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Contributed Genealogy Photos


These are photos which have been contributed by others. They are available to family members free of charge. To claim a photo contact If you would like to contribute a photo or document, you can also contact me. (All contributed items will never be sold, & will be stored with our other items in archival plastic & a controlled environment. I will contact you if a family member claims them, so that you will know they found their way home.)

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These photos were sent by Nancy C. Her note reads, "These photographs were in my Grandmother's house. She went to Winthrop College in Rock Hill, SC. She finished there in 1907 or 1908. I feel sure that Corrie Linder was a close friend and they went to Winthrop together. My Grandmother was from Stateburg, SC."

The names are as follows:
Sallie Blanding Anderson
Mrs. Summer Linder, Dr. Linder's wife, Corrie Linder's father
M. M. Trotter
Adele Pickerrey? married Mr. Leak, Rockingham, NC died 1926
Helen and Corrie Linder
Betty (Bettie) Frierson
Mary Overton, Virginia
Kate Isbell Turnipseed
Mrs. W. W. Moore (Miss Ella)
Also an obituary for Mrs. May E. Linder, born in 1864. (Includes details about her being adopted when one year old.)

Another group of photos was rescued from the trash in Athens, GA.

The names are as follows:
Mrs. John Hammond
Etta Hardy, Mrs. Ed Hammond, Etta & Lil married brothers
Mammie Hamilton
Mr. Hardy, of Norfolk, VA father of Etta & Lil Hardy
Annie Harris? Aug. 28, 1871

Item #


Photo of a young girl in an elaborate costume or gown, with a cap on her head. Written on the back is, "Eleanor-2 yrs."  In a different handwriting, "Mrs. Chas. H. Vollmer, 534 Tulpehncden?? St., Reading, Pa" and in a different place the number, "7615"

Item #10823


Large envelope full of modern photos and copies of cabinet card photos. On the outside of the envelope is written, "Michael's Copies". The package was probably put together by Mary Catherine Adair & Emerald James Adair (there are modern photos of both). 
Copied cabinet cards are Emma Adair as a child, Rose & Annie & Jim & Tom O'Brien. Also a copy of the wedding photo of Emma C. O'Brien Adair & Emerald Gerald Adair in August of 1918. Several of the photos have interesting notes written on them.
We were able to send these photos to Michael Adair.

Item #10331













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