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Massachusetts Congregational Ministers Of 1864
& The Official Conference Resolution On The Civil War


Taken from, "Minutes of the General Conference of the Congregational Churches in Massachusetts, September, 1864.

We will send you a reprint of the report of the "Committee On The State Of The Country,  which begins, "Resolved, That without one feeling of either despondency or of impatience, we watch the progress of the armies of the Union in putting down the most criminal rebellion the world ever saw; without despondency, for we believe God is on our side..." and continues for several paragraphs.

We will also send you the page of information on any minister you are interested in (the report shows the minister's name & the name of his congregation).

A fascinating look at the official position of one religious group during the Civil War, which is interesting even if one of your ancestors was not a minister.

To see the New York report for the same year click here.

Item # 10134

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Abbe, Frederic R.
Abbott, Joseph
Adams, L. H.
Adams, Nehemiah
Aiken, James
Albro, John A.
Alden, E. Jr.
Alden, Edmund K.
Allen, B. R.
Angier, Luther H.
Angier, Marshall B.
Anthony, George N.
Ashley, Samuel S.
Atwood, Edward S.
Austin, F. D.
Austin, S. I.
Ayres, Rowland
Backus, Joseph W.
Bacon, James M.
Baker, Abijah R.
Bancroft, David
Barber, William M.
Barrows, William
Barton, Walter
Bates, Philander
Batt, William J.
Beaman, Charles C.
Beaman, Warren H.
Bean, David M.
Bean, David M.
Beecher, Charles
Bigelow, Andrew
Billings, Richard S.
Bingham, Joel S.
Biscoe, Thomas C.
Bixby, Joseph P.
Blagden, G. W.
Blake, Henry B.
Blanchard, Amos
Blanchard, Edmund H.
Bliss, Charles R.
Blodgett, Edward P.
Boardman, M. Bradford
Bodwell, Joseph C.
Brainerd, T. G.
Bremner, David
Brewer, Josiah
Brigham, David
Brigham, Levi
Broughton, Nathaniel H.
Bullard, Henry
Bullare, Ebenezer W.
Burnham, Abraham
Byington, Swift
Caldwell, William E.
Campbell, Randolph
Carrier, Augustus H.
Carruthers, William
Chandler, Azar
Chase, H. L.
Childs, Alexander C.
Clard, Perloms K.
Clark, Benjamin F.
Clark, Edward L.
Clark, J. B.
Clark, Josseph B. 
Clark, Lewis F.
Clark, Sumner
Clark, Theodore Jarvis
Clarke, Benjamin F.
Clary, Timothy F.
Cobb, Asahel
Cobb, L. Henry
Cobb, Leander
Coggin, William S.
Coit, Joshua
Colburn, Moses M.
Cole, Samuel
Coleman, George W.
Collidge, Amos H.
Copp, Joseph A.
Cordley, Christopher M.
Corey, John E.
Cradford, Robert
Craig, Whseelock
Cruickshanks, James
Currier, Albert H.
Cushing, Christopher
Cushman, John P.
Cutler, Ebenezer
Cutler, Elijah
Davis, Perley B.
Dean, Artemas 
Dexter, Henry M.
Dickerman, Lysander
Dickinson, Erastus
Dickinson, Noadiah S.
Dodge, John
Dow, Ezekiel
Dowden, William H.
Dowse, EDmund
Dpuglass, Ebenezer
Dunham, Samuel
Dunning, William H.
Durham, Isaac
Dutton, Albert I.
Eastman, Lucius R. Jr.
Edwards, Henry L.
Edwards, Jonathan
Eggleston, Nathaniel H.
Ellsworth, Alfred A.
Emerson, Alfred
Emerson, Brown
Emery, Joshua
Ewing, Edward C.
Farwell, Asa
Fay, Solomon P.
Fisher, Caleb E.
Fisher, George E.
Fisk, Perrin B.
Fiske, Daniel T.
Fitts, James H.
Fitz, Daniel
Fletcher, Adin H.
Foster, Aaron
Foster, Andrew B.
Foster, Davis
Freeman, Joseph
French, S. Franklin
Fuller, Alex. Jr.
Furber, Daniel L.
Gale, Nahum
Gannett, Allen
Garrette, Edmund Y.
Giddings, Edward J.
Goodhue, Henry A.
Goodhue, N. G.
Greeley, Edward H.
Greene, Henry S.
Greene, John M.
Gurney, John H.
Hall, Ogden
Hall, Thomas A.
Harding, Willard M.
Harrington, Eli B.
Hartwell, John
Haskell, Ezra
Haven, John
Hayes, Stephen H.
Hazen, Thomothy A.
Herbert, Charles D.
Hill, George E.
Hine, Sylvester
Hitchcock, M. H.
Hodgman, Edwin R.
Holmes, Sylvester
Hooker, E. Cornelius
Hooker, Edward P.
Hosmer, Samuel D.
Houghton, William A.
Howard, Martin S.
Hubbell, Henry L.
Hunt, Samuel
Hutchinson, John C.
Hyde, Charles M.
Ide, Jacob
Ide, Jacob Jr.
Jackson, William C.
Jaggar, Edwin L.
Jones, T. Newton
Judkins, Benjamin
Keene, Luther
Kelsey, Henry S.
Kendall, Charles
Kendall, Ruben S.
Kendall, Sylvanus C.
Kimball, James P.
Kirk, Edward N.
Labree, John C.
Lane James P.
Lane, John W.
Laurie, Thomas
Lawrence, Amos E.
Lee, Samuel H.
Leonard, Edwin
Leonard, Stephen C.
Loomis, Elihu
Lord, Charles
Lord, Charles E.
Lyman, George
Mandell, William A.
Manning, Jacob M.
Marden, George N.
Marvin, Abijah P.
Marvin, Elihu P.
McCollom, James T.
McGinley, William A.
McLean, John Knox
McLoud, A.
Mead, Hiram
Means, James H.
Means, John O.
Merrill, Freeman A.
Merrill, James H.
Merwin, Samuel J. M.
Miles, James B.
Mills, Charles L.
Morgridge, Charles
Morong, Thomas
Munger, Theodore T.
Munsell, Joseph R.
Murray, James O.
Myrick, Osborne
Nelson, John
Noble, Edward W.
Norton, John F.
Norton, Thomas S.
Paine, William P.
Painter, Charles C. C.
Palmer. C. R.
Parker, Henry W.
Parker, Horace
Patrick, Henry J.
Peck, David
Peckham, Joseph
Peloubet, Francis N.
Pennell, Lewis
Perkins, Ariel E. P.
Perkins, Francis B.
Perkins, Francis B.
Perry, Isaac S.
Phillips, Daniel
Phipps, William
Pierce, Charles H.
Pierce, George Jr.
Pike, John
Plumb, Albert H.
Potter, Edward S.
Pratt, Henry
Putnam, Isreal W.
Quint, Alonzo H.
Rankin, J. Eames
Reed, Frederic A.
Rice, C. B.
Rich, A. Judson
Rich, Alonzo B.
Richardson, Henry J.
Richardson, Merrill
Roberts, Jacob
Robinson, Reuben T.
Rockwood, Samuel L.
Rogan, Daniel H.
Ross, A. Hastings
Russell, Ezekiel
Sabin, Lewis
Samuel, Robert
Sanford, David
Sawyer, Benjamin
Seabury, Edwin
Seeley, Raymond H.
Sessions, Alex. J.
Sewall, J. B.
Sewall, J. S.
Seymour, Henry
Seymour, John A.
Shaler, D. D.
Sheldon, Luther
Sheldon, Luther H.
Smith, Charles
Smith, Edward P.
Smith, Edwin
Smith, Irem W.
Smith, Isaac B.
Southgate, Robert
Southworth, Benjamin
Spalding, Samuel J.
Stearns, Jesse G. D.
Stearns, William A.
Stevens, Henry A.
Stone, A. M.
Stone, Andrew L.
Stone, Cyrus
Stone, T. D. P.
Stone, Timothy
Stone, Timothy D.
Stowell, Abijah
Stratton, T. T.
Street, Owen
Strong, David A.
Strong, Elnathan E.
Swallow, Joseph E.
Sweetser, Seth
Tappan, Daniel D.
Teele, Albert K.
Tenney, Daniel
Tenney, Edward P.
Tenney, Francis V.
Terry, James P.
Thacher, Isaiah C.
Thompson, Augustus C.
Thompson, Leander
Thurber, Edward G.
Thurston, John R.
Thurston, Richard B.
Thwing, Edward P.
Todd, John E.
Tolman, Richard
Tolman, Samuel H.
Tucker, Joshua T.
Tupper, Martyn
Tuttle, William C.
Tyler, Charles M.
Waite, Clarendon
Walker, Edward A.
Walker, George F.
Walker, Horace D.
Waters, Simseon
Watts, Lyman S.
Webb, Edwin B.
Webber, George N.
Webster, John C.
Wellman, Joshua W.
Wheaton, Levi
White, Lyman
Whitman, John S.
Wight, Daniel Jr.
Wilcox, William H.
Willard, Andrew J.
Willard, John
Wilson, Thomas
Withington, Leonard
Wood, Charles W.
Woodbury, Samuel
Woodworth, Henry D.



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