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Vintage Cleveland, Ohio Postcards


Collection of, Old Hometown" Postcards, from Cleveland, OH. We have not indicated condition on these listings, if condition is important to you, submit an order with no payment and ask about the condition and we will answer. Since they are sold on a first come-first serve basis, that will give you a chance to buy the card after we answer. Please give us the item # 10828 and title of the postcard when you order.

Price: $5 Per Postcard

Item # 10828

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Cleveland Public Auditorium Linen C. T. Art
New Main Ave. Bridge Linen Tichnor
Public Square and Union Terminal at Night Linen C. T. Art
High Level Bridge and Main Ave. Looking West From Terminal Tower Linen C. T. Art
Hotel Statler   Braun Art
Public Square Looking East Linen C. T. Art
Hotel Cleveland Linen Tichnor
Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Public Square Linen C. T. Art
Public Square Looking Southeast Linen C. T. Art
Harbor Entrance White Border J. Sapirstein
Hotel Cleveland and Terminal Tower at Night Linen C. T. Art
New General Electric Lighting Institute at Nela Park Linen C. T. Art
Cleveland Public Auditorium Linen C. T. Art
Public Square Facing Southeast Linen  
Cleveland Public Auditorium, showing Terminal Tower Linen Tichnor
Fenway Hall Hotel   E. C. Cropp
High Level Bridge, Showing Terminal Group & Tower Linen Tichnor
Heart of Cleveland as seen by Airplane Linen Tichnor
Old Stone Church, Public Square Linen C. T. Art
East 9th Street Pier and Skyline at Night Linen C. T. Art
Aerial View of Downtown Cleveland Linen C. T. Art
Public Square and Terminal Group Linen Tichnor











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