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Living Female Writers Of The South, 1872

All of the writers listed below have a biography ranging from a few paragraphs to several pages long. If published works are reprinted, they are also listed. For historical or genealogy research, the information should be helpful. Taken form, Living Female Writers Of The South, edited by Mary Tardy & published by Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger of Philadelphia, PA.

From the Introduction, "This intended to embody the names and works of all those ladies who have written for publication, and have been recognized as "writers" in the Southern States...In this collection will be found record of Southern writers, good, bad, and indifferent. I have not pretended to pick the chaff from the wheat. I have made a record of such writers as have written and published sufficient to form a volume, and told the world who they are, and what they have done, and left it to conclude what it has a right to expect from them in the future."
It is interesting to look back over 130 years ago and see which author's work has stood the test of time.

We will copy the biography & related paragraphs for any woman you order.

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Name Works Reprinted State
Anderson, Florence "Florence Anderson, The Poet" A poem by Mary R. T. McAboy;
The World Of The Ideal
Andrews, Fannie A Plea For Red Hair;
Paper Collar Gentility
Bacchus, E. W. Charles Dickens Georgia
Bacon, Julia Will's A Widower Georgia
Bailey, Matilda A.   Louisiana
Ball, Caroline A. The Jacket Of Gray South Carolina
Barnwell, Annie M. On Southern Literature South Carolina
Battey, Sallie J. H. Dreams Kentucky
Beale, Helen G.   Virginia
Bell, M. W. Meriwether The Valley Lilly's Message Kentucky
Bellamy, E. W., Mrs. Four Oaks; A Summer Idyl;
Blount, Annie R. Under The Lamplight Georgia
Borders, Cornelia   Georgia
Branch, Caroline Theresa   Alabama
Bright, Amanda M.   Tennessee
Brock, Sallie A. What Is Life? Virginia
Browne, Emma Alice   Maryland
Bryan, Mary E. Anacreon; & Miserere;
By The Sea; & The Fatal Bracelet;
How Should Women Write?
Burckett, Florence   Louisiana
Canfield, Gertrude A. In The Trenches Louisiana
Castlen, Eppie B. Autumn Days Georgia
Chaudron, Adelaide De V.   Alabama
Cheesborough, Essie B. Renunciation South Carolina
Clack, Louise Grandmother's Faded Flower Louisiana
Clarke, Mary Bayard Aphrodite; & Grief;
Life's Fig Leaves
North Carolina
Clemson, Floride   South Carolina
Coleman, Chapman (and daughters)   Kentucky
Coles, Clara Sabbath Morn Tennessee
Cook, Mary Louise   Georgia
Covington, Virginia Durant   North Carolina
Cowen, Samuella   Louisiana
Cox, S. B., Mrs. Spirit -Whisperings Mississippi
Crane, Anne Moncue Words To A "Lied Ohne Worte";
Winter Wind; & Faith And Hope;
Review of Emily Chester
Crane, Lydia Korner's Battle Home Maryland
Crean, Mary Walsingham Santa Claus;
Bronze John And His Saffron Steed
Cresap, Mary   Louisiana
Creswell, Julia Pleasants The Minstrel Pilot Louisiana
Crossley, M. Louise   Florida
Cruse, Mary A. Waking Of The Blind Girl By The Tones Of The Grand Organ Alabama
Crute, S. S.   Alabama
Cumming, Kate   Alabama
Dalsheimer, Alice   Louisiana
Darden, Fanny A. D. The Old Brigade;
Dargan, Clara V. Jean To Jamie; & Sleeping;
Flirting With Philip
South Carolina
Davidson, Virginia E.   Virginia
Daviess, Marie T. Harvest Hymn;
Value Of Permanence In Home And Vocation
De Milly, Augusta Implora Pace;
Florida Capta
Deas, Fanny M. P.   South Carolina
Dickson, Jeanie A.   South Carolina
Dinnies, Anna Peyre The Wife; & The Love-Letter;
The Blush
Dorr, Julia C. R.   South Carolina
Dorsey, Sarah A. A Texan Prairie; & Agnes Graham;
Refugeeing; & Governor Allen;
The Lauries At Home
Downing, Fanny Murdaugh Sunset Musings North Carolina
Du Bose, Kate A.   Georgia
Dupuy, Eliza A. Daguerreotype From A Dead Mans Eye Kentucky
Edwards, Matilda S.   Virginia
Elder, Susan Blanchard Cleopatra Dying Louisiana
Elliott, Sarah A.   North Carolina
Evans, Augusta J. Review of Macaria & St. Elmo Alabama
Eve, Maria Lou Sincerity In Talking Georgia
Fewell, Laura R. A Virginia Village Virginia
Fisher, Frances C. Valerie Aylmer North Carolina
Ford, Rochester, Mrs. Aunt Peggy's Death Bed Kentucky
Ford, Theodosia   Georgia
Fredair, Anna   Alabama
French, L. Virginia Mammy, A Home Picture Of 1860;
The Broken Sentence
Fullerton, Eleanor So Long Ago Maryland
Gilman, Caroline   South Carolina
Goodale, Mary Green   Louisiana
Graves, Adelia C. Human Sovereignty Tennessee
Griffin, Alice McClure Spirit Landscapes Kentucky
Griswold, Mary Caroline The White Camelia South Carolina
Gwyn, Laura My Palace Of Dreams South Carolina
Hadermann, Jeannette R.   Louisiana
Hardenbrook, Ellie Lee   Maryland
Harper, Eliza Elliott I'll Come In Bright Dreams Louisiana
Harrison, Constance Cary, Mrs.   Virginia
Haw, M. J., Mrs.   Virginia
Hay, M. B., Mrs. Aspasia Louisiana
Heath, M. E., Miss   Virginia
Henry, I. M. Porter Rimmer Alabama
Herron, Fanny E. The Siege Of Murany Florida
Hill, A. P., Mrs.   Georgia
Homes, M. Sophie The Dream-Angel Louisiana
Hooper, Susan C. The Occupation Of Richmond Virginia
Hoskins, Josephine R.   Louisiana
Hunter, Bettie Keyes A Mother's Wish Alabama
Jacobus, Rebecca   Georgia
Jeffrey, Rosa Vertner Florence Vale Kentucky
Jervey, Caroline H. Julia Sleeping;
A Summer Memory
South Carolina
Jordan, Cornelia J. M. Fall Softly, Winter Snow, To-Night;
Flowers For A Wounded Soldier
Kenan, Kate Clifford The Doctor Georgia
Keplinger, E. M., Mrs. Over The River Louisiana
Kermode, Tamar A. Give Us This Peace Maryland
Ketchum, Annie Chambers A Mother's Prayer; & Requiem;
Under The Leaves
Keyes, Julia L. To My Absent Husband;
A Dream Of Locust Dell
King, Sue Petigru A Lover's Quarrel South Carolina
Ladd, Catharine   South Carolina
Law, Annie E. Memories Tennessee
Le Clerc, Clara   Georgia
Le Vert, Octavia Walton   Alabama
Leonard, Agnes Fra Diavolo;
Angel Of Sleep
Lewis, Estella Anna The Forsaken;
The Grief Of Alcaeus
Lloyd, Annie Creight   Alabama
Loughborough, Mary W.   Mississippi
Magill, Mary Tucker   Virginia
Malony, Mary Teresa Dead In The Steerage;
A Home Of Lang Syne
Manhiem, Louise On Dress Georgia
Marshall, Nelly Questions; Alder-Boughs;
A Womans Heart
Martin, Margaret Maxwell My Saviour, Thee! South Carolina
Martin, Sallie M. Charlotte Corday Georgia
Mason, Emily V.   Virginia
Mason, Mary   North Carolina
Massena, A. M. C., Mrs.   Louisiana
Maynard, S. E., Mrs. Cleopatra To Marc Anthony Texas
McAdo, Mary F. Oneiropion Georgia
McCabe, Mary   Virginia
McCord, Louisa S.   South Carolina
McCrimmon, Mary A. Florida Georgia
McGuire, J. W., Mrs.   Virginia
McIntosh, Maria J.   Georgia
McKinne, Mary Eugene   Virginia
McLeod, Georgie A. Hulse Mine! ;
The Lost Treasure
Means, Selina E.   South Carolina
Messenger, Lilian Rozell The Old Wharf At Pine Bluff Alabama
Miller, Mary Ayer   North Carolina
Mintzing, Julia C. Victor And Victim;
Goethe And Schiller
South Carolina
Moore, Mollie E. The River San Marcos;
Stealing Roses Through The Gate;
Minding The Gap
Moriarty, Ellen A. An Old Story Louisiana
Name Works Reprinted In Book State
Ollivar, Janie Morning Dreams Georgia
Palmer, Henrietta Lee   Maryland
Peck, Sarah E.   Alabama
Penny, Virginia   Kentucky
Piatt, Sarah M. B. Proem: To The World;
My Wedding Ring; & The Fancy Ball
Poitevent, Eliza J. A Chirp From Mother Robin;
The Royal Cavalcade
Pope, Mary E. The Gift Of Song Tennessee
Poyas, Catharine Gendron   South Carolina
Preston, Margaret Non Dolet; & Undertow;
Acceptation; & The Lady Hildegarde's Wedding;
reviews of several of her works
Pugh, Eliza Lofton St. Philip's Louisiana
Reeves, Marian C. Legare Review of; Ingemisco & Randolph Honor South Carolina
Rion, Mary C.   South Carolina
Ripley, M. A. Ewart, Mrs.   South Carolina
Rives, William C., Mrs.   Virginia
Rogers, Loula Kendall The Healing Fountain Georgia
Saxon, E. L., Mrs. My Vine Alabama
Shelton, Julia (Laura Lorrimer) The Fever-Sleep Alabama
Shindler, Mary S. B.   South Carolina
Simons, Alice F.   South Carolina
Sinclair, Carrie Bell Unknown Georgia
Southworth, Emma D. E. N.   Maryland
Spencer, Cornelia Phillips   North Carolina
Spencer, Eliza A Maryland Farm House Maryland
Stanford, Mary My New-Year's Prayer Mississippi
Stibbes, Agnes Jean Rev. A. J. Ryan, the Golden-Tongued Orator Georgia
Swain, Margie P. Vanitas; & The Last Scene;
The Sentinel Of Pompeii
Terhune, M. Virginia (Marian Harland)   Virginia
Towles, Catherine W.   Alabama
Townsend, Mary Ashley Ebb And Flow;
Tucker, Mary E. Hugging The Shore;
Upshur, Mary J. S. Margaret Virginia
Vance, Sallie A. The Two Angels;
Guard Thine Action
Wakelee, Kate C. To The Memory Of Captain Herndon Georgia
Ware, Mary Consolation Alabama
Warfield, Catharine A.   Kentucky
Weiss, S. A., Mrs. The Battle Eve;
Con Elgin
West, Florence D. The Marble Lily Texas
Westmoreland, Maria J. The Unattainable;
Whitaker, Mary Scrimzeour The Summer Retreat Of A Southern Planter South Carolina
Whittlesey, Sarah J. C.   Virginia
Wiley, Mary A Bunch Of Flowers Virginia
Willard, Florence J. Rip Van Winkle Louisiana
Williams, Bessie W. After The Battle Georgia
Williams, Marie Bushnell Pleasant Hill;
The Legend Of Don Roderick;
The Enchanted Tower Of Toledo;
The Last Wild Flower
Windle, Catharine F. Why Do I Love Him?;
Novels And Novelists
Woodson, Mary E.   Virginia
Wynne, Emma Moffett Life's Mission Georgia
Yeiser, Sarah C.   Louisiana
Young, Maud J.   Texas
Zimmerman, Bettie M. Christmas Tears Georgia









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