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Dartmouth College 1840 Catalogue


1840 Catalogue of Dartmouth College. We will send you a reprint of the entire college catalog (28 pages). Includes the complete, "Course of Study" with the names of all required courses; hometowns of the students; and fees (Tuition, Room & Board, and "Wood, Lights & Washing" totaled less than one textbook does now!)
A fascinating and rare look at education over 160 years ago, whether your ancestors were a student, officer or on the faculty. 

Item # 10311

Price $8.00

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Adams, Ebenezer			Faculty
Adams, James Osgood		Student
Aiken, Silas			Officer
Akerman, Amos Tappan		Student
Ambrose, David Russel		Student
Andrews, Harrison		Student
Arey, Charles			Student
Atkins, Addison B.		Student
Atkinson, George H.		Student
Averill, John P.		Student
Ayer, Otis			Student
Bachelder, John, Jr.		Student
Badger, Paine D.		Student
Bailey, James Monroe		Student
Baker, Andrew J.		Student
Baker, John W. H.		Student
Ball, Benjamin West		Student
Bancroft, Jesse Parker		Student
Barnard, Pliny Fisk		Student
Barrows, George Bradley		Student
Barrows, John Stuart, Jr.	Student
Barrows, Thomas Perley		Student
Barstow, William		Student
Barstow, Zedekiah S.		Officer
Bartlett, Joseph		Faculty
Bascom, Thomas S.		Student
Baxter, Benjamin L.		Student
Bell, Charles H.		Student
Bell, Joseph Mills		Student
Benson, George Washington	Student
Berry, Abel Blanchard		Student
Bingham, Harry			Student
Bixby, Asher			Student
Blaisdell, Daniel		Officer
Blaisdell, Justis J.		Student
Blanchard, Cyrus Lewis		Student
Blanchard, Silas Morrison	Student
Blood, Andrew Jewett		Student
Bouton, Nathaniel		Officer
Brackett, Adino Nye, Jr.	Student
Bradley, George			Student
Bradley, Joseph			Student
Bradshaw, Hamilton Boyd		Student
Breck, James, Jr.		Student
Brewer, Francis Beattie		Student
Brewster, Agustus Olcott	Student
Brigham, Levi, Jr.		Student
Brigham, Lincoln Flagg		Student
Brown, Abner Hartwell		Faculty
Brown, Clarke S.		Student
Brown, Joel			Student
Brown, Samuel Gilman		Faculty
Buffum, Rufus E.		Student
Bullard, Malachi, Jr.		Student
Bullard, Sanford Austin		Student
Bullen, Henry Lewis		Student
Burbank, Robert I.		Student
Burns, George Granville		Student
Burns, William			Student
Butler, Benjamin		Student
Carter, John Sabine		Student
Caverly, John Lee		Student
Chamberlain, Moses, Jr.		Student
Chapman, Samuel, Jr.		Student
Chase, Albert			Student
Chase, Francis Baruch		Student
Chase, Frederick P.		Student
Chase, George Clement		Student
Chase, Ira Stephen		Student
Chase, Stephen			Faculty
Cilley, Bradbury Poor		Student
Clapp, Salmon			Student
Clark, Edward W.		Student
Clark, Francis Brown		Student
Clark, Horace			Student
Clark, James			Student
Clark, John Badger		Student
Clark, Ranslure Weld		Student
Clark, William			Student
Clarke, George J.		Student
Clarke, Henry K. W.		Student
Clary, Timothy Farrar		Student
Clay, Lorenzo			Student
Cleaves, Nathan			Student
Colby, Jeremiah H. W.		Student
Cole, Ralph W.			Student
Collins, Cyrus			Student
Colony, George Danforth		Student
Comings, Benjamin Newton	Student
Comings, George Philander	Student
Comstock, Francis W.		Student
Cook, Orel, Jr.			Student
Cooke, Henry Grout		Student
Cooke, Phineas, Jr.		Student
Copp, Joseph Morrill		Student
Copp, Timothy			Student
Corser, Samuel B. Gerrish	Student
Creighton, James B.		Officer
Crosby, Alpheus			Faculty
Crosby, Dixi			Faculty
Crosby, Thomas Russell		Student
Cross, David, Jr.		Student
Cummings, Charles		Student
Cummings, Seneca		Student
Currier, Nathaniel Smith	Student
Cutter, Charles			Student
Cutter, Edward Stearns		Student
Dana, Henry Swan		Student
Dana, Joseph Wood		Student
Dana, Simeon Sessions		Student
Daniels, Hiram C.		Student
Davidson, Paul			Student
Davis, Hosea			Student
Davis, James			Student
Day, Aaron, Jr.			Student
Dearborn, Charles Ebenezer	Student
Delano, Samuel			Officer
Derby, George			Student
Dibble, Augustus Lawson		Student
Dickey, Cyrus			Student
Dickinson, Frederic W.		Student
Dickinson, William		Student
Dimond, David			Student
Dinsmoor, James			Student
Dodge, Albert			Student
Drew, David Fogg		Student
Drew, Elijah Chelsey		Student
Drew, Joseph W.			Student
Drew, Stephen Watson		Student
Drown, Daniel A.		Student
Dunnells, John Emery		Student
Dutton, Daniel			Student
Eastham, Charles		Student
Eastman, William Plummer	Student
Edes, Samuel Hart		Student
Edwards, Nathan B.		Student
Emerson, Nathan			Student
Emery, Caleb			Student
Emery, Stephen M.		Student
Evans, Prentice Hill		Student
Farmer, Moses Gerrish		Student
Farnsworth, Joseph		Student
Farrar, William H.		Student
Fessenden, Daniel Webster	Student
Fisk, Francis Skinner		Student
Flagg, Samuel			Student
Flanders, Benjamin Franklin	Student
Fletcher, James			Student
Fletcher, Samuel		Officer
Flint, Lyman Thomas		Student
Forbes, Robert Wasson		Student
Foss, Betton Webster		Student
Foster, Daniel			Student
Foster, Moses, Jr.		Student
Foster, William Cowper		Student
Freelon, Thomas W., Jr.		Student
Freeman, Edward, Jr.		Student
Freeman, Francis A.		Student
Freeman, Samuel H.		Student
French, Leonard			Student
French, Samuel Prescott		Student
Furber, Daniel Little		Student
Gale, Ezra White		Student
Gale, Lucian			Student
Garland, Joseph			Student
Gates, Amphion			Student
George, John Hatch		Student
Gibbs, Alfred			Student
Gibson, Stephen D. S.		Student
Gile, Daniel, Jr.		Student
Giles, Benjamin			Student
Giles, James Jenison		Student
Giles, John			Student
Gilfillan, John Abel		Student
Gilliam, George T.		Student
Gilman, Josiah			Student
Gooch, Daniel Wheelwright	Student
Goodall, Samuel H.		Student
Goodhue, George Franklin	Student
Goodwin, John Noble		Student
Goodwin, John Wallingford	Student
Gordon, Nathaniel		Student
Graves, Joshua Leland		Student
Graydon, Robert Geddes		Student
Gregg, James Adams De Witt	Student
Guppey, Joshua James		Student
Hadduck, Charles		Student
Hadduck, Charles B.		Faculty
Hadduck, Charles B.		Faculty
Hall, Edward			Student
Hall, Edwin			Student
Handerson, Phineas		Officer
Hardy, Rufus Chandler		Student
Harlow, Lewis D.		Student
Haskell, John Cotton		Student
Hazen, Allen			Student
Hemmenway, George B.		Student
Hemmenway, Joel Willard		Student
Hill, Otis Freeman		Student
Hill, Timothy			Student
Hills, Nathaniel		Student
Hobart, Harrison Carroll	Student
Hodgdon, Albert Elisha		Student
Hoit, Daniel			Student
Holmes, Oliver W.		Faculty
Hood, Jacob A.			Student
Hood, Joseph Edward		Student
Hoskins, Dexter Everett		Student
Hoskins, John Church C.		Student
Hovey, Alvah			Student
Hovey, Amos White		Student
Hubbard, Gardiner Greene	Student
Hubbard, John			Student
Hubbard, Oliver P.		Faculty
Hubbard, Samuel			Officer
Hubbard, Stephen G.		Student
Huckins, David T.		Student
Hunt, James Lewis		Student
Jackson, James			Student
Jackson, James C.		Student
Jewett, John Edward		Student
Jones, Amos			Student
Jones, Henry Newell		Student
Jones, Jeremiah Pingree		Student
Jones, John Wyman		Student
Jones, Joseph Rix		Student
Jones, Luther			Student
Kelley, Samuel Bowdoin		Student
Kelly, Moses			Student
Kelly, Stephen Lorenzo		Student
Kendrick, Charles Edward	Student
Kent, Alexander Hamilton	Student
Kibbe, William H.		Student
Kimball, Walter Henry		Student
Kinne, Amasa			Student
Kittredge, Joseph		Student
Knapp, Philip Coombs		Student
Knight, William			Student
Lane, James			Student
Lane, James Bacheller		Student
Lane, Richard Emerson		Student
Lawrence, Edward Addison	Student
Leavitt, Stephen		Student
Leonard, Henry B.		Student
Lewis, Charles D.		Student
Libby. Alvan			Student
Littlefield, Daniel		Student
Long, Henry Clay		Student
Lord, Amasa Converse		Student
Lord, Frederic Richardson	Student
Lord, Henry Clark		Student
Lord, Nathan			Officer
Lord, Samuel Augustus		Student
Lord, Samuel John Mills		Student
Lord, William Hayes		Student
Lorimer, Alexander		Student
Loring, George B.		Student
Lothrop, Joshua Rich		Student
Low, Charles French		Student
Lufkin, Amos			Student
Lyman, Ira			Student
MacGregor, George R.		Student
Manchester, Moses R.		Student
Mann, Asa			Student
Mann, Cyrus Sweetser		Student
Marsh, Charles			Officer
Marsh, John James		Student
Marsh, Marvin M.		Student
Marston, Jeremiah, Jr.		Student
Mason, David Haven		Student
McNiece, Isaac			Student
Merriam, Rufus N.		Student
Merriam, Silas			Student
Merrill, Josiah			Student
Meserve, Curtis Coe		Student
Miller, Dana			Student
Moor, George Washington		Student
Morgan, Arnold			Student
Morse, George Mason		Student
Moulton, Chase			Student
Murdough, Robert T.		Student
Muzzy, Francis Horace		Student
Nash, Stephen Gordon		Student
Newhall, Charles		Student
Newton, Ezra, Jr.		Student
Nichols, Joseph Darwin		Student
Norris, Moses, Jr.		Officer
Olcott, Charles H.		Student
Olcott, Mills			Officer
Oliver, Fitz-Edward		Student
Orcutt, Hiram			Student
Ordway, John Morse		Student
Osgood, James			Student
Page, John			Officer
Paine, Ezra			Student
Parker, Edmund			Officer
Parker, Henry Elijah		Student
Parker, Henry Swain		Student
Parker, Horatio G.		Student
Parker, Joel			Officer
Parker, Moses			Student
Parkinson, Royal		Student
Parnell, John H.		Student
Partridge, Charles E.		Student
Patten, William Aaron		Student
Paul, Thomas			Student
Peabody, Edward T.		Student
Peabody, Owen Glendour		Student
Pearson, Benjamin Hanaford	Student
Peaslee, Edmund R.		Student
Perkins, Roderic Random		Student
Perry, John Philander		Student
Perry, William Gilman		Student
Philbrick, John Dudley		Student
Pierce, Jason B.		Student
Pillsbury, Gilbert		Student
Pillsbury, Levi			Student
Pinkerton, David, Jr.		Student
Pinkham, Daniel Chestly		Student
Pitman, Joshua Mackrice		Student
Porter, Hannibel		Student
Porter, Mark R.			Student
Pratt, Edward Hartshorn		Student
Pratt, Stephen Hartshorn	Student
Putnam, Charles I.		Student
Putnam, John N.			Student
Rand, Joseph			Student
Ranney, Ambrose A.		Student
Ranney, Lafayette		Student
Ray, John Wason			Student
Reed, Edward			Student
Reynolds, Alfred		Student
Richardson, David S.		Student
Richardson, Emore D.		Student
Richardson, Horace		Student
Richardson, Moses Charles	Student
Rickard, Truman			Student
Roby, Joseph			Faculty
Rogers, Edward			Student
Ross, Jonathan Smith		Student
Rowell, Enoch Putney		Student
Rugg, Lemuel Nye		Student
Russell, Ira			Student
Rust, Henry B.			Officer
Sanborn, Edwin D.		Faculty
Sanborn, Henry F.		Student
Sanborn, Jesse Appleton		Student
Sanborn, John Sewall		Student
Sanborn, Thomas			Student
Sargeant, Edward Erasmus	Student
Sargent, Fitz-Wm.		Student
Sargent, Winthrop		Student
Sawyer, David Blethen		Student
Sewall, Samuel G.		Student
Shattuck, Jonathon C.		Student
Sherburne, John Gile		Student
Sherman, Benjamin F.		Student
Sherman, Edward Fay		Student
Shurtleff, Roswell		Faculty
Silsby, Horace			Student
Skinner, Calvin, Jr.		Student
Sloan, William			Student
Smith, Denison Kimball		Student
Smith, Hiram			Student
Smith, Leander			Student
Smith, Richard Morse		Student
Smith, Scorates			Student
Souther, Samuel, Jr.		Student
Spalding, Samuel Jones		Student
Spaulding, Jacob Shedd		Student
Spofford, Lemuel C.		Student
Stackpole, P. Augustine		Student
Steele, John H.			Officer
Stevens, Horace			Student
Stevens, Ivan			Student
Stevens, Lyman D.		Student
Stevens, Samuel Josiah		Student
Stone, Admiral Paschal		Student
Stone, William A.		Student
Stuart, Robert			Student
Swain, Leonard			Student
Swallow, Joseph E.		Student
Taft, Levi B.			Student
Tarleton, Joseph Wallace	Student
Taylor, Cephas R.		Student
Tenney, Daniel			Student
Tenney, Jonathan, Jr.		Student
Thatcher, Seth T.		Student
Thayer, Loren			Faculty
Tilden, Titus Woodward		Student
Todd, Paul Porter		Student
Torrey, Noah, Jr.		Student
Trull, Samuel			Student
Tuck, Eben Franklin		Student
Turner, David, Jr.		Student
Tuttle, Thomas			Student
Twitchell, Samuel Burge		Student
Twombly, Benjamin Hurd		Student
Tyler, John Eugene		Student
Upham, Jabez Baxter		Student
Varney, John R.			Student
Verback, Lewis Franklin		Student
Wakefield, Thomas L.		Student
Waldron, Isaac			Officer
Walker, Clement Adams		Student
Walker, George			Student
Wallis, William Frederic	Student
Warner, Abner Spicer		Student
Washburn, Charles Powers	Student
Washburn, Reuben Hubbard	Student
Wason, Milton			Student
Webster, Francis Brown		Student
Webster, Humphrey		Student
Webster, John			Student
Webster, William		Student
Weeks, Lorrain True		Student
Wentworth, George W.		Student
West, Edward B.			Student
Weston, James Chase		Student
Wheeler, Daniel Smith		Student
White, John H.			Officer
White, Moses Hazen		Student
Wight, Otis Caleb		Student
Wilkins, Alanson		Student
Willey, Samuel H.		Student
Williams, Charles		Student
Williams, Stephen W.		Faculty
Williams, Theodore S.		Student
Wilson, Ephraim Farnum		Student
Wilson, Jeremiah		Student
Wilson, Thomas			Student
Winslow, Luther Orval		Student
Wood, Abel			Student
Wood, Bartholomew		Student
Wood, Franklin			Student
Wood, Harvey Colcord		Student
Wood, John Q. A.		Student
Wood, William			Student
Wood, William Henry		Student
Woodbury, Elwell		Student
Woodbury, William Riddle	Student
Woodman, John Smith		Student
Woolson, Moses			Student
Worcester, Benjamin Punchard	Student
Wyman, Jonathan			Student
Young, Ira			Faculty

Ancestor Info is a free access genealogy database, made up of dozens of smaller databases. We are different from many of the databases on the internet, because we own all of the materials we index. When you order information from us, we send you the original item or we copy the information directly from the original source.

We have hundreds of unique antiquarian sources with thousands of citations. Many of these books, documents and historical records are one of a kind or are extremely rare, but we have indexed them to assist in your research. We index biographies, directories, yearbooks, alumni guides, obituaries (necrology), tax books, journals, magazines etc... We might have ads from the old family business or family farm, salary or school records, an obituary which ranges from one paragraph to several pages long or records of war service. When we send you copies of this type of information, we also send the title page, any lists of abbreviations or other relevant pages.

We have thousands of biographies ranging from one paragraph to several pages long, and many of these include a photo, portrait or engraving. During the late 1800's and during the 1920's, (before the Great Depression came along) almost every area of the country did Who's Who type books of locally prominent people, and many clubs and civic groups did a directory featuring biographies and sometimes photos of their members. So even if your ancestor was not rich and famous, we might have them listed.

If your ancestors are in one of our high school or college yearbooks, we can send you copies of their photo or listing, but we also send copies of the school calendar, general interest photos of the school and classmates, and there is usually a section with jokes or corny stories. It is almost like visiting the school 75 years ago, while your ancestors were young. Some yearbooks also include information on faculty and alumni.

Our collection of several hundred original, vintage photographs includes antique photos of all types; cabinet cards, tintypes, carte-de-visite (CDV's), portraits and  real photo postcards (RPPC). We also have photo albums, group photos from family reunions, the workplace and schools. Most of these photos are over 75 years old.

Our ephemera collection has over 1,000 pieces includes vintage or antique documents, letters, billheads, invoices, postcards, wedding invitations, business cards, prescriptions, matchbook covers, Victorian trade cards, school programs and school souvenirs. Most of these items range from 50 to over 125 years old.

Whether you are researching your family roots (or lineage), we can help. Please check our database for all the branches and surnames from your family tree. We have also been able to assist writers and collectors in their background research on the history of people or companies in our database. We cover everything from birth records to obituaries, military service during the Civil War and World War 1, and almost every aspect of daily life and day to day business in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

While we charge a fee to send copies of information or original items, it is a small price to pay to find potentially valuable information from long ago (and it may even help with that brick wall you have been facing in your research).

Please use the on-site search engine at the top of this page to see what family treasures we may have waiting for you. Or visit our home page for a detailed overview of the resources we have available.

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