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1906 Mansfield, MA Property Tax Records


List of Polls and Taxable Property of the Town of Mansfield, May 1, 1906. Some listings are for poll tax only, but most include all property such as; houses, barns, cows and fowls, shops, stables, wagons, carriages and even automobiles. the table shows the value of each item and the tax owed. The last column on this page is for assessed owners who were non-residents. We will copy all entries for any surname you are researching.

Item # 10116

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A-F Surnames G-O Surnames P-Z Surnames Non-Resident Owners & Address
Achorn, Adelbert E.
Achorn, Edward W.
Adams, Asa M.
Adonis, Samuel
Aird, George
Aldrich, Chas H.
Alexander, George H.
Alger, Edmund L.
Alger, Lewis A.
Allen, Elmer W.
Allen, J. Ralph
Allen, Sumner W.
Allen, William H.
Allen. Lloyd E.
Ames, William H.
Anderson, Beverly
Anderson, Harold
Anderson, Harry
Andrews, James
Andrews, William
Angell, Chas S.
Angell, Chas. S., Jr.
Angell, Warren
Angell, William H.
Appleby, Arthur L.
Appleby, George
Ardry, John J.
Arndt, William T.
Aspray, William R.
Atwood & Williams
Atwood, Frank N.
Atwood, John M.
Atwood, John M., Jr.
Atwood, Wm. D.
Austin & Matthews
Austin, C. E. & Co.
Austin, Charles M.
Austin, Clinton E.
Austin, G. F.,
Austin, George M.
Austin, Henry L.
Babbitt, George H.
Bailey, Alice G.
Bailey, Frank H.
Bailey, G. P. & F. H.
Bailey, Geo. & Sons
Bailey, George E.
Bailey, Mary O.
Bailey, Sadie S.
Baker, Charles H.
Baker, Earl S.
Baker, Jane
Baker, William N.
Baker, William R.
Baker, Willis L.
Balcom, Alonzo A.
Balcom, Charles E.
Balcom, Charles P.
Balcom, Charles R.
Balcom, Frank A.
Ball, Charles W.
Ball, Earl H.
Ball, Ellen L.
Ball, Velma A.
Ball, Wilfred L.
Ballou, A. E. M.
Ballou, David M.
Ballou, William A.
Barden, Etta J.
Barker, William L.
Barnard, Alfred A.
Barnard, Frank W.
Barnes, Mabel F.
Barnes, William W.
Barrett, John
Barrows, Albert C.
Barrows, Charles H.
Barrows, Harvey H.
Barstow, Edmund S.
Bartlett, Martha A.
Barton, George E.
Barton, William F.
Bassett, Charles E.
Bater, William H.
Bates, Edward L.
Bates, Ralph E.
Bates, William D.
Bay State Pen Co.
Bay State Tap & Die Co.
Bayley, John F.
Beaden, J. M., Mrs.
Beal, Ellen J.
Beaman, John
Beaton, Hugh D.
Beatty, John
Belcher, Joseph
Belcher, Leonard T.
bell, Robert
Bellew, Patrick H.
Bellew, Thomas
Bennett, Oren
Bent, Ralph S.
Berry, Arthur T.
Berry, John H.
Berry, Margaret
Berry, William T.
Bersilli, Gainno
Bessom, Betsy W.
Bessom, Cora A.
Bessom, George E.
Bessom, Henry F.
Bessom, Lewis
Bessom, Mary A.,
Bessom, William C.
Betts, Charles T.
Betts, May
Bigelow, Alfred M.
billings, Charles H.
Bird, Maria
Birkenhead, John
Black, Alexander J.
Black, Henry D.
Blaisdell, Ellen
Blaisdell, James A.
Blake, Charles A.
Blake, Frank W.
Blake, J. A., Mrs.
Blake, Jacob A.
Blake, Josephine
Bliss, Ada L.
Bliss, Fred S.
Blossom, Henry C.
Bolton, Arthur S.
Bolton, Lewis
Bonney, Charles A.
Bonney, Joseph F.
Bonney, William H.
Booker, Charles W.
Booth, Charles A.
Booth, Edwin A.
Booth, James
Booth, Mary A.
Booth, William F.
Bourne, Charles H.
Bourne, Gilman H.
Bourne, Richard
Bowley, Ernest F.
Boyd, Charles E.
Boyd, Everett W.
Boyd, William F.
Boyden, T. Dexter
Boylet, James H.
Bragg, Charles A.
Bragg, Charles H.
Bragg, Everett W.
Bragg, George H.
Bragg, Jacob
Brawn, Frank P.
Brawn, Marion
Briggs, Alfred
Briggs, Alfred A.
Briggs, Charles E.
Briggs, Frank E.
Briggs, Rose A.
Briggs, William F.
Brintnell, Calista
Brintnell, Charles
Brintnell, Elmer E.
Brintnell, Thomas O.
Britton, Louis N.
Brod, John
Brooks, Albert L.
Brooks, Frank
Brown, Clinton E.
Brown, Curtis M.
Brown, Emery E.
Brown, George A.
Brown, H. Ernest
Brown, Harry A.
Brown, Harry M.
Brown, Hattie M.
Brown, Henry M.
Brown, Herbert E.
Brown, Jane
Brown, Lyman
Brown, Richard A.
Brown, Samuel A.
Brown, W. B. & H. E.
Brown, William
Brown, William B.
Brown, William N.
Brown, William R.
Brown, William T.
Brummitt, Horatio
Brundridge, William T.
Brunell, Charles
Brutcher, John M.
Bryant, Chester A.
Bryant, James G.
Bryant, John C.
Bryant, Nancy
Bryant, Reuben P.
Bryant, Wallace H.
Bubbins, Walter
Bucher, Charles J.
Buck, Abbott E.
Buck, Alphonzo T.
Buck, Ellen S.
Buck, George
Buck, Minnie C.
Budlong, George E.
Bullard, Amos E.
Burdick, Elmer
Burk, Napoleon A.
Burk, Patrick,
Burkett, Nivan C.
Burnell, Alva W.
Burnell, C. N.
Burnell, F. M. E.
Burrows, Percy S.
Burt & Willis
Burt, Alfred W.
Burt, Annabelle C.
Burt, B. Warren
Burt, Fred A.
Butler, Lucius A.
Butterworth, Herbert W.
Butterworth, Joseph T.
Butterworth, William J.
Byrnes, John W.
Cabot, Charles L.
Cabot, Ferdinand W.
Cabot, Fred A.
Cady, Frank L.
Cady, Garfield L.
Cahill, James
Cahill, John
Cain, George
Campbell, Charles H.
Campbell, James H.
Campbell, John J.
Campbell, Margaret
Campbell, William S.
Campbill & McCann
Canoe Golf Club
Canuso, James
Capron, Susan
Card, S. W. Mfg. Co.
Card, S. W.,
Carew, Vicy
Carlos, Henry
Carlson, Herman
Carpenter, Addie
Carpenter, Anson E.
Carpenter, Elizabeth
Carpenter, Elwin A.
Carpenter, Lewis A.
Carruth, Charles M.
Catalona, Frank
Catalona, Pasquale
Catalona, Patrick
Catholic Society
Chadderton, Benjamin H.
Chadderton, Elizabeth
Chadderton, John W.
Chadwick, Fred R.
Chadwick, Robert T.
Chafe, James
Chafe, John
Chapman, Dana C.
Chapman, James A.
Chapman, John C.
Chapman, Samuel
Chapman, Samuel C.
Chapman, Smith A.
Chase, Albert
Chase, Albert E.
Chase, Charles E.
Chase, Charles H.
Chase, Everett
Chase, W. L.
Cheevers, Arthur V.
Cheevers, Clarence H.
Cheevers, Margaret
Cheevers, Martha
Cheevers, Orville C.
Cheevers, Walter C.
Childs, Alfred
Chilson Foundry Co.
Chisley, Alvin P.
Clapp, Andrew F.
Clapp, George L.
Clapp, John H.
Clark, Ansel K.
Clark, Hepsibah S.
Clark, James
Clark, Preston D.
Clark, William E.
Clark, William S.
Cliff, John L.
Clough, John
Clough, Willard E.
Cobb, A. W.,
Cobb, Carroll S.
Cobb, Dallas W.
Cobb, Edgar F.
Cobb, Esther M.
Cobb, F. M. & J. L.
Cobb, Florence A.
Cobb, Frank M.
Cobb, Harry A.
Cobb, Henry A.,
Cobb, Henry W.
Cobb, J. W. & J. R.
Cobb, James R.
Cobb, John W.
Cobb, Justin L.
Cobb, Leon T.
Cobb, Ruel E.
Cobb, Viola
Coburn, David A.
Codding, Abbie K.
Codding, Elwood C.
Codding, LaRoy
Codding, Rosco
Codding, Samuel C.
Codding, William L.
Cody, Patrick
Coffey, James M.
Coldwell, Frank
Cole, Albert F.
Cole, Albert N.
Cole, Egbert D.
Cole, Mary,
Collins, Albert R.
Collins, Asael E.
Collins, Clarence E.
Collins, Elwood W.
Collins, Frank W.
Collins, Jennie
Collins, John C.
Collins, William L.
Columbus Club
Comery & Co.
Comery, Chas. R.
Conlin, William B.
Conners, Edward F.
Conners, Margaret
Conrod, Arthur C.
Conrod, Charles E.
Conrod, John W.
Cook, Abner B.,
Cook, Clinton H.
Cook, Clinton W.
Cook, Elliott L.
Cook, Henry O.
Cook, John F.
Cook, John W.
Cook, Oliver P.
Cooke, W. Allen
Coombs, Merton C.
Cooney, James
Cooney, John F.
Cooney, Matthew
Copeland, Elijah,
Copeland, Elizabeth
Copeland, William A.
Corbett, Arthur W.
Corbett, Henry H.
Corcoran, John A.
Corey, Charles L.
Corey, Charles T.
Corey, George L.
Corey, J. Osborne
Cortillo, L.
Cortillo, Salino
Cottrell, Albert
Cottrell, Thomas
Cox, Alfred T.
Cox, William S.
Coyle, Thomas H.
Crane, Charles N.
Creeden, D. E.
Creeden, Dennis
Creeden, Margaret
Creeden, Timothy
Crockett, Henry C.
Cross, Soloman T.
Crowley, Walter A.
Cruser, Alfred
Cruser, George A.
Cruser, Paul T.
Cuguzzo, John
Cullen, James
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, Roger T.
Curran, Catherine
Curran, James H.
Curran, William J.
Currier, George G.
Currivan, James
Curtin, John, Heirs
Curtis, Byron F.
Cushing, Florence T.
Cushing, Lucas
Cutting, Albert R.
Cutting, Bertha A.
Cutting, Lewis N.
Cutting, Thomas N.
Dacy, Daniel
Dacy, Daniel,
Dacy, Thomas J.
Dacy, William H.
Daley, Philip
Dalton, John
Daly, James
Daly, William J.
Damrell, John S.
Daniels, David R.
Daniels, Guy V.
Darmedy, William S.
Davenport, John
Davidson, Edward F.
Davis, Alex C.,
Davis, Alexander
Davis, Anson
Davis, Arthur E.
Davis, george
Davis, Harry A.
Davis, Thos. D.
Davis, William G.
Davol, Fred H.
Day, A. B. & Co.
Day, Alfred B.
Day, Sarah
Dean & Stratton
Dean, Alice E.
Dean, Alletta F.
Dean, Henry W.
Dean, Martha
Dean, Nellie S.
Dean, Otis B.
Dean, Thos. W. D.
Deane, Walter E.
Dearborn, John F.
DeForest, Arthur
Delaney, John J.
Dennehy, JohnJ.
Dennen, William F.
DePattie, A. F., Mrs.
DePattie, Arthur F.
DeSilva, Joseph
DeWolf, Earnest A.
DeWolf, Francis
Dexter, William F.
Dexter, William H.
Dinsmore, Lucy M.
Dinsmore, Otis F.
Dixon, John
Dixon, Ritson R.
Donoghue, Henry
Donoghue, John
Donoghue, Patrick, heirs
Donovan, David J.
Doty, Charity
Doty, Charles F.
Doty, Henry H.
Dowd, John
Dowd, Thomas
Drake, Charles H.
Drake, Elmore A.
Drake, Emily B.
Drake, Frances
Drake, George T.
Drew, Abel
Drew, Prince A.
Dring, Henry L.
Driscoll, Cornelius J.
Dryden, Horace W.
Duguid, Peter
Dunham, A. O.
Dunham, Mary E.
Dunn, Charles M.
Dunn, John
Dunn, John A.
Dunn, John R.
Dunn, Michael A.
Dunn, Morris
Dunne, Charles A.
Dunne, Sarah
Dupree, Eugene
Duquet, Wilfred M.
Dustin, Fred J.
Dustin, Josiah
Earle & Prew Ex. Co.
Eastman, Charles H.
Eastman, William A.
Eastman, William G.
Eaton, Leonard
Eaton, William H.
Eddy, David M.
Edes, Alvin P.
Edgerly, Josephine
Edwards, Pierpont M.
Edwards, Susan C.
Elderidge, Carrie
Emmons, Harry T.
Engler, John J.
Enright, Thomas
Episcopal Society
Este, William P.
Estey, Melvin T.
Evans, Frank J.
Evans, George F.
Evans, Walter G.
Everett, DeWitt C.
Fairbanks, F. D. & H. E.
Fairbanks, Francis D.
Fairbanks, Henry E.
Farrington, Delia
Ferguson, Thomas
Findley, Alfred S.
Findley, James W.
Finnegan, John D.
Fisher, Charles W.
Fisher, Dana W.
Fisher, Daniel
Fisher, David
Fisher, E. Jasper
Fisher, Eva
Fisher, Frank M.
Fisher, Fred E.
Fisher, George B.
Fisher, Harry A.
Fisher, Harry R.
Fisher, Nancy B.
Fiske, George A.
Fiske, George A. W.
Fiske, William P.
Fitch, William F.
Fitts, Edward P.
Flaven, Catherine
Flaven, John
Flaven, John A.
Flint, B. K.
Flint, Benjamin
Flood, John H.
Foley, John J.
Foley, Martin J.
Foley, William
Foley, William P.
Forbes, Robert
Forrest, Albertus H.
Forrester, J. Archie
Forsythe, Amy B.
Forsythe, George W.
Foster, George L.
Foster, Luella P.
Foulkes, George T.
Foulkes, Samuel C.
Fox, Ann
Fox, Daniel H.
Fox, Frank B.
Fox, Thomas J.
Franklin, John
Freeman, George B.
Freeman, Walter H.
Freeman, William A.
French, Asa P., Mrs.
French, George B.
French, S. Frederick
Friary, Thomas
Friedel, Jacob
Frost, A. F.
Fuller, Alden
Fuller, Alphonso T.
Fuller, Betsy W.
Fuller, E. W.
Fuller, Edgar W.
Fuller, Elbridge A.
Fuller, H. C.
Fuller, Herbert C.
Fuller, John E.
Fuller, Leon E.
Fuller, W. C. Co.
Fuller, William C.
Fuller, Wm. H.
Fullerton, Avery A.
Fulton, Joseph
Fulton, Joseph A.
Fulton, Thomas
Fusi, Stephen
Gaffney, William A.
Gager, E. E.
Gaines, Peter
Galliger, John
Gallipeau, Alexander
Gallup, Charles F.
Gardner, Emma
Garland, Jennie M.
Garland, Sidney A.
Garriepy, Edward H.
Gavil, Charles
Gay, Cassius M.
Gay, George
Gaynor, John E.
Gaynor, Joseph
Geddis, George E.
George, Eliza O.
George, Guilford A.
George, Marion L.
George, Matthew
George, T. Willard
Gerry, Charles R.
Gerry, James E.
Gerry, William L.
Gery, Howard F.
Getchell, Herbert S.
Gibbons, Charles E.
Gibbons, John
Gibbs, Ralph A.
Gifford, Benjamin F.
Giles, George W.
Gilnes, Abbie E.
Gilson, John
Ginty, Flora A.
Ginty, James
Glines, Anson W.
Glines, Frank A.
Glines, George M.
Goodson, James
Goodson, James E.
Goodwin Sisters
Gookin, John
Gott, George T.
Goward, Edson,
Goyea, Louisa
Goyea, W. A.
Goyea, Wilfred A.
Graham, Charles, Jr.
Grant, Everett I.
Grant, Ira L.
Graves, William
Gray, Ira C.
Green, Herman M.
Green, Margaret
Green, Nrlson S.
Greenwood, Thomas
Griffin, F. S.
Griffin, James H.
Griswold, Arthur I.
Griswold, Edward S.
Griswold, George
Griswold, Harry L.
Griswold, Jefferson R.
Grover, Albert A.
Grover, Albert V.
Grover, Cephas P.
Grover, David B.
Grover, George H.,
Grover, John W.
Grover, Thomas,
Grover, William E.
Guikd, Elisha F.
Hadlock, Fred H.
Hagerty, Charles C.
Hall, Charles E.
Hall, George E., Mrs.
Hall, George W.
Hall, Mary J.
Hall, Myra P.
Hallet, Charles L.
Hallet, George H.
Hallet, Henry W.
Hallet, Merigen H.
Halliday, John R.
Halliday, Thomas W.
Halliday, William
Ham, Oliver D.
Hamilton, George L.
Hamilton, Henry C.
Hanaford, John
Hanaford, W. Frank
Hannon, Amy
Hannon, James E.
Hanrahan, Charles L.
Hanson, May
Harding, D. E., Mrs.
Harding, David E.
Harding, Henry I.
Hardon, A. J.
Hardon, Charles M.
Hardon, N. H.
Hardy, Charles
Hardy, Eugene J.
Hargraves, James E.
Harnden, George P.
Harrigan, James
Harrigan, John
Harrigan, John H.
Harrigan, Timothy
Harrington, M. E.
Harris, Andrew J.
Harris, Carrie S.
Harris, Samuel T.
Harris, Susie
Harris, William S.
Harrison, Albert E.
Harrison, Charles
Harrison, Charles II
Harrison, William
Hart, Bridget
Hart, James
Hart, Mary
Hart, Patrick
Hartley, John W.
Hartwell, Bert A.
Hartwell, C. LaRoy
Hartwell, Cora
Hartwell, Frank H.
Hartwell, S. A., Mrs.
Harvey, Alvah C.
Haskell, Charles
Hastings, Charles H.
Hastings, Eugene
Hatch, Chester
Hatch, William C.
Haule, H. Benjamin
Hawes, Charles P.
Hawes, Edward
Hawes, Luther W.
Hayes, Daniel
Hayes, Thomas
Hayhurst, Jacob
Hayhurst, Robert
Hayward, Lysander A.
Hazeltine, E. H.
Heath, James E.
Henreux, Joe L.
Henry, Albert J.
Henry, D. Lewis
Henry, Daniel L.
Henry, George T.
Henry, James A.
Henry, Thomas
Henshaw, George W.
Herrick, Dennis
Hewins, William E.
Hewitt, Frank E.
Hibbert, George E.
Hibbert, Joshua, Mrs.
Hibbert, Reginald
Hibbert, Thomas
Hicks, Alfred
Higgins, Bridget
Higgins, David
Higgins, John F.
Higgins, Louisa
Hilaire, Louis St.
Hill, Bernie E.
Hill, Etta N.
Hill, George K.
Hill, Nettie C.
Hilton, George W.
Hines, Henry
Hirth, Mary
Hirth, Minnie
Hoare, Harry
Hodges, Albert T.
Hodges, Betsy
Hodges, Charles M.
Hodges, DeW. B.
Hodges, Edward B.
Hodges, Emily A.
Hodges, Emma L.
Hodges, Fred G.
Hodges, George B.
Hodges, George E.
Hodges, Isaac G.
Hodges, James L.
Hodges, James O.
Hodges, Jesse R.
Hodges, Lloyd B.
Hodges, Mary L.
Hodges, Maynard P.
Hodges, Mortimer M.
Hodges, Valorous B.
Hodges, William B.
Hodges, Wilton D.
Hodgskins, William
Holden, John
Holden, Julius C.
Holden, Mary J.
Holder, Veasey
Hollis, Elmer E.
Hollis, Moses
Holman, Charles E.
Holman, Hiram
Holmes & Newcomb
Holmes, Andrew
Holmes, Austin
Holmes, C. F. & Co.
Holmes, Charles F.
Holmes, D. F.
Holmes, J. M.
Holmes, L. M.
Holmes, Lizzie M.
Holmes, S. J.
Holmes, Sarah J.
Holt, G. W. D.
Holt, Gertrude C.
Holt, Samuel B.
Hopper, Douglas
Hopper, Stephen
Horsfield, William E.
Horton, Albert S.
Horton, Allen M.
Horton, Sophia R.
Houghton, A. E.
Houghton, Cornelius
Houghton, Cornelius J.
Howard, Annie
Howard, Charles F.
Howard, Robert
Howe, John H.
Howe, John W.
Howland, Sarah J.
Howlet, John
Hubbard, Henry
Hubbard, LeRoy
Huber, Martin
Huber, Peter
Hudson, Almond L.
Hudson, Henry P.
Hunt, Albert W.
Hunt, Ephraim A.
Hunt, Horace V.
Hunter, Frank R.
Hurley, Edward
Hurley, Harry
Hurley, P. H.
Huston, Walter B.
Hutchinson, John
Ide, John E.
Jackson, Henry
Jackson, Lawrence
Jacobs, Nathan
Jamieson, William
Janes, John E.
Janes, Joseph H.
Janes, Maria
Janes, Mark E.
Janes, Maud E.
Janes, William C.
Jenkinson, Robert
Jerauld, Adrian F.
Johnson, Alfred H.
Johnson, Daniel N.
Johnson, Paul W.
Johnson, William
Johnson, William T.
Jones, Annie M.
Jones, Elmer E.
Jones, John
Jones, L. Leslie
Jones, Mary B.
Keach, Stephen F.
Keating, Thomas
Keefe, David, Jr.
Keenan, Elsworth E.
Keenan, Minot A.
Keenan, William E.
Keith, Fred G.
Keith, Harry H.
Keith, Herbert L.
Keith, J. C.
Keith, M. M.
Kelly, Michael
Kelly, Robert M.
Kendall, George F.
Kendricks, James
Kenna, Charles
Kennedy, Geo. S., Mrs.
Kennedy, James W.
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Morris
Keyes, Oliver P.
King, Andrew D.
King, Herbert E.
King, LaRoy
Kingman, Charles F.
Kingman, Harriet
Kingsley, Everett
Kirkpatrick, A.
Kirkpatrick, L. F.
Kirkpatrick, Mrs.
Kittrell, Charles H.
Kittrell, Ida E.
Knowles, William A.
Knox, Frank E.
Kovitch, Louis
LaBell, Michael
Ladd, William E.
LaFountain, Frank J.
Lahey, Ellen
LaMarre, Joseph A.
Lane, Amos W.
Lane, Henry E.
Lane, Josephine W.
Langill, Elijah B.
Langill, Sarah E.
Laraway, William A.
Larcome, William
Latham, B. Mowry
Lawrence, Armand M.
Lawrence, Armand M., Jr.
Lawson, Sebulon
Lawton, Daniel T.
Lawton, Frank N.
Lawton, Horatio M.
Leareaux, Joseph
Leary, John
Leavitt, Annie
Leavitt, Fanny J.
Leavitt, George F.
Leavitt, Georgetta A.
Leavitt, Gilmore P.
Leavitt, Herbert M.
Leavitt, William F.
LeBarron, P.
Ledwick, Christopher
Ledwick, Christopher M.
Lee, Charles A.
Lee, Mary
Leeds, Theodore A.
Lehan, Dennis
Leonard, Almira H.
Leonard, Archie D.
Leonard, Daniel
Leonard, Gustavus D.
Leonard, Gustavus E.
Leonard, Herman
Leonard, J. W.
Leonard, Joseph W.
Leonard, Mary E.
Leonard, Pardon T.
Leonard, Walter W.
Leonard, William E.
Leveque, Peter
Lewis, George
Lincoln, Alex A.
Lincoln, Harvey E.
Lincoln, James A.
Lincoln, Lidora L.
Lindley, Alonzo
Lindley, Mary
Linford, Joseph
Lipman, Joseph G.
Lippitt & Follansbee
Lishman, Alexander R.
Lishman, Hattie
Lishman, John A.
Little, Thad. C.
Livermore, Arthur
Lord, Frank E.
Lord, Oscar C.
Lovell, Samuel C.
Lovell, Willard C.
Lowney Chocolate Co.
Lowney, Walter M.
Lucas, I. W., Mrs.
Lucas, Isaac W.
Lucas, Lloyd A.
Lunderville, M. D.
Lyman, Arthur
Lyman, John H.
Lynch, Charles H.
Lynch, Ellen
Lynch, Richard
Lynch, Richard F.
Lyons, Carrie E.
Lyons, Charles D.
Lyons, William
Lyons, William H.
Lyons, Winnifred
Macnair, William M.
Macomber, Edward S.
Madden, James J.
Mahoney, J. Jeremiah
Mahoney, Jeremiah
Mahoney, John
Major, William
Makepeace, Bertrand L.
Makepeace, P. I.
Malloy, Daniel J.
Malloy, James F.
Malloy, Timothy J.
Manchester, Thomas
Manchester, Thomas A.
Manning, James B.
Manning, John C.
Manning, M. B.
Manning, William L.
Mansfield Furnace & Coal
Mansfield Land Co.
Mansfield Lumber Co.
Mansfield Water Supply 
Mansfield, Braiding Co.
Marcus, Nathan
Marden, Walter B.
Marsh, William N.
Martin, Frank
Martin, John M.
Martin, John W.
Martin, LaRoy S.
Martin, William C.
Mason, Austin
Mason, Eugene
Mason, Eugene H.
Mason, Harry F.
Mason, Oscar
Mason, Ralph E.
Masonic Building Assoc.
Matthews & McDermott
Matthews, Edward A.
Mayne, Alice
Mayne, Frank
McAlpine, C. A.
McCann, William F.
McCarthy, James H.
McCarthy, Lawrence
McCarthy, William H.
McCauley, James
McClure, George
McCool, James T.
McCormack, George F.
McDermott, John H.
McDermott, William P.
McDonald, Josephine
McDonald, Lorn
McGuinn, Edward J.
McKay, Catherine
McKay, Donald
McKay, Joseph
McKeg, Daniel
McKenzie, James
McKenzie, William
McLaughlin, Alonzo
McMillian, John
McNair, Thomas
McRae, Alexander H.
McRae, Carrie
McRae, Edson
McWilliam, Henry G.
McWilliams, Alton L.
Mead, John F.
Meader, Melvin W.
Mears, Fred G.
Mees, Henry A.
Mees, John A.
Mees, Joseph G.
Mees, Mary
Mees, Peter
Merill, William S.
Merrill, Edward E.
Methodist Emmanuel Soc.
Methodist Society
Miller, Elbridge E.
Miller, Elsworth F.
Miller, Frank A.
Miller, Gilbert W.
Mills, Hattie
Mills, William C.
Mitchel, John
Mongan, Ed. J.
Monroe, Fred J.
Moore, Elton C.
Moore, Jesse B.
Moore, Rufus E.
Moorhouse, George
Moorhouse, J. Delmer
Moorhouse, William
Moorhouse, William F.
Moran, Andrew
Moran, James G.
Moran, William N.
Morse & Butterworth
Morse, Charles P.
Morse, Clifford G.
Morse, E. Burnside
Morse, Elgin E.
Morse, George F.
Morse, George H.
Morse, Harrison A.
Morse, J. Adelbert
Morse, James M.
Morse, Lizzie A.
Morse, Martha E.
Morse, Sanford A.
Morse, Vesta
Morse, William J.
Moseley, F. C.
Mowry, William I.
Murphy, Alexander
Murphy, Catherine A.
Murphy, Fred M.
Murphy, John
Murphy, John A.
Murphy, John J.
Murphy, Mary A.
Murphy, Mary L.
Murphy, Vincent M.
Murray, Jeremiah J.
Murray, Paul C.
Murray, Samuel A.
Murray, William B.
Myers, Charles T.
Mystic Club
Nelson, Andrew
Nelson, Robert F.
Nelson, Thomas H.
Newall, James
Newman, Samuel
Nichols, Percy R.
Nickerson, Norman
Nobes, John
Noble, Elizabeth
Noonan, William J.
Norfolk & Bristol St. RR
Norfolk & Taunton St. RR
Norman, George G.
Nye, Delia C.
Oakes, Charles S.
Olliff, John T.
Olliff, William
Olney, Herbert C.
Olney, Richard H.
O'Malley, Patrick
O'Rourke, John
Osborne, George R.
Osier, Albert
Packard, Alice S.
Packard, Edwin
Packard, Ida M.
Packard, Joseph F.
Packard, Lewis S.
Packard, W. M. & L. S.
Packard, William M.
Packard, William W.
Paddleford, Everett L.
Paine, Edgar C.
Paine, Edward P.
Paine, Frederick
Paine, Harry P.
Paine, Henry N.
Paine, Howard N.
Paine, Laura A.
Palladino, Felice
Palmer, Charles D.
Palmer, Susan E.
Palmer, William A.
Parker, Frank M.
Parker, Frank Wesley
Parker, George F.
Parker, Robert E.
Parmenter, William E.
Parsons, William L.
Partington, Thomas
Patriquin, Abram
Patten, Harry C.
Patten, Ruddle C.
Patterson, Edwin
Patterson, Lorena R.
Patterson, William H.
Paulson, James A.
Peabody, Burton W.
Pearce, Amos A.
Pearce, Catherine B.
Pearce, Dutee J.
Pearse, Pauline W.
Pearse, Shepard S.
Percival, Thomas
Perkins, David H.
Perkins, Howard
Perry, Albert
Perry, Albert E.
Perry, Fred D.
Perry, Harriet F.
Perry, Henry A.
Perry, Horace T.
Perry, W. H. & D. D.
Perry, William F.
Peterson, Fred K.
Phillips, Charles H.
Phillips, George
Phillips, Harrison A.
Phillips, Helen
Phillips, John N.
Phillips, Orin
Phinney, Oliver K.
Phipps, Eldred L.
Phipps, Henry T.
Pilkington, John
Pilling, Chas. R.
Pingree, Fred H.
Pitman, Charles I.
Pitman, Charles L.
Pitman, Edward G.
Pitman, Ernest L.
Podran, David M.
Pond, Charles F.
Pond, Edgar A.
Pond, Sarah
Porteous, Henry A.
Porter, Augustus R.
Porter, Walter A.
Portmore, Nettie A.
Powers, Edward R.
Powers, Joseph
Powers, Mary
Powers, Michael
Powers, Thomas
Pratt, Charles H.
Pratt, Ellen M.
Prentiss, Fred L.
Priest, George W.
Provost, Leon
Pulsifer, Guy W.
Pulsifer, Joseph D.
Purdy, Adelbert A.
Purdy, Reuben
Purdy, William R.
Rand, J. Herbert
Randall, Charles H.
Rathbun, Charles W.
Rathbun, George E.
Rathbun, Herbert A.
Rathbun, Hiram E.
Rathbun, John E.
Ray, Jacob
Record, William H.
Redmond, Mary
Redmond, Timothy
Reed & Wetherell
Reed, Carroll
Reed, Earl E.
Reed, Frank H.
Reed, Fred S.
Reed, Hiram B.
Reed, Lorenzo R.
Reed, Peddy S.
Reid, Thomas J.
Rhyno, Joseph
Rice, Louis P.
Richards, George L.
Richards, Lewis A.
Richardson & Bottomly
Richardson, Alonzo H.
Richardson, Alonzo H., Jr.
Richardson, Charles A.
Richardson, Daniel C.
Richardson, Edward O.
Richardson, Martha
Richmond, Edward A.
Richmond, Elizabeth A.
Rider, J. E. & W. H.
Rider, Joseph E.
Rider, William E.
Rigby, John
Riley, Charles H.
Ring, Dana
Ring, F. Carlton
Ring, George A.
Ring, Margaret
Ring, Rufus H.
Ring, Samuel A.
Ring, Samuel H.
Ritchie, Bruce
Riverside Japannery
Robbins, Adelia
Robbins, Roland H.
Robbins, Thomas S.
Robbins, William B.
Roberts, Charles F.
Roberts, Henry A.
Roberts, Neville C.
Roberts, Tamsin J.
Robinson, Augustus G.
Robinson, Charles G.
Robinson, Elizabeth W.
Robinson, George F.
Robinson, Gershom C.
Robinson, Hartwell G.
Robinson, Herbert B.
Robinson, Jacob F.
Robinson, W. & W. L.
Robinson, William L.
Robinson, William W.
Rogers, George A.
Rogers, Johannah E.
Rogers, John H.
Rogers, John W.
Rogers, Martha J.
Rogers, Mary E.
Rogers, William F.
Rogerson & Winter
Rogerson, A. V.
Rogerson, Carrie R.
Rogerson, Ralph C.
Rogerson, W. B.
Rossengarten, Phillip
Rothwell, John T.
Rourke, Bridgett
Rourke, James H.
Rourke, Minnie
Rundlett, Guy
Rust, Edward P.
Rutherford, John
Rutherford, Lucy
Ryerson, Perley
Sally, George N.
Sally, Laura
Sanderson, Frank W.
Sanford, Walter E.
Sargent, Harry B.
Sargent, Jerome
Sawyer, Edward
Sawyer, George E.
Sawyer, Jesse
Sawyer, Marion Gerrish
Scanlon, James
Scholes & Grover
Scholes, Howard K.
Scholes, S. Emmons
Scholes, Shadrach
Scrymgeour, Frank M.
Seagraves, Charles A.
Seaver, Abram
Seaver, Charles L.
Seaver, Martin T.
Seaver, William L.
Seiwerts, Fred E.
Selee, Ira J.
Senecal, Henry
Senior, John
Sharp, Joseph G.
Shaughnessy, John
Shaw, Baylies L.
Shaw, Bowman J.
Shaw, George E.
Shaw, Horace
Shaw, Rebecca
Shaw, Stillman B.
Shea, Martin
Sheehan, Phillip
Sheldon, Frank V.
Sheldon, Henry J.
Sheldon, Henry T.
Sheldon, Samuel
Shenett, Charles E.
Shenett, Jared B.
Shenett, Rodney O.
Shepard, Albert L.
Shepard, Elmer M.
Shepard, Everett H.
Shepard, F. Schuyler
Shepard, Frank W.
Shepard, Hayden E.
Shepard, Henry A.
Shepard, Julia
Shepard, Lewis R.
Shepardson, Frank F.
Shepardson, Frank O.
Shepardson, John
Sherman & Brown
Sherman, Arthur L.
Sherman, Elbridge G.
Sherman, Frank I.
Sherman, George G.
Sherman, Hezekiah E.
Sherman, Jessie
Sherman, Stephen E.
Sherman, Walter I.
Shields Foundry Co.
Shields, Annie
Shields, Annie F.
Shields, Arthur E.
Shields, George C.
Shields, H. E. & C. L.
Shields, Mary E.
Shields, Patrick
Shultz, Herman
Simmons, W. R.
Sisson, John A.
Skinner, Adoniram J.
Skinner, Agnes
Skinner, Apollos
Skinner, Barnard L.
Skinner, Bernard A.
Skinner, Edward L.
Skinner, Frank D.
Skinner, H. G. O.
Skinner, Henry G.
Skinner, Mary C.
Skinner, Thomas H.
Skinner, Warren J.
Skinner, William W.
Sliney, Bartholomew
Sliney, Bridget
Sliney, Timothy
Small, Arthur
Smiley, David
Smiley, Nellie D.
Smith, Albert H.
Smith, D. Oscar
Smith, Elvin L.
Smith, Frances & Eliza
Smith, Frank T.
Smith, Franklin
Smith, Fred J.
Smith, Freeman J.
Smith, Grace & Phebe
Smith, Harriet L.
Smith, James B.
Smith, James F.
Smith, James M.
Smith, Jane N.
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Joseph W.
Snow, Albertus L.
Snow, Chester A.
Snow, William C.
Sodergren, John A.
Somers, John
Somers, William
Somers, William F.
Somerville, Charles
Somerville, John M.
Soper, Arthur E.
Spaulding, Doliver S.
Spaulding, Franc W.
Spaulding, Julia A.
Spooner, W. S. P.
Staples, Ida E.
Staples, Willis A.
Steadman, Frank
Stearns, Caroline W.
Stearns, Charles H.
Stearns, Elijah W.
Stearns, George H.
Stearns, Henry L.
Stearns, Hepsibah
Stearns, Marion E.
Stearns, Susan A.
Stearns, W. L. & Son
Stewart, Louisana
Stoddard, Budd
Stone, Chester F.
Stone, Emily S.
Stone, Harry F.
Stone, John
Stott, James
Stratton, Edward C.
Strese, August
Strople, Gordon B.
Strople, Henry G.
Strople, Lee
Strople, Leon E.
Strople, Robert B.
Sturtevant, Charles H.
Sullivan, Daniel
Sullivan, John W.
Sullivan, Patrick
Sutherland, Lilla F.
Sweet, Benj. F.
Sweet, Chester W.
Sweet, E. J. & J. B.
Sweet, Edward J.
Sweet, Frank R.
Sweet, George B.
Sweet, Henry E.
Sweet, Henry L.
Sweet, Mary
Sweet, William B.
Sweet, William O.
Sweet, William R.
Swift, H. Russell
Swift, John H.
Tallon, Edward
Tattree, Abram
Tattree, J. Frank
Tattree, Sidney A.
Tattree, William L.
Taylor, Nathaniel W.
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, Wallace W.
Taylor, William
Tebbetts, Albert R.
Tebbetts, Joseph N.
Teed, Robert S.
Thayer, Clinton J.
Thayer, Elizabeth A.
Thayer, Enoch
Therieau, F. J.
Thomas, Henry H.
Thompson, Alex T.
Thompson, Bertha Reed
Thompson, Emma D.
Thompson, Mary L.
Thompson, Safford N.
Tibbitts, Calvin M.
Tibbitts, Charles C.
Tiffany, Robert F.
Tillson, William D.
Tillson, William H.
Tingley, William F.
Torrence, John F.
Towne, Clark
Towne, Edward F.
Towne, Peter
Treen, Alexander
Treen, Benjamin
Treen, David
Treen, George B.
Treen, Richard O.
Trowbridge, Everett
Trussell, Fred P.
Tucker, Chester A.
Tucker, Daniel L.
Tucker, Isaac, Mrs.
Tucker, Nancy E.
Tumalty, James
Tune, Alexander J.
Turner, Levi S.
Turner, Orlando U.
Tuttle & Dinsmore
Tuttle, James H.
Tuttle, James M.
Tuttle, John L.
Tuttle, William C.
Tweedy, Charles A.
Tweedy, Oliver J.
Tyler, Albert C.
Ulm, Fred K.
Valenti, Arthur
Vallette, Fred M.
Valquette, Joseph
Venkeort, Lewis
Vernon, Joseph I.
Vickery, Benjamin D.
Wade, Ernest L.
Wadsworth Braiding Co.
Waggott, John H.
Waggott, Mary A.
Walker, Alpheus
Walker, Charles E.
Walker, George
Walker, Phillip S.
Walker, Warren E.
Wallace, Edward J.
Wallace, Gilbert
Walsh Sisters
Walsh, P. Henry
Walsh, Patrick
Ward, William L.
Wasson, Joseph
Waterman, Henry C.
Waters, James W.
Waters, James, Mrs.
Waters, John
Watts, Edwin S.
Waynes, William
Webster, H. Gordon
Webster, William
Welch, Daniel
Welch, John
Welch, John P.
Welch, Patrick
Welch, Richard T.
Welch, Walter
Weld, Charles F.
Weld, Loretta J.
Wellington, C. R.
Wellington, Charles B.
Wellman, Carl T.
Welsh, J. Howard
Welsh, Serephina C.
Wentworth, Henry T.
Wentworth, Leander
West, Robert H.
Westwood, John
Westwood, May
Wetherbee, Burton R.
Whallen, James E.
Wheeler, Frank E.
Wheeler, George L.
Wheeler, J. Arthur
Wheeler, J. Raymond
Wheeler, Mary L. A.
Wheeler, Russell W.
Wheldon, Ann
Whidden, Charles W.
Whitcomb, George H.
White, Adelbert R.
White, Caroline L.
White, Charles E.
White, Clarence M.
White, Clinton A.
White, David F.
White, Ernest L.
White, Frances A.
White, Frank P.
White, Frederick
White, George
White, George F.
White, Harry L.
White, Henry L.
White, Hiram H.
White, James E.
White, James W.
White, John E.
White, Joseph
White, Louisa J.
White, Lysander B.
White, Napoleon L.
White, Virgil E.
White, W. Kenneth
White, Walter L.
White, Wiliam F.
White, William
White, William E.
White, William J.
White, William P.
Whitford, Alice
Whiting, George W. C.
Whiting, Warner S.
Whittaker, Albert O.
Whittaker, Frank
Whittemore, Milford C.
Whittier, Charles A.
Wilbur, Charles G.
Wilbur, George A.
Wilbur, William G.
Wildes, James W.
Wile, William
Wiley, Abbie F.
Wiley, Daniel W.
Williams, Bradford
Williams, C. P. & J. E. N.
Williams, Charles E.
Williams, Elbridge
Williams, Frank L.
Williams, Harrison A.
Williams, Nancy T.
Willis, C. R. & E. H.
Willis, Clarence R.
Willis, Elmer H.
Willis, Ernest L.
Willis, Henry H.
Willis, Herbert F.
Wills, Effie G.
Wills, Fanny
Wills, Frank T.
Wills, Fred H.
Wills, Oswald
Wills, Reginald O.
Wilmarth, Elias
Wilmarth, Herbert C.
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, Edward H.
Wilson, Eugene F. & Son
Wilson, George L.
Wilson, George R.
Wilson, Henry M.
Wilson, Isabelle F.
Wilson, James
Wilson, John B.
Wilson, John J.
Wilson, John J. & Son
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Louis S.
Wilson, Roger T.
Wilson, Susan C.
Wilson, Susan L.
Wilson, Warren B.
Wilson, William
Winslow, Amanda
Winslow, Ferdinand
Winslow, George
Winslow, George K.
Winter, Charles
Winter, William C.
Winter, William L.
Winthrop Club
Wiswald, William
Witherell, S. H., Mrs.
Wolley, Edwin L.
Wolley, Mary J.
Woods, Frank E.
Worthylake, John H.
Wright, John M.
Wrightington, George
Wrightington, Nancy
Wroe, George
Wroe, Robert
Wroe, Robert L.
Wyght, Eleanor
Wyght, Fred
Wyllie, Fred H.
Wyman, Charles F.
Wynn, Edward R.
Young, Torrey
Alger, Mary E.		West Bridgewater, MA
Allen, Elijah		Providence, RI
Atherton, Jessie	Taunton, MA
Austin, Martha & Ann	Foxborough, MA
Ayer, M. S. & Co.	Boston, MA
Ballentine, Etta	Foxborough, MA
Baraman, Arlon I.	Norton, MA
Beaumont, Sarah		East Foxborough, MA
Bennett, Mary C.	Washington, D. C.
Boston & Providence RR	Boston, MA
Bowen, Lydia A.		Attleborough, MA
Boyden, George E.	Attleborough, MA
Bragg, Sumner A.	Springfield, MA
Briggs & Bowen		Attleborough, MA
Briggs, Edmund		Attleborough, MA
Briggs, Edmund A.	Attleborough, MA
Briggs, George F.	East Foxborough, MA
Briggs, Jacob		Attleborough, MA
Briggs, John S.		Attleborough, MA
Briggs, S. A. & L. E.	Attleborough, MA
Britton, Leander	Stoughton, MA
Britton, Nelson		Providence, RI
Bronson, J.		Attleborough, MA
Brown, Anson		Foxborough, MA
Brown, Marcus		Foxborough, MA
Brown, Mary		Attleborough, MA
Bruce, Charles F.	Boston, MA
Bruce, Charles S.	Norton, MA
Bryant, Edward		Boston, MA
Burgess, Eugene		Attleborough Falls, MA
Carver, Theodore C.	Norton, MA
Chamberlain, C. C.	East Foxborough, MA
Chamberlain, Roland	East Foxborough, MA
Chase, Ella T. Trippe	Providence, RI
Clark, George A.	Providence, RI
Cobb, Alfred A.		North Attleborough, MA
Cobb, Ella M.		Boston, MA
Cobb, Silas H.		Norton, MA
Comey, John F.		New York
Conant, A. F.		Boston, MA
Cook, George T.		Foxborough, MA
Cooper, Alvin N.	Attleborough, MA
Daggett, Coriside	Attleborough Falls, MA
Daniels, Albert J.	Foxborough, MA
Davis, L. R., Mrs.	Taunton, MA
Davis, Leander R.	Taunton, MA
Davis, Rufus H.		Boston, MA
Dean, Betsy B.		Attleborough, MA
Dean, Caroline R.	San Francisco, CA
Dennison, W. W.		East Foxborough, MA
Douglas, James		Providence, RI
Drake, Laban W.		Easton, MA
Drake, Preston		Easton, MA
Durkee, Florence R.	Providence, RI
Farrington, David R.	Lynn, MA
Finnian, Michael	Cambridge, MA
Forrest, Marcus P.	East Foxborough, MA
Foster, Walter E.	Norton, MA
Fox, John E.		San Francisco, CA
Foxborough Savings	Foxborough, MA
Freeman, Hiram S.	Norton, MA
Freeman, Wayne		Taunton, MA
French, Samuel R.	Woburn, MA
Gebhardt, Harriet E.	New York
Green, Hamilton J.	Cottage City, MA
Hardon, Alfred		Foxborough, MA
Hardon, Ellen M.	Foxborough, MA
Hardon, Luther P., Mrs.	Foxborough, MA
Hargreaves, John	Pawtucket, RI
Harlow, Emma K.		Cotuit Port, MA
Harrigan, Jeremiah	Sharon, MA
Hayward, Sarah		Easton, MA
Hayword, T. C.		Attleborough, MA
Hearne, Joseph		Foxborough, MA
Hewes, Laura		Foxborough, MA
Hodges, George & Grace	Attleborough, MA
Hodges, Henry W.	Cotuit Port, MA
Hogner, Richard		Boston, MA
Holmes, John F.		Norton, MA
Houghton, James		Lynn, MA
Howard, Clinton P.	West Bridgewater, MA
Howes, Ida		Somerville, MA
Jackson, G. W.		Boston, MA
Jenkins, J. F., Mrs.	Attleborough, MA
Jones, Bertha A.	Easton, MA
Jones, J. H.		Walpole, MA
Kaulbach, Clara A. C.	Boston, MA
Legg, Elizabeth J.	Cottage City, MA
Leonard, Charles P.	Norton, MA
Leonard, Luen		Norton, MA
Lincoln, Moses		Norton, MA
Maloney, William R.	New York
Mann, Harriet L.	Boston, MA
McDonald, Susie		Norwood, MA
Milliken, Thomas H.	Foxborough, MA
Morse, Tyler		East Foxborough, MA
Myrick, Gideon		Myricks, MA
N. Y., N. H., & H. RR	Boston, MA
Nelson, Herbert		Sharon, MA
Newcomb, Ann M.		Easton, MA
Newcomb, Harriet	Norton, MA
Newcomb, Joseph J.	Easton, MA
Northern Land Co.	Woburn, MA
Norton Reservoir Co.	Taunton, MA
Old Colony R. R. Co.	Boston, MA
Packard, Emma & Georgiana	Easton, MA
Packard, Phillip	Easton, MA
Perkins, Charles H.	Providence, RI
Perry, James L.		New York
Perry, William L.	Foxborough, MA
Pratt, Augustus L.	Norton, MA
Proctor, Ellen F.	Somerville, MA
Robbins, C. M.		Attleborough, MA
Roberts, G. H.		Norwood, MA
Robinson, Sarah		Taunton, MA
Rogers, W. F.		Hingham, MA
Sandholzer, Jennie	Boston, MA
Sawyer, Benjamin F.	New York
Sawyer, James W.	New York
Seward, Harriet		Cranford, NJ
Shaw, Aaron		Attleborough, MA
Shepard, Lewis C.	Washington, D. C.
Shurtleff, Frank M.	Charlestown, MA
Small, R. H.		South Harwich, MA
Smith, C. W.		Easton, MA
Smith, Dwelly G.	Easton, MA
Smith, William		Norton, MA
Snow, Royal D., Mrs.	Norton, MA
Stearns, Arthur B.	Framingham, MA
Swan, Harriet A.	Providence, RI
Sweet & Smith		Norton, MA
Sweet, B. E.		Norton, MA
Sweet, Chester & Arthur	Norton, MA
Sweet, Joseph L.	Attleborough, MA
Thomas, Lewis C.	Brockton, MA
Titus, George L.	Norton, MA
Tune, Sarah J.		Easton, MA
Wade, Frances		Lynn, MA
Watrous, James		Providence, RI
Watson, Clarence L.	Attleborough, MA
Welch, Richard T.	Norwood, MA
Wetherell, Lemuel C.	Norton, MA
White, E. C.		Norton, MA
White, Hattie E.	Ayer, MA
Wilbur, Lemuel K.	Easton, MA
Wilbur, Seth S.		Foxborough, MA
Wild, William		Malden, MA
Willard, Alonzo F.	California
Williams, David B.	Easton, MA
Williams, Emma P.	Easton, MA
Williams, Thomas	Easton, MA
Williams, Thomas E.	Easton, MA
Willis, Dexter M.	Natick, MA
Willis, Horace		Easton, MA
Willis, Loren B.	Norton, MA
Wood, Elizabeth C.	New York
Wood, Joseph		Foxborough, MA
Wood, Mary E.		Norton, MA

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