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Iowa State Employees and Officials, 1931

Taken from the, State of Iowa, 1931-32, Official Register. The short biographies include information such as where and when they were born (some give details about the parents), and various educational, professional and personal information. The subjects of the biographies are senators and representatives, both state and national and various directors, judges and officers of the state.

The people listed below as having a photo only; are members of state commissions and boards.

We will send you a copy of the biography and photo for $5 per person. If there is a photo only, the charge will be $4.

Item # 10349

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Biography & Photo Photo Only
Aiken, John H.
Albert, Elma G.
Allen, Byron G.
Anderson, C. E.
Anderson, Joseph H.
Anderson, Oscar
Andrew, L. A.
Archie, Willard D.
Augustine, F. D.
Avery, Amplias Hale
Babcock, J. F.
Bailey, W. H.
Bair, J. Park
Baird, William S.
Baker, George T.
Ballew, Howard
Beath, F. H.
Beatty, Frank M.
Bennett, Oliver P.
Benson, C. A.
Berry, H. S.
Bissell, Frank
Blackford, Aaron Vale
Bonnsetter, A. H.
Booth, Chas. D.
Bowdish, Jackson W.
Boyd, William R.
Brookhart, Smith Wildman
Brown, Ed. R.
Byers, Frank C.
Campbell, Ed. H.
Carden, William
Carroll, Herbert B.
Christophel, George W.
Clark, Charles Francis
Clark, Edward W.
Clark, W. A.
Clearman, George M.
Cochraine, William
Cole, C. G.
Cole, Cyrenus
Cook, Louis H.
Cooney, Matt D.
Coykendall, Frank I.
Craven, James E.
Crooks, John S.
Davis, Larence W.
Dayton, C. O.
De Graff, Lawrence
Devitt, Pauline Lewelling
Dickinson, L. J.
Ditto, O. J.
Donlan, P. H.
Doran, L. H.
Dowell, Cassius C.
Drake, J. LeRoy
Drake, Theodore
Durant, S. B.
Elliott, Frank W.
Ellsworth, E. O.
Evans, Hiram Kinsman
Evans, William D.
Fabritz, Ernest H.
Faville, Frederick F.
Felter, Victor
Felton, E. H.
Figgins, George C.
Finnern, Henry C.
Fletcher, John
Forsling, L. B.
Foster, John W.
Frailey, Joe R.
Funk, A. B.
Gallagher, J. P.
Garrett, Burgess Wilson
Garrett, Harry F.
Gemmil, William H.
Gilchrist, Fred C.
Gilmore, Wm. T.
Gissel, W. H.
Godfrey, George W.
Greaser, Lewis
Greene, H. M.
Greenwalt, G. C.
Grimm, John M.
Gunderson, O. E.
Hager, J. H.
Hansen, John T.
Hansen, Peter
Hanson, Henry N.
Harlan, Edgar Rubey
Haugen, Gilbert N.
Hayes, J. N.
Helgason, E. O.
Henderson, J. H.
Henderson, Robert
Hesse, G. H.
Hicklin, Edwin R.
Hill, Lafe
Hollingsworth, Frank
Hollis, Chas. A.
Hook, Chas. S.
Hopkins, George M.
Hunt, Ralph R.
Hush, Homer
Husted, Ora E.
Hutcheon, W. E. S.
Ickis, F. D.
Irwin, H. L.
Jacobsen, Bernhard M.
Johnson, Francis
Johnson, Joseph H.
Johnson, Raymond E.
Judisch, George
Kent, John W.
Kern, George A.
Kimberly, David W.
Kindig, James W.
Kittinger, Ralph E.
Klemme, William H.
Knudson, Irving H.
Koch, William W.
Kohler, Henry
Kopp, William F.
Lamb, C. W.
Langfitt, John N.
Langland, Charles M.
Laughlin, E. P.
Lawther, Anna B.
Leonard, Arthur
Lepley, Ellet
Lesan, Cassius T.
Lichty, E. M.
Long, J. W.
Lowe, Wesley C.
MacDonald, Lew
Malone, Charles E.
Mathews, Howard A.
Mayne, George h.
McCaulley, Marion R.
McCreery, D. R.
McDermott, John
McLain, W. J.
McLeland, Wm. E.
Mead, F. D.
Michael, Olin H.
Miller, Geo. E.
Millhone, Paul L.
Moen, T. E.
Morling, Edgar A.
Morton, O. P.
Myers, Oliver P.
Neas, Harry M.
Nelson, Fred W.
Nelson, N. M.
O'Donnell, George
O'Donnell, T. J.
Orr, Creighton J.
Osborn, Isaac Walter
Paisley, Wm.
Patterson, G. W.
Pattison, H. C.
Peaco, Milton
Pendray, Carolyn Campbell
Plummer, Herbert William
Quirk, L. T.
Ramseyer, C. William
Randall, James L.
Randolph, S. F.
Ratliff, Z. S.
Rawlings, Ed.
Reed, Isaac M.
Reimers, O. J.
Reynolds, J. W., Dr.
Richardson, B. M.
Riepe, Carl C.
Rigby, C. L.
Ritche, W. R.
Roberts, Chester M.
Robinson, Thomas J. B.
Roe, Ove T.
Rutledge, R. L.
Ryder, John
Rylander, J. F.
Samuelson, Agnes
Schoentgen, Edward P.
Seidler, William A.
Shields, Leroy
Short, Wallace M.
Simmer, Leonard
Simpson, Geo. M.
Slocum, John W.
Snyder, Frank G.
Sours, Roy J.
Stanley, F. C.
Stanzel, George C.
Steelsmith, D. C.
Stevens, Roy E.
Stevens, Truman S.
Stiger, Carl B.
Stoddard, Bertel M.
Strohm, John William
Swanson, Charles E.
Tabor, George W.
Tamisiea, Hugh J.
Tepaske, Anthony
Thiessen, Johannes H.
Thompson, Thore
Thornberg, Mark G.
Thornburg, Mark G.
Thurston, Lloyd
Topping, Clyde H.
Torgeson, Samuel R.
Turner, Dan W.
Van Buren, George J.
Van Wert, G. E.
Wagner, Henry F.
Wamstad, Brede
Watts, Stanley
Way, Thomas A.
Wearin, Otha D.
Weaver, Arthur J.
Weber, John H.
Webster, Charles
Wenner, Edward J.
White, Harry C.
Whiting, Samuel D.
Whitney, Ulysses Grant
Wilson, Geo. A.
Witt, Fred B.
Woodruff, Fred P.
Beckner, J. C.
Beman, C. Ed.
Brigham, Johnson
Cameron, C. E.
Carlson, Eskil
Corey, A. R.
Curtiss, Charles F.
Davis, E. T.
Frankel, Henry, Mrs.
Gillespie, J. C.
Hoffman, Carl E.
Knickerbocker, C. J.
Laffer, C. C., Mrs.
McFarlane, Arch W.
McHenry, Sears
Mullen, J. P.
Orchard, W. R.
Pike, Harold L.
Saunders, W. E. G.
Sheldon, F. E.
Small, A. J.
Stewart, Paul P.
Urick, A. L.
Volland, R. H., Mrs.
Weaver, H. O.
Wyth, J. G.





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