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Choir & Band Record Albums


While these record albums have nothing to do with genealogy, you may have performed with one of the groups, or enjoyed their music  years ago. These are all 33 1/3 RPM LP's 
To check on availability, condition & price for an album, send an e-mail to me at


Unknown Area

  • Milan High School Band, Charles Cobb Director

  • Elmore County Band, Truman Welch Director, 1968

  • Doyle High School Concert and Marching Bands, Roy Holder Director, 1977-78-79

  • Epworth Forrest Choir School Concert, Chance & Artman & Bailey & Cain Directors, 1977

  • North Shore Junior High School Bands, Edward Odum & James Chauvin Directors, 1976-77


  • University of Alabama Stage Band, 1971
  • Alabama All State Music Festival, 1964


  • Arkansas All-State Choir, 1978


  • North Phoenix Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir


  • Florida All-State High School Junior and Senior Choruses, 1964


  • Mt. Olive Youth Choir, Rossville, GA - People To People


  • Grace College, Winona Lake, IN - Resounding Brass


  • Wartburg College Choir Tour, 1971
  • Wartburg College Choir, 1972
  • University of Iowa, All State Music Camp, 1979


  • Kansas Music Educators Association Festival Concert, Orchestra and Chorus, 1964


  • All-Kentucky High School Chorus, 1964
  • Kentucky Wesleyan College Concert Band, 1968


  • All-Maryland High School Chorus
  • All-Maryland High School Band, 1963
  • All-Maryland High School Orchestra, 1963


  • Michigan State University Band, "Fight Songs of the Mid-West", Kenneth Bloomquist


  • Nebraska All-State band and Orchestra, 1963

New Jersey

  • All North Jersey Junior High School Orchestra, 1984 Concert

New Mexico

  • New Mexico All-State Symphonic Band and Concert band, 1964
  • New Mexico All-State Orchestra, 1964

North Carolina

  • North Carolina All-State Band Clinic, Southeastern District, 1972


  • Medina High School, Band Sounds of 1966


  • Oklahoma All-State Chorus, 1964
  • Oklahoma All-State Orchestra, 1964


  • Oregon All-State High School Chorus, 1964
  • Oregon All-State High School Orchestra, 1964

South Dakota

  • South Dakota All-State Orchestra, 1963


  • University of Tennessee Concert Band, Southern Division Music Educators National Conference, 1977
  • East Tennessee School Band and Orchestra Association All-State East Clinic, 1978
  • Clinton Senior High School Concert Band, 1980
  • Karns High School Jazz Ensemble, 1980
  • Tennessee All-State; Jazz Band, Orchestra, Band & Chorus, 1980
  • Tennessee All-State, University of Tennessee Concert Band, 1982
  • University of Tennessee Pride of the Southland Marching Band, W. J. Julian
  • University of Tennessee Pride of the Southland Marching Band, "Fight Songs of the South", W. J Julian
  • Calvary Baptist Church, Morristown, TN - Christmas Symphony
  • Carson-Newman College, Something Special, Fifth Edition - We May Never Pass This Way Again
    Central Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir, Oak Ridge, TN - God Is So Wonderful
  • First Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN Celebration Singers - O. Happy Day
  • First-Centenary UMC. Chattanooga, TN - Christmas Oratorio
  • Hixson First Baptist Sanctuary Choir - Let's Talk About Jesus
  • Knoxville Catholic High School Chorus - Anthems…Sacred Harp…Spirituals
  • Knoxville College Concert Choir - Inauguration Special
  • North Chattanooga Teen Choir - Let The Whole World Know
  • Truth Tabernacle, Chattanooga, TN - Bless That Wonderful Name
  • East Tennessee School Band and Orchestra Association All-State East Clinic, 1978
  • East Tennessee Band and Orchestra Association, The All State Band-East Concert, 1966
  • T.M.E.A. Tennessee All-State Chorus, 1971
  • Tennessee Music Educator's Association, All-State Band, Orchestra & Chorus, 1977
  • East Tennessee Band and Orchestra Association Senior Clinic Concert, 1980
  • Tennessee All-State Concerts; Jazz Band, Band, Orchestra & Chorus, 1985
  • Tennessee All-State Chorus, 1969
  • Tennessee All-State Chorus, 1970
  • All West Tennessee Band, 1965
  • Tennessee Music Educator's Association, All-State Band, Orchestra & Chorus, 1973
  • University of Tennessee Summer Band Camp, 1964
  • Tennessee Music Educator's Association, All-State Concert Band & Jazz Band, 1986


  • First Baptist Church Chapel Choir, Dallas, TX - We Sing Praise
  • McAllen High School Band Spring Concert, 1965


  • Utah All State High School Band and Orchestra, 1963


  • Washington Music Educators Association All-State Chorus, 1964
  • Washington All-State Music Educators Association All-State Orchestra, 1964

West Virginia

  • West Virginia All-State high School Chorus, 1960's?












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