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1873 Bellingham, MA Property Tax Records


Valuation and Tax of the Town of Bellingham for the year 1873. Some listings are for poll tax only, but most include all property such as; houses and lots, barns, cows and horses and swine, also, "money at interest". The table shows the value of each item and the tax owed. The last column on this page is for assessed owners who were non-residents, with their place of residence, if known. We will copy all entries for any surname you are researching.

Item # 10471

Price $5 per surname.

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Residents of Bellingham, MA Non-Residents
Adams, Abigail
Adams, Caleb
Adams, David
Adams, David F.
Adams, Edward J.
Adams, Frank
Adams, Henry C.
Adams, Joseph
Adams, Joseph, Mrs.
Adams, Ruel
Adams, Samuel A.
Adams, Seneca
Adams, Wm. W.
Albee, Albert
Aldrich, Alvah
Allen, Addison H.
Allen, Daniel
Allen, Harvey
Allen, Rodney
Allen, Sanford W.
Ames, William
Arnold, Edward
Arnold, Elwin
Arnold, Jane N., Mrs.
Arnold, Lewis
Baker, Eben
Baptist Society
Barber, Adams J.
Barber, Adams J., Jr.
Barney, F. D. J.
Bates, Alanson & William
Bates, Andrew A.
Bates, Caroline R.
Bates, Dexter D.
Bates, Hannah, Mrs.
Bates, John
Bates, Pelatiah S.
Beauregard, D. J.
Belcher, Martha A., Mrs.
Bemis, Frederick J.
Bent, Amos R.
Bent, Roswell
Billings, Milton R.
Blanchard, Jerome
Booley, George
Breshinghame, Maurice
Brown, Aaron
Brown, William
Bullard, Cynthia, Mrs.
Bullard, Elizabeth P.
Bullard, Ellis
Bullard, Mary C.
Bullard, Milton Z.
Burlingame, James M.
Burr & Cook
Burr, Addison S.
Burr, Albert G.
Burr, Joseph M.
Burr, Laban
Burr, Polly M. R.
Burr, Seneca
Byron, James
Callahan, Jeremiah
Camp, Luman R.
Campbell, John
Carey, Dennis
Cass, Charlotte
Cass, Norman
Chase, Elisha
Chase, Horace G., Mrs.
Cherry, Joseph
Chilson, Diadamia, Mrs.
Chilson, Emery
Chilson, John D.
Chilson, Lucius A.
Chilson, Mary, Mrs.
Chilson, Nathan
Chilson, Nathan, Mrs.
Chilson, Onley J.
Chilson, Orrin
Chilson, Paul D.
Chilson, Stillman R.
Chilson, Whipple O.
Claflin, Ethan C.
Clark, Alvin H.
Cleaveland, Horace
Colburn, Albert C.
Colburn, Dwight
Colburn, Edwin D.
Connell, John O.
Cook, Abigail
Cook, Albert L.
Cook, Anson
Cook, Anson E.
Cook, Edwin
Cook, Fenner
Cook, Henry
Cook, Hiram A.
Cook, Hiram M.
Cook, Joanna
Cook, Lucius O.
Cook, Martin V.
Cook, Nahum
Cook, Nahum F.
Cook, Nathan A.
Cook, Proctor P.
Cook, Stephen O.
Cooks, Elias
Coombs, Stephen F.
Coyle, William
Crocker, Joseph W.
Crocker, Samuel M.
Crooks, Amos D.
Crooks, Anna, Mrs.
Crooks, Joel
Crooks, Joel A. & George A.
Crosby, Pardon
Cross, Joseph
Cross, Julius
Cullem, Francis
Cummings, Jason G.
Cutler, C. H.
Dady, Michael
Daniels, Leon
Darling, Ahimaz
Darling, Albert
Darling, Almond
Darling, Jefferson B.
Darling, Lyman C.
Darling, Nancy J.
Darling, Prussia, Mrs.
Darling, Samuel
Darling, William L.
Darling, Wilson L.
Davis, Aaron
Davis, Charles F.
Davis, Ezekiel, Mrs.
Dawley, A. J., Mrs.
Dawley, Perry H.
DeCoster, Lucius
Donnell, Alexander
Donnell, O. Patrick
Donnigan, Peter
Downing, Jeremiah
Drake, Ariel B.
Drake, Charles O.
Drake, J. M. & A. B.
Drake, John
Dwire, Patrick
Eaton, John H.
Ellis, Joseph
Estes, Samuel
Fairbanks, Betsey
Fairbanks, Calvin
Fairbanks, William
Farrington, Albert A.
Farrington, Chas. H.
Farrington, Rebecca
Fiske, Joseph
Fiske, Orrin
Fiske, P. D., Mrs.
Fiske, Willard
Flynn, John
Foley, Timothy
Forristall, Benj.
Franklin, Thomas J.
Frink, Alfred
Gardener, Oliver
Gatchell, Increase
Gee, George
George, Lewis
Gerstle, John J.
Gerstle, John J., Jr.
Gerstle, Joseph
Googins, George W.
Gould, S. W.
Grady, David
Grady, Edward
Grant, Elbridge
Grant, Ezekiel C.
Grant, Harvey
Grant, Nathan
Grant, William
Green, George W.
Hall, George
Hallett, Gideon
Hammond, Roland
Hancock, Jarius
Hancock, Samuel
Hawkins, John O.
Hayford, Gustavus
Hays, Hiram
Head, George
Hitchcock, Nancy
Hixon, Chas. R.
Hixon, Jemima, Mrs.
Hixon, Luther
Hixon, Lydia
Hixon, Silas
Holbrook, A. H.
Holbrook, Joseph W.
Holbrook, Lucian S.
Holbrook, Lucretia
Holbrook, Lyman
Holbrook, Nahum
Holbrook, Nathan H.
Holbrook, Patty & Rhoda
Holbrook, Sabin
Holbrook, Willie E.
Holden, John
Horn, William
Howard, Henry
Jillson, Augustus F.
Jillson, Eliab.
Jillson, Hamilton
Jillson, Hyman E.
Johnson, William P.
Joslin, Alfred
Keach, Amos
Keach, Dudley
Keach, Perry
Kean, William A.
Kennedy, John A.
Ladeaux, Moses
Ladeaux, Moses, Jr.
Ladeaux, Peter
Lahey, Michael
Lawrence, David
Lazell & Chilson
Lazell, Warren
Leary, Dan'l O.
Littlefield, Alonzo
Lloyd, Mary
Lovell, Mowrey A.
Mann, Ashael
Marble, Edwin
Massey, Joseph T.
McGeeheu, Daniel
Merrifield, Lewis G.
Metcalf, Charles F.
Metcalf, Francis
Metcalf, Hollis
Metcalf, Richard C.
Metcalf, Savel
Metcalf, Stephen F.
Miett, Joseph
Miller, George
Millette, Joseph
Monion, Thomas
Murphy, John
Murphy, Patrick
Nason, Alvin L.
Neligan, Maurice
Neligan, Patrick
Nelson, George
Nelson, Luther W.
Newell, Wesley
Norcross, Ellis T.
Nugent, John
Paine, Horace
Partridge, Amos
Partridge, Asa
Partridge, Benj. R.
Partridge, Charles
Partridge, Joseph V.
Partridge, Lydiaette, Mrs.
Phillips, John W.
Pickering, Albert S.
Pickering, Amelia
Pickering, Asa
Pickering, Cyrus
Pickering, Daniel J.
Pickering, Henry W.
Pickering, Levina, Mrs.
Pickering, Simeon A.
Pyne, James
Rhodes, Eugene N.
Rhodes, John
Rhodes, John N.
Rhodes, Orville C.
Rhodes, William O.
Rich, John C.
Richards, Charles F.
Richards, Thomas D.
Richardson, James O.
Rockwood, Arteman
Rockwood, Calvin N.
Rockwood, Edward E.
Rockwood, Ellen E.
Rockwood, Geo. D.
Rockwood, Henry M.
Rockwood, Horace
Rockwood, Lois B.
Rockwood, Martin
Rockwood, Preston
Rockwood, Ruel A.
Rockwood, Varnum B.
Rose, Helen
Rose, John L.
Ryan, James
Saulsbury, Anson M.
Saulsbury, Emma J.
Saulsbury, Israel
Saunders, Warren
Savage, Michael
Savage, William
Scammell, Joanna
Scott, Edgar M.
Scott, John D.
Scott, Willard B.
Shea, James
Sherburne, Edgar
Sherburne, Frederick
Sherburne, George
Sherman, James M.
Sherman, Rhoda
Slater, Wallace L.
Smith, Frank R.
Smith, John
Smith, John, Jr.
Smith, Joshua W.
Smith, Julia B.
Smith, Peletiah
Smith, Ruel N.
Smith, Stephen B.
Stowe, Elijah B.
Stowe, Emory P.
Sullivan, Cornelius
Sullivan, Margaret
Thayer, Abigail C.
Thayer, Charles W.
Thayer, Ezekiel B.
Thayer, George H.
Thayer, Horatio
Thayer, James P.
Thayer, Luther
Thayer, Myrick P.
Thayer, R. F.
Thayer, Ruth
Thayer, Thompson, Mrs.
Thayer, Willard
Thayer, Willard
Thomas, Charles
Thompson, Reuben F.
Thompson, William
Tinan, John
Tingley, Charles W.
Townsend, George N.
Wales, Abiram W.
Wales, Bradford N.
Wales, Charles A.
Wales, George F.
Wales, Irving
Ware, Albert O.
Ware, William
Welch, Harry
Welch, Maurice
Welch, William
Wells, William
Wetherbee, Lyman
Wheelock, Anson A.
Whitaker, Juba F.
Whitaker, Vianna, Mrs.
White, Leonard
Whiting, Hiram
Whitney, Alonzo N.
Whitney, Dexter
Whitney, Elbridge
Whitney, Henry A.
Whitney, Nelson
Whitney, Willis
Wight, Addison L.
Wight, Eliab.
Wight, Mary E.
Wight, Seth
Wilcox, Daniel E.
Wilcox, Fenner
Wilcox, Jerald O.
Wilcox, Lewis B.
Wilkinson, James
Williams, A. M.
Williams, Lewis A.
Williams, Preston A.
Wood, Emeline
Wood, John
Woodbury, B. W.
Wright, Jonathan
Name				Residence
Adams, Catharine B.		Milford, MA
Allen, Ahaz			Blackstone, MA
Apgar, Mahlon			New York
Arnold, Albert			Woonsocket, MA
Ballou, Elias S.		Blackstone, MA
Ballou, George C.		Woonsocket, MA
Ballou, Otis D. & Warren	Woonsocket, MA
Barney, D. J.			New York
Barney, Hiram E.		Milford, MA
Barrett, Thomas			Milford, MA
Barton, Andrew J.		Mendon, MA
Batchelder, J. A.		Holliston
Bates, Davis H. & John J.	Milford, MA
Bates, Elias T.			Mendon, MA
Bates, John J.			Milford, MA
Bates, Joseph & George		Mendon, MA
Bates, Laban			Mendon, MA
Bentley, Benjamin		Woonsocket, MA
Bicknell, Simon P.		Mendon, MA
Brien, Michael O.		Milford, MA
Bruton, John			Smithfield, MA
Byron, William			Franklin, MA
Chilson, James O.		Franklin, MA
Chilson, Libbeus		Hopkinton, MA
Chilson, Reuben			Woonsocket, MA
Chilson, Willard		Milford, MA
Clark, Amos			Woonsocket, MA
Clark, J. J.			Needham, MA
Clark, Paul B. & Fisher		Franklin, MA
Colerick, John	
Connelly, Patrick		Franklin, MA
Cook, A. B.			Milford, MA
Cook, Aaron			Mendon, MA
Cook, Aquilla			Woonsocket, MA
Cook, Avery			Wrentham, MA
Cook, Clark & Orrin		Mendon, MA
Cook, E. B.			Needham, MA
Cook, Hannah			Blackstone, MA
Cook, Ichabod			Blackstone, MA
Cook, Lyman			Mendon, MA
Cook, Milton			Smithfield, MA
Coombs, Charlotte		Framingham, MA
Coombs, William E.		Union, CT
Crook, Marcus D.		Wrentham, MA
Crosby, E. N.			Auburn, NY
Darling, Albert			Franklin, MA
Darling, Alfred			Woonsocket, MA
Darling, Collins, Mrs.		Medway, MA
Darling, Edwin			Pawtucket
Darling, Green			Woonsocket, MA
Darling, Henry			Woonsocket, MA
Davis, Isaac N.			Milford, MA
Dewing, Elijah			Mendon, MA
Dunham, D., Mrs.		Milford, MA
Earle, Waldo			Woonsocket, MA
Elliot, Nathaniel		Woonsocket, MA
Estes, Alfred & Albert		Woonsocket, MA
Fales, Lowell			Milford, MA
Ferdinand, J. F.		Cambridge, MA
Foster, D. J.			Boston, MA
Fuller, George N.		Franklin, MA
Gardner, Albert W.		Mendon, MA
Ghaskill, Libbeus		Woonsocket, MA
Ghaskill, Samuel		Milford, MA
Harris, Edward			Woonsocket, MA
Hartwell, Joseph		
Haywood, Ruth (John R.)	
Haywood, Samuel B.		Milford, MA
Higgins, Hugh			Woonsocket, MA
Hill, Henry			Franklin, MA
Hoag, John M.			Woonsocket, MA
Holbrook, Horace		Milford, MA
Holbrook, Joel			Hartford, CT
Holbrook, Whitman		Upton, MA
Howe, John			Mendon, MA
Jenks, William			Medway, MA
Jennison, John			Mendon, MA
Keach, Mary E.			Milford, MA
Kempton, Daniel			Blackstone, MA
Kilburn, Eda.			Milford, MA
Knight, Charles			Milford, MA
Mann, James			Medway, MA
Mason, James B.			Wrentham, MA
Miller, E. B.			Woonsocket, MA
Parkman, Johnson		Milford, MA
Pond, Asa			Milford, MA
Pond, Eli			Woonsocket, MA
Rathburn, Oscar			Woonsocket, MA
Rawson, Maynard			Milford, MA
Ray Woolen Co.			Franklin, MA
Ray, Benjamin			Blackstone, MA
Ray, Frank B.			Franklin, MA
Ray, James & Joseph		Franklin, MA
Read, Joseph			Milford, MA
Scammell, John S.		Milford, MA
Scott, Rila			Milford, MA
Scott, Willard			Providence, RI
Sherburn, Uraina, Mrs.		Cumberland, RI
Sherburn, William		Wrentham, MA
Smith, Addison A.		Medway, MA
Smith, Albert			Woonsocket, MA
Smith, Whitman B.		Boston, MA
Snow, Wm., Mrs.			New Jersey
Taft, Amariah			Milford, MA
Thayer & Sweet			Hopkinton, MA
Thayer, Charles H.		Franklin, MA
Thayer, Laban			Cumberland, RI
Thayer, Nicholas		Blackstone, MA
Ware, Sabin			Franklin, MA
Warfield, David & Newell	Milford, MA
Warfield, Eben.			Milford, MA
White, Sylvanus H.		Blackstone, MA
Wilcox, Adeliza, Mrs.		Blackstone, MA
Wilcox, Willard			Mendon, MA



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