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Submission Guidelines. Please read carefully!

Found Items: (Photographs, Documents, Family Bibles, etc...)
If you have items you have purchased or found and would like to reunite them with their family use this page. Items can be free or for sale.

Books - New: (Family History, Local History, Magazines, Indexes, Maps, Records, etc...)
If you are a publisher, author or bookseller list your books for sale here..

Professional Services: (Genealogy Websites, Supplies & Services, etc...)
If you have a genealogy website or sell genealogy products or services list your information and a link to your website here.

Professional Researchers: If you are a genealogy researcher list your e-mail or link to your website, area of specialty, years of experience, professional affiliations, etc... here.


  • As a public service we have started this area where you can post items you have for sale, to give away or to list genealogy services. Please submit only items relating to genealogy or history. Send an e-mail with the ad to:

  • For the subject line of your e-mail use the category for the ad, "Found Items or Books-New or Books-Used or Professional Services or Professional Researchers or Genealogy Societies or Historical Societies". (See the section below for more information on categories).

  • Please limit your ad to about 75 words or less.

  • Only three ads per person, company or group.

  • Check your ad carefully, we will cut and paste the ad onto our page exactly as you send it to us. (You can use the ads already listed as examples.)

  • To answer an ad, please contact the person with the listing directly. If you have problems with a listing please let us know. 

  • Remember, we have no control over or connection with the people who place these ads, we are only listing them as a public service. If people abuse this service we will be forced to discontinue it.

  • If you enjoy our free ads and have a website, please put a link to our homepage, and also let us know about any success stories!

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