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The Mystic 1927, the yearbook of Cameron High School; Cameron, MO

The following names are taken from The Mystic 1927, the yearbook of Cameron High School; Cameron, MO.

We will copy the students info, including any clubs or groups they belonged to and also general pages from the yearbook... to give you a feel for how things were when they attended school. This will total about 20 pages. There are individual pictures for for all senior high students, and individual photos for the men on the football, basketball and track, and the ladies basketball teams. There are group photos of the other teams and the clubs.

There are group photos for junior high.

The yearbook was in Memoriam of Miss Clerc' Hardinger & Mr. W. W. Shipley.

For the faculty or ads we will copy the page where they are listed, or the 20 or so background pages referred to above. The faculty members have a photo and a paragraph about them. Six staff members only have a photo.

Item # 10294A

Price: $8 per Senior High Student

Item # 10294B

Price: $6 per Jr. High Student

Item # 10294C

Price: $2 per Faculty or Ad ($6 if you want the 20 or so background pages)

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Students: Senior High Students: Jr. High Faculty Ads
Arnold, Dick
Arnold, Kester
Auten, Moss
Baldwin, Deborah
Bender, Howard
Berten, Louise
Biggerstaff, Mary Elizabeth
Bird, Burlah
Bothwell, George
Bowman, Richard Marion
Brower, Ailene
Brown, Mildred
Bryan, Lois
Bryant, Edgar
Buck, Maxwell
Buckley, Martha
Burkett, Mae
Byers, Mary
Caldwell, Charles
Caldwell, Elena
Calhoun, Dorothy
Campbell, Alice
Carpender, Joy
Carpender, Paul
Cater, Maurice
Cathcart, Frances
Chapman, Lionel
Chenoweth, Helen
Chivens, Helen
Cline, Catherine
Connor, Florence
Cousins, Ruby
Crawford, Dorothy
Crawford, Hadley
Davis, LaRue M.
Davis, Muriel
DeShon, Louise
Dice, Hyla
Dorsey, Dennis
Dunnington, Lavange
Dyche, Marjorie
Easter, Alvin
Easter, Edna
Eaves, Donald
Eaves, Frances Laura
Egbert, Paul
Ensign, Herbert
Entrikin, Ralph
Farris, Roswell
Fellers, Roger
Fite, Reve
Flanders, Gretchen
Folsom, Alice
Folsom, Lowell
Foster, Jessie
Foster, Wesley
Gale, Katherine
Gamet, Mildred E.
Garner, Glynn
Garvin, Clyde
Gibson, Alma
Gilliland, Louise
Gillis, Carroll
Graham, Paul
Groebe, John
Hancock, Kloris
Hancock, Opal
Harris, Nellie
Heinz, Kathryn
Hillebrand, Anthony
Hord, Louise
Huey, Delia
Hunter, Ewing
Hutton, Anna Mary
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Nathan
Kagay, Pearl
Kanan, Lorene
Kanan, Louis
Kanan, Orin
Kapke, Helen
Kelsey, Mildred
Kersey, Klyde
Kettering, Olive
Kimes, Hadley
Kimes, Ira
Kimes, Irene
King, Donald
Kirkendoll, John
Knoch, Guenavere
Knoch, Kermit
Lawler, Vincent
Leask, Evelyn
Mallen, Mary
Mallory, William
Mayes, Wayne
McClure, Rheva
McCommas, Ray
Meek, Reta May
Middaugh, Roberts
Miller, Quintus
Moore, Adah
Moore, Frances
Moore, Henrietta
Morelock, Pearl
Morton, Earl
Morton, Effie A.
Mullenix, Herndon
Nelson, Helen
Newby, Bessie
Nichols, Mildred
Partin, Holwith
Peck, Howard
Penny, Charles
Pittman, William
Porter, Earl
Porter, Virginia
Price, Austa B.
Quigley, Ruth Lillian
Rempfer, Pauline
Richardson, Ann
Rolfe, Dean
Russell, James
Ryan, Lelan
Schleicher, Mildred
Schneider, Helen
Selle, Rolland
Shackleford, Ruth
Shaw, Charles
Shaw, Esther
Sheldon, Ward L.
Shirts, Irene
Simmons, Marjorie
Sloan, Era
Sloan, Goldie
Smart, Dorothy
Smith, Corrine
Smith, Leona
Stade, Dorothy
Strong, Merlin
Stucker, Ida
Theilmann, Amelia
Tracy, Glenn
Trice, Eugene
Urban, Frances
Warner, Frances
Warner, Leland
Warner, Raymond
Watson, Francis
Waugh, John
Whiteaker, Odus L.
Wiley, Grace
Williams, Russell
Witt, Emma
Wright, Frances
Zancker, Ivan
Zimmerman, Clarence
Allen, Mary Elizabeth
Anderson, Ford
Atkinson, Lucille
Baker, Donald
Baker, Glenn
Baker, John
Ballinger, Lois
Biggerstaff, Reba
Bonar, Armour
Brammer, Jerry
Brockman, Lorna
Brooks, Oliver
Brower, Beebe
Brown, Audrey
Bryant, Alice
Buck, Marian
Burgess, Pauline
Burkett, Arthur
Burton, Helen
Camby, Opal
Camby, Ralph
Carter, Dorothy
Cater, Dorothy
Cathcart, Jimmie
Clevenger, Fred
Cline, Freda Mae
Collins, Carson
Constance, Vera
Crowe, Ruth
Dalke, Marlene
David, Evelyn
David, Phillip
Davis, Earl
Davis, Lois
DeShon, Junior
Dorsey, Florence
Easter, Edith
Easter, John
Eaves, William
Ellis, James
Ellwood, Charles
Ellwood, Harold
Elmore, John
Elston, Franklin
Ensign, Ethelyn
Ensign, Levi
Flanders, Elizabeth
Flanders, Floyd
Flanders, Glenn
Flanders, Lawrence
Flanders, lydia
Flosom, Wendell
Fry, Hazel
Gaines, Junetta
Gall, Marie
Garnant, Maurine
Gilliland, Glenwood
Gillis, Donald
Gillis, Everett
Gregory, Virginia
Haley, Florence
Haley, Glen Ed
Hancock, Freddie
Hancock, Myrtle
Harter, Ollie
Hartford, Ralph
Hendricks, Nell
Hindman, Manvern
Holaday, Ruth
Howard, Alice
Howard, Carolyn
Howard, Frank
Howard, Walker
Hughes, Lillie
Humphrey, Margaret
Hunter, John
Hutton, Martha
Jackson, Virginia
Johnson, Earl
Johnson, Glenn
Johnson, Marjorie
Johnson, Olin
Jones, Christine
Jules, Henry
Karriker, Gladys
Kelsey, Ross
Keltner, Joseph
Kemper, Quincy
Kemper, Winnagene
Kettenring, Verl
King, Justin
Klepper, Virginia
Leach, Harold
Livingston, Donald
Lohman, Curtis
Luce, Clair
Marcum, Martha
Marcum, Robert
Maxwell, Margaret
McClean, Marian
McCullough, Mildred
McGee, Mary Helen
McVicker, Clyde
Meek, Mary
Miller, Maxine
Moore, Merlin
Morehouse, Jess
Morris, Leona
Morton, James
Myers, Inez
Neil, Norman
Norwood, Billie
Norwood, Stella
O'Neal, C. A.
Packham, Alvin
Parks, Dorothy
Parks, Grace
Payne, Carl
Payne, Neatha
Peters, Erston
Peters, Glenn
Peters, Oliver
Phelps, Lawrence
Pittman, Donald
Pittman, Lula Mae
Porter, Benjamin
Powers, Leslie
Price, Donald
Price, Vernon
Quigley, Billie
Rice, Ada
Richards, Nellie
Rider, Woodrow
Riley, Ralph
Rolfe, Durl
Rosson, Dorothy
Runion, Harriet
Russell, Walter
Rutledge, Donald
Sackman, Marvin
Scammahorn, James
Shackelford, Hazel
Shackleford, Elizabeth
Shackleford, Helen
Shannon, Julia Mae
Shaw, Donald
Shaw, Margaret
Shell, Lester
Simmons, Wayne
Simpson, Nellie
Sloan, Paul
Staples, Frazier
Starks, George
Stren, Jewell
Stren, R. L.
Trice, Eugene
Upchurch, Earl
Upchurch, Hazel
Urban, Edna Mae
VanGundy, Alice
Vaughn, William
Wamsley, Martha
Wells, William
West, Frances
Whitaker, Lyle
Whitaker, Oliver
Wiley, Eloise
Wiley, Roy
Wiliams, James
Williams, Lois
Williams, Victor
Williamson, Laura
Wilson, Gladys
Wingate, Mary Alice
Wise, Lois
Wise, Vera
Woner, J. C.
Woner, Oleatha
Wood, Leslie
Allen, L. C.
Bing, Essie
Blankenship, Quiley
Brown, Raleigh
Cameron, Margaret
Cook, Roberta
Davis, Gertrude
Dooles, A. H.
Elliott, E. A.
England, Mildred
Gross, Carl R.
Hardinger, Cleric
Hook, S. H.
Hulsizer, J. H.
Kemper, Virginia
Kimes, W. H.
McMurray, Alice
Moon, Irene
Osborn, Paul W.
Pollard, Belle
Seaton, Guy, Mrs.
Shipley, W. W.
Staples, Clarence
Thomas, Wilson
Turner, Leola Ruth
Warner, Pearl, Mrs.
Williams, Joe M.
Ames, F. H.
Billy's Place
Blue Bird Beauty Shop
Brown, A. S. Studio
Brown, R. S. Shoe Co.
Burger Engraving Co.
Byers - The Cleaner
Cameron Style Shop
Cameron Sun
Cameron Telephone Co.
Cater, Russell E.
Chillicothe Business College
Cleveland, L. L.
Coleberd, Robert E.
Connell, O. E.
Cousins Lumber Co.
Denny's Barber Shop
Dillener Clothing Co.
Eddy Grocery
Edelen Pharmacy
Electric Shoe Shop
Fiddick, Thos.
Ford, C. Everett
Graham, L. F., Dr.
Hamburger Inn
Hammer, Walter W.
Henderson, C. B.
Hibbs Dry Good Co.
Highway Café
Hillyard Chemical Co.
Hinderks Bros. Grocery
Hook, S. H. & Co.
Humphrey, H. M., MD.
Kimes, W. H.
Klepper, Frank B.
Klepper, Tom W.
Lain Drug Co.
Leibrandt Jewelry Store
Maxwell, Dr.
McGlumphy, W. H. S.
Millard's Tire & Battery
Missouri Weslyan College
Munson, Mary
Neffs Bakery
Nichols, J. E.
Ocean To Ocean Café
O'Neal, T. M.
Owen & Murray
Place Bros.
Plain Price Merc. Co.
Poland, J. W.
Pulley, Frank L.
Quigley, W. E.
Riggs, Jack
Royal Theatre
Russell Variety Store
Russell, J. B.
Senate Theatre
Sherman, C. W.
Smith, O. A., Dr.
Stucker, C. N. & Co.
Taylor's Bread
Trice, Walter E.
Williams Grocery & Meat Mkt.
Williams, H. F.
Wilson, L. A., MD.
Wise Brothers
Zancker, Geo. M.







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