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Original Wedding Invitations 1893-1937


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Grooms Name Brides Name Year Place of Wedding Notes Item #
Benedict, William Russel Van Valkenburgh, Grace 1899 Greenport, NY Her earlier invitation is under, "Van Valkenburgh" 10656
Brewster, Thomas Shaeffer, Mary Cathrine 1915 Lancaster, PA   10478
Broeck, Wessel Ten Hallenbeck, Bertha 1898 Greenport, NY   10656
Dake, Clayton F. Eby, Martha E. 1918 Lititz, PA Residence to be at the Orphans Home in West Liberty, OH 10478
Dyer, Max Mitcheson, Eva Mae 1906 Saint Paul, MN Residence was to be Cristobal, Panama. Newspaper clipping with matron of honor Mrs. Paul DeHaas & bridesmaid Miss Gertrude Clint. 10620
Fritts, Harry Van Hoesen, Maddie 1888 Greenport, NY Wedding held at the residence of Mrs. Charles Plass. 10656
Gardner, Andrew Milton Piester, Gertrude Augusta 1902 Humphreyville, NY   10656
Gilmore, Russell H. Cooksey, Neva Faye 1914 Red Oak, IA Calling cards for Mrs. William Gilmore, Mrs. Homer A. Chandler & Miss Glenie Gilmore 10536
Grimes, Samuel Walton Cummings, Adella Inez 1893 West Somerville, MA   10536
Keller, Paul H. Melander, Vera 1917 Chicago, IL   10478
McBride, Raymond Gregory, Iva Almenia 1908 Franklin, NE Residence was to be Waurika, OK 10536
Mohler, Edwin Royer Kiehl, Mary Alma 1914 Ephrata, PA   10478
Peters, Fred Gilmore, Glennie 1910 Red Oak, IA Calling card for Lelia A. Gilmore enclosed 10536
Poeppel, Raymond Betz Dellet, Edna Mae 1939 Westminster, MD   10478
Quimet, Ernest Maxim Keller, Mary Helter 1933 Chicago, IL   10478
Shenk, Clayton Keller Robinson, Lavinia Banes 1935 Drexel Hill, PA   10478
Shenk, Harvey Keller Erisman, Rena Ora 1917 Lancaster, PA   10478
Shenk, Jacob Keller Shaeffer, Susan Estella 1916 Lancaster, PA   10478
Shubrooks, G. Edwin Shenk, Stella Keller 1927 Philadelphia, PA   10478
Van Hoesen, Milton Bixby, Minnie 1892 Hudson, NY   10656
Van Inwegen, C. Sumner Keller, Bertha Helter 1937 Chicago, IL   10478
Van Valkenburg, Aaron J. Van Valkenburg, Nina Lillian 1897 Spruceton, NY   10656
Van Valkenburgh, Alfred Van Hoesen, Grace 1889 Greenport, NY Also have a fiftieth Anniversary Invitation for Mr. & Mrs. Van Hoesen, 1837-1887 10656

















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