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Kentucky Employees, 1914


Taken from the Kentucky Official Manual and Educational Directory, published by the Kentucky Department of Education in 1914. We will send you a copy of the short biography for any of the people listed below. They were Kentucky state employees ranging from the Governor to members of state boards, the state forester & geologist, etc... and the members of the General Assembly.

Item # 10270

Price $5 per person.

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Alverson, Jesse
Ampler, peter
Antle, Robert
Arnett, Chas. D.
Avery, Henry B.
Bagby, Thos. F.
Bailey, Wallis
Bale, W. J.
Barrall, Jas. W.
Barrett, Geo. B.
Barton, John Earle
Berkshire, J. W.
Berry, Eli
Biliter, J. M.
Blades, H. C.
Boitnott, Josiah
Booles, W. W.
Bosworth, H. M.
Bosworth, Joe F.
Brock, H. M.
Brown, Elmer L.
Bryson, Arthur Titus
Burton, C. W.
Carroll, John D.
Cary, Glover H.
Cecil, Ed. F.
Clay, J. Will
Clay, Matt C.
Clay, William Rogers
Cobern, Nim R.
Coke, J. Guthrie
Conley, Milton F.
Cox, Benjamin L.
Crecelius, C. F.
Davis, Geo. T.
Dixon, Wiley Lee
Dorman, James R.
Douglas, Francis Breckenridge
Douglas, John W.
Drescher, John
Duffy, Hugh Cornelius
Duffy, John C.
Duncan, Odie
Durham, John H.
Durrett, Geo. P.
Ellis, J. Tandy
Evans, Thomas J.
Farris, G. T.
Farris, Morris J., Jr.
Finn, L. B.
Fitch, J. Norton
Flippin, Walton Norwood
Ford, John F.
Fraser, Vert C.
French, Roy L.
Frost, Edward
Frost, William A.
Fryer, John F.
Gardiner, Thomas W.
Garnett, James
Garrett, Henry Green
Glen, Selden R.
Goodpaster, Sherman
Greene, Frank C.
Greene, Robert L.
Gum, Cassius M.
Hall, E. V.
Hall, Thomas A.
Hall, Walker C.
Hamilton, Elwood
Hamlett, Barksdale
Hammand, D. V.
Hampton, W. L.
Hannah, Jeff Bion
Harrington, H. H.
Harvey, James B.
Harvey, William Beverly
Hays, H. H.
Helm, Webster
Henninger, Walter E.
Henry, S. L., M. D.
Higdon, Robert G.
Hildreth, D. H.
Hiles, John Breckinridge
Hillman, Dan H.
Hobson, J. P.
Hoeing, J. B.
Holman, Comadore
Huff, James J.
Huffaker, Hite
Hutchcraft, Reuben Brent, Jr.
Johnson, J. M.
Jones, Thomas Raphael
Judy, John A.
Kelly, Griffin
Klair, W. F.
Klette, John H.
Knight, Charles Henry
Kuh, William John
Lawrence, Henry Robert
Lay, J. C.
Lott, Simon B.
Luker, C. R.
Marshall, Starling L.
McCormack, J. N., Dr.
McCreary, James B.
McDermott, Edward John
McDowell, George Mitchell
McDyer, John
McNally, Wm. T.
Meyers, Harry J.
Miller, John G., Jr.
Miller, Shackelford
Mobley, T. T.
Montgomery, Charles Francis
Moody, W. B.
Moore, Thomas Jones
Mount, J. R.
Myers, Zach L.
Newman, John E.
Newman, John W.
Nichols, Charles Boyd
Nunn, Thomas Jefferson
O'Brien, Stephen Mazyck
Oliver, A. J.
O'Sullivan, Daniel E.
Overstreet, Henry G.
Palmer, A. W.
Parrigin, J.
Perry, Wm. A.
Phelps, Lilburn
Polin, John A.
Porter, J. F.
Poteet, Thomas J.
Price, Wm. A.
Pumphrey, Joseph Dudley
Radcliffe, Richard
Ray, W. R., M. D.
Reed, Stanley F.
Rhea, Thos. S.
Robertson, Samuel L.
Rogers, S. H.
Rogers, W. E.
Rountree, Bert T.
Salmon, James Benjamin
Salmon, R. M.
Sanders, Harry G.
Saufley, Shelton M.
Scott, J. A.
Scott, M. O.
Scott, Robert Henry
Settle, Warner Elmore
Sharp, Albert W.
Shawler, W. A.
Smith, Lucis Meriwether
Smith, Thos. J.
Spahn, Adam
Speer, Geo. G.
Stone, Edward D.
Stone, James E.
Stone, William Johnson
Stott, Wm. T.
Terrell, Claude B.
Terrell, Robert C.
Tieman, Louis B.
Tilford, N. C.
Tunis, John Theodore
Turley, Samuel
Turner, Charles Cyrus
Vest, Oscar
Vincent, Mitchell
Wall, Garrett S.
Walton, Matt Savage
Ward, J. Quincy
Watkins, Yaman
Webb, James T.
Webb, W. M.
Welch, William F.
White, John Faulkner
White, N. B.
Wiard, Thomas Robert
Wickers, William Oscar
Williams, J. H.
Wills, J. D.
Wilson, Roy S.
Wilson, W. O.
Wood, Douglas G.
Young, Gates F.
Zimmerman, J. R.

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