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The Laurel, 1928, the yearbook of Masontown High School, Masontown, WV

The following names are taken from The Laurel, the 1928 yearbook of Masontown High School, Masontown, WV.

We will copy the students info, including any clubs or groups they belonged to and also general pages from the yearbook... to give you a feel for how things were when they attended school. This will total about 20 pages. There are individual pictures for juniors & seniors, and their favorite quote. There are group photos for sophomores & freshmen. There are class histories for each class and group photos for each club and team.

For the faculty or ads we will copy the page where they are listed, or the 20 or so background pages referred to above. The faculty listings include a photo, and have their educational background.

Item # 10411A

Price: $8 per Senior or Junior

Item # 10411B

Price: $6 per Sophomore or Freshman

Item # 10411C

Price: $2 per Faculty or Ad ($6 if you want the 20 or so background pages)

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Seniors & Juniors Sophomores & Freshmen Faculty


Brown, Paul
Brown, Wayne
Burns, Gladys
Catlett, Samuel
Cobun, Ralph
Core, Ernest
Dailey, Lucilla
Divvens, Nathan
Dixon, Lucille
Fortney, Jearald
Gates, Goldie
Groves, Jessie
Harriman, Dallas
Jackson, Lucille
Keefover, Francis
Mayfield, Wayne
McClure, Mabel
McClure, Martha
McClure, Maxine
McKinney, Albert
McKinney, William
Porter, Brown
Powroznik, Joe V.
Pyles, Tracy
Robinson, Jessie
Shaffer, Thelma
Sharps, Grace
Stone, Thelma
Taylor, Glenn
Tressler, Clarence
Watson, Ernestine
Watson, Katherine
Welton, Martha
Wimer, Myrtle
Zinn, Theodore S.
Bailey, Nellie
Ball, James
Born, Freda
Born, Genevieve
Born, Repher
Bosley, John C.
Brotherton, Carlyn
Brown, Charles
Brown, Margaret
Catlett, Edna
Cobun, Helen
Cornelius, Rebecca
Davis, Preston
Easter, Alice
Emerson, Ruby
Forman, Lucille
Gilpin, Ruth
Graham, Glenna
Gregg, Frank
Gross, Susan
Harriman, Henry
Holmes, Vester
Kum, Marie
Livengood, Anna
Luch, John
Malone, Ila
Martin, Dana
Martin, Irene
Martin, Lorene
Maust, Dorothy
Mayfield, Mabel
McKinney, Myrtle
Menear, Mason
Micozzi, Filomena
Miller, Leona
Morris, Margaret
Paul, Helen
Pell, Frank
Savage, Elizabeth
Shaffer, Glenn
Shaffer, Juanita
Smith, Gladys
Smith, Harlin
Smith, Ronald
Smith, Wallace
Snyder, Gail
Snyder, Jack
Spencer, William
Stemple, Max
Stone, Agnes
Stone, Laura
Streets, Harvey
Taylor, Dorothy
Taylor, Ruby
Tucker, Bessie
Vanaman, Robert
Wheeler, Foster
Whetsell, Edith
White, Agnes
White, Fred
White, Woodrow
Williams, Harriet
Zuccolotto, Rosa
Frum, Mary
Jenkins, Lucile
Lemley, Merle H., Mrs.
Lowther, Mildred
Reynolds, Alka N.
Shutts, H. Arthur
Sturgis, W. J.


Aibright, C. F.
Balfour, L. G., Co.
Bank Of Masontown
Beerbower, George
Bricks Pool Room
Broaddus College
Brown Brothers
Cain, T. B.
Canton Eng. & Electrotype
City Market
Cobun, S. L.
Cochran, F. Morris
Corey Cab
Cowan's Bread
Crescent Printing House
Crystal Restaurant
Dixon, Earl
Everhart, L. F.
Feather, Lloyd
Fortney, E. Vernon
Garner, S. H.
Gibson Overland Co.
Gibson, "Mose"
Grogan, H. C.
Hall Brothers
Harman, R. D.
Hartman, H. Foster
Jacobs, Clyde E.
Jenkins, Porter & Co.
Kercheval, P. E.
Kingwood Baking Co.
Kingwood Motor Co.
Kingwood Wholesale Corp.
Laidley and Selby
Loar, Robert A.
McCay, T. Earl
McCay's Flower Shop
Miller, I., Shoes
Mitchell, S. P.
Monongahela West Penn
Morgantown Flour & Feed
Morgantown Printing
Morrison, O. J., Co.
Mountain City Café
Post, W. H.
Preston County Journal
Queen Pharmacy
Ridenour Tire Repair Shop
Roth & Ball Garage
Royal Furniture Co.
Smith, Warren W.
Snyder, Melvin C.
Trotter, Frank B.
Watson, P. R.
Weirich, J. H.
West Side Planing Mill
WV Bus. College
West Virginia Univ.
WV Utilities Co.
Whetsell, H. S.
Whiteside, S. M. & Co.
Wiland, Wm. C., & Co.
Wilburn, R. A.







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