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Business Cards from the 1940's & 1950's


These business cads are all from one collection, most from the 1940's & 1950's. Perhaps we have a card that was handed out by your parents or grandparents. If they are marked  (sold) the original is sold, but we can send you a copy for $2 (not the $6 price of an original card).

Price: $6 Per Card

Item # 10537

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Business Name Place Person Notes
Accident Legal Photo Ser. Hartford, CT Kagan, Harvey  
Accident Legal Photo Ser. Hartford, CT Ploss, F. David  
American Mutual Liability Insurance Hartford, CT Tryon, Donald C.  
Andrews & Peck Lumber Co. Hartford, CT Daly, Edward J.  
Arthur's Fruit Shop Lake Worth, Fl Tillotson, A. L.  
Balch Motor Sales Warehouse Point, CT Balch, John, Jr. Pontiac
Barrows & Wallace Co. Windsor, CT White, Charles P., Jr. Real Estate
Beachcomber's Retreat Chatham, MA Daniels, Marcella & Gerry Driftwood, gifts & crafts
Beachcomber's Retreat Misquamicut, RI Vacca, J. A. Real Estate
Bel Air Real Estate Co. Manchester, CT Boggini, Vincent A.  
Blanche's Beauty Salon Manchester, CT    
Buccaneer Motel Provincetown, MA Roman, Bob  
Camp Meade Tourist Court Middlesex, VT Cory & Palacio Has photo of cabins
Capitol Motors, Inc. (sold) Hartford, CT Vastano, Robert Has his photo on card.
Cecile's Ceramic Studio Hartford, CT    
Champlin Box Co. Hartford, CT St. Pierre, Joseph  
Chaves, Fred Hartford, CT   Eggs & Poultry
Clarke Insurance Agency Manchester, CT Clarke, Edgar H.  
Clarkson Ltd. Adelaide, S. Australia Clarkson, David A.  
Coburn & Middlebrook Manchester, CT De Quattro, John Investment Securities
Conn. Duracleaners Manchester, CT Tompkins, H. D. Rug cleaning
Consumer Sales Co. Hartford, CT Mortensen, Ted  
Davis, Eugene M. Manchester, CT   Optometrist
DeSantis Restaurant Glens Falls, NY DeSantis, Vincent "Jim", Jr.  
Dorsey Furniture Manchester, CT Lewis, George  
European & American Antiques Montague, MA Smith, Lee, Mrs. Summer shop in Madison, CT
Fields, Harold P. Manchester, CT Dentist
First Congregational Church Simpson, Clifford Oliver  
Flooring Supplies Co. West Hartford, CT Sherman, Joseph  
Flyers Boat Shop Provincetown, MA    
Foohey, Fleur C., MD Hartford, CT    
Fotocraftsmen Springfield, MA McDonald, Lewis E. Creative Photography & Illustration
Frank Amodio & Sons CT Mandile, Anthony F. Agents for North American Van Lines
Fraser House West Falmouth, MA Brown, Mr. & Mrs.  
Fuller Brush Manchester, CT Kudlach, L. S.  
G. E. Keith Furniture Co. Manchester, CT Perkins, John G.  
G. Fox & Co. Hartford, CT    
Gaber's Cleaners (sold) Winsted, CT   Tailors & Furriers
Gloria Gay Dress Shop Hartford, CT    
Great Island Motel Cape Cod, MA Davis, Arlene & Robert  
Harrison's Stationers Manchester, CT Aronson, Eva, Mrs.  
Hazen's Bottled Gas Pleasant Valley, CT  
Hoffman Wall Paper Co. Hartford, CT Brown, Loretta M.  
Howard Realty Co. West Hartford, CT Zinsser, Carl  
Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria Thompsonville, CT    
J -M Cleaners Thompsonville, CT    W. A. Aronson is stamped on back.
Jack's Pavilion & Beach Crystal Lake, CT    
Jarvis Realty Co. Manchester, CT Werbner, Alfred P.  
Johnny Cake Inn Ivoryton, CT Freiheit, Fritz & Ruth  
Kaufman Bros. Hartford, CT Kosher Market
Kiddie Fair Manchester, CT Karlin, B. H. Juvenile Furniture & Toys
Lamplighter Steak House Brattleboro, VT Gladke, Nicholas  
Lessner, Rottner, Karp & Groobert Manchester, CT Karp, Jules A. Attorneys
Lewiss Realty Misquamicut, RI  
Lord Howe Valley Motel Ticonderoga, NY McVeigh, Thomas  
Lou Joubert & His Orchestra Manchester, CT Joubert, Lou  
Manchester Motor Sales Manchester, CT Poloski, Julius  
Manchester Optical Co. Manchester, CT Grace, L. M.  
Manchester Optical Co. Manchester, CT Davey, H. L.  
Maple Lodge Andover, CT Stiens, Carl & Else  
Marjorie's Beauty Salon Enfield, CT    
McCarthy Enterprises, Inc. Manchester, CT Agnew, Robert W.  
McClure Auto Co. Manchester, CT    
McGill-Converse, Inc. Manchester, CT   Paint, Wallpaper, Art Supplies
Mel's Restaurant Warehouse Point, CT    
Mercer & Stewart Co. Hartford, CT Benton, Charles E.  
Milton Hefling Fashions Provincetown, MA    
Minor, Tom Rockville, CT   Real Estate
Miskin, Sam Hartford, CT   Kosher Meats?
Monaco, William L. Hartford, CT   Paving
Moore Veterinary Hospital Detroit, MI Nurse, Howard W.  
Moore Veterinary Hospital Detroit, MI Nurse, H. Grey  
Moore Veterinary Hospital Detroit, MI Nash, Gary E.  
Moore Veterinary Hospital Detroit, MI Steinfeldt, B. G.  
Moore Veterinary Hospital Detroit, MI Keish, W. F.  
Mosher, George F. Manchester, CT   Distributer
Murray Manufacturing Co. Springfield, MA Abramson, M. H.  
National Biscuit Co. New York, NY Curtiss, James E.  
Northwestern Mutual Hartford, CT Comins, David H.  
Old & Otherwise Antiques Clinton, CT Appel, Rena  
Oyster Bay Restaurant Springfield, MA Samios, Harry  
Paris-Bijoux Paris, France Levonian, Maison Y.  
Petzold, William J. Portland, CT   Boats & Motors
Philbrick Agency Manchester, CT Philbrick, Russell Real Estate & Ins.
Pine Cupboard Coffee Shop West Alton, NH Probst, Edna & Carl  
Pine Ledge Antique & Gift Shop Laconia, NH  
Power's Plumbing & Heating Manchester, CT Powers, M. James  
Priscilla's Restaurant Provincetown, MA    
Prudential Manchester, CT Lappen, Howard E.  
Quaker Village Do-Nut Shop Cape Cod, MA    
Racine's Rifle Room Ballouville, CT   Gunsmith
Rand's Basket Shop Putney, VT    
Regent Aluminum Products Hartford, CT    
Renfrew's Dock Clinton, CT Renfrew, Allan  
Restaurant Riviera Quebec, Canada   In French & English
Rockcraft Ceramics Manchester, CT    
Rockport Shop Rockport, MA Ballard, Florence W. Strachan, Robert
Rulnick, Lillian Hartford, CT Infant's & Child's Wear
Sage-Allen & Co. Hartford, CT Kolenda, Mrs.  
Samuel Bacharach Co. West Hartford, CT Bacharach, Samuel, Jr. Real Estate Brokers
Schnier Realty Hartford, CT Schnier, Louis D.  
Sears, Roebuck & Co. West Springfield, MA Smith, Richard  
Sears, Roebuck & Co. Manchester, CT Cockerham, John  
Shoor Jewelers Manchester, CT    
Simsbury Pet Shop Simsbury, CT    
Skliar's Hotel Monticello, NY    
Staplegate Antiques Canterbury Wright, C. D.  
Stark Bros. Nurseries Manchester, CT Clark, Donald N.  
Stone's Antiques Boston, MA   Also in Hyannis, MA
Suburban Realty Co. (sold) Manchester, CT Krasenics, Edward W. 1951 Calendar
T. J. Crockett Manchester, CT Crockett, Jack Real Estate & Ins.
Three "J's" Restaurant Bolton, CT Morianos, James  
Tom Tom Shop Lake George, NY McCandless, Loretta M.  
Tom Tom Shop Lake George, NY Frost, Samuel  
Topmast, The Rockport, MA   Restaurant
Warren's Lobster House Kittery, ME Assad, Fred C. Color photo of building
Watkins Brothers, Inc. Manchester, CT Bausola, John  
Watkins Brothers, Inc. Manchester, CT Turgeon, Adelor J.  
Whalen Jewelry Co. Hyman, Warren M.  
Wharton Distributing Co. East Hartford, CT McHugh, John P.  
Whitford's Cabins Ticonderoga, NY Whitford, Sherman G.  
Whitney Paper Co. Holyoke, MA Krasnoborski, Thad J.  
Wichman, Barney, Dr. Manchester, CT    
Wong's Restaurant New London, CT    

Ancestor Info is a free access genealogy database, made up of dozens of smaller databases. We are different from many of the databases on the internet, because we own all of the materials we index. When you order information from us, we send you the original item or we copy the information directly from the original source.

We have hundreds of unique antiquarian sources with thousands of citations. Many of these books, documents and historical records are one of a kind or are extremely rare, but we have indexed them to assist in your research. We index biographies, directories, yearbooks, alumni guides, obituaries (necrology), tax books, journals, magazines etc... We might have ads from the old family business or family farm, salary or school records, an obituary which ranges from one paragraph to several pages long or records of war service. When we send you copies of this type of information, we also send the title page, any lists of abbreviations or other relevant pages.

We have thousands of biographies ranging from one paragraph to several pages long, and many of these include a photo, portrait or engraving. During the late 1800's and during the 1920's, (before the Great Depression came along) almost every area of the country did Who's Who type books of locally prominent people, and many clubs and civic groups did a directory featuring biographies and sometimes photos of their members. So even if your ancestor was not rich and famous, we might have them listed.

If your ancestors are in one of our high school or college yearbooks, we can send you copies of their photo or listing, but we also send copies of the school calendar, general interest photos of the school and classmates, and there is usually a section with jokes or corny stories. It is almost like visiting the school 75 years ago, while your ancestors were young. Some yearbooks also include information on faculty and alumni.

Our collection of several hundred original, vintage photographs includes antique photos of all types; cabinet cards, tintypes, carte-de-visite (CDV's), portraits and  real photo postcards (RPPC). We also have photo albums, group photos from family reunions, the workplace and schools. Most of these photos are over 75 years old.

Our ephemera collection has over 1,000 pieces includes vintage or antique documents, letters, billheads, invoices, postcards, wedding invitations, business cards, prescriptions, matchbook covers, Victorian trade cards, school programs and school souvenirs. Most of these items range from 50 to over 125 years old.

Whether you are researching your family roots (or lineage), we can help. Please check our database for all the branches and surnames from your family tree. We have also been able to assist writers and collectors in their background research on the history of people or companies in our database. We cover everything from birth records to obituaries, military service during the Civil War and World War 1, and almost every aspect of daily life and day to day business in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

While we charge a fee to send copies of information or original items, it is a small price to pay to find potentially valuable information from long ago (and it may even help with that brick wall you have been facing in your research).

Please use the on-site search engine at the top of this page to see what family treasures we may have waiting for you. Or visit our home page for a detailed overview of the resources we have available.

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