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IOOF Album, 1901

Item # 10369

This is an International Order of Odd Fellows book of member's photos, most from California. Perhaps the book has a photo of your grandfather or grandmother or some other ancestor you are researching. We will send you a copy of any picture in the book for $5 per person.

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Ahrensberg, H. Fresno, CA
Alexander, C. M. Fresno, CA
Alexander, L. L. San Francisco, CA
Anderson, A. W., Mrs. Fresno, CA
Armstead, R. G. Fresno, CA
Armstrong, R. F. Fresno, CA
Baker, C. W. Sacramento, CA
Ball, E. F. Fresno, CA
Barker, Curtis M. San Jose, CA
Barnes, Wm. H. San Francisco, CA
Barrett, Chas. W. Fresno, CA
Barthel, F. K. San Jose, CA
Bates, A. C. San Jose, CA
Bates, W. I. Ontario, CA
Bauman, J. G. Fresno, CA
Bean, W. A. Fresno, CA
Belfils, E. K. Fresno, CA
Benedict, Charles E. San Francisco, CA
Benjamin, Fannie Los Angeles, CA
Bennett, Leonora Fresno, CA
Bennett, S. F. San Jose, CA
Bishop, E. M. Fresno, CA
Bishop, Mary E. Fresno, CA
Blinn, W. O. Truckee, CA
Bock, Geo. Sacramento, CA
Bonynge, W. A. Los Angeles, CA
Brier, A. L. Stockton, CA
Brockman, Wm. Susanville, CA
Brower, H. O. San Francisco, CA
Brueck, Karl C. Stockton, CA
Bullock, A. N. Sacramento, CA
Burden, Charles H. Sonora, CA
Burden, Frederick G. Sonora, CA
Burleigh, H. E. Fresno, CA
Cable, A. C. Covington, OH
Calderwood, M. H. Fresno, CA
Carner, Theodore T. Fresno, CA
Carpenter, Helen M., Mrs. Ukiah, CA
Cate, J. Wilbur Fresno, CA
Chance, J. I. Fresno, CA
Chapman, T. W. Fresno, CA
Cherrie, J. J. San Jose, CA
Clasby, Patrick Fresno, CA
Cockrum, John B. Indianapolis, IN
Cohn, J. A. San Diego, CA
Colley, F. E. San Jose, CA
Coombs, W. L. San Jose, CA
Coon, A. S. Fresno, CA
Corlett, Robert Napa, CA
Croop, W. B. Merced, CA
Crossett, J. F. San Francisco, CA
Cureton, Wm. H. Fresno, CA
Curry, Elvin J. Baltimore, MD
Cutten, Jos. F. Fresno, CA
De Ferrari, Jos. C. San Diego, CA
Derby, C. W. San Francisco, CA
Derby, E. A., Mrs. San Francisco, CA
Derby, Frank W. San Francisco, CA
Dick, A. K. Fresno, CA
Dickie, Sidney Fresno, CA
Dockery, Geo. T. Sanger, CA
Donoho, Mary E., Mrs. San Francisco, CA
Doran, J. T. Tulare, CA
Dow, H. San Francisco, CA
Dow, W. C. Fresno, CA
Downs, L. W. S. San Francisco, CA
Doyle, Edward F. Sonora, CA
Draffin, Sarah A. San Francisco, CA
Dressel, J. C. Fresno, CA
Drew, A. M. Fresno, CA
Durgin, N. L. Sanger, CA
Dutcher, N. D. Livermore, CA
Eastman, William W. Sonora, CA
Easton, Chas. L. Fresno, CA
Edwards, J. H. Madera, CA
Elliott, C. T. Fresno, CA
Erlewine, O. W. Sacramento, CA
Ewing, A. D. Fresno, CA
Fairbanks, H. A. Grass Valley, CA
Falkenstein, G. Fresno, CA
Faller, Peter Sanger, CA
Fanning, F. R. Fresno, CA
Fargo, Jessie W., Mrs. Santa Cruz, CA
Fisher, H. B. San Jose, CA
Flanders, Eugene San Francisco, CA
Forbes, M. P. San Francisco, CA
Forbes, M. P., Mrs. San Francisco, CA
Ford, H. Fresno, CA
Foster, J. A. San Francisco, CA
Foster, Joseph San Diego, CA
Fox, Chas. N. San Francisco, CA
Franscini, L. S. Fowler, CA
Frary, Frank P. San Diego, CA
Fraser, J. R. San Francisco, CA
Gardner, Dora L. Napa, CA
Garrett, George E. Sonora, CA
Garrett, Nellie, Mrs. Fresno, CA
Gill, M. G. Red Bluff, CA
Glass, William Fresno, CA
Glasson, John Grass Valley, CA
Goodwin, John B. Atlanta, GA
Gosby, P. F. San Jose, CA
Grant, J. Frank Baltimore, MD
Green, W. B. Fresno, CA
Greenberg, C. S. Fresno, CA
Gummoe, R. D. Grass Valley, CA
Hales, Thomas H. Sonora, CA
Hall, W. B. Fresno, CA
Hamilton, G. E. Fresno, CA
Hanner, C. B. Fresno, CA
Harbison, J. Robt. Fresno, CA
Harmon, W. R. Fresno, CA
Harrington, William M. Sonora, CA
Harris, James W. San Francisco, CA
Harris, W. H. Fresno, CA
Harrison, C. M. Sacramento, CA
Hart, C. F. Fresno, CA
Hartvig, William Sonora, CA
Hathaway, R. B. Fresno, CA
Hathaway, R. B., Mrs. Fresno, CA
Hays, Irvin Grass Valley, CA
Hertzbrun, Jacob Vallejo, CA
Hicks, J. D. Fresno, CA
Hilton, W. M. Thermalito, CA
Hilton, W. M., Mrs. Thermalito, CA
Hobson, C. W. Fresno, CA
Hoeck, Henry Sanger, CA
Hope, W. E. Fresno, CA
Howard, H. C. Woodland, CA
Hoxett, C. A., Mrs. Gilroy, CA
Hudson, Geo. F. Stockton, CA
Inns, E. F., Mrs. Fresno, CA
Inns, Ernest F. Fresno, CA
Iverson, Andrew Fresno, CA
Jay, R. C. Madera, CA
Jensen, Alma I., Mrs. San Francisco, CA
Jonsen, John Fresno, CA
Keith, Benjamin Sonora, CA
Kirk, Thos. J. Fresno, CA
Knobloch, F. Fresno, CA
Kohler, Geo. M. Fresno, CA
Kohler, Lottie A. Fresno, CA
Kornbeck, C. H. San Francisco, CA
Kromer, Geo. Sacramento, CA
Laning, Frank Fresno, CA
Larsen, Henry B. San Francisco, CA
Larsen, Nils Fresno, CA
Lee, Robert A. San Jose, CA
Lee, W. H. Santa Rosa, CA
Leonard, James Merced, CA
Leoni, Camillo Fresno, CA
Levy, Nyman Fresno, CA
Liese, Anna M., Mrs. Oakland, CA
Lindsey, E. W. Fresno, CA
Linscott, J. W. Santa Cruz, CA
Lochead, Robert Fresno, CA
Long, E. V., Mrs. Fresno, CA
Long, J. A. Sanger, CA
Long, J. E. Fresno, CA
Long, R. A. Fresno, CA
Lord, A. R. Nevada City, CA
Ludeman, F. San Francisco, CA
Lyman, Chas. H. Columbus, OH
Madison, Ada M. Los Angeles, CA
Magetti, Peter Fresno, CA
Martin, Jacob Fresno, CA
Martin, P. B. Huron, CA
Mason, C. G. San Francisco, CA
Mason, C. G., Mrs. San Francisco, CA
Mawhinney, J. W. Fresno, CA
Mawhinney, J. W., Mrs. Fresno, CA
McCann, James Merced, CA
McCollum, S. A. Salinas, CA
McFadden, James Petaluma, CA
McHugh, M. P. Fresno, CA
Miller, C. Fowler, CA
Minstrell, G. W. Highland Springs, CA
Mitchell, Nellie, Mrs. Grass Valley, CA
Moore, Louis Redding, CA
Moreland, Gertrude, Mrs. San Jose, CA
Morgan, M. A. Fresno, CA
Morgensen, M. C. Fresno, CA
Morris, Wm. N. Sacramento, CA
Morrison, M. A. Fowler, CA
Morton, John San Mateo, CA
Muckle, M. Richards Philadelphia, PA
Mundorf, George Sonora, CA
Munger, A. L. Fresno, CA
Munn, C. A. Fresno, CA
Murphy, James E. Santa Cruz, CA
Nace, John A. San Francisco, CA
Naylor, B. Dent Grass Valley, CA
Nelson, Fred Fowler, CA
Nelson, Jas. P. Sanger, CA
Nelson, Mamie Fresno, CA
Newman, John V. Sonora, CA
Nichols, F. C. Sacramento, CA
Nichols, Wm., Jr. Dutch Flat, CA
Nowell, Howard San Francisco, CA
Oberdeener, S. Santa Clara, CA
Pape, Geo. C. Berkeley, CA
Parkhurst, W. A. San Jose, CA
Parsons, W. E. Grass Valley, CA
Peterson, N. M. San Francisco, CA
Phelps, Richard F. Fresno, CA
Phillips, C. F. San Francisco, CA
Phillips, Ed. T. San Diego, CA
Phillips, F. M. Fresno, CA
Pierce, Fred E. Oakland, CA
Pierson, James H. Fresno, CA
Pinnell, J. B. Fresno, CA
Pinnell, O. J. Fresno, CA
Potter, W. S. San Francisco, CA
Pottle, J. C. Sanger, CA
Puleston, W. H. Fresno, CA
Pullen, Sam J. Auburn, CA
Rae, Harry E. Fresno, CA
Ralph, Frank J. Sonora, CA
Rasmussen, Geo. San Jose, CA
Rehm, Edward L. Sonora, CA
Reid, Geo. W. Santa Cruz, CA
Reid, Jos. J. San Jose, CA
Rice, R. W. Fresno, CA
Rodgers, H. M. Sanger, CA
Roesch, Geo. F. Stockton, CA
Rose, L. A. Fresno, CA
Rose, L. A., Mrs. Fresno, CA
Rose, Lilly Fresno, CA
Rosenberger, J. A. Sanger, CA
Ross, F. A. Sacramento, CA
Rowe, Mabel W. Fresno, CA
Saint, R. E. Fowler, CA
Scheeler, John Madera, CA
Selvage, T. H. Eureka, CA
Severson, Geo. Santa Rosa, CA
Shaw, Geo. T. San Francisco, CA
Shedd, Mary L. Fresno, CA
Shore, E. G. Fresno, CA
Small, Jos. B. Sonoma, CA
Smith, E. P. Fresno, CA
Smith, Frank W. Bakersfield, CA
Smith, S. B. Sacramento, CA
Smith, Sam F. San Diego, CA
Snyder, Charles L. San Jose, CA
Stephens, L. O. Fresno, CA
Streightif, J. E. Berkeley, CA
Stutzman, D. L. Fresno, CA
Swithenbank, Chas. Valley Springs, CA
Tauquary, W. P. Sacramento, CA
Thompson, J. F. Eureka, CA
Traves, C. E. Fresno, CA
Traves, Helen, Mrs. Fresno, CA
Turpin, F. L. San Francisco, CA
Urmey, W. A. Fresno, CA
Vanderburg, J. J. Selma, CA
Venable, John W. Hopkinsville, KY
Wagner, Anthony Fresno, CA
Waltz, S. W. Fresno, CA
Warboys, J. W. Santa Rosa, CA
Ward, Arthur S. E. Oakland, CA
Warner, E. S. Sacramento, CA
Watson, W. W. San Francisco, CA
Webb, W. T. San Francisco, CA
Weck, F. A. San Francisco, CA
Welsh, John Stratford, Ontario
Welti, Charles Napa, CA
Wever, C. H. Alameda, CA
Whitney, F. J. Fresno, CA
Willy, J. W. Stockton, CA
Winn, H. S. San Francisco, CA
Winnes, Anna, Mrs. Reedley, CA
Winnes, Harry F. Reedley, CA
Winterburn, Jos. San Francisco, CA
Woodbridge, William H. Stockton, CA
Wulff, H. F. G. Sacramento, CA
York, John T. Napa, CA
Young, Ed. Fresno, CA
Ziegler, Chas. L. San Francisco, CA

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