman, William
Shivers, John
Shoemaker, Levi
Shopp, George J.
Shubert, Frank
Shutes, Henry
Sickles, Daniel E.
Sickles, William H.
Sidman, George D.
Simkins, Lebbeus
Simmons, John
Simmons, William T.
Simonds, William Edgar
Simons, Charles J.
Sivel, Henry
Skellie, Ebenezer
Sladen, Joseph A.
Slagle, Oscar
Slavens, Samuel
Sloan, Andrew J.
Slusher, Henry C.
Smalley, Reuben
Smalley, Reuben S.
Smith, Alonzo
Smith, Charles H.
Smith, Charles H.
Smith, David L.
Smith, Edwin
Smith, Francis M.
Smith, Henry I.
Smith, James
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph S.
Smith, Oloff
Smith, Otis W.
Smith, Richard
Smith, S. Rodmond
Smith, Thaddeus S.
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Walter B.
Smith, Willard M.
Smith, William
Smith, Wilson
Snedden, James
Southard, David
Sova, Joseph E.
Sowers, Michael
Spalding, Edward D.
Sperry, William J.
Spillane, Timothy
Sprague, Benona
Sprague, John W.
Sprowle, David
Spurling, Andrew B.
Stacey, Charles
Stahel, Julius
Stanley, David S.
Stanley, William A.
Starkins, John H.
Steele, John W.
Steinmetz, William
Stephens, William G.
Sterling, James E.
Sterling, John T.
Stevens, Daniel D.
Stevens, Hazard
Stewart, George W.
Stewart, Joseph
Stickels, Joseph
Stockman, George H.
Stoddard, James
Stokes, George
Stolz, Frank
Storey, John H. R.
Stout, Richard
Strahan, Robert
Strasbaugh, Bernard A.
Streile, Christian
Strong, James N.
Sturgeon, James K.
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Timothy
Summers, James C.
Summers, Robert
Surles, William H.
Swan, Charles A.
Swanson, Jacob E.
Swatton, Edward
Swayne, Wager
Swearer, Benjamin
Sweatt, Joseph S. G.
Sweeney, James
Swegheimer, Jacob
Swift, Frederic W.
Swift, Harlan J.
Sype, Peter
Tabor, William L. S.
Taggart, Charles A.
Talbott, William
Tallentine, James
Tanner, Charles B.
Taylor, Anthony
Taylor, Forrester L.
Taylor, George
Taylor, Henry H.
Taylor, John
Taylor, Joseph
Taylor, Richard
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, William
Taylor, William G.
Terry, John D.
Thackrah, Benjamin
Thatcher, Charles M.
Thaxter, Sidney W.
Thielberg, Henry
Thomas, Charles L.
Thomas, Hampton S.
Thomas, Stephen
Thompkins, George W.
Thompson, Allen
Thompson, Charles
Thompson, Freeman C.
Thompson, Henry A.
Thompson, J. Harry
Thompson, James
Thompson, James B.
Thompson, John
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, William
Thompson, William P.
Thomson, Clifford
Thorn, Walter
Tibbets, Andrew W.
Tilton, William
Tinkham, Eugene M.
Titus, Charles
Toban, James W.
Tobie, Edward P.
Tobin, John M.
Todd, Samuel
Toffey, John J.
Tomlin, Andrew J.
Tompkins, Aaron B.
Tompkins, Charles H.
Toohey, Thomas
Toomer, William
Torgler, Ernst
Tozier, Andrew J.
Tracy, Amasa S.
Tracy, Benjamin W.
Tracy, Charles H.
Tracy, William G.
Traynor, Andrew
Treat, Howell B.
Tremain, Henry E.
Tribe, John
Tripp, Othniel
Trogden, Howell G.
Truell, Edwin M.
Truett, Alexander H.
Tucker, Allen
Tucker, Jacob R.
Tweedale, John
Twombly, Voltaire P.
Tyrell, George William
Uhrl, George
Urell, M. Emmet
Vale, John
Vance, Wilson
Vanderslice, John M.
Van Matre, Joseph
Vantine, Joseph E.
Vanwinkle, Edward
Vaughn, Pinkerton R.
Veal, Charles
Veale, Moses
Veazy, Wheelock G.
Vernay, James D.
Verney, James W.
Vifquain, Victor
Von Vegesack, Ernest
Wageman, John H.
Wagg, Maurice
Wagner, John W.
Wainwright, John
Walker, James C.
Wall, Jerry
Wallar, Francis A.
Walling, William H.
Walsh, John
Walton, George W.
Wambsgan, Martin
Ward, James
Ward, Nelson W.
Ward, Thomas J.
Ward, William H.
Warden, John
Warfel, Henry C.
Warren, David
Warren, Francis E.
Webb, Alexander S.
Webb, James
Webber, Alason P.
Webster, Henry S.
Weeks, Charles H.
Weeks, John H.
Weir, Henry C.
Welch, George W.
Welch, Richard
Welch, Stephen
Wells, Henry S.
Wells, Thomas M.
Wells, William
Wells, William
Welsh, Edward
Welsh, James
Westerhold, William
Weston, John F.
Wheaton, Loyd
Wheeler, Daniel D.
Wheeler, Henry W.
Wherry, William M.
Whitaker, Edward W.
White, Adam
White, J. Henry
White, Joseph
White, Patrick H.
Whitehead, John M.
Whitfield, Daniel
Whitman, Frank M.
Whitmore, John
Whitney, William G.
Whittier, Edward N.
Widick, Andrew J.
Wilcox, Franklin L.
Wilcox, William
Wiley, James
Wilhelm, George
Wilkes, Henry
Wilkes, Perry
Wilkins, Leander A.
Willcox, Orlando B.
Williams, Anthony
Williams, Augustus
Williams, Elwood N.
Williams, George C.
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, Le Roy
Williams, Peter
Williams, Robert
Williams, William
Williams, William H.
Williamson, James A.
Willis, Richard
Williston, Edward B.
Wilson, Charles E.
Wilson, Christopher W.
Wilson, Francis A.
Wilson, John
Wilson, John A.
Wilson, John M.
Winegar, William W.
Wisner, Lewis S.
Withington, William H.
Wollam, John
Wood, H. Clay
Wood, Mark
Wood, Richard H.
Wood, Robert B.
Woodbury, Eri D.
Woodruff, Alonzo
Woodruff, Carle A.
Woods, Daniel A.
Woods, Samuel
Woodward, Evan M.
Woon, John
Woram, Charles B.
Wortick, Joseph
Wray, William J.
Wright, Albert D.
Wright, Edward
Wright, Robert
Wright, Samuel
Wright, Samuel C.
Wright, William
Yeager, Jacob F.
Young, Andrew J.
Young, Benjamin F.
Young, Calvary M.
Young, Edward B.
Young, Horatio N.
Young, James M.
Young, William
Younker, John L.










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