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Alaska Newspapers And Periodicals 1920


This table is taken from American Newspaper and Annual Directory, N. W. Ayer & Son, Philadelphia, PA 1920. The book shows much more information such as; population of towns (1910 census or estimated), location, railroads serving the town, types of industries, etc... For each publication it shows the day of the week published, or frequency, political leaning or type of publication, size of the publication, price of a subscription and usually the circulation. We have only reprinted a few of the items in the table below.

When you order we will send you the title page and 4 page introduction to the book, full page summary and state map, and the pages of newspaper listings.

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Town or City-Population Publication Editor Year
Anchorage Alaska Railroad Record David Tewkesbury 1916
Democrat J. C. Murphy 1915
Times Anchorage Publishing Co. 1916
Chitina-400 Leader Harry Steel 1911
Cordova-1,500 Times H. G. Steel 1915
Douglas-2,500 Douglas Island News E. J. White 1898
Fairbanks-3,541 Alaska Citizen J. H. Caskey 1910
News-Miner W. F. Thompson 1903
Iditarod-200 Pioneer Charles Derry 1910
Juneau-5,000 Alaska Dispatch Ed. C. Russell, Jr. 1899
Empire John W. Troy 1912
Ketchikan-2,500 Alaska Chronicle Edward Morrissey 1919
Journal W. N. Dynes 1919
Times W. N. Dynes 1919
Nenana-1,000 Alaskan Churchman Rev. F. B. Drane 1906
News R. G. Southworth 1916
Nome-1,200 Eskimo Arthur Shields 1916
Industrial Worker Nome Mine Workers Union 1907
Nugget Nome Publishing Co. 1900
Petersburg-1,200 Report M. S. Perkins 1914
Seward-1,100 Alaska Post Elmer A. Friend 1915
Gateway Elmer A. Friend 1915
Skagway-872 Alaskan L. S. Keller 1898
Valdez-1,200 Miner Hal B. Selby 1902
Wrangell-743 Sentinel J. W. Pritchett 1889











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