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The Mystic 1921, the yearbook of Cameron High School; Cameron, MO

The following names are taken from The Mystic 1921, the yearbook of Cameron High School; Cameron, MO.

We will copy the students info, including any clubs or groups they belonged to and also general pages from the yearbook... to give you a feel for how things were when they attended school. This will total about 20 pages. There are individual pictures for for all students, and individual photos for the men on the football and basketball teams., with group photos of the other teams and the clubs.

The yearbook was in Memoriam of Mrs. Jeanette McGill Harmon.

For the faculty or ads we will copy the page where they are listed, or the 20 or so background pages referred to above. The faculty members have a photo and a paragraph about them.

Item # 10293A

Price: $8 per Student

Item # 10293B

Price: $2 per Faculty or Ad ($6 if you want the 20 or so background pages)

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Students A-J Students K-Y Faculty Ads
Akey, Marshal
Allen, Lois
Ambrose, Ed
Ambrose, Helen
Arnold, Louise
Assel, Bessie
Ausman, Ruby
Baldwin, Vincil
Ballinger, Ruth
Bangs, Harold
Beard, Pansy
Bell, Harry
Bell, Myrtle
Bender, Mildred
Bing, Cleo
Blacketer, Mildred
Bowman, Harold
Bowman, John
Bowman, Kate
Bridges, Faye
Bridges, Mary
Brown, Cleo
Brown, Dorothy
Brown, Erma
Brown, Paul
Buchanan, Lillian
Byers, Everett
Campbell, Dyre
Campbell, Lucile
Campell, Minta
Carpenter, Ellsworth
Casey, Harold
Catron, Sidney
Chapman, Jeanette
Clark, John
Clark, Roland
Cline, George
Conklin, Marian
Cooper, Viola
Cope, Helen
Crouch, Anderson
Crouch, Ed
Daniels, Pearl
Daniels, Ruby
Dice, Esther
Dillener, Corona
Douglas, Lois
Downing, Mildred
Dunaway, Helen
Eaves, Beatrice
Eaves, La Belle
Edie, Isabel
England, Mildred
Ensign, Cornelia
Entrikin, Anna
Evans, Lou Gene
Everett, Karl
Everett, vernetta
Farmer, Ivan
Filley, Lynn
Fitzgerald, Hoyt
Fitzgerald, Leone
Froman, Howard
Froman, Louis
Gardner, Corrine
Garner, Hugh
Garner, Neva
Gilchrist, Billie
Goff, Irene
Goodson, L. D.
Graeff, Nellie
Greenwood, Sumner
Gross, Thelma
Gwinn, Clay
Gwinn, Frank
Hagan, Donna
Hainline, Helen
Hakes, Ralph
Hankins, Myrle
Harber, Thelma
Harmon, Dorothy
Hartigan, Margaret
Hartigan, Mary
Henry, Laura
Holiday, Joe
Holland, Karl
Hook, Caroline
Hootman, Esther
Hulsizer, Marian
Hunter, Margaret
Hutchison, Thelma
James, Wilfred
Jenkins, Eulah
Jenkins, Gladys
Jones, Dorothy
Jones, Fairie
Jones, Ruth
Jones, Thelma
Kanan, Carl
Kay, Robert
Kemper, Virginia
Kenney, Carroll
King, Eldon
Klepper, George
Lawson, Lois
Leask, Venita
Leeka, George
Leeka, Orvil
Leeka, Veva
Lewis, Clyde
Loison, Wyona
Loose, Amy
McAdams, Frances
McClure, Wayne
McComb, Ella
McCombs, Albert
McCue, Virginia
McCullough, Adah
McDaniels, Blanche
McGlumphy, Jim
McKee, Doak
McKee, Verna
McPherson, Esther
McVicker, Ana
Middaugh, Anna
Miller, Heck
Miller, Oliver
Mitchell, Beauford
Moore, Irene
Moore, Mary
Moore, Wilbur
Morelock, Charles
Morris, Herbert
Muders, Elsie
Munsell, Harold
Murphy, Pat
Nicholas, Nadine
Ocker, Honer
O'Connor, Josephine
O'Neal, Christine
O'Neal, William
Pearson, Bessie
Pence, Jack
Price, Eva
Quigley, Helen
Quigley, James
Rempher, Louise
Rider, Pearl
Riggs, Lucille
Rutledge, Chester
Sampson, Richard
Schlicher, Ethel
Schonk, Alma
Schonk, Thelma
Seivers, John
Selle, Rosa
Selle, Ruth
Shaw, Ralph
Sibbey, Ruth
Silvius, William
Simmons, Donovan
Simpson, Nannie
Sloan, Earl
Spragg, Edith
Stafford, Marlow
Sweem, Ervin
Swiger, Jean
Swiger, Joe
Sydebotham, Grace
Sydebotham, Wilbur
Theilman, Giles
Thomas, Ethel
Todd, Floyd
Todd, Vernon
Uhl, Isabel
Urban, Hazel
Walker, Carrol
Walker, Lela
Walker, Woodie
Watson, Lucile
Wickizer, Edith
Wiley, Cecyl
Wiley, Mildred
Wiley, Pauline
Wilhoit, Faye
Williams, Hazel
Williams, Helen
Williams, Komora
Williams, Mildred
Witt, Margaret
Woner, Glynn
Wood, Clarence
Wood, Russell
Woods, Flossie
Woods, Margaret
Youngman, Lynn
Baker, Gladys
Edie, Bessie
Gillum, Mrs.
Gross, Carl
Gwinn, A. C.
Humphrey, Blanche, Mrs.
Lee, Ada
McGill, Jeanette (Harmon)
Thomas, Wilson
Wyckoff, Miss
Zeller, Dale
Brown, A. S.
Brown, Raleigh S.
Buckles-Thompson Grocery
Burger Engraving Co.
Byers, Ed
Callahan's Drug Store
Cameron Co-Op Elevator
Cameron Motor Co.
Cameron Style Shop
Cameron Trust Co.
Cater, Russel
Chocolate Shop
Citizens State Bank
City Meat Market
Clay, Lizzie, Dr.
Compton, C. S.
Connell, O. E. Hardware
Daily News Observer
Daniels, G. S.
Darby, W. N. Motor Co.
Denny's Barber Shop
Deshon, C. C.
Electric Shoe Shop
Farmer's Bank of Cameron
Fiddick, Thomas
First National Bank
Foster, B. W.
Frazier, J. T.
Green Millinery
Hagan, J. E.
Hibbs, W. E. Dry Goods
Highway Café
Hook, S. H. & Co.
Hulsizer, J. Harry
Jarboe, A. E.
Kenney, P. E.
Kimes, W. H.
Leftwich, Dr.
Livers & Walker
Lohmans Variety Store
Luce Studio
Munsell, O. J.
Nichols, J. E.
O. K. Garage
Owen & Murray Rexall
Packard & Howard
Palace Barber Shop
Parry & Gorrell
Plain Price Mercantile
Poland, J. W.
Royal Theatre
Sanitary Barber Shop
Schneider Bros.
Shaw & Bowman
Sloan, S. J.
Stucker, C. N.
Talbott & Dooley
Wallace, J. E.
Welsh, A. C.
Wingate, Claude
Witt, B. B.






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