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Marietta College (Ohio) 1874-75 Catalogue


1874-1875 Catalogue of Marietta College (Ohio). We will send you a reprint of the entire college catalog (20 pages). Includes the complete, "Course of Instruction" with the names of all required courses; Expenses & fees (Tuition was $38 per annum & boarding was from $2.25 to $3.50 per week) and the school calendar.
A fascinating and rare look at education over 125 years ago, whether your ancestors were a student, officer or on the faculty. 

Item # 10312

Price $7.00

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Adams, Charles N. Student
Ames, Frank P. Student
Anderson, Frank Student
Andrews, Israel W. Faculty
Arima, Kantaro Prep. Student
Bailey, Bennett A. Student
Bailey, Bennett A. Prep. Student
Bailey, Charles E. Prep. Student
Barber, Timothy L. Student
Barbour, John L. Prep. Student
Batchelor, William A. Student
Beach, David E. Faculty
Bentley, Cyrus A. Faculty
Bentley, Ralph P. Prep. Student
Bing, James F. Prep. Student
Biscoe, Thomas D. Faculty
Blackinton, Joseph Cone Student
Blake, George Prep. Student
Bolch, Frank Prep. Student
Bosworth, Charles H. Student
Bosworth, George Prep. Student
Boyd, John M. Prep. Student
Breckenridge, Andrew Prep. Student
Breed, William J. Officer
Brickwady, John F. Prep. Student
Brooks, Benjamin Hardinge Student
Brooks, William B., Jr. Student
Brown, Charles O. Prep. Student
Brown, Lewis V. Prep. Student
Brush, Frank S. Student
Butcher, Bennett H. Student
Butler, Albert J. Prep. Student
Caldwell, Alexander H. Prep. Student
Cameron, John Student
Cameron, John Prep. Student
Caywood, Albert J. Student
Chamberlain, Frank Prep. Student
Chapin, David S. Student
Chapin, David S. Prep. Student
Chestnut, Frank L. Prep. Student
Cochran, Joseph E. Prep. Student
Cole, Charles A. Student
Cole, Charles A. Prep. Student
Cooder, William C. Student
Cook, Henry C. Prep. Student
Cooke, Edward Pardon Student
Copeland, Frank Merton Student
Coville, Cory E. Prep. Student
Cutler, William P. Officer
Dana, Arthur D. Prep. Student
Dana, Edward B. Prep. Student
Dana, John Student
Dana, Luther G. Prep. Student
Dana, William F. Prep. Student
Davis, Daniel J. Prep. Student
Davis, Effy H. Prep. Student
Davis, John L. Prep. Student
Dawes, Rufus R. Officer
DeGarmo, Salathiel S. Student
Devin, David S. Prep. Student
Dickey, Charles L. Student
Dickey, John A. Student
Dimond, Henry Student
Donaldson, Stuart G. Prep. Student
Downie, Alexander Student
Dye, Frank C. Prep. Student
Dye, George P. Student
Edgerton, Luther Officer
Ewart, Edward Gear Student
Fay, William E. Student
Fay, William J. Prep. Student
Fischer, John W. Student
Flanders, Edward Prep. Student
Follett, Alfred D. Student
Follett, George P. Student
Follett, William J. Prep. Student
Ford, Edward North Student
Galbreath, James G. Student
Gaylord, Benjamin B. Officer
Gear, George R. Faculty
Gilliland, Linnaeus W. Student
Glidden, Thomas S. Prep. Student
Goebel, William A. Prep. Student
Goshorn, Alfred T. Officer
Grant, George D. Prep. Student
Greene, Cyrus D. Student
Guy, Aug. R. G. Student
Guy, William H. Prep. Student
Harrison, Charles S. Student
Hart, Romeyn Prep. Student
Hawks, Theron H. Officer
Hawks, Winthrop B. Student
Hays, Myron A. Prep. Student
Henry, Gideon M. Prep. Student
Himebaugh, Byron Prep. Student
Holden, George Sedwick Student
Holdren, Joseph C. Prep. Student
Hollister, Harry L. Prep. Student
Hudson, Charles W. Student
Hugus, Elias M. Student
Jenkins, James D. Prep. Student
Jenkinson, William Prep. Student
Johnson, Jeremiah D. Student
Jones, David L. Prep. Student
Jones, Gilbert Morrison Student
Jones, Thomas Prep. Student
Jones, Thomas M. Prep. Student
Jordan, William A. Prep. Student
Judd, Don Almer Student
Junk, Pryor W. Prep. Student
Kendrick, John Faculty
Kephart, William H. Prep. Student
Ketcham, Louis N. Prep. Student
Kingsbury, Addison Officer
Kingsley, Columbus W. Prep. Student
Klintworth, Charles W. Prep. Student
Lane, Ashbel G. Student
Lewis, Daniel Student
Lewis, Daniel M. Prep. Student
Lewis, David Student
Lewis, Richard G. Student
Lindsey, William A. Student
Lord, Thomas S. Prep. Student
Lord, William Henry Student
Maxwell, George M. Officer
Maxwell, H. Allen Prep. Student
McCormick, Andrew Lee Student
McCormick, John W. Student
McCormick, Lynn Prep. Student
McCoy, John N. Student
McCoy, William R. Prep. Student
McKee, Orvil Prep. Student
McMillen, Ernest Merrifield Student
Mefford, Robert J. Prep. Student
Mills, John Faculty
Mitchell, Edwin K. Student
Mitchell, Oscar H. Student
Moore, Edward Caldwell Student
Moore, Orin S. Prep. Student
Moore, William E. Officer
Morris, Harry Prep. Student
Mougey, Joseph W. Prep. Student
Mowery, Christian Student
Nash, Simeon Officer
Naylor, Henry Student
Nilson, James I. Prep. Student
Nye, A. Tupper Prep. Student
Nye, Anselm T. Officer
Nye, George L. Prep. Student
Nye, Harold B. Prep. Student
Oldham, Charles R. Student
Oldham, George C. Prep. Student
Oldham, Wylie E. Prep. Student
Orris, S. Stanhope Faculty
Parker, Lelian Prep. Student
Parsons, Albert S. Student
Pattin, Thomas Student
Peddinghaus, Edward Prep. Student
Phillips, John Prep. Student
Pogue, William F. Prep. Student
Pollock, John H. Student
Potwin, Charles A. Prep. Student
Potwin, Charles W. Officer
Pratt, E. P., Rev. Officer
Pugh, Jesse Prep. Student
Putnam, Douglas Officer
Putnam, Douglas Officer
Putnam, Douglas Prep. Student
Putnam, Douglas, Jr. Officer
Putnam, William R. Officer
Reed, William H. Prep. Student
Richardson, Charles Prep. Student
Ross, W. R. Prep. Student
Rosseter, Frank S. Student
Rosseter, George R. Faculty
Rusk, Booth Prep. Student
Rusk, John Student
Sater, John Elbert Student
Sessions, Francis C. Officer
Shaffer, Gustavus Cresap Student
Sharpless, Samuel Froome Student
Shipman, Samuel Officer
Shrake, Ploantes Prep. Student
Sibley, William Prep. Student
Slack, William H. Prep. Student
Slattery, Thomas J. Student
Slocomb, Silas Officer
Smith, Albert Laurence Student
Stanley, Howard W. Prep. Student
Stevenson, Edward L. Student
Steward, Edward L. Prep. Student
Steward, Harley J. Student
Storrs, Henry M. Officer
Stratton, George B. Student
Straus, Thomas C. Student
Straus, William M. Student
Strecker, Henry Prep. Student
Sturges, William Officer
Sumners, Russel W. Prep. Student
Taylor, Harry L. Prep. Student
Tenney, William C. Student
Thomas, Charles C. Prep. Student
Todd, Thomas Naylor Student
Turner, William M. Prep. Student
Van Law, George S. Student
Walker, Charles E. Student
Walker, Samuel H. Prep. Student
Walter, Harry H. Prep. Student
Ward, George F. Student
Waters, Frank R. Prep. Student
Waters, Wilson Student
Wells, Charles K. Faculty
Wells, Edward F. Prep. Student
Wells, Wellington S. Prep. Student
White, Wellington S. Student
Wieser, George Prep. Student
Wiles, Harry N. Student
Williams, Worthington M. Prep. Student
Woodbridge, George M. Prep. Student
Woodbridge, George M., Jr. Student
Woodbridge, L. Starling Prep. Student
Woodruff, Walter W. Prep. Student


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