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Purdue Alumni 1875 to 1923 A-E Surnames


Typical entry includes genealogy information such as: current occupation (in 1924), birthplace & date, spouse & children, education & jobs previously held. If a name is followed by an asterisk * it means there is only limited information (but it will always list year and degree and usually last known address, or indicate if they are deceased).

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Abbott, Corwin Carleton
Abbott, Eva Florence
Abbott, Horace Emerson
Abbott, Hugh Wheeler*
Abbott, John Blackler
Abbott, John C.
Abendroth, Charles W.*
Abernethy, Alfred Alexander
Abernethy, Wilbur Kingsley
Abrell, Richard Thompson
Abry, Cecelia Frances
Abshire, Albert Edwin
Ach, Arthur Joel
Ach, Clifford Leopold*
Achatz, Raymond Vincent
Ackerman, Walter
Ackerson, Harry Elmer*
Ackerson, Oscar Emil
Adams, Allyn John*
Adams, Charles Clyde
Adams, Charles Roy*
Adams, Clarence Edgar
Adams, Denzel Brice
Adams, Duane Johnson*
Adams, Ernest Morse*
Adams, Frank Monroe
Adams, Gilbert Edward
Adams, Grace
Adams, Harry Clinton
Adams, Howard Glenn
Adams, Ida Belle Towsley
Adams, John Alban
Adams, John Herbert
Adams, Quinton
Adams, Ray Albert*
Adams, Roy Elder
Adams, William Ray
Addington, Herbert Bishop
Ade, George
Adler, Harold James*
Admire, Amzi Oral
Adreon, Robert Enos*
Agster, Horatio Stanley
Ahrens, William Edward
Aigner, Milton Roy*
Aitkenhead, William
Aitkenhead, William Charlton
Aitkenhead, Lillian Lamb
Akers, Robert Franklin
Albaugh, Roy Branham
Albershardt, William Gehring
Albersmeyer, Christian Henry
Albert, Walter
Albertson, Joseph Mark
Albertson, William Charles*
Albright, Albert George
Albright, Charles Clinton
Albright, Edward Chester
Alcorn, Corry Avon
Alcorn, Jesse Malvern
Alcorn, Manford Craig
Aldinger, Albert Henry
Aldrich, Harl Preslar
Aldrich, Merle
Aldrich, Reuben Oran
Aldrich, Truman Herbert, Jr.
Aldrich, Walter M.
Aldridge, Roy Emmett
Alexander, Earl Logan*
Alexander, Philip D.*
Alexander, Riley*
Alford, William Francis*
Alger, Otis Carl*
Alleman, Harry Edwin*
Allen, Blanche Slocum*
Allen, Carl B.*
Allen, Charles Bennet
Allen, Clayton Moses
Allen, Cromwell*
Allen, David Marion*
Allen, Earl Hobart
Allen, Edwin Madison
Allen, Frederick John
Allen, Harry Starr*
Allen, John Edward*
Allen, Lawrence Koontz
Allen, Mark Q.
Allen, Robert Arnold*
Allen, Robert W.*
Allen, Thomas Simmons
Allen, Urban Charles
Allen, Walter Lane
Alline, Lawrence Henry
Alling, Van Wagenen
Allis, Harlan*
Allison, Franklin Elmer
Allison, Merrill Francis
Allison, Robert Verrill
Allison, William Franklin
Almond, John W.*
Alter, Ross Wilhelm*
Alward, Albert Fussell
Ammon, Dee Walter
Amory, George G.
Anders, Russell Honer
Anderson, Andrew W.*
Anderson, Anton
Anderson, Carl Robert
Anderson, Charles Beverly*
Anderson, Charles Melvin
Anderson, Clinton
Anderson, Emma Hostettler* 
Anderson, Esther Harriet
Anderson, Flora Bergen
Anderson, Frank James
Anderson, Frederick J.*
Anderson, Frederick Paul
Anderson, George Alfred
Anderson, George Lee
Anderson, Gustave Emil
Anderson, Howard Lee
Anderson, Harry Thornton*
Anderson, Hugh*
Anderson, Jesse Harold
Anderson, Joseph H.*
Anderson, Lucien L.*
Anderson, Lyttleton Cooke
Anderson, Oren Haines
Anderson, Shirley Wilson
Anderson, Spencer Tyron*
Anderson, William Beecher*
Andreas, Robert Josiah
Andreu, Oscar Mario*
Andrew, Frank*
Andrew, Thomas M., Jr.
Andrews, Charles H.*
Andrews, Josiah Harding
Andrews, Searle Earnhart
Andrus, Kenneth Lennington*
Anglin, Samuel Rudolph*
Angst, Walter J.*
Ankenbrock, Raymond Peter
Anraku, Yeiguma*
Anspach, Jacob William
Antenen, Edward William
Anthony, James Gilbert
Antibus, Harvey*
Apor, Emile Lawrence
Apostol, Silverio
Appel, George Chris
Appenfelder, Frederick Alfred
Applegate, Emerson Lowell
Arbuckle, Hazel Irene
Arbuckle, Nelson Lowell*
Arbuckle, Omer Leon*
Arbuckle, Raymond Clarence
Archbold, Lawrence Elmer*
Archbold, Marion Joseph
Archibald, Owen Earl
Arehart, Albert Zay
Arganhight, William Earl
Armington, John Morris
Armstrong, Glant Leland*
Armstrong, Hugh
Armstrong, Roy Stuart
Arndt, Charles Homer
Arnett, Clare Newton
Arnett, Ralph Edward
Arnett, William. Newton
Arnholter, Harold Herman
Arnold, Don Sayles
Arnold, George Merle
Arnold, Herbert Franklin
Arnold, Holis Hine*
Arnold, Ralph Herman
Arnot, Leroy Sanford*
Arsuaga, Miguel Jose
Artz, Irvin Emory
Ashbaucher, Frederick Louis
Ashby, F. F.*
Ashby, James Chester
Ashinger, Herman Hilbert
Ashley, Dwight Hale
Ashley, George T.*
Ashley, Kenneth David
Ashley, Raymond William
Asire, Horace W.
Asperger, Dorothy Heller
Asperger, Herbert Andrew
Atherton, Albert
Atherton, Russell C.
Atkins, Louis Daniel
Atkins, William Avery
Atkinson, George Washington
Atkinson, Lawrence
Atkinson, Eva Mae
Atkinson, Robert M.*
Atkinson, Ross N.
Atwater, Albert Worthington*
Augustine, Charles Edward
Ault, Jesse
Auman, Alfred Augustus*
Ausfahl, Fred King
Austin, Eric Deamond
Austin, Everett Lewis
Auxier, Herschel Ainsworth
Averill, Rex Gilman
Avis, Arthur J.*
Axtell, George William
Aydelott, Chelsea Como


Babbitt, John Francis
Babcock, George D'Albert
Babcock, George Henry
Babcock, Joseph Park*
Babcock, Oliver Morgan
Babcock, Simon Burton
Bach, Carl Gertz*
Backer, Karl Lewis
Badger, Donald Charles
Badger, Everett Hastings
Baechtold, Charles A.*
Baer, Orth. George
Baganz, Herbert Morris
Bagley, Francis Henry
Bahls, Ruth Katherine
Bailey, Albert DeWitt*
Bailey, Edwin Havens
Bailey, George Hiram
Bailey, Robert Morris*
Bailey, Robert Wilbank
Bailey, Theodorus S.
Bailey, William Kyle
Bain, Ernest Sedwic
Bain, James Edward
Bain, Marion Jackson
Bain, Walter Theodore
Bain, William C.*
Baird, Walter Ezra*
Baisinger, William Claud
Baker, Alexander F. B.*
Baker, Avery M.*
Baker, Bessie*
Baker, Charles Cedric*
Baker, Clark Leonard
Baker, Darwin Harrison*
Baker, Edgar*
Baker, Edward Stuart
Baker, Ernest Sumner
Baker, George Emerson
Baker, George Franklin
Baker, Homer*
Baker, Kenneth G.
Baker, Linnaeus E.
Baker, Moses Haven*
Baker, Russell Willoughby
Baker, Samuel Walter
Baker, Stephen E. W.
Baker, Walker*
Baker, William Franklin
Bakes, Hiram
Balais, Miguel Manuel
Baldwin, Arry G.
Baldwin, Edward Nicholas
Baldwin, Ira  Lawrence
Baldwin, Mary Lesh
Baldwin, Thomas Chenoweth
Ball, Beatrice*
Ball, Donald Demos
Ball, Edward*
Ball, Hazel Plummer
Ball, Henrietta Sophia
Ball, John Wesley
Ballard, Alfred James
Ballard, Joseph*
Ballard, Ralph S.
Ballenger, Albert Richard
Ballweg, Raymond Ambrose
Banbury, Fernley Hope
Bancker, Adrian Gerard
Bancroft, George A.
Bandelier, Elmer Jay
Bannon, William*
Banta, Clarence Earl
Banta, Frank C.
Banter, Virgil jay
Barbee, Isaac Henry
Barber, John Wilson
Barcus, Hugh Howard
Barger, Paul Pitcher*
Barkdell, Clifford Curtis
Barker, John Dailey
Barker, Paul Isaac
Barker, William Luther
Barkman, Paul*
Barkley, Walter Russell
Barlow, Joel Hale
Barlow, William Elliott
Barnaby, Glen Charles*
Barnard, Edmund Burke
Barnard, George Obed*
Barnell, Murray Ward
Barnes, Albert Kenfield*
Barnes, Alfred Henry*
Barnes, Arthur Clay
Barnes, Else Stocker
Barnes, Gertrude Mason
Barnes, Harold Lee
Barnes, Helen Virginia
Barnes, Lyle Harris
Barnes, Mary Grace
Barnes, Robert Fleshman*
Barnes, Stanley Mansfield
Barnes, Stephenson Barton
Barnes, William Burnette
Barnett, Bernard F.*
Barnett, John Winfield*
Barnett, Ivay Wallins
Barnett, Joseph Allen
Barnett, Van Alstine
Barnhardt, Mary Harris
Barnthouse, Merwyn Roe
Barr, Bennett Lee*
Barr, James Wolff
Barr, Marjorie Augusta
Barr, Walter Andrew
Barrett, Charles Douglass*
Barrett, Eugene Conway
Barrett, Harvey Newton
Barrett, Jesse Marshall*
Barrickman, Cecil Bryce
Barrington, James Robert
Barrott, William Eneas
Barrow, Benjamin Dutois*
Bartholome, Charles L.*
Bartholomew, James Nelson
Bartholomew, John Brison*
Bartholomew, Millard Wm.
Bartholomew, William Carroll
Bartholomew, William Jacob
Bartlett, Anson Lowry
Bartlett, Carroll Archer
Bartlett, Joseph Delmar*
Bartlett, Thomas*
Bartley, Robert*
Bartmess, Meigs William
Barton, Raymond Leonard
Bass, Carleton Jethro*
Bass, Frank Robinson
Bastin, Henley Vedder
Bastos, Sergio Brito
Batchelder, Charles Clark
Bates, Frank Elwin
Bates, George W.*
Bates, Harry Emmet
Bates, Harvey Harlan
Bates, Lucretia Boggs
Bates, Sidney Quinton
Bateson, Reuben Emmanuel
Batt, Thomas Howard
Batt, William Lorraine
Batt, Ruby Burroughs
Batten, Percy Haight
Battle, Thomas H.*
Bauer, Arthur James
Bauer, Carl Otto
Bauer, John M.
Baugher, Van Natta
Baughman, Milton Day
Baughman, Ray Greene
Bauman, Ronald Hawkins
Baumgardner, Walter Earl
Baumgartner, Arthur Roscoe
Baumgartner, Willis*
Bausman, Paul Roger
Bausman, Robert Otis
Baxter, Charles Emil
Baxter, George Summers
Baxter, James William*
Baxter, Ora Grover
Baxter, William H.*
Bayard, John Burke
Bayer, Ervin John
Baynes, Alva
Baynes, Bernice Lauman
Baynes, William Luther*
Beach, DeMott Clark
Beach, Everett Josiah
Beach, Mary Agnew
Beach, William Charles
Beadle, Aneta Pearl
Beal, Frank Louis
Beal, Henry Claude*
Beall, Frank Churchill
Beall, Harold Logan
Beall, Kenneth Ellsworth
Beall, Thelma
Beall, Willard Robert
Beals, Mabel Lindley
Bean, W. Worth, Jr.
Beard, Clarence Ralph
Beard, Ruby Smith
Beardsley, Carl Schultz
Beardsley, Rufus Charles
Beatson, William Nathan
Beattie, Paul M.
Beatty, Howard Haven
Beatty, Joseph Burel
Beaty, Smyres Leonard
Beaver, Harry William
Beazell, Mary Esther
Beazell, Robert Dale
Beazley, Elden*
Becherer, Robert Charles
Beck, Arnold Herman
Beck, Clifford Cumback
Beck, Edward Adam
Beck, Henry A.*
Beck, Ivan T.
Beck, Wesley John
Becker, Arthur L.*
Becker, Gustav W.*
Becker, Karl Reed
Becker, Max Francis
Beckes, Maurice Mail
Beckett, Thomas McAvoy*
Beckman, August C.*
Beckman, Burchard Frederick
Beckman, Edward W.
Beckman, Frances Sheetz*
Beckman, Geneve Baum*
Beckman, Herman Christopher
Beckman, John Frederick
Bedard, Lawrence Alphonse
Bedford, Jesse William
Beebe, C. J.*
Beeker, Samuel Thornton*
Beerman, Henry L.*
Beeson, Keller Eugene
Beeson, Roy Herbert
Beeson, R. Katharine*
Begert, John Edward
Behlmer, Harvey Earl
Behr, James Russell
Beiger, John Walter*
Beisel, Donald Hamilton*
Beldfield, Andrew Miller
Beldon, Jerry Fislar*
Bell, George Handley
Bell, Raymond Alton
Bellinger, Duane*
Bellows, Lloyd Arville
Belt, Edwin Kline
Bement, David Leslie
Benbow, Burnie Lee
Benbow, Harry Peede
Bence, James F.*
Bendixen, Harold Henry
Benedict, Arthur Ignatius
Benedict, Howard Middlecoff
Benham, John Andrew
Benica, Charles Wesley
Benjamin, Charles Roger
Benkelman, Glen Frederick
Benner, Howard Benton
Bennett, Alfred Edward
Bennett, Charles Stuart
Bennett, Herschel Veatch
Bennett, James Gordon
Bennett, James John
Bennett, Melvin Orion
Bennett, Raymond*
Bennett, Reid Moses
Bennett, Robert George
Benninghoff, William F.*
Benson, George
Benson, Gilbert W.*
Benson, Henry Sylvester
Benson, John M.*
Benson, Wayne Nathaniel
Bentley, Earl D.*
Bentley, Harry Holloway*
Bentley, Henry M.*
Benton, Arthur Smith
Benton, Noble Lee
Benward, Charles Arthur
Berdon, Albert Eugene
Berenbaum, Lee*
Bergen, Etelka Gerster*
Berger, Arthur*
Berger, Eugene Franklin
Berger, Franz Alfred
Berger, Oscar Henry
Berger, Walter Christian*
Berges, Arthur H.*
Bergman, Earl Benton*
Bergmann, Paul Ferdinand
Bergquist, Gustav H.*
Berkheiser, James Monroe*
Berkshire, William Thomas
Berlin, Donovan Reese
Berlin, Janice Muriel
Berlin, Roy Roscoe
Bernhard, Hallie John
Bernheim, Max
Berns, Charles Harry
Berns, John Elvin
Berns, William Jennings
Berry, Clara Edna
Berry, Clark M.*
Berry, George Lee
Berry, Herman Claude
Berry, James Frederick
Berry, Will James*
Berryhill, John Hanna
Bertenshaw, Burton Alford
Berthold, Hugo Alexander*
Bertsch, Robert O.*
Bery, Amar Nath*
Bery, Ram Lal*
Beshore, Harry Lee
Best, Claus Howard
Best, Frank Merrell
Best, Harrie Andrew
Best, Harry Truman Stewart
Best, Raymond Blaine*
Best, Raymond Russel
Bethel, Chester Ishmael
Beuke, Arthur*
Beutler, Edward William
Beverstein, Clarence Edwin
Beyer, John Charles
Bibbins, Francis Eugene
Bickel, Mary Clark
Bicknell, Paul Gleason
Biddle, Caroline
Biggs, Elias Dutton*
Biggs, Harold Harris
Bilger, Orris
Billett, Russell Arthur
Billingsley, Clifford Hutchings
Billman, Raleigh Orth*
Billsland, Benjamin F.*
Binder, Homer Philip
Bird, Charles Adams
Birk, Ferdinand John
Birk, Harry Albert
Birtles, Arthur Benjamin
Bischoff, Eugene Daniel
Bischoff, Rudolph*
Bishop, Frank
Bishop, Harry Eldridge
Bishop, Harvey Llewellyn
Bishop, John Heber
Bishop, Kate Luvenia*
Bishop, Kenneth Ray
Bishop, Mary Adeline
Bishop, Ralph Hubert
Bishop, Richard Edgar
Bishop, Ruth Trueblood
Bissell, Benjamin Walter
Bissett, Archie Lewis*
Bitler, Reuben Oscar
Bitting, Arvill Wayne
Bitting, Katherine Golden
Bittle, Jay Luther
Bivins, Clarence Madison
Bixler, William Edom*
Black, Albert
Black, Harry
Black, Loy Le-Moine
Black, Anna M. Kline
Black, Robert Critchfield*
Black, Walter Alexander
Blackburn, Frank LeRoy
Blackburn, Glen Raymond
Blackburn, Paul
Blacklidge, Allen Thrasher
Blackman, Vere Corbett
Blackmore, Guy
Blackmore, Samuel S.
Blackwell, Hazel Oris
Blackwell, Hubert Charles
Blair, Forest Kelsay*
Blair, Frank Oscar
Blair, George William
Blair, Jesse H.*
Blair, Samuel Gordon*
Blair, William McCormick
Blakeman, Sutherland R.*
Blakeney, Charles Creswell
Blakeney, Creswell Garrettson
Blakeslee, Jerome*
Blalock, Grover Cleveland
Blanchard, Earl Gerber*
Blanchard, Herman Warner
Bland, Dallie*
Blankenbaker, Homer Laval
Blasť, Garland Earl
Blaschke, Francis J.*
Blasser, Braxton
Bledsoe, Cecil
Blessing, Earle Clifford
Blinn, Jack Ernest*
Bliss, Roland Reed*
Blistain, George Anthony
Blocker, Frank Adolphus*
Bloemker, Herbert
Bloom, Samuel Charles
Blough, Ralph Emerson
Blowers, William Earl
Blue, Harry Earl
Blue, Lebert Elder
Blue, Mae
Boatman, Frank John*
Boaz, Clyde E.
Bobrink, Lee Roy*
Bodemer, Clarence Julius*
Boehm, Carl August
Boerner, Adolph Herman
Boetel, Frederick William
Boggs, Allen Claude
Boggs, Corda Plummer
Boggs, Francis Scott
Boggs, Jacob David Fine
Boggs, Lemuel Stearns*
Boggs, Moses Taylor
Bohannon, Grace King
Bohn, Gerald William
Bohrer, Charles J.*
Bolander, Lester Merle
Bolay, Andrew Casper*
Bolley, Henry Luke
Bollinger, Albert Lee
Bolt, Harry Erward
Boltz, Fred Sumner
Bond, Bryce Thomas
Bonebrake, William Corwin
Bonge, Walter F.*
Bonham, Elijah Russell
Bonnett, Isaac Deane
Booher, Owen Melvern
Bookwalter, Carl Ferdinand
Boomershine, Alonzo D.
Boone, Herman Orville Daniel
Boone, William Francis
Boonstra, Henry George
Boor, Everett Blaine*
Booth, Borden Cornelius
Booth, L. F.*
Bopp, Charles Daniel
Borcherding, W. H.*
Borden, Edward Roy
Borders, Boyce Bradshaw
Borders, Glenwood
Borger, Henry Edwin
Borgerd, William Frederick
Borgwardt, William Max*
Borley, Ivan S.*
Born, Jessie*
Born, Julius L.
Borst, Harry J.*
Borum, Cecil Jerome
Borum, Ruth Shelby
Bosard, Helen June
Bosard, Ralph
Bosart, Russell Sheeks
Bosenbury, Charles S.
Botkin, Donal Bela
Botset, Holbrook Gorham
Bouton, Christopher Bell
Bouton, Hilda Mathieson
Bovard, John K.*
Bowen, John Randolph
Bower, Ray Hinkle
Bower, Vernon Carl
Bowers, G. F.*
Bowersox, George
Bowes, Arthur Stutz
Bowles, Benjamin Harrison
Bowlus, Fred Drexel
Bowlus, Glenn Hart
Bowman, Daniel Strain
Bowman, Ira James*
Bowman, Milo M.*
Bowman, Starlin Ermal*
Bowman, Victor Virgil
Bowman, William Stuart
Bowser, Harry M.*
Boyce, William James
Boyd, Harold William
Boyer, Charles C.*
Boyer, George A.*
Boyer, Myrtle Mary
Boyer, R. J.*
Boyer, Valley Virginia
Boyle, Beatrice Charity*
Boyle, Jesse George
Bozell, Ralph Runnels
Brackney, Emory Paul
Brackney, Reed Hornbeck
Bradbury, Clifford Clarence
Braden, James*
Bradfield, Joseph Lemert
Bradfield, William Wellington
Bradley, Arthur Richmond
Bradley, Charles John
Bradley, Harl Calvin
Bradley, John Hale*
Bradley, Rose Ewry
Bradley, Ross Edward
Bradner, James P.*
Bradshaw, Robert Gross
Bradway, Earl Emerson
Brady, Frank Webster
Brady, James Edmund
Brady, Joseph Benjamin
Brady, Laura Burton*
Brady, William*
Braeutigam, Henry Philip
Bragg, Charles Treat
Brake, George Abel
Bramble, Thomas Agleston*
Branaman, George Abraham
Brandel, Stanley Wade
Brandenburg, Clyde Sanderson
Brandon, Benjamin Franklin
Brandt, Edward W.*
Brandt, Frank Conrad
Branigan, Clifford Gordon
Branin, Manlif Lelyn
Branitzky, William Rudolph
Branson, David Ernest
Branson, Mary Frances
Braselton, Edgar Kurtz
Bratfisch, Alfred Ernest
Braxton, Vance Patton
Bray, LeRoy Elvin
Bray, Ralph Emerson
Brayton, Alembert Winthrop
Brayton, Bernice Havens
Brecheisen, John H.*
Breeding, Benjamin George
Breene, Robert Gale
Breese, John Elmer
Breeze, Frederick John*
Brehmer, Herbert Haqvin*
Brehob, Frederick Herman
Brelsford, Helen Cannon
Bremer, Max Edgar
Brennan, Frances McGrath*
Breor, Frank Hamel*
Bretz, John Arden
Brewer, Alexander Van
Brewer, Arthur B.*
Brewer, Guy Daniel
Brewer, Ralph Emmet
Brewster, Roger Victor
Brewster, Roscoe Conklin*
Brickley, Harmon F.
Bridges, William Lucian
Bridgford, Roy Oliver
Brier, Albert Thomas
Brier, Beatrice Louise
Brier, Burgess Buell
Briggs, Harold Lester
Briggs, James
Briggs, Mabel Ellen
Briggs, Reba Janett Smith
Briggs, Walter W.
Briggs, William Claude*
Bright, John*
Brindley, Olla Alkire
Britt, Oscar Leo
Britten, William Garfield*
Brittingham, Frank James
Britton, Lawrence
Britton, Lewis M.
Britton, William Rothrock*
Brizius, Harold William
Brizius, Walter William
Brizius, Herman*
Broadbent, Frank V.*
Broadwell, Ralph Michaud
Brock, Agnes Phillips
Brookby, Harry Esmond
Brockenbrough, Henry Wallace
Brockhoff, Harry Charles
Brockman, Ernest E.*
Brodbeck, Charles H.*
Brodie, William Peter
Broeker, John Francis, Jr.
Bromelmeier, Roy Charles*
Bromhead, Edgar Burton*
Bromm, Louis Martin*
Brommer, Everton Conrad
Bronson, Frank Ferris*
Bronson, Walter Talcott
Brooke, Mary Minton
Brosseau, Conrad Leodore
Brothers, Benjamin Thomas
Broughton, Orson James
Brouse, Charles Robert
Brouse, Don
Brower, Paul Vernon
Brown, Almon Lemon*
Brown, Bernice Stern
Brown, Carl Thomas*
Brown, Charles Wesley*
Brown, Campbell Alexander
Brown, Carl Thomas
Brown, Charles Andrew
Brown, Charles Gillett
Brown, DeWitt Garrison*
Brown, Donal LeRoy
Brown, Donald Stevens
Brown, Edda Gerald
Brown, Elmer Andrew*
Brown, Emory Yeager
Brown, Ernest Ames*
Brown, Eugene H.
Brown, Everette Pearl*
Brown, Evlan Ellsworth
Brown, Frank Elam
Brown, George James
Brown, Harry W.*
Brown, Herschel Bast
Brown, Howard Dexter
Brown, Irving F.*
Brown, Jacob Leeds
Brown, James Clayton
Brown, James Cyril
Brown, James Daniel
Brown, Jay Roberts*
Brown, John Frederick
Brown, John Howard
Brown, L. Arline
Brown, Leroy Lora*
Brown, Lester David*
Brown, Levant R.
Brown, Margaret L.*
Brown, Otis Truman
Brown, Parke Theodore
Brown, Paul Deloss
Brown, Paul Roscoe
Brown, Raymond Arthur
Brown, Raymond Sibley
Brown, Robert Arthur
Brown, Robert G.*
Brown, Roscoe Conklin
Brown, Russell Merit
Brown, Samuel Ernest*
Brown, Sarah Ava
Brown, Sumner Jenks
Brown, Vernon Baldwin
Brown, Ward Bruce
Brown, Wilbur F.*
Brown, William Alfred
Browne, Harris Leubrie
Browne, John W. Xenophon*
Browne, P. M.*
Brownell, Joel Dempster
Brownell, Leonard Dempster
Browning, Earl Harrison
Browning, Victor Reed
Browning, William Dale
Brownlee, Allan Lockhart*
Brownscombe, Henry
Brownscombe, William T.*
Brubaker, Ralph
Bruce, William Alman*
Bruck, Louis William
Bruckmann, William
Bruff, Charles Edward
Bruff, James F.*
Brummitt, Loren W.*
Brundige, Marvin J.*
Bruner, Lea Landus
Bruner, Wellman
Brunner, Joseph F.*
Bryan, Albert Hugh*
Bryan, Emory Westlake
Bryan, Frank Abram, Jr.
Bryan, Helena Darnall
Bryan, Henry Clifton
Bryan, James O.
Bryan, Lynn Rowland
Bryant, Percy Joseph
Buchanan, DeWitt Wheeler
Buchin, Samuel Marcus*
Buck, Ross Judson
Buckley, Helen
Buckley, James Gordon
Budenbom, Horace Trent
Buebel, Emil F.*
Buechner, Charles Arthur
Buehler, Walter
Buell, Dexter Clark
Buell, Frank Andres*
Buenting, Otto Wilhelm
Buerkle, Arthur Fred
Buford, George Gillespie
Bugh, Orva Edwin
Bulleit, Ora Lee
Bullock, Allyn
Bundy, Homer Luther
Bundy, Loren Clayton
Bundy, Ora
Bundy, Roy Dalton
Bunker, Arthur C.*
Bunker, Francis Swain
Bunnel, William Cyrus*
Burch, Frank Lester
Burch, John James
Burch, Lewis D., Jr.
Bureau, Ernest Adolphe
Burger, Harold Lindley
Burgess, Howard*
Burgess, Mary Livona
Burgin, Elmer Rolland*
Burk, Earl Peter
Burke, Allan McCann*
Burke, Francis Xavier
Burkee, Harvey A.*
Burkett, Dillard Bradford
Burkhardt, Walter Elias
Burkle, Leona Alta
Burkle, Victor E.
Burnette, Frederick H.*
Burns, Orville Glen
Burns, Roy Wilbur
Burns, Timothy Edward
Burns, T. F.*
Burns, William Nicholas
Burnside, Harry DeMotte
Burrell, Maurice E.*
Burrin, Philo L.
Burrin, Reuben Eller
Burris, Guy William
Burris, John Breckenridge
Burroughs, Grace Rentschler*
Burroughs, William Wallace
Burt, Henry*
Burt, Joseph Bell
Burt, John Wesley
Burton, Arthur D.*
Burton, Elbert Franklin
Burton, Wayne J.*
Burwell, Harry Wesley
Busby, Charles Elgar*
Busch, Lee Sylvester
Busche, Louis Martin
Buschman, Harry C.*
Bush, Harrison Onley
Bush, Roscoe H.*
Bushey, Alfred Leland
Bushnell, Clifford Downs
Bushnell, Thomas Mark
Bushnell, Will Bruce
Buskirk, Fred R.*
Bussard, Robert McClelland, Jr.
Busteed, William Short
Butler, Fred
Butler, Gordon Hubert
Butler, Lyman McMurty
Butler, Mosher Dwen
Butler, Noble C.*
Butler, Thomas William
Butler, William R.*
Butner, William Amos
Butsch, John Lewis
Butterfield, Dyer
Butterfield, Joe Parker
Butterfield, Joseph Thompson
Butterworth, Fred
Butterworth, Isaac*
Buzzard, Joseph*
Byers, Charles Brearley
Byers, George
Byers, Nellie Etheldred
Byers, Henry Lemis
Byrns, Arthur Grover*
Byrns, Robert Ainsworth 

Cade, David Samuel
Cade, John W.*
Cady, John Edwin
Cady, Leavens Harlow
Cafferty, Charles C.*
Cain, James Walker
Caldwell, A. Millard*
Caldwell, Arthur Gray
Caldwell, Harry Frank
Caldwell, Howard Eugene*
Caldwell, Orestes Hampton
Caldwell, Paul
Call, Merrill Asa*
Callahan, Charles
Callender, Leroy
Callis, Paul*
Calvert, Raymond Rice
Calvin, Paul Henry
Cameron, Adolphus
Cameron, Martin Welker
Cammack, Hadley B.
Campbell, Albert William
Campbell, Claude Elbert
Campbell, Elba Earl
Campbell, Elmer Grant
Campbell, Elizabeth Margaretta
Campbell, Floyd Forrest
Campbell, George Franklin
Campbell, Guy Mallory
Campbell, Henry Adam
Campbell, Lucile*
Campbell, Ray Wetherill
Campbell, Sanford A.*
Campbell, William Burton
Campbell, Verle Harold
Campbell, William Donald*
Campbell, William Eugene
Canan, Inez Richardson
Candor, Edward R.*
Canfield, Ora Lee*
Cannon, Joseph Henderson*
Canterbury, Richard C.*
Caraway, Samuel Handly*
Caraway, Walter M.*
Card, Ray S.
Careins, William Glen
Carithers, Dale Victor
Carithers, Samuel Porter
Carithers, Sara Freed*
Carl, Maurice Rudolph
Carlisle, Charles Arthur, Jr.
Carlisle, Irene Lucile
Carlson, Lillian Gladys
Carlton, Lenna Hamsher
Carman, Edmund Ralph
Carmichael, Victor Vincent
Carmin, Kenneth Arnold
Carnine, James H.*
Caron, Cyril Emet
Carothers, Charles Gage
Carpenter, George C.*
Carr, Arthur Bertram
Carr, Lillian B.*
Carrick, Gerald S.
Carrothers, Henry Harrison
Carson, Joseph Ellsworth
Carson, Ray Edgar
Cartagena, Nicholas Manrique
Carter, Alexander M.*
Carter, Altice Sidney
Carter, Arthur Budd
Carter, Conroe Marcus
Carter, Earl Logan
Carter, Glen George
Carter, Henry Augustine
Carter, Howard Knight
Carter, Marion Glen
Carter, Roy Tolephus
Carter, Thomas Volney
Cartwright, Kenneth Collwell
Carver, Edgar Marshall
Carver, Roscoe Athen
Case, George Wilkinson*
Case, George William
Case, John Deryl
Case, Nancy Gay
Case, Riley Leander
Caseley, James Raymond
Cason, Frank Lynn
Cason, William Archer*
Cassady, Arthur Bertram
Cassady, Vinal Kent
Castell, Stanley
Castrup, Grover Herman
Caswell, Oscar Wilde
Caswall, Robert William
Catherwood, Mary Jane*
Cauble, Thomas*
Caughlan, Herman Harrison
Caulkins, Albert H.*
Caulkins, Love Crampton
Cavan, Charles Thomas
Cavanagh, Frank Lester
Cavanagh, Joseph Ramsey
Cavins, Aden L.*
Cavins, Frank*
Cawthon, Horace Vincent
Cecil, Clarence
Cecil, Howard H.*
Cecil, Ruama Sult
Cecrle, Rudolph Paul
Cecrle, Stanley Peter
Chadbourne, Dean Kimball
Chadwick, Lee Sherman
Chafee, William Theodore
Chamberlain, Aaron Franklin
Chamberlain, Joseph William
Chambers, Alexander
Chambers, Earl
Chambers, Leon*
Chambers, Matthew Leo
Chambers, Roy Elden
Chan, Diam S. K.*
Chan, Hoy*
Chandler, Franklin Fay
Chandler, William Edward
Chao, Jen*
Chapin, Henry Leavitt*
Chapin, Paul Henry
Chapin, William Pond
Chapman, Edmund Earle
Chapman, Edwin Winton*
Chapman, Eva Terman
Chapman, Joseph G.*
Chappelle, Charles C.
Chard, Claude Franklin
Charters, David Benjamin
Chase, Eugene Paul
Chase, Lauren Devereau
Chavis, Charles*
Chazal, Charles Philip
Chazal, John P.*
Cheeks, Elmer James*
Cheesman, Clara Rhyne
Cheesman, Paul Michael
Cheney, Charles E.*
Cheney, John Irvin
Cheney, Merle Benjamin
Cheney, Virginia Stemm
Cheng, Hsou Kong*
Cheng, Yingchang*
Chenoweth, Albert Austin
Chenoweth, Edwin George
Chenoweth, Opie
Chenoweth, Robert Carey
Cherrington, Frank Willard
Chestnut, Howard*
Chesnut, John S.*
Childress, William*
Childs, Bruce Todd
Ching, Quon Chiu
Chipman, Emily Nelson
Chitty, Ralph Alvin*
Christen, Catharine May
Christen, Ellis Marlowe
Christensen, Paul Walter
Christenson, Charles Herman*
Christian, Ivah Meek
Christiansen, Carl*
Christie, Clem Studebaker
Christie, Paul Kreigh
Christie, Beulah Hurtt
Christy, Lewis Ellis
Chu, Charles Chin*
Church, Leonard Hughes
Church, Paul B.
Church, Viola Fern
Churchill, Homer
Churchman, Wilson Bement
Cimmerman, Ray*
Cissel, James Harlan
Clappersattle, George Adam*
Clark, Benjamin Franklin
Clark, Charles Harner
Clark, Charles Wayne*
Clark, Claude*
Clark, David Raymond*
Clark, Dorothy
Clark, Earle Alonzo
Clark, Ernest Alden
Clark, Franklin Pierce
Clark, Harry Hammer
Clark, Howard Benton
Clark, James Russell
Clark, Jay Anderson*
Clark, John Chester
Clark, John Harold
Clark, John Merritt
Clark, Joy Harold
Clark, Marjorie Ruth
Clark, Mary E.*
Clark, Oliver
Clark, Paul George
Clark, Paul Liberati
Clark, Rowland Evans
Clark, Ruby Florence
Clark, Thomas Alfred*
Clark, Wilbur Thomas*
Clark, William Arthur*
Clark, Wycliffe*
Clarke, Alfred Carleton
Clarke, Allen Winesburg
Clarke, Fay William
Clarke, Frederick A.*
Clarke, George Franklin
Clarke, James Harlan
Clarke, Leon L.
Clarke, Philip Lancaster*
Clarke, Virgil Vincent
Clasgens, Joseph Hermann
Clauser, Mary Sims
Clay, Cleotis Clyde
Claypool, Ernest Vernon
Claypool, Mabel*
Cleary, Thomas H.*
Clem, Jacob Berton
Clemens, Harry E.*
Clemens, Herbert Anthony
Clemens, Herbert Kiesel
Clemens, Percy Collins*
Clement, Evelyn
Clerget, Edmund John
Cleveland, Ralph Ellsworth
Clevenger, Lee Hewitt
Clevenger, Thomas Reed
Clicquennoi, Irving M.
Clifford, Samuel Griffin
Clift, William Harry
Cline, McGarvey
Cline, Noah Nolan
Cline, William*
Clinger, Arthur Clemens
Clink, Carl H.*
Clisby, Roy Edward
Clogston, Charles Curtis
Clore, Lex*
Close, Raymond Calvin
Close, Thomas Harland
Clouse, Elpha L. Taylor
Clouse, Verl R.
Cloyd, Annie
Clymer, Irvin Lloyd
Coahran, Jesse Myers
Coale, George Goodrich
Coates, Daniel Goff
Coats, Nellie Mae
Cobb, Alexander Dyar
Coble, Charles C.*
Coble, Urban Lloyd
Coburn, Richard Glamorgan
Coffin, Trenmor*
Coddington, Harry Wilbur
Coffin, Kenneth Dix
Coffin, Leroy
Coffing, Floyd Lee
Coffing, Smith Allen*
Cohen, Abraham Burton
Cohen, Herman F.*
Cohen, Melvin Meyer
Cohen, Sultan Gabriel
Colbert, Clark Boone
Colburn, George Louis
Colburn, Harrison S.
Cole, Aaron Bellemaine
Cole, Charles Whitmore
Cole, Dale S.
Cole, Edward Robert
Cole, Fred Lee
Cole, Norman Wesley
Cole, Ruall Omer
Coleman, Charles Howard
Coleman, William Howard
Coles, John Budd*
Collar, William Franklin
Collen, Morton Victor
Collicott, Edna Jane
Collier, Thomas Clayton
Collings, Clarence Smiley
Collings, Hamilton Banks
Collings, Maude Loveless
Collings, Roy Thomas
Collins, Charles Everett
Collins, Clarence Rivers
Collins, Emmett Filmore
Collins, Howard William
Collins, Jacob Roland
Collins, Joseph Daniel
Colliver, Elisabeth Margaret
Colliver, Samuel Addison
Colter, Robert Beery*
Colvard, Sidney Walter
Comaianni, Nicholas*
Comoford, James J.*
Compton, Leroy Everett
Conarroe, Alvin Newton
Conarroe, Shelton Hubert*
Conder, Croel Puckette
Congdon, Carl otto
Congdon, Loren Arnold
Congram, Elmer Kelso
Conlin, Hugh Werner*
Conlon, William Thomas
Connelly, Joseph Davitt*
Conner, Arthur Watson
Conner, Arthur William*
Conner, Howard Lorain*
Conner, Isaac Leland
Conner, Isaac Lewis
Conner, Jesse*
Conner, Robert Allen
Conner, Robert Shirley
Conner, Samuel Dicken
Conner, S. Vaughn
Connors, John Leo
Connors, John William
Conrad, Paul Cartmill
Conrow, D. Thornton
Constable, Bertram Cecil
Convill, Elsie Caulkins
Conway, Eva Irene
Cook, Clare Cyril
Cook, Ernest Vincent
Cook, George H.
Cook, Harry Luckie
Cook, Horace A.*
Cook, Hugh Wilson
Cook, Jesse Clark
Cook, John Putnam
Cook, Kenneth*
Cook, Leonard*
Cook, Maurice Jacob
Cook, Ralph Lyman
Cook, Raymond*
Cook, Roy Hatfield*
Cook, Thomas J.*
Cooke, Birtie Clay
Cooley, Cecil George
Cooley, William Brewer*
Coombs, Manvel Homer
Coons, Herbert 
Cooper, Eugene Sherman
Cooper, Eugene Smith
Cooper, James*
Cooper, James Russell
Cooper, John*
Cooper, Mildred V.
Cooprider, Gurney Sinclair
Cope, Harold Whitcomb
Copeland, Horace Somerville
Copeland, John Thomas
Copeland, Maris Alson
Coplen, Clala Eugene
Corcoran, F. L.*
Corey, Carrie Mustard*
Corey, Lorin Anthony
Corey, Ray Howard
Corns, Ivan Barr
Cortner, Leslie Abraham
Corwin, Merton Jewell
Cory, Clarence Linus*
Cory, Harry Thomas
Cory, Wayne Misener
Cosby, Leonel Harrold
Cosler, Horace Benton
Cosner, Earl Harrison
Cost, William Anthony
Costello, Dallas Monroe
Costello, Jerome*
Cottingham, Amy Allison
Cottingham, Charles
Cotton, Athol Buren*
Cotton, Chester Carroll
Couden, James*
Coughlan, Ralph Joseph
Councell, William Moore
Courtney, Robert James
Courtney, Robert Paul*
Cousins, Volney Delos
Covalt, R. Wayne
Coverdale, Herbert Pierce
Covert, Claudius Bodine
Covert, Homer Lee
Covert, Paul W.
Cox, Anthony Bruce
Cox, Freeman Robert
Cox, Henry Grandison
Cox, John Henry
Cox, Leslie Record
Cox, Norris Wayne
Crabb, Edward Fowler
Crabb, Robert W.*
Crabtree, Donald Louis
Craft, Clarence Asa
Craig, Albert Gallatn
Craig, Chester Guy
Craig, Dudley Peak
Craig, Leslie Bruce*
Craig, Richard Albert
Craig, Stuart Allen
Craig, Ulysses Paul
Crain, Arthur M.
Crain, Charles B.*
Crain, harold Stark
Crain, Laura Wilson*
Crain, L. D.
Cramer, Joseph*
Cramer, Virgil Peck
Crampton, Charles A.*
Crampton, Charles Cass
Crampton, George Earl
Crandall, John Kigner
Crane, Alpheus Jennings
Crane, Carl Scott
Crane, Harvey Edsall
Crane, Herbert Clinton
Crane, Jason George
Crane, Lera Ruth*
Crane, Millard
Crane, Noble Thomas
Crane, Perry Howard
Crane, Wilbur Glyndon
Crates, Royal Rene
Craven, Jay Allen
Cravens, Frank Morris
Cravens, George E.
Crawley, Verla
Creager, Perry D.*
Creath, Mead Platt*
Creed, Bennett Conrad
Cremers, William Leonard
Crepps, Ray Burnell
Cressner, Theodore Glen
Crews, Herman Atkins
Crider, Ruth Olivet*
Crigler, Thomas Botts
Crim, Jesse Edwards
Cripe, Vernon C.
Criss, Charles B.*
Crist, Clarence Matney*
Crist, Mark B.*
Criswell, William Henry
Critz, Bert*
Crockett, Frank Smith
Crockett, Horace E.*
Crockett, William Murdock
Crofoot, George Emerson
Cromer, Clinton Otis
Cromer, Lawrence Harris
Cromer, Ida Clark Richards
Cromer, Myron Emor
Cromer, Samuel Sayford
Cromwell, Lewis Warham
Crone, Hobart Edward
Cronkhite, Burton Eliga*
Cronkhite, Clarence Hosea
Crooks, Harold
Crosby, Claude E.
Crosby, Ernest Raymond
Crosby, Frederick Carl
Cross, John Clifford
Crosson, Mary Alice
Crosthwait, David Nelson, Jr.
Crotty, John J.*
Crouse, Bertha Barr*
Crow, Warder
Crowder, Rush G.*
Crowe, Herbert William
Crowe, Paul Lewis
Crowel, Wilbur Gale
Crowell, Clifford
Crowell, Florence Bertha
Crowell, Florence Smith
Crowell, Leon*
Croxton, Frederick Hiram*
Croy, Dalton Clark
Croy, Lu Roy
Croy, H. T.*
Crozier, Edward*
Crudden, Leonard Hamilton
Crull, Harley Roy
Crull, Ivan F.*
Crumrine, Pliny Earl
Cue, Merl King
Culbertson, Raymond Edward
Cullar, Cora Eva
Cullar, F. E.*
Cullar, Fred Orlando
Cullom, George C.
Cummins, Mildred*
Cunningham, Alida Mabel
Cunningham, Arthur Paul
Cunningham, Carine S.*
Cunningham, Clarence Carl
Cunningham, Emma Aurelia
Cunningham, Glessie Garland
Cunningham, James Latham
Cunningham, Jasper Earl
Cunningham, Joseph Bernard
Cunningham, Omer Cole
Cunningham, Walter Stanley
Cunningham, William
Current, Guy Leroy*
Curtis, Clara Louise
Curtiss, Frank Homer
Curtiss, Guy C.
Curtner, David Linder
Cushmon, C. C.
Custer, Clarence Courtright
Custer, Ralph Lebbeus
Custer, Robert Joseph
Cutler, Harry Sherman
Cutshall, Chester Sherman
Cyr, Philip

Da Costa, Helen Gran*
Daganhardt, James Henry, Jr.
Dages, Omer F.*
Daily, Clarence Oliver
Daily, Sidney Fields
Dair, Charles William
Dale, Cecil Otho*
Daley, Charles Augustine
Daley, Leo John
Dalton, Carl Raynor*
Daly, Alan Frederic
Danforth, Harrison
Daniels, Leslie Noel*
Danielson, Olaf Hogarth
Danner, Edwin*
Dapprich, Carl Emil Louis
Dare, Walter John
Dargen, Samuel Saul*
Dart, Harry Franklin
Darter, Lee Wallace*
Das Gupta, Birendra Nath
Dash, Cyrus Charles
Dashiell, Edward Noah*
Daugherty, Clifton Llywellyn*
Daugherty, Maude*
Daugherty, Maurice William
Daugherty, True Wilkie
Davenport, Clint*
David, Thomas Hendricks
Davidson, A. C.*
Davidson, Bruce Jordan
Davidson, Charles Luther*
Davidson, Donald
Davidson, John M.*
Davidson, Ralph Merril
Davidson, Robert Newman
Davies, Walter Garfield
Davis, Albert Maynard
Davis, Calvin Russel
Davis, Carl H.*
Davis, Charles
Davis, Charles Augustus
Davis, Charles Greene
Davis, Chase*
Davis, Daniel Clarence
Davis, Edward Wilson
Davis, Edward Wolfe
Davis, Fred Adolphus
Davis, George Ade
Davis, Guy Foster
Davis, Harry Lawrence*
Davis, Herbert Austin
Davis, James Christopher
Davis, James Paul
Davis, Justice Bailey
Davis, Kenneth Winfield
Davis, Lewis Henry
Davis, Lewis Walter
Davis, Louise*
Davis, Merel Byron
Davis, Palmer J.*
Davis, Ralph Henry
Davis, Roscoe Lane*
Davis, Russell
Davis, Samuel Thayer*
Davis, Stephen M.*
Davis, Walter Howard
Davis, William Cliffort
Davis, William Raymond
Davison, Allen Cleveland
Davison, Francis Charles
Dawes, Ray Samuel
Dawson, Gladys Irene
Dawson, John Arthur
Dawson, Raymond Fillmore
Dawson, Ronald*
Day, Andrew Walter
Day, Bertram Cebes
Day, Omar Harl
Dean, Argus
Deane, Tsung Yao
Deardorff, Laura Inez*
Deardurff, Harley Earnest
Deardurff, Josiah Ross
DeBats, Charles John
Deblieux, Earl Verne
Debo, Edward Alfred*
De Camp, Harold E.*
De Camp, Ray Edward
DeCamp, Samuel Merle
Decker, Bulis Reba
Decker, Frank Warwick
Decker, Herbert William
Decker, Karl Jonas*
Decker, Leone D.
Deel, George William
Deem, Donald H.*
Deephouse, Laura Isabelle
Deering, Mark Fay
Deffendall, Alice Hurley*
Deffendall, William Burl
De Grief, Martha Ashton
Dehart, Henry Tinney*
De Hart, Mary Gallagher
De Haven, Irvin Clifton
Deist, Joy Wendell*
Delaplane, William Kerlin
Deller, Russell Alphonso
Demaree, Frank Howard
Demaree, Juan Brewer
Demars, Arch Edward
Deming, Herschel Parr
Demming, Joseph A.*
Demmon, Harvey
Demoret, Edith Grenard
Denbo, Edward Murfane
Dencer, Frederick William
Denison, Arthur Elias
Denneen, Francis
Dennett, Thomas
Denney, Guy Carleton
Denzler, Herman Zollinger
De Pew, Heber
Depweg, Leonard Sylvester
Derbyshire, Chase R.
Derkinderen, Joseph L.
Derrick, Morris Kirkwood
Desloge, Louis F.*
Detrick, Edwin A.*
Dettling, Jacob C.*
DeTurk, Ernest E.
Deupree, Avery Edwin
Devilbiss, Edwin Bowser
DeVoe, Benjamin Herbert
DeVoe, Maynard Roy
DeVore, Romney Wilson
DeVries, Paul
DeWeese, Robert McKinley
DeWolfe, Edward Charles
Dexter, Carl James
Dexter, Edward Harvey
Dibble, Ayden Ayres
Dice, Dallas H.
Dickerson, Harold Shields*
Dickerson, Genevieve Roblee*
Dickes, H. Kenneth
Dickey, Alexander D.*
Dickey, George Cecil
Dickey, Gertrude Case
Dickey, James Kitchell*
Dickey, Robert Kenneth
Dickinson, William Hurtley*
Dickson, John Clinton
Dickover, Glen A.*
Didlake, Edmund Hale
Diehl, August
Dienhart, Gertrude A.*
Dienner, John A.*
Dietrich, Arthur C.*
Dietz, John Walter
Dietz, Muriel Alford
Dietz, Robert Carl
Diggs, Dudley Pierre
Diggs, Julia Nelson
Diggs, Vernal Albert
Dilks, Harrie Russell
Dill, George Clayton
Dill, Jay Byron
Dillon, Arthur Judson
Dillon, Elroy A.
Dilts, Russell Allen
Dimaano, Georgio Castro
Dimitt, Fred Woody
Dinnen, John Richard*
Dinsmore, Joseph Paul
Dinwiddie, Willard J.
Dirham, Percy W.*
Dismore, Frank Paden
Dittoe, Cincent A.*
Dittwe, George Robert
Ditzler, Guy Elon
Diven, William Albert
Divens, Xury Jabez
Diver, Mortimer Levering
Dixon, Donald Reid
Doan, John Lindley
Doan, Martha
Doane, Clement E.
Dobelbower, John Colcord
Dobson, Edward Higbee*
Dobson, Fay Earhart
Dobson, Fulton Lyon
Dobson, Louise Savidge
Dobson, Joseph Frederick
Dobson, Schuyler Colfax
Dobson, Zola Joyce
Dockins, Roseborough Kerlin
Dodd, Albert Beason*
Dodd, Orrin Essex*
Dodd, Wilbur K.*
Doddridge, Benjamin Harry
Dodds, William Black*
Dodge, Newton Comstock
Dodge, Ralph Emerson
Doering, John Columbus
Doerr, Lawrence Omer
Doggett, Denzil
Doll, Charles Jacob
Dolman, Alice Marks*
Dolman, Emma Boulds*
Donahew, Arthur La Omer
Donelson, Leroy Earl
Donham, William B.
Donnelly, LeRoy
Dooley, Channing Rice
Doolittle, George William
Doolittle, Mervin Raymond
Dorland, Edith Green
Dorland, Ralph E.
Dorland, Ralph Oakes
Dornbusch, Walter Joseph*
Dorner, Bernhardt Herman*
Dorner, Herman Bernard
Dorner, William Phillip*
Dorsey, Daniel Layman
Dorsey, Howard Alexander
Dostal, John Frank
Doswell, Howard Rusher
Doty, Leman Edgar
Doud, Arthur Thompson
Doud, Harry Preston
Dougherty, Lawrence Allan
Douglass, Forrest Seymour*
Douglas, William Albert
Dow, William Scott
Downey, Edwin C.*
Downing, Henry Baker
Downs, Charles W.*
Downs, George
Downs, Lawrence Aloysius
Downs, Oliver
Downs, Roland*
Downs, William Fletcher*
Downton, Charles Edwards
Doyle, Leo Philip
Drabelle, John Mitchell
Dragoo, Orloff Field
Drake, William Allen
Draper, Charles Edwin*
Draper, Claude McCrea
Dresser, Jasper Marion
Dresser, Margaret Mary
Driscoll, John*
Driscoll, Lawrence Edward
Driscoll, William Edgar
Driscoll, Maggie Chapman
Driskell, Lovell Gray
Driver, Clarence W.*
Driver, Herschel Wood*
Drompp, Frederick Grahs
Drumpelmann, Carleton Theodore
Drury, Walter John
Dryden, Harry Walter
Dryfoose, Earl Daniel
Dubov, Albert Earl
Du Brul, Davila Stanislaus*
Ducas, Charles*
Duckwall, Anderson Edward
Duckwall, Charles Clarence
Dudding, William Daniel
Duden, Emil Gustav
Dudgeon, Dewey Gibson
Duffey, James Thomas*
Dufty, Arthur*
Dukes, Richard Ludwick*
Dull, Adam W.*
Dull, Arlie Acle
Dumbauld, John Henry
Dunbar, Alfred Parker
Duncan, Joseph Gray*
Duncan, Kenneth Brown
Duncan, Lee Weber
Duncan, Roy Wallace
Duncan, William Graham
Duncan, William Moulden*
Dunham, David Hanon
Dunham, Harman Warren
Dunham, Heber*
Dunklin, Gilbert Turner
Dunlap, Elgin Heagy*
Dunlap, George Green
Dunlap, Paul Dean*
Dunlavy, John E.*
Dunlevy, James Clegg*
Dunn, Jesse Malcolm*
Dunn, John Wesley
Dunn, Oliver Edmund
Dunning, Marshall*
Dunten, Chester Orvis
Dunwoody, Charles David
Dunwoody, Jesse Robinson
Durkee, Hugh Bentley*
Durler, Russell Wallace
Durr, Arthur William
Durrin, Albert W.*
Dusard, Joseph C.
Dutchess, Charles Eugene
Dutton, Jesse Thomas
Dwight, Natalia Lahr
Dwyer, Raphael M.*
Dye, James Gerald
Dye, John Frederick
Dye, Robert Morris
Dykeman, Lee
Dyson, Doyte Starr

Earhart, Martin*
Earhart, Nellie*
Earle, Laurence H.
Early, John J.*
Earp, Leon Sutcliffe*
Easley, Charles Judson
East, Charles Marvin
Easterday, William Edwin
Eaton, Effie Kieffer*
Eaton, George Samuel
Eaton, George Sherry*
Eaton, Wyman*
Ebbeler, William Ernest
Ebbinghaus, Hubert Theron
Ebbinghaus, LeeOata Florence
Ebbinghous, William Daniel
Ebbinghouse, Homer Smith*
Eberhard, Homer
Eberhardt, Ernest Carl
Eberhardt, Hazel Newtson*
Eberhardt, Melville Christian
Eberhart, John Clyde
Eberle, Friedrich*
Ebershoff, Frederic Henry
Ebersold, Charles Waldemar
Eberts, John Foster
Eberly, Virgil A.*
Eckhouse, Walter Louis
Eddy, Benjamin Schenck*
Eddy, Glenn Harber
Eddy, William J.*
Ede, Albert Blakeslee
Ede, Stuard Strickland*
Edgerton, Palmer Ray
Edgington, Eugene
Edlund, Daniel Leonard
Edmondson, Charles Samuel
Edmondson, John B.
Edmondson, Oscar Norton
Edmonson, Alva Thrift
Edmonson, Charles B.*
Edmonson, James Francis
Edmonson, Mary Mildred
Edmunds, Marion K.
Edson, William Walter
Edwards, John Wesley
Edwards, Mary Jeannette
Edwards, Ray Omer
Edwards, Russell Noble
Edwards, Walter John
Efroymson, Meyer S.
Egeler, Carl Edward
Eggeman, Fred William
Egner, Carl A.*
Egner, Robert James
Egry, Charles Robert
Ehle, Frank E.*
Ehrgott, Eugene Fielding
Ehrhardt, William Walter
Ehringer, James Walter
Ehrman, Laurence Sidney
Eichhorn, Fred
Eichinger, Benjamin Franklin
Eickhoff, Theodore Henry
Eiler, Charles Kenneth
Ein, Sam
Eisenlohr, Gustav William
Eisensmith, Louis Earl*
Ekstrom, George Frederick
Elbel, Clara Cunningham
Elden, William Robert
Eldred, Earl Reamer
Eldred, Frank R.*
Eldridge, William King
Ele, Vern Jennings
Eliason, Charleine Burgess
Eliason, Everett John
Elkin, Sarah Kathryn
Ellabarger, Lowell Scudder
Eller, Alethea Dawson
Elliott, Cassius E.*
Elliott, Charles Herdman*
Elliott, Ernest E.*
Elliott, Floyd Elmer
Elliott, George B.*
Elliott, John Soper*
Elliott, Mary E.*
Elliott, Nellie Pfleeger*
Ellis, Guy Tempest
Ellis, John Clinton
Ellis, Maude Hiner
Ellis, William Guy
Ellison, Earl Jerome
Ellsworth, Erasmus Murphy
Elschlager, Ernest
Elsea, Roy H.*
Elsener, Lawrence Alois
Elston, Joseph Parker
Elston, William Clyde
Elstun, Leila Bryan*
Elstun, Wesley Morrison
Elstun, William Penn
Ely, C. F.*
Ely, George Beckwith
Ely, Harold F.*
Embshoff, Arthur Charles
Emerson, Hoyt
Emerson, Thomas Waldo
Emery, Everett Victor
Emigholz, Lawrence Frederick
Emmons, Harry Eugene
Emrick, John Homer
Emrick, Leon Hale
Emrick, Paul Spotts
Emshwiller, Daise May*
Endicott, George Franklin
Endris, Eugene Joseph*
Endsley, Louis Eugene
Engeler, Frederick Robinson
Engle, Harry
Engle, Laudis Gingrich
Engle, Robert Lester
English, Frances Roberts*
English, Walter Myron
Enochs, James Harold
Enochs, Philip Henry
Ensign, Henry Buckingham
Ensminger, Chesley Bailey
Ensminger, Julian
Epple, William Frederick
Erb, Maynard Marion*
Erdmann, Edward Emil*
Erick, Murray E.
Erickson, Morris Hornbeck
Erisman, Margaret Jane
Ernst, Fritz B.
Ernst, Joseph Warren*
Ernst, Robert Sering
Errant, Derexa Morey
Erskine, James*
Erskine, Ralph Waldo
Erwin, Frank M.*
Erwin, Golda Pauline
Erwin, Mabel Deane
Erwin, Ralph Leslie*
Escobar, Rafael R.*
Eshleman, Charles E.*
Eshleman, Clayton Ira*
Essex, Jesse Lyle
Essig, Charles Hiram
Esslinger, Clarence A.*
Esslinger, Edwin Walter
Estabrook, Arthur Judson*
Estabrook, Charles Beaston
Estabrook, Gaylord Beale
Esterline, John Walter
Estes, Don Cameron
Etten, William John
Evans, Benjamin R.*
Evans, Clifford Harry
Evans, Daniel Miller
Evans, Edith Norton
Evans, Evan Albert*
Evans, Francis Timothy
Evans, James Warren*
Evans, John Eugene*
Evans, Maxwell Skinner
Evans, Samuel Roscoe*
Evans, William Elbert
Evans, William Vivian
Everist, Hubert Harpham
Eversman, Walter George*
Ewald, Arden Anton
Ewbank, Earl Ambrose*
Ewin, William Winstead*
Ewing, Willard Rea
Ewry, Raymond Clarence
Eylens, Lawrence James*
Eyre, Thomas Taylor











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